Irrational Feelings 6:
Slave Pastimes

by Fur and Fantasy
R on Principle
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Three days of uninterrupted time left Vaya utterly bewildered about Vinnie, and Throttle finally able to bath and feed himself, the second going much easier after Vaya had gotten the control box and had the devices come out of him. Vinnie had gauged his bro's recovery quite closely, waiting for the appropriate time to bring up the topic of escape.

"You know," he began casually, "Vaya says we can just take out clothes and leave if we want."

"I don't doubt it," Throttle shrugged as he washed himself, the she-mouse in the other room to give the males some privacy when he'd asked for it. "It's staying out that is the issue."

"There are villages, too. Just with mice. We could go there and they'd help us hide out."

That statement stopped Throttle cold. "Other ... Martian mice?"

"You have seen Vaya, haven't you?" Vinnie chuckled softly. "She was pretty shocked when I told her where we were from.

"Can't say I looked that close." He murmured, honestly surprised. "I noticed she was a mouse, but not much more. There are whole villages on this planet?"

"I haven't seen them, of course, but that's what she said."

"How?" Throttle asked softly as he resumed the careful cleaning of his heavily bruised body.

"I dunno," Vinnie said with a shrug. "She said fifth generation, so that'd be before the wars. Of course she could be spinning crap, I wouldn't be surprised."

"She planning to come too?"

"I didn't ask." Vinnie shrugged.

"Do you even know which direction to head, once we're out the door?" Throttle asked quietly as he worked on his fur.

"No, we'd need to talk with her about that ... but it's more of a plan than we had when we got here."

"I'll grant you that, Bro." He nodded quietly. "It's crazy enough to actually have a chance of working."

"I'm sure as hell not hanging around here," Vinnie said softly. "And neither are you."

Throttle made an abortive shrug. "I've been stuck worse places. How much do you remember about what happened?"

"More than I'd like to," Vinnie replied darkly. "Nothing after he gave me that stuff. At least, nothing that makes any sense."

Throttle nodded, not sure whether to be disappointed or relieved.

"So this is a good plan, right?" Vinnie asked. "Do you want me to call her in here?"

"Might as well," he nodded.

Vinnie nodded, pleased to be actually doing something about the situation. He went to the door arch and called to the she mouse, brining her into the room a few minutes later.

"We want to talk to you about something."

"Leaving?" She regarded the pair evenly.

"Yeah. We want to know where these villages are. The Martian ones you told me about."

"They are a set of islands in the smaller sea, near the tropics on the other side of the planet." Vaya said quietly. "An aircraft wouldn't take long to get there."

"What if we couldn't get an aircraft?"

"Overland to the sea, then sail." She shrugged. "It's a long trip, but quite possible if you can get a ship to go there. Not many will."

Vinnie sighed softly. "There's no better way?"

"We don't have teleport technology, if that's what you mean." She looked at Vinnie a little uncertainly.

"No, I mean ... I dunno. Throttle? Have you got any ideas?"

"How difficult will getting a suitable aircraft be?" He asked, still tending to his fur.

"Not difficult, I expect." She shrugged. "I co-own one I think can make the trip, though she'll require several refueling stops."

"So why don't you leave?" Throttle regarded her suspiciously.

"I live better here than anyone in the villages." Vaya shrugged. "Unlike your friend, I don't have a problem trading my body for favors."

That earned her a glare from the white mouse, as he muttered something under his breath, but a nod from Throttle.

"Are you coming with us?" Throttle asked quietly.

"No." She shook his head. "I like my life here."

"Looks like we're on our own again bro," Vinnie muttered.

Throttle ignored him, focusing on the she-mouse. "Will you help us?"

"No." She shook her head. "I will teach you about the palace. How you use that information is not my concern."

"Would you consider taking a trip home?" He asked carefully.

Vaya chuckled softly. "Perhaps. Though it will take some doing to get to take two buff mice with me."

"What's required?" Throttle asked, immediately interested.

"Lady Sh'ta's permission, basically.' She shrugged. "Assuming you want to go with me legally, and not hijack my aircraft or something."

"Great," Vinnie muttered. "She's so gonna want to let us go."

"That is something you have to figure out." Vaya shrugged. "I can leave largely as I will."`

"I thought you said we could as well," Vinnie challenged her. "That's what you told me the other day."

"And you can." She nodded. "Just walk out. The difference is that I can leave with permission when I like. Lady Sh'ta trusts me to come back, and serve her wishes without having to watch me every moment."

"She means, she can leave, and not be hunted down." Throttle explained as he moved from the warm water.

"I don't see that happening for us in a hurry," Vinnie said, stating the obvious.

"No, it won't be." Throttle shook his head. "Not with you at least."

"We don't have the time to wait anyway," Vinnie said, dismissing the issue. "We need to get away soon."

"That means we get dressed and walk out." Throttle shook his head, very un-at-ease with the entire thing.

"If we went out with her we'd get further," Vinnie said suddenly. "I bet."

"And what would that cost?" Throttle looked at her.

"Nothing he'd do." She made a dismissive wave at Vinnie. "You may be kin direct from Mars, but I'm not loosing my position for nothing."

"Bloody hell," Vinnie growled angrily, "Don't you people ever think about anything else?" He didn't wait for an answer, instead stalking away from the pool and back into the other room. He heard her make a comment about not getting it before he blocked it out entirely.

All three mice, Throttle in Vaya's gentle embrace and Vinnie in his separate alcove, were abruptly woken by four large guards entering with Kaaya.

"Take the white one." The Fennec stated coolly, pointing to Vinnie.

"Huh? What?" Vinnie's hands shielded his eyes against the sudden light, then tried ineffectually to fight the guards off. "Hey! Get your hands off me!"

"You have been deemed an extraordinarily bad influence on two otherwise well behaved slaves." Shi stated simply as the guards securely bound his wrists, ankles and tail together so he could barely walk. "You are to be isolated until you learn to behave."

"What the fuck?" Even bound wrist and ankle Vinnie didn't stop struggling, though it drastically reduced the effectiveness of it. "Screw you lady!"

"Not until you are very good at it, White." Shi sneered at him, hir lips pulled back from a jaw of sharp teeth.

"Throttle!" Vinnie's last cry was desperate as the guards manhandled him towards the door. He got a glimpse of his gray Bro standing, but Vaya and a look from Kaaya stopped him as the door shut and the guards hauled him to a much smaller room with dark marble floors, a small bathing trough, only a single small window set high for natural light.

He fell against the floor hard, struggling with his bonds to little effect as the door slammed shut behind him. Eventually he gave up, letting his body go limp, his face falling against the floor.

The light had changed by the time the door opened to admit someone and large, strong hands began to unbind him. Vinnie couldn't fight down the relief as his hands came free again, though that didn't stop him dragging himself across the floor from his unseen benefactor and undoing his ankles himself.

"You are one stubborn creature." A deep but feminine voice rumbled with a touch of bemusement.

"You guys are pretty crappy company too," Vinnie shot back, though after having been left for so long the rejoinder didn't have quite the bite he'd wanted. Especially not in the face of the creature in the room with him.

A solid nine feet of heavy, hard muscle covered by a long, gray on gray rosetted pelt that did little to conceal the intimidation value of this shecat, or the fact that 'she' was packing not only a very impressive set of saber teeth and taunt breast, but balls and a sheath between hir legs.

Vinnie made a face as he noticed the mismatched anatomy. "Screw up the surgery did they?"

"No," shi purred and dropped to a squat next to him. "I was born with the gifts of both genders. Care to know the terms of getting out of here?"

"Pick a number between one and ten?" Vinnie's jokes were getting weaker and weaker.

"Obedience and skill, White." Shi informed him, still in good humor. "I'm not like Salum, but he gets you if I can't get you in shape."

"You people need a new line," Vinnie told her. "What makes you think it sounds any better after seventy times?"

"Let me put it another way for you." The Sabertoothed Snow Leopard locked eyes with him. "You can have pleasurable sex up here in the harem, or be taken like your friend was the other day and fight until you are killed in the pits."

"You're deluded. Either way it's just rape."

"One just hurts a hell of a lot less." Shi pointed out calmly.

"If you expect me to say I like this bullshit then you're out of your mind," Vinnie snarled.

"I don't expect you to like it, but you will make up your mind which kind of rape you prefer." Shi said in a no-nonsense tone.

"The kinda where I don't get raped," Vinnie had to fight down the hysterical laughter. "Duh."

"That's easy." Shi chuckled. "It's only rape when you object. You're going to pleasure others with your body. Statement of fact. You can go to the pits, fight and serve Salum and the guards for a short, nasty life. You can do what's required of you and be raped here, but see daylight and warm water and your friend. You can decide it isn't rape, and learn to enjoy your life here."

Vinnie sighed, closed his eyes and let his face fall back to the floor. "Go away," he said softly.

"You have an hour." Shi stood to leave. "When I return, you will eat, and your first lesson will begin."

"Have you chosen, White?" The Snow Leopard herm asked neutrally when shi came back in, a small red vixen carrying a tray with food and drink.

"I haven't heard a choice yet," Vinnie replied weakly.

"The default is going to the pits with the sadist who took you and your friend before." Shi informed him evenly as the tray was set in his reach and the vixen darted off.

"I don't want any of this," Vinnie said softly, showing more submission than he had the whole time. "I just want to go home."

"Then buy yourself." Shi said gently and sat on the floor next to him. "Or earn enough trust that Lady Sh'ta will allow you to travel. I know Vaya mentioned her freedoms."

"My home's a hell of a lot further away than that," Vinnie sighed, not even looking at the food. "Throttle ... Throttle just wants me to whore myself out to whoever comes by."

"He wants to survive." Shi pointed out calmly. "He knows enough to recognize when he was made responsible for your behavior as well as his. He cares about you a great deal, with what he did when you were drugged."

"He'd be happy enough with that girl, if I never got back there," Vinnie said softly.

"Vaya?" Shi chuckled softly. "They understand each other, is all. He's in love with you."

"Crap." Whether it was rebuttal or a description of how the mouse was feeling would be hard to tell.

"You don't think he does?" Shi regarded him curiously.

Vinnie didn't answer for some time. "It doesn't matter, if he wants to stay here and play meatpuppet."

"So what version of meatpuppet will you be playing?"

"It doesn't make any difference," Vinnie said bitterly. "You rape me or he does."

"Yes," shi nodded, clearly disappointed. "If you don't care, I guess we will begin with how to survive the guards."

"Whatever," Vinnie said softly, shaking his head.

"Such a waste," shi murmured and moved fast, catching his tail in one hand and pushed him to his back, his legs spread outside hir own. "You could own the court with those looks." Shi rumbled as shi leaned over him, hir cock quickly emerging from its sheath as shi rubbed his groin with hir own.

Vinnie either didn't hear or didn't see fit to respond, closing his eyes as the feline's cock pressed into his groin.

"You are such a handsome boy," shi murmured gently in his ear as hir hips shifted, knowing instinctively where his ass would be. "It's a shame to make you bleed."

The mouse's body tense up as he felt the shaft of flesh slide under him to his asshole, trying to prepare himself for what was coming.

"Relax, handsome." Shi whispered, then paused. "He's never bedded you, has he?"

"You're about to rape me," Vinnie choked out. "Not relaxing."

"Your friend ... he never bedded you, has he?" Shi repeated, more insistent for an answer.

"No," Vinnie said, turning his face away. "I'm not like that."

Shi sighed, shaking hir head and moved off of him for a moment to get something from hir box of supplies near the door. "You won't always have the luxury of this, but I'm not that much a sadist to take a virgin without a little lube to ease the way."

The white mouse didn't say anything. He wasn't even looking at hir anymore as shi opened the contain to coat hir cock generously, then took a good sized glob on one finger and gently pressed it into his body.

"No," he gasped as his insides rebelled against the intrusion, instinctively trying to push the finger back out.

"You wish not to be stretched?" Shi regarded him curiously, fairly sure of what he really meant.

"I'd rather not be fucked at all," Vinnie managed through clenched teeth.

"That's not an option." Shi said simply and continued to gently finger fuck him. He couldn't fight down the choking, revolted sound he made as she probed deeper, no matter how much he would have preferred to stay silent.

One finger moved to two, and the intrusion returned, carefully stretching and slicking his passage.

"Stop!" Vinnie cried out, his body twisting beneath hir.

While not instant, the intrusion did retreat as shi regarded him quietly. Vinnie scrambled back as far away from her as he could, squeezing himself back into the corner of the room.

"You're going to have to go through this." Shi said with a gentleness at odds with hir brutally powerful form. The mouse didn't reply, covering his head with his arms and burying his face as shi moved over to where he was huddled, taking advantage of his position to ghost hir fingers up his empty sheath.

He filched as shi touched him, but having backed himself into the corner there was nowhere for him to go that would get him further away as the gentle attention continued.

"Get off me," He hissed when it became clear shi wasn't going to leave him be.

"You will have to accept some attention today." Shi said simply. "Continue to be unreasonable, and I will stop listening to your requests."

"I don't have to accept any of this bullshit," Vinnie said softly. "You'll all do it to me anyway. All I want is to be left alone, I don't think that's so unreasonable."

"It doesn't have to be that gloomy." Shi regarded him evenly for a while. "I'll call this progress for today." Shi stood and left, taking her box with her and leaving the mouse curled in on himself and shivering.

Irrational Feelings 6: Slave Pastimes

R on Principle
Het Level is Low
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

17 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written August 31, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Vorex

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars, Haloeth

Primary Races: Human, Loup Maru, Martian Mice

Contents: Het (M/F). Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Throttle/Vinnie, others

Blurb: Recovery, a new companion, and Vinnie faces the consequences of his attitude.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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