New Lives, Old Ways 9:
Dinner and Old Friends

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/F sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Megan Treyo stepped out of her sedan and handed the keys to the valet. She had to admit, she was more than a little surprised when he suggested such a fine restaurant. He didn't strike her as the kind who would socialize here. Hell, she barely ate here, and only on business. It was probably how he was familiar with it too.

It was then that it sunk in why he had probably chosen it. Lae Nucas was safe for the talk of lawyers, psychiatrists and corporate bigwigs; it would be quite safe for anything their conversations wondered onto.

She smoothed out the front of her dress-suit, and stepped inside, hoping he was still waiting for her as she checked her watch. She was only a few minutes late, but it wouldn't do for him to think she'd forgotten their 'date.'

"Do you have a reservation, ma'am?" the maître d' asked her formally.

"I'm meeting with Mr. Clawson," she told him easily. "Has he arrived yet?"

"Ah, yes," the prim and proper Siamese nodded. "Do you have a cuisine preference?"

"Balkitian, thank you," she smiled with a nod of her own, pausing as he selected only two of the seven large menus. "I hope he hasn't been waiting too long?"

"Less than a single drink, ma'am," he assured her and led her into the more private of booths in the large restaurant. She spotted him, though she was sure he saw her first, and the wine glass on the table was more than half full still.

"Appointment run late?" Jake grinned at up her as she slid in across from him and was given the menus.

"Unfortunately," she smiled, taking the menus with a polite nod. "I think we made some serious breakthroughs though. How've things been for you?"

"Odd," he couldn't help but chuckle. "I spent most of my life forgetting that sex exists, and now I have Chance, and another guy is trying too. Chance I understand, or I can. This guy," he shook his head. "I don't get him at all."

"Oh?" She asked with a smirk. "Somebody I should look at for a patient?" She teased lightly.

"I'm more likely to need it than him," Jake laughed easily. "He's just got a healthy libido that picked a poor subject to try and date."

"Well, if you want it I'm game, but it's up to you," she chuckled, considering the menu. "I might have a reason why for you, though. At least in the last few years."

Jake cocked his head at her, clearly lost on the comment.

"For why your libido's down," she explained. "Has it always been an issue, or just since your run-in with Traveris?"

Jake leaned back and sipped on his dark wine while he thought back. "Yes and no," he cracked a smile behind the glass. "I didn't notice much of anyone until my mid twenties. I've always attributed it to being too focused on school and work. You don't do what I did and have anything resembling a life. I wasn't like Chance, but I guess I was pretty normal for the next decade. After ... them ... I focused on my work again. I've honestly never felt like it was a problem for me. It's just some people around me have issues with my lack of interest in dating in general."

"Dating and sex aren't always the same thing," Megan chuckled lowly. "Though I suppose I can understand. I've done a little talking with a friend of mine who specializes in Traveris-related PTSD, and she gave me a little information that might be a part of it too. Apparently most of the nobles over there 'fix' their 'pets' by nearly full castration, leaving just enough to avoid health issues. Obviously I can't be sure, but there's a good chance that happened to you during your time there."

Jake blinked at her, then cringed as memories he really didn't want to have bubbled up to where he had to deal with them again.

She saw a waiter approach them out of the corner of her eye, and the quick, silent retreat he made after catching a look at Jake's pale, absolutely terrified expression.

Even though Jake got himself under control fairly quickly, but the more subtle body language of fear and paranoia she'd seen in far too many POWs after the war remained.

She took quick appraisal of his condition, and decided that the best way to help him relax was just to let him do so without saying anything. Once he'd wound down, she looked up at him apologetically.

"I'm sorry, I didn't think it would affect you that hard," she said softly. He really had blocked most of it off - there was no other way he could function the way she'd seen him do with that sort of nerve-wracking fear.

"It's okay," he reached down to smooth his tail out, using the grooming to finish settling himself. "When I got back, the psych told me I'd done a spectacular job of suppressing the trauma, but this, the triggered flashbacks, would be the price of it. It doesn't happen often, and the general paranoia on security has been a boon more often than not. It's something I need with my job anyway."

"I suppose," Megan nodded. "Want me to steer away from that, going forward? I don't want to stress you out any more than I have to."

"Did you have a reason to bring it up?" Jake asked after a pause.

"Well, the conversation went there ... and I was hoping I might talk you into spending my next heat keeping me sane," she admitted, blushing a bit. "Girls are nice, but it's hard to beat a nice guy like you," she smiled.

He nodded, slowly processing that, and the bits from his Lost Day the idea brought up. "I should find out if I'm really sterile first," he said quietly, still digesting all that had been said in the last few minutes.

"Definitely," she nodded. "I might be able to afford a kit, barely, but I'd really rather not have to," she admitted. "You have a doctor who could run the tests for you, or would you like a few names?" She offered.

"I'm fine using an Enforcer doc," he said, still digesting it all, then cracked a cheeky grin. "I don't think we can manage anything more awkward now. Though if you did end up pregnant by me, you wouldn't be on your own," he added seriously. "Financially or in raising them."

"Good to know," she chuckled. "And you're probably right. So, when were you planning on things getting awkward?"

"When I asked about Chance," he admitted. "Things he would tell me about, but I'd rather not make him remember, same way I don't mind him learning about what's happened to me, but I'd rather not have to go there again."

"Why don't we get our orders in, and we'll start there then," Megan smiled as the waiter came back in. "Ru'a'bil-l-lahma and karkady, please," she said, handing the menus to him.

"The tour de Imitia," Jake ordered. "Heavy on the meat and garlic."

"Of course, sir, ma'am," he bowed slightly to them and disappeared again to get her drink.

"So, why don't we talk about the tabby... what in particular were you curious about?" Megan asked as she relaxed back.

"I read his file, the official one and a significant chunk of the one I'm not supposed to know exists, much less know what's in it," he began to let her know what he had gotten already. "What I've never worked out was why it bothers him to kill."

"You mean why what he did before would bother him?" She asked, wanting to be sure she understood the question correctly.

"Yes," Jake nodded. "I've killed often enough now ... I don't understand, and I'd like to. Innocents, civilians, it's hard when they die, but he didn't shoot folks without guns."

"No, he didn't," she agreed. "Jake... do you really have no issues with killing, when you have to do it? Even when nobody gets hurt who isn't supposed to? Shooting somebody who, if you're doing it right, doesn't have any ability to defend themselves against you?"

"They're all trying to kill me," he pointed out, not entirely sure he was following her. "If they do their job right, we go down. That's what a battle is. I don't enjoy killing, but I've never felt bad about it either."

"A battle, yes, but that's not the sniper end of things," she pointed out. "What Chance did, officially and unofficially, usually involved going after people who weren't aware they were on the firing line. The line between a sniper and an assassin can be a very thin one, and a matter of perception."

"He has an issue with the surprise of it?" Jake frowned.

"I think it's more an issue with the very thin line between what he did and murder," she said, taking a sip of her bright red tea when it arrived and trying to come up with a better way to explain it. "It might not be the surprise, so much as the fact that he's not killing in battle. It's got very little in common with the way that you fight now," she pointed out.

"No, it's a hell of a lot safer," Jake shook his head with a sigh. "I guess I'm wondering about if we go to war again, and we're bombing cities instead of fighting Omegas. Even I'm not entirely comfortable with that, for all I know I'd do it if they let me go to the front line, and sniping doesn't bother me."

"I'm not sure if he's thought that far ahead," she admitted. "And I know what you mean, it is... I don't think he was that bad, coming out of Lothos," she reassured him. "It was Omega Force that screwed him up the most inside."

"He was going outside the law, and even with his CO saying it was okay, he knew it wasn't," Jake didn't really guess, then he smiled fondly. "He has the strongest moral fiber of anyone I've met. I'm not sure he's noticed, but I look to him when I'm not sure about something."

"He probably hasn't," Megan giggled. "He can be a little thick sometimes... does he know about the other guy?" She asked him.

"Oh yeah," Jake shivered at the intense memory. "He wants to watch the next time," he blushed deeply.

"That's Chance," she snickered. "If you can't join in, enjoy the show. You know, he'd probably enjoy being watched too, if you wanted to go that way," she winked.

"We'll see," Jake couldn't help but chuckle, the conversation pausing when the waiter came with their meals. "He really is something else."

"Definitely," she agreed. "Especially when you consider everything that happened to him. He's come out of it pretty well though; anything else you wanted to hear about?"

"I don't suppose you're familiar with the regs regarding time off for a heat?" he asked. "Save me looking'm up."

"Actually, I am," she chuckled. "It's like most any other leave, but you're less likely to get called back in at the last minute if you tell them it's for a heat. Takes a real disaster, instead of them just feeling like they want you around after all."

"Particularly useful when you have the highest ranking on the force," Jake couldn't help but chuckle with a grin. "When is the next one?"

"About a month from now," she admitted sheepishly. "That's why I wanted to bring it up sooner, rather than later... hope it's not too late to set it up?"

"I have no idea," Jake shook his head before a forkful of meaty lasagna. "I'll see about the tests and setting things up. How sure do you want to be about not coming out of this pregnant?"

"I wouldn't worry about getting a true zero, but I think as long as the count's very low, we'd be fine," she said after a bit of thought. "I'll be taking medication to reduce the odds anyways, I always do, just in case. You never know if your girlfriend might've been with a guy just before she came over to your place, and when you're in heat, it's really damn hard to care," she admitted.

"I have noticed," he assured her. "It would be best if we were at your place, or make sure Chance has another place to stay. He's incredible sensitive to it. I'm sure he could control himself, but it'd be mean to force him to try."

"Gods, yes," Megan giggled. "Believe me, I know; you should've seen him once when he came over about a week after my heat had ended - I couldn't walk straight for a month. My place is fine, and I know he'll have plenty of opportunities to play around."

"I didn't know he was that bad," Jake laughed deeply. "Though on related subjects, it wouldn't hurt to have a girlfriend over, so I can get some rest."

"Mmm ... remember the Tigress I'd been talking to when we met?" She asked him with a spreading grin.

"Yes," he nodded after a moment to think. "I take it you two hooked up."

"Oh, we have a couple times before, just not long term," she chuckled. "You like her looks?"

He blinked, pausing his meal as it suddenly hit him that she went somewhere he hadn't. "She's attractive, yes," he said more cautiously. "If you were thinking of a threesome, she's not really my type."

"Fair enough," she nodded. "Anybody who is, or just not really into that sort of thing when it's with another fem?" She asked him easily.

"Fems aren't my thing," he pointed out gently. "Toms barely are. Wolves are what I find most attractive."

"No problem; I just figured it'd be better to find somebody we both thought was attractive to back you up," she winked. "How come you never tried hooking up with a Wolf?" She asked him curiously. "I suppose Chance counts in some ways, but not the ones that most people like."

"I would have hooked up with whoever they partnered me with, if they were inclined for it," Jake shook his head slightly. "It's building the trust and friendship that take more time and energy than I'm inclined to invest in anyone just to have a mate."

"Geek syndrome?" She asked him with an understanding nod. "Well, you got lucky then - found yourself a good guy for a partner. Would've been a lot rougher if you'd run into one of the jackass brigade."

"Pretty much," Jake nodded. "And I am lucky with Chance, though I doubt I'd have been disappointed if it hadn't worked out either. It's nice, but the sex doesn't make that big a difference."

"Good to know you can be friends too, if it doesn't work out in the end," she smiled. "Does anybody else know about you two?"

"I doubt it," he said, thinking it over. "That think we are ... my family, about half the Enforcers we work with, probably a few others, but they've been saying something to the effect of us being lovers since our first year together in the Academy."

"And most of them probably aren't really serious," Megan nodded. "You're keeping it quiet then, not trying to stir the waters a little?"

"Just don't feel the need to say anything," Jake shrugged. "I don't care if they know my preferences. I have places to go that really don't care. Chance ... it probably would hurt him if anyone really believed it that objected."

"His career, at least," she nodded. "He'd probably just clobber anybody who tried to make an issue out of it any other way," she mused. "So, what are you into with females? I remember our night together, but we had somebody else to consider," she purred, cutting off a piece of the meat pie that had come for her and eating it with a sip of her tea to moisten the flaky crust.

Jake leaned back, trying to relax as he thought about it. It wasn't nearly the easy answer that he had with guys.

"Submissive," he eventually answered, not entirely comfortable with the fact but not willing to lie to her either. "You saw just how easy it can be to trigger the wrong memories. Last time I was with a shekat in heat, it didn't take much to keep me interested, even after the blue heat wore off."

"You like the fem to be submissive?" She asked, trying to clarify just what he was interested in.

"Yes," he nodded slightly. "You're not going to have to work to keep me interested," he promised. "What about you? What are your kinks?"

"Mmm... when I'm in heat, I'm pretty easy to keep happy," she purred, thinking back to the last time. "If you want to play a hardcore dom, I'd be game for playing along, as long as I come hard and often. I'm up to bondage, light S&M... I'm open to more on the D/s end of things, really."

"Mmm, willing to risk it with a male Wolf involved?" he rumbled softly. "Or stick to females only for a third party?"

"Thinking of your other friend?" Megan asked him, thinking about it. "If he was willing to be religious about using condoms or something of the sort, could be fun."

"Yes," he nodded easily. "Beyond being a hell of a turn on for me, he's got endurance to spare, and a cock you wouldn't believe," he added with a lusty purr. "I'll see if he's game with the restrictions."

"Go ahead," she chuckled. "Worst that happens is we find out it won't work so we go with a fem. What do you like in looks? I know you probably won't be much for playing with her, but it's good to have somebody you think looks good."

"Wolves, Alsatian, Tervuren, Elkhound, or a cute shekat shorter than you. Light build," he offered some basics. "I could send you some pictures if you like."

"Sure, but don't forget to talk to your friend," she purred. "Pics are always nice, even if it works out with him," she winked.

"I'll e-mail you a few then," Jake chuckled. "I'm sure Chance has a non-work addy for you."

"Not that he ever uses it," she snickered. "You have got to convince him to check his email once in a while."

"Or I will," he winked. "Someone in the house will see it, once I get it. Anything important that he's missed?"

"Mmm, not really important," she giggled. "But I've sent him some pictures he'd probably like to see. He's got to be the safest guy out there to email those types of pics to; he'll never spread them around except to friends."

"He is a bit on the technically illiterate side," Jake couldn't help but snicker. "Anybody I know in them?"

"Chance isn't, so I have no clue," she giggled. "Mostly the aftermath of one-night stands; something we started doing a few years back, once in a while. Or, more accurately, I started doing it, and kept teasing that he should return the favor, but he never figured out how."

"Oh really," Jake's eyes glittered. "Well, I'll just have to see about changing that," he purred deeply. "I do have security cameras in the apartment after all. Good quality ones. You might get a few vids out of it, if he cares to show off."

"You're evil - I like that," she grinned at him. "Just don't expect the same from me; they're all cell-phone quality, though I've got a good camera in my phone."

"Give me a few hours and I'll fix that," Jake grinned at her, every fiber of him energized by the prospect of a technical challenge. "You'd be amazed what Sara and I can do in my hanger workshop."

"Who's Sara?" She asked him, cocking her head curiously. "Girlfriend on the sly?" She smirked teasingly, sure it wasn't.

"The AI built into my hanger out at Katilia Field," he chuckled. "Who is probably as close to a girlfriend as I've had."

"Would 'hard drive' jokes be tasteless?" Megan teased, batting his leg with her tail lightly. "Surprised you'd have bothered; AI's aren't that useful yet, are they?"

"Yes, quite tasteless," he chuckled, batting her tail in return with his own. "And I didn't really bother. It's from my corporate days. She's quite useful to me."

"An old research project?" She guessed. "How advanced is she?"

"A bribe," he snickered. "That and she was cheaper, in their opinion, than a secretary that would handle organizing my life and could understand what I was babbling about under my breath at odd hours of the morning."

"Especially since they'd have to pay a PhD to work as a secretary," she snickered. "She must be pretty well out there though... most AI's I've heard of couldn't handle anything like that."

"Just about everything I work on is in that category too," Jake smiled a little secretively. "Do you know what a tesseract is?"

"No clue," she admitted.

"It's a container that's larger on the inside than the outside," he explained as simply as he could. "I managed to build a jet with a tesseract bomb bay. There's still a major argument going on whether it's magic or science."

"There's still a major argument going on as to whether or not there's a difference," she pointed out with a chuckle. "Sort of like the TARDIS then?"

"Not that significant, but yes," he nodded. "The only downside is that I'm still not sure how I built it. I've been trying to reverse-engineer it for years now, and I probably have years to go."

"You know, most people would worry if they'd built something and couldn't figure out how," she pointed out dryly. "You're sure you built it, right?"

"When I was twenty," he nodded firmly. "Unless someone is managing to sneak into my private workshop to work on my private plane without me knowing, yeah," he added. "She's not a corporate project. She's one of the jets I build for myself. Chance is the only other person who's gotten to work on her, and he's really only flown her."

"Would you mind showing her off some time?" She asked curiously.

"Sure," Jake smiled and took a bit of seafood pasta. "Maybe even take you for a ride," he added with a grin. "Chance is the better pilot, but I'm not half bad."

"I've flown with Chance before," she shuddered, working on finishing up her own meal. "I'd much rather be with a pilot who doesn't have his idea of fun, believe me."

"I do enjoy pushing the limits, but I also know how to fly a guided tour without making anybody sick," he chuckled. "Just be sure you never let Chance fly you in my TurboKat. He'll make that last flight look like an easy breeze."

"Thanks for the warning," she chuckled. "I had to be pried off the tarmac after we landed."

Jake couldn't help it, he burst out laughing. "That sounds like half the gunners who tried to fly with him before me. The thing is, he's in complete control. You weren't in any danger."

"You know, that, I know that - my stomach didn't," she smirked. "I was not meant to be flying on my side between two skyscrapers, that's all there is to it."

"That's all he did?" He winked at her, still laughing uncontrollably. "You so do not want to visit the obstacle course he takes the TurboKat out on."

"Not all he did, but what I remember," Megan chuckled. "And I'll keep it in mind and not take him up on any invitations. Just don't go doing anything like that to me, and we'll be fine," she winked.

"How long have you been out here?" Megan asked as she got out of her car and joined Jake by the person-sized door to a private hanger in the large, largely non-commercial Katilia Airfield.

"Most of my life," he said, placing his hand on the palm-scanner and looking directly ahead. "My mom started me out, renting part of a hanger for me when I was ten and trying to build an prop-job in the garage.

"She didn't want to risk trashing the car when you spun it up, huh?" She chuckled, looking around. "It's a nice facility."

"Something like that," he snickered as the door opened and he lead her inside. "Or blow it up when I started working with fuel. Plus, out here, once they heard I was 'Clawson' nobody blinked at a kit running around the place."

"Good morning, Jake," a light, slightly mechanical female voice greeted him in return from somewhere ambiguous. "Who is your companion?"

"This is Megan Treyo," Jake said, closing the door behind her. " Megan, that disembodied voice is Sara, the AI I was telling you about."

"Hello, Megan," Sara greeted her. "Welcome to my home and Jake's workshop."

"Wow... you really are a full AI," Megan murmured, then slapped her forehead. "Uhm... hello, hope you didn't take offense just then," she said sheepishly.

"No offense taken," Sara replied smoothly.

"Come on, the jet's over here," he motioned her towards the main body of the hanger and the sleek black jet that was generations beyond anything she'd seen before.

"Very nice... no wonder Chance likes her," Megan smiled. "Just his speed," she teased, "sleek, black, and beautiful."

"That you," Jake smiled warmly, a look she recognized as one reserved for the complements that meant the world to him. They were few and far between, and she'd received two in a month. "I've been working on her, with this frame, since my twenties. Over half my life can be summered right there," he purred nostalgically, his expression soft and a little dreamy.

Not unlike the look that Chance got when things were quiet and the tabby was asleep.

"The best parts of it?" She smiled, snapping him out of his reverie a little bit.

"Many of them," he nodded and palmed the bomb bay open. "I don't think anything will really match when I got to present the first production Mark 1 Raven to Commander Feral and Mayor Manx though. That was an incredible day. This is the tesseract I told you about," he added as he hopped up into the space the size of a one-car garage.

"Woah... looks at least twice the size of the outside from here," she murmured, stepping in. "Doesn't feel any different."

"It never has," Jake told her, standing up easily in the space that contained a well-secured pair of motorcycles and welded in boxes for things. "I don't know what I do differently when I create ones like this, but they happen, just not every time."

"And you don't notice doing anything different, huh? Anybody else in your family ever manage it?"

"Not that I know of, but Mom isn't into building things herself, she just designs them, and sis isn't into vehicles," he shook his head. "Grandma's an artist, not an engineer."

"They're pretty similar sometimes, but I understand," she chuckled. "You ever actually load her up, or is she just a showpiece?"

"She's my personal plane," he chuckled softly, trailing his fingers along the interior wall before relaxing back against it. "Like the two-seater prop-jobs most folks keep for themselves. I just graduated from that level young. I don't think it's legal for me to arm her, at least not without clearing it with HQ first. Though she is capable of it; back in my corporate days, I wasn't always worried about legal or not, as long as it could get me out of a bad spot."

"Understandable, really," she nodded, sniffing the air. "Showed the other guy around here too, huh?" She asked with a low chuckle.

"It's where he jumped me," Jake nodded, blushing slightly. "Not the hottest night I've had, but up there," he admitted with a low rumble.

"Should I ask for details, or will you just say 'no' if I do?" She grinned, winking playfully.

He could only laugh, relaxing against the inside of the fuselage. "Does it matter than it won't work for you or Chance?"

"Not at all - I'm an unashamed pervert, remember?" Megan teased him, licking his cheek lightly. "The whole reason I send Chance dirty pictures, despite not being his lover?"

"All right," he grinned back and wrapped an arm around her as he twisted to push her against the wall of the bomb bay, letting the heat of his body press against her as he tested her response to his dominance. "Came as a surprise. He was a one-night stand a year ago, got transferred as a mechanic for the Black Knights that day," he crooned next to her ear as he nuzzled her. "He's good enough that I brought him here to show him what I could really do to a jet.

"We got talking, and all of a sudden he was on top of me, kissing me and letting me feel just how much I turned him on," Jake continued, rubbing the beginning of his arousal against her thigh.

"Kinda like this?" She purred after the initial surprise had passed, licking his cheek and pressing her leg back against his crotch as his sheath quickly filled. "Did you try and get him off of you, or just give up?" She rumbled.

"I kissed him back," he shivered at the intensity of the memory and moved one hand between them to fondle and squeeze her breasts as he rubbed against her, intent on getting hard enough to show her just what had been done to him. "I remembered that cock, the best of Kat and Wolf, wanted to suck it, feel it inside me again," his moaned as much in memory as the physical pleasure. "He's an incredible dom once he understands I don't want it gentle with him."

"Mmm ... and if I told you that you don't have to be gentle with me?" She asked him, kissing him with the same sort of hunger she imagined he kissed the Tiger-Wolf with, pressing her chest against his hands. There was a major thrill to knowing that she'd apparently managed to make enough of an impression to get Jake this wound up and interested in a fem!

"I'd give you a pretty good preview of next month," he chuckled low in his throat and nipped her shoulder, his hands going to work on getting her jacket and blouse off. "Though I doubt I'll manage to fuck you unconscious like he did me."

"Just as well, you still wanted to tinker with my phone," she winked, helping him undress her, shrugging out of her blouse as he exposed her plain cotton bra. "Hadn't expected this before," she purred, reaching back to unhook it. "Mind if I ask you something?"

"Leave it on," he caught her hands and drew them upward, locking them to a metal bar overhead with a ziptie. "Go ahead and ask," he kissed his way down her exposed body as he pulled her dress slacks down.

"You and Chance ever join the Mile High Club?" She asked him with a low moan as he kissed her chest, stripping her down to her panties, stockings, and bra, her hands tied up helplessly above her. She didn't do this very often; she just hoped that Jake was a bit more experienced than she was.

"I don't know the term," he said as he slid the crotch of her panties over and stood to claim a hard, hungry kiss as he pressed her back, against the fuselage wall.

"Mmm ... you are sheltered, aren't you?" She moaned into his mouth, spreading her legs for him. "Fucked in the air, while the plane was on auto?"

"No, never did that," he murmured against her neck and drove his freshly hard cock into her pussy with a single motion.

Megan gasped, squeezing down around his cock, the question entirely forgotten as she savored the feel of his member inside of her.

"Fuck yes," she moaned. "Nail me, handsome," she purred deeply, kissing him as he started thrusting deep and hard, pressing her back against the wall with each motion. Even with the support he gave her hips, she had to squirm her hands around a bit to get comfortable.

She whimpered when his jaws closed around the side of her neck, the heat of his breath running down her back as his thrusts began to jerk sharply. She cried out, clamping down around his cock as she came, milking him hungrily for the seed he willingly gave up with a grunting growl with each thrust

His jaws still closed around the side of her neck, Jake pounded into her with abandon until he was spent for the round.

"I could get to really like this," he murmured as he let go of her neck and licked it smooth.

"I've got no objections," she moaned, kissing him needily, then giggling. "Y'have a microscope here?" She asked him with a cheeky grin.

"Yes," he nodded, the question taking him by surprise enough to knock him out of any thought of a second round. "Why?"

"After you've finished up, I can get a preliminary check on whether or not you're fertile," she explained, licking his nose. "Mmm ... but first, how about another sample?" She purred.

"I think I can do that," he chuckled and kissed her before nearly pulling out and slamming into her body again.

Chance leaned to the side, taking the corner tightly on his bike as he rode home from the gym. He was purring with the same gusto as his engine, considering the possibility that Jake and Meg might end up coming back to the apartment together after their dinner date. That first threesome had been hot as fuck, and he certainly wasn't about to turn down a repeat if he got the chance!

He stopped at a traffic light, drumming his fingers on the throttle as he waited for it to change... and then killed the engine when he heard something. He flipped up the visor on his helmet, listening carefully... and scowled when he heard it again; a high-pitched, distressed yelp in the distance. He flipped down his visor and started the bike again, peeling out and running the light to find out who was in trouble - and why. He had a good feeling he knew the last part when he realized he was hearing it just a block or two from the Stonewall Club, just far enough away to be outside of the unofficial 'safe zone' that existed around it.

One more corner, taken almost parallel with the ground, and he saw it.

Two small, reddish Kantin inside a circle of tomkats that were using the pair as a combination punching bag/kick ball.

Chance jumped off his bike, letting it rest on its side as he shouted out at the toms.

"Back off!" He commanded them in his best Enforcer tone, flipping his badge out with one hand, balling the other up into a fist for when this went badly. He wanted to be sure it was easier to start swinging than to grab for his blaster when that happened. "Enforcers!"

"One Enforcer!" someone in the crowd called back. "Get him!"

"Faggot lover," another snarled as the entire gang turned their attention on the tabby.

"Kantin lover," another hissed.

"Lothos vet with a short fuse and a badge," Chance warned them, flipping his badge back into his belt even as they surrounded him. This wasn't going to be fun ... but it would come close. A dozen to one odds weren't necessarily in his favor, but judging by the alcohol he could smell on them, they weren't that against him. If it got too bad, he could always call for backup ... but he'd gone up against worse before. "Back down, or I will defend myself, and them," he said grimly.

"Kill the faggot!" the apparent leader, a nearly black tabby that looked like he had Xanith blood and lived in a gym, roared.

It instantly caused a wave of fists, knives, clubs and bodies to rush forward.

Chance jumped up, planting a fist in the face of the first one to make the mistake of getting close enough for him to reach, twisting to push him to the ground and use his body as a stepping stone up and above the ring of toms, planting his riding boot hard in the small of his back as he twisted to take the next comer on, going for one of the toms with a club. He quickly got inside the tom's reach, grabbing his hand and popping his claws out into his wrist, taking the club and throwing its former owner back as he spun to parry a knife attack.

Something hard, probably a bat by the crack it made, slammed across his shoulders, knocking him forward, but not down. He swung around, grabbing the shirt of the nearest attacker and planning his foot to use his forward momentum to throw the tom into another.

Then someone bigger than he was body tackled him, slamming him chest-first into the ground and shoving his face down. Chance was definitely grateful that he was wearing the helmet yet.

"That badge won't help you here, fag," a deep, angry voice growled above him. The leader of the group.

Chance reached under himself, abandoning the club and cocking his old side arm in its shoulder holster, angling it up. He took a hard kick to the side of the head, enough to make his eye water and his brain rattle, but the weight on his back was still there.

"I like this jacket; I'd hate to have to patch a hole in it for an asshole like you," he said grimly when his head stopped swimming enough to think again. "Especially since the odds are it'll castrate instead of kill, at this angle."

All the breath was knocked out of him as a steel-toed boot slammed into his balls, driving them into his body. The only thought in his mind for a time was that it hurt worse than getting shot.

Then he went into autopilot, twisting away from the next kick despite the greater weight on top of him. He got a leg up between the leader's, twisting him around with him so that he was on top just long enough to get off and clear some space. His body was still aching from the last few kicks, his vision blurry, but he brought his gun out and fired a warning shot into the air before aiming it squarely at the leader's head.

"Back the fuck off, or I fire!" He snarled, starting to squeeze the trigger. Anything that didn't shift his aim would kill the part-Xanith - anything that did would probably injure him, or one of the others, either way. In the back of his head, he mentally ran through the shot it would take to stop him from pulling the trigger.

Nobody here would be good enough to pull it off, even if they had a weapon to do it with.

"Don't!" A terrified, light male voice cried out from outside the battlezone. "Don't kill."

"Seems he's a better man than you are," Chance growled at the leader, grateful for the brief reprieve. "Tell your boys to give up." There was a steely edge to his voice that concealed the sinking feeling in his gut at the thought that he might try calling his bluff.

And the question of whether it was a bluff or not.

A yelp of pain from behind him told of at least one thug decided to have the initiative to slug the Fox for speaking up.

"Might think twice about roughing up the guy trying to save your sorry ass!" Chance snarled, not shifting his aim or view.

The big half-breed waved to his gang to back away, and they did, a little, as he stood and glared down at the defiant tabby. "You'll get yours, traitor," he hissed before stalking off, all but daring Chance to shoot him in the back.

He didn't, but the tabby memorized his face, and as many of the others as he could for the report he knew he'd have to file.

He returned his gun to his shoulder holster when they'd cleared out and turned to the badly shaken and bloodied Fox.

"You okay?" He asked he helped him to his feet.

"I will be," he lowered his eyes. "Thank you. My friend will be back with help soon."

"Good," Chance nodded as he began to calm down enough do an internal assessment of the damage he'd taken. "I'll stick around until then. I'll have to call this in," he warned the Fox, pulling out his communicator. "You won't have to file a statement if you don't want to, but I'd recommend it."

The Fox looked suddenly very uneasy, even as his boyfriend and a buff Panther from the club they'd been at came at a run.

"I should have known," the Panther shook his head with a chuckle as they came to a stop. "You know when I said to drop by anytime, this wasn't what I had in mind."

"You know each other?" the Maned Wolf glanced between the Enforcer and bouncer.

"Oh yeah," Chance cracked a grin.

"He comes by sometimes, with and without his boyfriend," the bouncer said, trying to shepherd the group back to the Stonewall. "Anybody need an ambulance?"

"A few of them might end up going in for busted noses, but I think I'm in pretty decent shape," Chance muttered. "What about you two?" He asked the two Kantin, both shorter than he was and looked them over to make sure they weren't hiding any injuries... and, he had to admit, for the more usual reasons too. They were both cute, probably what had gotten them the attention he'd just driven off.

"We'll be okay," the Maned Wolf assured him, though they didn't resist the guidance back to the club. "Thank you, sir," he added a little formally. "They don't usually come in such large groups, or this close."

"That worries me," Chance said grimly. "Any other trouble with those jokers around here?" He asked the bouncer.

"Big ass, dark tabby; probably half Panther?" the bouncer asked and got a nod. "Yeah, he's caused trouble before, but it's been months. He usually only has one or two friends with him."

"I don't suppose anybody's mentioned him to the Enforcers before?" Chance sighed, knowing it wasn't likely to change this time, except for him. "Anybody know his name, at least?"

"Doug Kildar," the bouncer supplied as they walked inside to a mixture of concerned and relieved looks from patrons and employees. "He's a local bully. We're just his current target. I've known him most of his life."

"Wonderful," Chance sighed. "I'm going to have to give them his name, you know."

"I know," he nodded. "I'll be having a little talk with him too, for all the good it does. Thanks for not hurting him any more than you did. We both know you could have killed the lot of them and gotten away with it," he said softly as the two Kantin were tended to by others in the bar.

"Could've maybe," Chance admitted. "Though it probably would've turned into riots once the news got hold of it. I'm just glad they backed off before I had to actually shoot anybody ... the bastard's got guts, most guys piss themselves if they spend that long staring down the Eagle's barrel. Y'know if they've got job reasons to want to stay on the down-low?" He asked, nodding his head towards the two Kantin.

"Not that I know of," he shook his head. "They've seen a lot of prejudice from official types since they got here, and a lot worse where they come from. It's still better for them than back home, and they have kin around, but they're both scared to death of the cops. Some of them with good cause."

"On the house," a waiter wearing leather chaps offered Chance his favorite drink. "Thanks for helping them out."

"Don't mention it," Chance chuckled, taking the drink with a nod of thanks. "You guys here'd do the same thing for me," he pointed out, turning back to the Panther. "Think it'd help if I put in a request for Mac?"

"It wouldn't hurt at any rate," the bouncer nodded firmly. "I don't know if they'll file a report, but they will probably talk to him at any rate."

"I'll see what I can do... just let the staff know not to hit on him," Chance chuckled, pulling his com out and finding a quiet place to call in.

Megan quietly whispered her count to herself as she counted the motile sperm cell she could see in her sample. It wasn't hard to keep count, the number was well below what she'd consider safe... she'd still want to have a properly collected sample to run by somebody, but for a first guess, this was pretty decent.

"Yeah, I'd say you're basically shooting blanks ... not sure if I should offer my condolences or not," she admitted.

"With the state of genetics, not really," he smiled slightly at her. "I can have kits if I decide I really want them. My sister's a lot more like family material than I am. It does explain how I don't have kits running around yet though."

"Well, that and the whole 'gay' issue," she chuckled, kissing his cheek. "How's the phone coming?"

"Almost done," he cracked a grin at her, though his tone was serious. "Though guys are just how I get my rocks off the best when I'm horny," he told her. "A relationship ... I really don't care. It's about trust and being able to live and work together. If I'd gotten partnered up with a female, I'd probably be with her."

"Fair enough," she smiled, kissing his cheek lightly. "I'll admit, I was a little surprised you were so enthusiastic earlier," she winked.

He flushed slightly under his fur. "Chance is a bad influence. I'm discovering I have a libido, I can just easily ignore it when I have something else to do."

"Most people can - you just don't necessarily want to neglect it," she winked, licking his cheek. "So, head up after you're done?"

"Sure," he purred softly and focused back on what he'd been doing. "Though I would have never managed what I have in my first forty years if I didn't largely ignore it. It really doesn't leave time for a life."

"You're probably right about that," she admitted. "Not all of us have the potential to get that far that fast though - I didn't have my doctorate until I was in my late 20's."

"Most people don't," he nodded, still working quickly and precisely; it was if he had done this a dozen times, not that he was improvising on the fly with every move. "I inherited the female ambition in my family. It goes back at least seven generations. They were first, or the best, or at the cutting edge of whatever they did. Teachers, explorers, artists, rocket scientists. The only thing they weren't much of were mothers. Usually just one or two kits in times where dozens were the norm."

"There are benefits to small families though," she smiled. "I've got half a dozen brothers and sisters, and it makes for a lot more effort paying your way through college than when your folks are only helping one or two."

"I expect so," he nodded and handed her camera back. "It can take up to half an hour of TV quality video now, and pictures you could print for posters. Paying for school wasn't something I had to worry about, and neither did my mom. By the time I was looking, there was already heavy competition to recruit me, and not just here in MKC. That I was in a similar field as my mom really spread the word about me. I pretty much had everything handed to me on a silver platter until my twenties, and it was still easy even then," he said, more than a little embarrassed by it. "Enforcer Academy was the first real challenge I faced that wasn't pure survival."

"I'm sure it wasn't that easy," she chided him, kissing his cheek and looking at her phone. "Works the same way as before?"

"Yap," he nodded and stood. "The movie setting is on the menu where you set the camera resolution now."

"I'll take a look at it later," she smiled, returning it to her holster. "So, time to hit the skies?"

"Oh yeah," Jake grinned. "It'll be good being the one flying her again," he chuckled, guiding her to the sleek craft. "I could outfit you with a G-suit and all, but I don't plan on doing anything that would require it for either of us."

"Then let's not bother," she smiled, following him on, and taking the co-pilot's seat behind him. "It's not worth all the hassle if I won't need it... besides, I doubt you have one in my size," she chuckled.

"No, but I can swing by HQ and get one," he winked back at her.

"Flight plan has been filed and accepted," Sara's voice came from the radio. "You are cleared to taxi to runway two."

"Let's just stick with not needing it," Megan giggled nervously as they started to taxi, remembering her last flight with Chance.

"Relax," he smiled at her over his shoulder as they rolled smoothly out of the hanger and onto the maze of pavement that was the private airport. "Unless somebody starts shooting, it'll be a gentle flight."

"And why would anybody do that?" She asked, looking over at him as her tail fluffed out.

"This is MegaKat City," he pointed out with a curious look. "The land of the monthly Omega attack. There's always a chance of getting shot at around here."

"Right... not how I usually think of things, but I guess you're right," she murmured, settling back and hanging on for the takeoff.

"TurboKat, this is the tower. You are cleared for takeoff on runway two."

"Thank you, Tower," Jake responded as he powered up the engines and they began to roll much faster.

Megan had to remember to breathe as the acceleration went past that of commercial flights, but even as the nose lifted up, it wasn't nearly as hard a take-off as Chance had given her, and Jake was making good time to an altitude that definitely didn't involve canyon tag.

She took a few deep breaths as they steadied out, relaxing a bit.

"It's so different up here," she murmured, looking out the cockpit of the jet at the city, sea and mountains below and around them.

"It can be," Jake smiled with a quick glance back. "It's different not to see it on patrol. To just be a tourist of sorts."

"Yeah... I meant in the cockpit though," she admitted. "In the passenger section of a regular jet, you don't see near as much."

"True," he chuckled. "Though if you really want a view, there are far more open cockpits. I'll refrain from flying upside down for an unrestricted view," he winked at her and made a wide circle up towards the northern mountains.

"Thank you," she said dryly. "How high can she go?"

"The moon," he grinned, angling the nose up. "It's unofficial, but it sure cuts down on transit times to go sub-orbital."

"Your Mom know about that?" She asked him with a blink, gripping the armrests despite the relatively gentle assent.

"I've taken her all the way out," he chuckled. "The differences between a rocket and a jet are significant. There wasn't much she could use from my designs."

"Maybe not, but you'd think they could resurrect space planes," she murmured as they climbed higher into the night sky.

"More than one company is," he told her with a chuckle as the sky turned dark above them. "MASA has other priorities at the moment."

"Funding," she nodded, watching as the stars began to become sharply visible. "Wow...."

"Launching satellites and rocketry," he added. "There'll be more demand for a space plane when they manage to get the space station built and are looking to replace the current fleet."

"True," she nodded. "Then you'll really be in demand," she chuckled, "unless you can show your Mom how to make the designs work... same basic field, right?"

"Urr, only vaguely," Jake shook his head as he swung them around from the moon-backed starscape to the view of MegaKat City's coast from the outer reaches of the atmosphere. "Rockets and jets don't have all that much in common, though if she shifts fields, she could probably pick it up fairly quickly."

"Sorry, I don't really understand much of either one," she admitted, looking out at the view. "Woah... I can see why you come up here once in a while."

"Want a full world tour?" he asked with a rumbling purr. "It'll take about three hours from up here."

"Mmm ... sure," she decided. "Just get me home by midnight," she winked playfully.

"Will do," he laughed easily and powered up the engines as he turned the nose against Aristal's rotation. "I do love it up here. Quiet, peaceful, no demands to speak of when I'm alone. Almost as good as the master bath."

"Now you just need to build a jet with a hot tub in it," she grinned.

"Jake?" Sara's voice same over the comm, and actually sounded worried to Megan. "I'm sorry for the interruption, but Chance has called into Enforcer HQ about an assault."

"Crap," he hissed under his breath. "Put the auto through."

"Lieutenant Furlong to HQ, patch me through to dispatch," the tabby's voice was strong and even, and she instantly saw the tension drain from Jake's body in relief.

"Yes, sir," the officer answering responded without question.

There was a pause, and a quick male voice responded. "How can we help, sir?"

"Is Officer Macoli Ckestwil on duty?" Chance asked.

Another pause, the sound of typing. "Yes sir."

"Send him to the Stonewall bar," Chance instructed like it was his right to order cops around like this. "I've got a couple very edgy Kantin that were just assaulted."

"Is medical or backup required?" the controller asked politely.

A pause. "Medical, yes, but not critical. Backup's unnecessary. The fight is over," Chance replied.

"Officer Ckestwil is on a domestic at the moment. He will be dispatched to your location when he is done," the dispatcher said.

"Thanks Jamie," Chance replied a little more warmly than was required. "Have a good shift."

"How much you wanna bet he's the one who ended it?" Megan asked him once it was quiet.

"I'm sure he was," Jake said, still a bit uneasy. "Mind if we swing by, just to be sure?"

"That's fine - just remember, he's all right," she reminded him.

"I hope he's as all right as he said," Jake replied as they went down. "You might want to close your eyes. It'll be less scary."

Megan did so, gripping the seat and ready for a much rougher run than the trip up.

"Just promise me we're not going to need those G-suits," she reminded him, bracing herself for the descent.

"We won't," he promised, keeping the decent smoother than she'd expected, for all it was faster than she ever wanted. It was the abrupt deceleration that shocked her eyes open to the skyline of MegaKat City and subsonic flight as they came in low and fast, but not as low or as fast as the canyon tag with Chance had been.

"Hey, Champ!" the Panther bouncer called in from the door, catching Chance attention. "I think your partner's here."

"Oh brother," Chance groaned, rolling his eyes and getting off the stool, walking over to meet him by the door. "He at least arrive in something that isn't military issue?"

"Well, it's not official military," he said a little uncertainly even as Chance heard the familiar rumble of his favorite set of engines.

Chance shook his head with a low chuckle.

"His date must've gone well; nobody stand in a good place to land out there," he said, stepping out and standing under the awning. He heard the jet go into hover mode, and the canopy slide back.

A moment later Jake, still dressed for dinner, landed with a soft thud outside.

"You look like a refugee from a Bond flick," Chance chuckled, stepping out and giving his partner a squeeze on the shoulder. "You didn't have to come out here, y'know."

"What can I say, dinner went well," he grinned sheepishly and gripped his partner's arm briefly before they let go. "But you can't actually expect me to ignore the fact you called in to HQ for backup and medical, even if you did say it was under control. We weren't fifty miles out, and she lets me drive," he added with a mock pout.

"You'd never get off the ground if she didn't," Chance smirked. "Well, I'm fine, as you can see. Thanks for checking in, but it's going to be fine... the medical wasn't for me, so much as for the guys I pulled out."

"Good," Jake purred softly and leaned in to kiss his cheek. "We'll be home in a few hours. I did promise her a world tour from orbit."

"Jake?" A low, surprised and noticeably accented voice asked from inside.

Instantly Chance's brain went to work IDing the accent, and almost as quickly came up with Diqui. It made the comments the bouncer made make a lot of sense.

"Tedi?" Jake leaned his body to look around the tabby's. "What are you doing here?

"I, err, live here now," the Maned Wolf shuffled with obvious embarrassment. "In the city, I mean."

Jake responded in Diqui, and the Maned Wolf relaxed significantly. After several exchanges, Jake reached out his hand and was given the Kantin's cell phone. It was obviously old and well-used, but functional. Jake asked something, got a nod and answer, and made quick work of entering some information, probably his phone number, into it.

Whatever he said when he handed it back surprised the hell out of the Maned Wolf, who quickly became bashful and embarrassed.

Jake put an arm on his shoulder and repeated something close to his last statement, to which the Maned Wolf nodded.

"Thank you," he said before going back to his boyfriend as Jake shook his head in disbelief.

"Friend from your corp days?" Chance asked him quietly.

"Yeah," Jake nodded, his eyes still mostly on the Maned Wolf. "The son of somebody I worked with for a few months in Diqui. He should be building rockets, not washing dishes for minimum wage. There are days I really hate Diqui," he shook his head. "The imprisoned his dying father for paying for him to move out here."

"He still alive, as far as you know?" Chance asked him quietly, with a tone Jake wasn't quite familiar with... not from Chance, at any rate, that disconnected tone he'd heard that he got when he was thinking of some new design or gadget. "Or has he died by now?"

"Tedi expects he's dead," Jake sighed. "Brain tumor. Only had a couple months left ten months ago. He was a truly brilliant designer. The grade I hope I'm remembered as in a century or two."

"Damn," Chance sighed, shaking his head. "Any reason he can't get a job in his own field?"

"Not enough recognized education and not enough local smarts to know who to talk to or what else to do," Jake said. "The kid's only nineteen. That's what I was telling him at the end. I know what strings to pull, and how hard. I'm going to be meeting up with him later this week to work out just what he needs to get into college here, pay for it and get work in the field when he's done."

"Good," Chance nodded, then cracked a grin. "So, you'd probably better get back to your date, before Megan thinks you ditched her for me."

"Mmm, though she was teasing me about the mile high club," Jake winked back before turning away.

"Maybe tomorrow," Chance teased back, heading inside to wait for backup as Jake went to get back up to the jet.

New Lives, Old Ways 9: Dinner and Old Friends

NC-17 for M/F sex
Het Level is MediumHet Smut Level is Low
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

57 KB, Story is Complete, Series is in Progress
Written March 15, 2009 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kantin, Kat

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Admittance Story, Alternate Universe, Bigotry, Relationship (Established), Sex (BDSM), Violence (Graphic), Xenophilia

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong, Jake Clawson/Megan Treyo

Blurb: When Jake and Megan have dinner together to get to know each other a bit better, it turns into something a bit more when Chance breaks up a fight elsewhere.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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