Kat in a Strange Land 3:
Jungle Shadows, Jungle Fire

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"Hay, Cazi." Jake waved the stocky lion down early one afternoon three months after his arrival.

"Hiya, Jake." The Lion smiled. "What's up?" He asked curiously, since something usually was with the inventive Kat.

"I was wondering if you were game for an evening in the city, for female company." He came to a stop next to Cazi.

Cazi smiled. "I haven't been out for a while, and I'm sure my LifeMates will appreciate a little time alone together." He chuckled. "Sure, it's still early afternoon so we should be able to make Corellon before dinner. Nice thing about hypersonic shuttles, you can go anywhere you like pretty much."

"Very true." The Kat grinned. "What's appropriate wear?"

"I keep a place in the city, I've got some good examples there." He smiled as he headed for the hanger. "Once you decide what you like, we can hit the stores and get you set up." He chuckled, happy to have company for a change.

"Works for me," Jake chuckled. "And if we don't get lucky, we still have each other to play with. If not both."

"I like the way you think, Jake." The Lion chuckled as they boarded the sleek, matte black delta wing shuttle. "Oh, how's your G-tolerance?" He asked with a smirk.

"Poor." Jake muttered. "6-7 G's tops and I'm out."

"I'll keep her to five then." Cazi said, as the sleek craft leapt from the concealed hanger accelerating at what had to be around 4 G's. "You might want to talk to Nareena about that. They found some time ago that most people's G-tolerance could be improved, but that one should always check with a medical professional first." He said as they cleared the local mountain range. "As long as we've got time, would you like to get a satellite's eye view of the planet?"

"Definitely." Jake perked up almost instantly. "I've never seen space outside of combat."

Cazi smiled broadly. "You're in for a treat then." He said as he turned the sleek craft's nose to space. Thirty minutes later they were in a low orbit that gave Jake a classic view from space.

"It's not quite in range, but StarLion Station is that way. Chief of the Felsinor orbital facilities." He said in a kind of tour guide fashion.

Jake barely heard it; his hands and face were plastered to the forward window in utter awe of the planet below.

Cazi leaned back and let Jake look for as long as he wanted to. He remembered his first time in space, and the wonder of seeing things from that viewpoint.

"It so ... peaceful." Jake eventually murmured, his voice as calm in its wonder as the slowly rotating world below.

"Yeah, amazing." The Lion said quietly, as he put a gentle hand on the Kat's shoulder. "Sometimes I take the shuttle up just to see this." He said in a very tranquil voice.

"You'd never know what's down there." Jake smiled with a mixture of wonder and sadness. "Makes me wish I'd taken the TurboKat up at least once, when it wasn't a firefight."

Cazi nodded. "From up here you can't see the divisions. And it all seems peaceful." He said quietly. "Each world is like a work of art hanging in the blackness of space."

"It's so ... so ... whole." He breathed, a slowly lengthening trail of darkening fur working down from his eyes. "Sweet Bastet ... this is what I've been trying to do my entire life. Make it look whole."

"It's hard to see that 'wholeness', when you're standing in the middle of it." Cazi said quietly. "Sometimes to see the painting properly, you have to step away from the canvas."

"It's very beautiful." Jake finally eased away from the window before he turned to Cazi. With gentle hands he cupped the Lion's face and kissed him with a gentle, lingering passion. "Thank you."

Cazi smiled warmly, truly pleased to have gotten such a reaction. "My pleasure, Jake." He said quietly. "Ready to continue on?"

"Yes." The Kat nodded with a calmness in his soul he hadn't known in a very long time.

Cazi took the sleek craft on a leisurely descent toward its destination. As it reached an altitude where commercial craft became common, he began playing the role of one of numerous private pilots. "Understood approach control. Setting approach to inbound vector 27385-alpha. Thank you, approach." He said with complete calm. He turned to Jake. "It'll take about half an hour to land through the commercial traffic control patterns."

He nodded, watching the city and airborne traffic with utter fascination. "Felsinor's a lot more advanced than I figured."

"Our camp is in one of the undeveloped regions, so it seems pretty backwards. But the planet is one of the founding members of the Galactic Alliance." He said as they touched down in a designated landing space. Cazi did a quick shutdown, and secured the craft as they disembarked. "My car's over in the secured parking shelter." He said as he led the way across the landing field where dozens of small craft of varying designs were parked, with a several coming and going at all times.

"So just where does the new TurboKat rest in the tech curve?" He asked, eyeing the civilian craft curiously.

"Above the planetary curve, by a decade or so." He said as he unlocked the doors on his car, which was a sleek hovercar reminiscent of the shuttle. "On a Alliance scale its comparable to some of the advanced Avar or Dracon fighters. Very impressive considering we don't have the facilities of a full research and design lab." He said as they pulled into traffic, and headed downtown.

"I've got work to do, then." He sighed and stretched as he settled into the passenger seat. "Where would the feline-types be?"

"Everywhere." Cazi smiled as they drove through downtown sections where Felsin of varying species and fur patterns could be seen strolling the sidewalk. "This is the Felsin homeworld, so feline-types are dominant. Largest non-feline groups would be the Lupo and Canem, followed by the Dracon."

"I meant feline like me, throwbacks and cat-like aliens." Jake elaborated.

"Hmm." Cazi thought for a moment. "Well, Felsin are the cat-like aliens of the Alliance." He grinned. "As for 'throwbacks', they're pretty rare, I don't think I've met more than one or two. Not counting Ebon and myself, who both have alternate forms that happen to be 'throwbacks'." He smiled reassuringly. "Don't worry, it's a really cosmopolitan city." He said as he moved upward to get into the higher altitude traffic pattern.

"Figures." Jake sighed as he watched the city and traffic pass by. "I was kind of hoping for someone attractive, by my standards. Ah, well."

"Well, you've seen the guys in war-form. Does that fit your standards?" He asked in a completely neutral tone of voice.

"Very much so." Jake smiled sheepishly across the car. "I just said something very rude, didn't I?"

"It could certainly be taken that way." He shook his head. "But you're from a world with no real off-world contact so it's understandable." He grinned. "Actually, I know of nightclub that might just be what you're looking for. It's called 'Warlord's', and a good share of the clientele spend the evening in war-form."

"Sounds fun at any rate." Jake grinned back. "Any other tips for the backwater visitor?"

"Only one, if you decide you're interested in a male Dracon, you'll have to ask him. His code of honor won't let him initiate anything with a male smaller than himself." He chuckled. "And there are some real hunks out there with wings." He smirked, as he landed in the parking space on the upper level of a large building. He got out, and led the way into a large penthouse apartment, which was very tastefully decorated. "Welcome to my second home." He said with a flourish as the lights came on.

"Nice digs." Jake said appreciatively as they walked in. "You have quiet a double life going."

"Well, the contacts come in handy and I didn't want to lose out on the patent income." He chuckled as they walked though to the bedroom, where Cazi opened a closet. "Styles range pretty wildly these days, though leather is the big thing at Warlords right now."

"Leather is good." Jake grinned as he scanned the offerings.

Cazi smiled. "I'm not surprised. And I know just the place to get leather. My stuff will be a bit large for you, and leather just has to fit to look right." He said with an appreciative wink as the Kat looked over the various leather outfits.

"That it does, though I'm sure you look quiet hot in some of this stuff." He smirked. "What are the social notes on collars here?"

"Collars? They're moderately popular as leather wear, some of the rougher sorts actually put spikes on them." He said curiously.

"So they don't actually signify anything?" He asked to double check. "They're just for decoration."

"What would a collar signify?" Cazi asked curiously, then cocked his head. "Better question, what did they signify where you're from?"

"That depended on where you were, and what was on it." Jake smiled slightly. "But the main uses were to signify ownership in a master/ slave relationship, and as a mark of being Primal." He shook his head and chuckled. "And I expect none of that translated quiet right."

"That's certainly true. Especially since slavery is illegal in the Alliance, a capital one offense in fact. And I haven't a clue what a Primal is."

"Different kinds of slavery." Jake paused, trying to find the right words to make the distinction clear. "The kind I was referring to is a voluntary kind, a sex game taken to a lifestyle level. Not legal, actual ownership where the slave can't brake the relationship."

"Oh, I think I've heard of that." He said uncertainly. "Never could understand why anyone would want it though. Maybe they use collars for that, I honestly don't know, don't want to know either." He shook his head. "Bit of advice, don't ever mention it around the rest of the NightBlades. They react very badly to any mention of slavery, regardless of nature."

"Gotcha." Jake nodded uneasily. "Primal's more complicated, though it can be generally summed up as an attraction to the more primitive aspects of Katkind. My kink is more appearance focused than anything, though I haven't crossed the line of fancying actual animals."

Cazi smiled. "That one's easier to understand, since that's basically what Warlords is all about. As for the actual animals, when one in three Felsin can change into an animal form, the line becomes a little less clear cut. In families with strong shifter genetics, the kits are even sometimes born in the quadruped form."

"Like Nathan?" The Kat asked curiously as Cazi chose an outfit for the night.

"Good guess, Jake." Cazi said as he debated silently over several outfits. "I'm curious though, how did you figure that out? You've never seen him change." He said picking out an outfit with a more warrior edge to it, including more metal accessories.

"Hopeful guess." The Kat shook his head. "Goldens are born as four-legs, and to a mother in that form. We've lost a lot of the old abilities, but that one's stayed."

"It's not a given with Felsin, and in Nathan's case it took almost two years for him to figure out how to switch to the Felsin form. Strange thing is he doesn't show any signs now of shifter ability, which is rather unusual considering his parents." Cazi shook his head as he slipped the jacket on. "Nareena says I worry too much, and that the ability will surface when he's a little older."

"I was more worried about her." Jake cracked a bit of a smile. "It can be extremely traumatic for a female to give birth to a wildcat if they aren't prepared for it, especially if they're forced into a form they don't understand on top of it."

Cazi chuckled, as he pulled on the black leather boots that finished the outfit. "Well, Nareena wouldn't be caught by surprise in any event. And besides, she's almost impossible to upset, nerves of steel." He said affectionately. "Okay, let's go get your outfit." He said after checking himself in one of the full length mirrors.

He then shifted to a snow leopard with his usual muscular build. "Yes, I think the black leather accentuates against the gray-white fur better." He said as though he simply matching accessories.

"You are a treasure, Cazi." Jake laughed as he shook his head. "Though the look reminds me of an old girlfriend, except you aren't quiet as colorful."

"More colorful?" Cazi chuckled. "You mean something like this?" He said shifting the fur pattern to include a rather wild tribal pattern. "That can be fun too, but I prefer a less riotous appearance at Warlords."

Jake smirked. "She still has you beat."

Cazi chuckled broadly and shifted back to the simple snow leopard. "She must have spent hours putting the patterns in." He smirked. "Come on, we should have time to get you dressed properly and get dinner before things really get underway at Warlords." He said as he led the way out.

"Usually only an hour or so, at least when I wasn't helping." Jake chuckled as he followed the Snow Leopard out. "She was gifted at it." He added a little wistfully.

"Sounds like it." He smiled, as the hovercar darted through city traffic. "Here we are." He said as the car set down on a rooftop parking space. "Argali's Leather Emporium, everything you could want in leather ... and few other things too." He smirked broadly as he got out.

"Somehow I expect anywhere you frequent is like that." Jake chuckled as he followed Cazi inside.

Cazi chuckled. "You should see some of the tech markets off-world I know." He smiled as they walked through the very large, well stocked leather shop. Almost anything in leather apparel seemed to be available, and a highly visible sign said 'Don't see it? Ask and we tailor to fit anyone.'. A sign over a back door said 'Specialty Leather goods and toys.'

A six foot tall Black Lioness walked over wearing a tight leather outfit, and kissed Cazi quickly. "Hi handsome, see anything you like?"

"Hi, Tonia. My friend, Jake and I are going to Warlords tonight and he needs an outfit." He smiled.

The Lioness knowingly sized up the lean tom. "So, have something in mind, Jake?" She smiled warmly.

The Kat considered for a moment before answering. "For lady hunting." He cocked a smile at her. "I'm betting you know what would suit better than I do."

The Lioness chuckled. "I have several ideas, depending on just how bold you want to be." She winked at him. "I doubt you're the shy type, since you're hanging around him." She teased lightly. "This way." She said as she turned, and playfully swished her long tail across his front.

"I've been accused of it." Jake laughed as he followed. "Though not in the last few months."

The Lioness worked with a well practiced eye, as well as good judgment of what Jake did or didn't like as she put together a 'lady hunting' leather outfit. It was tight in all the right places, and accentuated the Kats lean, athletic form well. She added some metal accents to create a definite 'dangerous' look that she thought fit the Kat well.

After about thirty minutes of very hands-on work, she put the Kat in front of a full length mirror to examine the results.

Cazi rumbled in lustful appreciation. "Wrap him up, I'll take him." He said throatily as Jake shifted to subtly pose for him. "You outdid yourself, Tonia."

"Well, you brought me something good to work with." She smirked. "Well, Jake. What do you think?"

"I'm impressed." The Kat gave a rumble of his own. "I haven't looked this good in years." He winked at Cazi. "We make a good pair too."

"That we do, Jake." He smiled appreciatively. "How much Tonia?" He asked easily.

"Cazimir, I'll let you know when I don't owe you." She said as she gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. "I'll probably see the two of you at Warlords later, so I can see how my latest goes over." She said with a smile. "Enjoy yourselves." She said with bright smile for the two of them as she moved off to another customer.

"Come on, I know a great restaurant near Warlords." He said as he headed back to the hovercar.

"We can always go for a private appetizer first." Jake offered in a sultry tone as he lounged back in the passenger seat as Cazi got in. "You seemed quiet hungry a minute ago."

Cazi licked his lips as the car lifted off smoothly. "At the restaurant I'm think of, we can do both." He said giving the lean tom as lustful once over with his eyes. "Private dining rooms, and the cutest waiters around."

"Mmm, sounds delicious." Jake purred deep in his chest as he sprawled back to give Cazi a temptingly good view of his leather-bound body. Then with deliberate slowness he began to tease himself, paying particular attention to the golden hoop that rested in his right nipple. "Sure you won't want a preview?" He rumbled suggestively.

Cazi rumbled appreciatively as he attempted to keep his eyes and his mind on the air-traffic road. "You give me any more of a preview and I'll be lucky to not hit something." He said lustily. "What a delicious distraction though."

"Don't tell me this doesn't have autopilot." Jake smirked as his finger dipped down to outline his swelling sheath as he propped one foot up on the center divide to spread his knees even more.

"Of course it does, required safety equipment." He rumbled as he absently switched it on. "Even works in city traffic." He said throatily as he turned face Jake while one hand ran down the Kat's abs until it was caressing the bulge in between the his legs. "What a wonderful in-flight snack idea."

"It seemed a shame to waste all that appreciation you were showing." Jake sighed as he breathed in deeply of their mutual arousal. "And you have the most wonderful mouth."

"So much to appreciate." Cazi said before he claimed a passionate kiss, while his hand deftly undid Jake's pants, so he could caress the Kat's balls and hardening cock, earning a wanton moan as he rocked his hips against the hand fondling him.

"Suck me off, Cazi." Jake's voice was on the line between order and beg as he ran eager fingers through the Snow Leopard's short silvery hair, urging him down.

"Oh, I think can manage that." He quipped before taking the lean tom's cock in his mouth, and sucking it wantonly while his tongue darted around it teasing the fine barb hairs. The snow leopard reached his hand down to undo his own pants and release his hard cock from the restraining leather as Jake shivered under his ministration.

With what little coherency that wasn't completely focused on what the Felsin was doing to him, Jake caressed Cazi with his tail, paying particular attention to brushing under his balls.

Cazi moaned to the extent it was possible with his mouth full of Jake. He suckled the kat slowly towards orgasm while the soft tail brushing his balls pushed him toward his own. The Felsin got plenty of warning that Jake was near the edge as the Kat's muscles began to twitch, thrusting his hips up incrementally as he gradually lost control of both his body and voice.

Jake's vocal orgasm triggered the Felsin own and he lost control as wave after wave of muscular spasm shot through him. At the same time, the radio came on, the windshield wipers started going and the sunroof opened.

Jake was laughing even before his body settled. "I think we upset the car."

Cazi laughed deeply, and the radio turned off, the wipers stopped and the sunroof closed. "I haven't done that since I was teenager." He grinned.

"What was that?" Jake asked with a grin before curling over himself to claim a deep, lingering kiss to taste himself in Cazi's mouth.

Cazi chuckled as they broke. "My CyberWizard ability to interface with technology sent random signals into the car's systems." He smiled, as he claimed another kiss.

"I didn't think my tail was that talented." He smirked before leaning forward for another kiss. "I'll just have to get my share with dinner." He glanced around. "Made a bit of a mess of the car though."

"As big a turn on as you are, the tail didn't have to do much." Cazi smirked as he slowly twisted back into a driving position, while readjusting his clothes. "I know a few 'tricks' for quick cleaning, a Dracon friend of mine showed me some very useful air magic."

"Always useful, especially with your sex drive." Jake chuckled as he zipped himself up and straitened the leather costume.

Cazi chuckled as the car settled into a parking space. "Saves on drycleaning." He said as he got out.

As they entered what was clearly an upscale restaurant, it was interesting to note the mix of black leather and tuxedos in the same room. There was also a decided imbalance in the gender mix, with the bulk of the patrons being toms.

"Do you have reservations?" An older tom in a classic waiter's outfit asked as they entered.

"Albert, it's Cazi." The 'snow leopard' said casually.

"So it is." The tom smiled. "You'll be wanting you're usual room."

"Of course, both menus if you would."

"But of course." Albert said as he snagged a young Caracal tom waiter. "Show the gentleman to room sixteen. Both menus."

"Yes, sir." The athletic tom said. As he lead them to the private area of the restaurant, it was hard to ignore just how tightly tailored the suit he was wearing was.

Once they were seated he place two sets of menus on the table, and left.

"He's new, and quite attractive." Cazi said appreciatively.

"Murrr, no kidding." Jake licked his whiskers before picking up a menu at random. "What's with the both menus thing?"

Cazi chuckled. "The one you're holding is the usual one you'd find with food listed. The other is for picking a waiter, or waiters depending on your interests." He smirked. "This place isn't licensed just by the Restaurant and Alcohol Board."

"I really should have known." Jake laughed and scooted closer to they could peruse the second menu together.

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" Cazi laughed broadly, as he pointed out a hunky jaguar with close-cropped red hair. "Aside from this place, I don't buy sex ... don't have to." He winked at Jake.

"It means that you have sex on the brain even more than the rest of us." Jake chuckled back and pressed close, running a teasing hand along the snow leopard's leg. "Any with long hair? Maybe it's just me, but I like lovers who don't look much like my mates."

"You haven't been paying much attention to Blitz then." He chuckled. "How about that Black Lynx with the long blond hair?" He said pointing to the picture which showed a dark furred lynx with a gymnast's build and long blond hair pulled back in a ponytail.

"Oh, I have, but he's still the only tom in camp with any hair." Jake nuzzled in close. "He is quiet nice. Love the fur pattern, nice face."

"Yeah, well it's genetic disposition for most of them, and laziness on my part." He chuckled. "Long hair is so time consuming in the morning." He grinned. "So, the Lynx or did you want to look some more?" He asked as though they were window shopping.

"Any females on the menu?"

Cazi concentrated and there was a flicker of gold light around the menu. "None that I'd be willing to pay for in all fairness." He shrugged. "From the structure of the menu, I'd say they have a fair number of 'openings' in the waitress department." He chuckled.

"Then the blond Lynx." Jake crooned as he snuggled up against Cazi's neck. "Your markings will look very good together."

"Okay, now did you want to actually look at the food menu?" He teased quietly.

"You can order." He purred. "Though we probably should eat something nutritious if we're going to party."

"Agreed, Warlords is not a place to party on an empty stomach." He nuzzled Jake affectionately, before concentrating. "Okay, order placed." He smiled. "One of those advantages to being able to talk to the order system directly. You don't have to wait."

"Very true." Jake chuckled as his hand traced the lines of leather, silver and muscle down the Snow Leopard's chest. Cazi rumbled approval and ran a hand teasingly along the inside of the Kat's thigh, earning a more insistent nuzzle and gentle nip on his neck as Jake worked lower.

"You own me an appetizer." Jake murred teasingly. "Time to pay up."

Cazi spread his legs a little wider and gently ran his fingers through Jake's hair. "Any time you want to collect." He rumbled suggestively.

With a torturously light touch he unzipped Cazi's leather pants, releasing the cream, gray and black furred sheath as it swelled under the impending promise and tempting touch.

"Very nice." Jake rumbled hotly as he traced along his prize with a light claw. "Very nice indeed."

The snow leopard rumbled lustfully, but said nothing as he shivered under Jake's light, teasing touch as his body responded, his hardening cock sliding from it's warm home and into the warm, wet mouth so eager for it.

With deliberate speed Jake ran the slick back of his tongue around the barbless tip. As the rough length continued to emerge he turned the rough top of his tongue to work it, catching rough against rough to stimulate his lover more than being buried in another's body even offered.

Cazi shuddered excitedly, and ran his hands roughly through Jake's hair. A moan of pleasure was the only vocalization he managed as stimulation pushed him closer and closer to orgasm.

With a chuck deep in his chest Jake used every trick he knew to completely overload his partner's pleasure. Taking each shudder, small thrust and moan as a step closer to his goal and redoubled his efforts with each encouragement until he tasted the spicy-salty flavor unique to Cazi splash across his tongue.

Cazi roared as the muscular spasms shot through his body. As they subsided, he shuddered as Jake continued to work his over-sensitized cock with the skill of decades of torturing lovers with pleasure. When he decided he's drew the final thrusting shudder from the Snow Leopard, Jake finally let the softening length slide from his mouth as Cazi pulled him up into a deep, passionate kiss. "Enjoy your appetizer?" He smirked.

"Very much." Jake grinned as he rubbed his own leather-encased erection against his partner. "How about the main course?"

Before Cazi could answer there was a knock at the door. He chuckled. "I think that's our waiter, with beverages and appetizers." He smirked.

"Soon, some real food to play with, and another playmate?" Jake's eyes sparkled.

"One of us really should answer the door." He said giving the lean tom a kiss.

"Well, I'm still tucked in." The lean Kat laughed and squirmed out of the booth to open the door, giving Cazi a teasing view of his ass as he moved.

Standing at the door, was the Lynx from the menu, dressed in very, tightly tailored tuxedo, similar to the other waiter's. The cut was such that every muscle was outlined by the fabric. He was carrying a large tray, with a large crystal decanter that contained a blue liquid that sparkled from within, and a covered plate of something that smelled very good.

"Drinks and appetizers." The Lynx said professionally. "The rest of the meal will follow." He said with a sly wink.

"Excellent." Jake rumbled as he stepped to one side and followed the Lynx in to get a good look at his backside and murred approval.

The Lynx walked gracefully passed Jake, and swished his bobtail at Jake as he passed. He gave Jake a very good view, as he leisurely set poured the glowing liquid into glasses, and took the cover off the dish, revealing a variety of finger food which filled the room with delicious meaty smells.

"Such a difficult choice, what to try first." Jake purred seductively as he sat back down next to Cazi, copping a long feel on the Lynx's ass as he passed.

Cazi handed Jake one of the glasses. "Try the Chim'ra, I think you'll like it." He smiled. "And I hear Lynx goes with everything." He said with lusty smile at the waiter.

"The customer is always right." The Lynx said with a sultry look at the two of them.

Jake couldn't help but grin before taking a sip of the blue liquid.

The inside of Warlords was done in a medieval style, with a mixture of carved stone and wood construction. The tables, which seemed to come in four sizes (two, four, six and eight seats) were of a very heavy wood design. The servers, both male and female wore a fairly revealing uniform of black leather with metal accents.

The patrons were a wide mixture of Felsin subtypes, many in war-form, and a canine morph, and what was likely its war form. Many of the patrons wore leather similar to the servers, though other equally showy and exotic apparel could also be seen. The most noticeable element of the environment was the smell which was a powerful mixture of wood, leather, and arousal both male and female.

Several wrought iron spiral staircases connected the two floors of Warlords, with a large bar on both levels, tables and booths along the outside, and a large 'dance' floor occupying much of the center. The only rule on the dance floor seemed to be, anything goes as long as the other person doesn't object. The latter clause was demonstrated by a seven foot tall Tigress in tight leather to an overly amorous wolf morph.

As Jake took it all in, quietly at first, just allowing the presence of the place to envelope him, he gradually began to scan the patrons for someone interesting as he relaxed into the local reality.

Cazi pulled on Jake's elbow to get him to look. When the lean tom did he saw a very exotic sight. A Kat with bright orange stripes on midnight black fur, just sitting down at one of the tables for four. He was about Jake's height, was wearing a sleeveless black muscle shirt and tight denim jeans. A supple, six foot shekat with black stripes on cinnamon fur came over, talked to the tom briefly, nodded subordinately and then walked away leaving the tightly muscled tom alone, watching the dance floor closely.

Jake murred softly under his breath as he took in the exotic creature. Even with his interest solidly focused on a female partner, this was too much to pass up on. "He's quite something." He breathed to Cazi.

"Oh, yeah." Cazi agreed in a quiet, lustful voice. "Wonder where he's from. I thought the only Kats on the planet were living at Maxwell." He said curiously, his sense of things telling 'what' the stranger was.

The tom stood with an easy grace and shook Jake's hand with a strong grip. "I'm Syrkar." He said with a genuinely friendly smile. "Would you and your friend care to join me?" He said as he extended a hand to Cazi.
Cazi chuckled. "I'm Cazi." He said with a smile.

"Yes, we would." Jake smiled softly as he took a seat, and took the opportunity to brush his fingers up Syrkar's arm. "I didn't know there were any other Kats on Felsinor."

Syrkar smiled at the touch. "I was under much the same impression. Aside from my traveling companions, I didn't think there were any others like us. Though the Felsin are certainly attractive enough to make up for the lack of Kats." He grinned broadly.

"Traveling companions?" Jake raised an eyebrow. "How many of us are there?"

"I don't know how many are with you, but there are three in my group. My boyfriend Corinder, and Talina."

"There's my mate Chance, his son Justin, Tafri, and a kitten on the way." Jake added. "Sounds like we've got five toms, two kits and a shekat."

"We've got a whole planet of possibilities." He grinned. "And genetically compatible too. Which you've obviously discovered since your group has a kitten on the way, and you didn't mention a shekat. That means one of your group got friendly with a local, or you've looked into the two-tom reproduction technology." He grinned.

"Sounds like you've been here a while." Jake said softly as he cocked his head.

"The kitten is Jake and Nareena's, who happens to be my Mate." Cazi said casually.

"Not that long, but my boyfriend has always wanted kits. He happened to overhear a couple of toms talking about their kit, and he started nosing around." He smiled affectionately. "He's a first rate detective, their isn't much he doesn't find when he starts looking." Syrkar nodded. "Sounds like an interesting story the way you put it, but this isn't a place for story telling ... too many ears."

"There are other things to do here, though." Jake murred softly as he eased his mussel along Syrkar's shoulder, pressing their bodies together.

Syrkar nuzzled Jake gently. "You're right about that." He purred lightly, as he felt Cazi run a hand lightly along his arm. "And I was worried about this being a dull evening." He chuckled.

"I think that's no longer a concern." Cazi chuckled.

"Not if we can help it." Jake chuckled as his tongue darted out taste Syrkar's jaw. "So you're all alone before we came in?"

"I'd been waiting for someone, and she left just before you came over. I'd been trying to decide what kind of evening I was looking for." He grinned, and ran a teasing hand along the inside of Jake's thigh.

"Well, this seems to be working it's way towards the middle of a threesome." Jake chuckle softly. "Where are you from, originally?"

Syrkar smiled. "Calimbria West, just outside of Detton. How about you?"

"MegaKat City." Jake rolled his eyes. "It makes this place seems calm." He suddenly blinked. "Detton?" Jake's expression shifted to one of shock. "It hasn't existed for fifteen years."

Syrkar nodded. "Many places do. This is one of the most well-behaved metropoli I've ever been in."

Jake chuckled. "I meant the club."

Syrkar grinned. "Sounds like the Ilion district, a month ago."


"Well, I exaggerate a little. Your MegaKat City is probably not a warzone." He said quietly. "Ilion was, until last month when the A.D.F finally drove out the last of the invaders."

No, that sounds exactly like MKC a lot of the time." Jake sighed as his mood broke. "There probably isn't anything left of it by now."

Syrkar spotted the change in mood, and nuzzled Jake trying to distract him. "A group of sentients that large always manages to survive. There's something in the nature of the universe that generates circumstances to protect it. Protectors are found, strange coincidences and many other things." He said easily. "If one thing is lost or changes, the universe adjusts. At least that's what Aedro says, and he's really in tune with the universe."

"Not like it really matters anymore." Jake tried to accept the distraction with some success. "In a weird way, I just miss it. Making that much of a difference, having everyone know who I was and respect the uniform." He shook his head sharply. "Guess I'm still working on accepting there's no going back."

"Then your coming here wasn't voluntary?" Syrkar asked curiously.

"Not really." Jake murmured quietly.

Syrkar kissed Jake on the cheek sympathetically. "At least you got to bring your mate, and you've found friends." He said encouragingly.

The lean Kat shuddered deep in his core. "Yes. At least he's here. Three months just isn't ... it takes time, you know?"

Syrkar nodded. "I understand, I lived through losing a whole world. I had a lot of family in MegaKat City when Detton dropped out. My folks just kept a small place out there as a place to get away now and then. We were just 'lucky' enough to be there on vacation when it happened. I was eight." He added. "Nobody knew the town was over a dimensional fault line. We found ourselves in a much stranger world than the one we left."

Jake blinked. "And here we'd been blaming Dark Kat." He shook his head. "Not like the creep hasn't done enough without that one. Sounds like you've had a wild life."

Syrkar grinned. "Oh, Dark Kat was responsible since it was his experiment that opened the fault line. And yeah, it's been wild, especially the last three months."

"And what happened then?" Jake's interested peaked even further.

"About three months ago, a little less I think, a group of Mages discovered that there was an alien force occupying our world. They organized a strike force, the A.D.F, and began a concerted effort to push them off. It's been pretty violent, but it looks like we're winning. The Warlord doesn't think they were expecting any resistance, much less open warfare."

Jake nodded mutely and filed it under 'strange coincidences to check into eventually'. "Sounds like you were in the middle of that." He sighed and dropped his chin to Syrkar's shoulder.

"Yeah, I joined up with the ADF as soon as I could. It felt good to be doing something that really meant something. Besides, if we can get rid of the aliens then we can start some real space exploration, and there's so much in our system we haven't explored yet."

Jake blinked in confusion, his attention shifting between Syrkar and Cazi, looking for an explanation.

Cazi's expression was distinctly. 'I don't know what he means either.'

Syrkar caught the expression. "Did I just say something confusing?" He asked, sincerely puzzled.

"I was under the impression that this was a very well explored system." Jake hesitated. "A founding member."

"It is." Cazi said easily. "Complete exploration was done over one hundred fifty years ago."

Syrkar chuckled. "Oh, Detton didn't land on Felsinor."

"In the Alliance, though?" Jake asked cautiously.

"Nope, the Alliance hasn't reached Aristal yet." He said easily. "It would have made things a lot simpler if they had."

Jake's eyes crossed as his head tried to make sense of this. "Can we start this one from the beginning, maybe someplace quite?"

Cazi nodded. "Good idea, we can use one of the back rooms." He said, as he stood and the led the other two toward the back, passing the bar where the young Panther bartender tossed him a set of keys.

The room in question had a table like the ones in the bar area, and four padded chairs. Their was also a large comfortable looking bed. The lighting was a touch on the dim side, coming from wall sconces. Syrkar sat down and pushed back a bit. "Now where did you want me to start over?" He asked casually.

"*Cazi ...*" Jake's still inexperienced and clumsy mind-touch came across the machine band. "*Find out ... have fun. I can't.*" The Kat tried to keep the maelstrom in his soul from broadcasting too loudly.

Cazi's mind voice was gently reassuring as he reached. "*What's wrong, Jake? And what do you need me to find out?*" He asked gently.

"*What happened. To Detton, to him, the female ...*" Jake sent back in a confused mess as he made the shortest route to the hovercar. "*Where to find him later.*"

Syrkar watched the lean tom leave. "Did I say something?" He asked concerned.

"Wish I knew." Cazi said still not having a clue what just happened. "I'm not sure it's really anything you could've avoided. I guess something about you're story freaked him."

"He did seem a little disturbed when he found out that Detton had landed somewhere other than here on Felsinor." Cazi shook his head. "I'll admit I'm a bit confused. You said you landed on another Aristal, which isn't in Alliance space and which hasn't developed real space flight. So how are you here?"

"Our mages captured some new magitech during a battle with the Nephandi. They call them VoidGates, we've taken to calling them StarGates, it sounds better. We're still working the bugs out of the aiming process, I'm waiting for the second team to show up."

"These gates can take you anywhere?" The Lion asked fascinated.

"Only to another Gate." Syrkar corrected.

"So how'd you get here?"

"There's the ruins of a ancient transit site. It's Gate was still functional, though one of the motors blew when we 'landed'. Talina's working on fixing it."

"Who is she, anyway? You said the one was your boyfriend, and then there's her." He asked curiously.

Syrkar chuckled. "She's a field magitechnician. She was assigned in case something went wrong. My boyfriend is an investigator and cultural specialist."

Cazi nodded. "Nothing between her and the two of you, huh?"

"No, Talina's not particularly interested in toms. And it's just as well, I really prefer toms." He said looking at Cazi significantly. "You think there's any chance of anything in the future with your cute friend?"

"Syrkar, I really haven't a clue." Cazi shook his head. "I wouldn't mind trying again, but to be honest I've kind of lost my mood for games. You going to be in town long?"

"At least till Talina gets the Gate fixed. Probably longer, since I'm probably going to be the 'Ambassador' from Aristal." He smiled.

"You staying in town?"

"Yep, here's my address." He said pulling a card out of one pocket with a slight surge of magic. He handed the card to Cazi, who pocketed it.

The Lion chuckled. "Translocation or matter creation?"

Syrkar's eyes widened slightly, and then he smiled. "Another mage, cool. Translocation, it's easier than carrying them in every outfit."

"Agreed. Here's my address in town. I travel abroad a lot, but there's an answering machine." He said as his card materialized on the table. "I'd like to get a look at that Gate at some point, if you don't mind."

"I'd love to show it to you. But I think you want to check up on your friend, don't you?" He asked understandingly.

"Yeah, I'm a little worried." He acknowledged. "You'll definitely hear from me, I can't make any promises about Jake."

"I know. SunKats can be kind of moody, fortunately the cuteness makes up for it." Syrkar said with an affectionate smile.


Syrkar shrugged. "That's what we call his particular coloration back home. Tend to be smaller than the average Kat, or larger in the case of the females. Also tend to be fairly bright, at least the ones I've known."

"That certainly fits." He said as he stood. "I'll be in touch." The Snow Leopard said as he opened the door and left. "Feel free to use the room for the rest of the night. The manager's a friend of mine." He said as he tossed the keys to Syrkar who caught them easily.

"I may. See you later, Cazi." He smiled as the door closed.

Cazi was still trying to figure things out as he walked out of Warlords, and back to the car. He didn't notice the club as he walked through it, which was very unusual. The vehicle had been TechnoMagicked opened, and not so gently with a power signature that was undoubtedly Jake's. A quick glance reviled the Kat's leathers, and the absence of his civilian clothes.

"Great." Cazi muttered. "He doesn't know the city at all, and he's out wandering around." He snarled as he undid the minor damage from the rough handling. "I can't even be sure that he knows my address, so I've got to go find him."

He smiled. "Fortunately, the kind of powers that leave signatures like his are rare." He said as he pulled a pair of street in-line skates out of his gym bag in the back of the hovercar. "Good thing I let Blaze teach me how to rollerblade." He said as he took off, tracking the residual energy from the ungentle work with his car, after he relocked it.

Before he got too far, he turned and placed a triggered message on the hovercar that would respond to Jake's presence. It simply asked Jake to wait until Cazi returned to the car. He then started off again, moving agilely as though born on skates.

It didn't take him long, the Kat was apparently not making any attempt at speed or concealing his presence as he walk down the sidewalk, hands in pockets and a rather blank look in his eyes.

Cazi moved around in front of Jake, and thought-ordered the skate-wheels to retract. He caught the blank look in Jake's eyes. "Jake, are you okay?" He asked, sincerely concerned.

Jake blinked a couple times, making the effort to actually focus on what was around him and shrugged. "I guess. Just wasn't ready for a Kat to be so casual about what happened."

"Which 'what happened' are you referring to?" He asked curiously. "He's had a few."

"Aristal being flipped out, loosing his home." Jake half growled, trying to explain a gut reaction in completely inadequate words. "Think for a second just how friggin close that is to what happened to me, and I am not that accepting."

"Jake, he was eight when it happened. Kits tend to be more accepting of changes. In addition, my gut instinct tells me he's had more than a few years of therapy. In short, it happened to him ten to fifteen years ago, so of course he's going to be more accepting. You've only had three months to process it." He said putting a compassionate hand on Jake's shoulder. "Don't be so hard on yourself, you had more invested in the world you lost, than he did."

"It doesn't make his attitude any easier to take." Jake muttered quietly before looking away. "With half of me still wanting to go home, and the chances of it dwindling with every bit I learn."

"I can understand wanting to go home." Cazi said quietly, as an old pain tugged at him. "Can't that greater power who's been keeping company at Maxwell, get you home? I mean, it was his power that brought you to Maxwell in the first place." He suggested.

"So could I." Jake whispered. "It's just not that simple.

"Jake, if he bothers you that much, why did you want to know where to find him later?" Cazi asked, honestly confused.

"Because he's a Kat." Jake sighed. "At least he knows a little about home, speaks the same silent language I do. Goldens don't do alone very well. It's not in our nature. MKC nearly destroyed me adapting to it, here ... any little bit of home ...."

Cazi put a reassuring arm around Jake reflexively and felt the Kat lean into it. "Well, I got his address." He said quietly. "And I guess he's staying at least till they get their Gate fixed. And that would be what the female, Talina is here for...she's the Gate Technician. She's not sleeping with the two toms."

"Gate?" Jake looked down at Cazi in bewilderment. "They're leaving?"

"According to what Syrkar told me, they're part of a team working out the kinks in a new technology they acquired during the war. He said they're planning on opening formal relations with the Alliance as soon as they get the Gate fixed. He said he'll probably end up as the Ambassador from Aristal to the Alliance." Cazi said gently.

"Not my Aristal," Jake closed his eyes. "So much for taking my mind off this for the evening."

Cazi sighed quietly. "Never expected to find another Kat." He shook his head. "Let's go back to my place, we can head back in the morning." He said quietly.

"Sure," he leaned against the heavily built Snow Leopard and tried to relax. "Guess even getting a date can be difficult."

"That's the first time I went to Warlords and nothing came of it." He chuckled, as they started back to the hovercar. "He's still interested, should you change your mind." He added quietly.

"I'm not real interested in a simple fuck anymore." Jake sighed. "Especially not with a tom."

The walk back to the car was silent, as was the short trip back to Cazi's apartment. As they walked in, Cazi indicated the second door in the hallway. "Guest bedroom." He said simply. "Bathroom." He nodded at another door on the hallway, before he opened the door to go into his room. "See you in the morning." He said as he walked in.

Jake closed his eyes against the tears that were threatening before swallowing tightly and went into the guest bedroom to settle down, but not for sleep.

As his breathing gradually relaxed Jake turned his attention inward, towards the Tapestry and one of the three fractions tearing him apart in an increasingly desperate search for a balance between them.

Cazi tried sleep for a while, but it refused to come. His conscience kept telling him that he'd taken what Jake had said too personally. Finally, about two hours after they returned, Cazi knocked on the guest room door to no answer, and no sound, not even breathing. He concentrated and extended his psi-abilities to scan to see if Jake was actually in the room, or if he'd gone out.

The Kat was there, but his awareness was turned completely inside himself and to a very powerful link connecting him to a much larger network.

"Fascinating." Cazi said as he opened the door, deciding that a need to check vitals was more important. He didn't like that he couldn't hear the Kat's breathing, and he sure as hell didn't want to have to deal with the tabby if something happened.

With the closer inspection Jake seemed to be in little danger, his body was simply in a nearly suspended state that wasn't unknown among Psi's and TechnoMages when they went deep into research.

"Great, just great." The Lion muttered. "Research trance without supervising Medic." He paced for a moment. He knew there should be a telepathically certified Medic present, but there wasn't and he wasn't a Medic. Then he realized that Nareena could monitor Jake through him, if he could establish a monitor scan.

"Gods, that's a bad idea. No way she should be extending herself this far, not with the pregnancy." He muttered, and paced a little more, until a bright flash hit him. He'd simply use the Great Library's medical reference section as his medic, and do the monitoring himself.

He sat down near Jake, and carefully focused on his Dracon heritage and used that link to access the Library. There was a surge of energy in and around him, as the connection was made. Once he managed to get the medical works on-line and monitoring he reached out to find Jake. He'd been told often enough about the psis who had gone into deep trance unsupervised and not come back, he was going to let that happen to Jake, not on his watch.

There 'where' Jake was was both very close, and very far away, and had a distinctive woven ribbon feel to it. The Lion was just beginning to see Jake standing clearly with his fingers lacing into an open weave when the Kat suddenly snapped around.

The Kat showed no trace of recognition as he drew the full power of his personal reserve back by the ribbon he was standing in front of as it became murky behind wings of fire.

Cazi's reaction was instinctive as he dove behind the shelves of the Library, which somehow was right behind him. He wasn't sure what was going on but he didn't like it, but fortunately the Library was a power of its own. He grabbed one of the books, which was labeled 'Advanced Sensory Magic', and opened it. The book gave him a new view of what was going on, his own power being backed by the Library as shielding.

For a moment he saw the ribbon for what it was, a tightly woven tapestry of living power much like the Great Library was for the Dracon, only for the Golden Clans. Then he felt the Library itself draw him back to his body, and blacked out what little view he had of what was going on.

When Cazi had oriented himself again from the rather abrupt arrival in his body Jake's eyes were open, and the naked Kat was watching him silently from the bed where he was sitting.

Cazi rubbed his eyes to clear the sparkles. He'd have to be careful for a week, until the Library energy cleared his system. "Teach me to try and maintain proper safety precautions." He muttered quietly, from the floor. "And a medical reference is not a substitute for an actual Medic." He said softly.

"What were you looking for?" Jake asked calmly. "I can probably find out for you, but the Tapestry is forbidden to those not of the blood."

"I was looking for you." He said easily. "Psi-trances that deep can be dangerous without Medic supervision. Especially when entered while in a state of emotional turmoil ... and you were pretty upset." He said with honest concern. "I wasn't interested in the Tapestry, didn't even know it was there."

"Thanks for caring." Jake smiled slightly as he slid off the bed to kiss Cazi gently. "That particular type isn't dangerous, the Tapestry can send me back. It knows where my body is, and it takes some care of its threads."

"Well, I didn't know that." He said quietly. "I was pretty rude to you on the way home tonight. I was worried maybe with everything else you've had to deal with, my being a jerk was one thing too many." He said, giving the Kat a gentle kiss back.

"I didn't really notice." Jake offered the Lion a hand up. "We should probably get some sleep though."

"Probably." He smiled, as he stood. "You want company?" He offered casually.

"Yours would be welcome."

Cazi smiled. "Master bedroom is more comfortable." He grinned.

"A warm body to curl up with makes anywhere more comfortable." Jake chuckled and grabbed his discarded clothes to follow Cazi.

Cazi chuckled. "No argument here." He said as they entered the larger master bedroom. He rolled onto the grand four-post solid wood bed, energetically pulling Jake onto the luxurious mattress with him. The Kat relaxed into the motion and closed his eyes as Cazi pulled him close under the covers. Having Jake cuddling with him under the warm covers was enough, and he slowly drifted off.

Sometime later Cazi became aware that his 'dream' was from elsewhere, a passive broadcast from very nearby on the odd machine band Jake tended to favor. He went into a quiet, passive receive mode so as not to disrupt anything, as he accepted the broadcast, and watched it curiously.

Most prominent was a great city, as large as any on Felsinor, though much lower in technology, probably at the point they were just beginning to go into space. It was surrounded on three sides by mountains. To the west was a great bay, and the likely reason the city had flourished.

Overlaid was the emotional content ... possessive, protective, fear and guilt all wrapped into deep-seated need to drive out threats and stand next to his partner as the scene dissolved into the chaos of airborne combat with an enemy that held no real importance. They were just another threat to drive out.

As the handful of surviving enemies retreated in disorder the splash of victorious joy quickly died down to the misery of knowing he could never quit, and when he failed, his home would fall.

Cazi kept his thoughts behind a carefully constructed shield so as not to disturb Jake's dreaming, but he now understood why the Kat was so anguished at being here. He's taken the burden of protecting a huge number of people on to himself. The Lion wondered silently how long Jake would have lasted before the pressure destroyed him; no one was meant to carry such a burden alone, or even with one other. He was grateful his world had military forces to fill such a role.

Slowly the view of the smoldering but intact city faded to the smiling face of a very feline brown Main Coon shekat Jake considered extremely attractive. She smiled as she caressed his jaw, tipping it up for a gradually intensifying kiss as Jake pulled her close. The adrenaline of combat began to shift to arousal as he pushed his hands under her loose belt to squeeze her ass, pressing her enticingly against his crotch.

As his dream-arousal intensified with each caress and taste of his lover, it began to leak over into the physical world, soaking the bedroom in the musk of male desire as Jake growled and groaned as he began to twitch in response.

Cazi recognized the sort of dream, since he'd had more than a few that intense himself. Then he realized that his physical senses were picking up the scent of arousal in the real world. He did his best to ignore it since Jake had made his opinion clear earlier, he just wanted cuddling. He might have an overactive sex drive, but he wasn't insensitive.

Jake woke well after dawn, hard, horny and hungry.

"Morning, Jake." Cazi said brightly, apparently not having moved since the night before. "Sleep well?" He asked conversationally.

"I guess, had some wild dreams." He rolled over to face the stocky Felsin and traced a teasing claw around one nipple. "How ... creative are you feeling Caz?"

"Depends. What kind of creativity were you thinking of?" He asked curiously.

"Shapeshifting creative." Jake smirked. "I've heard you can becomes nearly anything."

"There's a certain truth to that." He grinned. "Wha'cha have in mind?" He asked, intensely curious.

"Long dark tabby fur, bright green eyes, female." He watched closely for any sign of disgust. "I haven't seen you do it, and I know some very fun things to do with a fem."

"I've done fems occasionally, though never actually had sex as one." He said quietly. "Just don't mention it to the others, they don't know I can do fems. Felsin aren't supposed to be able to switch gender." He said very quietly.

"I'll stay quiet, you have my word as a Golden Warrior." Jake said in all seriousness. "If you'd rather not, I understand. It was just a thought. The freeform shifters I've known didn't have that restriction, but some refused to do it."

"It's just not something I've ever thought of doing. I've played fem briefly for covert mission reasons, but I've never used it in play." He said quietly. "I'll admit I'm curious. It's been a long time, since I was a virgin." He smirked.

"Now that just does not sound right." Jake chuckled as he kissed the Lion playfully. "Cazi the virgin."

"Happens to everybody, but usually only once." He chuckled, and returned the kiss. "So aside from the fur color and eye color, any other preferences; height, voluptitude. If we're going to do this, might as well do it right." He grinned.

Jake shook his head in amusement before digging through his mind for the image he had a particular fondness for jerking off too. "*Something like her?*" He tagged the image along with the thought. "She's not anyone I know, or even real, just incredibly gorgeous."

Cazi grinned, stood up, closed his eyes concentrated and his form became blurry for a second before it reformed into the image Jake had given him. He did her a little taller than Jake, on a whim. He looked in a nearby mirror. "Gods, I've never had fur this long. Pretty in an interesting way." The Maine Coon said in a sultry voice, as Cazi swished his exceedingly long fluffy tail across Jake. "This what you had in mind?"

The lean Kat gasped as his eyes went wide. "Sweet Bastet ..." He barely whispered as his brain and body processed a fantasy made flesh.

Cazi bent down sensually, and ran a teasing fingertip across Jake's bare chest, and around his nipples as the Kat's breath hitched. "I'll take that to mean you approve." Cazi said in a sultry, seductive voice.

"You're stunning." He breathed hotly as his eyes drifted down the fluffy, well curved form. "Absolutely stunning." He murred as he stood into her space end pulled her against him, fingers weaving through her thick fur as they worked down her back.

"I had a good picture to work with." Cazi said as he pulled the lean tom into a passionate kiss, while he ran long fingered hands through the fur of Jake's back as the Kat trembled in desire.

"A physical virgin?" Jake groaned as he kneaded her ass, rubbing his achingly hard erection against the silky fur of her abs.

"Well, I've never had sex while I was a female, so I'd say so. Well, I'd tinkered with the design a little, so it's more of an experimental virgin I guess, I decided to pass on the extra pain part." He chuckled. "Of my many peculiar behaviors, masochism is not one."

"Thank you." Jake murred throatily as he nuzzled down Cazi's neck. "What do you want?"

Cazi shook his head. "This is your fantasy, and I haven't a clue." He said as his hands explored Jake's body. "I'm not used to things from this perspective."

Jake nodded and he tried to catch his breath as he slipped behind the exquisite feline female.

Kat in a Strange Land 3: Jungle Shadows, Jungle Fire

NC-17 for M/M
Het Level is LowHet Smut Level is Very Low
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Low
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

62 KB, Story is Closed-Unfinished, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written November 16, 2001 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Todd McCall

Setting: Galactic Alliance, Golden Kingdom, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Felsin, God, Kat

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Supernatural

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong, Jake Clawson/Cazi, NightBlades

Blurb: Cazi tries to help Jake adjust to Alliance life, but it might just make the situation worse.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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