New Lives, Old Ways 9.99:
New Order

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Jake glanced up from the small sketchpad Lieutenant Pendergast had brought him when the Ghosts walked in after four days of being largely ignored except for the young pilot and a few others. Just from their manner, both prisoners knew their fate had been decided and they stood to greet it as they did everything; as partners. They didn't touch, or speak, or hold hands, they simply stood together and waited for the door to open, or be told it never would be.

"It seems somebody's on your side," one of them sneered and unlocked the door. "You're getting transferred," he held out a set of papers to the pair before they turned to leave.

"At least we'll be going together," Chance mused, opening the papers as the door shut behind the Ghosts. "They've only sent one set of... oh shit," he groaned, looking at the details there. "We might've just seen the other line I hadn't thought about...."

"What?" Jake moved to read over his arm and went stiff, his tail ramrod strait and completely fluffed in a heartbeat after his brain locked on one word in the papers.


"Jake?" He dimly heard Chance saying. "Jake, c'mon, I can't have you passing out on me here," he said, shaking Jake's shoulder. "We've gotta figure out what we're going to do."

The lean tom gulped a breath, nodded, and slowly got his breathing under control, though his fur was still completely fluffed out.

"Okay. Orders to Traveris," Jake made himself say and tried to focus on the paperwork again. "As what?"

"That's the good news," Chance murmured. "We're listed as going there specifically for defense... if they try anything, we can book and come back here without breaking our orders. Doubt the Commander'd care... Hell, he probably thought it was a cute idea," he muttered. "Fucking bastard."

"Does he know about my time there?" Jake asked softly as he pulled up all the cultural information he had learned for the trip that had gone so horribly wrong. Except for names, almost all of it would apply. "I want to know just how pissed to be at him."

"Very... and a bit at me," Chance admitted. "I think I let it slip somewhere in there when I was fuming at him."

"Okay," Jake began flipping through the papers. "Of course, no actual intel in here. You want the cultural briefing now or on the way there?"

"We're going?" Chance blinked, more than a little surprised. He'd been sure that this would be more than Jake was willing to take.

Jake glanced at up him, still visibly terrified except for his eyes. Those were determined, and more than a little angry.

"Buddy, I've been terrified shitless of these people most of my life," he nearly growled. "This is my chance to face it, beat it, and I think I can with you there. I hate being afraid like this. Of knowing if anybody turned one of them loose on me they can break me in a couple weeks, a month or two and I'd build a jet for them. I want to take my life back."

"All right then," Chance nodded. "But if it starts going too far, I'll pull the plug," he told Jake. "For either of us."

"Agreed," he nodded and took another deep breath. "Let's go."

"Right," Chance nodded, walking out along with him. "We're going to have to get showered before we get going ... we reek," he chuckled weakly.

"I think there's one here," Jake murmured uncertainly. "We don't have quarters anymore, and I'm not sure I want to go to the gym."

"No, that would be a bad idea," Chance agreed. "Let's look around a bit before we head out to the jet."

Jake nodded and sniffed the air. "This way," he headed for one of several non-descript doors. It opened to a simple full bathroom with a shower just big enough for a Xenith to clean up in. There was a lot of open space too, more than enough for a couple guards to watch a prisoner while they cleaned up.

"You want it first?" Chance asked Jake easily. "Start that briefing while we clean up?"

"Sounds good," the lean tom nodded and stripped down before he turned the water on. "They're a matriarchal warrior society where males are property. First of their mothers, then of their wives. Very Amazon-like."

"So how do a couple of flyboys manage to convince them we can be any good?" Chance asked, watching his partner's body with an open interest he hadn't dared show before.

"There is a warrior tom tradition. They're about as common as warrior women during our Dark Ages, but they exist. They're more common among the nobles, as much as that means. I have met one. They have to prove themselves pretty regularly, but it's non-lethal combat, bordering on ritualized. I haven't seen that, but between the shekats it's more like a sparing match. We'll probably have a few challenges, but since we're there on invitation of the Queen, it shouldn't be too bad."

"Hopefully she won't be the one challenging anything," Chance muttered. "Rank based on skill?"

"And breeding," Jake moaned his fur soaked to the skin and his body began to respond to his love of the water. "Legally, a half-breed commoner tom could make it to Queen, but the reality is that he'd never be allowed to make it. On the up side for us, especially among warrior toms, being gay is the norm. A warrior is expected to have a male mate, even when they are male. Also, the bottom is the ranking position, since it's the one that is like being the female."

"Well, that's something... there a problem with male warriors having male warrior mates?" Chance asked, reminding himself that now was not the time to let arousal get involved. There'd be time for that later.

"The shekats can, so I expect the males can," Jake began to lather himself up. "From what I understand, a male warrior or a female husband doesn't have separate rules from a female warrior or a male husband. When you switch over, you take the entire package of the other gender, socially."

"They separate husband from mate, right?" Chance frowned. "Seems a little awkward otherwise."

Jake paused, thinking back. "They have husband/wife, lover, concubine and slave. Mate is the husband/wife level, but I don't think they actually use the term. We'd be safest using lover. It's accurate, and is unlikely to be taken the wrong way. Yeah, slavery is legal and common among nobles."

"Not for the commoners, though?" Chance asked him. "So it's just the nobles we have to watch out for?"

"I think so, but my briefing only really dealt with the nobles, since they were who I was working with," he admitted. "Given owning a slave is expensive, it would limit who could own one to the nobles and wealthy merchants for the most part."

"Point," Chance nodded. "Shouldn't be something we have to worry about, as far as owning goes, I wouldn't think."

"The real danger is in something happening where we end up owned in their minds," Jake shuddered down to his bones and went back to scrubbing his fur clean. "I don't know even half the ways it could probably happen, but I know if you're captured you are. So yeah, Nobles and their guards are the dangerous ones."

"And I'm guessing that turning down a challenge screws you as bad as losing one," Chance grumbled. "What about beating somebody you shouldn't?"

"I don't know," Jake admitted. "As an outsider invited there on business, I was supposed to be except from challenges, and no one challenged me. But I wasn't a warrior either. I got the feeling it was like my rightful owner had sent me there, and that made me off limits. Or maybe the lady I was designing the leisure jet for counted me as part of her household while I was working. The trouble didn't come until I was finished and on my own time for a few days before my flight home."

"I should check if they've got activated/deactivation dates on the papers," Chance mused, doing so. "We want to be out of there right when we should be...."

"Agreed," Jake shivered as he turned the water off and blowers on. "I don't suppose there's a brush out there?"

"Immediate, and indefinite," the tabby half grumbled before looking around and picking one up. "It's probably seen a lot of use."

"I'm sure, and we don't have clean clothes to change into until we get to the jet, but it's something," he sighed, trying to make quick work of a normally leisurely activity.

"Agreed... at least we'll just smell like we've been in a jet for a while, not like we've been stewing for them."

"Something like that," Jake nodded and turned the blowers off, though he wasn't completely dry. "At least we'll be presentable enough."

"Maybe we'll get a chance to powder down on the way," Chance offered, stripping down and taking Jake's place in the shower as he finished drying. He didn't miss the way his mate, his lover, looked at him, at the hunger in the other tom's body and eyes, but like he had, Jake kept it at looking as he dressed in the flight suits they'd worn for who knew how many battles and the last four days in the brig.

"Maybe swing by Little Anakata on the way?" Jake sounded hopeful. "We have plenty of time."

"As long as you're not worried about the smell this time," Chance chuckled, smiling back at Jake. Hell, his own groin made it obvious just how interested he was, having been in bed with him for days and kept their activities to the occasional kiss.

"I think I can put up with it this time," he replied with a low purr and relaxed back against the sink to enjoy watching his partner wash up. "It'll be my scent this time."

"Does it bug you when it isn't?" Chance asked seriously.

"Just when I'm stuck in close quarters," Jake shook his head. "Like the cockpit. That has more to do with being distracting than anything. I don't mind you sleeping around."

"I just want to check once in a while," Chance smiled. "Anything more handy on Traveris?"

"It's hot as fuck, has no natural fresh water, a fair bit of magic and if you see something that's not a Caracal, pity them," Jake rattled off. "They drove of pretty much everything else out a long time ago. "Oh, and don't say anything nice about the Golden Kingdom. They're bitter, long-time enemies."

"Right, I remember something about that," Chance nodded. "One of the things that kept the Goldens out of MWII." He finished washing up, drying off as well as he could. "So, anything else, or get going?"

"Let's get out of here," Jake shook himself out. "I never thought I could look forward to something about Traveris."

"I'm sure we'll laugh about it when we get back to our own time... with a little luck, we might be able to find a mage who can send us back and won't ask for something we can't give in exchange," Chance managed a grin as he got into a flight suit he really wanted to have washed first.

"We've gotten that lucky before," Jake nodded, stealing a quick kiss just as there was a knock on the door. "Who is it?"

"Lieutenant Pendergast," the familiar voice called back. "I brought a couple clean uniforms, if you're descent. The guard said you were showering."

"We're dressed," Jake promised before he opened the door with absolute relief on his face.

"Sorry they're just ground pounder uniforms," the youth said. "But they're clean."

"It's okay," Jake promised him. "You have no idea how much these are welcome," he took them and closed the door, sure that the Lieutenant wouldn't want to watch them change.

"We really do appreciate this," Chance called out to him, changing as quickly as he could. "Even for my standards, that was getting a little ripe."

"After probably a week and gods only know how many battles, oh yeah," Jake grinned, stretching and looking so much happier for having clean clothes on. "I don't care if they're grunt uniforms. They're clean."

"Yeah, we can change into the local pilot ones for the last of the flight," Chance agreed and opened the door. "At least look good coming in."

"I don't suppose you brought tooth brushes?" Jake looked hopefully at Pendergast, who winced.

"Sorry. I didn't think of that," he admitted. "I just knew you hadn't gotten clean clothes in days."

"It's okay," Jake patted his shoulder and purposefully ignored the reflexive flinch away the youth made. "We've got supplies on the jet for it. I just don't like using them. Take care of yourself, okay?"

"Yes, sirs," Pendergast smiled uncertainly as he held back from them as they walked out into the sunshine for the first time in days.

"Here's hoping they didn't do any damage to the Blackie," Jake said quietly, his stance confident and determined but his eyes warily taking in everything and everyone in range.

"I don't think they'd dare," Chance pointed out. "Even if they didn't want us flying her, they wouldn't risk leaving her in a shape nobody else could."

"I'm not thinking it might be sanctioned," Jake pointed out with a somewhat wistful look at the mess as they walked up to it, knowing they had to pass a last meal by if they wanted to get out without a massive fight. "Just somebody looking to hurt us."

"Knights," a gravelly voice called them a halt just outside the mess hall. The pair turned to see a grizzled Staff Sergeant walking up to them at a strong pace, his face scarred and expression determined. He wasn't alone either. Half a dozen others flanked him.

Chance recognized the unit insignia with something of a shock. He knew the Roughnecks existed in this war, but never expected to see the unit he'd served with on the front lines of Lothos.

Unfortunately, in this era, they didn't know he was one of them... and if they did, they'd be even more pissed off. Might keep them off of Jake though.

"We don't have time to chat, Staff Sergeant," Chance called out to them. "We've got orders for a transfer, we're taking off ASAP."

The group stopped and saluted; a sharp, coordinated movement that was as flawless as it was honest.

"Look, I know what they're saying about you two, but you saved my entire platoon out at Vingrae," Staff Sergeant Krizer offered his hand purposefully to Chance and in full view of the mess. "My boys and I would make sure no one bothers you while you're on base. Fair's fair, sirs."

Chance let out a breath he hadn't even realized he was holding, the tension leaving his body.

"And Steele bought his bars," a Lance Corporal added from the back.

"Doesn't surprise me," Chance said. "Sorry about being so curt; we're a little on-edge right now."

"You've got every right to be," Krizer acknowledged. "If you weren't heroes to us, you'd be getting what you expected, seeing us coming," he told them. "Do you really need to take off, or do you have time for the meal your gunner wants and have your uniforms washed?"

"And that's about it," Chance nodded. "The transfer said 'immediately' but more because the Commander wanted to get rid of us."

"Give your dirty ones to Bramble," he nodded to the Lance Corporal who'd spoken earlier. "You'll have to eat in the enlisted mess if we're going to watch your back, but I can promise you they won't mess with your or your food."

"Trust me, I don't have any problems with the enlisted mess... at least not that you guys don't have too," Chance chuckled with a grateful smile, bundling up his uniform and Jake's and handing them over. "Thanks, I know this isn't easy for any of us."

Krizer nodded as Bramble took off at a fast walk to the washing facilities and the group turned to head for the enlisted mess with the two officers in the center of a loose protective circle. "You were enlisted once?" he asked Chance after a quiet moment.

"Yeah, I was," Chance nodded. "Started out as a grunt before they realized I could fly."

"It still shows," Krizer told him with a tone that even Jake recognized was of a complement.

"Thanks," Chance grinned, following them into the mess to get a decent meal.

"Sweet," Jake purred as he looked out the left of the cockpit when Chance brought Black Sun around for a landing near the pink sand beach where he'd been with Agetha Feral a not quite three weeks before.

"Isn't it?" Chance purred. "Can't get out here without a private boat or a seaplane ... or VTOL," he grinned, touching down on the island just inland of the beach.

Jake grinned and breathed deeply of the warm, fragrant air when the canopy slid back before he leapt to the ground. "Was the sand nice?" he winked up at his partner.

"It's no mattress, but it does the job," Chance chuckled, following him down. "Care to find out for yourself?" He asked with a knowing grin, glad they'd still worn the grunt uniforms out this far.

"You know I do," Jake turned and caught his mate's collar to pull him in for a long, hungry kiss. He unzipped the buff tabby's coverall-like uniform as he slid his hands down to cup the full, heavy balls when they were exposed. "But first, I want a little snack."

"And you know I'm not about to deny you," Chance purred, kissing Jake back just as hungrily before the lean tom slid to his knees to nuzzle the tabby's groin. "Been way too fucking long," he moaned, shivering as Jake took one of his balls into his mouth, lavishing it with attention with his tongue.

"Oh fuck yeah," Chance let his head fall back and his coverall-uniform slip from his shoulders. "Damn you do that like nobody else."

He reached down, rubbing Jake's ears, forgetting what time they were stuck in out here, where nobody was around - or would be, for decades. His cock stiffened, slipping out of his sheath as his balls twitched in Jake's mouth. This was something Jake enjoyed doing, that almost no one else would bother doing for him. It made it all the better, and for all he wanted to hold back, after days of being so close to his partner, his mate, and not being able to enjoy it, there wasn't much will behind it.

"Damn you're good," the tabby panted, his body trembling lightly and his hips thrusting of their own accord.

"I love what it does to you," Jake purred as he let the heavy orb slip from his mouth and shifted up a bit to sink down on the full, hard cock, deep throating the tabby in a single motion.

Chance roared after only the second time his partner's head came up and started to move down again. Unable to hold back any longer, his balls pulled up and sprayed his seed into Jake's mouth and down his throat to be swallowed.

He leaned forward slightly as the spasms settled, taking support from his partner as he caught his breath and was cleaned up.

"Mmm, so, enough left in there to fuck me senseless again?" Jake purred deeply, looking up at his mate with raw, unabashed desire.

"Enough to try," Chance grinned. "Let's see that cute ass of yours," he purred throatily as Jake stood to claim a kiss that tasted far more of Chance than Jake.

"Anytime you want it, buddy," Jake chuckled and stripped down, watching as Chance finished undressing. "I love what you do to me," he rumbled and sank to his hands and knees in the soft pink sand, his tail over his back and his cock already hard and fully exposed.

"And I love doing it to you," Chance rumbled, mounting him from behind, reaching around to stroke Jake's cock as he sank his own into the tom's tight, hot ass. "Fuck... been way too long...."

"Oh yes," Jake threw back his head with a cry of ecstasy as they easily slipped into a rhythm that would get them both off easily and often. "Deep and hard," he panted.

Chance was grateful for the blowjob right about now; it meant that he wasn't about to fill Jake's ass the moment he sank into it. Instead, he started thrusting harder and deeper, pounding Jake ass and stroking his cock.

"Come for me, handsome," he rumbled, biting down on Jake's scruff possessively. It was all it took to set of the intensely subby tom.

Jake roared, his body squeezed down around his lover tightly, the muscles twitching and spasming to squirt his seed over Chance's strong hand and the soft, pink sand below them.

"More," Jake whimpered through his grunting orgasm. "Fuck me more."

"Got a hungry ass today, don't you?" Chance rumbled, thrusting until he roared, filling Jake's ass. He pulled out, flipping Jake onto his back and laying on top of him, thrusting back into his ass with a smooth motion that came of plenty of practice.

"Hungry for you," Jake moaned before pulling his mate's head in for a heavy kiss.

Chance kissed him back hungrily, licking his own seed out of Jake's mouth as he thrust between the tom's raised legs, eager to put more of it into his ass. Warm sea-water washed up around their feet as they fucked without any of the concern for being spotted they'd had ever since their arrival.

It was sweet. Almost as sweet as getting to really enjoy each other's bodies for the first time in three weeks of either being too tired or too careful for it.

Jake squeezed his eyes shut, his body trembling as he whimpered, whined and shuddered at the intense, deep pounding he was getting. "Love, you buddy."

"Love you too," Chance murmured, groaning into Jake's mouth as he came again, his cock twitching inside his mate as Jake came with him, squeezing down around him with a rhythm that was only sex at it's most intense.

New Lives, Old Ways 9.99: New Order

NC-17 for M/M
Het Level is None
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Medium
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

22 KB, Story is Complete, Series is in Progress
Written April 5, 2009 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M). Alternate Universe, Bigotry, Relationship (Established), Time Travel

Pairings: Jake/Chance

Blurb: When their new orders come down, it's not a court-martial and the brig, nor is it an attempt to separate them, but both the guys wonder if this might be worse.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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