I Never Expected This 4:
Hardin's Lair

by Fur and Fantasy
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Hardin and Jake were snuggling lazily on a big, overstuff floor pillow in the tastefully decorated living room of Hardin's concealed hideaway, when a sudden BOOM rattled things a little. This was followed scant seconds later by a much closer BOOM that rattled everything. The second BOOM was one Jake recognized as the sonic boom of a jet passing the sound barrier, and from the sound it was close by.

A minute later a very excited Creepling bounded into the room and started chattering at Hardin. After about a minute of amused tolerance, he stared forcefully at the purple creature. "Don't be
silly, it can't be."

The little creature chattered most insistently back at him, and pantomimed swooping motions around the room.

"I'm sure it was a jet, but not that one." He shook his head.

Jake raised an eyebrow at his mate curiously.

Hardin chuckled. "My little friend here is insisting that that sonic boom was the TurboKat."

The lean tom's eyebrow went further up, then he pulled a small device from his discarded pants. "No, she's still in the Hanger. Which means I better get down there _now_." He was already pulling his jeans on as he spoke.

"You want me to come with you?" Hardin offered, as he got dressed. "That would explain why he's get the paint job wrong. One of these days I'm going to get a brighter class of help." He chuckled ruefully.

"You already do." Jake rolled his eyes. "Who is it?"

"You're a lot more than help, love." He smiled, and then shook his head. "I don't know who it is, but if it _isn't_ your TurboKat then it makes sense that it would have a different paint job. The description he's giving almost sounds like the reverse of your paint job."

"That does not sound good." Jake shivered as flashbacks to a nearly fatal trip to an alternate dimension flashed threw his mind. Then he paused, thinking it threw. "You a C&C center here?"

"Of course, I do." He smiled. "I am Dark Kat after all." He smirked, making a somewhat humorous attempt at looming. "This way." He said heading out of the living room, Jake right behind him.

"Considering I'm short a pilot, knowing which bird to take up would be useful."

"You've got more than one jet?" Hardin asked curiously, as they stepped into a cleverly concealed elevator which headed down at a quick pace.

"I meant yours or mine." He said quietly.

"Well, yours is the better jet overall." Hardin said admiringly, as they stepped out into a hallway that had the appearance of once being a very large pipe. At the end of the hallway was a bank-vault thick door, which Hardin opened with a card and passcode. Inside was a respectable Command Center with a large map screen and a central command platform with multiple computer stations.

"But yours may get the desired reaction with less fighting." Jake explained as he took in the information already up.

"Any particular information you're after?" Hardin said as he slid into the familiar command station. "And what reaction is that?"

"Who's flying it."

"Well, looking at the sensor readings I've got. I'd say she had one person aboard, the pilot I presume. She's loaded significantly different than yours usually is. Much closer to a standard fighter-bomber weapon load. Though that one warhead is quite unusual. Take a look at the readout and tell me what you think it is, would you?" He asked putting up a scanner readout on one monitor.

"Merciful Bastet," Jake's eyes widened in horror. "That's as nuk."

Hardin nodded. "The only redeeming feature is that it's configured for max EMP. Very destructive to electronics, but its radiation signature in other wavelengths is greatly reduced. Would still wreak havoc if it went off in the city." He said quietly. "Her stealth is at least as good as yours. She dropped off radar, somewhere here." He said using a laser pointer to indicate a circle that encompassed a section of the warehouse district with multiple buildings easily capable of holding a fighter.

"Run a T.O.O. on it." Jake half requested, half ordered.

"Reversing trajectory data." Hardin said easily. "Bogey appeared on radar 15 miles east of here. Non-standard energy sensor array shows energy aperture residue in that region. High probability of alternate dimensional origin." He said with scientist precision.

"Krud." Jake muttered under his breath, torn in several directions at once.

"You think you know the bogey?" Hardin asked quietly.

"No, but suspicions ... it's a _very_ nasty one." Jake shuddered. "Ever wondered what Razor and T-Bone would be like as bad guys?"

"Not really." Hardin said quietly. "You guys are just too much the heroes." He said admiringly. "But you'd probably make really nasty villains. Why?"

"I've met them." Jake said simply. "From an alternate dimension."

"I'm beginning to see where you're suspicion is going." Hardin said quietly. "This is definitely not good. Were they as talented as the two of you?" He asked quietly, as he began trying to pin down the most likely place for the jet to have landed.

"Thankfully, no. But they were still good enough to have a TurboKat, and an alliance with an equally unpleasant Dark Kat." He sighed. "Had a life scared out of me with that; we didn't know we weren't home."

Hardin nodded. "I could see that being frightening." He agreed. "Of course, if certain theories are correct then the number of alternate universes is potentially infinite, and the likelihood of this being your Evil SK fairly low."

"Except I sent them on a dimensional jaunt instead of Enforcer HQ." Jake said even as he wanted to agree with his mate. "Though they did keep our colors, last time we saw them."

"See, it might not be them." The big tom said reassuringly. "Of course, given the city's luck whoever it is probably isn't friendly either." He said quietly. "And I don't like competition." He said with a smirk.

"We don't need it." Jake rolled his eyes before leaning forward to kiss Hardin gently. "Seriously, would you mind sending a couple Creeplings into the landing area to try to find anything? Just to look around."

"Not at all, Jake." Hardin said easily. He typed a few things into the computer bringing up a screen into which he typed something in a language Jake didn't recognize. "I keep Creeplings in that area to keep an eye out for activity by the Omegas."

"Thanks," he snuggled against the big black tabby. "It saved me from going in myself."

"I thought so." He rumbled quietly. "I'd rather have you here with me, and let them do some footwork."

"So how much have you figured out about what I've got, in SWAT?" Jake asked as he relaxed in his mate's lap.

"A very nice security system to start with." He chuckled admiringly. "A very nice assortment of vehicles that cover most contingencies and are better than anything currently in production or prototype. And an equally impressive array of non-lethal weapons, and portable equipment."

"Yeah, there's a lot of useful junk dumped in the Yard." Jake purred, snuggling in. "Do you design your own toys?"

"Yes, I do a lot of my own design." He smiled, and scratched his mate's ears as Jake's purr deepened.

"It's _so_ temping to give the city the finger and go have a nice quiet life." Jake murmured wistfully. "Just too many good Kats to walk away from."

Hardin nodded, as he continued scratching the ears tenderly. "I know, I've thought about it too many times to count." He said quietly. "And there are the kits who deserve better than the chaos the city is becoming."

"We have so much work to do." Jake sighed, though it didn't disrupt the deeply content purr from his mate's actions.

"But we're together now." Hardin purred lightly. "It will easier together, and we'll have each other for support now. The loneliness was the hardest thing most of the time."

"Yeah," Jake nodded fractionally. "Even with Chance, it's not the same as a warm bed and lover to wake up to."

"Well, we'll find a way so he's still around." Hardin nuzzled the lean tom gently. "No reason you shouldn't have love and your partner."

"And maybe he can find a lover," he murmured. "He needs to find out it's not all like what Feral does to him."

"Yes, he does." Hardin said firmly. "He really deserves better." He said sincerely, and then paused to think. "I suppose if the Syndicate doesn't want to be reasonable, we could always make them our first joint target." He said quite seriously.

"It wouldn't be a bad idea even if they do." Jake said softly. "They cause a lot of misery, and exploit so much more."

"Though it might be interesting to see what a good investigative reporter would do with the fact that one of the city's more popular escort services is run by the Syndicate. " He said with a mischievous gleam in his eye.

"Particularly considering who uses that escort service." Jake purred dangerously. "Though it would have to be one of the most fearless ones, with access to an uncorrupt channel that's respected."

"Considering that Ann snuck into one of my bases once trying to scoop an interview with me, I think she might qualify." He grinned predatorily.

"I don't doubt it." Jake shook his head with a chuckle. "That shekat does not know the meaning of fear."

"And she happens to work for the most respected news station in the city." He smiled. "So if we could drop a few hints her way..."

"It wouldn't take much to set her off, especially if she doesn't have many distractions." Jake rumbled. "I don't suppose you know where any other Omega's live?"

"Not precisely." He shook his head. "I know Viper's still somewhere in the sewer system, but he moves around a lot. HardDrive took off for Saydan Bay last I saw him. Turmoil's out on a small island beyond anyone's territorial waters according to her last message. She was wondering if I could find work for someone with her talents." He chuckled. "Pastie and I had a little argument about who had better control of time, he lost."

"I don't suppose you've answered her yet?" Jake asked quietly, mental gears turning at a rapid rate.

"Turmoil? No, I haven't." He said, giving Jake a curious look.

"Because we certainly do, from what Chance has said about her." He chuckled. "He teased me for _months_ about how she got systems to work I couldn't."

"I'll drop her a Creepling-line then." He chuckled. "If Feral knew this kind of Alliance was forming I think he'd go prematurely gray."

"Good." The cinnamon tom grumbled, then stilled. "Have you made any forays south? Towards Haven."

"I prefer to pick fights that aren't going to go that badly." Hardin shook his head. "Besides, Augustus and I get along decently. I'm not really interested in messing with his territory. And his Director of Intel is kind of handsome."

"You're not thinking broadly, love." Jake purred. "I'm talking an alliance, or at least getting them to push for MKC to see reason. It's to his advantage to not loose the second city to the Syndicate, or worse."

"Well, if we can remove Feral. Felina will move to the number one spot, and its very likely that Augustus' oldest grandson will become the new Enforcer Second." He said. "And Augustus fundamentally agrees with my theories. But there are two big obstacles to doing anything progressive in MKC; Manx and Uly Feral." He shook his head. "But the Syndicate is unlikely to take over MKC, since the Omega Phenomena seems to impede them. Every time they get strong enough, some Omega trashes a large section of their operations."

"Okay, so Feral and Manx need to take a bullet." Jake rumbled to himself. "Easy enough to do, particularly for me."

"I was rather thinking of taking Feral down with a scandal." He chuckled predatorily. "He's got some embarrassment coming. I'd much rather see him out of office in disgrace."

"Why?" Jake looked up, already suspecting the answer.

"Because of all the others he's used and hurt." He said quietly. "Chance isn't the first, and won't be the last."

"All the more reason to kill him." Jake said softly. "He can't hurt anyone more that way."

"I just wanted him to have a taste of the humiliation he's put others through first." He said softly.

"I'm sure Ann will arrange for that." He rumbled. "Probably for the best. I still don't know if I can pull the trigger looking someone in the face."

"And there's really no need for you to find out." Hardin said as he quietly nuzzled his mate, while scritching his ears. "Your best talent is as an inventor, not an assassin."

"I know an assassin though," Jake hesitated.

"So do I Jake." Hardin chuckled. "Know several, I've even employed a few of them."

"Know one that goes by Zero?" Jake whispered, still a little afraid deep in his soul.

"Heard of Zero, yes. But that's about it."

"I do," he murmured. "I've seen the face behind it too."

"Okay, that makes you probably one of the few that have." He said quietly, still scritching Jake's ears though in a more reassuring manner. "Why does it bother you so much?" He asked gently.

"Not what you'd expect," he said, trying to relax and finding it much easier than it usually was. "I saw myself, with one different choice made. I was almost there."

"Saw yourself literally, or figuratively?" He asked gently.

"Figuratively," he murmured.

"Jake, is it so bad that you can't tell me?" He asked gently. "Nothing you can tell me will change how I feel about you." He said reassuringly.

"It's not that ... I promised not to tell some things." He answered softly.

"A promise that you're not feeling very comfortable with right now." Hardin observed quietly.

"It's just hard to talk about Zero and not give away what I promised to keep to myself." Jake sighed. "I can contact Zero, and it'll be the end of whoever is on the other end of that contract."

"Jake, I won't pressure you to tell me." Hardin said quietly. "If you don't want to, or can't talk about it, that's okay. Promises are important things."

"Okay," he relaxed into the big tom's embrace. "But the sooner they're dealt with, the better."

"To be honest, Manx is a trivial target when it comes down to it." Hardin chuckled. "Feral's a little more difficult, simply because he's smarter. But I've never made much of effort to eliminate either of them before."

"Hell, Manx would be gone soon enough if we just refrained from saving him." Jake huffed. "Feral is just *too* easy to take out in the air."

Hardin chuckled. "That was kind of what I was thinking. Those Enforcer choppers are good for target practice. They're not even decent gunship designs."

"And he likes to go up alone often enough." Jake rumbled softly.

"And accidents do happen." Hardin smirked. "I'd rather not make a hero out of him, by killing him myself."

"There are much easier way to do it." Jake chuckled. "Training accidents and such. You'd be surprised what you can get one of those choppers do with the right frequency."

"Oh, probably not that surprised ... considering it's your idea." He grinned, and scritched the tom's ears playfully. "And there's always the construction accident involving an I-beam and a chopper."

"Mmm, yes." Jake licked his whiskers as he relaxed into a semi-blissed out state.

"See that's the easy part." Hardin rumbled, as the hand that wasn't scritching, began to play through the fur on Jake's chest.

"Mmm, bedroom?" Jake asked playfully eager.

"Sounds like a good idea to me." Hardin rumbled. He swept Jake up in his arms as he stood, carrying the lean tom in his arms toward the master bedroom while his mate snickered.

"You always were an impossible romantic," he purred and wrapped his arms around Hardin's thick neck.

"I'm trying to make up for four years of missing you." He rumbled happily. "By having you in my arms as much as possible." He said as they rode the elevator back up.

"No objections here, handsome." Jake breathed hotly in the black tom's ear. "You still keep the bindings and yours we used to play with?"

"Not here, I'm afraid." He said quietly. "There at my home in the country. I wasn't expecting to need them any time soon." He said softly. "Problems in the world or not. I think we're entitled to a long weekend together, and soon." He rumbled hotly.

"I'm sure things can survive a couple days without us," Jake shivered in excitement. "At least tell me you have lube. I want to ride your incredible cock, lover."

"That I do have." Hardin rumbled, as he opened the bedroom door. "I won't pretend I've been celibate while we were apart, but there hasn't been anyone I've trusted enough to play our special games." He purred, as lay the lean cinnamon tom on the big, overstuffed four post bed.

"I never expected you to be, before." Jake purred as he curled to his knees to cup the glossy black furred balls, each a full handful for the smaller tom.

"You have a wonderful touch." Hardin purred, his arousal evident in his scent and in the pink tip of his cock peaking from his swelling sheath. He scritched behind his mate's ear with one hand, and teasingly tweaked an exposed nipple with the other.

"On your back, lover." Jake rumbled eagerly as he shimmied out of his jeans.

"As you wish, love." Hardin rumbled deeply as he lay on the bed with his hardening cock sticking up like flagpole. "Care to go for a ride?" He purred teasingly.

"Oh, _yeah_." Jake purred in anticipation as he grabbed the lube and knelt across Hardin's groin. "Just have to get ready," he rumbled while spreading lube liberally on his fingers. "It's been a long time since I've had anyone this big."

"You always did enjoy a challenge." The dark tom rumbled in pleasure. "Like going after Commander Feral's boyfriend, when you were significantly underage." He smiled fondly. "That boldness alone was very attractive."

Jake grinned with a soft chuckle as he worked himself open. "That I could keep up with you in nearly any discussion you could start didn't hurt either." He purred and leaned forward to kiss Hardin. "It was _your_ mind that drew me to you." He said softly. "So few understood."

"That's why I didn't have a problem with the age thing." He purred, as he leaned up to claim a kiss. "The calendar might've said you were fifteen, but you were significantly more mature than that. You always kept me thinking, and I liked that. I could talk about interesting things without getting blank looks."

"Or angry ones." Jake purred and settled back to take his mate's large cock in slick fingers to guide to against his loosened pucker. He moaned deeply as the cylindrical head forced him open more than many a lover's fist could, stopping as he felt the first ring of barb-hairs pass the tighter, inner ring of muscle. "Gods," he groaned, "no one believed me when I told them my best lover was bigger that their fist."

"Obviously they hadn't dated Xanith Kats." Hardin rumbled, as he felt the tight sensation of Jake's ass muscles around his cock as the smaller tom slowly sank down. "Oh Gods, yet another way I've missed you." He purred happily.

"Or couldn't believe I did," he moaned again as he breath picked up. "I don't usually."

"Really?" Hardin, asked a little surprised, between ragged breaths. "I thought you preferred toms bigger than yourself."

"Don't have much choice," Jake chuckled as he sank further down, taking his lover in a bit at a time, gradually getting used to the feel. "But there's bigger, then there's bigger. Actually like'm small and fluffy."

"Funny, so do I." Hardin chuckled. "Guess that makes threesomes a little easier if we ever decide to play that game." He rumbled playfully. "Not that I need anybody else." He smiled affectionately.

"It's fun, though." Jake's breath shuddered as he settled against Hardin's hips and rested there.

"Yes, it is." Hardin rumbled, his breath a little ragged with arousal. "I just wasn't sure if it was a game that interested you, it's something we've never done." He smiled.

"Sounds like we should sometime," Jake said with shallow breath before beginning to lift himself up the large, rough rod. "Like fems?"

"On occasion." He smiled, and then rumbled in arousal as the tight passage pulled at his cock. "Enough for a one-off at any rate."

"Good," Jake lost his voice as his full attention was required to move without either cuming or hurting.

Hardin reached up behind his lover to press gently but firmly at two pressure points that former lovers had shown him would reduce the pain encountered during sex. It didn't numb anything, merely intercepted the pain messages before they reached the brain.

"Ohhh, you've learned something." Jake rumbled as it abruptly became easier to move, and harder to keep control.

"An interesting fellow from out East that I dated for a while." He smiled. "Had the most incredible touch, and I got him to teach me a few things."

The cinnamon tom could only nod as he breath hitched and balls began to draw up, tightening with the first warnings of an impending orgasm.

The extremely pleasant tightness around his cock, and the heady scent of their mutual arousal pushed Hardin close to the edge of orgasm as his breath became heavy. His cock twitched in anticipation, and pre-cum leaked copiously from his cock, dripping hotly inside his mate.

It all was too much to take and Jake arched back, straitening his spine and his head was thrown back with a roar.

His mate's roar, spasms around his cock, and hot seed splashing on Hardin's chest pushed him over the edge, and he thrust his hips up into his mate, roaring as he began shooting jets of hot cum inside the solidly impaled tom.

As the giant tom's thrusts settled with Jake's own, the cinnamon tom shakily help himself upright for a moment, then lowered himself to Hardin's wet chest.

As Hardin regained his breath, he put his arms around Jake, holding him close. "As reunions go, this one would be hard to beat." He purred happily.

"Oh, yeah." Jake chuckled as his still ragged breath allowed. "Very hard to beat."

"So, want to just lounge here for a while? Or would you like to see the combination hot tub/ whirlpool tub that I installed. It's great for relaxing." He rumbled.

"Oh, the water sounds good." Jake purred and eased himself off the still hard length inside him.

"I thought you might say that." The giant tom rumbled as he rolled out of bed, and flipped a light switch which revealed a large master bathroom with a tub large enough for three Kats Hardin's size, and an equally large shower with air jets. Though large the bathroom was not ostentatious, being fairly simple white and silver. "Do you still like your water hot?" He asked with a quiet purr as he started the water running.

"That hasn't changed much." Jake chuckled as he came up behind his love and ran an appreciative hand along the curve of his black ass. "Maybe when I recover, I'll ride you the other way."

"You were always a very skilled rider." He rumbled hotly as the tub filled.

"You gave me good reason to be," Jake purred while his fingers teased Hardin's pucker and balls.

"Come join me in the water, love." Harding rumbled as he stepped into the warm, swirling water.

The cinnamon tom purred with a mischievous smile before jumping in as a tackle for his large mate.

Hardin chuckled, and twisted to land softly with his back against the tub wall, and Jake held against his chest. "Still playful, good." He rumbled, pleased as he nuzzled Jake affectionately.

"For all the krud in the world, you make me feel safe." Jake murmured softly as he snuggled in. "Not much does that; let's me relax enough to play."

"And that playfulness keeps me from taking myself too seriously." He murred appreciatively.

"Something we both need work on." Jake chuckled and rolled his eyes. "I don't suppose you know a fluffy little black and white tom that goes by Rik Celest?"

"Not a name I'm familiar with." Hardin admitted. "Should I?"

"Not really," Jake purred contentedly. "He's just someone I like to play with. I was wondering if you knew him, given he's definitely small and fluffy."

"Well, lately I've been prone to rougher types for one-offs." He said quietly. "A bad sign I think. But he sounds like someone I'd like to know. Think he'd be game for a threesome?" He purred quietly.

"How do you think I got into them?" Jake chuckled. "With all respect, Rik is a slut that likes it any and every way, male, female, group or showing off. He's quite a gem when you're in the mood for playful sexy. Damn good at it too."

"Okay, I'd definitely like to meet this little gem." He rumbled. "He sounds like a good counterpoint to our mutual tendency to be overly serious."

"That he is," Jake purred eagerly. "He knows when to be quiet, but otherwise he's just a bundle of good mood and energy."

"I've got an apartment in the city where we could get together with him." He suggested quietly. "That way we don't have to let on about either of our costumes."

"That'd be a lot of fun," Jake murred eagerly. "Just have to catch him on a night he's not working."

"Works nights, I take it." He said quietly. "Where's he work?" He asked, curious about the future playmate.

"On the street or on stage mostly." Jake said quietly. "He's a hooker by trade."

"Nothing wrong with that." Hardin said easily. "But if he's working, I'm certain I can compensate him for time away from work." He smiled.

"That works too." Jake smiled. "He's worth his pay. Hell, it's worth the night to catch one of his shows. Kat's incredible."

"Maybe we could take in his show some night, and then him afterward." Hardin grinned suggestively.

"I know he wouldn't mind." Jake purred. "We just have to decide on when."

"Well, since I was going to lay low for a while anyway. I've got plenty of free time." He grinned. "Guess it's really up to you. We could do it the next time Chance has to 'work' at night. That way you don't have to be home worrying about him."

"I'll probably spend those night up here, being distracted." Jake smiled weakly. "It'd be better if Chance wasn't working. I won't get called away when he comes home."

"Okay, love." Hardin nuzzled him agreeably. "I'll just let you pick the night then. But I'll be glad to distract you any time you like." He smiled gently. "By next time, I should have the toys here."

"Sounds good." He rumbled and traced light fingers along his mate's sheath under the moving water. "I've wanted to play with you for such a long time."

Hardin rumbled appreciatively at his mate's touch. "There were several occasions I considered snatching you, just to play a bit before revealing who I really was. I was just never quite sure if you'd take the game well or not."

"Poorly, I'm sure." Jake said softly without stopping his touch. "It's one thing with you, even if you're playing Dark Kat. It's quite another to think it's real."

"That's why I didn't do it." He said quietly, brushing his hand along Jake's cheek. "I'd never hurt you if there was a choice."

"It'll be different now." He purred softly and leaned into the contact as his hand fondled the gradually swelling sheath.

"Yes, it will." He purred, breathing a little harder as his arousal grew. "Now we're together, and we'll make the world better."

"So we can go home and content ourselves with fucking each other senseless." Jake chuckled and shifted his grip to stroke the entire thickening sheath a little more purposefully.

"Exactly." Hardin rumbled as the pink tip of his cock peaked out of the swelling sheath. "And maybe throw in Rik, to spice things up on occasion."

"And maybe Chance, if he's inclined to play." Jake smiled and ran his thumb around the bright pink tip standing out even more than Hardin's flame-orange stripes against the black fur.

"Assuming Feral hasn't done too much damage." The giant tom said quietly, more than a little concerned for the tabby. "He is very attractive." He rumbled both in response to the thought and to the touch.

"Once we get him _away_ from Feral, I can do it." Jake said resolutely. "May take a long time, but it can be done. He said he likes anal sex, when all he's had are those paying him. I'm sure with a caring bedmate he'll recover."

"I'm sure, and if he cares for you half as much as you care for him, he'll heal." Hardin agreed supportively. "I don't really know Chance, and Feral's got me serious pissed at him for this." He said, a quiet anger boiling below the surface.

"There's quite a line for that." Jake growled softly, squeezing Hardin's emerging cock to distract him. "I hope he lets me show him it can be good."

"I hope so too." Hardin said softly, rumbling as his cock swelled to half-hard. "He should be able to enjoy what he's discovered he likes."

"He _will_." Jake growled stubbornly. "I'll make sure of it, somehow." Suddenly he brightened. "And maybe Rik's the perfect help. He is _so_ non-threatening."

"Sounds good, I'd best stay out of the picture till he's recovered though." The giant tom said easily. "I'm sure I'd give him Feral flashbacks."

"Yeah, but he's a resilient Kat." Jake murred proudly. "He may never lay with you, but he'll be able to accept you as my LifeMate. I'm sure of it."

"That's the important part. Sex would simply be an unexpected bonus." Hardin said firmly.

"I bet," he chuckled and began to actually stroke the full, nearly erect length. "I love you."

"And I love you, Jake." He rumbled, his breathing becoming heavier as his cock swelled to full hardness and Jake began to rub his full body along the giant tom's chest.

"Yesss," Jake purred eagerly. "Let it go lover, spray your seed. Make the water white with your desire." He rumbled lewdly.

"Oh, yes. Jake." Hardin rumbled deeply excited, as he felt his balls tighten with impending orgasm as Jake's talk and rubbing pushed him closer. With a sudden shuddering roar, he pulled Jake tight to him as his cock sprayed in shattering spasm between them, coating both their chests as well as Jake's hand, arm and leg.

"Oh, yeah. Give it to me, baby."

Hardin ran his hand up Jake's leg through the coating of seed, until his hand was teasing at Jake's sheath. "I think you got it, love." He rumbled.

"Now you have me," he breathed hotly against his mate's neck. "Any way you want me."

"What I want, is you in me." Hardin rumbled. "Feeling up to it?" He asked, gently teasing.

"Oh, yeah." Jake rumbled eagerly. "How and where?" He asked, licking his whiskers in anticipation.

"In my ass." He rumbled excitedly. "Like the first time." He smiled fondly.

Jake murred and stroked himself. "That's going to require getting to the bed, you realize."

"It's just over there." He smirked playfully. "I think we can make it that far. And we can always come back to the hot tub." He rumbled.

"Very true," he purred and pulled himself up and out of the water in one smooth motion. "Coming, lover?" Jake winked at the giant orange on black tom as he moved towards the bed.

"Of course, brighteyes." Hardin said playfully, as he smoothly moved from the hot tub, over to lay on his side on the big bed with his legs parted.

"Gods, you look _so_ hot like that." Jake shivered in anticipation as he lubed his cock and settled with on knee on each side of his mate's lower leg. With the lube left on his hand his reached down to circle Hardin's ass, large like the rest of him. With his other hand he reach down the other side to stroke the black tabby's cock.

The big tabby purred deeply, strongly aroused. "Remember that week we spent together after you graduated from high school? Nobody saw either of us the entire week, now that was a vacation." He rumbled.

"Yeah, that was." Jake murred and shifted to press forward into his lover's body with little worry for hurting him. "The post Academy one was the most memorable for me though." He sighed in pleasure and began an easy rhythm that could keep them both going and hard for a long time. "I remember you holding me while the doctors gave me the anti-venom. I've never hurt that bad in my life, yet it barely bothered me when I could feel you."

"Yeah, I don't think I've ever been quite so scared." He said quietly, as he purred in pleasure. "There was that little while when I was terrified that I might lose you. I don't think I've ever been as happy as when you opened your eyes."

"Even if I did almost immediately shattered everyones' eardrums screaming." Jake chuckled. "Funny how they seem so different in retrospect. It's a nice memory now. Sure as hell wasn't fun to live though."

"No it wasn't, but it really nailed home how much I loved you." He said softly.

"Nothing like thinking you've lost someone to make you realize just how much they matter," Jake nodded from hard experience as he thrust evenly, shifting slightly to find that special spot inside Hardin's body that sent lightning threw the big tom's body.

"I nearly proposed to you as soon as you were out of the hospital." Hardin said as his breath grew ragged. "But just after a trauma isn't a good time for such things, we both needed to be thinking clearly.

"I would have said yes, and never regretted a second of it." Jake rumbled as he began to stroke Hardin purposefully. "But I would have never met Chance, and I don't care to loose him either. It worked out well."

"I think so." Hardin agreed, breathing hard. "I've had my doubts and worries occasionally, but that friendship has been very good for you, so it's made the waiting worthwhile."

"And now I have it all," Jake purred. "You and him and a bright future."

"And you deserve it too." The giant tom rumbled. "As long at the future isn't to shiny." He smirked.

It startled Jake into freezing for a moment. "How did you know about that?" He asked softly as he picked up the rhythm again.

"That was when I finally figured out how time travel works, or at least how I could do it." He said softly. "I came after you, I was either going to bring you home safely or taking some serious revenge out of Pastie's undead hide. But you'd gotten yourself home, by the time I got time travel to work properly."

"Oh," he nodded. "So where did Pastie end up?"

"That was sometime later." Hardin smiled. "He tried to throw me back in time, and I kind of twisted things on him. I'm not sure how long the spell will last, but while it does he's stuck between 4:58am and 4:59am."

"Hu?" Jake blinked. "He's frozen in time?"

"In a matter of speaking. He appears for slightly less than a minute every day just before five in the morning."

"You got his watch away from him first, right?"

Hardin chuckled. "Yep, I left it in the keeping of a warrior-mage I can trust. Pastie's been avoiding her for centuries, apparently because she kicked his bony ass at one point."

"That should keep him busy for a nice long time." Jake purred as he continued to thrust and stroke. "Which puts Dr. Viper as the next one to take out."

"I've got an idea for drawing that snake out of the sewer." Hardin rumbled.

"I'm listening." Jake purred eagerly without breaking his rhythm.

"How'd you like to go undercover as a security guard at MegaKat BioChemical? I'll drop a little disinformation in the press about a new Catalyst, and you know Viper can't resist stealing the latest Catalyst." He purred. "Only this time we'll be waiting for him."

"With one hell of a surprise." Jake purred eagerly. "I like this plan so far. Just be ready to kill, if I can't."

Hardin chuckled. "Oh, we're not gonna kill him." He smirked. "I developed a counter-agent to what turned him into Viper, one that will stay in his system. I figure turn him back into that nerdy scientist he was, and then throw him to the Enforcers."

"That works too, as long as he stays put." Jake said softly, though there was a trace of uncertainty in it too.

"Oh, I imagine he will. And even if he doesn't, he won't be playing with chemicals anymore." The big tom chuckled.

"How can you be sure?"

"Little 'side effect' of the counter-agent." He smirked. "Leaves the subject very sensitive to possessed chemicals, rather like a bad allergy. I imagine he'll be looking for somewhere chemical-free."

"I like this plan." Jake rumbled and reached down to scratch the sensual spot above Hardin's tail. "Plots for taking any of the others out?"

"Well, HardDrive won't be easy. He's working with Saydan Bay Black Ops division. I know where he is; problem is getting to him before he can slip out. And you might want to talk with that fellow who created the MetalliKats, I've heard a very disturbing rumor that the fool idealist tried to 'fix' them again." Hardin growled in annoyance. "If I get my claws on those two, they're going into a blast furnace."

"Last I heard they were still in Enforcer lock-up and on a couple home appliances." Jake murmured. "I'll see what I can turn up. If they're still there, it might be worth a little BnE to melt them to identifiable slag."

"As should have been done in the first place." Hardin shook his head. "Those two have done an impressive amount of damage for as stupid as they are."

"That they have," he nodded slightly. "Zed was the worst of it. He damn near won."

"Oh, I had a solution to him." Hardin smiled predatorily. "No one would've liked it, but it damn well would've worked."

"And dropped the population dramatically in the process?" Jake raised an eyebrow.

"Coincidentally, perhaps." Hardin shrugged. "EMP Stealth Cruise missile. Would've been up Zed's tailpipe before he saw it coming."

"Would have taken out the MetalliKat issue at the same time." Jake chuckled as he thrust, really beginning to feel it as intensifying pleasure in his cock.

"Simply a pleasant bonus." Hardin murred, as he tightened his ass muscles to give Jake a squeeze. "Related question ... is the TurboKat hardened against EMP effects?"

"All the gear is," he rumbled and shifted his focus on working his mate's cock in counter-rhythm to his thrusts.

"Suspected they might be." He purred deeply, as he began tightening his ass muscles slightly on his mate's out-thrusts, creating a kind of suction. "But it's good to be sure."

"Oh, yeah." Jake moaned and sped up just slightly with harder, deeper thrusts.

"Oh yes." Hardin rumbled deeply, as Jake's thrusts went deeper.

"So how good of control ... mmmm ... of time do you have?" Jake asked with a murred and grin as he felt the right spot inside his mate.

"There's a _lot_ of variables involved." He rumbled hotly as his mate hit that special spot sending lightning bolts of pleasure shooting through his system. "Size of the area affected, and number of people involved to start with."

"Oh, say one or two people and a small hovercycle." Jake asked as he thrust forward for that spot again.

"I'd say it depended on what they were up to." Hardin moaned loudly, as the lightning shot through again. "Just what are you up to, love?"

"A present for someone who's helped me a lot." He purred and upped the sped up again. "Dr. Sinnian has done a lot, even saved the city twice, to even less credit than SWAT."

"Yes, she's been quite useful against PastMaster's schemes. She was actually the one who found the translation mistake I was making in an older version of the Tome of Time. I probably would still be trying to figure out Time Magic if it wasn't for her." He rumbled, as his breathing began to get ragged. "So where'd did you want to go, or should I say _when_?"

"Whenever fascinates her most," Jake purred with another set of thrusts. "She also was the only reason the Red Lynx was defeated."

"That I wasn't aware of." He purred admiringly, as he moaned in pleasure. "I'll have to go too, to bring you back. I still haven't figured out remote retrieval. It may involve something of a stay in the past, since I'm not sure if I can narrow the focus beyond say a particular week."

"A week isn't that long," Jake rumbled as his breathing sped up. "It was kind of what I was figuring on."

"We just have to be careful not to tamper with history." He moaned, and then made a loud, deep throated whimpering noise as his cock strained at full hardness. "Oh, gods. I'd forgotten how good you are."

"Flatterer." Jake grinned, panting.

"Only to those who deserve it." He rumbled hotly, breathing hard.

"And you know who gives it to you." Jake rumbled and leaned forward. "Come, Hardin. Cum like I love you to."

Hardin rumbled hotly, and squeezed down on Jake's cock created a strong sucking action on the outward half of his strokes. After a couple more thrusts, it was too much for the giant tom and with several groans, and a deep chested whimper he threw his head back and roared as he came. With each seed spraying jerk he clenched down on his mate's cock, still buried in his ass.

It was the moment Jake was waiting for and he thrust hard and fast, letting loose with a yowl of his own as he came hard in his mate's ass as the intense grip of Hardin's orgasm drew everything from him.

"Even Xanith don't do it for me like you do." Hardin rumbled affectionately as he caught his breath with Jake lying next to him, curled against the big tom's back and panting. "You're definitely worth waiting for."

"Size isn't everything," Jake purred with a breathless chuckle. "And I've had fifteen years to lean just how to do you right."

"Took you a lot less than fifteen years to figure it out." He purred softly. "But then you always have been a quick learner."

"And this is something you never stop learning, especially when you care." Jake smiled and snuggled against the black and flame-orange back.

Hardin nodded, and flipped his tail to loosely entwine with Jake's "That's very true, love."

"Never hurts the sex to love." Jake purred and relaxed, beginning to doze off.

"I've always found that sex is better with love." Hardin rumbled tiredly, as he rolled slowly to take Jake in his arms, holding him against his chest. "I think that's why one-offs are always somewhat unfulfilling. Even when the sex is great, there's something missing."

"Yeah, but they have their uses." Jake purred sleepily. "And sometimes they becomes more."

"Sometimes they do indeed." Hardin agreed quietly. "And they can be fun even if they don't."

"Yeah," he murred and relaxed into sleep.

I Never Expected This 4: Hardin's Lair

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Written January 13, 2006 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall,

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat, Xanith

Contents: Furry. Angst, Sex (Kinky)

Pairings: Withheld for spoilers from Hell

Blurb: Hardin shows Jake his lair overlooking the salvage yard, and they are disturbed by a very weirded out Creepling with news.

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