New Lives, Old Ways 7:
Meeting Next of Kin

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M, M/F sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"So, still up for tonight?" Chance asked Jake with a grin as he brought their jet in for a landing as their shift drew to an end.

"Sure," he chuckled. "I think I can handle a few drinks with your best friend."

"Good," Chance chuckled back. "Y'won't have to worry about getting friendly either; she already knows about us, and we'll be meeting at the Stonewall," he reassured the lean tom as they came in for a perfect landing.

"Cool," he relaxed a bit, grateful to know they'd be going somewhere that being overheard, no matter what was said, wasn't likely to come back and site them.

"Crazy, not stupid," Chance chuckled, unbuckling after he taxied to put the jet in its bay for maintenance. "Lucky we had a quiet night!" He grinned, popping the cockpit and climbing out.

"As if you don't enjoy it when it's anything but," Jake quipped back and was out of his seat and on the ground with helmet in hand in single, fluid movement.

"Showoff," one of their wingmates teased them both.

"It's the sign of skill," Jake grinned at him as they all made their way to the showers.

"Doesn't hurt that he built the damn thing," one of them mock-grumbled as everybody stripped and showered down with quick efficiency.

"So, anybody want to go to Collin's?" Mary, another of the pilots, asked cheerfully.

"We've already got plans," Chance said, shaking his head. "Double date," he grinned.

"Lucky bastards," Tony, Mary's gunner, chuckled, thumping Chance's shoulder. "No wonder you got tomorrow off though! Seeya in a couple days, if things stay quiet."

"Here's hoping they do," Chance rumbled, heading down to his car along with Jake.

"Big time," Jake agreed, getting into the passenger seat of the sporty coup and relaxed back for the drive. "We going home first, or right to the club?"

"I was thinking to the club," Chance grinned. "Unless you don't want to show up in uniform? Meg's good with it either way," he winked. "And if you wanted to break out your cuffs, we could play around a bit on the way out if it goes well."

"I'd really rather not be in uniform," Jake shook his head. "Not if you want me to talk at least."

"Okay," Chance nodded, mentally kicking himself for not remembering how inhibited the uniform made his partner when it came to socializing. Not that he had much experience, other than never seeing Jake in uniform a minute longer than was required.

The two toms went back to the house they shared, quickly changing into outfits suitable for the bar, and were soon on their way back to the Stonewall Pub in increasingly uneasy silence.

Fortunately, once they were there silence wasn't an issue. Walking inside, the bouncer gave them a look, but just grinned when he recognized Chance.

"Looks like Meg's doin' pretty well," Chance grinned, nodding towards the brown-on-red tabby in her mid-30's chatting with a handsome Tigress. "Come on, let's go rescue her," he chuckled, starting over towards the bar.

"Are you sure she wants to be rescued?" Jake teased him, oblivious to the looks he was getting from several patrons.

"If she wasn't meeting us, I wouldn't be, but...." Chance chuckled, taking a seat nearby and turning to face the two fems.

"Aaaand my friends are here - gimme a call this weekend and we'll see if anything works out," Meg winked at her suitor, who pouted playfully before heading off to find somebody else for the evening. The tabby turned back towards Chance, grinning at him.

"I've gotta come here more often! So, that's your partner?" She asked, looking Jake up and down. "Cute guy," she smiled.

"Yap, this is Jake Clawson," Chance grinned even wider at the blush forming under his partner's fur at her complement.

"I hope he hasn't told you any lies about me," Jake managed a comeback.

"Oh, let's see here, brilliant, cute, brave, kick-ass gunner, still getting Pumadyne trying to re-recruit you... all true?" She asked him with a grin.

"Yep," Chance headed him off. "So, first round's on me?"

"Sounds good," Meg purred, signaling the bartender for another drink. Chance ordered himself a rum and coke, heavy on the coke, and let Jake order his own before they settled in.

"Well, you've met Jake; Jake, this is Megan Treyo, one of my best friends from way back."

"Just back to when your tour ended," she chuckled. "Pleasure to meet you, Jake. What'd you do to get stuck with this big lug?" She grinned.

"I aced the gunner boards as solidly as he did the pilot ones," Jake chuckled and accepted his warm honey ale when the drinks arrived.

"I still don't know how you ended up going into being a pilot," Meg chuckled, shaking her head.

"Physics," Chance smiled. "Not that big a difference, with the way it works in my head. No fair talking about the tabby all night though, you guys are supposed to be meeting each other."

"Fair enough," she smiled. "So, Jake, you want to go first, or should I?"

"Since I know the least here, you two get to talk," Jake chuckled behind a sip of ale. "You have me at quite the disadvantage."

"Fair enough," Meg laughed, taking a sip of her martini. "Well, I'm a shrink, first off - but before you go running off, I've got a full patient list and I'm not looking to make it any bigger. I leave the office behind, unless it's obvious I need to bring it with me."

"You're still on speaking terms with me," Chance pointed out with a chuckle. "You can't be that overbearing about it. Meg and I met when I was coming back from serving in Lothos; I was going through my mandatory counseling with her boss, and we went out a time or two before deciding we made better friends than anything else."

"Heh - yeah, between my profession and Chance being a cop, dating wasn't really a priority either of us could handle," Meg smiled. "Besides, it was nice having somebody we could each talk to without any expectations beyond picking up a bar tab, splitting a meal, and maybe letting a backrub turn into a bit more once in a while."

"Yeah, if you think Enforcers have crappy schedules for dating, you should've seen me when I was still on a beat," Chance chuckled. "At any rate, Meg was one of the few people who stuck around when I was giving up on being a cop - not that I can blame the ones who didn't," he admitted. "You guys want to talk over the details, feel free, just not here," he said, indicating the people who were listening.

"I will hold you to that," Meg pointed out, getting a nod from Chance as he drank his weak drink. "He was a bit of a mess back then, and I helped him keep from going the way too many cops do. He went into the Enforcers, and you can probably tell me more about that process than I could tell you. While all that was going on, I got my doctorate and became a partner at the practice. That cover the basics?"

"Well, you left out the bit about the jackass boyfriend you had when we met, but besides that...." Chance smirked as Meg rolled her eyes.

"Please, don't remind me. I definitely traded up when you trashed him."

"So you aren't on the Enforcer payroll anymore?" Jake asked the most important thing to him.

"Technically, I never was," she explained. "The firm was an outside one; we had a contract with the Enforcers, but we weren't part of the agency. Now, there's no question about it - I work in the civilian division, by choice. It's one thing to know that you might have to talk a patient out of doing something drastic, but after a while... well, it just got to the point where my mental health required the change."

"It's that common?" Jake asked quietly, visibly unsettled by it.

"I was working mostly with Enforcers who'd come off the front lines," she pointed out gently. "And about ten years ago, at that. Enforcers serving on the home front aren't a problem, but infantry coming home from Lothos during the last war? That was ugly, for a lot of us."

"I heard about it; never realized it was all that and more," he murmured with a new respect in his eyes for his partner. "I was too valuable in R&D to draft for the front line."

"Well, I went and volunteered, myself," Chance chuckled grimly. "I got out of it pretty well... any bad feelings I had about what I did were pretty much cancelled out by the fact that the folks I was shooting at were shooting back, and not always at the combatants. See a couple medics or unarmed priests go down, and it does a lot for guilty feelings about shooting the guy who's actually carrying a gun. Besides, Jake, the work guys like you did saved a lot more lives than anything I did out there," he pointed out.

"Chance is right ... on both issues," Meg offered. "But yeah, a lot of Lothos vets were real wrecks when they came home. A guerrilla war is an entirely different situation than the last Megawar was. A lot more paranoia came home from that one. Survivor's guilt is bad, but mix it with flashbacks, paranoia, and drug-related problems that usually developed to cope with it all, and it gets really ugly," she sighed. "But, I'm not dealing with it anymore, and most of the vets are doing a lot better now that the folks around here are recognizing just how nasty it was," she said, finishing her drink. "The Ferals did a lot for that," she said respectfully. "And for improving vet's services after that."

"A lot of them where in the middle of it, as I heard," Jake nodded. "I don't think a month went by that didn't see a Feral in the casualty lists, dead or injured," he took a breath and shook himself. "On to better topics...." he struggled to find one.

"How about you?" Meg asked gratefully as her martini was refreshed. "You must have been something else to get a waiver for R&D work that young."

"Still am," he managed a smile that hinted at the pride he had in his accomplishments that he tended to keep well-buried. "I built my first jet design at thirteen, graduated college with degrees in mechanical, electrical and aeronautical engineering by seventeen. The Mark 1 Raven is one of my babies. So's the Barracuda light assault boat and the MBR-66 blaster rifle. Chance has probably told you what I've done to our current jet."

"Sent business my way from burned out repairmen," she smirked. "Trying to figure out what the Hell you did to her. I told him I wouldn't take the cases," she winked. "So how come you're an Enforcer? Must've been a Hell of a pay cut."

"It was, not that I notice much," he admitted. "Royalties from what I developed on my own will pay very well for the next couple decades even if I don't build anything else. But I went in for the challenge. Design work was getting dull. I wanted something new."

"Why did you pick being a gunner though, rather than research?" She asked him, cocking her head slightly. "I mean... it sounds like you'd have had a brilliant career at MASA, or in any of a dozen fields, and been challenged too."

"Mom has MASA," he shook his head. "Probably my sis too in a year or two. But a gunner; because it is different, radically different, but still had a hand in what I was doing before. Maybe a little bit of wanting to see my birds in action. Mostly, well, I'll still be a brilliant designer in ten or twenty years, but I couldn't do anything like this when I'm older. That job will still be there when I get my fill of being a good guy."

"Best reason I've heard in a long time," she smiled, raising her glass to him. "So, the rest of your family is in science too?"

"Of some kind, if you include design work like mine," he nodded. "And thank you," he smiled warmly at her, leaving no doubt that approval still meant a tremendous amount to him. "It probably gave me an advantage, and a natural inclination towards R&D, in the beginning. It didn't hurt any the mom had an income that could indulge my work and collage either."

"Always helpful," she smiled. "My dad worked double shifts for years putting my sisters and I through college; I think he was frustrated enough at not having any sons that he wanted to make sure his daughters made up for it," she chuckled. "You're still close to your family?"

"Not really," he said, thinking about it. "I mean, we're on good terms and all, but I don't visit often."

"Maybe we'll fix that at Yule," Chance offered with a smile. "I seem to remember we got an invitation last year," he chuckled.

"Which we would have gone to, if we hadn't been called back," Jake rolled his eyes in annoyance at it. "As long as your family doesn't mind."

"Ugh, not going to be an issue," Chance said, rolling his eyes.

"You never gave him the rant, huh?" Meg chuckled. "Chance's family is split between the old hippies who can't stand him for being a soldier, cop, and Enforcer, and the old conservative types who can't stand him for not being ashamed when he was caught with a teammate once."

"Not that he wasn't," Chance muttered. "At any rate, that's water under the bridge - there's a reason I don't take family time very often."

"Fair enough," Jake nodded. "Hopefully you'll get along better with mine. I have no idea how they'll take the gay thing, but mom's usually pretty accepting, as long as I don't get hurt."

"Well, I won't let them know about fucking you in the showers," Chance winked, grinning when Jake turned a bright red.

"Ooh, hopefully you won't mind if I watch some time?" Meg teased with a grin. "Or join in? He is so cute when he's embarrassed."

"Oh, I know," Chance purred and leaned forward seductively, already knowing a few ways to get right to Jake's cock. "You should see him when he's so into it that he forgets where he is. It's an incredible look."

"Have you seen yourself?" Jake managed a comeback. "Or that all it takes to get him off is sucking his balls," he glanced at Meg.

"Mmm ... haven't tried that for a while," she grinned. "So, wanna double-team him some time?"

Even knowing she was who Chance hoped would be the 'not psycho chick' for him to fool around with, such a blatant come-on took him completely off guard and he rocked back in his seat to hide behind his drink for a brief moment to compose himself.

"Sorry," she giggled. "You really aren't used to playing around that much, are you?"

"He's used to one-night stands," Chance chuckled. "Hey," he offered, tossing some cash on the bar, "why don't we take this back home, where we've got the good stuff? If anything happens, it happens - if it doesn't, we call you a cab to run you home?" He offered.

"If it's okay with you," she smiled at Jake.

"Sure," he nodded and quickly finished his ale. "You can crash at our place too, if you brought your car."

"Mmm... if you don't mind driving, sure," she grinned. "But I am definitely not legal anymore," she giggled, finishing her third drink since they'd arrived as Chance polished off his first one.

"Don't worry," Chance chuckled. "She's playful when she's drunk, but she's not that drunk, either. I've seen her smashed, and she's nowhere near it."

"I'll keep that in mind," Jake chuckled and followed her out to her sporty red compact. "Keys?" he held his hand out to her.

"Here you go," she said, tossing them to him over the roof of the car after unlocking it. "So, Chance ever let you drive?" She asked him with a grin.

"You kidding me?" he laughed and got in. "I swear he'd drive my bike for me if he could figure out how."

"That's Chance," she snickered, buckling in. "Well, feel free to enjoy yourself," she smiled. "And to ask me any questions you had you didn't wanna bring up with the tabby around," she offered, resting her hand on his thigh lightly as he started the car.

"I'm really more curious about what he's told you about me, and why he wanted us to meet," he said as he pulled into traffic behind Chance's car.

"Well, he told me that you haven't had much in the way of good experiences with fems," she admitted. "And that he was hoping we might be able to get around to being friends, so maybe I could show you my entire gender isn't psychotic," she winked. "And he wanted to try and get two of his best friends together," she added with a smile. "His family doesn't do much for him, so I think he kinda likes to treat his friends like family."

"It's pretty common among Enforcers, I've noticed," Jake nodded. "The whole unit mentality translates to friends are family pretty well. But ... why'd he go from grunt to cop to pilot? It seems kinda an career odd path."

"He's a good guy," she smiled fondly, leaning back in her seat, making an unconsciously attractive display of her lean body that was not missed. "Chance volunteered out of a mix of patriotism and wanting to help people. Picked the right war to do it in, didn't he?" She chuckled darkly. "How much did he tell you about his career in Lothos?" She asked him.

"What he said at the bar," Jake said quietly. "I never asked much. I don't even know what he did there," he blinked in surprise at it dawned on him. "Neither of us are much on talking about the past. I don't like sounding like I'm bragging, and getting to skip the war, and I don't think he has much he likes to talk about."

"It doesn't bother him too much, most of the time," Meg reassured him. "It turned out that Chance was the best shot in his unit, and then some. Don't know if you ever heard of Red Cloud, but that was Chance at work. He got a brevet promotion and was transferred to being a sniper for the rest of his tour. When it was over, he came home to MKC and left the Enforcers to join the MKPD. At the time, he figured it was the best way to actually help people out, on the street. SWAT was handy from time to time, but he wanted to be making a difference every day."

"Damn, how the hell'd he end up a pilot?" Jake's jaw dropped at his partner's sniper name. "I'm not that good."

"That comes back to what happened when he was a cop," Meg explained. "You remember what things were like back then? A lot of vets, not all of them stable, a lot of them unemployed, coming back to a city full of loudmouths who thought they were murderers. Well, MKPD was pretty overwhelmed, even with bringing some of those vets into the force. Some of them, including Chance, decided that the city was going to Hell and that somebody had to change the way things were going fast.

"They had a Lieutenant backing them up, and they took to calling themselves Omega Force. They'd ID people they felt were menaces to society and take them out, permanently, whether or not they could actually find enough proof to convict them. Chance didn't go as far as some of them did; he only took down known murderers, rapists, and the like who'd managed to get off somehow.

"But once he got his blinders off and saw what the rest of Omega Force was like... that was when things got bad," she sighed. "The rest of them would apprehend an armed robber and execute him on the spot. Some of them even took out any bystanders, so nobody could testify. Chance just about snapped, started drinking heavily. I managed to get him to talk to me before he killed himself, and he told me all about it. I convinced him to take his information to Commander Feral, and Omega Force was broken up. They kept the prosecutions quiet, and the Lieutenant... Carlson, I think his name was... managed to get away before he could be arrested."

"Holly crap," Jake couldn't stop himself from saying.

"Yeah," she nodded. "As I understand it, Chance got immunity for turning the others in, at Feral's insistence, and he was brought on to the Enforcers in exchange for Feral's word that he wouldn't end up in SWAT or being a gunner. Chance was a little burned out on drawing a bead on a target, at that point," she pointed out. "He became a pilot because, as he put it, figuring out how to put a plane where you want it wasn't that much different from figuring out how to put a bullet where you want it."

"Except you tend not to do the killing," Jake finished, his world well and truly turned inside out by the last few minutes. "Damn, I really have been sheltered from that end of things," he muttered, shaking his head. "All the crap I dealt with was on foreign soil. I really didn't know it was like that here."

"It hasn't been, for a long time," she told him. "Not that seriously, at least. Besides... that's all filtered through Chance's memories," she pointed out. "And a few of the other Omega Force members. They're not exactly the most unbiased folks to talk to on that subject. But at any rate, like you said, you tend not to do the killing as a pilot. I'm sure Chance is fine in combat, he'd have to be to serve, but I don't think I'd want to rely on him being able to pull the trigger himself."

"He's rock-solid in combat." Jake said softly but firmly. "He can, and has, pulled the trigger, but it wasn't anybody's first choice. I just wasn't in any shape to do it myself at the time and he had to get us out of a bad spot."

"Good," she nodded. "I just wasn't sure... it's hard to tell how anybody will respond to that sort of thing. So... how about you?" She asked, hoping to shift the topic. "You said something about trouble on foreign soil?"

"Yeah," he shuddered involuntarily. "Back when I was doing design work. I'm told I have a real talent for understanding what a client wanted, even when they barely did, and then creating it. So I was sent to most of the more difficult clients, all over the world for four different companies and a few times as a private contract. I've been katnapped, assaulted for being a foreigner, and a couple times a local VIP somewhere decided I might be worth the trouble to keep as a pet. It's all kind of part of the job when you do what I did and my employers always got me out. It was all just part of the job, part of why I got paid as much as I did, up until Traveris. I don't remember much, only that the accent on a female Caracal is enough to make me bolt in full uniform."

"Have you ever tried therapy for it?" She offered. "I'm just wondering if you have; I imagine it's been a problem for you a few times, and probably pisses you off."

"Pretty much every time it comes up," he shrugged, the tip of his tail betraying how annoyed he really was. "It's standard procedure for the companies I worked for after every incident, and the Enforcers sent me right to the shrink when I freaked out during an inspection by a visiting Traveran VIP," his ears flattened unconsciously. "They already knew I couldn't handle them well, but even I was surprised when it wasn't threatening to start with. The only problem is professional, and command makes a point of keeping me out of the way when one of them shows up now."

"I'll bet... is it just a problem with Traverans, or fems in general?" She asked him.

"Just Traverans, really," he said. "Maybe female Caracals. It really isn't something I've worried about," he glanced at her briefly. "Chance said I do one night stands, except for him. Did he tell you just how rarely I feel the urge to get laid?"

"Every few months, though you haven't had that happen since you've been sleeping together," she nodded slightly. "So you wouldn't really know if it was getting in the way in the bedroom?"

"Closer to once or twice a year," Jake told her. "And it's never been hard to pick up a guy I liked the looks of. So no, I don't know if it'll be an issue. I haven't tried to be with a female on my own for the last couple decades. And I doubt I'll ever go out again," he chuckled a bit. "That tabby is more than enough for me."

"He is for most people," she giggled, rubbing his leg lightly with her hand. "If y'wanna find out without having to perform for Chance, we could pull over somewhere out of the way," she offered with a low purr.

He glanced at her, trying to figure out if she really just wanted it that badly, or something else. Her scent said she was aroused enough, but not that horny.

"I'd rather be with him," he said with an open apology in his tone. "It'll keep things from doing too badly no matter what happens."

"Okay," she smiled. "Just offering," she reassured him, leaning over to lick his cheek. "You're good for him, you know."

"Nice to know," Jake smiled warmly, and a little shyly. "As a partner, or lover?"

"Both, I think," she giggled. "It's nice to actually still know who he's talking about between conversations," she grinned.

"He does do the girl of the day thing pretty well," Jake admitted with a grin of his own as they neared the apartment complex he lived in. "Though I seemed to have slowed him down a bit."

"Just as well," she smirked. "The rate he was going, he was gonna have to start doubling up before he had to settle down with somebody. This your place?" She asked, looking at the large buildings.

"Our apartment is the top floor," he nodded and pulled into the underground parking of the building. "It was expensive, but well worth it."

"Bet the bedroom is something else," she giggled as he parked next to Chance's sports car. "You want me to take the couch tonight?" She asked him seriously. "If things don't go real well?"

"Nah," he shook his head and got out. "There's a spare bedroom that can be put together in a few minutes. It was Chance's, but he doesn't use it anymore."

"As long as you're not going to be forced to have me in your room if you don't want me," she smiled, climbing out herself, a little wobbly on her feet when she tried to get up. She found a hand on her arm and a supportive side to lean against faster than she realized was possible.

"I thought Chance said you weren't drunk yet," Jake teased her, guiding her to the elevator where the tabby was waiting for them.

"He said I wasn't totally drunk yet," she giggled.

"When she really gets going, you can just about pour her out of her dress," Chance grinned. "I should know," he winked.

"Just because you got me to do things I'd never done before, doesn't mean a thing - it was a graduation gift," she giggled, kissing his cheek playfully. "So, why don't we get inside somewhere safe?"

"Sure," the tabby grinned and thumbed the access pad for the penthouse apartment. "You must be slipping though. Smells like you didn't even try to fool around," he teased.

"She did, just wasn't ready for me," Jake chuckled low in his throat and shifted to claim a long, passionate kiss from his lover than just about melted all three of them. "What hope did she have, when you were waiting for me?" he rumbled seductively.

"Mmm... there is that," Chance purred, stepping into their apartment when it opened up. "So, show off the bedroom, or your favorite room in the place?" He teased lightly.

"What's that?" Meg giggled.

"The bathroom - you wouldn't believe how much he sunk into it," Chance grinned.

"A guy has to relax," Jake countered with a wink. "Since she wanted to see you get off without anything touching your cock, the bathroom."

"No complaints here," Chance grinned, leading the way.

"Holy crap," Meg blurted out when she stepped into the land of fine marble, heated floors, glass and luxury that she had barely dreamed of. "I've seen pictures of palaces that weren't this fine!"

"Now you're exaggerating," Jake blushed despite his grin. "But I do like the water."

"I'll bet," she murmured.

"C'mon, let's get in that shower," Chance purred, starting to strip down to show off his hard body and already hard cock.

"Oh yeah," Jake purred, taking in the sight as he stripped down and grabbed the pair of cuffs that now lived in the bathroom.

"Who are those for?" Meg asked with a grin, sliding out of her tight jeans, taking her panties off along with them to let her scent mix with the building arousal of the two males.

"The tabby," Jake winked, slipping on side on as he claimed a hungry kiss while the water heated.

"M-mm," Chance rumbled and stepped under the hot rain of water and cuffed himself with his hands over his head under it. "He gets off on mixing dom and sub up."

"I'll be it makes for a sexy show," she grinned, sitting on the edge of the whirlpool tub while Jake explored his mate's body. "Any time you're ready!"

"Any time you are," Chance purred, kissing Jake hotly as they rubbed their bodies together.

"Impatient creature, aren't you?" Jake snickered and kissed him again before trailing a line of kisses down the broad chest and powerful abs.

"Mmm... hey, I've got plans for tonight," Chance grinned down at him, rumbling as one of his balls was licked and the other fondled. "Meg on no-touch rules, or can she play around with you a bit while you show off?"

"She can play," Jake said before drawing the orb he was licking into his mouth.

"Mmm ... just so you know, he doesn't like rimming," Chance warned her, groaning as Jake sucked on his ball lightly.

"I'll keep it in mind," she purred, watching the show for now, rubbing her clit lightly while Jake caused his lover to moan and whine, the tabby's cock twitching in time with the efforts of his lover's tongue and mouth.

To her eyes, it was pretty clear that Jake was well on his way to getting off on this too. Maybe not enough to come, but she knew a tom who enjoyed what he was doing when she saw one.

Her purr deepened as she saw just how much Chance was getting off on this little twist she'd never bothered with. Of course, most people the tabby slept with were interested in his cock, more than what was around it, but watching the contortions his face was going through was worth it.

Only a month together, and Jake had already learned something that she didn't know. It made her feel all the better about them being a couple despite the risks to their future if it was learned about by the wrong people.

"So, do you always top him, or do you two switch it around?" She asked Chance as he began to pant.

"Nnn, I always top," he moaned, his eyes fixed on the tom kneeling in front of him as his cock quivered from the attention.

"Damn, you really do enjoy this," she grinned, moving around behind Jake to get a better view, her fur quickly getting soaked down as she knelt and slid her hand between Jake's legs to fondle the cinnamon-furred tom's balls lightly.

"Oh yeah," Chance whimpered, his body tightening as his balls pulled up. "Gods he's good too."

"Maybe I'll talk him into giving me a sample," she grinned, her fingertips sliding up Jake's shaft, drawing a deep, resonating purr from the lean tom. "Mmm ... he like getting it all over him when you come?"

"Not much," Chance answered, his voice as tight as his body.

"Then I'll take it for him," she grinned, opening her mouth as Chance roared, catching his pearly seed and swallowing it, standing to lean over Jake and taking his tip in her mouth as he lost some of the energy that had his first few spurts reaching her.

"Damn, you two are going to be the death of me," Chance grinned weakly as he panted, shuddering as Jake continued to fondle his balls and Meg shifted back to her haunches.

"Not before I get some of that in me," Jake grinned and stood to kiss his mate, running his hands along the hard, muscular body. "Bed, or tub?"

"Mmm ... bed, I think," Chance grinned. "Somebody hit the driers, then let's go figure out space."

"Jake sandwich, maybe?" Meg suggested with a grin of her own, standing and nipping his scruff playfully as he flipped the water off and the air blowers on. "I think he looks good enough to eat, and it'd be a shame to let his cock go without any attention."

"You won't find any complaints from me," Jake winked at her even as Chance used the attached key to unlock the cuffs and brought his arms down to pull his lover close and kiss him hard.

"Wanna put on a show for the tabby before we go to bed?" Meg whispered playfully into Jake's ear as his lips parted from Chance's, her hand wrapping around his front to stroke his rigid cock.

"Mmm, that was kinda what I had in mind," Jake purred and leaned back against her slightly, giving them nearly full body contact for a moment before he pulled away to dry his back. "We should get our turn before he gets a second round."

"Good," she purred, driving herself off before kissing him, reaching down to stroke his cock. "Want inside me, or like this?"

Jake thought a moment as he finished drying off, then licked his whiskers. "On your back, on the bed," he purred before claiming a kiss and sliding his fingers along the swollen lips of her sex.

"Mmm ... you're gonna make me decide what view I want most, aren't you?" Chance grinned, heading into the master bedroom as Meg purred hotly, kissing Jake again before they all retired to the master bedroom. The slender tabby fem lay on her back, legs spread, fingers down to splay the swollen lips of her sex.

"Yep!" She grinned at Chance. "So, like this?" She asked Jake as he knelt on the king sized bed over her, more than hard enough to sate her.

"Oh yeah," he rumbled and kissed her before trailing kisses down her body in much the same way he had treated Chance easier.

"Mmm ... if you're gonna use your mouth, then turn around and lemme at that cock of yours," she grinned down at him, flicking her tail up between his legs to tease his balls.

"You're in too much of a hurry," he chuckled as he worked his way to her navel. "Relax."

"I didn't rush you at all while you were playing with the tabby," she smirked down at him, purring deeply as his attentions started her arousal building to serious levels. She moaned as his tongue caressed her sex from edge to edge, then swirled around her clit until it had swollen fully and stood hard, erect and slick.

"That's more like it," Jake kissed his way back up her body before he sank into her with a groan of his own.

"Oh yes," she moaned, drawing his face close to kiss him hungrily, squeezing down around this shaft as Chance moved on the bed to get a god view of Jake's shaft spearing her sex, their tails twining together lightly as their bodies slid against each other.

"You like tasting come?" Jake asked her, his breath already panting.

"Not as much as getting it inside me," she purred throatily, nipping his shoulder lightly, arousal building between her legs. "Go ahead, baby, don't hold back," she panted, the walls of her sex trembling with anticipation as he thrust.

It was about all it took to push Jake over the edge and he came hard with a yowl, grunting on each thrust as he pumped his come into her with abandon. She mewled as she came with him, her juices squirting out around his cock as his seed filled her sex.

"Damn that's hot," Chance purred, sliding up on top of the two of them. "So, who wants to be in the middle?" He purred.

"Well?" Jake looked down, finding both possibilities pretty hot.

"Let's see if you both fit inside me," she grinned, kissing him lightly.

"You know we will," Chance teased, shifting so they could roll over beneath him, sliding his hard cock in alongside Jake's with a groan at the intense tightness and feeling his lover's cock confined next to his.

"Oh gods," Jake whimpered, shuddering under Meg at the intensity that made his hard cock quiver and nearly bring him to the edge of coming a second time right on the heals of the first.

"Oooh... tight fit, but I like it," she moaned, kissing him deeply as Chance started thrusting, his textured shaft rubbing along Jake's cock, pushing it up into her g-spot as she whimpered and moaned between them.

Jake was more than willing to let his partner set the pace and do most of the work; for him it was almost too much and he squeezed his eyes shut as his body hovered on the edge of coming but held back by how soon it had been.

The expression on Jake's face, the feel of their bodies quivering around him, it all went together to put Chance right on the edge, and he roared as he filled Meg's body with his seed, much of it spilling out to dribble down her sex and onto Jake's balls.

New Lives, Old Ways 7: Meeting Next of Kin

NC-17 for M/M, M/F sex
Het Level is MediumHet Smut Level is Low
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Medium
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

37 KB, Story is Complete, Series is in Progress
Written February 16, 2009 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kantin, Kat

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Alternate Universe, Relationship (Established), Romance, Sex (BDSM), Sex (First Time), Sex (Kinky), Sex (Threesome)

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong/Megan Treyo

Blurb: With a month of sleeping together firmly cementing their status as boyfriends, at least to the few who get to know, Chance finally introduces Jake to the second most important person in his life.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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