Irrational Feelings 7:
An Act of War

by Fur and Fantasy
R on Principle
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Vinnie's whimpering in the dimness of his room was interrupted by a dim glowing that grew into an oval. As he watched, two Martian Mice stepped out of the glow.

"Come with us, brother." The larger of the two, a reddish chestnut brown male, spoke with calm authority the still contained a note of urgency for the situation. "It is time to leave this place."

Vinnie just stared, unable to believe what he was seeing for a few moments. "Leave?" he said softly. "I can go?"

"If you hurry." The pale cream and tan female said with soft urgency, her eyes flicking to the door. "Our blood brother claims you as warrior-kin. We protect our own, Vinnie."

"Whatever you say, just get me the hell out of here," Vinnie said as he scrambled to his feet. His heart leapt when he saw that neither of the other mice wore collars like the ones that had been put around his neck.

"Take my hand, Vinnie. The bridge can be tricky the first time." The female, only a couple inches shorter than Vinnie, offered her hand as they turned to the shimmering portal they had stepped out of. "My name is Raven's Quest. Call for me if you loose my hand." She instructed very seriously.

"Don't worry," Vinnie said as he took her hand, gripping her as if his life depended on it. "I'm not letting go."

"Just call my name if anything happens." She repeated gently and stepped into the shimmering light, her hand gripping him just as strongly. For the first few moments all Vinnie could comprehend was a chaotic sparkling white lights.

Raven's Quest held his hand tightly as shock and confusion loosened his grip for a moment before his vision cleared to reveal a brilliant arched bridge of light through a off starscape.

"Come, Vinnie." She spoke gently, tugging his hand to walk the bridge of light.

"What the hell?" Vinnie's voice was filled with stunned awe as the she-mouse led him along.

"It's a trick we know, for travel." She explained gently, her form and voice distorted by the environment. "Just a few more steps, Vinnie." Raven's Quest said gently as she guided him onto a smaller band of light with a shimmering portal at the other end.

At that point she could have led him straight back to the prison camps, or even the palace gladiatorial pits, he was so overwhelmed by his surroundings. Even so he never let his grip waver, and she found it easy enough to guide him through the portal to their destination.

As the distortion of the portal faded he felt strong arms and a tail wrap around him in a welcoming hug. Tawny fur, a familiar scent and shades gave an identity before Throttle's voice did.

"It is *good* to have you back, Bro."

"Throttle? I didn't think ..." Strength suddenly deserted the white mouse, he sagged forward into Throttle's grip and buried his face against his neck.

"It's okay, Bro." Throttle said soothingly as he picked Vinnie up and carried him inside, settling him in a large hammock in the middle of the room before maneuvering in next to him to hold his Bro.

"We're out," Vinnie murmured softly, over and over again. He still didn't quite believe it.

"Yes, Bro. We are out. We're safe here." Throttle reassured him as he held the shell-shocked mouse. "The tribes will protect us. Will you let me get that collar off now?"

"Gods yes," Vinnie said throatily. "Please."

"You'll need to stand, Bro. Or I will carry you." Throttle told him. "The device is in another house."

"I think I can make it," Vinnie replied, a shadow of his usual stubbornness returning.

"Good." Throttle smiled at him, shifting out of the hammock as Vinnie got his first real look around. The 'house' they were in was little more than a grass-sided cylinder with a thatch and palm-leave roof. The hammock itself was one of two in the space, and there was very little else. Only a handful of weapons and armor gave any hint this wasn't a stone age building.

Vinnie reached one hand out to Throttle's shoulder to steady himself as he got to his feet, still a little shaky. "I didn't think you'd come," the white mouse admitted softly.

"I'm sorry it took me so long." Throttle put a strong hand over the white one on his shoulder. "But we're free now, and maybe even with a ticket back to Mars."

"Really?" As always, the mention of home over-rode Vinnie's interest in anything else. "How?"

"You know that light bridge you came over to get here?" Throttle asked as he helped the white mouse out of the hammock with minimal difficulty. "They can stretch between worlds, if you know where you are going."

"Do we know?" Suddenly Vinnie was full of doubt. "I mean I kinda know which way to go, but how close do we have to be?"

"I know what's needed to make the connection, but a good deal of preparation must happen first. That long a trip is not something you can just go do." Throttle explained as they walked into the large open space between the ring of grass and thatch buildings.

"Did that girl come with you?" Vinnie asked softly.

"No, she wished to stay where she was." Throttle shook his head, his body suddenly stiffening at the glint of metal in a familiar format.

"I can't imagine why," Vinnie said derisively, looking up as he felt the change in Throttle. "Hey isn't ... it couldn't be."

"Modo!" Throttle's voice carried strongly across the field. "That you Bro?"

The gray mouse spun around seeking to pinpoint the familiar voice, revealing the prosthetic eye and eye patch as he did so. Spotting the bros he never thought he'd see again he came running across the field toward them, and was met half way there by two equally stunned Biker Mice.

"Modo?" Vinnie found his voice first. "Gods Modo it's really you."

"Throttle, Vinnie?" Modo said in disbelief. "Oh man, it's good to see you guys." He said as he tried to hug them both at once, overwhelmed in a good way.

"Damn, Bro. How'd you end up here?" Throttle asked as he thumped the big mouse on the back.

"Not the same way we did I hope," Vinnie said sincerely.

"Well, I crashed here if that's what you mean." Modo said, still smiling. "Came down in the sea near here, these guys pulled me out. Took me a week to get the salt water out. I've been with 'em since then." He said easily. "Never thought I'd see either of you again."

"Sweet shade, it is good to be together again." Throttle breathed a sigh of relief. "How long have you been here?"

Modo thought about it for a moment. "Be seven months next week. Damn, I'd really kind of forgotten till you guys showed up." He said with a broad smile, not noticing as a shorter reddish-brown Mouse came up behind him.

"Modo-ra," a strong but young voice entered the gathering, earning an extremely startled look from Throttle. "Your Bros?"

"Yes, Thildon-ra." Modo smiled at the black-eyed mouse. "This is Throttle and Vinnie." He said indicating them in turn. "Bros, this is Thildon, my mate." He said affectionately.

"Mate?" Throttle nearly choked, staring at the significantly younger mouse in shock. He shook his head quickly. "Congrats, Bro. Looks like you made a hell of a catch."

"Figures he'd be the first one to settle down though," Vinnie said weakly, looking disturbingly pale.

"Yeah, that I did." Modo grinned, and then looked at Vinnie with some concern. "You okay, Bro? You look pale, even for you."

"Let's get that collar off him." Throttle focused instantly on his Bro.

"I think I need to sit down," he replied shakily, his body beginning to tremble in Throttle's arms again.

"Okay, Bro." Throttle replied instantly, moving back to the building they'd just been in.

"I think you need to lie down, bro." Modo, said concerned.

"I'll be okay," Vinnie told the gray mouse, having to remember he was looking at Modo and not Throttle. The reassurance might have been more effective if he'd been able to keep his voice steady. "Throttle'll take care of me."

"We'll take care of you Bro." Throttle said

"Yes, I'm sure." Modo smiled as Vinnie was settled back in the hammock. "Doesn't mean I'm not gonna look out for you too. We're bros, after all."

"I'll get the healer." Thildon said quietly before darting off.

"I'm okay," Vinnie protested weakly. "Today's just been ... and the last week or so." His grip around Throttle's shoulders tightened as the white mouse tried to keep himself upright.

"You are not okay, Bro." Throttle said with soft sternness. "Now lie down."

"Just lay back in the hammock, Vinnie." Modo said gently. "Thildon will be back with the healer shortly."

"What happened?" The softly commanding voice of Summer's Green preceded the matronly healer's appearance, followed by the smaller rusty mouse.

"For fuck's sake," Vinnie muttered softly. "I'm gonna be okay. I just need to take it easy a bit."

"Not sure ma'am." Modo said with his usual respect for the healer. "But he became quite pale suddenly."

"I'll be the judge of that, young'un." The old mouse walked up to Vinnie and began to gently examine him.

The white mouse sighed softly and submitted himself to her examination, convinced everyone as making to big a deal out of it.

"He is correct." She smiled gently and turned to take a small leather pouch from her healing kit and handed it to Throttle. "He needs rest, calm, and if you can get him to drink a palm full of these herbs mixed with water, it will help him recover faster." She fixed her black eyes on Throttle. "That means no fooling around."

"Urr, umm, yes ma'am." The tawny mouse swallowed and nodded.

"He's not gonna do anything like that," Vinnie told her, probably the most confident thing he'd said since he arrived. "I just need some rest."

"And you're going to get it too." Modo said firmly, not quite sure what was going on between his two bros. He didn't think he'd ever seen Vinnie show an interest in males.

She gave the tawny mouse a curious look and shrugged. "The white one is correct. Let him rest, make sure he eats and drinks. I'll have Meesha bring the kit to remove his collar before dinner."

Despite what he'd just said Vinnie's hand snaked out to grab Throttle's wrist. "Stay," he insisted quietly.

"I'm not going anywhere, Bro." He snaked his tail up to wrap around a white wrist as Summer's Green made her way out.

Modo watched the interplay between the two curiously, wondering what had happened, but seeing that Vinnie was in no shape for story telling.

"Modo-ra," Thildon spoke softly, watching the pair. "Will they den with us?"

"They're my bros, Thildon-ra." Modo said softly. "But something has changed, and I'm not sure how it changes things." He said quietly enough that only his mate heard him.

"Come, mate." Thildon said softly, winding his tail around Modo's waist. "Let's prepare our den for the extra kin."

"Yeah, get some rest Vinnie. Look after him Throttle." He said softly. "It's really great to have you back, Bros."

"We will be back," Thildon smiled at the pair as he guided his mate out. "Rest well, brother."

Vinnie sighed softly as they left, leaving him and Throttle alone. The white mouse let go of his bro, closing his eyes and trying to relax in the hammock.

"Just when I thought things were turning out," He said softly. "Damn but I hate this planet."

Throttle looked at his Bro in confusion. "What did you think would turn out?"

"Everything. I mean, we got out of that place, we found Modo at last, we thought we had a way to get home." Vinnie sighed. "Pretty good."

"Yeah, we're still free, Modo's here, and we have the same chance of getting home." He shook his head, utterly at a loss. "What's going wrong?"

"Don't tell me you didn't see them Throttle," Vinnie said, darker emotions running beneath his voice. "I mean I don't know what the deal is with Modo, maybe he lost his mind a little, being alone. I saw their eyes Throttle, the whole lot of them are skinchangers."

A deep sigh escaped the tawny mouse. "I know, Bro." He said softly. "It's why I could call on them for help."

"Help? We need help now Throttle, if we can get it. Gods, Modo's been here seven months. Who knows what they've done to him?"

"Treated him very well, from the look of thing." Throttle shook his head. "Look Bro, like them on principle or not, they're Martian Mice, and they pulled your sorry tail out of a fatal situation no one else could because I claimed you as kin."

"They're not mice, they're ... even the gods wouldn't know what those things are." Vinnie's voice was grave and completely serious, a rare event. "I'll feel a hell of a lot better when we can get Modo away."

"Do you trust me to deal with this situation?" Throttle asked soft, just as gravely serious.

"Sure," Vinnie said, though not as quickly as he'd used to when the question came up. "Just don't forget what we're dealing with."

"I can never forget that, Bro." He promised quietly. "But not pissing these folks off is even more important than not pissing the palace folk off." Throttle said very sternly. "If it is handled correctly, we can simply walk away, with no one out to hunt us."

"They lied to you, you know. They can't get us home. If they could they would have gone themselves."

"To what, Bro?" The tawny mouse asked honestly. "To the same kind of war of extermination we faced at Plutarkian hands? To a dead world when they have this place? What reason would they have to return after six generations?"

"You're the one saying they're mice," Vinnie replied. "If they were they'd want to go home, just like we do."

"They want to live." Throttle countered simply.

"Sure, whatever," Vinnie said, shaking his head. "Mars is better off without them anyway. I can't believe they thought we were fucking."

"What is so impossible to believe about that, Bro?" Throttle looked at him sharply. "Modo took a male mate, and whether you return the interest or not, I do find you interesting that way."

"Modo's screwing one of those ... things!" Vinnie snapped back viciously, though he calmed down afterwards. "She said some stuff about you though."

"I expect so." He said softly, not at all liking the timing of this conversation.

"It was ... I had other things on my mind."

"It's enough that it's bugging you Bro." Throttle prompted quietly. "Biker Mice stick together."

"But we didn't, did we?"

"Vinnie, we did our best." Throttle sighed. "And we're back together now."

"Yeah. I guess you're right."

"Of course I'm right, Bro." He squeezed the white mouse's shoulder. "Sometimes we have to do things we're less than happy about, to make things happen the way they need to. Be civil to these people. They can get us home, and they're protecting us from that sadist. Just getting us out of the palace and feeding us is worth a little cooperation."

"You ... all right," Vinnie conceded, clearly unhappy about it. "For a while."

"A while is all we need, Bro." Throttle said softly. "Just try to keep that temper of your under control. No one is going to force you here."

"They'd better not try anything," Vinnie scowled. "Or there'll be trouble."

"A lot of it." Throttle nodded, a deadly serious edge on his voice. "But you remember that interest or asking is not 'trying something'. You've got the looks that will draw interest here like everywhere."

"They can fucking well keep their hands to themselves!" Vinnie replied, getting worked up again. "I'm not about to sleep with a skinchanger."

"Calm down Vincent Van Wham." Throttle growled low in his throat. "That is not what I'm talking about accepting and you know it. You just say no when you're asked."

"You've talked about accepting some fucking insane things recently," Vinnie pointed out.

Throttle glared at him for a moment before standing. "And if you think they were the wrong choices to get us out of a bad spot, you can leave. I'm staying with Modo and going back to Mars." He said with a snap of his tail and stalked out. "Unfuck your head Bro, then come talk to me about insane things."

"Love, what is wrong?" Thildon asked gently as he wrapped his tail around the bigger mouse's waist when they were in the relative privacy of their grass-walled home.

Modo sighed and put his flesh arm around his mate. "Just don't get it. We spent so long trying to find each other, and now it's like Vin doesn't want me around. We're supposed to be Bros." He said, trying sum up why he was so upset.

"He knows what I am, love." Thildon gently brought the metal arm around him too, before embracing the big gray mouse. "I saw it in him. He hates us on principle."

Modo sighed. "I was trying to avoid that thought. I wanted to think my Bros were better than that." He said holding the reddish-brown mouse close.

"He didn't try to kill me, he can learn." Thildon said softly. "He'll be alone if he can't, and you'll still have one Bro, and us."

"I hope he can learn." Modo said quietly. "Vin can be so stubborn. At least Throttle's okay with it, though he seemed pretty surprised." He smiled lightly.

"Well, we did just drop a hell of a surprise on him." Thildon grinned and stretched up to kiss his mate. "For an unblooded outsider to have a full Garou as a mate is going to surprise the blazes out of everyone who didn't know beforehand."

"You know I've been thinking about that." Moto said quietly. "I think there might be Garou in me, but it's really faint. Three or four generations back at least, if some of the stuff I remember my gray-furred mama telling me is right. Stuff I heard so long ago, that it took seven months to work its way out."

That made Thildon blink in real surprise. "I won't say impossible, but you didn't scan as kinfolk, love." He guided the big mouse to lay in their large double hammock with him. "Do you remember what she said?"

"It was back when I was real young, must have been the first time I ever heard about the hatred. I think I repeated something I heard at school, the way youngsters are prone to, and mama caught me up short. Asked me if I knew what I was talking about." He smiled softly. "She said hatred is bad enough but ignorant hatred is worse and it wasn't something she was gonna tolerate in her son. Then she said something softly about it not being right to hate kin, no matter how distant. Never thought much about it then, though I always had to watch my temper on the subject." He smiled. "Also remember mama being real anxious when my younger brother was due to be born. She looked him over real careful when the midwife handed him to her and said 'No sign.' real softly, seriously relieved." He said, going through the memories.

Thildon thought for a moment, digesting that against what he knew had been done when his mate first arrived. "Would you tell this Summer's Green, Chief Urrmi and KillFrost?" He asked softly, very seriously. "It is very important, love, if what you think is true."

"Of course, love, if it's that important." He said softly, nuzzling his mate that quickly turned into a sweetly gentle kiss.

"It's more important than when our mating was acknowledged by the elders, love."

"Even though it's that distant?" He asked curiously, remembering how important that acknowledgement had been.

"The blood is recessive, love." Thildon explained quietly, though he couldn't conceal all of his excitement at the idea. "Like your mama not being a shifter but worrying that her son might be, your kits could be Garou. Being kinfolk is much more important than being a Garou's mate. You could contribute to the rebirth of our kind."

Moto smiled. "That'd be good." He said quietly. "Do I talk to them all at once? How should I go about this?" He asked softly, wanting to this right because of how much it clearly mattered to Thildon.

The rusty mouse forced himself to calm down before answering. "You need to remember what she said, if there was anything about a particular territory or animal your family is tied to or seems to like. The more you can tell them, the easier this will be. Just tell them what you told me, answer their questions, and try to relax when KillFrost does her thing."

"When should I tell them, and can you be there when this is going on?" He asked, a touch nervous suddenly.

"I'm definitely going to be there. I'm the one who will be bringing it to their attention." Thildon held his mate comfortingly. "I'll repeat what you told me, and ask them to consider your heritage again. If they agree, they will ask you to tell them why you think you may be kinfolk, and why you didn't bring it up when you found out about us." He nuzzled the big mouse reassuringly. "It'll be okay, love. You've got manners drilled into you. That's all you need. There's no real script for this."

"Okay, love." Modo said, nuzzling his mate back. "Its kind of weird, that what worried mama could actually turn out to be a good thing. I think she'd like that."

"Your mama didn't want to persecuted for her blood." He murmured, kissing the big mouse with gentle passion. "One last roll before you are kinfolk, love?"

"You know I'm always up for that." He grinned, as his tail sliding under the rusty mouse's loincloth to curl around his mate's balls in a gentle caress.

"Still polite to ask." Thildon rumbled, his own tail working up to loosen Modo's soft leather pants. "With your Bros close enough to hear if we get too noisy.

"They know we're mates." He said quietly. "Though I got the impression that some people around here think Vinnie and Throttle are mates." He chuckled at the idea of Vinnie letting anyone fuck him.

"Throttle wants it, acts like it." Thildon shrugged slightly as his tail deftly removed the soft dark blue leather covering his mate's legs. "With Vinnie out of it, it's is a courtesy to assume mate-rights for him. As close as you three are, you deserve them. You're tighter than any pack I know of."

"We were." Modo said quietly. "But we've never been mates, or even fooled around. And Vinnie is strictly females only, aggressively so. Either Throttle's interest is new, or he just kept it hid for years." He murmured, as he worked his tail between his mate's legs to tease at the pucker of his asshole.

"He's kept bigger secrets." Thildon murred as his hands explored Modo's body, as keenly interested in it as their first time together. "If Vinnie is so aggressive about it, he probably has kept it under wraps."

Modo put a few things together, as his hand gently caressed his mate's back. "Throttle's Garou isn't he?" He asked softly, though his tone made it statement as much as question.

"Kinfolk," the smaller warrior nodded slightly. "First generation. His mother's glory is known even here, though she fought on Mars. Death Angel of the Golden Night Sept was the finest alpha and warrior in history."

"Gods, that's gotta make it rough dealing with Vinnie's hatred." He said quietly. "Funny though, I've always felt closer to Throttle." He mused softly.

"He's a leader, he'll manage, if anyone can." Thildon said softly. "Vinnie is the one in for the rough time. He has to adjust, or loose everything."

"I hope he adjusts." Modo said softly, nuzzling his mate. "Especially since Throttle's in love with him."

"He loves you to, Modo." Thildon said softly, his hands playing over hard muscle and mechanical parts with equal tenderness.

"Not the same way, I'm guessing." He smiled. "We're bros and there's love in that." He said quietly.

"Maybe," he smiled and kissed Modo affectionately. "But don't be shy if he wants to kiss you."

"I won't, as long as you don't mind." He said, after holding the kiss for a little while.

"He's your Bro." Thildon smiled affectionately. "I can't object to you being closer to him. Besides, he has a really cute ass."

"That he does." Modo chuckled, as the realization hit him that he'd never really considered Throttle in that light before. "And so do you." He murred, running his hand down his mate's back to caress the ass in question.

"Mmm, and you like to use that ass, don't you?" Thildon rumbled, pushing back into the contact.

"You know it, love." Modo rumbled deeply and slipped his hand under his mate's tail to stroke the furless pucker as Thildon shifted to put his back to his mate's chest and pressed back against Modo's groin.

Modo nuzzled his mate's neck, as he pressed his swelling sheath against the younger mouse's ass. While they ground together, he reached his hand around to fondle his mate's full sheath and balls drawing several low moans from the rusty mouse.

The big gray mouse smiled, and pressed the tip of his now fully hard cock against the entrance to his mate until it slid inside as he pulled him back towards him.

"Ohhh, yeah." Thildon moaned deeply, wrapping his tail around Modo's hips, pulling them tighter and giving him some control over the thrusting. Moto began moving his hips thrusting into his mate, as his tail played up the inside of the younger tom's thigh to fondle and caress his cock and balls while Thildon moaned and reached back to claim dark gray fur just to have something for his hands to do as he quickly reached the edge in the rhythmic swaying of the hammock.

Modo's moans became louder and closer together as he approached the edge, his thrusts quickening. Suddenly, one moan turned into a deep chested roar as the big mouse emptied his seed into his smaller mate. Thildon whimpered softly but held out, waiting for his mate to catch his breath.

"Cover your back, love?" He asked hotly, his tail teasing Modo's hole.

"Oh, yeah." Modo rumbled, turning in the hammock so his back was against Thildon's chest. "Give it to me, love." He murred as he wrapped his tail around Thildon's waist.

"Any time you want, ra-ka." He whispered and sank into the warm, tight space, trembling as he avoid coming immediately.

Modo moaned as he felt the pleasant sense of fullness he got with Thildon buried in his ass. There was a moment of stillness before Thildon began to thrust; slow, gentle strokes indented to keep the rusty mouse hard as long as possible.

The big gray mouse relaxed into the slow, gentle rhythm, enjoying the sensations. He rumbled and moaned in arousal as his mate continued thrusting.

"Oh, sweet Mars." Thildon groaned against Modo's shoulders as he pressed close against the bigger male, his arms sliding up to embrace his chest as his tail kept Modo's hips in place.

"Oh, yeah." Modo moaned, as he ran his hands tenderly along the smaller male's arms.

Modo and Thildon were finishing up setting up when a scratching on the flap drew their attention.

"Come in." Modo replied.

"Hi, Bro." Throttle smiled to see the pair. "How's it going?"

"Pretty good." Moto smiled. "You've been arguing with Vin, haven't you?" He asked worriedly, though there wasn't any disapproval, just concern.

"Yeah," the naked mouse dropped unceremoniously into one of the smaller hammocks. "He can be so pig-headed sometimes. I don't get it."

"Can't say I do either, Bro." He said putting his flesh hand on Throttle's shoulder supportively. "'Cause he just bought into all the propaganda too solidly to think for himself." He said with trace of sadness.

"It's not just that Bro." Throttle sighed, desperately wishing he could close his eyes and block out the world for a little while. "Ever since we crashed here he's done *everything* in his power to make things worse for himself, and us. You have any idea how bad it has to be that I can't bribe our way out of a prison? I know he doesn't like guys, but damn, how can that be worth being tortured and raped, then sent to the pits? And drag me with him."

"Bro, he probably viewed it as getting raped either way." He sighed. "Vin's pride has always been his weakness. In his mind, death was probably preferable to submitting to rape." He said softly, rubbing the tawny mouse's shoulder comfortingly. "And he probably didn't get that they'd punish you for his actions, its not the way he thinks."

"No, probably not, even after being told and watching it." The tawny mouse shuddered. "Gods, I'm glad he was far enough drugged out he didn't remember what I did to stop them from touching him."

"You did what you had to." Modo said reassuringly. "Same as we both have always done to survive, and protect each other."

"I know," He murmured. "It's just not a lot of comfort right now, knowing he'd rather take the pain than that kind of pleasure. But he was begging for it to stop. I couldn't stand hearing him like that. Vision is blazen *evil*."

"The palace is evil." Modo said quietly. "Vision is merely a facet." He shook his head, going on the few stories he'd heard. "Throttle, for him it isn't pleasure." He said sighing. "And he's not the most adaptable mouse."

"I'm figuring that out." Throttle shuddered. "This isn't going to be an easy transition. From the look of things here, the stories of the hidden tribes that would retake Mars are true."

"That's what they've told me." Modo said easily. "There are more Mice on these islands than there are on Mars."

"And all Garou or kinfolk, I expect." He smiled nostalgically. "Gods, it's good to be among kin again."

"Yeah, I like it here too." He said sincerely, with an affectionate smile for Thildon. "My 'outlandish' ideas don't get me into trouble here." He chuckled, remembering the first conversation he and Thildon had had.

"Still think that's one of the sickest things Mars ever came up with. Tolerance being outlandish." Throttle spat, his temper rising again before he controlled it. "Shouldn't be taking this out on you Bro."

"It's okay, Bro." Modo said softly. "I happen to agree. And if you can't vent to your Bro, who can you vent to?"

"No one I should be." He managed a momentary grin. "I am *so* not looking forward to when Vinnie's problems can't be delayed anymore."

Modo nodded. "Yeah, its not gonna be good. But you can only protect him so far. Right now, I don't even trust myself to talk to him." He sighed deeply. "After all the three of us have been through together."

"It's going to be an issue of heritage that could break us apart." He shook his head. "It's just not right."

"If he's not willing to see things the way they really are, I don't see a solution." Modo said softly, his voice full of regret. "He's already rejected me."

"Not completely, Bro." Throttle reached out to touch him.

"You think so?" Modo asked tiredly, leaning into the touch. "He doesn't even want me around."

"I think that had more to do with wanting me alone, Bro." Throttle said softly. "We just went through a lot together."

"Maybe, but there was something in the way he looked at me." He said quietly. "Been a long time since somebody looked at me like that."

"He saw me, my eyes, when he looked at you." Thildon said softly. "He hates ... I've never seen that kind of hate. Not even in Far Walk, and she turned the spiral."

"I have." Modo said quietly. "Same reason, just never thought Vinnie had that kind of sickness in him."

"A sickness I don't know how to cure." Throttle murmured painfully. "We always killed them to stop it. I can't do that, let it happen. Not to him."

"I don't know either, Bro." Modo sighed. "Just sounds like Vinnie's intent on getting himself killed one way or another. We've never had to protect Vinnie from Vinnie like this before."

"We have to, Bro." Throttle leaned against the bigger mouse. "He's our Bro. Sick or not, he's ours. I won't abandon him because he's sick."

"I know." Modo said putting an arm around his Bro. "It's just more complicated then it used to be. But we'll figure something out."

"Or someone smarter than us will." He signed and leaned into the contact, coming down from his stay at the palace for the first time. "We can out-stubborn him if we have to."

"Oh, you'll figure something out." Modo said confidently, as he held the tawny mouse. "You always do."

"We'll just out-stubborn him if we have to." He repeated resolutely. "I am not going to loose him after all this."

"Hello, Vinnie." A pleasant female voice called to him after dark, smells of flavorful food wafting in with her rounded form and sexy walk.

"Hey," The white mouse replied non-commitally from the hammock where he'd dozed for most of the day.

"Up for eating something?" The pretty blond furred mouse sat down next to him, a tray with fruit, meat and two bowls in her hands. "You look a lot better than when you got pulled out of that hell-hole."

"I am kinda hungry," he admitted. "The only time they brought me food back there was when they wanted to screw me."

"Ewe," she made a decidedly distasteful face and held the tray out to him. "Well no one here is going to touch you like that unless you want to bed them. And if anyone tries, you tell. Your Bros and the chief. It's a serious offence."

"I can take care of myself," he said as he took the tray, setting it across his lap. "Don't worry."

"I expect you can." she smiled gently with a glance over his prone form. "You're obviously as much a warrior as either of them."

"I've always fought," he replied, "Even before the Plutarkians and the resistance."

"I expect so." She smiled, light blue eyes sparkling in the firelight.

"This meat is good," Vinnie commented, licking his fingers. "What is it?"

"Shy Bird." She smiled, her tail flicking playfully in the air. "They are very large, flightless birds that fish the waters here. It's considered a difficult catch."

"It'd want to be, tasting like this," Vinnie chuckled.

"A good cook helps with that too." She chuckled. "My name is Path."

"Path? That's an odd name for a mouse. I'm Vinnie Van Wham."

"It's mine." She shrugged. "How'd you end up in that pit?"

"I had a disagreement with the sicko in charge," he told her.

"I meant with that nasty thing in the first place." She motioned at his collar.

"Oh," Vinnie said thinking about it for the first time. "I think they drugged us. Voyd said he was going to try and send us back home across the Ley. That's pretty much the last thing I remember."

"Well, if you feel strong enough when you're finished eating, we can get it off."

"That'd be good," he nodded. "Some clothes wouldn't hurt."

Path blinked. "If you don't mind a marginal fit, I can grab something for you now."

"I haven't worn anything since I woke up on this planet," Vinnie said.

"Is that a 'I don't mind if it only sort of fits'?" She asked uncertainly.

"Yeah, I guess it is," Vinnie nodded. "We can sort something else out once we get home."

"I'll be back in a bit then." Path smiled at him and left, moving quickly without rushing. She returned a few minutes later with an armful of leathers and cloth. "I wasn't sure what you'd prefer, so I brought a couple choices. They should all fit respectably well until a set is made for you."

Vinnie drew himself up into a sitting position and started going through the pile. "Hey this looks like ... it is! A dress! I am not wearing a dress." Continuing on he found something that was more to his tastes, an open jacket and a loose pair of pants.

"What do you think?" He asked once he was dressed.

"The vest is very nice." She smiled, honestly appreciating the look. "It's a shame to cover that much of your body up, but it looks pretty good. Definitely needs to be in creams and kalli green though." She commented absently as she regarded the outfit, walking around him critically. "You'll need boots to go with it too."

"I don't think we'll be hanging around long," the white mouse replied as he settled back in the hammock, sitting rather than lying down.

"I don't think Summer's Green will want you beginning such a journey before lunch." Path looked at him seriously. "Just getting the supplies sorted out will take a few says."

"Maybe," Vinnie nodded. "We won't be getting comfortable is what I'm saying."

"That's you're choice, Vinnie. You are welcome here." She smiled gently at him. "Want to get that ugly thing off now?"

"Please, yes. We were going to get it off this morning, but I wasn't quite up to it."

"Well feel free to lean against me if you don't feel great." She said and turned to lead him out. "You should get that thing off."

"I'm a lot more steady now," Vinnie told her confidently, glancing around nervously as he stepped out of the hut. "I really can take care of myself."

"Of course you can." Path nodded easily and led him across the open compound to a grass construct like any other in the circle. She waved and greeted all those who passed, mice of all ages and descriptions, though shining black eyes and combat confidence were probably with a third of those he saw.

He tried not to let his feelings show, for Throttle's sake, but his hands curled into fists when he saw those black eyes staring back. He cast his gaze back down to the ground, following Path's feet rather than look at those faces any longer than he had to.

Path clearly noticed, though she remained silent as she scratched on the door flap of one of the buildings, then entered, motioning Vinnie to follow. The white mouse stepped through, relaxing a little as the flap fell closed behind him.

"How does this thing come off anyway? I spent a long time fiddling with it but I could never get it to budge." He asked as his eyes feel on a pair of glass black eyes set in a black face, speckled with the gray of age.

"A chemical reaction sealed it, another removes it." The older mouse fem said simply. "Kneel with your back to me, kit, and it will be off shortly."

Vinnie didn't say anything, but the muscles in his jaw bulged as he turned around and got to his knees, every single motion carefully choreographed.

"You think I am a skin-shifter." The ender female said as he felt the warmth of her hand just below the collar then a sizzling, popping sound.

"You don't want to know what I think," Vinnie replied, a dark and threatening note audible in his voice.

"I see," she murmured as the golden strip fell to the ground at his knees with a clank. "All done, kit."

"Good," Vinnie said shortly as he got back to his feet, running a hand around his neck where the collar had been.

"You don't seem to have any abrasion damage, but I'm sure Summer will want to check it out and apply some cream anyway."

"I will be fine," Vinnie insisted, seemingly for the millionth time, before he stepped out of the hut. He heard Path thank the black female before following him out.

"They all look the same," he said in embarrassed frustration, waving his arm at the circle of huts. "I don't remember which one I was in."

"That one," she pointed across the circle. "There are markers, they just aren't the huts themselves."

"Right," he said, making his way around the outside at a determined pace, Path quietly at his heals until the flap closed behind them. Vinnie was muttering something under his breath as he at back down, picking over the remains of the food she'd brought in before.

"She's not a skin-shifter, Vinnie."

"Don't bullshit me!" Vinnie hissed violently, angrily. "You think I've never seen things like that before? You think I don't realize Modo's sleeping with one of those filthy beasts?"

"Thildon is a shifter, Narra is not." She said simply, ignoring his outburst."

Vinnie scowled, pacing back and forth in the confines of the hut. "Don't bullshit me," he repeated.

"Why would I?" She looked at him quietly, utterly calm in the face of his emotional storm.

"Why the fuck wouldn't you? Living here with Blackeyes. Shit, you're probably one yourself."

"Hope. Not a shifter, not a Blackeye, and nothing to gain that I can think of by lying to you right now."

"Get out of my face," Vinnie scowled, still visibly agitated.

"All right." Path shrugged and turned to leave. "I'm sure your Bro will be by eventually."

"Evening, Bro." Throttle's voice was even and calm as he entered the hut several hours after Path had left.

"Is it? I guess my sense of time is still kinda screwed up."

"A couple hours past dinner." The tawny mouse nodded and sat down on a pile of soft fibers on the form, dressed in a loincloth and vest similar to Vinnie's.

"I ate before," Vinnie told him, lying in the hammock with his arms crossed over his chest. "I'm not hungry."

"You're riled though." He made the simple statement of fact.

"You knew I would be."

"Yeah, I did, Bro." He nodded. "Ready to vent?"

"We've been through this. I'm gonna say it's impossible, and you're gonna say we have to bide our time. It's exactly what happened back in that room," Vinnie let the frustrations that had been building since their arrival start to show. "Damn it Throttle, one of those things is fucking Modo. It's putting itself inside him. How the fuck can you be okay with that?"

"I am, because Modo is." He shook his head.

"Modo's been here for months. For all we know he never had a choice, just like us."

"No one is holding us here, Bro." Throttle pointed out quietly. "I've only asked you to stay for a while."

"We're going home Throttle. Soon. You, and me and Modo, and we'll leave the beasts here to do whatever the hell they want."

"You'll have to take that up with Modo." Throttle said simply. "But you are right about going home, and soon."

"How soon?"

"When the supplies for a month long march through hostile territory can be put together."

"Hostile territory? Yeah, I guess they'd be guarding that bridge thing." Vinnie chewed at his lower lip as thought about it. "This isn't gonna be easy. Blackeyes pack a hell of a punch."

Throttle sighed and shook his head, the sick knot in his gut starting to wear on his tolerance. "Hostile territory is the path itself. There's no one to guard where it opens."

"It's home Throttle," Vinnie said, his tone softer than any he'd used since the other mouse came in. "If the stinkers aren't gone by now ... if we didn't take care of them ... then there's not gonna be much left."

"They aren't completely gone." Throttle informed him. "But there is very little left anyway."

"How do know that?"

"I keep track of them, as I can." He sighed slightly.

"Months," Vinnie muttered, letting it slide. "You mean I'm gonna have to be around these Blackeyes for months?"

"Say that again and I will deck you, Bro." Throttle couldn't keep it down anymore.

"Fucking hell," Vinnie muttered, getting to his feet. "Here we go again. Why don't you take a good shot Throttle? Fucking Blackeyes. Filthy beasts, animals pretending to be ...." The rest of the white mouse's rant was cut off by a fist landing squarely at his jaw with the full force Throttle could put behind it. Vinnie's head snapped around, the white mouse staggering a couple of steps but staying on his feet.

"Pretending to be mice," Vinnie snarled as he lashed out with a blow of his own, his fist arcing into Throttle's stomach. Despite doubling the tawny mouse over, the blow barely registered as Vinnie was treated to a new sight: the flicker of red rage behind Throttle's green shades as a tail wrapped around his neck from behind and Throttle dropped to the ground, forcing him off balance. He stumbled, reaching out for one of the poles that supported the hammock to steady himself. At the same time he reached his other hand behind his neck, grabbing hold of the flexible appendage and twisting it in an attempt to force it to release him.

While the maneuver would have worked, he didn't get the time before the tail and body controlling it flung him through the grass wall. Vinnie's body hit the ground and rolled into the darkness outside the circular encampment, lying still for a moment and gasping for breath. Before he could regain his feet a monstrous form exploded from the hut, landing squarely on top of the white mouse to an incredible amount of commotion around them.

"Some of us pretend very well, Bro." Throttle's voice, deeper and very angry, rumbled from the tawny beast above him.

"No," Vinnie's voice was raw, his body doing it's best to get out from under the weight holding him against the ground. "No, not you."

"You probably know of my mother, Bro." The Throttle-monster didn't let him up, hatred and pain dripping from every line and word. "Death Angel of the Golden Night Sept. She died trying to make peace your kind. You skinned her alive and burned her body to the bone before dragging her behind a truck to dump with the trash. She never raised a claw. I watched the entire thing. This Blackeye monster found it in their soul to forgive and protect a Van Wham. You that much of a mouse, Bro? To be better than a Blackeye monster pretending to be a mouse?"

After several deep breaths to collect himself from his own rant Crinos-Throttle let the white mouse up and slowly shifted to his mouse form in a landscape of utter still silence. The white body in front of him curled in on it itself, arms and tail curling in around his body and hiding his face.

"Stay or go, Bro." Throttle said quietly. "You stay, you put that sick part of your soul away. You go, I won't spare you when we face off over Mars."

There was still no reply, but the white mouse slowly got to his feet, his tail wrapped tight around his own waist. He couldn't make himself look back up as Throttle walked off and the mood of the village went from shock to excitement that Death Angel's surviving kit was a shifter.

Vinnie let them all go, glad not to be the center of attention anymore. He stood in the darkness, tears beginning to fall as he turned away from the encampment and took his first lonely steps into the wilderness.

Modo ignored all the excitement and rushed to catch up with Throttle as he made his way to the rusty and black Crinos of the chief. "Bro, you all right?" He asked worriedly. "Damn, but that was impressive." He said admiringly.

"I guess." Throttle mumbled, quickly slipping into shock. "Mother has some bitchy timing."

Modo nodded, and put his arm around his Bro's shoulders. He didn't think Throttle looked in a good way, in fact he thought the mouse should be lying down. "I was really surprised to find out you're her son." He said quietly. "No wonder you're such a good leader, you came from one of the best." He said sincerely.

The tawny mouse nodded, then focused his full attention on the chief, who'd slipped back to homid.

"Path is watching him, Throttle-ki." Chief Urrmi preempted him gently. "All questions can wait until after you have rested." He said firmly. "Go with Thildon and rest. You will not be bothered." His gaze swept out over the rest of the village in a command.

Modo nodded. "Come on, Bro. You need to lie down." He said quietly, turning to guide his tawny bro back home, and getting no resistance from the unsteady mouse.

"Bro?" Throttle's voice was weak, tired and stressed as he shifted in the hammock. "Anything resembling food around?"

"I'll get you something." Modo said easily, standing.

"Thanks Bro." The tawny mouse mumbled and relaxed again.

A little while later Modo came back with a proper meal for Throttle. "Here you go, Bro." He said gently as the tawny mouse shifted to get up, settling on the ground with his back to a hammock support pole.

"Thanks." He took the tray. "Did you see what happened?"

"Got there at the end, right as you were letting Vin up." He said, sitting down near Throttle. "Saw you shift back from your umm... Crinos form, I think that's the right word." He said.

"Yes," Thildon nodded from the other side of the tawny mouse. "And a big one at that."

"That's what I thought happened." He shook his head and started eating, hungrier than he could remember being in a long time.

"I thought Kinfolk couldn't shift." Modo turned to Thildon curiously. "Of course, given who his mother was, maybe the rules are different."

"Not different, she just never accepted dieing a failure." Throttle said softly between bites. "She's never done *that* before, but I'm her only surviving descendant."

Modo looked at him curiously. "What do you mean? Is she like, trying to take you over or something?" He couldn't help but feel a little worried.

"No, she's too dedicated to the cause to rest or go on before Mars is united again." Throttle sighed, never forgetting the food. "Since Dark Reign died, her focus fell to me to get it done. Usually she just rants and give pointers or info, mostly ranting, but she can make things happen through me sometimes."

"So she decided Vin need to have the pants scared off him?"

"She decided that words weren't working, and then I made the first punch, and he hit back and she caused the transformation to back up my words." Throttle murmured. "The next couple days ain't goina be fun. That took a lot out of me."

"Well, I'm here for your Bro." Modo said firmly. "Though there's something I gotta get sorted out. But it can probably wait a couple days, can't it?" He turned to look at Thildon questioningly.

"Of course." The rusty mouse nodded. "Everyone will understand." He smiled slightly. "They'll probably appreciate the time, given what just happened."

"Good." Modo smiled. "Don't want to upset the wrong people, but looking after my Bro comes first."

"Love, we understand. We're pack creatures. The pack comes first." He smiled gently. "And everyone knows you two are even closer than that."

"Yeah, we've been through seven kinds of hell together." Modo smiled.

"Not much we haven't been through together, Bro." Throttle wrapped his tail around Modo's waist gently.

"Yeah, that's true." Modo smiled fondly. "Good times and bad, we've seen it all."

"And soon we'll see the freeing and rebirth of Mars." Throttle smiled for real.

"With these folks, yeah I think we've finally got a shot at it." He said with a smile. "Gives us a chance to finish what we started."

"Those stinking fish-faces won't know what hit them." Throttle grinned dangerously.

"Too bad we don't have our bikes." Modo said thoughtfully.

"Probably still on Earth, with Charley and driving everyone nuts." Throttle managed a weak chuckle.

"Cops probably don't know what to make of a bike driving itself." He chuckled weakly. "At least they like Charley."

"And she's good at keeping them in shape." Throttle smiled. "Damn, I miss her. I don't think I ever really told her she was one of us. Our Sis."

"Oh, I think she knew." Modo smiled softly. "But yeah, I miss her too. Hope she's okay without us there to keep the fishfaces at bay."

"Somehow, I think they might be in more trouble now." Throttle said softly. "I saw something in her ... she was hiding to protect us."

"I hope so. They deserve trouble." Modo said, even though he didn't have a clue what Throttle was talking about.

Irrational Feelings 7: An Act of War

R on Principle
Het Level is Low
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

54 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written August 31, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Vorex

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars, Haloeth

Primary Races: Human, Loup Maru, Martian Mice

Contents: Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Bigotry, Master/Slave (Non-Consensual), Slavery (Legal)

Pairings: Modo/Thildon, Throttle/Vinnie, others

Blurb: Vinnie may be grateful to be rid of the collar, but the mice villages are nothing he expected.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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