Irrational Feelings 9.99:
Returning Home

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M
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"Vinnie," Throttle spoke softly over lunch. "Are you going to be able to handle going back?"

"Back where?" the white mouse asked, though the tip of his tail twitched where it rested against Throttle's thigh.

"To the village, then Mars." He said quietly.

"Can't we just stay here?" Vinnie asked plaintively. "I like it here."

"I do to, and we can't." He shook his head. "My presence is required now."

"Throttle I don't ... I'm not sure if I can ..." Vinnie made a short frustrated sound as he lapsed back into silence.

"I'm sorry," he sighed and dropped his head.

"Throttle ..." Vinnie's tail slid up to wrap around the tan mouse's waist, managing to say at least some of what Vinnie couldn't quite manage. "You know what it's like."

"Yes," he murmured. "But if we don't go back, I still have to."

"I can't stay here on my own," Vinnie came to the same conclusion Throttle had. "I suppose ... I suppose at least if we go back together you'll be around."

"Yes I will," he gently pulled the other mouse close. "And we can see Mars again."

Vinnie sank into his arms willingly, pressing his chest up against Throttle's own. "I know I couldn't cope if you weren't there."

"I'm not going anywhere without you, Bro." He said softly, stroking Vinnie's head as he held him. "We're going through this together."

"I still can't ... you and Modo." Vinnie's body trembled in his mate's arms. "I wish I'd never found out."

"I wish it could have worked out that way too," Throttle said softly. "Things never could be easy for us."

"You should have been so mad with me, after everything I've done."

"I've had years to deal with that," he sighed. "And an extremely stubborn reason to."

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry about your mother."

Throttle nodded, not trusting his voice at this point as he held his mate close. Vinnie never really cried, but the tremors running through his body would have been clear enough an indication in anyone else. It didn't take long for the bout to subside though, leaving the white mouse lying limp in Throttle's arms.

It was a quiet the tawny mouse was content to leave in place as he held his mate, and tried to deal with it all again himself.

Throttle stopped them before entering visible range of the village where this had started, though they could hear the activity already.

"Remember, Bro. They won't hurt you unless you attack first," he tipped his mate's face up for a gentle kiss. "We get this over with, and never have to think about it or the past again."

Vinnie didn't reply immediately, casting an apprehensive glance toward the small cluster of buildings. "Can't we just go back?" he asked softly. "They'll get along without you."

"I think they will too, but it's not an option." Throttle said softly. "A pack will come and get me if I don't go on my own."

Vinnie nodded slowly, taking a deep breath and a moment to try and compose himself before lifting his eyes again. He was still obviously apprehensive. It was unsetting for Throttle too, to see him this way. A quiet, withdrawn Vinnie seemed somehow at odds with the laws of the universe.

"It'll be all right, Bro." He repeated before guiding the white mouse into the bustling activity center that the village had become. Everywhere there were Garou, most in Mouse, but a fair number taking advantage of the strength of the Crinos and the speed and maneuverability of the Lupo as they ran errands and prepared for the move.

Vinnie's eyes fell down to the ground as his tail rose up to wrap tightly around his own waist. "Can we go somewhere?" he murmured, barely even loud enough for Throttle to hear. "Inside?"

Throttle nodded and quickly guided him to a hut, closing the flap behind them with his tail.

"We're alone, Bro."

"I can't do this," Vinnie said, his voice trembling as Throttle embraced him supportively. "They're everywhere."

"I know," he murmured gently. "If you don't stay at my side, you can stay with non-Garou allies until they let me go."

"No, NO!" The white mouse was beginning to panic. "Don't go!"

"Vinnie, Bro, calm down." Throttle ordered smoothly, his grip tightening around his mate. "We don't have to be apart," he said soothingly with a gentle nuzzle. "I was just offering you a way to avoid it all."

Vinnie's arms came around Throttle's body, gripping him desperately. "Throttle, please," he asked softly, burying his face against the other mouse's neck. "I'm scared." It was a magnificent understatement. He smelled terrified.

"I'll do anything I can to help." He promised softly, meaning every word as he supported the trembling mouse. "I'll protect you from anything and anyone, Vinnie."

"Just stay here. Just for a couple of minutes."

"I will," he promised softly with deadly determination back his words.

Slowly the white mouse came back from the edge of panic, though he still held his tight grip on his mate. His tail unspooled from around his waist and coiled around them both, and his face rested in the hollow between Throttle's shoulder and neck. For once, despite the physical closeness, there wasn't even a trace of arousal in Vinnie's scent.

"It'll be okay, Bro." Throttle murmured soothingly in his ear. "I won't let anyone hurt you."

"I just don't know Throttle," Vinnie murmured softly. "I don't know if I can do this."

"You can, Vinnie." He tipped the white mouse's face up. "I know you can. And I'll be right here every step of the way."

"How ... what do you have to do?"

"I have to go to Mars with the first units," he explained gently. "I have to lead them home. Really, that's about it."

"First units?" Vinnie shook his head slowly. "Throttle, the war's over by now. Well and truly over."

"Oh, I know it is," he nuzzled his mate gently. "But it's an army that's going, even if they're no one to fight."

The white mouse shakes his head again, but doesn't speak for a little while. "So ... this is it then? We're finally going back?"

"Yes, this is it," Throttle smiled softly. "We're going back to Mars."

"Home. At last."

"Yes, home," he smiled and pressed his muzzle against his mate's neck. "We're going home, and no one will kick us off this time."

"All right. All right." He paused, trying to gather the confidence together. "What do we do?"

"I need to talk with the organizers and a couple others, and find out where in the first unit we'll be riding." He said gently. "Then we meet up with Modo and ride out."

"Modo, damn." Vinnie shook his head slowly. "I guess I should talk with him."

"It would be a good thing," he nodded seriously.

"Well, uhh, maybe we can do that while you figure stuff out."

"If you don't want to sit through boring meetings with me," Throttle nuzzled him gently. "It would be a good use of the time."

"I don't ..." He breaks off and shakes his head. "I couldn't. There's no way."

"As long as you'll be okay staying with Modo," he murmured, tipping his mate's face up. "I do have to go to the meetings."

"I think I can manage," Vinnie nodded. "Modo's my Bro."

"Good," he pulled Vinnie tightly against his chest and wrapped his tail protectively around them both. "We are the Biker Mice from Mars. *Nothing* is going to brake us apart." Throttle voice was throaty in his need to make that real.

"I love you Throttle," Vinnie murmured softly, holding the other mouse close as the statement sunk in.

"Ah, Bro," he murmured, nuzzling him tenderly before kissing him very gently. "I love you Vinnie." He said softly, meeting the white mouse's eyes through his shades.

"I know," Vinnie murmured softly, "I know."

"Come on, let's lie down for a little while," he smiled softly, urging his mate towards the large hammock. "They can wait a little while."

Vinnie nodded, and let himself be led without any trouble at all. He pressed his body close against his mate's as they settled, and welcomed it when Throttle drew him even closer.

"Hay, Bro!" Throttle's voice was a cheerful as he let Vinnie to the hut Modo and Thildon made home.

"Throttle!" Modo shouted back happily, as he grabbed the tan mouse in his arms joyfully. "Decided to come out of the wilderness, huh?" He smiled warmly. "Heya, Vinnie." He said with a warm smile for unusually quiet white mouse.

"Yeah, well, they were getting a bit persistent about it," Throttle grinned and hugged him back. Vinnie just nodded, his tail coiled back around his waist as he hovered awkwardly near the door.

Modo looked over at Vinnie. "What's the problem, Vinnie? It's just the three of us here." He asked confused at his Bro's standoffishness.

"Nothing," the mouse said quickly, stepping forward. "It's fine."

"I hope so." Modo smiled, putting a hand on Vinnie's shoulder. "We're still the Biker Mice, nothing changes that, Bro." He said stubbornly, having convinced himself of that with some difficulty during the preceding weeks.

"Nothing," Throttle rumbled determinedly, putting a firm hand on Vinnie shoulder. "I'll be back as soon as I can, Bro."

Vinnie nodded, taking a moment to wrap an arm around the tan mouse and draw him close, reassuring himself.

"It'll be okay, Bro." Throttle nuzzled him gently before gently pulling away to leave.

Vinnie's eyes followed Throttle as he tail vanished out of the door, sthen turned back towards Modo. It was an awkward moment. Excepting a few hours the two of them hadn't seen each other in years.

"I'm ... kinda hungry," Vinnie ventured uncertainly.

"Food's not a bad idea." Modo smiled. "Have a seat anywhere, while I get something for us." He said, grateful to have something to do to break the awkwardness of standing around.

The white mouse seemed a somewhat more relaxed when Modo returned, although that may just have had to do with the fact he was sitting comfortably, rather than standing awkwardly by the door. Even so he looked to be a little less tense, a little less withdrawn.

"Here you go, Vin." Modo smiled and handed him one of the two plates he was carrying. There was a selection of meat, fruit and bread arranged on it. The gray mouse poured a purple fruit juice into two mugs and handed one of them over. "It's not root beer, but it's still pretty good." He said with a smile, as he sat down.

"Root beer," Vinnie said with a smile. "Damn, it seems like forever since I tasted any."

"Me too, Bro." Modo chuckled. "Or a good movie, or even a bad one for that matter."

"Oh, I've been a few places that had those. Usually weird-ass things, but still movies, kinda."

"Don't remember the last place I hit that qualified." Modo chuckled. "Hit a fair number of low tech places like here. Well maybe mostly low-tech would be more accurate." He smiled. "I'd pretty much settled in nicely here actually."

"Yeah." Vinnie developed a serious interest in his food. "I noticed."

"It'll be good to see Mars again." Modo smiled softly. "Though the person I was really worried about is here now. You probably remember Rimfire, right?"

"Uhhhh, yeah ... that kid. He's your nephew, isn't he?"

"Yeah, that's him. Bit bigger than you remember, guess he hit a growth spurt a few years back." Modo chuckled fondly. "Kids. Take your eyes off them and they go and grow up on you."

"I wouldn't know," Vinnie shrugged. "I was never really interested."

"I promised Mama I'd look after him. Hasn't been the easiest thing to do." He smiled softly. "But it's worth it. I'm just glad he and Thil are getting on so well."

"Yeah, well, I guess it's a good thing." Vinnie tried one of the fruits and recovered some more of his typical humor. "At least the food's good."

"Aside from the lack of root beer and hot dogs, yeah it is." Modo smiled. "There's something distinctly satisfying about hunting your own food."

"Always preferred a nice simple barbeque myself."

"Well, that can be fun too." Modo smiled.

"Hell of a lot easier too."

"When you just stop by the supermarket and pick up supplies, sure." Modo chuckled. "I haven't seen anything like that in probably two years."

"Most worlds have places where you can go to get food," Vinnie replied, still focusing mostly on his plate. "S'one of those universal things."

"Must be my luck then." Modo smirked. "On one world food meant these multicolored shapes with the consistency of stale marshmallows, and half the taste."

"Never been there," Vinnie said, shaking his head.

"It's a big universe." Modo smiled. "I'd be surprised if we'd overlapped at all. Nothing short of incredible that you and Throttle ended up here." He said with a warm smile.

Vinnie shook his head, making a face. "We hooked up a couple of worlds back, actually. Coming here sucked."

"It got the three of us back together." Modo said quietly. "Like we're supposed to be." He said, though he wasn't as sure of that as he'd been years ago, or even six months ago.

"And now we're going home, apparently," Vinnie continued, although the prospect didn't fill him with the same sort of enthusiasm as it had used to.

"That's what I'm told." Modo nodded. "It'll be good to get home, and then get to Earth and see Charlie."

"Damn," Vinnie murmured softly. "I hadn't even thought about that, it's been so long."

"I think about her every so often." Modo smiled fondly. "Her and Jeremy."

"Yeah. It'd be nice to go back and visit."

"Once we get back to Mars, it won't be hard." Modo smiled reassuringly.

"I guess it won't be, either."

"Getting back to Mars, no it won't." Modo nodded. "They've had groups through all ready. That's how Rimfire got here. I was worried, and asked them to find him for me."

"What's it like?" Vinnie asked hesitantly. They'd been gone for so long, almost anything could have happened to their home during that absence.

"Hasn't changed much, according Rimfire." Modo said quietly. "Planet's a big place to hide what few survivors there are. Fishfaces don't put much effort into it, they've taken what they wanted pretty much. Rimfire says thinks have gotten tougher on Earth, with more Plutarkian attention there. But I guess Charlie's really keeping Limburger hopping in Chicago. Earth's in better shape to resist them. They don't have the two primary factions actively trying to exterminate each other."

Vinnie didn't reply to that, returning his attention to the remains of his meal.

"So, see any place cool before you got here?" Modo asked, trying to break the silence before it settled. The funny thing was he really didn't blame either side more than the other for the conflict. Both sides were to blame, both sides had done some pretty atrocious things. The humans had a good saying that described why Mars fell, he thought, a house divided against itself can not stand.

"Yeah, a few," he nodded. "After all the deserts and wastelands and stuff you can forget what a world can be like."

"No kidding." Modo smiled. "First time I hit a world that was entirely frozen, it was quite a shock. I mean snow everywhere, but they did have some great skiing." He chuckled quietly. "Of course they also had a thirty hour day, talk about screwing with your internal clock."

"Yeah tell me about it, it'd be nice to be able to just stop somewhere and know that the days are going to be the right length. Although I never complained about planets with longer nights."

"I'll be not." Modo chuckled. "You would've hated the place with the rotating double suns. Once everything worked out, there was only about six hours of night per twenty-eight hour day."

Vinnie made a face. "Ugh, you've got to be kidding."

"'Fraid not." Modo chuckled. "There are three months of the year where they don't have night at all."

"Well that sucks," Vinnie snorted, as forthright in his opinions as ever.

"Yeah, it made sleeping really weird." Modo chuckled.

"I would have gone nuts," the white mouse muttered. "That's just not funny."

"It is after six months of being stranded there." Modo grinned. "You either laugh at it or go nuts."

"I'm glad I never had that problem."

"You were lucky."

"Yeah. For a while, anyway."

"Well, we're back together and we'll be going home soon. Things are getting back to the way they should be." He smiled comfortably.

"Yeah. I guess so."

"Ready to see the new Mars?" Throttle nuzzled his white mate gently to wake him up.

"No," Vinnie murmured softly, "But that's never stopped us before."

"No, it hasn't," he sighed and pulled him close, trying to comfort one of the last Mice alive. "It will all be over soon, Bro, and you won't have to see any of them again."

"Yeah," Vinnie murmured softly, his tail curling up and around the both of them as Throttle hugged him tightly.

"Well be with Charley and no more Garou," he added with a tight squeeze. "Just hold out a little longer, and we can put this all behind us."

"Charley-girl," Vinnie said, a weak grin coming to his face. "And we'll be able to get real hotdogs again."

"And root beer, and movies, and kicking Plutarkian tail."

"Nah. They'll all have been kicked down by now."

Throttle cocked his head and tipped Vinnie's chin up so they were looking at each other, playing his fingers along the soft white fur as they moved. "Would you like to stop fighting, or find a new war?"

"Another war?" The question clearly surprised him. "Why in fuck would you want to do all that again?"

"I don't," he relaxed a tension neither realized he was carrying and kissed Vinnie with a chaste tenderness. "We just never talked about what came after the war, I want it to be something you'd want too. Some ... I've met those who just want another fight."

"I fought because I didn't want to die," Vinnie replied, speaking softly and leaning in more closely. "After that all I wanted to do was find you again. It's not our responsibility any more, we can do whatever we want."

"Good," he murmured, relaxing and holding him tightly. "I'd like to go back to Earth, stay with Charley and you. Enjoy a world that is thriving and relatively calm."

"Sounds good to me. I don't think I'm going to want to stay on Mars."

"I know I don't," Throttle sighed. "For all it was home, it's not going to be any more when this is done. It'll be good to see Charley again, and stay with her."

"At least for a little while," Vinnie nodded. "We can rest for a while. Think about what we want to do with ourselves."

"We've got an entire universe to play in, Bro." Throttle smiled and nuzzled him with a hug. "I'm sure there'll be something that presents itself worth doing."

Vinnie turned his head and pressed his lips softly against his mate's, a chaste gentleness that was returned without demand. "I just wanna rest for a while. It's all been too much."

"I can *so* go with that, Bro." Throttle smiled at him. "And the sooner we go to Mars, the sooner we can go home and just rest without having to keep an eye open."

Throttle could all but feel the other mouse working himself up to stepping out the door. This room had become Vinnie's sanctuary, the only place in the village he could go and be relatively free of the other inhabitants. Leaving it was hard, and not something Throttle asked for lightly, or hurriedly. He patiently waited and supported his mate while he gathered himself for the trip.

There was silence for some time while Vinnie worked himself up to facing the outside.

"Well, I guess we better get it over with," the white mouse sighed softly.

"And then get away from this all." Throttle kissed him on the neck and hugged him tightly before guiding Vinnie outside with an encouraging touch. "Just one short ride and we're gone."

Vinnie nodded, but didn't say anything as they stepped through the curtained door into a remarkably empty scene. Of the hundreds of Garou that should have been around, the only people visible were Modo, Thildon and two cyberbikes. The other mated pair were already mounted on their sleek purple bike, and Thildon was making a polite point of not looking directly at Vinnie as they nodded greetings.

"One last ride, in Biker Mice style," Throttle smiled at Vinnie before swinging his leg over the flame red bike and slipped back to let Vinnie sit in front, "and we are out of here."

Vinnie laughed softly, surprised by the gesture, and mounted up in front of Throttle. His tail reached back to wrap around his mate's waist, drawing him closer, even as Throttle wrapped his tail and both arms around the white Mouse and settled in, content to let Vinnie drive on this trip.

"Just roll through the light, and stay on the silver path," he told Vinnie quietly with a soft nuzzle to his neck. "Ride fast, and it won't be more than a long day there."

"Right," Vinnie nodded, revving the engine hard before letting the bike race forward and through the glimmering circle of light. A moment of blindness game way to a glimmering either-world of space and a shinning path of light the width of a two lane road.

"Mars ahead." Throttle rumbled with an eager to be over with it edge in his voice. "Take the red portal, Bro."

Vinnie nodded curtly. He'd spent the entire tip with his eyes fixed on the road, avoiding looking up at the surroundings, though Throttle never let him think he was alone in the long, otherwise lonely ride. He kept his eyes focused on where they were going, letting the disorientation of the portal wash over him with barely a blink.

The shocked gasp next to his ear drew Vinnie's attention back, towards his mate instead of the vista before him. Even with his eyes hidden by green shade, Throttle's stunned shock was obvious on his face.

"Well," Vinnie said softly. "We're back."

"Damn," the tawny Mouse whispered with a painful lump in his throat as he took in the spread of glittering blue water and lush greens covering the red dirt of their homeworld. "It really isn't anything like our Mars."

"Mars hasn't looked like this since ... hell, it may never have looked like this," Vinnie replied, his voice hushed. "Most of earth isn't this green."

"Not in a dozen generations at least, I don't think." Throttle swallowed with difficulty. His attention was suddenly diverted by a presence nearby. "I'm going to say goodbye to my mother." He nuzzled his mate gently. "I'll only be a few minutes."

"Don't worry," Vinnie replied and got a quick kiss as Throttle dismounted and walked a distance away. "I'm not going anywhere."

He continued to watch the strange mutation of the once familiar place, slowly realizing that this had once been a major rebel encampment they'd spent months at a shot at. As his brain worked on that, and giving Throttle a little privacy for his goodbye, he couldn't help but catch a few words, the hushed voice of his mate and mate's mother, then the crackle of power and startled moaning cry from Throttle.

"Throttle?" Vinnie called, glancing over to see his mate enveloped in a swirling crackle of ghostly energy. "You okay?" Despite the first glance, Vinnie had seen enough of Throttle in pain to realize this wasn't it.

It was a long moment before the visible energy dissipated, leaving Throttle shaken but apparently uninjured. He made a sharp shake of his head and walked over to Modo and Thildon, who'd remained silently watching the new world unfold before them and tipped his shades down. After exchanging a few words, he returned to his mate and sank gratefully behind Vinnie on the cycle.

"Ready to crash with Charley, Bro?" Throttle asked softly, his voice still a little off but definitely himself.

"Are you all right?" Vinnie asked softly.

"Yeah," he nodded, still a little shaky. "She gave me an apology gift for all the crap she put me though. My eyes back."

The white mouse twisted around to look his mate in the face. "Really?"

"Yes," he nodded slightly, and slowly reached up to remove his shades. As his mate watched, natural, crystal blue eyes were revealed. Even as Throttle folded his shades with his fingers, his eyes never left Vinnie's face. "Look okay?" He asked, not quite sure of himself.

A huge grin broke across Vinnie's face, the white mouse just looking into his mate's new eyes for long seconds before leaning closer to kiss him softly, an action that was returned with an obvious breath of relief and a tight hug.

"Perfect." Vinnie grinned at him as they parted.

"Good," he smiled, shaky from the released tension and claimed another kiss as he dropped the green shades to the dusty red ground. "Let's leave this behind us, then. I want to get you somewhere nice and private," Throttle winked with a playful grin. "Even if I do have to challenge Charley for it."

"Nahh," Vinnie replied with a grin as he settled himself again and started the bike up. "She's got nothing on you Bro."

"Are you still interested in her, though?" He asked softly. "I don't mind, you know."

The white mouse thought about it before answering. "I dunno. It's been so long, and I've gotten awfully fond of that ass of yours."

"It's not a one or the other pretty-boy," he cocked a grin as a red and blue-green portal opened nearby. "I'm love to have a semi-permanent threesome with you, you know."

"We'll see. Let's just get out of here."

"No argument there, Bro," Throttle hugged him tightly. "Through the portal and stay on the road. "It'll drop us off near her."

Vinnie revved the engine loudly, casting one last look around the transformed landscape before sending them both plunging into the light.

Irrational Feelings 9.99: Returning Home

NC-17 for M/M
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Written August 31, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Vorex

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars, Haloeth

Primary Races: Human, Loup Maru, Martian Mice

Contents: Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Modo/Thildon, Throttle/Vinnie, others


Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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