New Lives, Old Ways 9.99:
Training Troubles

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Chance tensed sharply despite being largely still asleep. The part of his brain that kept watch in the field noted that someone was entering by a window to the garden. It was just having a more difficult time that usual dragging the rest of him to consciousness.

He groggily reached under the cushions, grabbing his blaster and raising it, aiming towards the window even before he got his eyes completely open.

"Whoever that is, you'd better have a good excuse," he murmured, turning his head to see who it was - and dropping the blaster when he saw it was Jake. "Kats alive, what are you doing?!?"

"Sorry," Jake murmured. "I just needed to get out for a bit."

"Warn me first, okay?" Chance sighed, closing his eyes tightly. "Krud, I've got a hangover and that on top of it... thought you were somebody sneaking in here for the reasons you'd expect in Traveris!"

"You were out cold," Jake pointed out politely as he stripped down. It was only then that Chance realized he was wearing his flight suit.

"Y'know, if you're doing recon, you really should take me with you," Chance said seriously, cracking an eye open as Jake got in bed and snuggled close to him. "You might get spotted... you can outrun them, but I'm still a better pilot."

"I know," he murmured, kissing him lightly.

It took that long for Chance's brain to work out the odd mix of smells Jake had brought with him. Adrenaline. Rage. Death.

Jake had been up close and personal with a fresh body.

"Shit... Jake... what'd you do?" Chance groaned as he broke the kiss, having images of having to make a fast run out of the country before they got picked up.

"It'd be better if you didn't know," he hedged, visibly unhappy with the statement. "It's nothing that can be tracked to me."

"Jake, when you say it like that, you know I have to ask," Chance sighed. "You're my partner, we have to keep an eye on each other about things like this...."

Jake dropped his face, then settled his head on the tabby's broad chest. "I ... dealt ... with Steele," he said simply.

"You... ah shit," Chance sighed, wrapping his arms around Jake. "You didn't have to do that," he murmured.

"No, I probably didn't," he admitted, snuggling into the embrace. "I can't say I regret it though. Not with what he did."

"Just promise you'll never do it again," Chance murmured softly, kissing Jake's head, rubbing his back. He all but held his breath when an answer didn't come right away. "Buddy?"

"All right," Jake said very reluctantly. "You have my word."

"Sometimes it's worth it, Jake, but... take it from me. Most of the time, it isn't." He kissed Jake again, tenderly. "Meg's told you what I've done. Even knowing what those people did, it wasn't worth it in the end. Steele... yeah, he fucked us over, but it's not like he signed the papers transferring us here. Not like he killed anybody either."

"I know," he sighed, closing his eyes with another gentle kiss. "I just ... I don't always have the morals you do. I'm sorry for that," he murmured. "And that I can't feel sorry for what I did."

"I don't suppose I can expect you to," Chance murmured. "I just hope it doesn't really hurt you, when the time comes that you can."

"Sometimes I think I'm too pragmatic for morals," Jake chuckled weakly. "Family trait. But if I ever find out I'm wrong about that, well, I'll deal. I always do, somehow."

"And I'll be there for you," Chance promised. "We'll have to see what happened, historically, when we get back to the jet... might be in the computer. With any luck, he went AWOL or something."

"That should be what happened," Jake nodded. "I know they won't find the body."

"I don't want to know," Chance decided, rubbing Jake's back. "I don't suppose you were able to pick up any more supplies while you were out, were you?" He half-chuckled.

"Sorry, I was focused on getting in and out and not leaving any evidence," he chuckled just a bit and stretched up to claim a light kiss. "After all, it's not like there's a statute on what I did. Kinda why I was trying to keep you out of it," he added softly. "There's no statute on accessory after the fact either."

"No, but I'd rather know about it now, than not know and find out the hard way some time," Chance told him seriously. "Besides... there might not be a statute in the law, but there is in terms of people caring."

"I guess," he murmured, before claiming another kiss. "You want some water for the hangover, and back to sleep?"

"Probably a good idea; get some for yourself too, okay?" Chance smiled. "Or we could go soak for a bit, if you'd rather."

"You know I'm never going to refuse that," Jake couldn't help but chuckle. "Even when neither of us is up to much more," he slipped out of the thick cushion pile that was the bed and leaned over to kiss Chance's nose. "I do love you."

"And I love you," Chance purred, following Jake out of bed after taking a moment to tuck Nomoen, still fast asleep, in carefully.

"Chance, Jake?" Asaytae's now-familiar voice drew their attention from floating in the warm, moving water of their bathing pool. "It would be best to dress soon," she said as she reached the door to the bathroom and stopped there with a relaxed posture. "Naul said you have eaten," she nodded towards the nearly empty tray that had been slowly consumed over the last two hours. "It would be best to show you what we built as a training ground before the sun is too high."

"In just a few moments," Chance agreed, climbing out of the pool and grabbing one of the mildly enchanted towels they'd been given, starting to dry his fur. "We'll be right with you."

"What are the usual training hours?" Jake asked after got out and started to dry off.

"We try to avoid being exposed too much from noon to dusk, but with the shaded places we built, you should be able to work through the day and much of the night," she explained.

"That will be best for them," Chance nodded. "Can I also see the types of clothes they'll be expected to wear in the field?" He asked her. "There could be some changes I'll need to suggest."

"You will want to be careful on how you say that," Asaytae cautioned him. "We have worn the same thing for countless generations. You will see them when you meet the first group you will train."

"I'll be careful," Chance sighed, dressing quickly once he was dried off. He just hoped that whatever it was blended in with the desert. He glanced at Jake, who was just finishing putting on the local warrior tom outfit, and followed Asaytae out to the stables and the horses.

Stable hands helped them mount, and she lead them through the palace grounds, out into the street, past where the Black Sun was parked and into the sandy desert. Over a small sandy rise they could see the shelters she'd mentioned, and the target forms set up beyond them at 100 yards intervals and slightly offset from the one in front of it. Well away from where the worst noise would be was another set of shelters, silk tents, for their horses.

"Are the horses used to loud noises, from dealing with magic?" Chance asked.

"And horns, drums and the screams of battle," she nodded before they brought their mounts to a stop outside the tent nearest the firing line. "There are few years where we have not fought someone."

From here Chance got his first good look at the fifty Caracal shekats he'd be training. Their clothes were simple looking, but covered the body and head in light tan cloth that gave good movement without being too flowing. Not great camouflage, but not bad either. He'd probably be able to talk them into the minor changes that would be necessary to achieve full camo... or, if necessary, to at least convince them to bury themselves under the sand. Unfortunately, he didn't have the sort of training to really benefit them out here; Lothos was a world away from this sort of desert.

"Have you tested them for gunfire? Their riders will probably be firing just a foot or two from their heads, if that," he pointed out.

"Not specifically," she admitted. "They will begin to get used to it here today."

"All right then," he nodded. "Where are the supplies kept?"

"The storehouse is on palace grounds," she explained as they walked up the sandy distance between them and the gathered nobles. "What is needed each day will be brought," she motioned to several boxes on each side of the firing line. "For now, the warriors will return their weapons to the storehouse with any unused bullets."

"Well defended, good to know," Chance nodded. "How many of them speak Katian?"

"I believe that Lady Asuen does," she said, motioning to one of them right of center. "The Queen had me enchant the shooting shade with an understanding spell. They should understand the intent of everything you say, and you should understand the intent of what they say."

"Very good to know," Jake murmured. "You are a mage, then?"

"Yes, Warrior Clawson," she answered politely now that they were within range of the enchantment. "I have learned healing and language, not the kind of magic you are seeking."

"Might want to stick around, just in case," Chance murmured. "Will you be taking part in the training as well?" He asked her more clearly, approaching the line of recruits and picking up one of the sniper rifles from the crates, thinking about how exactly he wanted to handle this as he made sure it was loaded.

"I am not to be trained. I will stay, as you wish," she said rather formally, though he didn't miss the appreciation in her tone at the invitation.

"So who has fired any kind of gun before?" Jake called out to the group.

"No one," Lady Asuen spoke up. "We have all read the instructions that were sent with the weapons."

"Right then," Chance nodded, mentally going back to very basic gun safety. "I want to run over the cardinal rules of training and having a gun.

"First rule, nobody fires a shot if there's anybody standing ahead of the firing line," he said very firmly, and sensed no resistance to it. He had to remind himself that these were mature, battle experienced professional warriors, not hormone driven teenagers off the street. They didn't know guns, but they knew weapon safety and understood death. It would make his life much easier.

"Second rule - if you step ahead of the firing line, realize that you could be shot. Make sure that nobody's anywhere close to firing before you do." Chance continued, taking a moment to inspect the sniper rifle he'd picked up, adjusting the sight slightly.

"Third, never point a loaded gun at anything you don't plan to destroy, and fourth, assume any gun you haven't emptied and taken the last bullet out of yourself is loaded. You have to draw a bow, but a gun can go off without that sort of preparation. Can you all see the cactus out past the far marker?" He asked them.

"Yes, warrior," Lady Asuen nodded to him as everyone, including Jake, paid close attention to him and his target.

While he tried to look casual, and this was not a particularly difficult shot for him at a thousand yards, there was no missing his focus as he brought the weapon up and sighted in on the cactus. A deep breath was let out and the tabby sank fully into the world where only his breath, the trigger and the target existed.

Slowly he closed his finger against the trigger, pulling it smoothly inward. In the pause between one breath and the next he pulled the trigger fully and watched through the scope as the top half of the cactus exploded.

As he focused back on the world around him, his first realization was the way Jake was purring and looking at him. He had no doubt that if they weren't in front of such a crowd, the lean tom would have jumped him right then and there. That tom and his kinks were an odd combination on his mellow days.

The class was very clearly impressed. He bet none of them had a clue how deadly a bullet was. He and Jake had grown up with them on the TV, in movies, in everyday culture even if they didn't use them much. These folks ... anything past a crossbow was definitely a culture shock.

In the distance he heard horses objecting, whinnies of fear and stomping. To their credit, it quieted very soon, and it was only a handful of the three score of mounts present. They definitely were battle-trained to accept nearly anything quickly. They'd probably be completely desensitized within the week.

"That's what a headshot looks like," he said, lowering the rifle. "Everybody, raise the rifle like you were going to fire it. Don't touch the trigger, I'm just going to show you where the safety is right now."

The group nodded, and he was pleased that each and every one turned and found a place on the firing line where they were not close to facing anyone before they raised their riffles in an attempted mimic of his actions.

"Now, lift your thumbs; you should feel a small switch along the right side of the rifle," he explained. "That's the safety. It's supposed to keep the weapon from firing accidentally. Don't rely on it to stop a shot from going off, but always make sure it's off if you're actually going to try and take a shot. Can you all feel it? Flip it up to turn it off."

He watched as they did so, walking down the line to correct posture and check that they all had it right while Jake began checking from the other side. They met in the middle, nodded that everyone had it right, and returned to their respective ends of the line.

For Chance, it was a good insight into the caliber of warrior he was working with. Mostly his age or older, well-experienced in war and even with a completely alien weapon in their hands, they were at ease and taking the training seriously. It wasn't anything like training allied villagers Lothos, much less Enforcer recruit training during the war.

"Now, you'll want to brace the stock against your shoulder," he continued, watching as they adjusted the position of their weapons and walking the line again to make sure they were in the right place while Jake did the same from the other side. "When you fire, there's a strong recoil. If you're not careful, you can actually break your shoulder with it, but you're less likely to do that if it's well braced."

"Now, you sight in your target using the two protrusions on top of the gun. When you only see one of them between your eye and the target, you should be on a straight-line path to it. At these ranges, that's all you'll need, though as we progress I'll start teaching you how to shoot at longer distances. It's much like shooting with a bow, just at a much, much longer distance before you have to raise your sights. Today, I want you to aim for the nearest target on the main body, not the head."

"Yes, warrior," a mixture of their voices responded as they held the pose, waiting for the two toms to check and correct if need be.

After a few small adjustments so they were all in the best place, he conferred with Jake and the two of them decided they were ready.

"Good," Chance nodded. "Take aim and fire one shot when you are ready."

Shots rang out as they all picked their marks and fired, usually with exclamations of surprise or pain as the rifles recoiled back into their shoulders with more force than expected. He could already see that most of them hit what they were aiming at, and most of those shots were close to the bull's-eye. The only surprise was one of the warriors a few people down from Chance was knocked back a step as her rifle fired off a five-round burst of shots.

Chance swore mentally and moved forward to help her, grateful beyond words that she had taken his warning to heart and kept a firm hold on the weapon to keep it pointed downrange. He put a hand against her back, supporting her a bit and putting her back in the right position, even as a second burst went off before she got her finger off the trigger. Her tail was a bit fluffed, and the entire class was watching, but she was apparently still in control.

"That was one of the settings," he explained to her, and to the class even as he kept an eye to make sure everyone kept their weapon pointed downrange. "Semi-auto or burst. This weapon is designed to do that, and it is very effective in a mass battle. Feel the switch on the other side from the safety? When you push it all the way down, you are in automatic, or full-auto. It will fire for as long as there are bullets and you hold the trigger back. The center position is burst mode, where it fires five rounds, like it did here. We will be using single shot mode, where you push the switch all the way up.

"You handled that very well," he praised her. He'd seen more than one case where a gun like that had gone much, much further astray; a quick glance out told him she'd thoroughly killed the target, but no worse.

"Thank you, warrior," she said as her tail began to settle.

"That's one of the major differences between the assault rifle and the sniper rifle," he explained to them all. "The sniper rifle only fires a single shot and has to be reloaded manually after each round. It is called a bolt-action riffle. The assault rifleholds twenty rounds in the clips you all have mounted, but you can chew through the ammunition very quickly in full-automatic mode. It's also very inaccurate that way, which is one of the reasons we're starting with single-shot. Does anybody have any questions yet?"

"Is there a way to make these more quiet?" one of them asked, visibly distressed by the noise.

"In single shot, yes, but it costs you some accuracy and is only really useful when you're trying to shoot somebody without being noticed. I imagine that there are mages who could probably find a way to deaden the noise, if you wanted," he offered, looking to Asaytae for confirmation.

"Yes," she nodded. "A very small size silence enchantment would work."

"Which will be up to you if you want to go with it or not," Chance nodded. "If you're worried about the targets hearing it, at the ranges I'll be teaching you to shoot the bullet will be there well before the sound of the shot can warn them, but too much gunfire at close ranges can cause hearing problems over a long period of time. So, what do you think of the new weapons?"

He knew just from looking that quite a few were far from convinced of the value of them.

"I like it," one of the younger shekats, the same one that had fired the burst, spoke up after a moment to give her seniors a chance to speak. "It feels ... right," she struggled to explain.

"Does anybody want to try using it at a longer range for a little bit before we move back to the basics?" He offered, making a mental note to find out what sort of armor was used locally. He'd have to have an armored target he could demonstrate a rifle's real effectiveness against, to convince the older ones it could out-perform the bow with more than extreme range.

"I would," she said after a moment to gage if that was a wise thing to say.

"You teach basics, I'll work with her?" Jake suggested quietly.

"Sure thing," Chance nodded. "If you have any trouble, or want to switch to the WSR, give me a shout."

"I will," he promised, letting Chance gather the others for basics.

"What is your name?" Jake asked the shekat. "Put the safety on," he added and motioned her to walk to the far end of the firing line with him.

"I am Lady Eantila, Warrior Clawson," she said. "Why do you have four names?" she asked politely.

"Four?" he quirked an eyebrow up.

"Captain Jake Rave Clawson," she said, now a bit uncertain. "It is what we were told as your full name."

"Captain isn't part of my name, it's my rank. Like Lady is for you. Jake is my given name, a first name. Raven is my call name, a nickname of sorts that pilots and gunners receive from the others in their group. Clawson is my family name. All my kin through my mother have the same family name. It is much more complicated than you have need for."

"Yes, it is," she nodded even as she turned to face the targets. "Is it true, that Lady Eloen cut you?"

"Yes," he stiffened slightly at the change of subject.

"She made a mistake," Eantila said simply.

"So is it my imagination, or do you not hate that girl you trained today?" Chance teased his mate as they walked towards their quarters after dinner, both of them lightly buzzed, but not nearly as drunk as the previous night.

"Her name's Eantila, and you aren't mistaken," Jake admitted with a chuckle as his tail batted the tabby's rump. "She's not nearly as creepy as most of'm."

"Think you're gonna see her again? Off the field, I mean," Chance clarified. "Or gonna try and avoid that sort of complication?"

"'Not creepy' is a long shot from 'I like her,'" Jake couldn't help but laugh. "Though if you're feeling the need for some pussy, she's probably not a bad choice."

"I'll keep it in mind, but I think she was more interested in you," Chance winked. "Besides, I've got a few other things I like to keep me busy," he grinned, slipping back into their quarters. "The sad part? So far, I actually prefer here to back in MKC."

"They like their males small and lightly built," Jake shrugged even as he twisted on one foot to press the bigger tom against the wall and claim a hungry, heated kiss. "I was more than a little impressed by you though."

"I noticed that," Chance purred, kissing Jake back. "Mmm ... don't see too many people take that well to a target shooting show," he teased with a grin.

"Shows of extreme skill do that to me," he rumbled hotly just remembering it. "I'd love to see what you can do against a moving target."

"It's a little rough on the target," Chance purred, kissing Jake hotly, plundering his mouth. "Unless you have one of those balls the Queen magicked up the other night."

"No, but I think I can work something up," he shivered, all but melting in his mate's arms. "Or we can take Blackie up for a hard flight."

"I'd ask if you want to combine them, but I think you'd jump me in the cockpit," Chance smirked. "Why don't you see what you can rig up then... or I can just fuck your ass right here and now," he purred. He knew the answer before Jake said anything. It was time to dom him hard, fuck him until he whimpered and then keep going.

"Take me hard," Jake moaned.

"Get down and suck my cock," Chance rumbled, pushing Jake to his knees. The cinnamon tom wasn't in these moods very often, but when he was, Chance knew better than to waste them.

A deep rurr of excitement greeted the order and Jake took a moment to nuzzle the tabby's groin before pulling his flowing pants down enough to expose the tabby's balls and the tip of his cock peaking out of his sheath. Without a thought he took one of the heavy golden orbs in his mouth, encouraging Chance to hardness.

"Oh yeah... that's a good kitty," Chance purred, reaching down to rub Jake's ears. "You like how that tastes?"

Jake let the orb slide from his mouth. "You know I do," he rumbled, his scent heavily aroused as he turned his tongue on Chance's sheath, arousing him fully before deep throating him in a single motion.

"Fuck yeah," Chance groaned. "Mmm... damn, you're a good little cocksucker," he rumbled, talking dirtier than he did with most of his lovers. It had been an odd night when he'd picked up most of what his mate really wanted when he got like this, but it was fun too. "You've got a hungry ass tonight, don't you?"

Jake rumbled deeply, his throat vibrating around the tabby's cock in reply. It was as good as any word between them.

With his breath quickening, Chance reached forward to brace himself against the wall with one arm while his free hand shifted to grip the back of Jake's head. When he felt the lean tom relax, he went from encouraging the blowjob to fucking his partner's face. He knew what it would look like to anyone else, but the feel of the tom under his hand and around his cock was more than enough for Chance to know his partner was getting off on this nearly as much as he did.

The tabby roared, pumping his come down Jake's hungry gullet before he pulled back, wiping himself off on his mate's cheek.

"Still hungry for more appetizers, or time for the main course?" Chance purred throatily, his cock still hard against Jake's face.

"Fuck me," Jake breathed quickly, his own cock hard in his pants.

"Then get over to the bed," Chance rumbled with mock menace, tossing Jake towards the pile of large cushions and making the tom stumble to his knees. Chance was on top of him in a flash, pulling his own soft cord belt off before they wrestled briefly in a mock effort to assert control.

It was only a moment before Chance had his partner's arms bound together and behind him and had shoved the lean tom's chest against the cushions while his ass was in the air. Despite the growls and ineffective struggles, Jake's tail was high against his back and his legs spread quite voluntarily.

Chance pulled of Jake's belt, yanking his pants down to expose his ass before he kicked off his own, gripping Jake's ass possessively.

"You'd better stay quiet," he mock-growled, before sinking his rigid cock deep into Jake's ass with a single practiced thrust.

The lean tom moaned deeply and squeezed his body down around his lover. It wasn't long before they were in a familiar rhythm and Jake's voice became noticeably louder with each thrust in a combination of purr, growl and cries.

"Told you," Chance grunted, "to stay quiet!" He wrapped Jake's belt around his throat, drawing it tight enough that Jake could breathe through it yet, but just barely. He felt the shudder pass through Jake's body, the tension of realizing that his life was honestly in the hands of another and there wasn't much he could do about it.

"You love this, you little slut," Chance rumbled, grunting again as his balls pulled up tight.

He tightened the belt further, cutting off Jake's air entirely as he came hard, keeping alert for any sign that he was going too far. As surprised as he was, Jake's tail remained against his spine and his legs, while tense, didn't try to move him away.

"You are really in a mood tonight," the tabby rumbled and let up, allowing a deep gasp of air to flood into Jake's lungs. "You are allowed to say 'no' to me here, remember?" Chance purred, nipping Jake's scruff and reaching down to stroke his rock-hard cock, hoping to get them both off together.

"I know," Jake dragged another deep breath in with a moan, his body trembling as he arched against the tabby's chest. "Ohhh," another deep moan escaped before he grunted and thrust into Chance's hand hard, spilling his seed onto the cushions below them.

The tightening convulsions of Jake's body pushed the tabby over the edge, and he roared as he filled Jake's ass with his come for the second time in as many minutes.

"Damn you're hot when you get kinky," he murmured as he sank forward, easily ready Jake's subtle body language that the tom had had enough for a while.

"Because you do it so well," Jake turned his head as the cord slipped from his neck and nuzzled his mate.

"Mmm ... thank you," Chance purred, kissing Jake with a tenderness completely at odds with their earlier play. "You've made it worth learning to do," he winked and loosened Jake's arms so they could snuggle as equals.

New Lives, Old Ways 9.99: Training Troubles

NC-17 for M/M
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Written April 17, 2009 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M). Alternate Universe, Death, Dom/Sub play, Magic, Murder, Relationship (Established), Romance, Sex (BDSM), Sex (Breath Play), Slavery (Legal), Time Travel

Pairings: Jake/Chance

Blurb: Their first night in Traveris is as eventful as it is unsettling for Chance, but the next day is looking up.

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