Irrational Feelings 9:
Broken Souls

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Vinnie didn't even notice when the ground turned to sand beneath his feet, but when water began splashing around his ankles his shuddering, staggering progress finally came to a halt. He had no idea how long he'd been walking for, or how far he'd come, aware only of his fear ad a desperate need to escape.

Eventually he collapsed in the fine sand, only stirring when the bright tropical sun found his eyes. He groaned softly, and wished he'd at least had the presence of mind to get up off the beach. There was sand all through his clothes. He sighed softly, looking out over what he realized must be the ocean. The water was calm and placid, but formed an impassable barrier for him nonetheless. If he'd had a boat the endless stretch of water would have been a blessing, offered some measure of safety, as it was he'd just have to choose a new direction, before the beasts caught up with him. He looked both ways along the coast. Neither direction immediately seemed better than the other. In the end he chose the path that he judged would take him further from the encampment and set off again.

By the time the sun was high, he had realized his other mistake: taking off without food or water. His thirst was especially painful with the ocean so close, but even Vinnie knew that drinking from it would be opening the door to disaster. He hadn't seen anything that struck him as a game animal, not that he'd have any means of killing one anyway, nor any sort of recognizable fruit. He tried not to think about it, trudging onwards despite the growling of his stomach.

As his throat began to complain painfully, Vinnie's nose picked up the unmistakable smell of fruit, roasting meat, and fresh water. He was immediately wary. It certainly wouldn't be below these things to try and trap him with the promise of food.

Despite the danger his hunger prodded him to approach. His entire body was tense, the mouse ready for shapeshifting monsters to spring up from any side. It was a nerve-wracking time, and it only got worse as he noticed the small encampment, not doubt the source of the smells.

"Come eat with me." A soft female voice spoke from behind him. He whirled around, raising his hands to defend himself. It was the woman, Path, who'd bought him food and the clothes he was wearing.

"You're following me," Vinnie accused.

"Of course I did." She smiled gently. "You took off without any supplies."

"You really shouldn't have done that," he growled softly.

"Why?" Path cocked her head. "You needed the supplies."

Vinnie didn't reply, his gaze dancing erratically around, flicking back to her ever couple of seconds to make sure she was still precisely where he expected her to be. Moving very slowly, he began to back away. "Where are the others?"

"There's no ambush, Vinnie." She said softly. "No one's here except me."

"You're lying," He growled, his head darting to either side as he continued to back away.

"Vinnie, what is so threatening about me that you won't take the supplies I brought for you?"

"You know what," he replied, almost spitting the words out. "You keep away from me."

"I am," Path said softly, not having moved since she'd first spoken. "I'm trying to help you."

"I never asked for your help," Vinnie retorted. "Keep your distance."

"You didn't need to." She said softly, still not moving. "You are kin."

"Like fuck I am!" Vinnie spat explosively. "I'm no kin of yours."

"You are my brother's Bro." She countered gently. "You are as much kin as Modo or Throttle." Path spoke the last name with a deep level of respect.

Vinnie's eyes narrowed as she spoke. "Just take off," he insisted. "Get out of here."

"I won't go far." Path told him as she vanished into the greenery.

Vinnie waited until she was gone and then turned to the camp, gathering up all the food he could carry with him. He didn't intend to hang around though, heading off even before he began to eat.

The white mouse greeted the sunlight with a groan for a hard night's sleep and long previous day. His nose told him he wasn't alone before he fully awake. That was enough to jerk him up to his feet, his lips curling back into a snarl as he recognized the woman standing a few feet away.

"You again," he muttered.

"I told you I wasn't going far." She said quietly. "It is not safe to sleep without a watch, and you were too tired to keep an eye open."

"I'd rather sleep alone than have one of you watch over me," Vinnie replied, savagely honest about his feelings.

"Tough." Path shrugged. "You're my brother's Bro, and I'm not going to let you get hurt out here just because you're angry."

"Deal with it lady. Deal with it and get the fuck away from me."

Path shrugged and stood. "Whether you see me or not, I will be close Vinnie. Like it or not."

"Get away from me," the white mouse screamed as she disappeared into the green again.

Vinnie's fist made a satisfying, meaty slap as he drove it into her face the next morning, catching her by surprise.

"Do you get the message now bitch?" He yelled as she rolled away and to her feet into a combat stance. "Stay the fuck away." He advanced on her, both hands curled into fists and his powerful frame almost trembling with anger and other, unreadable emotions.

Path was sure, though, that none of them spoke well of her as she backed away, suddenly very aware that her skills were not up to this war-hardened warrior. Despite it all, she flicked an innocuous hand signal to the Garou she knew were following to stay put.

"Get out of here," the mouse snarled as she continued to move away, quickly disappearing into the greenery.

He turned his back and hurried in the other direction. It'd be a small miracle is the skinchangers let him be for very much longer.

"Good morning, brother." A deep, gravely voice greeted Vinnie as his body grudgingly woke with the sun. "Striking a healer is unbecoming of a warrior of rank."

Vinnie lurched upright, his face twisting in hatred as he found himself surrounded by lounging skinchangers, no longer bothering to hide their bestial natures. "I told her I didn't want her around," Vinnie scowled, mustering all his defiance.

"And she is not." The dark gray-black leader spoke again, holding Vinnie with crystal blue eyes.

"I don't want you around either," Vinnie continued, his voice dropping half a tone into a low growl.

"Until your Bro arrives, that is not an option." The monster stated simply. "You are not to be left alone in your state."

Vinnie's hands combed through the short grass, searching for a rock or branch, anything he could use as a weapon against these monstrosities. He came up empty.

"You don't get to decide what I do or where I go, skinchanger." Vinnie said as he got to his feet, hoping he sounded more confident than he felt. "Get the hell out of my way."

"No." The huge beast stated simply, though he didn't move from his relaxed posture.

The white mouse curled his hands into fists as he walked towards it, though it was more to steady himself than for any value as a threat they might have had. Up close the creatures were even more horrifying than he remembered with their horns, saber fangs and strange animal legs. He could feel his stomach turning over. "Get out of my way."

"No." The Garou replied, apparently unconcerned by the threatening posture.

Vinnie glared for a moment and then stepped between the monster and the Blackeye next to it. They had him so closely penned in that he couldn't help but brush against one of them. The revulsion in his body was unmistakable, tension outlining each and every muscle beneath the light clothes.

Neither tried to stop him, but as he passed, he realized that the some of huge pack had shifted position, encircling him again even as he passed them by.

He ran.

His feet pounded against the dirt and sand as he tried to outpace the monsters, but it was no good. They had unnatural speed, and no matter how hard he tried he could never outpace them and always ended up in the center of a new circle of beasts. The last time he tried to hurdle the thing sitting in his way, but his foot struck it in the shoulder and he tumbled down into the dirt.

He caught the shift of motion as they moved, putting him back in the middle of the pack with a dozen plus paces between him and any beast as they just watching him calmly, quickly relaxing into a lounge as he'd stopped moving.

He scrambled to his feet and spun around until he found the Skinchanger that had spoken to him before. "Let me out of here you bastard!"

"My parents were bonded," the beast said easily. "And no, you are not going to be left alone."

"Your parents were rutting beasts," Vinnie spat, the venom rising in him.

"So?" It asked with an infuriately calm voice.

Vinnie just gave a wordless snarl, dropped one shoulder and charged at it, slamming into it with all the force he could muster, only to find he had no target when he reached the spot, the Garou having leapt straight up and to the side, the pack shifting again to put him in the center.

Vinnie stumbled, off balance, and ended up face down in the dirt.

"Stop playing with me damnit!" Vinnie raved as he got back to his feet, glaring at them wildly as he singled out the skinchanger he was after.

"Very well." The speaker said agreeably, setting into motion a rush of activity as the pack moved from containment to attack postures, clearly sizing him up and choosing their strategy.

Vinnie didn't even take a moment, just rushing the monster again, who danced out of the way as a relatively small black one moved faster than the eye could see to twist the white mouse on his back in the sand and pinned him there by laying on him with enough of her weight to prevent him from moving, her forearms crossed over his chest and his tail pinned under one foot.

"Now just relax will you?" A decidedly feminine voice came from the creature looking down at him. "You're not going to be hurt, but we're not going to let you get hurt either. If that means we have to literally sit on you to keep you safe, we can do that."

Vinnie just went berserk. He thrashed wildly, though her powerful grip and weight kept him from actually moving all that much. He was almost frothing at the mouth as he desperately tried to escape the grip that held him.

"This one's going to take some work." A low female voice sighed as the world went black for the white mouse.

Vinnie had no idea how long he was out, but when he came around there was no weight on top of him, no one touching him, and no smell of Garou nearby. One scent was however, and it was intimately familiar.

"Throttle," Vinnie moaned, lifting one hand to the back of his head.

"Right here, Bro." The tawny mouse answered from just out of touch range.

"Gods, what ..." the question was cut off before it could even be asked as knowledge of what had happened came flooding back.

"You going to hit me again?" Throttle asked quietly.

Vinnie didn't say anything, letting out a long sigh as he settled down against the ground. "They're still out there, aren't they?"

"Not in normal hearing range." He answered quietly.

Vinnie pulled himself up into a sitting position, keeping his back to the other mouse. "There's nothing normal about them," he said softly.

"No, there isn't." Throttle agreed, using his tail to pass a field ration pack and canteen over, setting it on the ground where Vinnie could see it.

"And you're one of them."

"Yes, Bro." He acknowledged quietly.

Vinnie took the food he'd been offered and ate it in silence. In the darkness every sound was audible, leaving only the heavy, torn sound of the white mouse's breath once he was done.

"You've killed a Garou, haven't you, Bro?" Throttle asked in the dark silence.

It might have been a laugh, though it didn't sound like an enjoyable experience. "More than a couple."

That dropped the tawny mouse into silence, wrestling with demons of his own at knowing the mouse he loved was one of the murders of his family.

"You can't be one of those things." The trembling of Vinnie's voice was getting worse. Even he was coming to the end of his stubborn-ness. "You can't."

"You can't be a cold blooded murderer of mothers and children." Throttle murmured shakily. "I can't love a murderer, my Bro."

"Clawed my brother's guts out," Vinnie replied, a little force coming back into his voice. "Nothing cold-blodded about it."

"Skinned my mother alive and burned her still beating heart from her body when she asked for peace." Throttle countered softly. "Nothing honorable or even decent about it."

"And had a party afterward. I got laid twice."

"I should have killed you when I saw you in the rebel camp." Throttle muttered softly. "But *nooo*, I had to give a damn promise to her that I wouldn't weaken Mars' defenses any more than they were." He spat, the canteen in his hand shattering on the ground next to the white mouse. "Why shouldn't show you what her death felt like?" He growled deep in his chest. "Or something you fear so much worse."

"You gonna rape me now?" Vinnie asked, though there was little enough fire in his voice. "Typical beast. You were bloody well drooling for it back in that room."

Throttle just shook his head, most of the rage dissipating with the irritatingly familiar spirit touch of his mother. "No, but I think you should meet someone. Again."

"There's no one here I want to see," Vinnie replied quickly. "This is, by far, the crappiest planet we've been on."

"That include Modo, and me?" Throttle asked quietly.

Vinnie made a soft, miserable noise in the back of his throat, choked off when he heard how pathetic he sounded.

Throttle sat back down, in his previous position, and let the silence reign.

"People keep telling me things about you," Vinnie said softly, his voice no stronger for the change in topic.

"Like what?" He accepted the subject.

Even though he'd chosen the topic, Vinnie hesitated. "There's been, I dunno, five or six people I guess. Saying that you ... that you loved me."

"Including me, Bro, a couple of times." Throttle nodded, though the white mouse couldn't see him. "I do."

"Fuck," Vinnie replied, though that hardly seemed sufficient to express how screwed up the situation was.

"I came to terms with not doing that with you years ago." Throttle sighed.

Throttle could almost hear the angry drawing of breath as Vinnie went to say something. He did hear the other mouse's teeth clack together as he stopped himself and let silence hold again.

Neither mouse spoke for quite some time.

"What the hell were you thinking?"

When?" Throttle sighed, thinking of far too many possible answers.

"I burnt her Throttle, and plenty of other Blackeyes besides. I never made that I secret. I'm fucking proud of it."

"I promised I wouldn't kill you." He sighed. "The rest, just kind of happened."

"Bet you feel like an idiot now."

Throttle sighed. "As much as I'd prefer it, no, I don't."

"Damnit, how the fuck do you expect me to be okay with this?"

"You think it's any better for me?" Throttle countered.

"Yeah, yeah I do. No-one's chasing you, you don't have beasts and fucking monsters sitting on you, or playing silly fucking games with your head." There was a soft thud, followed by another. "If I'd told you there was a psycho serial-murderer fucking Modo you wouldn't be so calm about it."

"Except I know better."

"You're just on the same team."

"Is that how it's going stay?" Throttle asked quietly.

"You want me to say I'm sorry about what I did? I'm not. That I'm happy about Modo and that ... guy? I'm not. I cannot look at them without feeling sick."

"He's your Bro, and he's happy." Throttle pointed out.

"I know," Vinnie replied bitterly.

"And he's like me." He added softy, sure the new test would prove out.

"You think that makes me feel better?"

"No," Throttle shrugged slightly. "Just something you should know."

"Great," Vinnie murmured. "Thanks so much."

"Should I feel sorry that you can't see your enemy when he's guarding your back?" Throttle grumbled.

"Don't put this on me," Vinnie growled, "Don't pretend we weren't justified. We had the numbers then, and you've got them now, but she wasn't called Death Angel because she had a nice smile."

Throttle actually laughed at that, a bitter, sarcastic sound. "Gods, ignorance and hatred. You are a wonder sometimes, Bro. If you were justified, tell me why, when it started, you needed to exterminate us to survive?"

"You take mice. Real mice. Modo sure as hell didn't know he was one of you when he got here, hell, he didn't seem to know it when we got here. No one's got a problem with that ... whatever his name is fucking him blind. You take mice and put monsters inside them."

Throttle laid back on the ground and stared up at the starts. "You're sure about that Bro?"

"I know it," Vinnie said, sounding sure for the first time since he woke up. "You want me, I know it. If I'd been a woman I'd be birthing freaks."

"No, you wouldn't be." Throttle said softly. "Not by me at least."

"Balls don't work?" It was supposed to be cutting, but he just couldn't manage the stinging edge. No on something so personal.

"Oh, they work fine." Throttle chuckled softly. "I won't breed outside my bloodline. Too risky."

Vinnie snorted. "Pity they're not all so smart."

"So how do you know that?"

"How do you think? When girls start running in from the dark with their clothes torn, saying things you don't even want me to repeat. Most of them never even denied it, hell some of them gloated ... but only 'till we lit them up." There was no mistaking the emotion in Vinnie's voice, hatred and revulsion, pure and vibrant.

"Figures." Matching emotions in Throttle flared just as bright, the whip-snap of his tail on the ground a warning that sent most sane people heading elsewhere.

"Figures? That we watch out for our own? Damn right we do, Blackeyes found that out all over Mars."

"Ignorant hypocrite." The tawny mouse growled and rolled to his feet silently.

"Fuck you," Vinnie told the darkness. "You're the one came running out there after me."

Vinnie moaned, something which was getting to be a daily ritual when he woke. The ground was just too hard to make it a pleasant experience. At least there was no circle of beats to greet him this morning though. Just Throttle, sitting a little way off and concentrating fiercely on something in his hands.

While a slight twitch of his ears indicated the tawny mouse was aware of his companion's return to the waking world, he didn't look up or otherwise acknowledge it.

"There's no way I can get off this island, is there?" Vinnie asked without preamble.

"There are a lot of ways off." Throttle said without looking up. "That are available to you without making some kind of deal with the village, just swimming. Unless you can make a boat yourself."

"That's pretty much what I figured," Vinnie nodded. "I'm not that good a swimmer."

"And all the islands around here are just more Garou." He added quietly.

Vinnie swore under his breath. "There must be thousands of them."

"About seven thousand here." Throttle nodded.

"And they can make those bridges back to Mars whenever they want? Gods."

"Now they can." Throttle nodded.

"Because of us." Vinnie's voice was ashen. "They didn't know where to go until we told them."

"Until I told them." Throttle corrected quietly. "I know which points are still live."

"How ... no, It's okay. I already know."

"Probably not." Throttle shrugged. "But it doesn't exactly matter."

"No, I do understand. You want to go home."

Throttle finally paused and looked up at him. "No, you don't understand. Not this, or anything about me, from what you've said so far."

"I guess that's not really a surprise," the white mouse replied, resigned. "I thought you were something else."

"Not really." Throttle said softly. "You thought I was something less. Crippled like you."

"I thought you were a mouse," Vinnie said frankly. "I thought you were my Bro, but the last couple of weeks have opened my eyes about a lot of things."

"Like I said, crippled." He shrugged. "So you learned something that was always true. Just cause the info is new to you, doesn't make it *new*. I'm no different than I was a month ago."

"So you would always have tried to convince me to lie down and get raped?" Vinnie snorted. "Reassuring Throttle, really."

"If we'd landed in *that* situation, yes." He nodded. "I accepted it when possible, but in that situation just my body wasn't going to keep us alive."

"I didn't ..." Vinnie turned towards Throttle and took a step toward him, but didn't seem to know what to do when he got there. He ended up looking down towards his feet. "I didn't want that Throttle. I never knew. I would've busted a hell of a lot more heads back in the camps if I'd known they were doing that to you."

"Bro, what I did bought time, food, lives, keys, maps and even plans." He finally looked up. "I do what I have to to protect those I care about, and I'm okay with it, even when it turns my stomach."

"I'm not okay with it," Vinnie said softly. "It shouldn't have happened."

"A lot of things shouldn't have happened, Bro." Throttle sighed. "A lot of choices were between horrible and worse. When you and Modo looked to me as leader, it became my responsibility to make those choices, and protect you as best I could, same as you protected me. I don't regret what I did to protect you, Bro. I never will."

"That's a hell of a thing to tell a guy Throttle."

"It never occurred to me you didn't know I'd do anything to protect you and Modo." He murmured. "It's how I was raised, what I am."

Vinnie snorted softly. "Your momma could have done that one a little better. There are some things you never have to do for anyone."

The tawny mouse shrugged. "It's my choice, and I still don't regret it."

"Even if I do?"

"Vinnie, why regret something that was never your choice to make?" Throttle looked at him quietly. "There is nothing there for you to regret."

"They made you do things. Things that make you sick to think about, you said so yourself." Vinnie shook his head, turning away again. "I wish that had never happened. I wish I'd been able to do something."

"Like I wish I could have protected you in the palace, but I couldn't." Throttle sighed. "And when he cut your face off. But I couldn't, and I have to live with that too. It's life, Vinnie. It really sucks a lot of the time."

"Damnit Throttle," Vinnie cursed softly. "I wish I hated you. It'd make things a hell of a lot easier right now."

"I know," he nodded. "It'd make a lot of folks happier if I'd stop protecting you, but I can't. I don't think you're that much of a monster. You've got too good a heart in there, and even clouded by hate, you're a good mouse."

"Thanks," Vinnie said, albeit with some difficulty. "You're my Bro Throttle, no matter what else you are."

"Good," he smiled slightly at the white mouse. "Hungry?"


"Come, on, then." He stood with strong grace and opened up a half concealed back. "There's plenty here, and cold water too."

"Thanks," Vinnie said softly, coming closer although he still kept a certain distance between them.

Without comment the tawny mouse selected his meal, and moved away to sit back in his spot to eat. Vinnie ate slowly, his usual enthusiasm markedly absent despite the flavorsome quality of the food.

"I want to stay out here, just us, until we come to some kind terms with this." Throttle said as he finished his meal.

"I'm not in any hurry to go back," Vinnie replied with feeling.

"I figured as much." Throttle nodded, relaxing back against a tree.

There was a long, awkward silence.

"What are you going to do with me now?" Vinnie asked eventually.

"What happens depends on you," Throttle said softly. "But I'm not going to 'do' anything with you."

The white mouse nodded, turning his head to look away across the jungle landscape. "Are they still out there?"

"Yes." Throttle nodded.

Vinnie sighed softly, his shoulders drooping a little more. "They're not going to go away are they? I'm going to have to put up with those eyes watching me until the day I die."

"No, just until they're sure you aren't a threat to me." Throttle shrugged. "Once you're accepted, they won't guard me like that anymore."

"A threat to you? Trying that on didn't turn out so well last time."

"There is more ways to be a threat than punching me." Throttle said softly. "They know you've killed before. That you don't have an easy way to do it now is irrelevant to how little they trust this situation."

"I couldn't kill you Throttle," Vinnie whimpered, his voice barely carrying the distance between them. "Not you."

"I know, Bro." Throttle replied with quiet certainty. "But would your family trust this any more, if it were reversed?"

"No. Less."

"Can you blame my family for not leaving me alone?" He looked up at his Bro.

Vinnie didn't reply for a long time. "I hate them Throttle," he said at first. "I can't stand the thought of them out there. Watching me. Waiting for something."

"Then don't think about it." Throttle suggested. "You were *always* being watched, Bro. You're just aware of it now, like so many other things."

"Don't think about it." The white mouse actually managed a chuckle. "Sure. Then I'll just wave my hands and there'll be grass on the plains of Mars."

"That is coming." The tawny mouse smiled slightly. "Very soon."

"You're going to take them back there."

"It's already begun." Throttle nodded. "Nine generations of planning and preparation are over, Vinnie. We're going to end both wars, and return the Heart of Mars to the world."

"Great," Vinnie said, his tone betraying his lack of enthusiasm. "Congratulations."

"It's better than the alternatives."

Vinnie had no answer to that. His fingers and tail combed through the dirt, drawing nonsense patterns to try and take his mind off the situation. It was obviously not working.

Throttle simply watched, waiting patiently for his Bro to come to some conclusion or choice on his own.

"I'm going to catch some sleep, Bro." Throttle commented softly as the sun descended into the sea with a fiery display.

"Sure," Vinnie replied without even looking up. "It's not like I can go anywhere."

"Talk to me when you hit that brick wall, okay?" He looked at the white mouse as he stood.

"Throttle. There's no way out of this." The white mouse's voice was resigned, and more defeated than Throttle had ever heard it.

"No, I guess not for you." He admitted regretfully. "Change, run, or die ... what you are now isn't going to be making it far."

"I ... I guess at least one of us gets to go home."

Throttle's gaze dropped down. "Be real Bro. Neither of our homes exist, and what we fought for won't either in the next few months."

"I always thought I was gonna get back." His voice was blank, there wasn't even any regret left in it any more. "After I found you again I really thought it was going to happen."

"There hasn't been a home to go back to for years, Bro." Throttle reminded him with gentle regret. "It was lost long before we even hit Earth."

"That never made any difference before. We never stopped trying."

"And I'll be going with the army that will take Mars back, for the same reason. My home is gone, but one can be rebuilt."

Vinnie just nodded weakly. After a few moments he laid himself out on the ground, rolling onto one side and curling his tail around him. Throttle watched for a moment before moving up a tree to sleep above the crawlers and hard soil.

Vinnie's first contact with the outside world was shortly after dawn when a tail dropped a package of meat, fruit and bread not far from his nose, and a waterskin not far from it. The white mouse blinked, but didn't move. Even the stony ground wasn't enough to rouse him this morning.

"I know you're awake, Bro." Throttle's low voice came from the other side of the small camp. "You might as well eat."

"You're wasting your food," Vinnie replied.

"Why?' Throttle looked at him. "There's plenty."

"I'm a dead mouse. You know it."

"Yeah, and so am I." The tawny mouse shrugged. "Just not soon enough skipping a meal has a point."

"Smartass," Vinnie muttered, though he real across and pick up the water, taking a swallow.

"Well, at least one of us has to keep things in perspective a little." Throttle said softly, working on his own breakfast. "Besides, there are easier ways to die than starving to death."

"You don't need to remind me."

"So eat and I won't." Throttle shrugged. "I want to see Summer's Green out here less than you do."

"Somehow I don't think so." Silence fell again. Vinnie was finding it harder and harder to stay interested in the conversation. "Would you stop me, if I just go up and walked into the sea?"

"Yes." Throttle shot a sharp look at his Bro. "There is no reason for you to die."

"Dieing wouldn't be so hard. It's gonna happen anyway." The white mouse made it sound as though he were a corpse already. "Walking away from you'd be harder."

"You walk away, I'm just going to come after you Bro." Throttle repeated the spirit of a promise the three of them had shared more times than any of them could remember.

"Not where I'm gonna end up. Like I said, one of us should get home."

"And just where do you think you're going to end up that I can't follow?" Throttle leveled his gaze on the white mouse and let his full attention stay there.

"You know what I mean," the white mouse replied, still not looking up.

"I'm not going to let you die over something this stupid." Throttle rumbled defiantly.

"Like either of us has a choice. Drowning's supposed to be quiet, better than getting torn to pieces."

"Vin, if you want a quiet death, there are much cleaner ways." Throttle said softly, his heart aching. "But this isn't something you should or need to die over."

"I wish we'd never come here Throttle," Vinnie said softly, turning his head to look out to see. "I'd rather have let those lunatics have me."

"No you don't, Bro." Throttle said with quiet certainty.

"You would have left anyway," Vinnie nodded. "Vaya. This whole planet is fucked."

"Bro, get your fucking head together for a second and thing about what you just said." Throttle's anger flared hot to the surface. "Do you really think I'd abandon my *Bro* for a required roll in a the hay? I needed her to get you out."

"She would have taken you away anyway, once she figured out what you were. And we'd still be here."

"Bro, she didn't come because she wasn't invited." Throttle snorted. "She wasn't a mouse, or anything related. But she had access to the comm gear to contact help, and I needed her to trust or like me enough to let me get to it."

"She's not one of ... them?" Vinnie asked softly.

"No." Throttle shook his head. "She was a shapeshifter. I guess they figured you might respond better to a female mouse."

"She could have been Miss Mars and it wouldn't make a difference," Vinnie snorted.

"They didn't know that." Throttle shook his head. "And she was a hell of a lot more pleasant o manipulate than that Fennec."

"Wrapped around your little finger huh?"

"Hardly, but enough to get you out of there after a week." Throttle shrugged. "Almost cost me my head, moving that fast."

"You should be more careful with it," Vinnie said, looking up at last. "Your head, I mean."

"Calculated risk." He said simply. "I knew you wouldn't last much longer. Not with how you are."

"A meathead, you mean."

"Too proud for your own good." Throttle sighed. "You never did know how to bend on some things. That's just one of them."

"I know you think I'm stupid Throttle," the white mouse said without rancor. "And sick in the head."

"Not stupid, Bro. Just stubborn and proud, and you are sick in the head."

"And what? You're gonna fix me? Neuter my fucking brain?"

"Sicknesses can be healed." Throttle said simply.

"I don't know if I can bro," Vinnie shook his head slowly.

"Maybe not, but we can do anything." Throttle said with the stubborn determination that had gotten them out of all sorts of hell.

"I used to think that, yeah."

"Still true, Bro." Throttle stated simply.

"You don't understand. I'm not sorry. For any of it."

"You don't have to be." The tawny mouse shrugged.

"I killed your mother! I had a barbeque and a beer and the best sex of my life. How can I not be sorry for that?"

"Because the mouse that did it had no reason to be sorry." Throttle murmured. "The same way I'm not sorry for what I've done in the name of vengeance, or my people, or Mars, or even you. The hate and fear can pass, and I still don't feel sorry for most of it. I had cause then, even if I wouldn't do it again."

Vinnie squeezed his eyes shut. "They were monsters. Foul and vile. Half the time they just laughed, they were so sure we couldn't hurt them. That was even better than the ones that begged, because you could see it when they started to burn. The flesh would burn all the way to ash, and their bones would be twisted into impossible shapes."

"I know, Vinnie." Throttle said softly. "Atrocities in war are never one sided."

"Gods, you don't want to hear this shit bro. What the fuck is wrong with me?"

"I think the term is Racist." Throttle looked at his Bro.

"I knew that. I'm a skullbuster. What sort of sick fuck tells his best friend about how the greatest sex was the night his mother burned?"

"The kind making a last desperate attempt not to face the fact it's not as black and white as he was raised to believe."

"I liked it Throttle, I really did."

"I know." He nodded quietly. "Life's a lot easier when you don't have to think about it. That was a lesson I really resented for a long time. Still do sometimes."

"I still hate them. Just thinking about it makes me sick."

"It?" Throttle raised a curious eyebrow.

"Being near them. Gods, just knowing they're out there now watching makes my skin crawl."

"So I make you this uncomfortable?"

"You ..." Vinnie sighed. "I don't know what to think about you."

"I'm not Garou, you know. Neither's Modo." Throttle restated something he expected hadn't sunk in yet.

"Don't lie to me," Vinnie said softly, as though it were the worst thing had happened over the last few weeks. "I know you shifted."

"I'm kinfolk, Bro." Throttle sighed softly. "I wish I'd breed true, but that shift wasn't my doing. My mother's got enough power to do such things when she wants to."

"Your mother's dead."

"Yeah, and she never passed on. Wouldn't accept the ceremony." He muttered slightly. "Been watching over my shoulder ever since."

"Oh great," Vinnie laughed. It was weak and mocking, but at least it was laughter. "Just great. The ghost of your mother."

"Who *else* could actually get me to promise to protect her murderer?" Throttle snapped.

"That's why you're doing this? For her?"

"This? No." Throttle snorted. "Why I didn't skin you alive and burn your balls in front of you when I first spotted you. Yes."

"Wouldv'e been a hell of a fight," Vinnie nodded. "If I'd known about you."

Throttle snorted. "Wouldn't have *been* a fight. You don't actually think I'd give you that fair a chance? You would have gotten when the rest of your miserable kind got. Drugged and disabled. Then tortured to death the same way you took us out, and a few I added on my own."

"Fucking beast," Vinnie said, though directed against Throttle he couldn't muster anything like the venom which should have gone with the words. "Just like them."

"Just like you." Throttle sneered. "I did just what you did. I hunted my racial enemies and slaughtered them the same way they slaughtered my kind and hundreds of innocent mice. But *I* stayed with known killers, not just anything that looked killable."

"You think skinchangers look killable? Have you seen them?"

"Oh, I know. I was raised by one." Throttle sneered. "But in killing a few Garou, you killed a lot of mice that just had the misfortune of not looking right. Half of them weren't even kinfolk."

"I'm twisted, we've been there already."

"Yeah, we have." Throttle nodded. "Only question is whether you want to *stay* that way."

"I can't do this Throttle. I can't pretend to like them. I can't watch one of those things fuck Modo and pretend I'm happy about it ... I just can't."

"You don't even know who's fucking who in that one." Throttle snorted derisively.

"Don't try and tell me it's not putting its cock inside him. "Vinnie snorted.

"Most likely, but from the look of things, Modo's fucking Thildon more than the other way around." Throttle chuckled.

"I'm glad you think it's funny."

"You have no idea just how silly you sound there." Throttle smirked. "Modo's the dominant one in that pairing, Bro. And your disturbed ideas aside, it feels good when you want it."

"I bet it does." There was something off in the mouse's tone. Even as up and down as he'd been over the course of the conversation, Throttle had expected more aggression.

"Don't knock what you haven't tied." The tawny mouse held back the chuckle, leaving his voice unusually soft.

"Not now Throttle. Gods, don't do this now."

"Why not?" He demanded. "Your gut gets turned thinking about what your Bros do for pleasure, why do you think about it?"

"Because of you," Vinnie spat back. "Because of you damnit!"

"Because I desire you?" Throttle shook his head. "You turn heads, *everyone's*. I'm hardly the only guy to dream about you."

"No. That's not why."

The tawny mouse paused, not sure he wanted to say it. "You desire me?"

"I ..." Vinnie couldn't make anything more than a choked whimper. "I thought I was going to die, when they took me away from you, and it didn't matter."

"Bro, I wasn't going to let that happen." Throttle insisted softly, not really prepared to cope with what the rest meant.

"I know that now," Vinnie said miserably. "Back then I thought you wanted her."

"What's so tough about wanting a male?" Throttle asked almost gently.

"More than you think," Vinnie said softly. "But that's not the problem now."

"Your family sure did a number on your happiness, Bro." Throttle sighed softly.

"And I loved it, at the time."

"So now you can be miserable and stay with it, or work past it and try for what you want now."

"It's not that easy damnit!" Now Vinnie was angry, his emotions off on their mad cycle again. "Could you just turn around and feel it was okay to butcher them all? Drink their blood and laugh?"

"No one asked you to kill a mouse, Bro." Throttle said softly. "No one is going to."

"I can't do this bro. I don't know how."

"Pick one thing at a time, and I'll show you." Throttle promised softly.

"You can't change the way I feel. There's nothing you can say that'll stop that sick feeling when I see their eyes."

"No, I don't suppose there is, but you're not going to get to hate them without answering how you can't kill me, after what I've done an am." Throttle said simply. "I can't. You can. Eventually."

"I'm tired Throttle, and I'm afraid. I need your help."

"All you ever had to do was ask, Bro." The tawny mouse said softly, extending a hand in offer. "We'll see this through together."

Vinnie took Throttle's hand and drew him closer, closing his hands around him in a vice-like grip. The white mouse buried his face against Throttle's neck and, for the first time in a long while, began to cry. It was soft at first but developed into powerful, wracking sobs as tears of fear, sorrow and hatred spilled hotly down through Throttle's fur as tawny arms held him closely.

The was something different about waking. For the first time in too long it didn't hurt. Fur moved against his as he moved slightly. A warm, strong body beside him, holding him loosely.

"Mmmmmm ... where are we?" he asked softly.

"In a tent, Bro." Throttle's voice was low but relaxed.

"Tent?" The white mouse was still muddled with sleep, but there was no mistaking the way he relaxed in against Throttle's body.

"Yes, Bro." He answered gently. "It's a lot more comfortable than the ground."

"Yeah. So're you."

"I'd hope so." The tawny mouse smiled. "It's a lot nicer than sleeping alone."

"What do we do now?"

"We can stay put, eat breakfast, it's been a hell of a week, Bro." Throttle said softly.

"Breakfast would be great," Vinnie said, leaning away from Throttle again as he sat up in the small space.

Throttle pushed the flap open with his tail and followed the white mouse out. "A bath would be a bad thing either."

"There's the sea I guess," Vinnie said dubiously, "But I'm not a very good swimmer."

"I was thinking of a freshwater spring not far from here." Throttle said and pulled out breakfast, handing half of it to Vinnie.

"Okay, I guess we can do that."

"Good, we're both grimy." Throttle smiled at him and began to eat. "I've got clothes that fit you too."

"These aren't so bad," Vinnie replied as he ate. Then he looked at himself with a more critical eye. "I kinda beat them up a bit though."

"No, they aren't bad, and the vest shows you off nicely." Throttle agreed easily. "But there's no need to wear ill-fitting pants."

"Showing off was the last thing I was thinking about."

"It's just part of you." Throttle smiled.

"Maybe," Vinnie shrugged. He didn't seem much like the cocky showoff now. "I certainly wasn't going to wear the dress."

Throttle chuckled. "That would have been way too weird. You do not belong in a dress. She was just being polite, though. Some guys do."

Vinnie made a face. "You've got to be kidding."

"Warriors don't, but some keepers do." He nodded.

"Remind me not to sign up for that then," the white mouse muttered.

"You're a warrior Bro." Throttle said softly. "But she didn't know, so she offered you a choice of it all."

"I guess so," Vinnie replied, washing down his breakfast with a mouthful of water.

"Come on then, lets get the sand and grime out."

"Yeah, okay. Is it far?"

"Nah," Throttle smiled and offered a tail embrace as he moved off after grabbing a bag. "Just a couple hundred yards."

Vinnie smiled, setting his hand on Throttle's tail as it looped around his waist.

"It's as nice little freshwater spring with a sandy bottom." Throttle said as the small clearing came into view through the thick vegetation, a sandy pool several feet deep and less than a dozen across sparkled in the sunlight. "It's a very pleasant bath."

"Nice," Vinnie nodded. "Though I never really loved all this nature-boy stuff."

"Better than a dust bath." Throttle chuckled softly as he stripped. "At least it's clean. I'll be happy to get back to showers and hot tubs too."

"A hot tub. Gods but I'd kill for one of those about now." Vinnie was a little more reticent about being naked, despite the fact that the pair of them had been nude together before. Even showered together with nothing untoward happening.

"I'm not going to do anything, Bro." Throttle promised without looked at him as he slipped into the water. "Until you choose it."

"It's just different. Last night was nice though," the white mouse offered, as if by way of consolation.

"I'd like sleeping like last night to become the norm for us." Throttle said as he pulled a fist sized gray object from the bag. "Scrub your back?" He both asked and offered.

Vinnie nodded as he walked out into the water. "Yeah, I'd like that."

Throttle smiled and lathered the soap in his hands before going to work on the white mouse's back. His hands were strong, sure and skilled, working not only on cleaning fur but relaxing tight muscles, while keeping it carefully friendly.

Vinnie was surprisingly still, just standing in place as Throttle's hands moved across his body. Beneath the water his tail floated aimlessly, brushing up against Throttle's legs as the tawny mouse began to question the wisdom of this.

When his hands reached the waterline, he moved back up to work the white mouse's neck and head, his touch alternating between strong and gentle as the spot demanded. The muscles beneath Vinnie's fur were tense, but Throttle's touch did seem to relax him somewhat, bringing the tawny mouse to continue well past any need to scrub.

"That's nice," Vinnie said softly after some time.

"Good," Throttle murmured as he continued o work, a little too aware of the fact he was hard as a rock. "You needed it."

"Do you want me to do yours?"

"I'd like it." He smiled and handed the soap to Vinnie before turning around.

It was a strange experience. His bro, normally so brash and confident, seemed almost timid as he put his hands on Throttle's body. He rubbed the soap in slow circles over Throttle's shoulder blades, rivulets of water running down through the tawny fur as Throttle tried to enjoy it without enjoying it too much. The arousal in his scent was already far too strong. Vinnie's hands slowly worked their way down the other mouse's back, rinsing the fur clean with water once he was done.

"Thanks, Bro." Throttle carefully wound his tail around the white waist to squeeze it gently before reaching for the soap.

"Not a problem," Vinnie replied. There was a brief pause before Vinnie looped an arm around Throttle's waist, drawing the tan mouse back against him and setting his face in against his bro's neck. The move would probably have been more smooth if he'd been trying it on a woman, but his chest was warm and firm against Throttle's back as the tawny mouse relaxed into the contact.

"Maybe tonight you'll hold me?" Throttle's breath was a little faster than normal.

"I think I can manage that," Vinnie nodded, taking in the feel of the hard muscles of his Bro relax and mold against him, and the intense musk of Throttle's desire.

"It's weird," Vinnie murmured softly. "You're so hard, and so soft."

"It's something I came to like, the different feel of different lovers."

"Different lovers? For the moment I'm having enough trouble with one."

"Not like that, Bro." Throttle said softly, his tail wrapping around Vinnie's waist. "I like female company too, and sometimes just how different a gender feels can be pretty hot."

"I just want you, I can't imagine not having you around."

"You have me, Bro." Throttle promised softly, reaching back to caress a white thigh. "I'm not going to leave you."

"We're gonna catch cold it we stand here all day," Vinnie reminded the other mouse.

"And neither of us are clean yet." Throttle chuckled, though he made no attempt to move.

Vinnie sighed softly as he released the other mouse. "The last thing I need right now is to fall sick."

"Yes, but then I could pamper you." Throttle smirked playfully and turned, lathering his hands. "Scrub your chest?" He asked hopefully.

"It'll be quicker if we take care of ourselves," Vinnie grinned.

"Okay, Bro." He grinned and handed to soap oven before tending to his own fur.

When it came time to emerge from the water Vinnie was, once again, oddly reticent. The hesitation wasn't enough to really bother Throttle, bit it was certainly noticeable in the usually brash and body-proud mouse.

"Here," Throttle offered a thick, absorbent towel from the bag. "Or we can lay in the sun."

"We're ... we're alone aren't we?" Throttle could see Vinnie thinking about it. "No-one's gonna come up?"

"No one's going to see anything, Bro." He promised, knowing nothing short of a major emergency would bring anyone close.

"I'm not in any hurry to go anywhere."

"We don't have anywhere we need to be." Throttle put a hand on his shoulder. "On the beach, or here?"

"Here. I don't wanna get sand in my fur."

Throttle nodded and glanced around for a spot to lay down in the tropical sun, spreading the towel next to the pool in the grass.

"It's kinda nice here," Vinnie admitted as he came closer, spreading his towel out beside Throttle's.

"Very green." He smiled up, water making his fur shine where it was flattened, and his hard cock stand out even more against the dark brown background.

"Not at all like home," Vinnie replied as he lay down.

"No, not anything like Mars." Throttle agreed softly. "Or Earth for that matter."

"I wish we could stay here, right here. Without anyone else."

"We can." Throttle said softly. "Island'll be deserted soon, and we've got the skills to survive."

"They won't let you," Vinnie shook his head. "And you'd feel guilty about leaving them."

"They'll leave me here, in safe territory, and guilt ... barely matters anymore." Throttle said softly. "I'm just kinfolk. Even as Death Angel's son and heir I'll be relegated to mopping up and safe zones."

"You want to go though, I can tell."

"I want to see it over." Throttle conceded. "I want to see my mother finally go on, and Mars green again."

"Then you should. It'd be stupid for us to come so far and not take the last step."

"There'll be a lot of wet, green places on Mars with no one for hundreds of miles." Throttle said softly.

"Modo will spit chips if we try and take off, too," Vinnie said softly.

"I know." He nodded, still watching the light blue sky.

"Maybe they'll let us have a place in the wilderness, that we can get away to." Vinnie smiled at the thought. "What was it you said? Someplace wet?"

"We're in the tropics here. It's hot, green and wet." Throttle shrugged. "You like it here."

"I like it where you are," Vinnie replied, rolling up onto his side to look at Throttle.

"That's easier to accommodate." Throttle smiled at him, rolling his head to one side to look at the white mouse, and for once grateful for the freedom his shades gave him to get a really good look without seeming to stare.

"Tell me something I don't know about you Throttle," Vinnie said softly. "I'm finding out there's a lot of it."

The tawny mouse drew a sharp breath, then turned inside to look something up. He was staring back at the sky when he finally answered. "I have two sons and a daughter. I Remembered each in the defense of Mars."

Vinnie drew a sharp breath of his own. "I'm sorry bro. Were they ... blackeyes?"

"No." He murmured.

"I'm sorry," Vinnie said again, lying down with his head on Throttle's shoulder. "I shouldn't have asked."

"It's a normal question, Bro, even if we use different words." The tawny mouse spoke with a detached edge as he put that pain back away and lifted the arm closest to the white mouse to hold him gently across the shoulders.

"Still, I don't think I'm gonna ask about your family." Vinnie sighed. "I'm not sure I want to know."

"None of them left anyway." Throttle sighed. "There's a reason mom kept following a kinfolk around, instead of a Garou."

"Family's just not a good topic," Vinnie said. "I should've known better."

"I'm the one that brought it up." Throttle murmured. "But you know damn near everything else about me."

"Yeah well ... I thought that, you know, while we're racking up the ugly surprises ..."

"Yeah, get it over with." The tawny mouse nodded, holding the mouse close. "I think we covered the gist of most of it. I don't really want to go over names and places."

"That's okay. Neither do I."

"They'll expect me to breed again."

"That's gonna be kinda difficult, with me being a guy."

"Not with my mate, Bro. To improve the species, increase our numbers." Throttle said softly. "With a female chosen for her lineage, compared to mine."

Vinnie made a face. "That sounds ... crappy."

"I don't mind much. There's some choice involved now, not like my first three." Throttle said sadly. "There are enough females I'll be given a selection of willing ones."

"For the continuation of the species," Vinnie repeated, flashing back to something Throttle said before. "They want your kids to be ... like them."

"That's the gist of it." He nodded. "Though sometimes selection is based on ability, like spell weaving or Seer. I'll probably be paired up with other natural leaders."

Vinnie took a moment to take that in. "What happens to the kids?"

"Those involved, their mates, head of family and territory agree on that." Throttle explained quietly. "Though if one side or both don't want to raise the kits, they're never a requirement to. Sometimes a third party will, particularly with both parents warriors."

"That's ... I don't like that much." Even if he wouldn't say it, Vinnie's tone demonstrated how deep the feeling ran.

"We don't have to figure this out now, Bro." Throttle said softly. "They won't bring it up until things calm down. Most they'd match me with wouldn't or shouldn't be den-bound during the war. There's time."

"Yeah. Are there any kids back at the camp, now?"

"Quite a few." He nodded, glancing down at the white mouse curiously. "You're interested in a family, Bro?"

Vinnie shook his head, frowning. "I'm not sure I should be around kids right now."

"I meant in the big picture." Throttle stroked his Bro's snow white fur. "If it's something you thought you'd have someday."

"I dunno. Maybe."

"Then we'll deal with it when it's more of a possibility." Throttle nuzzled his ear very gently. "Neither of us are sure."

"Kids. I never even imagined it before."

"It never came up?" Throttle actually looked surprised. "With you liking girls so much ... I guess I assumed you'd thought about it."

"Girls in general, no girl in particular. You must remember."

"I guess I just associate being interested in girls as going to want a family eventually."

Vinnie chuckled softly. "Gods, me as a father? That'd be a disaster."

"I don't know, Bro. You've got a lot going for you, with a mate or two that can balance it out." Throttle nuzzled him. "Kits should have at least one parent who likes o have fun."

"I guess so. Though you never seemed to have much trouble with that."

That earned that white mouse a raised eyebrow. "Can't say I remember any of it, or wanting to."

Vinnie shrugged, "Maybe it was just my impression then."

"Maybe." Throttle said softly, letting the silence drift as he held his mate gently against his side. The white mouse seemed happy just to lie there with him, enjoying the body contact and slowly relaxing into the new experience.

"Vin?" Throttle spoke up softly as they lounged in the sun after dinner. "Have you thought about ... how we'll be together?"

"We are together," Vinnie replied, his head resting on Throttle's chest. "Aren't we?"

"Not as mates yet." He said, bringing a hand up to brush Vinnie's cheek.

"Oh!" Vinnie's eyes widened as he realized what Throttle meant.

"I was just wondering if you'd thought about it, what you want of it."

"No, not really," Vinnie said softly. "I mean, I like being close to you, and I've noticed that it gets you horny. It's just not something I really think about."

"Will you?" Throttle asked gently, his fingers brushing through white fur.

"Sure, I guess," Vinnie said uncertainly. "I mean, I don't really know what's involved."

"Then start with whether you'd like to take me, or be sucked off." Throttle whispered hotly. Vinnie jerked, startled by the sudden change in Throttle's tone, though once the surprise was past it fueled a grin more suited to a naughty schoolboy than a Biker Mouse.

"I always liked getting a head-job," Vinnie confessed. "The girls were kinda hesitant."

"I'm not." He murred, though he kept both hands and tail carefully still.

"You'd do that, wouldn't you?" Vinnie asked softly, looking at his mate and really thinking about it for the first time. "Take my cum in your mouth."

"I want to, Vinnie." He whispered sincerely, clearly turned on by the idea.

"Here? Now?"

"If you permit." Throttle smiled gently despite his hunger.

"I ... uh ... I think I'd like that."

The tawny mouse smiled and kissed his nervous mate very gently on the mouth, not asking for anything more than the touch. That made Vinnie start again, the light brush of Throttle's lips against his. It wasn't what he'd been expecting. He smiled and reached up to touch Throttle's shoulder gently.

"Sorry. I don't think I've ever been this nervous about sex."

"It's okay, Bro." The tawny mouse smiled gently at him before kissing his way down the white jaw and neck. "You'll relax in time."

Vinnie lay back in the grass and tried to relax, though he wasn't entirely successful. He let his hands rest on Throttle's shoulders, feeling the subtle movements of muscle beneath his fur as his Bro moved down his chest to taste and tease his nipples. He drew a sharp shuddering breath as Throttle's lips and tongue teased the nub of flesh on his chest, quickly encouraging it to firm up beneath the attentions. He could feel Throttle smile against his hard chest before he moved to the other side as his tail very gently brushed over Vinnie's balls.

There was a soft moan mixed into the second gasp, Vinnie's other nipple hardening into a solid, erect nub as his mate's lips touched it. That wasn't the only thing growing harder, as Throttle's tail discovered, though the swelling of the white-furred sheath was a much more gradual process. It didn't make a dent in the tawny mouse's eagerness though as he lavished attention on Vinnie's chest with his mouth, and groin with his tail, before trailing a line of kisses down tight, white abs.

Vinnie's breath was running deep and heavy by the time Throttle's head made it down to his waist, a subtle tinge of arousal beginning to make itself felt in the air around their twinned bodies. The scent as much as what his tail felt made Throttle smile as he worked further down, intentionally moving around his mate's groin as he continued down to kiss and stroke snow-white thighs.

Vinnie's muscles trembled beneath the fluttering touch of Throttle's lips, his hands slipping away form the other mouse's shoulders as he continued down beyond Vinnie's reach. He didn't go far though as he settled between white legs to draw one of his mate's balls into his mouth, his tail snaking up to gently brush along Vinnie's antennae.

The response was electric, a tremor that ran all the way from Vinnie's head to his feet. "Oh gods," he gasped softly as his body relaxed slightly, earning a gentle repeat of the stroke to the thin appendages as Throttle rolled his ball around his mouth, lavishing attention on it with his tongue.

"Oh Throttle," Vinnie moaned raggedly, his back arching up off the grass and earning a low rumble that vibrated it's way through Vinnie's ball as Throttle laid his tail flat, lightly caressing both red antennae at once.

Another wordless cry escaped as Vinnie's body twisted in the grass, the musk of his arousal strongest in his groin and growing stronger all the time as he slowly grew accustomed to Throttle's touch on his other nut. It was a cycle that repeated until Vinnie's cock was thick and hard, it's dark pink length laying across the bright white fur in a sight too tempting for Throttle to ignore.

As he shifted his attention, running his tongue up the bare flesh before swallowing it to the sheath in a single motion, his hand took his mouth's place in rolling wet, white balls around. There was no sound, but Throttle could feel the response in Vinnie's body, his muscles tensing as his cock was plunged into the warm wet vault of his Bro's mouth. With skill born of a lot more one night stands and demanding masters than he could count even with his near-perfect memory, Throttle worked his new mate, intent on making this as good for the white mouse as he could.

The moan that eventually came forward from the white mouse was ragged and torn, though the pleasure arcing through his body would have been obvious even if it wasn't for his cock between Throttle's lips. It spurred him to much greater eagerness as the musk and pleasure he was giving made his own heavy cock throb against the mossy grass.

Vinnie's moans were loud and almost strained with pleasure, growing sharper each time he gave them voice until, much to soon, his cum was jetting out into Throttle's throat to be greedily and easily swallowed.

Throttle kept up his attentions until he was sure there was no more coming before slowly drawing back, licking the pulsing, twitching flesh clean as he went. His mate lay spread out on the ground, panting and gasping beneath him.

"Holy fuck," he managed to say eventually.

It spread a happy smile across Throttle's face. "Good." He murmured, settling down to relax as they were before.

"That was like ..." Vinnie's sentence failed as he realized he had nothing to compare the experience to. Instead he kissed Throttle softly, drawing his closer against his body.

"How a mate treats you." Throttle smiled gently as their mouths parted, drawing Vinnie the rest of the way against him.

"I guess so," Vinnie murmured, smiling a little.

"You are incredible, you know." Throttle murmured with a smile.

Vinnie laughed softly. "What makes you say that?"

"You've made me look past so much I've learned, and you taste great." He chuckled.

Vinnie shook his head, chuckling softly. "That's good, I guess."

"It is to me." Throttle smiled and kissed his mate again, brushing his tongue lightly over white lips. Vinnie chuckled and wrapped his arms tightly around Throttle, setting his head on the other mouse's shoulder.

"This is still really weird bro. Good, but weird."

"It'll get less weird." Throttle promised with a gentle smile.

"I hope so," Vinnie said softly. "You're kinda hot."

"You're very hot, Bro." He smiled, wrapping his tail around Vinnie's waist.

Vinnie woke the next morning to his Bro's hands moving gently over his body, teasing it awake and hard.

The white mouse chuckled softly, pressing back against his mate. "You're insatiable."

"Only for you." Throttle murred against his white neck. "Ready to try something different?"

"What did you have in mind?"

"I want you to mount me." He whispered hotly.

"Fuck your ass, you mean?" Vinnie asked, turning to face the other mouse.

"Exactly." Throttle chuckled slightly and leaned forward to kiss his mate.

"Doesn't that hurt?"

"Only with an inconsiderate partner." Throttle said gently, brushing his fingers along Vinnie's cheek. "It just takes a little more prep than penetrating a female."

Vinnie smiled at the intimate touch, something he'd been getting used to over the last couple of days. "I don't want to hurt you bro, you know that."

"And I want to teach you how to fuck me, the way I like it." Throttle rumbled softly in his arousal as his tail trailed down Vinnie's back to caress the taunt white ass. "I want to see you looking at me as we cum, and feel your weight against my back as our balls slap together and you moan in pleasure."

"You talk a good fuck bro," Vinnie chuckled softly. "Thing is, I'm not exactly known for being gentle."

"I'm not asking for gentle, Bro." Throttle murred deep in his throat. "Just a little prep. I'll show you how."

Vinnie smirked and leaned forward to kiss Throttle gently. "Should of known you liked getting ridden rough."

"Oh, I like it gentle too." He chuckled as his tail retrieved a squeeze bottle from their supplies. "Hell, I like it most ways." Throttle grinned and transferred the bottle to his hand. "Lube and a little stretching are the keys to having it good for both." He explained before squeezing a glob on his fingers. "The more experienced and relaxed the bottom, the less is required."

"Relaxed?" Vinnie smirked. "If some guy was about to get up on my back relaxed is the last thing I'd be."

"Give it time, love." Throttle murmured with a promise as he shifted to slide two fingers in his ass. "It comes with experience. Face to face, on your back, doggy-style?"

The white mouse shrugged, a nervous tension building in him despite his attempt at nonchalance. "Whatever. I've done it all before with women."

"Okay, Bro." Throttle smiled as he brought his hand back around and squeezed a glob of lube his palm to coat his mate's erection, stroking it to full hardness. "On your back."

Vinnie shivered as Throttle's hand touched his maleness, rolling over onto his back. "Damn that stuff's cold."

"It won't be for long." Throttle kissed him gently, laying down next to the prone mouse to take advantage of the open display of fur and muscle while he worked him up. It wasn't at all hard. Throttle was discovering that as his new lover got used to the differences between his body and the ones he was used to his sex drive was returning in force.

"I love how you respond to my touch." Throttle smiled as he shifted to straddle his mate's hips, using his tail to position the slicked cock at the opening to his body before sinking down. Vinnie couldn't offer any response, a soft moan escaping him as his hips bucked upward into Throttle.

"Holy fuck, that's good," Vinnie gasped as his mate moaned softly. "You're so tight."

Throttle's answer was a low groan as he buried his mate all the way to the sheath and held there for a breathless moment. Vinnie lifted his hands to Throttle's hips, drawing him as far down onto his shaft as he could go, then let one set of fingers slide down to trace along the tan mouse's hard rod.

"Oh, yeah." Throttle moaned deep in his chest as he tightened his body around his mate while lifting up almost to the tip before sinking back down as far as he could.

"Fuck Throttle," Vinnie moaned, his fingers stroking the other mouse lightly. "Fuck that's good."

"Very good." He nodded breathlessly; leaning forward to brace his hands on either side of his mate's head and drew up again.

Vinnie's hand tightened around Throttle's shaft for a moment as his own cock twitched inside him, disgorging a small spurt of precum.

"Not much for long and slow, mmm?" Throttle rumbled hotly and picked up the pace a bit, tightening his bowels around his lover with each motion up. "Gods you look good like that."

"I just can't ... oh gods you're hot."

"Then don't hold back." Throttle rumbled and tightened a little more than before as he drew up. "I want to see your face, Bro. The look you get when you cum deep inside me 'cause you can't stand it anymore."

Vinnie closed his eyes and let his head fall back, though tension wracked through his body as Throttle rode him skillfully. His lower abs twitched in time with the pulsing of his cock, the tan mouse's last warning before his guts were flooded with seed. Despite the sweetness of the look and feel, Throttle didn't slow down, fairly sure his Bro was good for more than one shot.

The white mouse ground his hips upward, keeping himself deep inside Throttle as he moved. "So hot," he gasped, pleasure washing across his face even with his eyes closed. "So fucking tight and wet with me."

"Give me more, Bro." Throttle demanded and lifted himself up, spreading his knees further apart as he sought to make contact with the spot inside him that would give his Bro a show of how good this could be for the bottom.

Vinnie's hand was just gripping Throttle now, the idea that he should have been stroking the other mouse lost somewhere between one wave of pleasure and the next. His hips seemed to have a mind of their own, focused entirely on keeping his shaft buried inside the glorious heaven of Throttle's body. This time the tan mouse got even less warning before Vinnie came, a second wave of seed just as powerful as the first washing through him as his own body surrendered it's fight to hold back.

With his seed spraying across the white chest below him, Throttle's own clamped down on his mate, milking it for every bit it was worth as the tawny mouse roared. Vinnie moaned softly, hot
spurts of seed still jetting from the end of his cock and into Throttle's guts for a second or so before he went completely lax.

Throttle panted for a couple breaths as he came down enough to lean forward to kiss his mate, their bodies still joined and twitching. Vinnie's breath rushed through his lungs, washing over Throttle's fur in hot waves as the other mouse leaned closer.

"Fucking hell," he whispered softly.

"Not bad for a first time, huh?" Throttle grinned down at him.

"You're so tight," Vinnie said again, his cock pulsing inside of Throttle.

"Not as tight as you." He whispered and claimed a soft kiss before licking his cum from his mate's face. "Want more, Bro?" He squeezed his ass gently.

Vinnie swallowed and shook his head. "Not now," he said softly, drained.

"You are gorgeous like this," Throttle murmured as he lifted from Vinnie's body gently and rolled to the side to snuggle against him.

"And you are hotter than anyone I've ever screwed," Vinnie replied, though tenderness outweighed the lust in his voice. "I'm sorry it took me so long."

"Don't be Bro." Throttle brushed the white fur of his cheek with a gentle hand. "We're together now. Leave the rest where it belongs, in the past."

Vinnie sighed softly and lowered his head to Throttle's shoulders, curling himself in against the other mouse as Throttle held him, content to relax with his mate in his arms.

"Vin?" Throttle nuzzled the white mouse awake two days latter in what was becoming something of a predictable pattern. "You live yet?"

"Mmmmmm ... kinda," Vinnie said in his typically muddled way for this time of morning.

"The rest of you certainly is." Throttle chuckled and gave one antennae a playful lick. That brought the predictable moan as a tremor ran through the white mouse.

"Damn, you know that goes straight to my cock."

"Why do you think I do it, handsome?" Throttle chuckled low in his throat. "It's the most effective way to wake you up, after all."

"Wake me up, or get me up?"

"Both." He laughed playfully. "One does usually lead to the other, after all."

"Just like a Biker Mouse," Vinnie chuckled. "Always got sex on the brain."

"Makes us a good pair." Throttle grinned as he took the other antennae in his mouth to suckle it gently. Vinnie's moan was deeper this time, accompanied by the swelling hardness of his cock nudging Throttle's leg. "My horny little antennae mouse." Throttle chuckled softly as he moved to the other one, swirling his tongue around it much the way he gave a blowjob as his hands and tail traveled along his mate's back to his ass.

Vinnie was in heaven, just as Throttle had known he would be. The white mouse's body trembled in his arms as powerful and pleasurable sensations washed through his body. When he was hard and eager, Throttle let the red length slide from his mouth.

"I'd like to try a new thing again." He said softly, kissing his mate's mouth with tender passion.

"Another one?" Vinnie asked as they parted, his body coming down from the intensity of Throttles mouth around one of his most sensitive appendages. "You've always got another trick up your sleeve."

"Yes, another one." Throttle chuckled. "I've had a lot of practice with games I'm sure you haven't even heard of. But this one is still pretty basic."

"I think I've put it just about everywhere it'll go," Vinnie chuckled softly, "Unless you're about to say something really weird."

"No, not weird, just reversed." Throttle said softy. "Will you let me mount you today?" The white body tensed for a moment before slowly easing back down.

"Fuck me?"

"Yes," Throttle nodded, caressing the white body gently.

"You want to fuck me up the ass," Vinnie repeated.

"Like you've done to me." He tipped Vinnie's chin up for a gentle kiss.

"I dunno, I mean wouldn't you rather just get under me again? They would have heard you on Mars the way you moaned last night."

Throttle smiled gently. "Yes, and I'll make you feel just as good."

"I dunno about this Throttle," Vinnie whispered softly into the tan fur.

"I know it's not because you think I'll hurt you." He murmured gently.

"Well, I mean ..." The mouse trailed off. "I know you wouldn't if you could help it."

"Bro, unless you fight me or refuse the lube or prep, I will not hurt you with this." He said with quiet certainty. "Please, trust me enough to let me prove that."

"Bro ..." Vinnie sighed softly. "I do trust you, you know that."

"Yes, I do." Throttle said gently. "What are you afraid of?"

"I dunno," Vinnie admitted.

Throttle nodded and kissed him gently. "All right, Bro. It can wait for another day."

Vinnie nodded, drawing slow lazy patterns in his mate's fur as Throttle nuzzled him.

"So how would you like to deal with these?"

"You're the expert," the white mouse chuckled.

"And you're the fussy one." Throttle smiled affectionately with another kiss.

"Fussy?" Vinnie raised an eyebrow. "I screwed you good enough."

"Yes, fussy." Throttle smirked. "You're the one that won't do it all."

"Hey! That's not fair."

"How so?" Throttle raised a challenging eyebrow. "It's the truth."

"Don't make me fussy though, mouse, though your ass would satisfy anyone."

"It does make you fussy." Throttle smirked, tapping his mate's nose. "You limit your forms of pleasure. That's fussy in how you cum."

"How about any way that get my seed in you?" Vinnie said with a grin.

"That's still fussy, Bro." Throttle chuckled.

Vinnie snorted, rolling over on his back. "Fine. Take care of yourself."

"Then come join me when you've settled down enough to eat." Throttle said with soft humor, trailing a hand down his mate's cock on his way out of the tent.

It was only a few minutes before Vinnie came out to join him, wandering over to where the tan mouse was sitting. "So what's for breakfast?"

"Whatever you dig out." Throttle smirked at waved at the food bag with his tail.

Vinnie rummaged around in their supplies for a while, eventually managing to put together what he considered to be a passable meal.

"You going to tell me what the problem is, Bro?" Throttle asked quietly as they ate.

"What problem?"

"With being on the bottom." Throttle said simply.

"I just ... I'm not ready for that Throttle."

"All right Bro." He relented with a soft smile.

Vinnie released a soft sigh and smiled. "Bet you never thought we'd be having this conversation."

"Or any of the others from the last few days." Throttle shook his head. "It's been ... interesting ... at least."

"Yeah I guess that's one thing you could call it," Vinnie said with a chuckle.

"Very hot would be another." Throttle rumbled and spread his arms. "Come here, Bro." Vinnie laughed and lunged at the other mouse, tipping him back onto the grass and Throttle wrapped his tail around his mate and kissed him soundly.

"You are hot, you know that right?"

Throttle grinned up at him. "Oh, I know, Bro. But not as hot as you make me."

"Flatterer," Vinnie accused with a smile. "I bet you say that to all the guys that screw you."

"Not hardly." He chuckled and kissed his mate again, running appreciative hands down the hard white body on top of him. "Not hardly." He murmured again softly, with and equally soft, passionate kiss.

Vinnie tussled with him on the grass for a few moments longer and then relaxed, enjoying the feel of Throttle's hard body against his own. A sensation that was still pleasantly new.

"We're going to have to go back soon aren't we?" He murmured eventually, a grudging recognition of the world outside their pleasant idle pairing.

"Not unless you want to." Throttle smiled at him before claiming an increasingly heated kiss.

"You know I don't," the white mouse replied, running his hands up Throttle's sides.

"Neither do I, honestly." Throttle moaned softly as his morning erection reminded them both that it hasn't been satisfied yet.

"So what do you want?" Vinnie asked with a playful smirk.

"You." He breathed hotly, his tail playing over Vinnie's body as he pulled the white mouse against his chest. "All of you."

"You got that bro," Vinnie said, kissing the other mouse square on the lips. "No question."

Then let me feel it, see it," he demanded, rolling to his back with Vinnie on top of him. "I want that hard thing in me till I can't take any more."

"You got it," Vinnie replied, spreading the tan mouse's legs apart and sliding down between them. His own hard cock brushed against Throttle's as their groins came together. "Are you ready for me?"

"Always." Throttle moaned softly as he positioned himself a little better. "Give it to me."

Vinnie drew his hips back and let the head of his cock slide further down between his mate's legs. Once he felt it come to rest against that furless, sensitive sport he pushed forward hard, filling Throttle with his maleness as the tawny mouse groaned deeply, his body contracting and caressing his mate's length as it slid in and out of him.

"Kiss me." Throttle demanded throatily as he shifted his hips to make is easer. Vinnie let his body settle down over Throttle's pressing the tan mouse down into the grass as his hips thrust back and forward, taking him eagerly. There was a smirk on his lips as he pushed them down against Throttle's, his tongue pressing forward into the other mouse for a hungry, breathless kiss.

"Gods you are hot, love." Throttle moaned as they parted for a moment.

"Like you can talk," Vinnie smirked as his hips ground hard against Throttle's. "Fuck but your ass is good."

"Ohh, give it to me." Throttle groaned, his cock twitching between them as he closed in on his limit.

"I'm gonna," Vinnie panted, his hips pounding Throttle against the ground. "Oh yeah, right about ... ahhhhhhhh!" The end of the sentence was lost to Vinnie's loud cry of pleasure, accompanied by the warm splash of his seed inside Throttle's body as the tawny mouse roared and arched, his body tightening around his mate in an intensely passionate embrace as their fur was soaked Martian seed.

Vinnie pressed down against his mate as he recovered, slipping his tongue back into Throttle's mouth. The pace of his thrusts only slacked off for a few seconds before he was back to pounding himself deep into his lover. It was a choice Throttle eagerly encouraged, dueling tongues as his hands and tail worked over the white body above him.

As the hungry coupling continued, Throttle used his tail to caress Vinnie's ass, gradually working closer to the furless pucker to tease it gently. The white mouse barely seemed to notice, his cock pounding in to Throttle harder and harder as his passion mounted.

"Oh, yeah, Bro." Throttle moaned softly, his hands pressing down on Vinnie's ass to add that much more force to the thrusts.

The encouragement only goaded Vinnie on to greater efforts, the white mouse grunting softly with each thrust as he drilled deeper and deeper into the tight warmth of Throttle's body.

Whatever Throttle was going to say next was lost in a deep moan as a jolt of raw pleasure washed over his body. Vinnie smirked lewdly, grinding his hips to rub the head of his cock over the spot that gave Throttle so much pleasure and was rewarded by a shudder and another desperate moan as Throttle's cock pulsed and twitched between them.

"Spray me Throttle," Vinnie grinned, his cock throbbing inside the tan mouse's body. "Soak me."

"Ohhh, gods." He managed to whimper out between gasps of nerve-breaking pleasure before a shudder from deep inside his body pulled his balls tight and he arched, clamping down on the hard rod inside him and spraying white and tan fur with his cum again. Vinnie gave a couple more thrusts and released a second spray of his own seed into Throttle's body, letting his body go lax as he settled down over his mate.

"Mmmm, the only way to start a morning." Throttle murmured, stroking the relaxing body over him.

Vinnie kissed his lips softly, grinning. "Tell me about it. I never get tired of this."

"Now we need another bath." Throttle chuckled with a playful smirk, claiming another kiss. "Have any of your girls rimmed you?" He rumbled hotly.

"Done what?"

"I'll take that as a no." Throttle smirked up at him. "I'll have to show you, once we've cleaned up."

Vinnie smirked. "You're just full of surprises, aren't you hot stuff?"

"You are just incredibly innocent." He smirked back.

"Innocent?" Vinnie laughed as they separated. "It's been a hell of a long time since I was called that."

"It's been a hell of a long time since you were with someone who liked more than a simple fuck." Throttle chuckled. "We'd be out here years covering what I like."

"I'm in no hurry," Vinnie smirked, flicking his tail aside to give Throttle an unobstructed view of his ass as he stepped into the water.

"Neither am I," he rumbled, cybernetic eyes giving him a delightful, if slightly unnatural, view of the display of mouse flesh before he slipped into the water.

"So did you actually want to get clean, or are we just having wetter sex?"

"Oh, we'll get to that," Throttle chuckled and picked up the soap. "But I want you, or at least part of you, clean for it."

Vinnie smirked softly, making a display of stretching his shoulders. "You think I'm gonna stop you from putting your hands on me?"

"I would hope not." The tawny mouse rumbled at the delightful display before setting his hands on sweaty white shoulders and working his respectable massage skills on his mate.

"I'd have to be mad," Vinnie murmured softly, his tail reaching back to wrap around Throttle's waist as skilled hands worked the tension and exertion from his body.

"You are just gorgeous, Bro." Throttle rumbled throatily as he worked across Vinnie's ribs.

"Tell me something I don't know," Vinnie boasted jokingly. "You're not the first one to fall for my utter sexiness."

"But I am the first in a long time to get you to call me mate." He murmured affectionately and hugged his lover from behind, nuzzling his neck. "Unless you've been having a secret affair somewhere."

"No," Vinnie said shaking his head. "And I wouldn't have called her that in any case."

"Anyone I know?" He asked in idle curiosity, rubbing suds into the hard planes of Vinnie's chest and abs.

Vinnie thought about that for a moment. "Let's see. Remember Sora, about a month ago? She was a screamer."

Throttle chuckled. "I don't doubt it." His tail slid up between their legs to play with his mate's balls. "You do have good taste in female flesh."

A low chuckle escaped the mouse as he thought back. "And that other woman, Leelen. The one you said walked as if she had a rod stuck up her. She did."

"Yours?" Throttle chuckled affectionately in his mate's ear.

"Only after we got the fake one out of the way."

"Mmm, a kinky doe." He rumbled approvingly. "A female adds *so* many possibilities to our play."

Vinnie shrugged. "I dunno. I think you'll keep me busy."

"I'm sure I will." He smiled against wet white fur and shifted back a little to work down Vinnie's back. "Just open to the idea."

"I've got enough ideas to deal with at the moment."

"No problem, Bro." He wrapped his tail around Vinnie's waist and squeezed gently while his hands worked on the hard white ass in front of him.

"Not while you've got your hands on me."

"Or my mouth." Throttle rumbled as he knelt in the water and kissed his way down Vinnie's back. As he moved down, one sudsy hand slipping between the globs of white fur to run gentle, teasing fingers over the furless pucker.

"You've got a fucking fantastic mouth," Vinnie agreed, his entrance tightening up as Throttle touched it.

"And I know other things to do with it." Throttle grinned as he rinsed the bare skin before swirling his tongue around it.

Vinnie gave a loud, alarmed cry and took a couple of steps forward. "What was that?" he asked as he turned to face Throttle.

"Rimming." Throttle looked up at his mate. "It usually feels good."

"That was your mouth, right? Scared the fuck out of me."

"Yes, why?" He looked up curiously.

Vinnie shook his head slowly. "Just startled me. That's not the sort of thing you should be springing on a guy without warning."

Throttle raised an eyebrow. "Okay. It's normal foreplay a lot of places."

Vinnie smirked. "Normal for you perhaps. Just let me know next time you decide to go exploring down under, so it's not so much of a shock."

"All right, Bro." Throttle smiled apologetically. "Now come back here so I can finish."

Vinnie rolled his eyes theatrically as he stepped closer to the other mouse. "I dunno, just can't keep your hands to yourself anymore."

"Never could." Throttle chuckled before going back to work on the virgin ass of his mate. His tensed up reflexively as Throttle's tongue touched him, though he didn't pull away this time.

"Never touched me like this before though," he smirked.

His mate gave no verbal reply, his full attention and skill on showing the white mouse how good it could feel.

"Damn Throttle," Vinnie said softly, "That's kinda ... ahhh yeah, do that again."

The tawny mouse rumbled happily and continued, intent on having his mate trembling between his hands before he went further.

"Fucking hell mouse," Vinnie gasped softly as the wetness swirled around his pucker with increasing insistence. "The things you do with that tongue of yours."

That got a playful hum that carried all the way to the tip of Throttle's tongue as it swirled and lapped.

"Aww fuck," Vinnie moaned, reaching his hands back to find Throttle's head, and then the sensitive antennae atop it. The returned pleasure only gave Throttle more determination, as the square hips between his hands began to tremble ever so slightly.

"Damn but that feels good," Vinnie panted softly. "Don't stop, gods don't stop."

Despite the soft chuckle in his throat, it was the very last thing on Throttle's mind. He continued for a moment, then slipped the tip of his tongue inside to taste the bitterness of his mate's ass for a second before returning to the swirling licking of before. Vinnie's back arched, a ragged moan tearing out of the white mouse at even that tiny penetration.

It was what Throttle was looking for, and he grew much bolder with his tongue, darting inside more often, and deeper, as his mate's moans and body encouraged him.

"Oh fuck yeah," Vinnie moaned, pressing his ass back against Throttle's face. "Do it."

The tawny mouse was more than happy to do so, thrusting his tongue as deep as it would go to roll around the tight virgin ass in a blatant mimic of the sex act as his tail came up to wrap around Vinnie's full cock, stroking it and soft white balls in him with his tongue.

"Oh fuck," Vinnie moaned, his ass twitching and pulsing around Throttle's tongue as it moved inside his body. "Fuck yeah."

It was all Throttle needed to turn his full attention to tongue-fucking his mate, seeking every sensitive place inside his body his supple tongue could reach. Vinnie panted and moaned, rocking back and forward slightly as the muscles of his legs tensed and relaxed in response to the waves of pleasure rushing through him. Only the effort needed to make sure he was still standing kept him from loosing it completely, though nothing could hold back his very vocal encouragement, or the effect it had on the skilled and eager tongue probing and pleasuring him.

In the end it was more than the white mouse could stand, his loud cry echoing over the water as his seed arced through the air to splash in the clear pool. As he began to loose balance, Throttle's hands and tail were there to support him, and then turn him around to pull tightly against the broad tan chest. He rested limply against his bro for a few moments before curling his arms around to hold him tight against his chest.

"Fuck," he muttered softly. "What the hell was that?"

"A rather good orgasm, from the sound of it." Throttle murred with a playful chuckle.

"Not the best I ever had," Vinnie said, recovering enough to smirk lewdly, "But damn good all the same."

"And from getting your ass penetrated." Throttle smirked back.

"Smartass," Vinnie smirked. "I shouoda known you'd bring that up."

"Hay, I wanna get some too." He smirked at his mate. "You've got a hot ass, Bro."

"You've been doing just fine," Vinnie replied. "I hear the way you scream my name when I'm in you."

"Yes, and I love it when you fuck me." Throttle tipped Vinnie's chin so they were eye to eye through his shades. "But an equal relationship doesn't have an exclusive top and bottom, Bro. You know how good it feel to be inside your mate."

"Oh yeah," the white mouse grinned. "You've got a hot ass on you bro."

"So do you." Throttle murmured, kissing the edge of Vinnie's jaw and working down. "I want to know you as well as you know me."

"You do know me," Vinnie murmured softly.

"I haven't been inside you, like you have me." Throttle whispered as his mouth played down Vinnie's neck.

"I know that," Vinnie replied softly, trying not to be distracted by Throttle's lips against him and failing miserably.

"I want to be inside you, Bro." Throttle murmured. "I want to feel you cum under me, around me, because of me."

Vinnie whimpered softly, the imagery combining with Throttle's attentions to make him hard again. "I always come because of you Throttle," he whispered. "No-one else."

"Let me show you the pleasure you give me, Bro." He murmured, his hands sliding down the hard white body against his as his mouth continued to work on Vinnie's throat. "Please, don't be afraid of what I do to you."

"You can talk me into anything," Vinnie murmured. "And you know it."

"And you won't regret that, Bro." Throttle murred gently. "I will make you feel so good."

"You realize we're soaked and just standing in the water again," Vinnie managed a little smirk.

"Then come lie in the sun with me." Throttle smiled tenderly and guided the white mouse out of the pool.

"I guess it worked last time," Vinnie said, letting Throttle guide him onto the soft moss and grass sunlit clearing around the spring.

"I've fantasized about having you for so long." Throttle murmured against Vinnie's neck as his hands and tail played along the hard white body.

"I never guessed," the white mouse murmured softly, enjoying the intimate touch. "You hid it pretty well."

"I wasn't trying much." Throttle confessed as his mouth worked lower. "So hot."

"I guess I didn't want to notice," Vinnie admitted, his fingers tracing over Throttle's shoulders and down his side. "I would've freaked out."

"Good enough reason as any." He smiled as he worked back up, one slick finger gently pressing against Vinnie's opening. The white mouse's body still tensed up at the touch, but he didn't say anything about it, leaning in closer against Throttle as the finger pressed further inside him, gently seeking the spot inside his body that would take his mind off exactly what was happening.

Vinnie gave a sharp gasp, his passage clamping down around Throttle's finger. With a smile, Throttle continued his gentle finger-fucking, taking care to brush lightly against that spot every few strokes. That touch drew a soft moan out of the white mouse, his face buried against Throttle's shoulder and he breath washing out over the tan fur. Very slowly his body began to relax, making it easier for Throttle to reach into him.

When his mate was relaxed enough for it to not hurt, Throttle eased a second finger in with the first, brushing against that spot as he did so. Vinnie's back arched as Throttle slipped his second finger in, breath hissing out around clenched teeth. The ring of muscled guarding his entrance squeezed the fingers against one another, resisting the unfamiliar stretching. It was a resistance that faced the same patient care as his initial tension, Throttle kissing and distracting him with his mouth to ease the process.

The tan mouse's patience was rewarded, as he'd known it would be, by a relaxing of the guardian muscles. As he continued that relaxation seemed to spread throughout Vinnie's form, a soft quality spreading through the solidly muscled body pressed against Throttle's own as he smiled, and took one antennae into his mouth to gently lavish with his tongue before adding a third slick finger to the preparation.

This new intrusion didn't escape Vinnie's notice, a soft yelp of surprise escaping him despite the pleasure of Throttle's tongue on his most sensitive organs.

"The more prep, the easier it will be." Throttle explained gently.

"You said," Vinnie managed to say, though his voice wasn't exactly at ease.

"It won't hurt, Bro." He murmured the promise again. "I'm making sure of that." Vinnie didn't reply, pressing his face in against Throttle's neck as his body tightened around the fingers inside it again. The tawny mouse didn't let it disturb him, but simply continued to work, pressing against that spot inside as he attended to Vinnie's antennae.

Vinnie's body trembled against Throttle's, one arm tight around the other mouse as he felt those fingers moving back and forth inside of him. "Throttle," he murmured softly. "Throttle ..." If there was anything else it never made it out, just the name repeated over and over again as the tawny mouse worked him loose.

When Throttle was satisfied, he slid his fingers out and lowered his muzzle to tend the swollen sheath to hardness. He got a better response with that approach, the nervous tension receding from Vinnie's body as Throttle pleasured him just as he had several times over the last few days.

With the white mouse moaning softly and hard, Throttle moved behind him and applied his tongue to the stretched ass before Vinnie even had the chance to tense at the shift. Vinnie's body moved smoothly in front of Throttle, the white mouse making a concerted effort to keep his breathing slow and steady.

Then they were back to chest on their sides, Throttle's tail sliding around his mate's body to help position him and a hand gently stroking the mouse's erection as he pressed smoothly inside Vinnie's body with a deep moan of pleasure, holding still just inside the ring of muscle to give them time to adjust. The white mouse gave a long low moan as Throttle pushed into him, his fingers tangling in the grass as the hard length slowly slid further in, its passage smooth and painless as promised thanks to lube and prep.

After resting with his sheath against his mate's ass for a long, sweet moment Throttle pulled back just as smoothly until only the head of his cock was still inside. The sound Vinnie made was neither moan nor cry, but some half choked half-breed of the two, his body beginning to tremble in Throttle's arms again as Throttle sank into the blissful right heat against, intentional grazing the spot inside Vinnie that would make the white mouse moan in pleasure.

Vinnie's entire body jerked at the touch, a wordless moan escaping through his lips as his body clutched at the harness buried within it. With a moan of his own Throttle set a slow, easy pace; pressing against the spot inside as his tail stroked Vinnie's cock. With one hand he urged his mate's head back, to take one sensitive antennae into his mouth.

The next moan was more recognizably one of pleasure, making its way out between Vinnie's rapid panting breaths as the slow thrusting continued in conjunction with more familiar pleasures. Vinnie lifted a hand up of the ground and reached back to touch Throttle's leg, fingers twisting into the other mouse's fur.

"Cum for me Bro." Throttle whispered when he felt Vinnie was growing close. "Cum with me."

The twitching of Vinnie's ass grew more and more rapid, drawing Throttle's cock deeper as he moaned and twisted around the solid rod of flesh impaling him. It drew a more concerted effort by the tail wrapped around his cock, and a return of attention to his other antennae.

Finally it was too much, Vinnie's hips bucking blindly against the constraining tail as his cum sprayed out over the grass, and his body tightened around Throttle's cock deep inside him. A moan and thrust latter saw his insides drenched with his lover's seed.

Throttle held his mate tenderly against his chest as they regained their breath.

"Thank you, love."

Vinnie moaned softly, letting his head fall against the grass. "That was ..." he murmured very quietly, not finishing as Throttle held him close.

"I feel like I need another bath," the white mouse managed to say eventually.

"Sure, thing, Bro." Throttle kissed him gently on the neck as he withdrew and helped Vinnie to his feet. Vinnie sighed softly as the hardness inside him retreated, letting his entrance close. He rested against the grass for a few moments before climbing to his feet, moving slowly. "Want some help with it, Bro?"

Vinnie nodded slowly, leaning against the other mouse. "Of course," he murmured, a smile finding it's way to his lips as he was helped to the water edge, the bubbling cool water seeping through his fur.

Vinnie sighed softly, lifting his legs up off the bottom and letting himself float in the water as his mate watched drift.

"You okay, Bro?" Throttle asked when the sun had noticeably moved and Vinnie had not.

"Yeah," Vinnie said softly. "It's kinda relaxing."

"Don't think I've ever seen you be still this long." He smiled at his mate.

Vinnie thought about that for a while. "I guess not."

"I think I like you relaxed." Throttle murred as his tail played over a muscular white leg.

Vinnie reached down and wrapped his hand around Throttle's tail, pulling gently to draw himself through the water towards Throttle. "I wouldn't get used to it," Vinnie smirked. "It's kinda nice, but not really my thing."

"Unlike some things you've tried recently." He smirked and pulled the white mouse against him for a kiss. Vinnie let the kiss drag on, in not hurry to draw his mouth away from his mate's.

"Don't worry hot-stuff," the white mouse smirked as they came apart. "You're very much my thing."

"Glad to heard that." He smiled and leaned in to claim another kiss. "Because you're addictive."

Vinnie tipped himself upright again, putting his feet down and pressing back against Throttle as he kissed him deeper, a welcome advance as Throttle's tail wrapped around them to pull them tightly together. Eager hands explored hard muscle covered by wet white fur as Throttle's words were proved very true from the evidence between his legs.

"You're a horny boy Throttle," Vinnie whispered hotly by his ear, one hand reaching up between the other mouse's thighs.

"Just addicted to you. Bro." His breath quickened at the contact. "You feel so good."

Vinnie flashed a devastating, dirty smirk into his mate's face before he ducked his head, kissing his way down Throttle's neck and onto his chest, encouraged by moans and soft whimpers as Throttle's scent deepened in his growing arousal.

Vinnie sank slowly downwards, his lips and tongue working across Throttle's fur until he was kneeling in the water. Throttle's shaft stood full and proud in front of his face as the tawny mouse trembled lightly, his hands ghosting over Vinnie's antennae and ears.

The white mouse's tail wrapped around Throttle's waist as he nuzzled the mouse's balls. The tip reached down between the firm globes of the tan mouse's ass, probing for the entrance to his body as Throttle moaned eagerly, his cock twitching his Vinnie's tail pressed into him.

"You're not the only one who can have interesting ideas." Vinnie grinned.

"Do tell." Throttle breathed. "Or just do."

The tip of Vinnie's tail traced around the entrance to Throttle's body, circling it twice, and then slipping inside. As the flexible appendage reached deeper into the hot flesh, following a path his cock had followed several times in the last few days, his lips and tongue touched against Throttle's shaft.

"Oh, yeah." The tawny mouse shivered in excitement, his arms stretching back to brace against the pool's edge.

The twisting of Vinnie's tail inside Throttle was much more enthusiastic than the attention his mouth was giving. His inexperience showing even though he did his best to please his new mate, and it was an enthusiasm that drew eager encouragement from the tawny mouse.

Vinnie closed his mouth around the head of Throttle's cock as his tail probed ever deeper into Throttle's body, shifting back and forward through the tight passage to mimic a fucking motion.

"Oh, yeah, Bro." Throttle's voice was low and hungry as he brought one hand forward to stroke the white mouse's antennae and guide his motion. "Suck me." Vinnie let Throttle's hands guide the movement of his head, his tongue wrapping around the thick shaft and drawing it deeper into his mouth. He didn't even try to take the whole thing, concentrating on using his lips and tongue to please Throttle.

It was an effort that was well rewarded in moans as the tawny mouse shifted back and down so he could bring both hands forward, his own tail slipping between Vinnie's legs to caress and cup his balls and sheath. The tan mouse's ass was slowly stretched wider as Vinnie's tail slipped deeper and deeper into him, much further than any male's cock could go.

A shudder passed through Throttle's body at the deep penetration, drawing a loud moan as a drop of precum oozed from his cock. Inexpert as it was the combined attentions of Vinnie's tongue and tail continued to bring Throttle ever closer to climax from eagerness and the tawny mouse's own fantasies as much as physics.

"Bro," Throttle voice was strained as his fingers tightened around Vinnie's head for a moment before relaxing to let him move, "I'm close."

Vinnie drew his head off the other mouse's cock, his mouth working it's way along the underside of the shaft, his fingertips rubbing slowly over the head. His tail stopped probing deeper into Throttle's guts and started working back and forward inside him, a deep, thorough fucking, even if it wasn't as forceful as when Vinnie was on top of him. It was sufficient however, drawing a series of increasingly desperate grunting moans until he shuddered and roared, sending jets of hot cum over his mate's fingers to splash on Vinnie's mask, fur and the water around them.

Vinnie chuckled softly, ducking his head under the water to wash Throttle's seed away. "How was that, Biker Boy?"

"Damn good for a beginner." He grinned at the other mouse between deep breaths. "You looked so hot."

"And since when is that a surprise?"

"Only the part about it being real and not a particularly delicious fantasy." Throttle chuckled as he pulled his mate to his feet for long, passionate kiss. "But you've made me hungry for something more substantial than your tail." He rumbled as his tail traced up Vinnie's sheath.

"Maybe once we're dry," Vinnie chuckled softly. "The water's cold when you're drenched in it."

"Sun is right this way." Throttle grinned and pulled his Bro out of the pool and onto the mossy grass. Vinnie chuckled softly, tussling with Throttle on the grass for a few seconds before they settled down and stretched out in he sun.

"This is great," Vinnie said softly, his head resting in Throttle's shoulder and his tail wrapped around the other mouse's waist.

"Couldn't agree more, Bro." Throttle nuzzled him as his tail mirrored the affectionate gesture.

"Bet you never thought I'd go nature boy though. Not really my thing."

"A lot has happened recently I bet I'd never see." He smiled at the hunk of a white mouse laying half on top of him. "Our becoming mates is definitively the best part so far."

"You really wanted to screw around with me all that time?" Vinnie asked, raising his remaining eyebrow.

"Nah, only the last ten years so or of it."

"Ten years?" Vinnie shook his head softly. "Fuck bro, I don't even remember whose tail I was chasing that long ago."

"Any with a shapely set of hips attached to it." Throttle chuckled. "Same as ten weeks ago."

Vinnie chuckled softly and nodded. "Yeah, probably."

"You were such a tease." He nuzzled Vinnie affectionately.

"I never was!" The white mouse retorted.

"Like hell you weren't." Throttle smirked. "With your ass and your assets in those tight jeans and nothing covering the rest of this rock hard body of yours and every inch of you screaming sexy. That was bordering on cruelty, Bro."

"Only if you ..." Whatever Vinnie had been going to say didn't make it out. "But you were hot for me," he finished softly.

"Yeah," he murmured. "I am."

"You're pretty hot yourself bro," Vinnie murmured. "I never thought of a guy that way before."

"I wasn't the only one, you know." Throttle said softly, stroking Vinnie's fur. "You caught a lot of eyes, about half of them you never saw."

"You're the only one for me."

Throttle squeezed him tightly before claiming a gentle kiss. "Thank you, Bro."

"S'a bit of a change, huh?"

"Just a little bit of one." He chuckled softly. "I never figured I'd get you to myself."

"It just ... feels right. We've been watching out for one another for longer than I've even known anyone else." Vinnie drew Throttle closer. "And this time alone, without Modo, it's changed things."

"We were never just two before." Throttle murmured, stroking Vinnie's back. "And he's found a lifemate of his own too."

"Yeah." Vinnie didn't sound as happy about it as Throttle had hoped he would. "I saw."

"He's happy with Thildon, Bro." He said softly.

"He'd better be," the white mouse replied, his voice a soft rumble.

"If he's not, there will be hell to pay." Throttle said with quiet intensity.

"You got that damn right," Vinnie agreed, a dark and familiar note running beneath his voice.

"And if he is, Bro?" Throttle asked softly. Vinnie didn't say anything, but given the tension Throttle could feel in his body that might have been just as well.

"Did you always want guys?" He asked after some time, changing the topic completely. "Like, since you were a kid?"

"As long as I've been interested in anyone." He nodded.

"What about girls?"

"Same." Throttle said softly. "First serious anything was with a girl. It was a very good year while it lasted."

"Oh." Vinnie sounded surprised. "I always kinda assumed it was one or the other."

"I know a few people who are, but most who will consider their own gender like both." He kissed his mate gently. "I have a preference for males, but it's far from exclusive." He chuckled softly, though there was a note of longing to it. "Hell my last serious lover was female."

"I don't even remember," Vinnie said softly, resting his hand against Throttle's chest. "Shows how much attention I've been paying."

"You'd have to be watching me real hard to catch anything," he murmured, stroking white fur. "I've keep my private life just that for longer than we've known each other."

"Not anymore," Vinnie grinned, "At least not from me."

"Because you're part of it now, Bro." Throttle smiled softly. "But I was seeing some you wanted for almost two years and you never saw us."

"I don't even remember the last time we spent two years in the same place," the white mouse chuckled. "I guess it must have been ... oh no, man. You didn't."

"Charley is a very sweet bedmate, even if she did want you more." He chuckled softly.

"Damnit Throttle, that's low!"

"Nothing low about it." He shook his head. "She asked me when she couldn't get through to your thick head. Poor girl hadn't had a lover in too long."

"You know I would've rolled her in about a second." He smirked. "At least I would've if I could get her away from Modo a while. All that going on about his mama made it kinda hard to get a rise."

"She had plenty of time to be alone," Throttle nuzzled his mate. "You just never saw it."

"I don't think I really want to know."

"Well next time you see her say something about spending the night." Throttle smiled gently.

Vinnie chuckled, turning his face against Throttle's neck. "I'll be spending the night with you."

"That's not mutually exclusive Bro." He cocked a grin. "She developed a few very hot fantasies with both of us. It was interesting to spend the night trading ideas about a mutual obsession we both figured we'd never have."

"Oh gods," Vinnie murmured. "Don't remind me of that if we go back there. I won't be able to look at her."

"Why not?" He asked curiously. "Wasn't that the point of all that preening and strutting?"

"Not to have the two of you lie there and talk about me that way," Vinnie said plaintively.

"Well, we couldn't get *you* between us, so we settled for second best."

"Smartass. If you weren't so sexy I'd take off."

"You're already down to the fur, Bro." Throttle smirked playfully, his tail brushing over the hard white body to prove the point.

"Damn, now that you mention it I haven't worn clothes in ... I've lost track. There's this sexy guy who keeps distracting me."

"I know," he grinned with a low chuckle. "I seem to have a similar problem."

"I don't think of it as a problem," Vinnie smirked. "There's nowhere I want to hurry off to."

"You have a point Bro." Throttle smiled and held him close. "A very good point."

Irrational Feelings 9: Broken Souls

NC-17 for M/M
Het Level is Low
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Medium
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

115 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written August 31, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Vorex

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars, Haloeth

Primary Races: Human, Loup Maru, Martian Mice

Contents: Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Bigotry, DarkFic, Violence

Pairings: Modo/Thildon, Throttle/Vinnie, others

Blurb: Vinnie's on the run, and it seems the entire universe is intent on making that an excruciatingly impossible task.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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