Irrational Feelings 2:
Meat Market Finds

by Fur and Fantasy
R on Principle
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"And next up, a true exotic." The fat wolfish announcer called to the large crowd gathered at his wooden platform in the open-air market. "Fresh from the crash zone, two alien mice. Both male, very fit, well endowed, untrained and fiery! Previously warriors, now up to the highest bidder! Starting at 20,000 for the pair."

Bound, blinded and drugged neither of the mice on show could do much more than keep themselves upright as they were paraded across the platform for the crowd. Several voices called out to SlaveMaster as they got a better look, the price soaring rapidly.

One voice however was especially persistent, usually doubling whatever the previous bid had been. It was male, strong and more business-like than the others, and rapidly won the contest. The surprise at his final sum was evident in several voices.

"Five mill, going, going ... Sold to the Royal Palace Harem for five million gold." The SlaveMaster called out, just barely keeping most of the gleeful shock from his voice.

The rest of the crowd was less pleased, though whatever little grumbling there was subsided as the next slaves were led up into view. The Buyer of Slaves for the Harem, a deep chested chestnut Hound, and the Captain of the Palace Guard, a heavyset Midnight Panther, came forward to collect their new property, the last of their purchases for the day. The mice were led to a large, well-cushioned hover-transport with seven others, representing a variety of races and willingness and both genders.

"Those last two might do well enough in the pits," the panther said in his smooth, deep voice. "Make back some of the ridiculous price you paid for them."

"Not a chance in hell, Salum." The Hound grinned. "These two are going directly to Lady Sh'ta and her pet of a lord."

"She's got more balls than he does," the panther curled his lip as he spoke. "And I'm sure the pretty white one will feel them."

"Yes, and it pays to keep her happy and well distracted." Turgrin chuckled deep in his chest as the door was shut on the slave section of the transport. "Least she finds others to her tastes."

"The tan one is a fighter though," Salum insisted. "None of the High will want him with those glasses anyway."

"Well, if you want to get them from Lady Sh'ta, feel free to." The Hound smirked as he got in the back seat of the passenger section of the transport. "I want my balls intact."

Salum laughed as he sat down, sliding the door shut. "Perhaps I'll do just that. After all, she'll just end up giving one of them to that fop."

That made Turgrin laugh, a deep, resonating sound of great humor. "Oh, you have no idea what she gets up to. Haven't you noticed she always claims playthings in set of at least two?"

"I don't keep such an interest in other people's property as you do," the guard captain retorted. "That would be an excellent way to loose more than your balls."

"Except it's my job to know and fill those property desires." The Hound grinned. "But you might get them, Lady Sh'ta is known to enjoy watching her pets fight before taking them for an evening."

Sleek black fur flowed over muscle as the panther shrugged, looking back though the window at the stupefied slaves. "Perhaps. I'll be busy enough with the palace's slaves ... three lost limbs in the last games."

"And at least four in there besides the foreign mice are suitable, as were two from the last batch." Turgrin smiled. "I know to take care of the fighting stables too. I'm sure that big tabby will be more amusing to train."

"Perhaps," the panther allowed. "De-clawing them is a bitch though."

"I still don't get why you do that to the fighters." Turgrin shook his head. "We don't with the pleasure slaves."

"Because those without claws can't be given them," the panther said simply. "Rule of the pits."

"Equal weaponry." The Hound nodded. "And keeping the clawed races separate isn't worth it."

"Hardly," Salum snorted. "Besides, it evens out the betting. Even the palace has to obey those rules."

"True," Turgrin nodded. "And the betting must not be compromised." He chuckled.

"Ask the Lords and Ladies about that one," the panther chuckled. "There's a reason they own fighters."

"Because it's profitable." He smirked. "That and it looks good."

"And some of them don't mind their pets bloodied before they fuck them, of course."

"Or even prefer it." The Hound rumbled. "Though you must admit there is something about the intense sweaty musk generated in there that is immensely fuckable."

"You needn't convince me," Salum said with a grin.

"I'm sure." Turgrin grinned back.

"Still, there's bound to be something worthwhile back there. You do know what you're doing." It was a grudging admission, but one the panther made every time they made this trip.

"And the week I don't, you probably will have a new companion for this run." The Hound nodded solemnly.

"Worry about that another day," Salum said with a shrug. "For now we have fresh meat to deal with."

"That we do," he nodded. "And fine meat befitting the Palace, or it will be, when it's whipped into shape."

"At least we were expensive," Vinnie moaned softly as the pair of them lay motionless on the soft white carpet somewhere in a huge, well lit and airy building. The words were mangled by the drugs still coursing through his veins, dulling his senses and weighing down his limbs.

"Just means they'll keep a sharper eye on us Bro." Throttle muttered darkly, though he was in little better shape. "At least they didn't take my shades."

"They checked 'em out pretty close." Vinnie tried to sit up, but found the effort too much. "Must'a figured out what they do."

"Never thought I'd be grateful for smart slavers." He growled softly, as much at the situation as his uncooperative body.

"It's no good Bro," Vinnie said softly. "They've drug-fucked us."

"I know." Throttle wished he could close his eyes, cursing his cybernetic implants more than usual. "Least we're not chained."

"Like it'd matter." Vinnie had intended for it to be a chuckle, but it was more like a long gurgle.

"Will if we cane move before they come back." Throttle moaned slightly as he body did something weird he didn't even try to figure out.

"Bro, I couldn't get to the can to piss," Vinnie replied, even as he tried again. "They're not in much danger."

"Depends on how long they're gone." Throttle held on to the slim home determinedly.

"Yeah sure," Vinnie groaned softly and then let his body go lax again. "Maybe after I've had a nap."

They were still fairly out of it when they heard someone approaching.

"Throttle," if anything Vinnie's voice was less comprehensible than before. "You 'wake?"

"Wish I wasn't." He muttered. "I hear it."

"Good, you're awake." A delicate feminine voice said. "I see he drugged you bad."

Vinnie managed to roll onto his side, moaning with the effort, but then couldn't do anything more. It hard enough just to raise his head to look at the figure as it came closer and knelt next to him.

He felt a small prick on his shoulder, then a second, and the fog began to clear, though slowly, as shi turned to Throttle. Vinnie moaned softly, shaking his head to clear away the last, clinging effects of the drugging before he climbed to his feet. It was only then, with his mental faculties restored, that he realized he and Throttle were both entirely naked, bar for an elaborate gold collar around each of their necks.

"I'm sure you have questions," the small, tan furred Fennec Fox in translucent white silks said as Throttle came around to stare at her. "I am Kaaya, Mistress Sh'ta's Pet Caretaker."

"Yeah," Vinnie muttered. "Questions like 'Where the fuck are our clothes?'"

"That I do not know. You did not arrive with any." Shi inclined her head slightly. "If you are hungry, we can eat while we talk."

"That would be good." Throttle preempted anything his Bro was going to say as he stood up, still a little shaky. Vinnie stepped across to support the other mouse, holding him steady. He offered little more than a nod and a mistrusting look to the newcomer.

"Then settle comfortably on the pillows." Shi nodded to slightly behind where they were standing. "I will bring something light." Shi added before moving off with a comfortable grace intended to show hir off sensually.

Vinnie steered Throttle gently backwards, finding an array of soft pillows arranged in an alcove in the wall. The white mouse sat himself down on them, but he looked anything but comfortable.

"Well, it's getting a little better." Throttle said softly as he took in the large, airy white room with cybernetic vision.

"Yeah, maybe," Vinnie said. "I'd feel a hell of a lot better with some pants."

Throttle glanced at his companion with a critical eye. "Yes, that would be nice, though I've got a good idea why we don't have them."

"I don't think I want to know," the white mouse groused. "I mean, we've had rough times before, but we've only been on this planet for two days."

"Bro ... have you ever been with a male?" Throttle asked softly, not quite looking at his companion.

"Huh?" Vinnie just looked at him blankly, not understanding.

Throttle sighed softly. "Have you ever been fucked in the ass before."

"What? No!" The white mouse was visibly taken aback.

Throttle looked very sorry. "It'll hurt less if you can relax. Like taking a hard shit, the more you squeeze, the more it hurts."

"What the fuck are you talking about Bro?" Vinnie asked loudly, growing more and more agitated as the conversation continued.

"He's giving you very good advice," the Fennec's soft voice answered before Throttle could. Behind hir came two small mice, not much taller than shi was. The dark brown male had a large tray of sliced fruits, cheese and other foods. The tawny female a tray with three glasses and a crystal pitcher with slightly shimmering pink liquid.

"Sure, whatever," Vinnie snorted, clearly not interested in pursuing the matter while the small mice set the trays down between them, and Kaaya settled across from them, on the other side of the trays.

"Shall I start with the rules, or would you like your questions answered first?" Shi offered politely as shi poured a glass for hirself.

"The lecture." Throttle answered for them before turning his attention to filling his own growling belly.

Vinnie didn't reply, more concerned with feeding himself than anything this woman had to say. Now that the numbing effect of the drugs had been cleared out his body was making sure to remind him that he hadn't eaten in almost a day.

The Fennec nodded and relaxed. "You are the pets of Lady Sh'ta. Her property. You will be well cared for, given fine food, a comfortable place to sleep, allowed to stay together and a great deal of freedom. In exchange, you will obey her wishes, and submit to her pleasure."

That was enough to get Vinnie's attention. "You think I'm going to do *what*?"

"Anything she tells you to." Kaaya answered simply, sipping hir drink.

"Like fuck I will," the white mouse replied brazenly.

"Then you will be punished." Shi locked gentle but firm gray eyes with him.

"This is bullshit," the white mouse sneered.

"Vin, chill." Throttle said very softly, though his attention was mostly on the small tan creature with huge ears. "What is she likely to expect of us?"

"To pleasure her and others with you mouth, fingers, bodies." Kaaya inclined hir head and picked up a slice of fruit. "She will almost certainly expect you to perform for her. She finds two strong males together most pleasing."

"Chill?" Vinnie was aghast as he turned to Throttle, not believing that the other mouse could be so calm. "This lunatic wants us to fuck each other."

"And tell me how this is not a hell of a lot better as far as imprisonments go than the Plutarkian camps and Karbunkle?" Throttle looked at his Bro with a mixture of expressions, though resignation was not one of them. "It is hardly the worst either of us have had to do to survive."

"You think? At least Karbunkle never tried to pull a move on me." The very thought was enough to make Vinnie shudder.

Throttle regarded the white mouse curiously. "I wouldn't have thought sex was so sacred to you, that it's worth dieing to avoid."

"I would have thought you'd have a little more backbone," Vinnie retorted. "If she wants a fucktoy she can go buy a plastic one."

"Having a backbone does not require making stupid choices." Throttle said simply. "How far do you think we'd actually get right now?"

"So I'm just supposed to roll over and get screwed? Literally?"

Throttle looked at his Bro with sick calmness. "You have a better plan for surviving long enough to get home?"

Vinnie just set his jaw and glared, first at Throttle and then at the woman who had waited quietly during their argument.

"If you cooperate, this can be an extremely pleasant and pleasurable life." Kaaya smiled at the pair. "Certainly better than the pits, which you are both well suited for."

"Gladiator, or bloodsport?" Throttle asked uneasily, but continued to eat and drink.

"Gladiator," shi nodded. "There are bloodsport pits, but not ones we usually use. It's too costly." Kaaya looked Throttle over. "You've been a pleasure slave before?"

The tawny mouse shivered slightly. "Something like that."

Vinnie's head whipped around towards Throttle, a small startled noise escaping him.

"I told you there are worse things than this, Bro." He looked at the white mouse squarely. "I meant it."

"For now, you are to not leave this apartment without either myself, or Lady Sh'ta." Kaaya said calmly. "You will be trained, but seeing as you have one knowledgeable in the ways of pleasure, I will leave it to him to give the first lessons." Shi stood gracefully. "If you require anything, simply press the small crest by the door." Shi motioned to the red and black eagle head on the wall.

"Don't hold your breath," the white mouse muttered softly as shi left with the same sensual grace.

Throttle just signed and leaned back, looking at his Bro with a mixture of thoughts on his face as the white mouse turned his attention back to what little remained of the food, eating quietly.

"Bro, are you going to make this at all easy on us?" Throttle eventually asked.

"And the easy option is to be raped up the ass by strangers, is that what you're saying?" Vinnie snorted. "I'm sorry that I'm not overjoyed at the thought."

"Not quite, Bro." Throttle sighed. "The easy option is to learn how to take some pleasure from the act. Eventually, there will be an opening to get out."

"And in the meantime I get to play fucktoy. Again, not overjoyed."

"No reason to be, Bro." Throttle regarded him. "The bottom line is this can hurt like hell, or be at least tolerably pleasant. Your choice for you, but I'm taking the easy one. I've taken enough beatings for six lifetimes already. Sex isn't worth another, and they're just going to fuck us anyway."

Vinnie shook his head, getting up off the pile of cushions. "I can't believe you can be so calm about this," he fumed.

"You spend a year and a half a prisoner of a psychopathic sadist of a girlfriend, and this'll seem reasonable to you too." Throttle said simply.

"It doesn't seem reasonable," Vinnie retorted, then softened slightly. "Look, I'm sorry about ... whatever happened. That doesn't mean I want it to happen to me too."

"These folks are a lot more reasonable already, Bro." Throttle shook his head. "But unless you can see a way out I don't, we're going to have to roll with it, same as the prison. Cooperate to a point, and it goes easier. You know that one, Bro. I saw you do it often enough, same as all of us."

"To a point, fine," Vinnie agreed, calming down a bit. "But no-one was fine with having bits cut out of us because we were biding our time, and I'm not fine with this. It's not going to happen."

"Bro, you come up with a way out, I'm game." Throttle started at his companion. "But this is a long way from getting parts cut out, and it's not worth dieing or taking a beating over for me. I don't want this to be as hard on you as it was for me."

"So let's find a way," Vinnie suggested. "Instead of lying around praising the virtues of getting butt-fucked."

Throttle raised his hand and motioned around. "There are force shields on the windows, motion and heat sensors all over the place. Half of what you're seeing is a hologram to make it look pretty, and if they aren't watching and listening to us, they can, because the entire room is wired for sound and video."

"There's a way," Vinnie insisted. "There always is."

"Of course there is." Throttle shrugged and rolled to his feet. "It's just not from here. What is the big deal with you anyway? It's just sex."

"No, it's rape," Vinnie replied bluntly. "I'm not interested in any of these losers. I'm not even interested in being interested in them. I'm definitely not in a hurry to have anyone stick things up inside me."

Throttle could only shrug and made a more detailed tour of the room and it's grand marble attached bathroom with pool-tub and spectacular view.

"You think they'd let us go it I used that call-button thingie and asked?" Vinnie asked facetiously as he conducted his own search.

"No, but you can try if you want to risk it." Throttle shrugged. "It's very nice as far as prisons go."

"Better than some places I could mention," Vinnie admitted, studding the door carefully. "At least for the moment."

Throttle didn't answer, slipping into the warm water to clean himself of the grime of two days and their crash. The white mouse settled back down on the cushions, looking regretfully at the remaining crumbs that littered the plates. He reached up under his chin finding, as expected, that he was wearing a collar like the one he could see on Throttle. At least he assumed it was the same, without a mirror it was impossible to say for sure.

"You might as well clean up Bro." Throttle called to him. "Staying grimy isn't going to change anything but how close I'll get to you."

"Just a second," Vinnie called back, his fingers searching for a lock or clasp or any sort of seam at all, and finding nothing. "I'm trying to figure how to get this thing off," he said as he walked across to the pool.

"Probably requires removal of your head." The tawny mouse said without humor as he worked his fur clean.

"They got it on. It must come off somehow."

"They've got hovercraft and holo-technology, they have material that bonds with itself seamlessly with a simple chemical reaction." Throttle shrugged.

Vinnie muttered something under his breath as he slid into the water, still working at the collar with one hand. Even as he got his fur wet, strong hands were on his shoulders, rubbing a pleasant smelling shampoo into his fur.

"If I could just see it ..." Vinnie muttered to himself. "Bloody thing."

"It's the same as mind, Bro." Throttle said patiently.

"You can't see yours, Throttle. How would you know?"

"Touch, smell, radiant emanations." He shrugged and continued to work the suds into white fur. "I learned a lot without my eyes."

"Yeah," Vinnie said softly. "I guess you would."

"Don't get so wound up about it." Throttle advised gently. "It'll just make things worse."

"Things don't get a whole lot worse than this," Vinnie replied. "We've gotta find a way out of here."

"Like fuck they can't, Bro." Throttle growled at him, his hands tightening on Vinnie's shoulders. "You want to know how bad things could be?" He spun the white mouse around hard. "Do you?" He demanded coldly.

"I'm gonna hit you in a minute," Vinnie said darkly. "That'll be pretty bad."

"Did you ever kneel and take a Plutarkian in your mouth?" The tawny mouse growled deep in his chest, the rage flaring to the surface in a way Vinnie had never witnessed. "You care about anything that much, Bro? I protected your hide then, I'm going to now. No matter what that means."

"Well you'll have plenty of opportunity to whore yourself if that's what you want," Vinnie spat venomously as he twisted himself out of Throttle's grip. "I can take care of myself."

The white mouse heard only a fraction of the snarl before something hard and fast impacted with the back of his head and the world dimmed out to blackness.

Irrational Feelings 2: Meat Market Finds

R on Principle
Het Level is Low
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is Low

22 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written August 31, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Vorex

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars, Haloeth

Primary Races: Human, Loup Maru, Martian Mice

Contents: Furry. Herm. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Master/Slave (Non-Consensual), Slavery (Legal)

Pairings: Throttle/Vinnie, others

Blurb: When the universe drop-kicks Throttle and Vinnie onto a new planet, they find out very quickly that it is not one they are going to have an easy time dealing with.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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