I Never Expected This 2:
For Money or Love

by Fur and Fantasy
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"Ah, excellent timing," Feral greeted his evenings entertainment at the door of his upscale apartment, wearing a striking black and gold leather dom outfit. "Come in, we are doing something new tonight."

"Yes, sir." Chance said submissively as Feral required, and walked in, still steady on his feet despite the six-pack he'd downed as he followed the giant tom to his bedroom.

"You are to wear this," Feral handed several pieces of leather to the tabby. "We are going to Warlords, and I do not want you to give a hint I'm paying you for this."

"Yes, sir." Chance said quietly as he stripped down and put on the skimpy leather outfit. He didn't bother to move because he knew Feral expected him to change right where he was. "Is this acceptable, sir?" He asked when he had put on the outfit, though he felt like it was incomplete by half.

"Mmm, yes," he nodded as he walked around the tabby, eyes him appraisingly. "Quite good." He nodded and handed the tabby a long coat before taking one for himself and headed for the door, unconcerned that his pet wouldn't follow appropriately.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ========================= ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Warlords was a 'clothing optional' club, though most of the patrons started out wearing leather gear with metal accessories. Though there were private rooms for intimate play, many patrons chose to simply fuck wherever the mood hit them. In many areas there were solid posts for tying submissive to for impromptu group play, as well as several racks and a wheel.

Many toys where available from the toy bar, though many patrons brought their own. The decor was very much old warrior style, with battered shields and swords decorating the walls, along with paintings of various violent scenes from the past. The music was a heavy techno beat, but wasn't loud enough to drown out the sounds of screams and moans produce by patrons at play.

"Oh, nice pet you have." A deep, rumbling female voice came from Chance's left.

"Yes, he is." Feral smiled at the dark Lioness even taller than he was. "And skilled as well."

"I do hope you plan to share, Darkie." She purred hungrily. "He looks delicious."

"But of course, Kylla." The big tom chuckled as the three walked further in. "Maybe even with you, if you make it worth my while."

"You know I can," she rumbled and ran a hand along the big tom's shoulder. "Care for a drink while we watch for a while?"

"Of course." Feral nodded.

Chance simply followed along silently waiting for Feral to tell him what to do. He concentrated on not letting Feral see how this place disturbed and scared him.

"What would you like, tabby?" The Lioness voice startled him.

Chance looked at Feral to see if he was allowed to talk to her and received a nearly invisible nod. He never did anything without seeing if Feral allowed it.

"Like?" He asked submissively, not sure exactly what she was asking.

The dark female chuckled. "You didn't mention he was _this_ well trained." He murred to Feral.

"I said he was well trained." He chuckled before looking at Chance. "Tell her what you will have to drink."

"A double Atomic, please, Ma'am." He said very politely.

"This'll be fun." She purred and headed for the bar as Feral claimed a padded leather booth.

"You will respond to any advances positively, unless I indicate otherwise." Feral ordered quietly.

"Yes, sir." He said quietly, waiting to see if he was supposed to remain standing or not. Feral had played the 'remain standing all evening' game with him before.

"Sit," he patted the bench next to him, leaving enough room for the Lioness on the far side.

Chance sat down next to Feral as instructed, and waited to see what would happen next. He concentrated on staying calm despite the urge to run this place inspired in him.

He only had a couple moments of relative calm before Kylla returned. She set a large sipping drink in front of Feral, the double Atomic in front of Chance and had a sweet smelling ale for herself. Without asking, she settled next to Chance, pinning him between the two aroused giants.

"Thank you, ma'am." Chance said before focusing his attention on his drink, letting the fumes from the potent alcohol buzz his nose as he took about a third of the drink at one pull.

He hadn't set the drink down before he felt a large, clawed hand sliding along his bare left thigh and brushing against his leather clad groin.

Chance quietly accepted the touch without flinching or pulling away, despite those being his gut reactions. He responded as positively as he could manage, by not responding. Some touches were meant to just be accepted.

It was almost immediately joined by a much gentler, but no less unsettling, stroking at the back of his neck that caused Chance to jump slightly before settling back into place.

"Well well," a soft throaty purr sounded from just behind his right ear. "It seems Master Feral has been holding out on us."

"As is my right." Feral answered the challenge with a stern look for his former plaything.

"Oh but this one looks just delightful," the male voice continued unperturbed. "Are you going to let us see him?"

"I may," The brown tom rumbled, looking the big Tiger over. "If it would please me."

"I know so many thing that please you," he rumbled softly, warm breathe washing over the back of the tabby's neck.

"Oh?" Feral raised a daring eyebrow. "Do tell, Alex."

The tiger chuckled as his fingers traced their way across Chance's cheeks, then down over his throat and onto his chest. He leaned in closer until his mouth was set just next to Chance's ear, as though he was going to whisper something to the tabby, but when he spoke it was so the everyone could hear.

"Does he mark you kitten?" he purred, a tone that would almost have been seductive if not for the setting. "Does he come all over your face, and through your fur? Just so he can see you covered in his seed. Because he owns you. Or perhaps he'd rather make you scream, toying with you and drawing out every moan and whimper."

Feral chuckled softly. "And you think you can do the same?"

"Oh I can certainly mess up his fur for you. He's got such a pretty face, but I'm sure you'd like it better with my seed running down his cheeks, over his chin."

"That's all?" Feral raised an eyebrow.

"I've got a better idea." Kylla purred. "Why don't we see how much of a voice he'd got with me in his ass, and you sucking him off. You do look _so_ pretty on your knees, Alex."

The tiger grinned and turned his face back towards Feral, ducking his head slightly. "Master?" He didn't bother trying to hide the arousal or desire; making his purr so deep it was almost a growl.

"That would please me, to hear his pleasure like that." The big tom rumbled, clearly turned on by the thought. "You may play."

"C'mon pretty tabby," Alex urged, "time to get up off that seat."

Chance stood obligingly, waiting for the next instruction.

"Step out here, where everyone can see." Alex told him. "We'll have to entertain our selves for a few moments while Kylla gets herself ready for you."

Chance simply watched the Tiger; he didn't think a response was required. It certainly hadn't been requested. Alex let his hands drift slowly lower, fingers drawing slow circles as they pressed into the tabby's fur. "You're awfully tense," he said softly, "Surely you're not nervous about putting on a show?"

Chance silently cursed the Tiger for asking him a question. "Never done it before." He said with amazing neutrality.

Alex raised a curious eyebrow, but decided not to press the matter, his fingers wriggling against Chance's fur as they wormed their way under his waistband. "There's no need to worry, we'll be the ones doing all the work. You just relax and enjoy yourself."

Chance desperately wanted to scream at the Tiger that enjoying himself just wasn't going to happen, any sooner than relaxing would. But he shoved that behind the same wall of silence as everything else and waited to see what the two strangers were going to do to him.

Part of Chance found the Tiger interesting, attractive even, and might have liked him under different circumstances. As it was the Tiger was just another of Feral's flunkies slipping a paw into his pants. Large dark eyes searched Chance's face, his brows furrowing slightly as even fingers on Chance's sheath barely elicited a response.

"I'm not going to hurt you," the tiger whispered, leaning in so only Chance would hear. "It'll be all right."

Chance found himself a little confused by the Tiger, not sure why the Tiger was being nice to him. It had been easier when he'd been able to put him in the same box with Feral and the Lioness. But now, he wasn't sure, and he _did_ like the Tiger's touch which showed in a slight swelling in his sheath. Alex smiled, pressing his body up against Chance as his fingers gently stroked the tabby's sheath.

"That's right, don't be nervous. Don't look at him, it'll be easy to forget he's watching. I'll make sure you have a good time." The tigers voice was soft and warm, and somehow more appealing now that he'd stopped being so blatantly seductive.

Chance met the Tiger's eyes, and nodded very slightly; impossible to notice save that the Tiger was right in front of him. He relaxed a little into the Tiger's touch, and let himself reach one hand out to touch the Tiger's chest tentatively. The creamy white fur was warm and soft, obviously well cared for.

Alex gave an encouraging squeeze to the Chance's sheath as his other hand slowly loosened the tabby's pants, letting the leather fall to the floor and revealing new planes of fur to his appreciative eyes. He sifted his stance slightly, twisting his hips and brushing his sheath against Chance's thigh. Though the tiger's cock wasn't visible yet his arousal was plainly evident.

Chance slowly slid his hand down the Tiger's creamy white chest and abs, until it brushed uncertainly against his sheath. The tabby let his hand rest there long enough so that the Tiger would know it wasn't an accidental contact.

Alex nodded, his sheath pulsing warmly as Chance's hand rested against it. "See," he murmured by the tabby's ear, "That's much better isn't it? You don't have to be afraid." The tiger's hand never left Chance's sheath, stroking the tabby even as he lifted his other hand to gently cup a sandy-furred cheek.

The burly tabby gave another very slight nod as he leaned slightly into the hand on his cheek. He tentatively stroked the Tiger, as he narrowed his focus to the one person who seemed to care how he felt. He still resisted trusting too much, since he wouldn't put it past someone that close to Feral to be playing some emotional game with him.

Alex released a soft, satisfied sigh as Chance's hand moved across the soft shin of his sheath. His own paw slipped downward, leaving Chance's cock for the first time to reach lower and cup the tabby's balls.

"Don't get to excited down there," Alex joked, raising his voice back above a whisper, "Or I'll be messing up your fur after all."

"Hardly be the worst thing that's ever happened to me." He murmured, as the pink tip of his cock peeked out of his sheath.

That provoked another light chuckle from the tiger. "I'll keep that in mind handsome, maybe you'll end up with my seed on your cheeks after all."

"If you want to." Chance said quietly, though there wasn't any anger in it, just a little restraint because of all the others present. He actually let himself wonder about maybe seeing the Tiger without Feral around.

Alex smiled and tipped his head to the side slightly, his hands still working to draw Chance inexorably toward hardness. "You're gorgeous anyway," he purred frankly, "I bet you've got a fantastic smile."

"Thank you." Chance said very softly, only for Alex's ears, as he stroked Alex though it was clear he was very inexperienced. "You're pretty hot yourself." He said, amazed that he actually managed to say that to another tom.

The tiger lifted his hand away from Chance's balls, bringing it across to join the tabby's hand in his crotch. "Try like this," he suggested gently, intertwining his fingers with Chances and guiding his hand. "Slowly."

Chance nodded almost imperceptibly and did as Alex showed him, gaining a little confidence as he did so.

"Mmmmmm, that's it," the tiger murmured softly, a tremor of pleasure running through his body as Chance's hand slid along his hardness.

Chance smiled, but it was a kind of secret smile that only Alex was meant to see. He didn't mind pleasing the Tiger because he hadn't demanded anything from him, and had been reasonably nice to him. He continued the slow stroking method he'd been shown.

Alex didn't miss the smile, though the grin it inspired only lasted a moment before being washed away under another soft moan of pleasure. With the tiger's body so close Chance could feel the tension building inside him, though it was most obvious in the grip on his cock. As Alex got more and more turned on the touch become firmer, and the rhythm of the strokes grew from a slow tease to a more determined effort.

Chance followed Alex's example, though he was a little behind him in the turned-on department. The hard, pink shaft his cock had become made it clear that he found the Tiger's attentions welcome though, as did a very slight purr that Alex could feel.

Alex's free hand came to rest on Chance's shoulder, gripping the tabby tightly for support. His chest heaved as his breath came in sort, rapid gasps and his cock pulsed in Chance's hand. A thin stream of precum dribbled from him, sickening the fur of the tabby's hand and easing its passage.

Chance continued stroking firmly as his own breath became a little ragged with arousal, and some resistance to giving the others a show. As much as he tried, he couldn't entirely forget that there were others that he disliked present and watching.

The tiger obviously had no such inhibitions. His hips bucked forward a couple of times, a poorly coordinated reflex, before his entire body tightened up and he came. A loud ragged moan sounded as the tiger's cock jumped and twitched, sending spurt after spurt of his seed into the fur covering Chance's abs. His grip on the tabby's cock tightened into a solid squeeze for a moment, relaxing with the rest of his body as the moment passed.

Chance licked a bit of Alex's seed off his fingers in such a way that only Alex could really see. "You taste better than him." He whispered softly, as a little pre-cum dribbled from his cock.

The tiger grinned and nuzzled Chance softly. "That's a diet thing," he murmured. "Ready to face them now?"

"I'd rather they went away." He muttered reflexively under his breath, so soft that Alex almost missed it. "Not like I have much choice." He whispered.

The tiger's eyes flicked back and forth across Chance's face, not sure what to make of the statement. There wasn't much he could do about it anyway as the private focus of their moment expanded again to include the insistent reality of the club, and the Kats watching them.

The Lioness they expected to join them was looking utterly ticked, sitting next to Feral with her toys on the table. The brown tom himself actually wore a small smile as he watched the pair. But the look in his was one they both knew well: keep going.

Alex smiled as he turned back to Chance. "Looks like he likes us," he tiger murmured softly.

Chance had to bite his tongue to refrain from making a pointed commented about the fact the Feral didn't like him, he just used him. But he wasn't allowed reveal the real reason he was here with Feral, so he said nothing. But the lack of expression on his face made it doubtful that he really cared about Feral liking him.

"Don't worry," Alex said softly, misinterpreting, "I know something that'll take your mind off the audience." Slowly, smoothly, the tiger lowered himself to his hands and knees. His lips parted, allowing the tip of his tongue to trace over the tabby's balls, tasting him.

Chance moaned softly, as his world narrowed to Alex and what he was doing. Feral be damned, it felt too good to worry about the sadist and whats-her-name. The tiger took his time, licking at Chance's sac and then taking each of the tabby's balls into his mouth in turn. He sucked them, licked them and rolled them between his lips, bending all his attention to making the tabby feel good.

Chance reflexively reached down and rubbed at the Tiger's velvety ears, figuring it would feel as good as when some shekats did it to him. His moans became louder, and his back arched a little in pleasure as his eyes shut. In his mind, they were alone somewhere and Feral was having a long overdue tragic accident. The last thought caused a smile to cross his muzzle.

Alex purred softly as Chance rubbed his ears, producing the oddest sensation around the ball he still held in his mouth. Taking his cue from the tabby's growing enthusiasm he lifted his mouth away from his ballsac and ran a long slow lick along the pink flesh of the cock in front of him. He tilted his head back so he could look Chance in the face, slowly and deliberately licking his lips.

The tabby's eyes were closed in pleasure, and partly in a denial of the world around him. He shuddered, and moaned at the skillful attention Alex was giving his cock, and continued to rub the Tiger's ears, almost lovingly.

Alex drank in the sight of the tabby for a few moments before returning his attention to the spear of flesh before him. Still inclined to take his time, the tiger ran a series of slow licks up and down its entire length, covering Chance in a slick layer of his saliva. Then he sealed his lips around the head of the tabby's cock, purseing them to make a tight ring, and then slid down the tabby's length until his nose brushed the sandy fur at his groin.

Chance moaned louder, and bucked his hips a little at the warm, wetness engulfing his hard cock. He was turned as much by the fact that the Tiger seemed to care about making him feel good, as by the actual sensations themselves. In the back of his mind a small voice worried that perhaps the Tiger was doing this only for Feral's entertainment and that he cared no more for Chance than Feral did. The tabby tried hard to shove that worry away, but still it nagged at him.

Oblivious to Chance's concerns the tiger continued, running the ring of his lips up and down Chance's shaft in an even pumping motion. All the while his tongue moved across the area available to it, swirling around the swollen head of the tabby's shaft, or seeking out and playing with barb-hairs, or just wrapping his cock in it's strong wet presence.

Chance groaned louder, and then deliberately bit his tongue using the pain to hold himself back. As much as he enjoyed what Alex was doing, he didn't want to give the hated audience what it wanted. He gently rubbed the Tiger's ears, trying to convey the fact that he liked the Tiger, as much as he liked what Alex was doing.

Alex slowed the bobbing motion of his head even more, giving his agile tongue more time on each stroke to find the places Chance was most responsive. At the bottom of each stroke, when his lips and nose where pressed against Chance's fur, he tightened the muscles in his throat to tease the head of the tabby's cock as it lay at the very back of his mouth.

Alex's skill was more than Chance's resolve could take. As his balls tightened, he threw his head back and roared from deep in his chest and then seed began gushing from his cock into the Tiger's engulfing mouth. As the last of his orgasm passed, he leaned on the Tiger's shoulders for support and berated himself mentally for doing exactly what Feral wanted. Once again he'd been reduced to nothing more than Feral's obedient kitten.

Alex swallowed eagerly as Chance came, taking the tabby's load and leaving only the slightest trickle running down from the corner of his mouth. He lifted his mouth of Chance's cock as he began to relax, licking it gently to clean away the last traces of seed clinging to its sides.

Chance lifted one hand to gentle rub the Tiger's ear appreciatively, not able to say what he felt in front of his despised master. He'd never let Feral know anything he didn't have to. He still hadn't forgiven himself for confirming what Feral knew about SWAT.

Alex looked up at the tabby and grinned, licking at the dribble of seed running through his fur before getting back up to his feet. "Feels better, huh?"

"It felt great." He whispered softly, though clearly he meant it sincerely. He just seemed nervous about letting anyone other than Alex hear him.

"I've had a lot of practice," the tiger admitted, letting one hand linger on Chance's hip.

"Alex." Feral called the tiger to him, a very strange expression on his face.

Alex turned and stepped back towards the table, his fingers trailing through Chance's fur as he moved away. "Yes Sir?"

"Am I mistaken that you would like more of my kitten?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Not at all Sir," Alex replied, looking back over his shoulder at Chance. "He's very attractive."

"What would you give, to have him for tonight?" He asked evenly, though something about him was off from his usual trading favors manner.

Alex's eyes narrowed, and a sly grin crossed his face, but there was only ever one answer he would give. "What would you like for him?"

"You will take his place for two nights, and photos, if not film, of tonight." The brown tom answered simply, and softly enough that Chance was unlikely to hear.

"Three nights, no film," the tiger countered immediately. "My rig's being repaired."

"Three nights, _with_ film." Feral repeated steadily. "Use my Kauliger street place."

Alex considered it for a few moments, then nodded. "Done. We'll need ..." he stopped as the shiny object on it's distinctive ring was tossed to him.

"I want more of that look on his face."

"I'll make sure of it," Alex said with a grin, turning back towards Chance. "Feel like taking a ride, hot stuff?"

Chance blinked. "I can't, I'm his." He said very softly, clearly wanting to, but unable.

Alex grinned playfully, tapping a fingertip against the tabby's nose. "For now, you're mine. As long as we go before he changes his mind."

"May I get dressed first?" He asked quietly. He didn't like it when he was traded, it felt degrading, but a night with Alex sounded a lot better than another torture session with Feral.

Alex smiled and nodded. "If you'd like to, though we're not going anywhere people will see."

Chance quickly put on what little costume he'd had, and then waited patiently for Alex to show the way. The tiger took a moment to say his farewells to a couple of people then led chance out into the carpark, apparently unconcerned by his nakedness. He unlocked the doors on a small, rather shabby looking car and waved the tabby to get in.

Chance obediently slid into the passenger side, despite a natural urge to get behind the wheel.

Alex grinned as he started the car and drove it out into the traffic. "You're not very talkative, are you? And here I thought it was just nerves."

"Still is, sort of." Chance said quietly. "What he get for me this time?" He asked with a sigh.

Alex chuckled softly. "Three nights with him and pictures of you cuming. I think I got the better side of the deal."

"Thank you." Chance said earnestly.

Alex raised an eyebrow, taking his eyes of the road for just a moment to look over at the tabby. "Thank you? For what?"

"Taking my place with him." The tabby said relieved.

The tiger chuckled and shook his head slowly. "Feral knows perfectly well that he could have had the both of us if he wanted. Then again you don't seem to like an audience much ... I don't imagine *that* will last too long."

"Not a damn porn actor." Chance muttered darkly.

"You just need to relax a little more, maybe get some more experience. Nobody's going to do anything to you that you don't want them to."

Chance sighed. "That's what he prefers, whatever I don't want." He muttered quietly.

"That doesn't sound much like Master Feral," Alex said, pulling up in front of an apartment building. "Have you said anything to him about it?"

"Once. The whip was a rather pointed end to the discussion." He shook his head.

Alex sat in silence for a moment, trying to decide what to say. "Why don't we go upstairs?"

Chance nodded, got out of the car and followed Alex inside. They didn't see anyone as they got into the lift and rode up, nor in the corridor as Alex unlocked the door to the large, expensively appointed apartment.

"Go through to the lounge room," Alex suggested. "Would you like a drink?"

"Do you know how to make an Atomic?" He asked, looking around uneasily. The place had Feral written all over it.

Alex shook his head. "I'm afraid the most complicated I get as far as mixing drinks is pouring some rum and some cola into a glass."

"I can do it, if the ingredients are here." Chance said easily. "May I?"

Alex chuckled and shook his head. "You don't need to ask permission. The liquor cabinet is through in the lounge room, I'll join you in just a moment." He turned on his heel and walked down a corridor, in the opposite direction from the one he'd indicated to Chance.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ========================= ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Chance was actually mixing his second atomic when Alex came into the lounge. "As long as I'm mixing, would you like something?" He offered pleasantly.

"Sure," Alex replied, setting down a small box he brought with him and nudging it under the table with his foot. "Just make me another one of whatever you're having."

"Okay." He smiled, and mixed another Atomic. He carried the two drinks over and handed one to Alex.

"Thanks," the tiger said, sipping it as he sat down on the couch. "So. What should I call you tabby?"

"Chance." He said easily, as he sat down next to Alex, and took about a third of the drink in one pull.

"Chance," the tiger repeated, nodding. "With one exception you don't have to do anything here that you don't want to. At some point I *am* going to have to suck you again so that Feral can have his pictures, but you didn't seem to mind that much."

"I enjoyed it actually." He said softly. "I just didn't like the audience. But I don't care about pictures. Bastet knows he's got enough already."

Alex nodded, shifting closer and lifting a hand to stroke Chance's cheek. "Well I hope you'll be a little more at ease then. You really are a lot more sexy when you smile."

Chance took another third of his drink, and began to relax. "Just takes a little bit." He smiled slightly. "This evening hasn't been what I expected. At least now it's better than expected." He said quietly, reaching a hand up to brush it gently along Alex's cheek.

"Warlord's can be really overwhelming the first time," Alex murmured, his eyes focused on Chance's face. "I'm glad I could help you out."

"Overwhelming is a good word." Chance smiled wryly. "Just glad you decided to stop and play."

Alex smirked, letting his hand slide down across Chance's chest into his lap. "Master Feral lets me play with his pets now and again, but you would have caught my eye anyway. I don't think you realize just how gorgeous you are."

"Don't hear it often from toms." The burly tabby smiled shyly, and tentatively ran his hand through the soft white fur of Alex's chest. "You're rather hot yourself."

Alex grinned, beginning to very gently stroke Chance through his leathers. "I get the feeling you're not very used to saying it either. Such a hot guy, but at the same time so shy and uncertain."

"I'm still new to being with toms." He said shyly. "Especially one I like." He murmured quietly.

"Oh!" Alex said, comprehension suddenly flooring across his face. "No wonder you're not doing so well with Feral. He's not exactly beginner's material."

"That's one way to put it." He chuckled quietly. "You're much nicer to be with."

"Thanks," Alex said with a smile, "I always like to make sure my partners are having a good time. To be fair Feral prefers it that way too, but he assumes a lot. I can't imagine how you ended up with him."

"I'll tell you, just promise you won't tell him that I did." Chance said quietly.

"I'm not going to report back to him on our evening," the tiger said with a smirk.

"I'm with him 'cause he rented me." Chance sighed, relieved to have the truth out. "He told me not to let anyone know, but then he gave me to you, so his rules don't apply anymore tonight. But he doesn't like me, and he does whatever he likes to me, whether I like it or want it." He said before throwing down the rest of the Atomic. "As far as he's concerned, I agreed to anything and everything in advance."

Alex drew back, his brows drawing inward as he looked at the tabby again. "He *rented* you? You're a whore?"

"Not cause I want to be." Chance growled defensively. "No choice, only way to protect someone I promised I'd take care of." He said quietly, resignedly. "No choice at all."

"No wonder you've been drinking all night," Alex murmured softly. "You never had a guy before this, did you?"

"Before I got forced into being a 'whore'?" He said acidly. "No, didn't even think I liked guys that way."

"Damn," Alex swore softly. "You know ... you can go if you want to. I'm not going to force you."

"Alex." Chance said softly. "I like you, honestly I do, and I'd like to stay. But I'll understand if you don't want to be with a 'whore'." He said quietly.

"No, it's not like that at all," the tiger said softly, shifting his weight back towards the tabby. "I was just surprised. I don't think I've ever seen Feral without some kat or other beside him ... although I guess this might explain it. I never thought he's do anything like that."

"He does it all the time." Chance muttered, as he leaned up against Alex. "Sometimes he gets me four or five times a week, sometimes with another tom so he can watch."

"I'm sorry Chance," Alex murmured softly, wrapping his arms around the tabby and drawing him close in against his chest.

"Not your fault, Alex." Chance said, as he actually relaxed and snuggled against the Tiger. "Feral does as he pleases, and its not like it's the first time he's screwed me." He murmured, as the old pain surfaced.

"Still ..." Whatever Alex had been going to say he didn't follow through. He held Chance closely against him for a moment, before backing off a little. "There's something I'd like to do ... trust me?"

"I want to." Chance said quietly, clearly not on great terms with the concept of trust.

"You can stop me whenever you want," Alex reassured him. "But I don't think it'll bother you too much."

"Okay." Chance said quietly, curiosity written clearly on his face.

"All right," Alex said softly, letting Chance go. "Just take those things off and stretch out on the couch. You'll be fine, I promise."

Chance quickly shed the leather. "Wanted to get out of those anyway." He smiled, as he stretched out of the couch, looking up curiously at Alex.

"Roll over," the tiger advised as he fetched a bottle from the box he'd brought in with him. "I usually do the back first."

"Okay." Chance said, raising an eyebrow curiously before rolling over on his stomach. He forced down the sense of vulnerability that being naked on his stomach raised.

Alex straddled the tabby's hips, settling his weight down slowly and stroking Chances sides all the while. A few moments later he set his hands on the tabby's broad shoulders. His fingers kneaded at the hard, tense muscle, moving in slow broad circles.

The tense muscles began to unkink slowly, and soft, rumbling purr began resonating from the tabby. "That's nice, Alex." He rumbled quietly.

"My aunt was a nurse," Alex said softly as a faint citrus scent began to fill the air. "She taught me so she'd have someone who knew what they were doing to help her unwind."

"It feels really good." He said softly.

"Well it's not all cocksucking," Alex joked gently as his hands made their way down Chance's spine. He paid careful and thorough attention to each bock of muscle before moving on to the next, leaving Chance feeling pleasantly relaxed and warm.

"Wondered what it'd be like with someone who actually liked me." Chance said, feeling comfortably detached between the massage and the alcohol he'd put down over the course of the evening.

"Sex?" Alex asked with a chuckle. "It feels good. I suppose it's kind of hard to describe."

"Sex, or even just being with." Chance murmured. "Only tom who ever like me, I turned down 'cause I didn't know I liked guys when he asked." He said softly.

"Ah, I see." Alex paused for a moment, turning around so he could work on Chance's legs. "That's definitely nice. You won't believe it but even being with Feral was pretty good. Tell me about this guy."

"He's a little guy, but really tough when it counts. And way smart, don't understand half the stuff he talks about but he's my best friend. He was my gunner when we were in the Enforcers, now we're partners in the junkyard Feral sentenced us to." he smiled. "He's really attractive, never has a problem finding someone but he wanted me but I was too 'Mr-Het-Kat' to realize that I liked what he was offering. Biggest damn mistake I ever made." He grumbled. "But my family doesn't do that sort of thing, so I couldn't see that I liked it."

"Sounds like he must be a really great guy," the tiger said, digging his fingers into Chance's calves to work at a particularly stubborn knot. "You can't have hurt him too badly."

"He says I didn't." Chance murmured, purring deeper as his body relaxed. "But he's got a guy now, at least I think he does. I tried to ask him, but didn't do a good job or he didn't hear me or I don't know something." He muttered not sure what happened. "He's the greatest."

"Perhaps that's just as well, sounds like the last thing you need right now are relationship issues." He smoother his fingers through Chance's fur then lifted he weight up. "You can roll over now."

Chance lazily rolled over. "Don't know, a relationship could be good. I just keep reminding myself that its got to be better than what I've seen of being with toms."

Alex settled down over Chance's hips again, running his hands through Chance's fur a few times before resuming the massage. "Count on it handsome. A ... a call-kat never sees the best of people."

"You mean you get better than this?" Chance purred quietly, clearly intrigued.

"Me?" Alex asked, laughing. "I suppose that'd depend on what you call better. I'm not particularly rich or anything like that."

"Rich?" Chance snorted. "Feral's rich, that's not better." He said quietly. "Don't know what I mean really, you just said call-kat's don't see the best of people so I figured there must be something better about you." He murred. "Not that there needs to be, I like you the way you are."

Alex grinned, rubbing his knuckles into Chance's abs. "I just meant ... damn this is gonna sound horrible. You'd know more about the kind of kat who's hire someone for sex, but I can't think it's a great outlook on how they live their life." He paused for a moment, enjoying the feel of the body beneath his hands. "For the record, I never had any idea you were ... being paid. I just figured Feral was bringing his new guy around to show off."

"I wouldn't recommend it as a way to meet people." Chance chuckled, though it was a little forced. "I don't know, and I've got bad history with Feral anyway. But I think he was showing me off, but not in a good way. He just figured I was well-trained enough to take out." Chance sighed. "Gods, I wish he wasn't right."

"I don't," the tiger said softly, stroking Chance's cheek. "I don't think I would have liked to see you break down."

"It just makes me feel like some damned circus animal." Chance muttered angrily, though it was a self-directed anger. "I'm even starting to do what he tells me, when he's not paying me."

Alex nodded, turning around again and setting to work on Chance's legs. "Yeah, he just has that effect on people."

"Tell me about it." Chance shook his head. "I used to be an Enforcer."

Alex didn't say anything, just rubbing his hand into Chance's muscles for a few seconds. Once he was done he slowly lowered himself down to lie half-beside and half-atop the tabby. "How're you feeling now?" he whispered.

"Better than I have in a long time." Chance purred lightly. "Thanks, Alex."

"That's all right. You've been too tense all night."

"Had a lot to do with the company." Chance said shifting so he could drape one arm over Alex. "You're much better company."

"I'm really glad you think so Chance."

"Makes two of us." Chance said with a more relaxed smile. "But I thought there was something about you I liked, when I first saw you."

Alex chuckled softly, running his fingers lazily along Chance's side. "Oh I knew I was going like you from the moment I set eyes on you, although I wasn't expecting anything like this."

"Neither was I." Chance smiled quietly, snuggling a little closer. On some level he couldn't quite put into words, it made him feeler better. "But it's a nice surprise, for a change."

"Yeah," Alex agreed, smiling gently. "It has been. And you deserve someone looking out for you for a change."

"Jake looks out for me." Chance said quietly. "When I let him."

Alex chuckled softly, leaning in to gently nuzzle the tabby's cheek. "Not like this, I think."

"No, I turned him down." Chance said quietly, leaning into the nuzzle. "Now he's got somebody else, but I guess he always did."

"Try not to feel too bad about it. Most of us fall for straight Kats at least once."

"Just turned out I wasn't as straight as I thought." Chance said quietly. "Maybe it's for the best, he already had somebody. I don't think I could have handled losing him."

"I don't think you ever will," the tiger murmured into Chance's fur. "If you've been through everything you say and you're still that close ... I think you're stuck with him for life."

Chance chuckled, an honest relaxed sound. "Gods, Alex. You make me forget how fucked up things are." He leaned and kissed the Tiger on the cheek clumsily. "Don't suppose there's any chance of this being more than one night." He said quietly.

"I don't know, I suppose that'd depend on just what you're asking." The tiger paused to press his lips against Chance's, a softer kiss than Chance had gotten from most fems. "I'm not going to get up in the morning and pretend I don't know you though."

"I don't know exactly." Chance said softly. "But I think I'd like to see you again, because I want to ... not because Feral said it was okay." Chance said uncertainly. "If nothing else, I'd like to be friends."

"Yeah, I'd like that. You're a good guy Chance."

"So are you, Alex." Chance smiled, and then grinned a little sheepishly. "At some point, I'll need your help getting home."

"You could stay if you like. The bed here is very comfortable."

Chance thought about it for a moment. "As long as you're sleeping in it too." He smiled shyly.

Alex grinned and nodded. "Absolutely."

"Okay, I'll stay then." He said, giving Alex a kind of clumsy kiss on the lips. "We could even fool around a bit, if you wanted to." He murred playfully.

"I'd like that," the tiger purred. "I'd make sure that you liked it too."

"I'm sure of that." Chance rumbled, seriously relaxed. "Too bad my first time wasn't with you." He grinned.

"In a way it is. You were saying that you wondered what it was like, with a guy who cared about you."

"Yeah, I did say that didn't I?" He smiled, and ran his hand down the Tiger's side enjoying the feel of fur and muscle.

"You did," Alex nodded, "And I'd like to show you. There are a lot of things I'd like to show you."

"Don't think I could ask for anyone better to discover them with." Chance smiled. "Just don't take it personally if I react funny, I've had some bad experiences. I'm just hoping to get good ones to swap for 'em."

"It's all right, I can understand. You can stop me whenever you want, no problem. I'm not going to force you into anything."

"I ... I trust you, Alex." Chance said, a little surprised that he did so quickly.

"Good," the tiger murmured, "That's important, no matter who you're with. I want to help you feel good tonight."

"You've made me feel great so far." Chance rumbled approvingly. "I just hope I can do as good for you."

"Don't you worry about that," Alex purred softly, "I'm sure it won't be a problem." Slowly, almost reluctantly, the tiger lifted himself off the couch and extended a hand down to Chance. "Would you come to bed with me?" he asked softly.

Chance accepted the hand and stood easily. "I'd love to."

Alex led the way down the corridor and into a large bedroom, complete with an open fireplace, though it only held ashes. The bed, as Alex had promised, looked fantastic. Large enough to hold its occupants very comfortably, it was dressed with smooth black satin sheets.

Alex stepped out in front of Chance as they entered the room, sliding onto the bed and spreading himself out before the tabby.

Chance rumbled appreciatively, his sheath swelling at the sight. "You look so hot, Alex." He murred as he moved forward. "There was something I wanted to do in that club, but not in front of Feral." He murmured shyly. "I think it's my turn to make you feel good."

"You can do anything you like," the Tiger replied. "That's what it's about tonight."

Chance murred and climbed up on to the bed, up between the Tiger's legs. He gently nuzzled his furry ball sack, giving it the occasional lick until the Tiger's pink shaft emerged at which point he took it in his mouth sucking eagerly, if very limited in technique.

Alex moaned softly as Chance took his shaft into his mouth, his legs parting to give the tabby better access to his groin.

Chance reached a hand up to gently fondle Alex's balls, while he sucked enthusiastically on his cock. Then he remembered something a demanding master had taught him, and teased at the fine, sensitive barb hairs with the rough side of his tongue. That triggered a soft moan from the tiger as his cock pulsed inside Chance's mouth. He reached down to set his hands on the back of Chance's head, stroking his ears and then running his thumbs down the back of his neck.

Chance purred happily at the encouragement, and continued sucking, adding the tease of the barb hairs every so often just for variety.

Alex gasped and moaned as Chance continued, his touch on the tabby's head growing firmer and softer as waves of pleasure flowed through him. "Oh Chance, yes."

Chance's purred became a very solid rumble, adding a powerful vibration to his sucking and licking. He up until just the tip was in his mouth, before burying his nose in the Tiger's furry crotch with his cock in the back of the tabby's throat.

Alex's hands slid back up to Chance's ears, his breath coming in short rapid gasps. "Oh Gods Chance, I'm so close. So close."

That was just what the tabby wanted to hear, and he sucked hard teasing the fine barb hairs excitedly, as he continued purring both aroused and happy.

It was only a few moments more before the tiger's body twisted beneath Chance, A sound that began as a roar and ended as a soft whimper escaping into the room as Alex came in Chance's mouth.

Chance did his best to swallow but he ended up with a fair amount of Alex's seed on his face. He gently licked his lover clean, before climbing up alongside him. "I believe you mentioned something about your seed on my face at the club." He grinned goofily.

Alex chuckled and leaned close, licking a strand of cum from the tabby's cheek. "And I was right, you're very sexy ... though I think it's got more to do with that smile than the stains in your fur."

Chance blushed slightly. "Good thing too, since my smile is all I'm wearing." He smirked.

"But I like you better this way. A body like that is much to good to cover up."

"You've got a fine body yourself, Alex." Chance murred, running his through the soft white fur on the Tiger's chest. "Very fine."

"Touch me," the tiger encouraged Chance gently. "You've done a lot of looking ... now look with your hands."

Chance nodded and began tentatively exploring the Tiger's chest and abs with hands, enjoying the feel of muscle under soft fur.

"That's right," Alex purred softly. "You're not going to hurt me Chance, your hands feel good."

Chance smiled broadly, as he continued his tentative caresses, which slowly became more confident. "Roll over, please." He asked quietly, when he felt comfortably familiar with the Tiger's front.

Alex chuckled softly and did as he was asked, flicking his tail out to lie across Chance's leg as he presented his back to the tabby.

Chance started with the Tiger's shoulders and worked his way down, his touch roughly caressing the muscles he felt beneath the soft, white fur. A couple of times he paused to trace the narrow black stripes with a fingertip, comparing them silently to his own broad stripes. Alex's muscles flexed and shifted beneath his fur as Chance's hands glided over them, the tip of his tail twitching against the tabby's leg.

Chance purred lightly at the brushing touch of the tail, as he moved his hands down tentatively to caress the curve of Alex's ass as he moved from back to legs. "Alex, you've got a nice ass." He murred, though there was something about it that said 'Did I just say that?'.

"Mmmmmm, you say the nicest things," the tiger replied playfully, lifting his tail to reveal the tight pucker beneath.

"I'm just starting to figure out that some things are kind of universal with lovers." He said quietly as he explored down the Tiger's legs. "A lifetime of misconceptions doesn't go away easily."

"No, I don't suppose they would. Still, every guy is going to like hearing that, even the ones who want to be on top of you."

"You mean there are some that don't?" He asked, quite seriously.

"Probably," Alex said. "Some guys don't like to be on top at all."

"Oh." Chance said, clearly quite surprised by the concept. "Everyone I've been with said I belonged on the bottom." He said quietly.

Alex rolled over again so he could face the tabby, stroking his cheek gently. "Because they were paying for you Chance, not because there's something wrong with you."

"I guess, just the way they said it." He muttered, before he nuzzled the Tiger appreciatively. "Sorry for dumping all this on you, Alex."

"Don't be," Alex replied, slipping his arms around the tabby and drawing him close in against his chest. "I wouldn't want to be just another guy using you."

"You'll never be just another guy to me." Chance purred, as he laid his head on Alex's chest.

"I think I like the way that sounds," Alex confessed softly.

"So do I." Chance rumbled softly.

"Good," the tiger murmured softly, slowly combing his fingers through Chance's fur. "I like having you near me like this."

"It does feel good." Chance said quietly, though the way he said made it sound like he meant something more than just physically. "Never thought of myself as the cuddling type before, but I like it." He said, absently running his fingers through Alex's fur.

"There's a lot more we can do than cuddle," the tiger chuckled softly. "You're still getting used to the idea I think."

"Getting used to the idea of someone not telling me what to do." Chance smiled shyly. "You're the first tom who has ever cared what I thought, or wanted."

"Well I do," Alex whispered, leaning forward to kiss Chance's cheek. "And you'll find most guys do too. I know things have been rough for you, but that's not how most people are."

"I believe you, Alex." Chance said before turning to claim a more intimate kiss, passionate though a bit clumsy. Alex's lips parted beneath the tabby's, his tongue slowly pressing forward into Chance's mouth.

Chance responded the way he would with a shekat, by getting into a duel of tongues. The tabby relaxed as he realized that he knew more than he thought about being with toms. Alex's response certainly seemed to indicate that he was doing the right thing, as did the grin on the tiger's face when he drew back. "Clearly you've learnt to do some things well."

"That works the same no matter who you're doing it with." Chance grinned. "I had lots of practice with shekats."

"It shows. You're really good."

"Thanks." Chance grinned shyly. "You're pretty good too."

"I've had a fair bit of practice myself," Alex grinned, "at a number of things."

"I think I've seen a couple." Chance smirked. "Anything else you'd like to show me?"

The tiger chuckled softly. "Lots of things. More importantly though, is there anything you want to be shown?"

"Mostly just what it's like without commerce or orders being involved." He purred quietly.

"Orders aren't always a bad thing handsome, but we'll let that slide for now." Alex slid one hand slowly down Chance's chest and into his crotch. "Do you want me inside you?"

It took Chance a long moment to process that one, before he nodded. "Yes, I want you that way." He said quietly, expressing a lot of trust in that statement.

"I'm not going to hurt you Chance, I promise." The tiger murmured, lifting himself up into a sitting position. "Is there any particular way you like it?"

"Never really thought about it that much." Chance said quietly. "I believe you, Alex."

"I just want you to be all right," the tiger said as the reached over to a stand by the bed, opened the top drawer and produced a small black tub. "How would you feel about being on top?"

"I don't know, I've never done that with a tom." He said quietly. "But I'm willing to try if you'd like." He smiled.

"I will," the tiger nodded, "But that's not quite what I meant." He lay back in the bed, resting the tub on his chest for a moment. "See, I lie back like this, and then you sit straddle across me. I get to see more of you, and you get some control of how things go."

"Oh." Chance said as comprehension dawned. "Yeah, I'm game." He smiled.

"I want to be able to see your face as I cum inside you," Alex purred.

"As opposed to see my face as you cum on it." Chance grinned playfully.

"There'll be plenty of time for that," the tiger smirked.

Chance looked at the Tiger's swelling sheath with pink tip of his cock just beginning to peek out. "Well, I think I need to work on getting you ready first." He grinned, and bent down to lick the tip while his hand fondled Alex's balls.

"You really turn me on," Alex admitted as he watched himself harden.

"It's mutual." Chance purred, as his own sheath swelled and his shaft began to poke out. He continued his attentions to Alex's cock until he figured the Tiger was hard enough. Then he looked up at his lover. "So I just straddle you and kind of lower myself onto you?" He asked, wanting to make sure he hadn't missed some detail.

Alex nodded, picking up the tub and unscrewing the lid. "That's it, yeah, but we'll want to make sure you're slicked up first."

"Slicked up?" He asked curiously, clearly not sure what the Tiger was talking about.

A brief look of dismay flashed across Alex's face before he was smiling again, albeit less broadly. "Oh Chance. I think this is gonna help you enjoy things a lot more."

"You do that in so many ways." Chance rumbled. "So what do we do next?" He asked eagerly.

"Well, how about you get up on top of me and I'll make sure you've got plenty of this before we go any further."

"Okay." Chance said, as he moved to straddle Alex's hips in such a way that the Tiger's hard cock was pointed at his ass. Alex dipped a finger into the tub, covering it with a thick clear gel. Then he reach through the tabby's legs, finding his tailhole and covering it with a generous layer of the slick substance, taking his time and touching Chance gently.

"You've got a great touch, Alex." Chance purred. The tiger smiled silently, pressing his finger gently against Chance's entrance and parting the ring of muscle slightly.

Chance rumbled at the gentle touch, and slowly lowered himself until he could feel the Tiger's cock pressing against him.

Alex grinned, sliding his finger down to leave gel along the sides of his cock as well. "Whenever you're ready hot stuff," he murmured, holding his shaft in place for the tabby.

Chance nodded, and slowly pushed down trying to remember to relax as the hard shaft of flesh entered him. He realized that Alex had been right about the gel, it felt much better with it. He paused as Alex's barb hairs pricked the sensitive flesh.

Alex sighed softly as his cock pierced Chance's body, enveloped in the warmth and tightness of the tabby. He brought his hand up to his mouth, licked away the remains of the gel, then set his hands on Chance's hips, supporting and reassuring him.

Chance slowly slid himself downward until the Tiger's sheath was brushing his ass. He enjoyed the intense feeling of fullness now that it wasn't accompanied by the pain he was used to. He experimented by lifting himself up until only the tip was still in, and the sliding back down again. "Feels way better." He rumbled as he rested, with his ass against Alex's sheath.

The tiger ground his hips up against Chance as he rested in place, his cock moving fractionally deeper into the tabby's body. "Gods but you're hot," Alex gasped as he smoothed his hands up over Chance's abs and chest and then slowly back down again.

Chance began trying to establish a slow, rhythmic pattern of up and down, eventually getting it. "This is _so_ incredible." Chance murred. "_You're_ incredible." He purred without stopping.

Alex matched Chance's rhythm, lifting his hips upward as Chance came to his lowest point so that his cock was buried as deeply inside the tabby as the position allowed. Chance could see the rise and fall of his lover's chest speeding up as the thick cock inside him twitched, the tiger's arousal building as the tabby rode his hips. Alex grinned and slid one hand into Chance's cock ghosting his fingers along the rigid shaft he found there.

"It gets better," he said, voice tight with pleasure.

Chance began to speed up as his arousal increased and his breathing became ragged. "Better?" He asked in somewhat breathless surprise.

"Oh yeah," the tiger moaned, though whether it was an answer to the tabby's question or inspired by his performance was impossible to tell. He wrapped one hand around the tabby's rigid cock and started pumping it up and down along Chance's length, small whimpers and moans starting to arise each time he bucked his hips into Chance's warmth.

Chance began to groan in pleasure as the combination of the Tiger inside him, and the pumping of his cock pushed his arousal higher, and made his breathing faster. "Oh, yeah, Alex!" Chance moaned in loud pleasure as he rode the Tiger faster, as he felt his balls tightening. With sudden bellowing roar, his ass tightened hard around Alex's shaft as his own began shooting copious amounts across his lover's chest and abs, even hitting his face.

That was too much for Alex, whose hips bucked upwards into the tabby's clenching, pulsing ass and sprayed a fountain of seed up into body. His hand tightened around Chance's shaft but he didn't stop stroking, milking the tabby for all he could give until his body began to relax into its languid, post-orgasm state.

As his orgasm passed, Chance relaxed completely, lying down along side Alex, but partially on top of him. "That was even better than I imagined it could be." He rumbled breathlessly.

"Well you obviously enjoyed it," Alex chuckled softly, licking a drop of Chance's cum from his bottom lip. "I'm really glad."

"Yeah, I enjoyed it." Chance rumbled. "I've enjoyed everything with you tonight." He said appreciatively.

"And I have enjoyed you," the tiger said sincerely as he wrapped his arms around Chance. "You're a fantastic bedmate Chance, along with everything else."

"Only because I can trust you." Chance purred, and then nuzzled the Tiger affectionately. "I feel better than I have in months." He said quietly, clearly talking about more than physical pleasure. "Thanks to you."

"You're safe with me Chance, I promise. I'm glad you decided to stay."

"I believe you Alex." He said sincerely. "And so am I, I would've hated to miss out on you. Nice to see I didn't let the good one get away this time." He smirked.

"I'm not going anywhere if I can help it tabby," Alex murmured softly. "At least not 'till morning."

"That's more than I hoped for." Chance said softly. "I don't know about you, but in the morning I've got a job to go to." He chuckled quietly. "But it's gonna be nice goin' to work without a hangover for once."

"Yeah, and I'm gonna have to go home in time to get dressed for it too, but that can wait until morning. For now all I want on me is you."

"Sounds good to me." Chance purred loudly, snuggled against the Tiger. "I live at work, so that makes that a little easier."

"Yeah, it must do," Alex murmured into Chance's fur, holding the tabby tight against his chest.

"I know it'll be out of your way, but can you drop me home in the morning?" Chance asked softly, as he snuggled in close, enjoying the Tiger's soft white fur.

"Sure, I can manage that. I couldn't just strand you here after all."

"Thanks. It'll raise less questions than catching a cab like this." He chuckled.

"Or in those leather's Feral gave you," Alex smirked. "Although you did look awfully sexy in them."

"I'll keep that in mind if I get a chance to buy my own." Chance grinned appreciatively. "But I'm not wearing his unless he makes me." He said with quiet stubbornness.

"Shhh, don't worry about that now," Alex whisper softly, combing his fingers through Chance's fur. "Just enjoy the moment."

"Oh, I am, Alex. I really am." He said quietly, as he ran his fingers through his lover's fur absently.

"Then hopefully it's just the beginning," the tiger murmured sleepily. "I really like you Chance."

Chance looked up at the Tiger. "I'm hoping the same thing." He murred softly. "I like you a lot, Alex." He said, as he settled into a comfortable sleeping position against the Tiger's chest.

"Get some sleep handsome. We've both got work in the morning."

I Never Expected This 2: For Money or Love

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Written January 13, 2006 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall, and Vorex

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat, Xanith

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M). Angst, Sex (Kinky)

Pairings: Withheld for spoilers from Hell

Blurb: Chance is having a rough night, but the worst of starts can still have a silver lining.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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