Irrational Feelings 4:
The First Price for Rebellion

by Fur and Fantasy
R on Principle
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Throttle and Vinnie's separate sulking was interrupted some time later by the door opening to reveal Kaaya, once more her normal tan self, four guards, a large panther in a fancier guard uniform. After they had entered and agreed the mice wouldn't immediately attack, a regal caracal female entered with two female wolf guards in different uniforms from the four males.

The procession earned a raised eyebrow form Vinnie though he was otherwise unimpressed, continuing to lounge idly across the cushions. Throttle looked very worried as he watched the male guards come up to them.

"You are going to be punished for your actions against your better." The caracal spoke with calm authority, despite being the second smallest individual in the room.

"Get up." One of the guards, a large tiger, grabbed Vinnie's arm. The white mouse didn't object as he was hauled to his feet, though there was nothing diffident in the look the tiger received, or the caracal woman after him. The attention of the whole room seemed focused on him and Throttle, who stood without the force. The guards in particular were making no effort to hide their air of expectation.

With both mice in hand, two simple racks materialized in the center of the room, set so the occupants would face each other.

The panther gave a grunt and a wave of his hand and the two mice were bound into the frames, arms above their heads and legs spread wide apart. Vinnie began to struggle as he realized what was going on, and it took three guards to finally get him locked in place.

In the meantime the panther padded across to Throttle, who'd been subdued with much less effort.

"You've changed some since I last saw you," the feline purred, his voice deep and smooth.

The now charcoal gray mouse didn't really respond, but his body was as relaxed and compliant as any who had a good idea of what was coming, and how to survive it best.

Salum smirked, then glanced over his shoulder to make sure Vinnie was tied in place. "With your permission, My Lady?" He asked, the eager glint in his eyes unmistakable.

"For as long as you entertain me." She nodded with a somewhat challenging smile and laid down on a cushioned bench brought in for her.

The panther gave a soft, wordless purr and looked back and forward between the mice for a few moments deciding which would be best to start with. In the end he decided on Throttle, sliding one hand between the mouse's legs and played with his balls.

Though Throttle made no sound, his body responded to the pleasurable touch. His stoic silence curled the panther's lips up into a smirk as he brought Throttle toward hardness, ignoring Vinnie entirely for the moment.

The panther's smirk turned into a gloating grin as Throttle's cock revealed itself, filling out in response to his touch. He waited until the mouse was fully hand before curling his fingers into a fist, squeezing Throttle's balls hard and digging his claws in, drawing a small gasp of pain as the now gray mouse's body went taunt.

The fingers of the panther's other hand ghosted along the rigid length of Throttle's cock, even as he increased the pressure on his balls. "Oh yes," he chuckled softly, even as he watched the mouse somehow relax despite the increasing pain. "You will be fun to play with."

His curiosity apparently sated the panther let Throttle go, stepping around behind the mouse and stripping his uniform off quickly. He laughed softly as he caught the venomous glare Vinnie was giving him.

"You'll get your turn pretty boy," the feline promised as his hands spread the globes of Throttle's ass apart. "Once I'm done with your friend." The panther's cock, already fully hard, was heavy against Throttle's entrance, filled with desire and lust. Then, without either warning or lube, he forced himself inside, savage thrusts of his hips overcoming Throttle's instinctive resistance for the short time it lasted.

As the thrusting punishment continued, Throttle dropped his face, turning it away from his Bro as his body responded as both training and warped desire called for. It wasn't long before the rough cock pounding his ass had him dribbling pre-cum and breathing hard at the unusual mixture of pain sensations.

A series of soft snarls and grunts arose out of the panther as his cock speared into Throttle again and again, working it's way deeper each time. As his desire mounted he leaned his head forward over the mouse's shoulder and bit into it, a dribble of blood escaping through his lips as his teeth worked their way into hot flesh.

It drew a low cry of pain mixed with increasing need and shame from the mouse. The thrusting of the panther's hips became more and more brutal until, finally, he threw his head back and gave a bloody roar as he dumped his seed into Throttle's ass, leaving the bound mouse on the very edge, whimpering needily.

"You like to be raped, don't you mouse?" The panther's voice was soft, but in the silence of the room everyone could hear.

Despite what his body indicated, Throttle managed to shake his head in denial, though he had no voice to back it up with.

"You're about to come mouse," the panther pointed out, reaching his right hand out towards one of the guards who'd come in with him. "You like to be raped, and you like to be hurt." As he spoke the guard attached something to his hand. A metal plate that sat against his palm, with straps to hold it on.

Once it was in place the panther bought his hand back up to press against Throttle's chest in a partial embrace. The mouse could feel the barbs in its surface piercing his skin. "I asked you a question, slave."

"No, yes, sir." Throttle barely managed to get the three words out through everything else that was going on in his mind and body.

"That's not particularly clear," his tormentor replied, pulling his hand slowly across Throttle's chest. The teeth in the plate opened narrow gashes in his skin, blood seeping slowly out into his fur.

The pain drew a low gasp, then whimper as he tried to find enough voice through the sensations and mental screams. "Don't like rape, get off on pain, sir." He shuddered, his shame building as memories of how he learned to respond this way broke out of their cell to torment his awareness again.

"Tell him," the Panther insisted, chuckling as he ran the plate across Throttle's chest again, then lower down towards his abs. "Look at him and tell him how you love the way I'm touching you."

That drew an almost growl from Throttle, but otherwise he refused to respond, despite the throbbing of his cock that was so clearly visible to his Bro.

The panther snarled, sinking his teeth back into Throttle's flesh and drawing a painful cry. His teeth and lips were bloody when he raised his head again. "Tell him, or I will run this plate across your cock."

A stifled whimper and Throttle turned his face to look at Vinnie. "I get off on pain, Bro." Vinnie's face was closed off, a mask of anger and hatred. Throttle couldn't even tell if he was listening.

"Your mouth had better be more talented than that," the panther snarled. "I don't think he's really getting the message."

"Bro, listen to me." Throttle somehow managed to put some strength into his voice. "I do get off on pain."

"As if you couldn't tell by the dripping of his cock," the panther gloated, sliding the metal plate down Throttle's side, drawing another soft whimper from the mouse as he trembled, his arousal and need growing heavy in the air between them. "You'll know he's had a good time when he comes back beaten and bloody."

Vinnie didn't say anything, but his eyes were locked onto the panther with a vicious, burning hatred.

The panther barely seemed to notice, his entire attention focused on Throttle as he slid his cock out of him at last. He stepped across to a large box that had been set beside the bench where the others were watching in rapt attention. With the lid flipped open both mice could see the array of shiny metal tools inside.

He took some time making his selection, but in the end it was a small container of sharp-toothed clamps that he picked up. The first that went onto Throttle were in fairly standard places; the mouse's nipples, his ballsac, the sensitive flesh on the inside of his thighs, and were tolerated without a sound, or much more than a little more pre-cum. The black feline spent some time deciding where to place the last one, before reaching up to clip it onto one of the bound mouse's antennae.

The response to that was instant, startling everyone there as Throttle screamed; a deep, soul-torn sound as his body betrayed him and came hard, his hips thrusting blindly into the air as his seed splashed on the creamy carpet.

The panther's amusement was obvious, both in the way he stood and in the low chuckle as he watched Throttle's body buck in it's restraints. He waited until the mouse had calmed before stepping closer, reaching down to remove on of the clips on Throttle's ballsac so that the other antennae could be adorned just like it's mate, gaining a similar response as Throttle fought the restraints on raw instinct and the pain-pleasure crashing threw his body.

"How curious," the panther purred with a smile. "I think My Lady will find that a most useful thing to know."

"Very," Lady Sh'ta's voice purred from where she rested. "A most useful bit of information on a most interesting plaything."

Throttle's tormentor laughed, stepping up to the whimpering mouse and lowering his head to lick at some of the blood that ran freely from the bite wounds in his shoulder. "Most interesting indeed," he purred softly as the muscular body continued to twitch and remained hard as the desperation increased in Throttle's scent.

The panther spent another moment considering Throttle's condition and then went back to the chest of supplies, returning with a handful of weights on small chains. He attached them to the clips biting into Throttle's nipples and ballsac, narrow rivulets of blood dribbling through his fur as the sharp teeth shifted and opened up his flesh.

"It is a pity I am not allowed to stain such clean white fur," the panther said as he worked. "I'm sure the pretty boy screams loudly."

"I'm sure he does, but you will contain yourself to simply mounting him, and using his leader as an example for him." Lady Sh'ta commented with a light purr, and no reprimand in her tone.

"But I have a much better idea, My Lady," the guard replied, grinning. "Our gray toy here is going to fuck him after all."

"Mmm, you know me well, Salum." She rumbled eagerly.

"I'm sure Grey would enjoy it as well," the panther grinned. His hands slid down Throttle's sides, one sliding smoothly through his fur, the other meeting some resistance as the plate's teeth opened up more gashes in his skin. "Wouldn't you?"

Despite the soft whimper of denial, Throttle's voice spoke the truth, thick with arousal, need and pain. "Yes, sir."

"If you perform well then we may decide to be lenient," Salum purred softly. "But if his screams do not convince us the pair of you have been suitably punished then I will have to step in. There is a great deal I can do to him without soiling his fur."

Throttle nodded, his voice an inarticulate denial as he looked at his Bro. But there was no doubt he would do what he had to, to satisfy these people and keep them off the other mouse.

The panther smirked in triumph as he removed the clips remaining in Throttle's groin, though he left the others in place. "Let him down," he instructed the guars as he crossed the room to stand beside the pair of women watching the proceedings.

Despite the storm of conflicting sensations and emotions ranging though his body and mind, Throttle managed to remain standing as he was released, and walked over to his spotted Bro. Vinnie's eyes followed Throttle as he moved, fear blooming behind the mask of hatred as the other mouse got closer.

"From me, or them, Bro." Throttle said very softly, meeting Vinnie's eyes as much as his shades allowed.

"Don't. Please." Vinnie's voice was hardly more than a whisper, shock and revulsion fighting for precedence.

"They will hurt you much worse, Bro."

"They will anyway."

Throttle nodded and stepped back, clearly not happy and more than a little terrified of what would happen next.

The panther's expression promised that it would not be pleasant. He crossed to Throttle in four swift paces and slapped Throttle across the face, tearing his cheek open with the plate still attached to his palm.

"Disobedient piece of shit," Salum growled. "I told you to fuck him."

"Only if he consents to me." Throttle said quietly, his determination a steel that showed in every line of his body.

"Consent? Neither of you have any such thing anymore. You may have one more chance to do as I've said."

Throttle looked at his Bro, his expression all but begging the white mouse to accept this but Vinnie wasn't even looking at him. The white mouse's face was turned down towards the floor, avoiding everyone else in the room.

"No." Throttle answered, sick with himself and what he was sure was coming.

Salum took half a step forward and slammed his knee into Throttle's groin, folding the large mouse over with a grunt of pain. "Tie him back up," the panther instructed his lackeys as he turned away.

Salum himself strode back over to the tool chest and stood there bristling with anger.

"Now this will be interesting." Lady Sh'ta purred. "Such loyalty to another slave is rare."

"Perhaps sending one into the arena will encourage both to behave," Salum purred, his voice deep and menacing. The panther smirked as he picked up a pair of egg-shaped objects from the box. "In the meantime, perhaps these will suffice."

He stepped up behind Vinnie, running one hand slowly across the tight, restrained body. Holding one of the eggs up so that Throttle could see it over Vinnie's shoulder, Salum squeezed the device in his hand. It responded immediately, six short appendages springing out from its surface. Vinnie groaned softly as he felt Salum press the egg against his asshole and then screamed loudly as the device climbed up inside him. He twisted violently in the restraints as he felt the device moving inside his body, only able to offer half a denial as Salum let the crawl up into his ass as Throttle watched, almost detached from what happened to the other mouse.

Vinnie panted and twisted in his restraints as the things moved their way deeper into him, gritting his teeth and muttering swearwords under his breath. Salum just laughed. "Don't worry mouse, the best is yet to come. Perhaps my lady would like to do the honors?"

"Such a pretty creature." Sh'ta purred eagerly and reached over to ghost her fingers across the controller.

Vinnie went berserk. His body convulsed, throwing him against the frame again and again. The white mouse's face was twisted into a grotesque, tortured mockery; his mouth spread wide open although no sound escaped.

Sh'ta held him there for only a moment, then turned it off and gave him a moment to recover. "You still prefer our methods to your comrade?"

"Fuck you," Vinnie managed to say, though his voice was raw.

"Only if it pleases me," The Caracal purred with a soft chuckle. "And I prefer to watch males together." She added before turning the device back on.

The effect was immediate, although this time, after a few seconds, Vinnie released an ear-splitting howl of pain as his resistance gave out.

A moment later he was given a reprieve, and time to remember how to think before Sh'ta spoke again.

"You realize I can keep this up all day. It stops when you accept being mounted by that hunk of a gray mouse you are so close to."

"Never," the white mouse groaned.

"That is a very long time." Sh'ta chuckled as flicked the device back on. There was no scream this time, although if that was because Vinnie had regained his composure or because the pain was simply too great was impossible to tell.

But her interest in screams wore out line before Vinnie's will, and by the fifth round she yawned in dissatisfaction and flicked it off. The brutal treatment had taken its toll on the mouse though, leaving him hanging loosely by his wrists.

She flashed an irritated glance at Salum for not moving more quickly onto his next idea. The panther snarled softly himself, crossing back over to the toolboox. One quick touch on the control center had the devices working their way out of Vinnie, dragging an exhausted moan out of the mouse as his ass was stretched and two soft thuds as the eggs fell to the carpet, dormant once more. The panther scowled as his fingers danced across the array of options, each one considered and then discarded as the entire room watched him with various expressions.

"My pants," he said with a grin, holding out an expectant hand. One of his guards quickly scooped them up off the floor and passed them to him. It only took him a moment to find what he was looking for, a small plastic box. He flipped the lid open, looked inside, and smiled.

"Hold his head," Salum instructed as he stepped towards Vinnie again, taking two small blue pills out of the box and then putting it back in his pants. His flunkies took his meaning easily and, despite Vinnie's attempts at resistance, found it easy enough to make him swallow the drug.

"Now, let's see about making this experience as unpleasant for you as possible," Salum purred. He crossed back to the toybox, this time picking out what he wanted with a calm and confident air.

The panther went to work on Vinnie much as he had on Throttle, although in accordance with his instructions he used blunted clamps that wouldn't draw blood. Vinnie flinched slightly as each clamp was applied, small involuntary motions, but the mouse didn't really seem to be paying attention. His head hung at an odd angle, his eyes falling unfocused.

"Stop it." Throttle begged when he couldn't stand it anymore. "Please stop."

"Oh I'm afraid it's much too late for that," Salum replied, clearly not sorry at all. "In about a minute or so your friend is going to start seeing and hearing things that aren't actually real. I intend to see to it that the experience is as horrific as possible."

A low cringe rippled threw Throttle's body, but he made no more attempt to stop it.

Salum offered him a smug smirk. "You really should have fucked him when you had the chance."

"Maybe he'll learn." Throttle said very softly.

"I'll enjoy teaching him," the panther replied as Vinnie gave a long, low moan. "It would seem the show is about to begin, My Lady."

"That was rarely in doubt." She chuckled. "The gray one will be the first to mount his friend, however. That is simply too delicious to pass up."

"The mouse can take him any time he wishes," Salum grinned. "Until then ...." The panther set his hand against Vinnie's chest, just touching him with his fingertips, and then slowly moved it across, as though his hand were some sort of spider.

"No." Vinnie flinched, but his voice was dreamy and detached and when he looked up his eyes were badly out of focus. "Legs."

"That's right," Salum purred. "Hundreds and hundreds of little legs."

Throttle swallowed but held his tongue, glancing at the Caracal uncertainly every so often.

"It's hurts," Vinnie whimpered, sounding more like a child than Throttle had ever heard before. "Get them off." Far from getting them off the panther set his other hand on the mouse's shoulder and started creeping it up his arm. Vinnie began to tremble fiercely, twisting back and forth in his restraints. "Get them off me!"

"Mistress, will you stop this if I please you?" Throttle asked softly, a desperate edge on his voice.

"It will take more than before, but yes." She regarded him with keen interest. "But first you will take him, on his back, before me. And pleasure him with it."

"An antidote, Mistress?"

"None, but what he thinks is there, is dependant on stimulus." She inclined her head. "You are responsible for that now."

Throttle shivered, but nodded. "Yes, Mistress."

Salum unbuckled the white mouse from his frame and manhandled him across to the carpet in front of the Caracal female. He lay there, hands scrabbling over his chest in an attempt to dislodge the phantom creatures while Throttle was released.

The gray mouse was shaky as he made his way to his Bro, using his tail to make a single strong sweep across the white chest. Vinnie tensed up, freezing in place as Throttle's tail touched him.

"I'm sorry, Bro." Throttle murmured as he moved his hands over the frozen frame with steady sureness, trying to figure out just what kind of stimulus was useful.

Salum stood over the mice, watching with his arms crossed over his chest and a derisive smirk on his face.

Throttle didn't seem to be having much success in calming Vinnie down. Every time the gray mouse touched him he'd flinch or whimper, though no further speech was forthcoming. Muttering something under his breath he unclamped Vinnie's antennae, then the rest of his body, and freed his own, though he didn't bother with the rest. He didn't feel them anymore, but they helped keep him hard, and he needed the help.

Salum shook his head, crouching down across the white mouse's chest. "Like this," he said impatiently, reaching across Vinnie's chest to draw a slow figure eight. "Simple, reinforcing figures." At first that didn't seem to have any more success than the other things Throttle had tried but as the panther continued to trace the pattern on Vinnie's chest his breathing evened out, and he seemed much less panicked.

"Damned if I know how you're going to fuck him," the guard told Throttle softly as the gray mouse picked up the motion. "But afterward you can stand him in the pool with the lights off. Water's usually gentle."

Throttle nodded, using his free hand to tip Vinnie's head back as he focused his own will and memories, and sent a silent thanks to the one who had taught him how be like pain for the tricks that could save his Bro more pain. His tail took care of positioning the white mouse's hips as he prepared to do something he didn't think he ever would.

He gently brushed their antennae together, focusing enough of his will to override much of his Bro's own motor controls and sensations, particularly those involved in pleasure. Even in his calmer state Vinnie's mind was a chaotic mess. Everything he saw, heard or felt triggered a cascade of short-lived sensations, making it difficult to focus on any single set of sensations, or to separate what was real from the drug-induced illusions.

Throttle gritted his teeth and pushed his choice of reality over the rest of the drug-induced ones as he sank slowly into the white mouse's body. Vinnie moaned softly, his body clamping down around the unwelcome intrusion. This new sensation, something he'd never experienced before, sent echoes spinning around the spaces inside his head, not all of them pleasant.

Adding even more strength to the choice of reality he was forcing on his Bro, Throttle slowly began to thrust, aware he was putting on a show even as he focused everything on getting his Bro off.

Each thrust into the white mouse was accompanied by a soft moan, his body twitching around Throttle's cock as it fucked him steadily. His own sheath didn't respond as readily as Throttle had hoped, swelling only slightly as the fucking continued.

It brought a shift of tactics, and a new focus to the sensations now dominating Vinnie's mind. He began to feel the slick, hot pleasure of being buried deep inside a lover; one his eyes, nose and touch insisted was a very attractive brunette female.

The sudden shift in sensorioum sent a series of powerful tremors through Vinnie's body, bizarre hybrids of reality and the image Throttle was suggesting to him spiraling off in all directions. It had the desired effect though. Vinnie's next moan was louder and deeper, throaty with desire, and his cock responded in kind. The speed with which it slid free of its sheath seemed almost obscene given the situation; something Throttle tried his best to ignore thinking about, in favor of adding as much detail and intensity as he could to the hallucination he was forcing on the other mouse as his breath grew slightly ragged.

Vinnie twisted and moaned beneath Throttle, no longer seeing anything remotely connected to the room his body was in. The nature of the drug he'd been given kept Throttle from entirely eliminating his weight on top of Vinnie, or his cock solid inside the other mouse's ass, but it also amplified aspects of his own illusion. Pleasure twisted and spiked through Vinnie's body in ways that probably weren't actually possible, leaving the white mouse gasping and panting for breath.

With his partner aroused and hard, and a slightly better understanding of what he was doing, Throttle continued the figure eight on Vinnie's chest with his hand, and moved his tail down to spiral tightly around Vinnie's cock, stroking it with a practiced touch.

In his drug addled state Vinnie had no means by which to resist Throttle's attentions, though it was doubtful he realized just who it was on top of him. Through the link he'd established Throttle was able to feel the pleasure mounting in Vinnie's body and mind, even fractured into as many shifting, twisting parts as it was.

The gray mouse was breathing hard as the pleasures of his body, his partner, and what he was projecting all focused on the point of no return, drawing him down despite his best efforts. Vinnie gave a sharp, incoherent cry as Throttle's pleasure crashed down over his own, his body convulsing violently as he came, breaking the last scrap of resistance in his Bro.

Throttle roared as he thrust hard and fast, empting his balls into his Bro.

"A decent enough show." Sh'ta murred as the mice recovered. "Bring the white one here," she casually trailed a hand over the side of the bench, "and bind the gray. He still must face up for his actions." She locked eyes with Salum. "As long as he remains hard, he is yours."

The panther grinned, his eyes devouring Throttle as the guards strung him up again. This time Salum didn't waste time with words or games, just stepping up behind the bloodied mouse and forcing himself back into Throttle's body.

It was the beginning of a long, brutal fucking. Salum's powerful frame granted him both vigor and endurance, both of which he spent at Throttle's expense. He screwed the mouse until his seed dribbled out of Throttle's ass and ran down his legs, each orgasm accompanied by his teeth sinking into a shoulder or the back of his neck, though never hard enough to crack bone. Throttle's only consolation was that, in his current state, Vinnie probably wouldn't realize what was happening, even with Salum's triumphant roars echoing in his ears and Throttle's own voice crying out twice as he came from the punishment.

Finally Salum drew himself out of the much-used mouse, taking the few steps across to the empty frame Vinnie had occupied and picking up one of the egg-devices from where it lay on the carpet. "More, My Lady?" the panther asked, waking the device with a squeeze of his hand.

"He's still hard." She observed, her finger tracing a lazy figure eight across Vinnie's chest.

"He has remarkable endurance," Salum agreed as he walked behind Throttle, holding the device against his dripping opening and watching for the few moments it took the egg to find it's grip and climb up inside the mouse. Then he walked back across to the toolbox and removed the control station, carrying it with him so was standing directly in front of Throttle when he hit the button.

Though his body jerked and writhed sharply at the direct stimulation to his nerves, Throttle stayed silent for a full ten seconds before it drew a ragged moan from his chest.

Salum laughed softly as he turned the device off again, his fingers ghosting across Throttle's cheek in a surprisingly gentle gesture. "And still he resists. This is a remarkable toy you have My Lady."

"Yes," she purred back approvingly. "Though he will not be nearly so entertaining with that resistance broken."

"You wish me to stop?" Salum asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No, just to be careful." She chuckled. "He has to last a nice long time to be worth the price paid for them."

"Yes My Lady," Salum said, ducking his head as he activated the device inside Throttle's bowels once more.

Again the gray mouse offered stubborn silence despite his body, but the cry ripped from him was much more desperate as his seed spurted out once more under the punishment.

"Perhaps more extreme measures will make him scream for us," the panther mused, picking the other egg up from the floor and stepping in close to Throttle. "Open your mouth, slave." Salum instructed, shutting off the pain so the mouse could respond.

It took Throttle a while to focus enough to even realize there was anyone in front of him, and even then the look on his face was blank.

"Open your mouth," Salum repeated impatiently, waking the second egg.

The mouse took a moment to possess the words, and he obeyed, though it was clear from his expression that he was responding without comprehending what it really meant.

Salum set the egg in his mouth, then watched as it worked it's was down into his esophagus. He allowed the second device a few moments to position itself properly, then activated them both.

For a fraction of a second Throttle didn't respond at all as his overloaded brain and body tried to figure out just what to do with the new impute it didn't have any real classification for. The mouse opened his mouth, but no sound came out, even as Salum was sprayed with ribbons of mouse cum while Throttle arched and twisted as much as the restraints allowed.

The panther snarled as he stepped back, wiping the white mess out of his fur and de-activating the eggs. "It would seem he's had more than enough for the moment, My Lady," Salum said softly, his displeasure obvious. "Though the devices could be left in place for when he recovers somewhat."

"Yes, and when he explains what happened to his friend here." She murred. "I never thought I would see a slave outlast you." She purred with real amusement.

"My Lady wishes him to last," Salum replied evenly.

"Yes," she purred. "Perhaps when he's paid his buy-price we can have a true match. It would be something to see."

"As My Lady wishes," Salum deferred, leaving a brief pause before his next question. "Does My Lady wish me to begin with the white one again?"

"No." Sh'ta said, her gaze still on Throttle. "I wish to see if they are more reasonable, when they are conscious again. Jassa will see to them for now."

"Very good My Lady," Salum said, stepping back over to his uniform as getting dressed again.

Irrational Feelings 4: The First Price for Rebellion

R on Principle
Het Level is Low
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

32 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written August 31, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Vorex

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars, Haloeth

Primary Races: Human, Loup Maru, Martian Mice

Contents: Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Master/Slave (Non-Consensual), Slavery (Legal)

Pairings: Throttle/Vinnie, others

Blurb: Throttle and Vinnie pay for Vinnie's stubborn streak.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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