Killing Time 1:
Hit and Run

by Fur and Fantasy
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Tarant groaned mentally as he regained enough consciousness to realize how many different parts of him hurt. He could tell he wasn't inside the malfunctioning survival pod, and that he wasn't restrained so he relaxed and worked on getting a feel for the place with his senses besides sight. Nose and ears could tell a great deal about a place.

It was enclosed, warmed by a crackling wood fire. Likely not very big either, and the walls were irregularly shaped. Not quite a dome, but similar. It reminded him of home and a room built out of hollows in the great trees. The difference here was the distinctly earthy smell of the floor along with the living smells from higher up.

The smell of earth 'caused Tarant to roll to his feet and look around. The J'lon'Tri never slept on the ground if it could be helped, as that would leave one vulnerable to ground predators. There were no predators here however, just a distinctly rustic room that really was built out of the natural hollow of a living tree and its root system. Everything spoke of hand-made effort, and a Force-impression of calmness and healing permeated the space.

A small, rounded door opened to allow a middle-age female Rabbit to come in carrying a tray of steaming soup that smelled of white meat and vegetables. "I thought you were awake." She smiled at him and walked easily to set the tray down on a small table next to the bed. "You should try to eat. You have been out for some time."

"Thank you." Tarant nodded and sat down. "How long was I out?" He asked politely as he started to eat. Even though he had been raised in the Crèche at the Jedi temple, there was still an instinctive surprise at sentients who were strongly reminiscent of prey animals back home. Years of practice though made it so only very strong empaths could sense it though.

"More than a full day and night." She answered simply as he felt a brush of Force energy slide gently along his body and mind, assessing his condition. "You came out of your ... device ... in surprisingly good shape for how far it fell.

"It's designed to fall long distances." He explained. "But it did not work as it should have, which is why I was injured at all." He said, between spoonfuls. He was going to ask where he was, but then realize that the answer would be of little help at the moment. Stranded on the edge of known space, he'd be here years before a rescue found him, and that was only once they realized that he was in fact missing. Something that in itself could take a couple years, given he was on a scouting mission.

She nodded and spoke in softly fluent tones, words that barely sounded like words him.

Once he finished eating, he began a careful self-assessment to determine if anything was broken, though the fact that he'd been able to stand reassured him greatly as did the fact that both arms were working properly. The only concern left was more subtle internal injuries, and unfortunately he had no real medical skill beyond first aid. Broken weapons, machines and vehicles he could fix, but not broken bones. He then looked around to see if he could see any of his things nearby.

Everything that was on his person or obviously personal equipment was in a neat pile in one corner, even his laser bow.

In that moment he realized that the female Rabbit was staring at him curiously with opaque white eyes.

"Is something the matter, Healer?" He asked politely.

"Can you hear all right?" She asked in Basic as she came close and began to examine them more closely with a gentle touch to his thin triangular ears.

"Yes, Healer." The dark brown Forest Cat nodded.

She said several more words in the musical language.

"Did you understand that?" She asked softly.

"Not a language I'm familiar with, Healer." Tarant shook his head. He'd only been an indifferent student of languages at the Temple, and this one probably wasn't even taught there.

"It is a useful one to learn," she smiled softly. "Trade is spoken by most people one needs to deal with to some extent, particularly if you travel or deal with those from elsewhere."

"Is it difficult to learn?" Tarant asked, realizing that he probably needed to do just that.

"I do not think so, but as a Healer, I learn languages quickly." She considered him squarely. "You should learn at least enough to get by day to day before you leave, though you are fit to travel. I doubt there are a dozen people in Maka that speak Republic Basic."

"And its unlikely there are any who speak J'lon." He chuckled lightly. "Well, its not like I'm in a hurry to get anywhere, so I can put time into learning the language properly." He added calmly. "Is there anything I can do to repay you for your help?" He asked, remembering his manners.

"From your things, are you a hunter?" She nodded towards them. "Meat is always welcome. It is not easy for me to come by."

"Yes, I'm a Hunter." He said easily. "Are there any prey animals around here that it is forbidden to hunt?" He asked, not wanting to accidentally put someone's sacred animal on the dinner table.

"Not forbidden, but try to avoid heavily gravid large animals, or those with dependant young. It is easier on the balance to replace a single adult or young, than an entire family." She explained easily. "Also try to avoid taking anything that also hunts."

"Basic hunting rules." He nodded. "Predators generally make poor eating. What season is it currently?" The Hunter asked, since most planets with large trees generally had something approximating seasons and those seasons usually influenced the behavior of prey animals.

"Early fall," she motioned for him to follow her out of the room and into the main living room of her home, a place that was constructed similarly to the room he'd been in, only there were five doors. Only one of them was flanked by two small glass-pained windows. The rest were interior. "I am called Treena."

"I'm Tarant." He replied as he followed her out. "What is winter like in this area?" He asked curiously as he looked around and spotted a lit fireplace similar to the one in his room, but larger. Everything spoke of a technology level that had not gotten much into metalwork yet. It was all clearly handmade or hand worked.

"I find it cold, the snow tends to be up to my knee in most places, sometimes deeper." Treena opened the largest door, the one flanked by windows, and led him outside into a forest of large trees, some evergreen, some already showing fall colors, but nothing as large as on his homeworld. "I never let the fire go out after mid fall. You will need warm clothes to hunt then, but they will be easy to acquire when my grandson comes by to trade for what I need."

"Colder than home, but nothing I haven't dealt with." Tarant nodded, as took in a deep breath of the fresh, unpolluted fall air. "What animal products have value in trade?" He asked, as he began planning for hunting.

She considered that for a moment. "Hides and leather, if you know how to prepare them, are the best value for the trouble. Artwork made from antler, bone and such are generally worth something. If we have more meat than we need, it sells well in the city. Most of what I trade are herbs, potions and the occasional rare plant."

"Assuming the process works the same as at home, I know how to prepare hides and leather." He smiled. "Required as part of the training for Hunter status."

"I expect it does, Tarant." She nodded slightly. "Feel free to explore the area. You are fit to travel or hunt. I must get back to my potions."

"Thank you, Healer." He nodded. "I think I'll grab my hunting gear, and look around a bit." He added, with a bit of a smile as exploring a new forest was something he always enjoyed.

Killing Time 1: Hit and Run


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Written April 29, 2005 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Todd McCall

Setting: Star Wars (Furry)

Primary Races: J'Lon'Tri (feline), Rabbit

Contents: Furry. Gen.

Blurb: Tarant was Jedi trained, but chose the path of a Custos, a warrior-companion to a Jedi rather than becoming a Padawan. He is on a scouting mission when he crashes on an undiscovered world, only to discover that Jedi have been here before, and one is a hero who's lightsaber still resides with the magical leadership of the land.

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