I Never Expected This 1:
Shattered Perceptions

by Fur and Fantasy
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

The SWAT Kats had fought their way through Dark Kat's airborne fortress looking to stop the giant laser from firing and inflicting massive damage. The fight against Dark Kat's giant mechanical sabertooth Kat had been a tough one, and the giant had crumpled T-Bone's Glovatrix beyond Razor's ability to field fix, along with one of the pair that the cinnamon tom wore. They blew the door open, gaining quick access to the main control room, and a shot from Razor's Glovatrix disabled the firing controls, while explosion threw Dark Kat back and down against one wall.

"About time you two showed up." Feral growled from a corner where he was very securely tied up.

"Just in time to save your tail again, you mean." T-bone growled back at him, though it sounded distinctly a response from habit.

Feral noticed Razor holding his Glovatrix on Dark Kat, who was recovering from being thrown back by the explosion. "Finish it, Razor." He growled commandingly. "We both know the prison system can't handle him."

Dark Kat stood slowly to his feet, and chuckled quietly. "You're wasting your breath, Commander. He lacks the ability to kill in cold blood, always has. And he can't shoot me, in any case." He said, as he pulled back the cowl revealing a mature orange on black tabby tom. "Can you, brighteyes?" He said softly.

In the moment of hesitation that shocked realization brought, Dark Kat leapt backwards and disappeared through the wall. As he did, a large explosive *THUD* rocked the command center.

"Untie me, T-bone." Feral barked at the tabby, who responded almost before thinking. He quickly had Feral untied and on his feet, holding the giant tom up while circulation began to return. "Seeing as someone let Dark Kat get away, let's get out of this crippled airship before it crashes."

T-bone nodded and started back toward the hangar where they'd landed the Turbokat, realizing only after several steps that his partner wasn't with them. In fact, Razor hadn't twitched a muscle since Dark Kat had pulled his hood back.

"Come on, Razor!" T-bone yelled, trying to get his partner's attention. "This place is going down, we have to leave _now_."

The big tabby's voice snapped Razor from his freeze, at least enough to turn and follow; even if it was with significantly less will and life than usual. By the time they reached the hangar of the fortress, Feral had recovered enough to walk on his own. "Okay, I'm going to grab that flier, and the two of you had better get to your plane." He said commandingly. "You'll be on time?" He said quietly to T-bone in a voice that was both question and command.

"Yes." The big tabby said resignedly. "Have to get Razor home first." He said before turning to Razor. "Come on, buddy. Move your tail." He said, with a bit of worry as he sprinted to the Turbokat and began the short version of pre-flight. Feral, meanwhile, moved quickly to one of Dark Kat's fliers and became airborne quickly.

Razor was silent until they cleared the hanger and were in blue skies. "I never would have guessed it was Feral." He said quietly, with a remarkable amount of neutrality in his voice.

"Huh? He was hardly in disguise." Chance said curious why his partner would need to guess.

"You're lover, Chance." Razor rephrased softly. "I would have never guessed he was Feral."

"Who said anything about love?" T-bone growled quietly, as he pulled as much speed out of the Turbokat as he knew how to.

"So what's he got on you?" He growled dangerously as his ears flattened.

"He doesn't have anything." He murmured, trying to avoid the subject of who did. "And what's your problem, you're the one who let Dark Kat go." He said defensively.

"My problem is my partner is apparently being raped on a regular basis," Razor growled in full rage. "And is trying to protect the bastard."

"It's not rape, I never told him not to." He said very quietly.

"And why not?" He demanded. "You sure as blazes didn't want to go when he brought it up back there."

"Sometimes you just do what you have to." T-Bone sighed quietly.

"So who has to die so you don't _have_ to?" He asked calmly with an eye on his readouts.

"It's just not that simple." T-bone said tiredly.

"Chance. I'm you're partner. We're supposed to protect each other."

"Jake, not even you can take on the entire Syndicate." T-Bone said quietly.

"What the _hell_ do they have on you?" He demanded, every line of him denying the tabby's assertion.

As much as T-bone did _not_ want to have this conversation, it wasn't in him to disobey his gunner for long. He brought the Turbokat in for his usual perfect landing as he considered how to explain the mess. "My brother died owing the Syndicate a _lot_ of money." He said quietly. "And his mate just about makes ends meet taking care of their kits. The Syndicate was going to do something awful to them if the debt wasn't paid. So I took the debt if they'd agree to leave my sister-in-law and her kits alone." He sighed. "But what we get paid isn't enough to pay them, not with me helping her support the kits."

"How much is 'a lot of money'?" Razor asked quietly.

"Hundred fifty thousand." He said as he powered everything down, and slid the canopy back.

"Oh," Razor murmured as he jumped down and pulled his helmet off. "The Kat behind Dark Kat, was he ever ... there?"

"I never saw Dark Kat without the cowl before. Nobody I recognize, though it's pretty obvious you do. Who is he, Jake?" Chance asked, trying to divert the discussion from himself.

"Hardin," the lean tom said very softly as he stared at the mask in his hands. "Someone ... I thought I knew."

"Knew in what way, Jake?" He asked firmly. "I've never seen you freeze like that."

"If I hadn't lost track of him a few years ago, we'd be mates by now."

Chance blinked a couple times. "You and Dark Kat were lovers?" He asked in shocked disbelief.

"No!" Jake snarled and whipped around, his tail lashing. "Hardin and I were."

"And Hardin's the tom wearing the Dark Kat costume." Chance said quietly. "Guess that must kill the romance."

"Like I wear Razor's," he sighed and shoved the last of it into his locker. "I guess it should." Jake admitted. "Anything I can do ... to make tonight easier for you?"

Chance thought while he stripped his costume off and put it away. "Just be here when I get back." He asked quietly. "I feel pretty low after doing this, regardless of who it's with."

"I'll be here then." He promised. "A shower with someone who cares sometimes helps." He offered. "I won't take advantage of you."

"I trust you, Jake." Chance said quietly. "I just hope I didn't hurt you that time I turned you down. Back then it was true when I said I didn't do toms. I didn't even know I liked that till recently." He said with quiet sincerity.

"You like it?" Jake blinked in surprise as his world turned sideways for the second time in the afternoon. "I'm okay ... you've had a tom lover, then?"

"Lover, no." He said quietly. "But some of them treat me okay. I like how it feels, though I guess it probably feels better if you feel something for the tom you're with."

"Usually," Jake nodded, the war of his conflicting desires clear on his face. "I ... I hope you find a tom, you feel that way about. A lover's touch is better."

"I think I did, but I missed that opportunity years ago." He said quietly.

"Don't give up on it." Jake murmured as he turned to climb the ladder up into the real world. "There may be another, or a second chance." He paused. "Umm, do you know around when you'll be back?"

"Depends on when he's done with me." Chance said resignedly. "I'm going to try not to drink myself unconscious this time."

"Would ... you mind buzzing me when you leave him?" Jake asked uneasily. "I want to think, away from here. I'll stay close enough to get back before you, and provide the liquor. Please."

"Okay, Jake." Chance said quietly. "I can do that." He sighed as he partner climbed up. "Feral really doesn't know what's really going on. He just thinks I turned to being a call-kat after he booted us from the force." He said softly.

"There are worse ways to make money." The cinnamon tom mumbled. "I'll be back before you. Promise."

"Might not be so bad, if I didn't have to some of the stuff." He murmured. "And the shekats are as bad as the toms."

Jake nodded with a slight shudder and tried not to look like he was rushing to his motorcycle.

Chance turned and went up to change into tight jeans, a black t-shirt and leather jacket. He then headed to Feral's place, having left himself time to stop at a bar near the apartment. Feral never cared if he showed up a bit drunk.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ========================= ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jake scanned his favorite thinking spot as he pulled into the small parking lot. The pond, half the size of a black, was still, the ducks already asleep for the night. The grass was green and empty, but for a large figure in jeans and a red and dark blue striped shirt near one of the sunbathing rocks.

"Hi, Hardin." He said quietly as he walked up to the familiar profile. "Long time, no see."

"Hello, Jake." Hardin said quietly. "That really wasn't the way I wanted you to find out. But I didn't have a lot of options at that point." He said quietly. "I thought you might want to talk."

"Why'd you disappear four years ago?" He asked quietly as he sat down next to the bigger tom.

"What I was doing got more complicated, and I didn't want to get you involved in what I was doing." He said quietly. "You get enough flak as a hero, I didn't want Feral to figure out you were connected to me." He sighed. "I have missed you, though."

"Really?" He looked over hopefully. "It wasn't because you knew what I did?"

"No, I knew what you did the first time I saw you in the new uniform." He smiled. "It doesn't really fool someone who knows you intimately. But remember it was a couple years into you serving in that unit, before I disappeared." He smiled quietly. "It wasn't easy knowing we'd end up fighting from time to time, but I know myself well enough to keep from seriously hurting you."

"I ... didn't mean that." He hesitated, his gut twisting into a knot all over again. "I bought something ... you didn't know, did you?"

Hardin looked at him curiously. "No, I didn't and still don't for that matter. I can't imagine that you could buy anything that would upset me that much." He smiled weakly. "I'm just surprised that you're still talking to me, knowing who I really am."

"Cause this hasn't changed in four years, or after today." Jake trembled slightly as he drew a square jewelry box from his pocket. "You told me to see others, learn if I really wanted to be with you. I gave it eleven years and both genders. Four more searching and waiting. I was right fifteen years ago. I love you."

Hardin opened the box and looked at it quietly for a long time. "I bought one as well, fifteen years ago when I told you that. I don't have it on me though, I didn't really expect you'd feel the same once you knew." He said holding the simple collar and looking at it. "But I do still love you, I have all along. But can our love survive the costumes we wear?" He sighed quietly.

"Why do you wear it?"

"Initially to protect those who were connected to me, from what I had to do." He sighed. "They're mostly gone now, but it serves a purpose. It intimidates and makes me seem like more than I am. If I could do what I wanted, I'd retire from all this and go live on my estate in the country." He shook his head. "But I can't ignore what I've learned, what I know is coming."

"What's coming?" Jake asked quietly.

"Take a look at the increasing number of Omega-criminals." Hardin said quietly. "Back when I first discovered the trend, it was just the numbers of serial killers and other violent criminals that were increasing but I knew that was just the beginning. Twenty years ago, I predicted the emergence of the Omegas, but no one wanted to take me seriously, especially Feral." He sighed in frustration. "But this is only the beginning, the Omegas are going to get stronger and more violent. The problem is that no one wants to believe the cause, or is able to accept the solution." He said quietly. "There isn't time to convince people, to push it through the bureaucracy and politics. If something isn't done, the death toll will be worse than anything anyone can imagine." The older tom said with passionate belief in his eyes and voice.

"What has to happen?" Jake asked softly, already aware of the truth of much of the statement.

"The cause is the population surge that has raised the population in MKC to previously unimaginable levels. That many people in such a confined area generates an immense amount of psychic energy both positive and negative. The negative energy is what is generating the Omegas, though I think it's being offset some by the positive energy. But there's more negative energy because of the large amount of hopelessness in the underclass." He sighed. "The only way to avert the coming disaster is to lower the population. The most charitable way would be forced relocation, disperse the population of the city and lower the energy concentration. But barring that, the other alternative is a catastrophe that results in a lot of deaths, followed by instituting a regime that enacts and enforces population controls." He paused quietly. "I'm willing to be that catastrophe if I have to be, better the deaths of millions than the deaths of billions."

Jake's nodded as his gaze found it's way across the water, visibly disturbed and comprehending. A long, silent time later he asked without moving, "How can you accept killing that many?"

"Only as a last, desperate option to save a great many more." He said quietly. "Having to chose the lesser of two great evils is sometimes required. But do nothing and lose the world seems a greater evil than killing a great many to save it. Maybe having done it, I won't be able to live with it, but I can't stand by and do nothing."

"And everything but population controls?"

"If you don't reduce the population concentrated in MKC, population controls don't help. The population controls are to keep the problem from recurring once the crisis has been averted. I'd rather solve the problem that way, but no one will listen. They wouldn't twenty years ago, when I was a respected scientist...they're certainly not going to now."

"I meant, what else are you going to change, when you take over?"

"Ideally, I'd like to do something about the rampant poverty in the city as well as putting organized crime out of business. Those are two of the big contributing factors in the negative energy field. Make some changes in the Enforcers to make them less bureaucratic, and more responsive. Make science and education the priority they should be." He said quietly. "Probably sounds pretty unbelievable coming from Dark Kat, huh?" He chuckled softly.

"Sounds very believable, coming from _you_." Jake murmured. "What if I could give you a way to do both? My mate and save as much of the city as possible?"

"That would be ideal, Jake." He said quietly. "Jake, is there anything between you and Chance, other than partners?" He asked curiously. "I know you've been attracted to him for a long time, and he was looking at you differently then before I noticed. A subtle difference, but definitely there."

"He found out he likes toms, since it came up." Jake sighed. "No, there isn't. It a big ugly mess, though." He squeezed his eyes shut. "Do you have much access to cash?"

"It would be okay if there was." He smiled. "When I need to. Are you in some kind of financial trouble, Jake?"

"Not me, Chance." He let out a small breath. "He owes the Syndicate, to protect his sister and nephews."

"The Syndicate? That's bad news." He said quietly. "How much does he owe them, and what's he doing currently to keep them at bay?"

"Hundred and fifty thousand, and he's ... entertaining ... various members." He shuddered. "They hurt him ...."

"They're forcing him to work as a call-kat, is that what you mean?" He asked quietly. "I'll have to make some inquiries through what few contacts I have in the Syndicate. Depending on how popular he is, they may not be interested in taking a quick payoff. If I can help, I will. As much as he probably hates me, I do admire him." He smiled as Jake drew a sharp breath of shock.

"Won't accept it?" The cinnamon tom swallowed hard before shifting to look the large tom in the eyes. "Hardin ... will you marry me? Trust me to make it work?"

The tabby reached out and pulled Jake into a soul-deep kiss that was eagerly returned, before answering. "Yes to both, Jake. I would've asked you fifteen years ago, but I didn't want to take advantage of your youth and inexperience. How soon does your partner expect you back?" He asked quietly.

"He's ... out, right now." He muttered. "He said he'd page me when he headed home, so I can meet him there." Jake glanced up with an uncertain smile. "We can at least make out, till then. Like our first time, minus cop." He chuckled softly.

Hardin chuckled. "Took some fast talking and some cash to convince him that you were legal age. He was convinced you were sixteen." He chuckled, as he settled down with his back against the rock with Jake in his arms. "From now on, don't worry if you see a single Creepling ... it might be a messenger."

"At least he gave me that year," the cinnamon tom chuckled and relaxed back into the warmth holding him. "Fifteen would have been a lot harder to talk him out of." He purred and squirmed sideways to snuggle in strong black and orange arms. "Can I contact you?"

"Depends, can your transmission equipment handle a frequency of 3.272 gigahertz?" He said quietly. "Nobody goes up that high, not even military transmitters operate in that range. Or I could always leave a Creepling in that old abandoned manufacturing plant just up the road from your Salvage yard, and you could use it to relay messages to me."

"I can get the comm system to work." He chuckled softly. "It won't take long. I don't expect to be apart from you for more than a couple days to sort this out with Chance. What _are_ Creeplings, anyway?"

"Low intelligence residents of a neighboring dimension." He said easily. "Some of my research into the occult led me to a way to summon them. They prefer being in this dimension, so they are willing to obey the one who summons them." He chuckled. "I hope things go well with Chance, true friends are a rare thing."

"So's love." Jake rumbled and stretched up to kiss and lick his way up the thick black neck. "Gods, I've missed you."

"And I you." Hardin rumbled deeply. "There was more than one night I thought about coming to see you. But I didn't want to lie about where I'd been and I was afraid you'd reject me if you knew the truth." He said as he pulled the lean tom into another passionate kiss.

"We'll deal with it," Jake shuddered in desire as he pressed against the big tom. "Somehow, we'll make it work."

"You don't know how much I'd like to just forget it all and take you back to my estate where we wouldn't have to worry about any of this." Hardin rumbled quietly. "But neither of us is prone to letting go like that."

"No, we aren't." Jake chuckled ruefully. "But we're both survivors too."

"True enough." He smiled, running his hands down the back of Jake's shirt. "Did you ever pick up on the fact that Feral's anger toward me was very personal?" He asked softly.

"Damn hard to miss it." He snorted.

"He's still mad 'cause I dumped him." Hardin shook his head. "What he doesn't know is that I dumped him for a fifteen year old." He smirked. "Best decision I ever made."

"Wha? Feral knows ... dated ...."

"Yeah, but legally the name he knows me under died about twelve years ago." Hardin smiled. "So he tries to take me down as Dark Kat. Doesn't handle rejection well, or the fact that I wouldn't tell him _who_ I was dumping him for."

"He _knows_ you're Dark Kat?" He started trembling, utterly freaked.

"Yes, but he can't _do_ anything with it 'cause I died, officially, in a plane crash twelve years ago. I've got three or four spare identities at all times, plus a couple that I keep carefully distanced from anything illegal." He said in a reassuring tone, pulling Jake close. "And _he_ knows, but he's never had any _proof_."

"Then we can't let him figure out about me ... he could take it out on Chance." Jake mumbled. "He can't be let go next time."

"I wasn't planning on letting him go that time." Hardin chuckled. "Though I'll admit I was sorely tempted to treat him the way he treats call-kats."

"And take it a couple steps further?" Jake asked softly, slowly relaxing.

"I don't know about that, I'm not sure that's really a kind of behavior I want to get into." He said quietly. "If I want him dead, I'll just shoot him. Torturing someone to death is terribly inefficient, and pointless. Dead is dead."

Jake nodded quietly. "I want him dead."

Hardin raised an eyebrow. "That's a bit excessive for booting you out of the Enforcers." He said, a bit surprised.

"I don't care about that," he shook his head. "Well, not much. He's too dangerous, to us, and Chance. You really think he'll let you win?"

"Oh, I always figured I'd have to deal with him eventually." Hardin shrugged. "He's seen the same figures I have but he refuses to admit what they mean. It's a shame, because he's an effective military commander. Even if he does lack vision." He said quietly. "Do you think there's any possibility that Chance would come to our side of things?" He asked, thinking things would be easier for Jake that way.

"It'll take some work, but he _is_ my pilot." Jake nodded with easy assurance. "I just have to be careful about how I bring it up."

"If there's anyway I can make it easier for you, let me know." He said quietly. "He's a talented Kat, it'd be good to have him on our side." Hardin said easily, not mentioning the fact that he thought the tabby was a definite hunk. Nice to have around to look at, even if that's all you were going to do.

"Lay low till we have this sorted out, and no Creeplings when I introduce you." Jake purred softly as he snuggled in. "Be normal, like you are now."

"I was planning to lay low for a while anyway." He rumbled. "Working on an upgrade to the air fortress. And I'll keep the Creeplings away, I don't usually have them around unless I'm in costume anyway." He smiled. "It'd be like you wearing a Glovatrix to go grocery shopping." The big tom smirked, as he held his mate close.

"Not visible, anyway." Jake chuckled softly. "Might be able to bring Callie in on this, sort of. If we do it carefully."

"Possibly." Hardin agreed. "She's one smart shekat. If we could find some way to make her part of the government after the takeover, that would be a definite plus."

"It all has to be done carefully, though." Jake murred. "And there are major plans to put into effect first."

"Of course there are." Hardin rumbled. "I'm never involved in anything non-major." He smirked mischievously. "And now that we can work together, things should turn out much better."

"Yes, they will." Jake purred, his hands trailing up Hardin's thick legs. "I think a little celebration is in order."

"And just how would you like to celebrate, brighteyes?" Hardin rumbled suggestively, though there was also a strong current of affection as well.

"A reminder of how you taste," Jake smiled as his fingers traced over the big tom's zipper.

"I like the sound of that." He rumbled, as he massaged the lean tom's velvety ears with a firm, loving touch as Jake shifted down and unzipped the big tom's jeans, revealing, revealing the toms swelling black sheath and half hard cock.

"When you have an evening free, we'll need to celebrate properly." The big tom rumbled excitedly as feather-light claws traced along his length.

"Most definitely," Jake rumbled, snuffling and nuzzling the hot flesh and extra-soft fur. "Try for tomorrow."

"If it would ease your mind, I could have a friend of mine 'rent' Chance to keep him away from the rougher clientele. He'll treat Chance as a lover, instead of a plaything." Hardin offered, breathing a little harder. "At least till we can work something else out."

"Oh, love, that would be wonderful." Jake purred deeply in real appreciation and slid his mouth down, around the still swelling flesh.

"Anything to make you happy, love." He rumbled, as his cock become a hard pink shaft in the warm wetness of his mate's mouth.

Jake's only reply was a deeper purr as he used every trick fifteen years of experimenting and eleven of loving this tom had taught him about how to pleasure his mate. As his tongue played sensitive barb-hairs, mouth brought strong suction into play and his fingers found their way to heavy, velvety black balls.

Those tricks worked quickly, and Hardin's heavy balls pulled up tight. He threw his head back with a deep throaty roar and his hips buck and thrust involuntarily as he began shooting loads of cum into his mate's talented mouth.

"Gods, you're even better than I remember." The big tom said breathlessly as he leaned back against the rock behind him.

"Mmmm, thank you." Jake purred between licks to clean the thick pink cock clean. "I love how you respond, how you taste."

"I remember." He said fondly. "This is how things should've been all along, us together." He said quietly as Jake climbed up to press against his chest. "I'm sorry I stayed away so long."

"Shu, we're together now. That's all that's going to matter. We'll make the rest work."

"Yes, we will." He agreed, and then looking down when he felt a tugging on his pants. He reached down and took a small bag from the Creepling waiting there. "Thank you." He said quietly. "Now go home." He chuckled as the small purple winged being took off quickly.

"Mmm?" Jake looked at the bag curiously.

"Go ahead." He said handing Jake the bag.

"Oh," the cinnamon tom blinked as he pulled out an engagement collar box from a more upscale jeweler than Jake could afford; a box that was clearly quiet old. He hesitated a moment before removing the lid to expose a very tasteful, though richly decorated, set. "Oh, Hardin. They're ... wow."

"You deserve the best, love." He said affectionately. "But where it really counts the ones you bought are just as precious." He said with sincere affection.

"I'll be _very_ happy to wear it, when it won't freak the nine hells out of Chance." He looked up to kiss his mate. "I'm afraid tonight would be too much to ask of him."

"I understand, love." Hardin said quietly. "And Feral is not an easy master to his toys. Chance doesn't need to have to absorb anything else tonight. If he's prone to drinking, he'll probably want to."

"He is, and does." Jake nodded quietly. "He said he'd try to let me ease some of it, and not drink himself unconscious."

"He must trust you a great deal then." Hardin said softly, as he stroked Jake's back through his shirt. "Pilots are a proud bunch, and they don't like to appear weak or vulnerable."

"I'm his gunner," he smiled softly and relaxed. "Most pilots can't accept one. Chance is very special; that much skill and the ability to fly with a partner."

"He must be special. He's got your loyalty, which you don't give to just anyone." Hardin said with soft smile.

It brought a matching look to Jake. "Yes, he does, and he is. Even when he rebuffed my advance, it didn't do much to how I think of him." He murred softly. "I do love him, in a different way."

"Well then, we'll just have to see that things work out good for him too." The big tom said seriously while Jake relaxed against him and absently continued to stroke Hardin's sheath and cock.

"Fortunately, he's easy to keep happy," he purred. "A good bird is about all it takes."

"Between the two of us, I think we can provide that." He murred quietly as his slowly worked Jake's shirt free to gain access to the soft cinnamon fur beneath.

"Or die trying," he purred as his breath hitched. "Oh, missed your touch."

"I just got you back, death is going to have to wait her turn. And it' going to be a long time." He purred, as his hands traced lazy sensual patterns in the tom's fur. "I missed the feeling of you in my arms, and the feel of muscle under your fur."

Jake could only shudder in pleasure as his eyes drifted closed. Hardin turned them so Jake's back was against the large rock, as he knelt down and undid the Kat's belt. He playfully unzipped his mate's jeans with his teeth revealing a rock hard erection against the tom's cinnamon fur, already dribbling precum.

He slowly took the hard cock in his mouth, savoring the taste and feel as he played the barb hairs with his tongue. As he sucked skillfully on the hard cock, he reached one hand up under the Kat's shirt to tweak an exposed nipple playfully while his lover whimpered.

"Oh ..." Jake moaned as his hands sought for what they wanted, moving from Hardin's hand to his forehead and ears as he shivered. "Oh, close, lover ...."

The big tom smiled silently as he picked up the pace, sucking more forcefully while still teasing at the fine, sensitive barb hairs.

It was more than Jake could take and he cried out, his hips thrusting upwards fractionally with each burst of cum across his mate's tongue. "Oh, Hardin ... oh ...."

Hardin gently licked his mate's cock clean before standing to embrace him, turning so his back was to the rock with Jake leaning against his chest. "I'd almost forgotten how much I love the taste of you." He murred softly, as he claimed a passionate kiss.

"Mmm, I love the way you do that." Jake purred deeply as they parted. "Have you thought about the ceremony?"

"Not really." He admitted softly. "To be honest, until today I didn't think about it much because I didn't think you'd still want me." He said quietly. "That you still do has kind of overloaded my happiness center."

"Well, that'll be something to keep you occupied while I'm not around," Jake murred. "Though we'll have to be careful that Feral doesn't see you."

"I've been doing that for twelve years, love." He rumbled. "Feral's met Lanier Syrtan, the tom who bought my estate after I died." He chuckled. "Didn't even occur that it was the same person."

"How'd you manage that?" He looked at the larger tom curiously.

"Change the fur coloration, change the eye color, different clothes, different body language. And a little chemical of my own invention that subtly alters one's personal scent, on a temporary basis." He smiled. "I've gotten a lot of practice as an actor."

"I bet," he murmured and relaxed against the broad black chest. "How different the world would be if we'd married before we crossed swords."

"Quite a bit I imagine." He said quietly. "I never liked that part of what I had to do. I was always worried that I'd seriously hurt you despite my efforts not to."

"Well, you didn't, and you won't now." Jake smiled up. "And we'll soon find out what the three of us can do. I hope Callie can see reason. I really don't want her hurt."

"As do I, she's a talented administrator. This will work so much better with her talents." He said earnestly. "You like her don't you? Personally that is." He smiled down.

"I guess," Jake blinked. "She's nice, but doesn't take any flack. I like that, you know."

"I'd kind of noticed." The big tom grinned. "I certainly don't."

"Chance doesn't either, even from me." He chuckled and snuggled into the warm fur. "Though he forgives me a lot faster."

"Well, I probably would from you." He rumbled in amusement as he wrapped his arms around Jake. "Everyone else is a different story."

"What love's about, love." He whispered and returned the hug as best he could.

"I'm just happy to have you back." He purred. "Knowing you'll be with me, eases the desperation I've been feeling. And maybe I can avoid becoming him more than I already have." He said quietly.

"I'll help that any way I can," Jake promised softly. "I like you so much better than him. I like this so much better than Razor, too."

"Just being you helps." He murred. "You give me a reason to leave the costume in the closet. And I like you better this way too, you seem happier."

"I am, Hardin." He sighed in contentment. "I really am."

I Never Expected This 1: Shattered Perceptions

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Written January 13, 2006 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Vorex

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat, Xanith

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M). Angst, Sex (Kinky)

Pairings: Withheld for major spoilers

Blurb: When Razor and T-Bone face off against Dark Kat to save Commander Feral, the supervillian's face is revealed. To the one who recognizes it, it will shatter his world. To the others protecting his city, it may be the greatest break they ever get ... or the worst nightmare they could conceive of.

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