Leaders and Rogues 1:
Last Will and Testament

by Fur and Fantasy
PG-13 for Bigotry
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"Duke, 'cud'ya come to the Control Room?" Tanya's slightly nasal voice echoed through the Mighty Ducks' Headquarters.

"What is it? Dragaunus ..." he skidded to a stop surrounded by his teammates.

"No, that." She pointed at a small black leather and metal chest on the table surrounded by couches. "It just materialized a few minutes ago, and has your name on it."

"Any idea what it is?" Wildwing prompted.

Duke knelt to look closely at the lid and latch. "It's from Tabrin, an old ... friend of mine."

"A friend we should be worried about?" Wildwing asked.

"No, he's a thief and pirate, not a traitor," came out harsher than it should have. "We worked together for a while." Sadness lanced his voice.

"This looks like ..." Tanya brushed her palm over a hand-sized engraved metal disk imbedded in the top of the trunk, and it flickered to life with the full sized three-dimensional image of a handsomely fit middle aged Mallard in what strongly resembled Duke's dark clothing, sword-hilt and all. "... a holo-projector."

"Tabrin," Duke whispered from where he still knelt.

"Gooday, yo'ld one-eyed demon." Tabrin's brilliant green head feathers flashed in bright light. "I hope we parted on good terms, 'cause if you're hearing this I'm confirmed dead; as in Tattan has my body and it can't even be suspended for later repairs. If conditions were anything else, you'd be getting a different message, if one at all.

"I understand you're in the middle of bloody nowhere and playing with a team no less. If it's true, you owe me bigtime, and Tattan for going to all the trouble of crossing dimensional boundaries with this. I expect payment when we meet in the Great Beyond.

"In the meantime, you might find what's in the chest of value to delay that payment. I hope they serve you as well as they've served me." Tabrin took out a small holo-projector and activated it, bathing his face in a shimmering blue light as each item flicked into existence as it was mentioned. "My lockpicks, I know you always wanted them, and why," he smiled. "There's my BlackShard Armor," he chuckled deeply, "utility belt and don't you dare say anything about bats. There will also be SinRath, though you'll have to find her first." Another chuckle escaped before he went serious again.

"And Duke ... Jeremy, I do love you." He looked down, took a deep breath and faced the recorder again. "I wish it could have been different, that we could have had more time together. That you could have seen it. But ... look just remember ... believe in what we once fought for. It is real.

"I do hope you live long enough to love another, one worthy of you and your gifts." He crossed both arms over his chest and half bowed, "carpe diem meus amator." A smile caressed his dark beak but his voice was bleak. "I'll see y'a'n hell." Tabrin looked slightly to his left as the hologram turned off, then it flickered back with the image of a strongly built ebony-furred Wolf with drooped ears and eyes reddened from crying.

"Duke," she began with a shaky voice. "The armor's ShadowMark SilkSteel. We didn't get a chance to update the list before ... before the attack. If ... if you ever want a tail-guard or anything, give a yell on the comm in the bottom." She paused for a deep breath. "I don't have anywhere better to be now that Puckworld's doing okay and ... and my pack is gone. I'm training recruits for the military now, it's okay but ... I miss you." Her holo-hand reached forward to off screen and the image flickered out.

"What was that?" Nose Dive yapped.

"Tattan," Duke slowly stood. "She's been Tabrin's companion since before I knew them." He spoke slowly, focused on the chest as he picked it up, "I'll be in my room."

"What's with him?" Nose Dive shrugged.

"The same thing that's with me," Wildwing gave him a light shove so he could follow Duke.

Wildwing tapped the open button for Duke's quarters, half-surprised when it slid open to a dark room. He stepped in and let the door slid close before speaking. "Duke, I under..."

"How in the Hells of Dragaunus could you *know* what this is like?!" Duke all but screamed as he launched from his chair, pushing him back a couple steps in his sheer irrationality.

Wildwing clicked his armor off, leaving only a light jacket and closed his eyes. "Canard," his voice nearly cracked.


"I understand because of Canard," he looked Duke in the eyes. "What do you think he was to me that I can't let go?"

"At least you have hope," Duke couldn't keep the bitterness out of his voice.

Wildwing sighed, "I'll leave you to your memories, just remember we care about you. *I* care about you," and turned to the door.

"Wildwing ..." Duke's voice stopped him as the door slid open. "Stay if you want."

Leaders and Rogues 1: Last Will and Testament

PG-13 for Bigotry
Het Level is None
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

6 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written December 5, 1999 by Rauhnee Ranshanka

Setting: Mighty Ducks TAS

Primary Races: Duck

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M). Bigotry, Death

Pairings: Wildwing/Canard, Duke/Tabrin

Notes: This is one Fandom I never thought I'd write in, but I said the same of The Sentinel once too. Gods only know what this one will turn into.
carpe diem meus amator = Seize the day my lover

Blurb: It's a nice, calm morning until Duke receives a package from an old friend, with a very unwelcome message in it.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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