New Lives, Old Ways 9.99:
The Seductive Siang Sisters

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/F/M
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"This is the hardest I've ever worked for a furlough," Chance groaned and stretched upwards before he pulled on a local pilot's uniform over freshly cleaned fur.

"I don't know, a few times Academy was worse," Jake said from the shower. "It's been numbing though."

"Jake, we never spent close on a week in a war zone to get two days off in the Academy," Chance said dryly. "Particularly not running ourselves so ragged we're practically unconscious before they decide to let us rest."

"Survival week was worse in my book, so was Lost Day," Jake countered easily, his voice trailing off in a low moan of pleasure.

"The Lost Day I'll give you," Chance admitted. "Still pretty damn rough. So, looking forward to the show tonight?"

"I'm looking forward to anything that doesn't involve Black Sun or sleeping," he laughed easily, the first real indicator of how tired he was.

"Well, the sooner you dry off, the sooner we can go," Chance reminded him.

"You could always come in an help," Jake purred suggestively, the second indicator he was already a bit loopy.

"We'd never get out of here, somebody'd come look for us, and we'd be in trouble," Chance smirked. "So hurry up - I'm looking forward to seeing this all-hybrid revue they've got going."

"True," Jake snickered, and turned the water off a minute later to start drying himself off.

"You know there are girls there that'll take care of it for you too," Chance added with a teasing grin, even as he glanced into the bathroom to take a look at his partner, his lover that he hadn't touched since they arrived. It still surprised him how much he missed having Jake there when he woke up, or fell asleep.

"I'm sure," Jake chuckled before focusing on brushing his fur out before it finished drying. "You're going to have fun, I'm sure."

"You are too," Chance smirked. "Watching, if nothing else - we don't have to find a private place out here."

"Really?" Jake cocked his head as he stepped out of the shower and began to dress. "Just the club, or in general?"

"Just the club," Chance chuckled. "Technically it's frowned on, but the brass was notorious for not giving a shit out here."

"The brass barely cares in MKC," Jake said as he finished getting dressed. "Ready?" he asked as he grabbed his aviator jacket. "It feels weird, like we're going to a masquerade party."

"That's just because you haven't been learning how to do this sorta thing since you were a kit," Chance grinned, his own already on, showing off his buff body. "I'm definitely ready to go - c'mon, let's drive."

"I had other things on my mind," Jake teased him and followed him out of their fifth guest quarters that week. "It's almost going to feel weird being in the same bed two nights running."

"If we're lucky, we won't be," Chance smirked. "Might be able to score one of the bunks at the club though."

"I don't know about that," Jake hit wary just about as fast as he had every other state in the last couple days. "No way to tell how safe it is."

"Jake," Chance groaned, climbing into the jeep. "Can you try not being paranoid for a moment? This place has been a crash pad for the troops since the base was established, and nobody's ever had any trouble that wasn't positively linked to another GI."

"We aren't like every other GI," he said quietly. "I'll try."

"Just don't get in any drunken brawls I wouldn't get into... and wait until after I've had a chance to get my rocks off," Chance chuckled, shaking his head as they started out. "If you feel better, we can come back, we'll just have to see about how things go."

"I don't think I could get into a fight before you can get your rocks off," Jake snickered. "Shouldn't take you five minutes with a good show."

"With the last week, can you blame me?" Chance grinned.

"No, but I wouldn't blame you for wanting to sleep all weekend either," he stretched upwards and relaxed back, enjoying the open vehicle and wind in his fur and nose. "What do you know about this place?"

"Just that there are still vets talking about it," Chance purred. "Stripping, dancing, bondage displays... the sex isn't technically part of the show, but any night the performers didn't all get fucked at least once, usually on stage, was considered a tame night."

"Sounds good," Jake shivered slightly in anticipation. "You know what the mix is in the hybrids?"

"Siamese/Fox," Chance told him. "They make a point of looking like a mix too. It's how they managed to get cleared for their show."

Jake blinked, taking a moment to catch on, then shook his head. "Foxes are as suspect as Wolves right now, right?"

"Pretty much," Chance nodded. "But they're from a border colony, and being part-Kat, the brass didn't mark the club as being off-limits. Their villages also threw parties when we came through, so... yeah, they were a little sick of the hard-core Kantins treating them like third-class gutter trash for being half-breeds."

"And half-breed Foxes are even worse," Jake didn't have to guess on that. "I haven't met a Wolf that held much of an opinion of Foxes, even in modern times," he sighed, watching the jungle countryside pass by them with tired but attentive eyes. "They're lucky they weren't wiped out."

"There's a reason Foxes get by better these days," Chance sighed. "They were only involved to stay alive, and they turned as fast as they could once we got over here. Didn't help much, but it saved their reps in history."

"What I'll never get are Kats like the Red Lynx," Jake muttered. "Loyal and trusted by the group trying to wipe out your race? How fucked up is that."

"He had his reasons," Chance murmured. "At least according to Lothosian historians. At any rate, let's not worry about that, okay?"

"Okay, but it still bugs me," Jake shrugged. "You know I hate things I can't understand."

"I know, buddy," Chance nodded. "If you want, we can talk about it some other time... for now, let's just have some fun, okay?" He asked hopefully, pulling up in front of the busy club.

"That shouldn't be hard," Jake managed a grin and got out with him. "Siamese/Fox should be sexy," he purred.

"Even for you," Chance agreed with a grin of his own, leading the way in and waving at some of the pilots he recognized, as they started making their way towards a table with a couple seats.

"Hay guys!" A familiar voice called from another corner of the packed club. "Sit with your wing, unless you've forgotten us."

"Never," Chance grinned at Gregory Manx and about half the other Black Knights of the time and headed right for them with Jake. There wasn't technically room at their tables, but they grabbed a couple chairs for the pair to sit in anyway.

"Damn, you guys look beat," Gregory looked them over with honest surprise. "I thought they were flying us hard. Have you slept in the last week?"

"Only when I refused to take a mission until we got some," Jake admitted as he sat down and checked out the dancers on stage with definite interest. "How's the show been so far?"

"First time I've been glad I don't have your bird," the Manx chuckled lowly. "And everything it's been billed as; the girls are gorgeous and exotic, and the next batch is about to come out after they get a chance to refresh everybody's drinks."

"Good timing then," Jake chuckled and accepted a drink without questioning what it was. "We need the break."

"Maybe score another three way for you tonight?" Greg smirked, sipping his own drink. "That could be a damn hot show."

"Oh yeah," Chance chuckled, already needing to shift his pants a bit just in anticipation of what was coming.

The dancers came out, dressed in flowing gowns, spinning and twirling on the stage as they began to strip, a mix of feline features with vulpine tails and muzzles that was exotic and attractive, pale red fur covering most of their bodies with dark, dark red points.

"Exotic was not kidding," Jake rumbled, licking his whiskers back as his gaze fixed on the dancers, their lithe frames and small chests.

They began to work their gowns off, exposing more of themselves, their fluffy tails expertly hiding anything too blatant for the moment. Before more than a few minutes, the six dancers were almost entirely naked, though two of them still wore veils over their asses and crotches as they began to prepare the bondage equipment.

"Not the usual strip show," Jake purred, his arousal sharp and strong in Chance's nose. It was a familiar scent, but the edge on it, something the tabby usually associated with aggression, was entirely new. Even with the strong drinks, only one and a bit of a second shouldn't have been enough to change his desires.

It was a good thing he'd be along there... he had a feeling this could get out of hand, if he was smelling what he thought he did on Jake.

"No, but a good one," Chance rumbled as the two girls with the veils began to tie one of the naked ones, binding her arms behind her back with ropes, her small breasts so they stood up, and her legs spread wide, making a positively obscene display of her sex that was only blocked by the single rope between her legs. She writhed and moaned in pleasure as they played with the ropes and how they tightened around her body.

The sight drew rumbles and whistles of appreciation, and more than a few of the guys were jerking off already. Jake wasn't trying to touch himself, or anyone else, but he was fixated on the demonstration with a fascination he made no effort to hide.

He was beyond turned on, but content to just watch.

There were days Chance knew he'd never understand his partner's sex drive.

"Would anybody care to join us?" One of the naked dancers, a three-quarter Fox by her looks, asked with a sultry spin, leaning back to lay on a sawhorse. "My sisters and I would love some company," she purred, flicking her fluffy tail towards the audience. Chance's breath hitched as he picked up just a trace of heat-scent... he couldn't be sure if it was legit, or a perfume she was wearing to entice the audience, but it was a Hell of a turn on. "Ten dollars to put on a show for your comrades, twenty if you want the private room," she grinned out at the audience.

"If you're short, we'll cover you both," Greg promised with a grin.

"Deal," Jake grinned at him, a hungry rumble deep in his chest as he stood, already sliding his belt from the loops with clear intent to use it, at least to Chance's eye.

"Want to start on your own, or double-team her from the start?" Chance grinned, not getting up just yet as the other Knights each kicked in a couple bucks to pay for what was sure to be an incredible show.

"Come on. I know what her scent's doing to you," Jake winked over his shoulder before he hopped up on the stage.

"You better believe it," Chance grinned, grabbing the cash on the table and taking it up, putting it in a small basket on the stage before following Jake up.

Jake stripped off his shirt before he reached her, and slid his fingers along her body from crotch to chin before he knelt to bind her wrists together under the sawhorse. "You won't walk right for a month before we're done," he promised with a sultry rumble as he shucked his boots and pants, leaving him as nude and aroused as she was. "That tabby looses his mind when a girl's in heat."

As Chance joined him, Jake slid his fingers along her swollen, slick sex. "You take her mouth till I'm done?" he glanced at his partner as the tabby barred all proudly for comrades and dancers alike.

"Mmm... gladly," Chance grinned, moving around so she could nuzzle his rigid shaft, licking it with her broad, rough tongue.

"I'll be glad to have the extra reason to take a month off," she grinned at both of them, moaning and pressing up against Jake's fingers as Chance slid his cock into her hungry mouth.

Chance felt as much as saw the moment Jake drove into her body. The cry of pleasure wrapped around his cock as he thrust, then his partner did. Despite the nearly mind-blanking pleasure and scent all around him, he focused enough attention on what Jake was doing to be ready in case he drew too much blood, or she seemed frightened by him. Right now, though, all three of them where enjoying the simplest of pleasures.

Chance moaned lowly and reached forward, playing with her breasts as they fucked her at either end, fighting the urge to lean forward and make out with Jake.

"Damn, she's got a good mouth," he groaned as her exotic tongue lavished his cock with attention, his pre-cum dripping into her mouth.

"Good," Jake moaned, his thrusts already becoming stronger and a bit more erratic as he came close to the edge. "You're going to love it down here too," he promised as he moaned forward to kiss her lower chest. "Damn good."

A few more thrusts and Jake growled deeply and gripped her hips with both hands as he slammed into her and emptied his balls into her body with a grunting growl for each thrust and spurt of come for her.

Chance roared, and the girl's eyes went wide as she swallowed ropes of the tabby's seed, her pussy quivering around Jake's cock as he filled her, the two toms panting for a moment as other spectators came up onto the stage to play with some of the others, binding them to various degrees.

It was only a few breaths before Jake began to thrust again, seeming to have lost nothing of his hunger for having come once already.

"You are horny today," Chance chuckled and began to thrust into her mouth lightly, just taking his time and enjoying her while his partner wore himself out.

"She's hot," Jake groaned, his head lowering as he panted, his eyes closed as he willingly lost himself in her heat.

New Lives, Old Ways 9.99: The Seductive Siang Sisters

NC-17 for M/F/M
Het Level is HighHet Smut Level is PWP
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

15 KB, Story is Complete, Series is in Progress
Written March 30, 2009 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Alternate Universe, Prostitution, PWP, Relationship (Established), Sex (BDSM), Sex (Threesome), Time Travel

Pairings: Jake/Chance/F

Blurb: With a week of combat behind them, the guys get a well-deserved furlough in an exotic port and run into a few surprises.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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