Of Sex and Mice
by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"Well, well, what have we got here?" Vinnie's voice startled Throttle as he turned to find the white mouse standing in the doorway, the loose leather vest providing a sharp contrast against his sleek white fur. "Having a party for one Bro? I told you I'd take care of things if you wanted to come out."

"I didn't want to," he said softly, clearly not completely in touch with reality. "You're back early, I think."

"Maybe a little," Vinnie shrugged, smirking as he stepped around a discarded bottle. "So was it a good party?"

That drew a low chuckle from the tawny Mouse, and a soft grin. "In it's way."

"And what way would that be, exactly?"

"Nosey, nosey," Throttle laughed softly. "Don't you have something better to do with that mouth of yours?"

"Well," Vinnie smirked, his eyes running down the other mouse's muscular frame and sticking in his crotch. "I can think of a couple things."

"Then stop talking already," he flicked his tail at him. "I'm not in the mood."

Vinnie moved closer, moving right up against the other mouse until the smell of his leather jacket filled his nose. One hand brushed up the inside of throttle's leg, and he was pleasantly surprised to find the tan mouse was as hard as a rock.

"Been waiting for me huh? Well I can make it worth the wait." He dropped to his knees between the other mouse's spread legs. He leaned forward, not even bothering to open Throttle's jeans as he swirled his tongue around the end of the evident hardness.

The startled gasp that drew first quickly gave away to a soft sound of pleasure as a strong hand reached out to slide between Vinnie's antennae and Throttle spread his knees in invitation.

"That's the way big boy," Vinnie encouraged him as he lifted his head while he worked at the fastenings on Throttle's pants. "I'm gonna make you feel so good, you won't have to get drunk to want me on your cock."

"I'm not that drunk," Throttle's tone was a touch off, but his hand on the white mouse's head and body language left no doubt that the offer wasn't being refused as his jeans came open.

"Whatever you think," Vinnie smirked for just a moment before he stretched his lips around the thick hard length of Throttle's cock, taking his Bro deep back in his throat, and relished in the moan it drew from the Mouse, as well as the tightening of Throttle's entire body as the sensations hit him.

"Oh, yeah," Throttle arched his back a bit to thrust into the willing mouth.

Vinnie took it without difficulty, wrapping his tongue around his bro's length and slowly bobbing his head. Each time the head of that incredible cock came against the back of his throat the white mouse tightened the muscles there for a moment. His hands gripped Throttle's thighs through the jeans, sometimes stroking but mostly holding on as Vinnie concentrated on using his skilled lips and tongue.

It took very little of it before Vinnie felt the body he was pleasuring tense and Throttle's voice grew sharp, as did the power of the thrusts.

"Oh, yeah," Throttle rumbled as his focus shifted from allowing Vinnie to pleasure him, to holding the white Mouse as he thrust into the intense pleasure of that mouth until he came hard with a roar.

Vinnie moaned around the twitching shaft as it sprayed rope after rope of seed back into his throat to be devoured greedily. The white Mouse took his time licking the last traces of seed away from Throttle once the moment passed, savoring the taste of him while Throttle caught his breath.

He was rather unprepared to be hauled to his feet roughly as Throttle stood and claimed his mouth hard. He certainly wasn't complaining though, his tongue twinning around Throttle's much as it had pleasured the tan mouse's cock just a few moments before.

"Your ass as willing as your mouth?" Throttle rumbled aggressively, his tail working into the white mouse's jeans.

"Damn right it is," Vinnie replied breathlessly. "I've dreamed about your cum spraying up into my guts." He said as Throttle moved to haul him upstairs, towards the bedrooms, not even bothering to button his jeans up to do so. Vinnie didn't offer the slightest resistance, perfectly happy to have this stud of a mouse manhandle him up to Throttle's sparse room and down on the bed with a thump.

Throttle's hands left him then, so the tawny mouse could pull Vinnie's jeans down far enough. He didn't bother to remove his own or strip the white mouse further before pressing Vinnie down, against the bed and pressed into him with little warning and a rumble of aggression.

Vinnie's body tensed beneath Throttle's a loud cry escaping him as the cock he'd been lusting after forced it's way inside him more forcefully than he'd ever imagined. The shaper cry was repeated with each thrust until his body slowly began to relax, inviting the thick shaft deep into his ass.

Of all the fantasies he'd had involving Throttle taking him, the tawny Mouse was showing him a level of domination and lust he'd never imagined he was capable of. Vinnie was only just getting used to the punishing pace when the body on top of him tensed and roared again.

"Oh fuck yeah," Vinnie moaned loudly, his ass pulsing as he felt the hot seed spilling into his body. "Give it to me."

Throttle didn't say anything, but his grunting, heavy breath and the continued forceful thrusting of his hips was answer enough of what was coming for the white Mouse. Vinnie groaned loudly, panting as the fleshy thrusting intrusion drove him further and further towards his own orgasm.

"Oh fuck Throttle," he begged shamelessly, "Do it harder, make me your bitch. Fuck me."

He got his wish as his body was used fully to sate the intense lust of his Bro. As Vinnie shuddered and cried out his pleasure, he drew another growl from Throttle and felt the mouse's teeth against his shoulder in one more display of dominance until Throttle arched his back, throwing his head back with a roar as he emptied his balls into the white body for a third time.

"Oh yeah," Vinnie gasped softly, sweat soaked and exhausted as he lay beneath Throttle. "Gods but you're fantastic."

A low rumble was Throttle's only verbal reply outside of his heavy breathing, but the shudders along his body and a few light thrusts warned that he wasn't necessarily done.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, give it to me Throttle," Vinnie gasped. "Make me come."

The encouragement was enough and Throttle leaned forward to cover his Bro, pressing him into the blankets and rocking his body with each powerful thrust and it's matching grunt that washed hot breath over Vinnie's ear.

Vinnie gave a soft moan, almost a whimper, as Throttle thrust deeper inside his body, another accompanying each powerful thrust. As Throttle went on they grew shorter and sharper until, with a half strangled cry, Vinnie's balls emptied themselves between his abdomen and the sheets, his ass twitching and pulsing as his most closely held fantasy came true.

It was only a couple more thrusts and Throttle roared again, a sharp edge on it as his body hit its absolute limit and forced him to stop with an orgasm that nearly blacked him out, laid across his Bro's heaving back as he gasped for his own breath.

Vinnie groaned softly, unable to even form words as his ass twitched around Throttle's solid cock inside him. He relished the feeling of being well fucked, of having a warm, hard body on top of him, even as a part of him realized that there was a good chance it'd never happen again.

He felt Throttle slide partway off him, pulling him sideways into the tawny mouse's embrace even as he felt the other mouse's breath and body relax into a sort of exhausted sleep, still hard and deep inside him. Vinnie smiled, his tail flicking up to wrap around Throttle's waist and keep him close. If he was only going to get one night of this fantasy, then he was damn well going to make the best of it.

Throttle moaned softly, his body objecting to waking up, and his brain objecting to what it felt and smelled. The warm body beside him was Vinnie's, his leather vest still on but his jeans were dragged down to his knees. Throttle's own jeans were on, but unfastened, and Vinnie's tail was loosely wrapped around his waist. The room, his room, and his bed, reeked of male sex, as did the stickiness he felt in fur of his groin.

It couldn't be what it looked like. It couldn't.

But it looked like it, felt like it, and definitely smelled like it.

He and Vinnie ...

"Oh, man," Throttle moaned softly and dragged himself fully awake to really look at the Mouse he'd apparently fucked.

Aside from the clothing, which made him look as though someone had dragged him into the bathroom at a club and raped him, Vinnie looked ... peaceful. It was an odd word to associate with his Bro, even though he was the most easygoing of them all. He'd never slept this soundly when they were living on Mars.

That let a slight breath he was holding go. There was no way he'd look like that if it was as bad as it otherwise looked.

Throttle shook his head slightly, mindful of the significant hangover he was starting to feel from the combination of what he'd consumed the previous night, not really expecting anyone back for a couple days.

Very carefully he untangled himself from the white Mouse, not wanting to wake him, at least not until he'd managed a long hot shower, breakfast and the painkillers had kicked in.

It was several hours later when Vinnie finally came down the stairs, thankfully dressed, although the sound of the shower had given Throttle enough warning to put some food on the table.

"Hey thanks Bro," Vinnie managed to make himself understood. "I'm starved."

"You always are," he chuckled, though there was no mistaking the edge of nervousness in the muscular frame.

"Well, at least I've got you to look after me," Vinnie chuckled, grabbing a pop tart. "Ohh, still hot and everything. Thanks man."

"Yeah," he shifted uncomfortably, though he took some solace from the clear good mood the other mouse was in. "Last night ..." he started, then lost his focus and what he was about to say.

Vinnie looked up, fixing him with a more serious gaze the Throttle could ever remember. "Last night. You had a bit too much to drink. If that's what you wanted you should have come out with me. I told you I'd fix you up."

"Not drunk," he shook his head. "On Javeron." He said extremely quietly.

"Javeron?" The pop-tart fell our of Vinnie's hand as he gaped at Throttle. "Man I thought you knew better. That stuff'll screw you up. I'm not even going to ask how you got hold of it on Earth."

"I didn't get it on Earth," he said quietly. "It's not bad if you're not around company. I really wasn't expecting you back till late today, with Modo and Charley off."

"Throttle, you know me right? I mess around. But there's stuff that's safe, if you're careful, and there's stuff that isn't." He didn't have to say it to make it clear which category Javeron fell under.

"I know," he said simply. "Life isn't always about what's safe. Every once in a while, I need to remember what this is all about."

"Well, you're okay," Vinnie confessed grudgingly. "I never figured you for the type to screw with that stuff though."

"Just a killer headache," Throttle nodded. "Last time was just after the camps. It's a minor risk in the big picture."

"So you got what you deserved," Vinnie nodded, reclaiming his breakfast.

"And you got screwed senseless." He put the topic back on track.

"You never took much interest in my sex life before." Vinnie was trying to sound casual, but he couldn't quite pull it off. Damnit. Something had happened after all.

"No, but I try to pay attention to mine," he said softly. "You looked like it was something you wanted, when I woke up."

Vinnie opened his mouth to make a quip, but closed it quickly. "You don't remember then?" he asked softly.

"Most of it, I think." he sighed. "I wasn't in much of a state to separate memory from reality, how much was really you, and how much was the past overlaying it."

"Well, you were good," Vinnie told him. "Everything I dreamed about, and then some."

It was clearly not the answer Throttle was expecting, but once the surprise cleared from his face, it apparently gave him what he wanted.

"I ... doubt I could do that clean." He said softly.

"I know," Vinnie nodded. "I know. You don't have to worry about it, really."

"I'm sorry, Bro." Throttle moved close, brushing the white Mouse's cheek with the fingers of one hand.

Vinnie's eyes fluttered closed for a moment, but even when he opened them he couldn't bring himself to look up at Throttle. "It's all right. I mean, it's just the way things are. There was one night, and it was good. I'll deal with it."

"Stay with me tonight, if you want." he offered quietly.

"Throttle I ..." he squeezed his eyes shut, forcing himself to face a truth he'd always known. "I'd like that. You have no idea how much. But if there's no chance ... maybe it'd be better if we don't. A clean break and all that."

He looked at his Bro for a long, silent moment, trying to find the right way to say what he meant around the throbbing in his head.

"That is your risk to choose to take or not." Throttle finally said softly. "I don't know if there's a chance or not."

"If there is any chance ..." Vinnie began, but had to stop as his throat closed up. "I have wanted you for so long," he managed eventually. "Last night was right out of my dreams, the kind where you wake up wet between your legs. If that takes time to get back to then that that's fine, I can deal with that as long as I've got you. But if last night was all there is ... Throttle it's not fair to do that to me."

"Vinnie," he tipped the mouse's face up, then guided him to his feet. "Last night was the first time I've been with a guy. I may have been only half aware of it, but half aware is still enough to shut things down if I can't. At least it has for everything else." He sighed softly. "I don't know I'll ever manage that kind of ... violence ... again, but if you can put up with the learning curve and not being my only lover, I'm willing to try."

"I ... I want you Throttle. You're everything I've ever wanted."

A rather bewildered look crossed the tawny Mouse's face at that, but he nodded and leaned forward and guided Vinnie's muzzle in for a slow, tender kiss as he pulled the white mouse close.

Vinnie luxuriated in the kiss, drawing it out as long as he could and finding Throttle quite accommodating. "You're sure?" he asked, his voice husky and soft. "Don't ... I don't want to force you."

"You're my Bro," he smiled gently. "You aren't forcing me. Opening my eyes rather abruptly, yes, but not forcing me."

"I can deal with that," Vinnie nodded. "Just as well the others aren't here, huh? Talk about awkward."

"We're going to leave them scared to leave us alone again," he chuckled softly. "They take off for a couple days, and we rearrange sleeping quarters."

"You can just sleep you know. I won't make you do anything."

"I know," Throttle slid his hands down Vinnie's muscular back. "This was not what I was expecting the weekend to end up with." He chuckled softly, shaking his head.

"Me neither, to tell the truth," Vinnie admitted. "I never really thought you'd ... do what you did."

"Neither did I," he smiled with a bit of a loopy grin. "I'm not regretting it, weird way to start something or not."

"So ... you knew?" Vinnie asked hesitantly.

"Exactly what was really going on?" Throttle said softly. "Sort of. It's hard to explain that state to someone who hasn't experienced it before."

"How long?"

"I knew you'd come in," he tried to sort out what he'd figured out and when. "I was pretty sure something ... it wasn't just memories when I had you on the bed. It's bits and pieces," he shook his head. "Some is clearly what was happening, some I know is replaying memory, some's a mixture of both."

"That's not quite what I meant," Vinnie told him, leaning closer. "How long have you known I wanted you?"

"A few minutes," he admitted softly.

"Oh." The answer clearly surprised the white mouse, but then he shrugged and finished eating. "Are there any more of these?"

"Of course," he smirked and moved to grab the box. "Charley wouldn't leave for the weekend without stocking up on the basics for us."

"Thanks," Vinnie nodded, grabbing a couple of the pastries and popping them in the toaster. "It's been kinda rough, last twelve hours or so."

"I didn't hurt you, did I?" Throttle asked, abruptly worried all over again.

"No," Vinnie reassured him quickly. "No, it really was great. It's just that all this, it's not easy."

Throttle nodded slightly and moved to pull Vinnie gently against his chest and nuzzled the slightly lighter mouse. "Some things, some things are worth the effort, Bro. I think this is one of them."

"Yeah," Vinnie nodded, turning his head to kiss Throttle chastely on the cheek. "You are."

There was a silent pause, then Throttle slowly melted against his Bro with a tenderness and gratefulness Vinnie knew he'd never witnessed in the tawny mouse before.

Vinnie smiled and closed his arms tighter around Throttle. "Did you have anything planned for today?" he whispered softly.

"My last thought involved either fooling around on the couch with a movie, or just back to bed." Throttle murmured with an affectionate nuzzle.

"Oh really?" Vinnie asked with a smirk. "That doesn't sound like a bad idea to me."

"Godzillathon?" Throttle suggested with a light kiss and light, explorative hands on the white back.

Vinnie chuckled softly, his breath warm against his Bro's cheek. "Sure, anything you like."

"I'd like to take this sorta slow," he brushed Vinnie's furred cheek gently. "Okay?"

"Yeah, I figured as much. I won't push you too much Throttle, but you really don't have to be afraid. You're magnificent."

Throttle kissed his neck with a throaty chuckle of mixed humor and nervousness. "It's less fear and more clueless. This isn't what I'm used to, more than just being with another guy."

"All right," Vinnie nodded. "Do you mind lying down together naked for this movie?"

"That's what I was suggesting," he smiled slightly. "Fooling around a little. I want to get to know you, your body, your pleasure. It's been a long time since I considered a mate."

"I'd like that," Vinnie nodded, slowly unfastening his jeans. "I've always admired your body." He said as Throttle followed suit, a bit more hesitantly.

"How long have you wanted me?" Throttle finally asked softly, his manner still fairly uncertain, but shyly curious.

"A long time," Vinnie admitted. "You remember that night on Maris ridge, after Skye bought it? I saw that look on your face and I just wanted to kiss you so bad."

"That's a ... long time," he swallowed, memories of that time rushing back hard before fading back to where they belonged. "I'm glad you didn't," he gently guided his Bro close. "Before ... before the camps changed me, I probably would take taken it all wrong."

"It doesn't matter," Vinnie said softly, slipping his finger's under Throttle's jacket and slowly guiding it back over his shoulders. "I've got you now."

"Yes," he murmured and let the remainder of his clothes fall to the kitchen floor. Despite being a little uncomfortable still with a male body against his in such a manner, Throttle felt the twinge of excitement of having such a willing lover.

Vinnie leaned closer, gently pressing his lips against Throttle's, kissing him softly and receiving the same in return as Throttle guided him out to the couch. He broke the contact only long enough to put the first video on and grab a light blanket, and returned to the couch.

Vinnie smiled and wrapped his arms around Throttle as they lay down together, resisting the inclination to reach down into the other mouse's crotch. Instead he gently brushed his fingers through the fur over Throttle's chest. He felt muscle and skin ripple under his fingers, and knew for sure it was the right choice not to go for what he wanted. The tawny mouse was far too edgy for it to have the effect his wanted.

But despite it, and that Throttle was actually watching the video, the tawny mouse did return the touch, though his interest seemed to focus on the white face; Vinnie's jaw, neck, the line where steel gave way to soft white fur, and stiff red antennae.

Vinnie did his best to restrain his moan as Throttle's fingers brushed his antenna, but the shiver that rant though his body and the pulse it caused in his groin were inescapable. He gently ghosted his fingers over Throttle's fur, repeating the same gentle stroke over and over and hoping it would help the mouse settle a little. At the same time he couldn't help but admire the body he'd wanted for so long, firm and muscular. Gorgeous.

And willingly his for more than that one fantasy come true.

"You like that, don't you?" Throttle rumbled softly as a finger traced lightly up Vinnie's left antenna. "A lot."

"Yeah," Vinnie confirmed, a slight tremble in his voice. "It goes straight to my cock."

"What about this?" Throttle's voice was low and seductive as he moved up to run his tongue up the sensitive length, then drew one into his mouth.

The white mouse's arms tightened around Throttle's body as he moaned softly, his cock jumping against the other mouse's legs as it throbbed and thickened. "Oh gods Throttle," he gasped softly, "Don't stop."

He shouldn't have worried, Throttle turned his full focus on that antenna. As he moaned and shuddered against the strong, tawny furred body, Vinnie suddenly felt even more; Throttle's strong, flexible tail moving between them to wrap around the twitching hardness between their bodies.

Somewhere in the intense sensory glory, Vinnie felt something almost as good. He felt Throttle's sheath begin to swell against his abs.

"Oh Throttle," he groaned softly, his breath coming in quick pants, "Oh gods yes, just a little more, just a little ..." The end of the sentence was lost in a deep long moan as his cock sprayed cum out into the fur of Throttle's thigh, his entire body trembling as his control was overwhelmed.

Throttle continued to suckle and squeeze until the white mouse was shuddering softly in his arms, trying to gauge if more would come if he didn't stop.

"Oh, oh gods," Vinnie panted as the moment subsided. "That is just about my favorite thing."

"It certainly works on you," he smile and nuzzled the panting mouse.

"No kidding," Vinnie nodded. "You can make me come that way without even touching my cock. Yours aren't like that?"

"It feels good, yeah, but nothing like that." He chuckled softly.

"I guess that make me a lucky mouse," Vinnie chuckled, his fingers finding one of Throttle's nipples as they crossed his chest and pausing to roll it between his fingertips. "So what do you like a guy to do to you?" He murmured hotly, and felt the body under his hands tense, uncertain, while Throttle tried to find an answer, any answer, for that.

"Hey, it's all right, don't stress. It's always fun to find out, I just thought you might have some ideas for me. I know you like to see me come, for starters."

"What kind of lover doesn't?" Throttle drew his head back a bit to look at Vinnie, a bit disturbed.

"It's not just that though," the white mouse murmured, his fingers tracing down over the tan mouse's hard abs. "It was getting you off."

"Yeah, I like the way it feels to get a lover that would up." He agreed with a murmur and smile. "And you're a very expressive one."

"Just lucky for both of us I guess," Vinnie chuckled softly. "Let's see, I know you like to have your cock sucked, you're a great kisser, you like to take charge."

"And I like a vocal partner," he added with a teasing lick to Vinnie's still wet antenna. "I like how to shudder when you cum."

"And feeling my cum in your fur?" Vinnie asked softly, and felt a gentle hand stroke his back as Throttle shook his head slightly.

"Not really," he admitted. "Not fond of my own there either though."

"Some guys do, some guys don't," Vinnie said easily, "It's no big deal." His hand slid further down, skirting the other mouse's full sheath and then reaching behind his balls to stroke the sensitive skin between crotch and ass. It drew a sharp breath, and no outright refusal, but Throttle's tail gently moved the fingers away and took a moment longer to relax again.

"Not ... not that fast Bro." He managed after an internal struggle.

"Okay, that's fine," Vinnie said as he brought his hand back up along Throttle's chest. He lifted it further to cup Throttle's cheek, turning his head to kiss him softly. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay," he relaxed the rest of the way and pulled Vinnie close with a nuzzle. "It takes a little time to get used to a lover, even when you're both comfortable with it. It's just going to take a little longer for both of us."

"I guess I just wanted this for so long ... do you have any idea how sexy that ass of yours is in bike leathers?"

"Yeah, I kinda do," Throttle chuckled low in his throat. "Just never thought a guy would want it." He suddenly became very serious, one finger tracing a line down the fur of Vinnie's face. "You do want that, to be ... in me."

"Only if you want me to," Vinnie replied just as seriously. "The other thing that can make me come so hard is having another guy inside me. It feels so fantastic ... so if that's something you want then I'll be happy to slip into you, but if you don't, I've got no problem with begin underneath."

"Both are going to take me a while," he admitted with a bit of regret and kissed his Bro gently to soften it. "It's not an easy idea for me."

"Ok then," Vinnie nodded slowly. "What can I do? What makes you feel good?"

"I never got around to finding out," he admitted quietly, a little embarrassed now. "Fast, hard and simple is about all I ever found time for. Doesn't really translate here."

"Well then, I guess we'll start with something simple then," Vinnie said softly letting his hand tail back down along Throttle's torso. "Just trust me, I promise I'll be gentle."

The tawny mouse nodded, and tried to relax past his nervous uncertainty with the trust he honestly did have for this mouse, occasional fights over responsibility or not. "I do."

Vinnie leaned closer as his hand drifted over Throttle's abs, kissing the other mouse gently. He lightened his touch so that it was only his fingertips brushing over tan fur as they traced down the sides of his sheath, slipping under to cup his balls to a soft moan of clear pleasure and the hot pulse of rushing blood to the area.

Vinnie sighed softly at the touch, his eyes fluttering closed for a moment. He kept his attention focused on Throttle though, slowly, gently stroking his sheath as it filled out, and enjoying the attention the tawny mouse gave him as well as the obvious willingness of Throttle's body to respond to him.

It didn't take long before a soft greenish-pink head peaked from the tawny sheath, and Throttle's breath came a bit sharper at the new kind of pleasure he was receiving.

"That's it," Vinnie murmured softly, drawing the sheath back a little to expose more of the thickening flesh. While his fingers continued to stroke gently he lifted his thumb and slowly circled it around the exposed head of Throttle's cock.

A shudder and moan greeted the attention, and a slight shift in Throttle's body that surrendered control of the situation to his white Bro and the sharp desire that was quickly building inside him.

As Throttle's cock slipped further free of it's sheath Vinnie shifted his hand slightly, setting it to rest more on the warm hard flesh than the fur it had escaped from. He leaned over to kiss Throttle again, opening his mouth to trace the tip of his tongue along the other mouse's lips and was easily rewarded by those lips parting, and Throttle's tongue sliding out to invite his in.

Even with the slight control Throttle managed, it rapidly became clear to Vinnie that getting his Bro off was going to be fairly simple and likely fairly fast. The kiss and arms around him weren't nearly so desperate however.

Vinnie kept the kiss soft and slow, just like his hand on the rock solid cock that still consumed most of his attention. He was grinning when he leaned back. "Not so bad, is it?"

"Gods, it's great." Throttle moaned softly, his breathing hard and sharp as he made the effort to keep his hips reasonably still.

"This is simple, big boy," Vinnie chuckled softly, giving a gentle squeeze to the base of Throttle's cock and getting the sharp gasp of pleasure he expected for it.

"That's the way," Vinnie murmured softly, "Just a little more." He lowered his head to lay a row of soft kisses along Throttle's jaw and down his neck. It didn't even take all his experience at judging lovers to catch the shudder the touch of his lips brought, or that is was nearly as intense as the shudder from his hand on the tawny mouse's cock.

"Come for me Throttle," the white mouse murmured softly, extending the line of kissed down along the other mouse's neck as he gasped and shuddered, his body going completely compliant under Vinnie's soft touch. It was about all it took before Vinnie could feel the pulse and tightness in Throttle's body that warned of the impending orgasm.

He had just reached the hollow of Throttle's throat when the tawny body against him stiffened completely and Throttle's cock jumped in his hand before spraying the first heavy rush of cum over his hand and their abs.

"That's the way," he murmured softly, continuing the gentle stroking and kissing until the last spurt of cum jetted into their fur and Throttle's body began to relax. There was a mischievous grin on his face as he lifted his hand to lick the sticky ropes of cum away.

"First time someone else did that?" The white mouse's voice was surprisingly gentle.

"Yeah," he murmured softly, both from the physical sensations still washing through him, and the mental intensity of the entire experience. "Incredible."

"You're the incredible one Throttle," Vinnie all but purred before laying another soft kiss on the mouse's lips and was easily invited inside Throttle's mouth. Despite the lax state of his body, Throttle still made an effort to continue touching, to give back some of the intensity of what he'd just been given.

"I think we can add a good hand job to that list of things you like," Vinnie chuckled as he relaxed against Throttle and into the soft affection of the other mouse.

"I think you're going to be adding to that list for a while," he chuckled softly. "Man, that was intense."

"We've got a few days before the others get back," Vinnie nodded, "That we can take entirely for ourselves."

"And we can put it to good use right here," he murmured, drifting a finger up Vinnie's jawline from his throat. "I've got no driving need to be anywhere but with you."

Vinnie rolled up on top of Throttle, lying chest to chest and face to face with him, his legs spread to hold the other mouse's waist gently. "Thank you," the white mouse murmured in an uncharacteristic moment of seriousness. "I never thought I'd actually get to have this."

"Neither did I," Throttle murmured back and drew him down for a slow, passionate kiss. It was an experience Vinnie was happy to draw out for as long as possible.

"My big bad biker mouse," he murmured softly as their lips parted, only to be drawn back down as Throttle's tail played across and around snow white balls.

That brought a smile and a soft moan to Vinnie's lips. "That's a playful tail you've got there."

"It has a fair amount to be curious about," he chuckled softly, and after a hesitation, drifted the soft skin of Vinnie's asshole.

Vinnie smirked, his eyes fixed on Throttle's face. "Now you're just teasing me," he chuckled.

"Sorry," he murmured softly as his tail found a white thigh, to stroke before working back up to Vinnie's crotch from behind.

"It's Okay," Vinnie reassured him, smiling. "I like being touched there. Hell, I pretty much just like being touched."

"I'm starting to get that impression," Throttle chuckled softly and nuzzled him while running both hands down the strong white back. "You always were a partier."

"If there was ever a party, I was there," Vinnie nodded as Throttle brushed his face and antennae gently with one hand.

"Maybe a few of those parties with be for two now, in my room."

"Better than anything else," Vinnie nodded, leaning forward to kiss Throttle again.

"Damn but I'm starved," Vinnie said with enthusiasm as they sat down to eat. "Must be that hunky mouse who's been working me over."

"You're always starved," Throttle shot back with a smirk and doctored his hot dogs to taste without much thought.

"Well yeah, I guess so," Vinnie chuckled softly as he dug in, demolishing his first in record time. "Hey, check this out," he said, a mischievous grin across his face. He grabbed the second hot dog out of it's bun and tipped his head back, setting the meaty morsel against his lips. Then he opened his mouth and smoothly fed the whole thing down his throat, licking his fingers as he straightened again.

Throttle just chuckled and shook his head. "You are weird, Bro."

"Because it's useful for swallowing a whole lot more than hot dogs," Vinnie replied, trying not to laugh as Throttle looked at him, completely clueless as to what he meant.

"I'll show you after lunch is done," Vinnie chuckled, "If you're lucky."

The tawny mouse just chuckled and shook his head as he turned back to lunch, pushing even Vinnie's capability to believe he really didn't know what was on offer. The white mouse managed to keep his silence for about a minute, but in the end he just couldn't hold it back. "You really have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?"

"Something I don't remember hearing about, I expect." He shrugged with a slight shake of his head.

"You'd be just about the only guy in the universe," Vinnie smirked as reached for another hot dog. "Don't worry, you'll like the introduction."

"The way you talk, you'd have me believe I'm the only guy who doesn't lust after other guys." He retorted with a low chuckle. "And I still think you're being weird."

"No, but even straight guys go for this one," the white mouse smirked, getting up out of his seat and walking around behind Throttle and looping his arms loosely over his shoulders. "You really haven't done much of this have you? Guys or girls?"

"No," Throttle answered with remarkable ease as he leaned back into the contact. "Never bothered with it."

"Never bothered?" Vinnie sounded more than just a little incredulous. "Well, you're in for a ride, I'll say that much."

"I knew that a while ago," he actually smiled a little and nuzzled what he could of Vinnie's shoulder.

"Well, I guess you knew what you were getting into with me, anyway. You've yanked my tail out of trouble enough times."

"And busted your tail about late night partying at least as often." He chuckled a bit. "Never figured it would lead to this." He paused suddenly. "What brought you back so early? You never show before two or three in the morning."

Vinnie shrugged. "This and that. Party just didn't seem so great. I'm sure as hell glad I did."

"I think I am too," Throttle murmured, resting the side of his face against Vinnie's arm and shoulder. "It's been a long time."

The white mouse curled his arm around and gently stroked Throttle's other cheek with his fingers. "Still kinda hard to believe though."

"Yeah, it is," he smiled at the contact and relaxed further. "You're not what I ever thought I might have."

"Heh, now that I can believe," Vinnie chuckled softly. "Feel like learning something new?"

"Sure," Throttle murmured and nuzzled the white fur next to his muzzle.

"All right then," Vinnie chuckled softly. "This is how I learnt to swallow hot dogs." He drew Throttle's chair back, and then stepped around in front of the other mouse, keeping eye contact with him as he got down on his knees and gently urged his legs apart, and met no resistance to it. "You'll love it, I promise."

Vinnie caught a flicker of comprehension pass across Throttle's face before the tawny mouse relaxed back to let him do as he wanted.

"I get the feeling that's going to be a common occurrence around you." He smiled softly and reached out to brush a finger along Vinnie's antennae.

"I certainly hope so," Vinnie agreed, leaning closer to put his face in Throttle's crotch. He dipped downward slightly to focus his attention on Throttle's balls, gently kissing and licking them before he opened his mouth to take one inside.

The moan and shudder, both soft responses to the attention, gave Vinnie no doubt he was doing something right, as was the softness that came to the toned muscles under his hands and slight shifting that gave him better access.

His fingers gently stroked the insides of Throttle's thighs as he rolled the tactical in his mouth slowly, then released it to do the same to the other. He gave the tan covered balls careful and thorough attention until Throttle's sheath began to fill out, then shifted slightly to press his lips against the warm fold of flesh and the even more sensitive shaft inside.

Despite his intent to just let Vinnie do as he wanted, the pleasure darting through his body quickly moved him from just vocal encouragement to both hands on the white mouse's head to gently stroke ears, antennae and fur, ignoring the different feel of metal mask under his fingers.

Vinnie moaned softly, his breath rolling out in a warm moist cloud across the thickening sheath. He ran his tongue around the lip of Throttle's sheath and then darted his tongue inside to taste the smooth warm flesh again.

The gasping shudder and ripple of muscle across Throttle's entire body was pure pleasure at the contact, and froze his hands for a moment as his brain sought to process it.

Vinnie chuckled softly as his Bro's cock quickly swelled beneath his lips, encouraging it further with his tongue in an effort that was quickly rewarded. "Told you you'd like it."

"I didn't doubt that much," he moaned softly.

As Throttle's cock filled out it's sheath Vinnie gently slid the soft fur back so he could take the smooth spear of flesh properly into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the tip as he accommodated it's staidly growing length.

"Oh, yeah," Throttle's voice shuddered in a hot moan of raw pleasure and instinctively spread his legs further apart.

This time Vinnie couldn't respond, his mouth full of thickening cock. He took it with enthusiasm, encouraging with lips and tongue as he brought Throttle's cock further back into the warm, inviting wetness of his mouth. He suckled on the warm flesh gently, savoring the feel and the taste of it at least as much as the he savored knowing just who called to him for more, and the honesty in that voice.

Far sooner than he would have wished, Vinnie felt his lover's body tense with a new tenor to the voice above him that warned it was almost over.

The white mouse slipped his head back until just the head of Throttle's cock rested in his mouth, laving over it with his tongue. At the same time he brought one hand down to stroke and gently squeeze the tightening balls.

It took almost nothing more before Throttle's body stiffened and he cried out softly with the first burst of cum into Vinnie's eager mouth. The kneeling mouse drank it down greedily, spurt after spurt of seed pouring into his mouth, over his tongue and down his throat as he kept a steady suction going. Finally he leaned back, wiping his lips with the back of his hand.

"Better than hot dogs," he said with a grin.

"Damn, Bro," he gasped softly, fingering Vinnie's antenna. "Just ... damn."

"You've been missing out all this time, big boy," Vinnie chuckled as he rose to his feet, leaning in briefly to brush his lips against Throttle's. "But I'm gonna change that."

"And enjoy it too," he murmured in significant amazement. "You really do like doing that?" Was as much shocked statement as question.

"Oh yeah, definitely," Vinnie chuckled as Throttle gently pulled him down to sit on his lap and into a full embrace and nuzzle. "Not as much as having my antennae sucked, sure, but you can't enjoy yourself that much all the time. You taste great, too."

"I'll try to remember that," he murmured, claiming a slow kiss while one hand drifted down Vinnie's abs to fondle the white mouse's groin with curious, though uncertain fingers.

"Go on," the white mouse encouraged him, shifting slightly to expose himself a little more to the light, cautious touch. "You won't hurt me."

Throttle nodded and nuzzled him, paying as much attention to Vinnie's neck with his mouth as he did to the mouse's half hard sheath with his fingers.

As Vinnie murmured encouragement to Throttle's uncertain mimicking of the touch he'd received earlier, the touch slowly grew a little bolder as it accomplished what he wanted and a thick, hot shaft of bare skin emerged from it's furry home to be stroked and fingered as much in exploration as to give pleasure.

"Mmmmm, yeah, that's the way," Vinnie murmured softly by his ear. "Just like that." The white mouse brought one hand up over the back of Throttle's head to stroke an antenna, very gently squeezing it between two fingers and running them down from the tip to when it vanished beneath tan fur.

They both moaned softly at the pleasure given and taken. Throttle buried his face against Vinnie's fur as his body responded to the intimate contact with his antenna, and the mental pleasure of Vinnie's responsiveness to his hand closed around the hot, pulsing cock.

Vinnie's breath began to pick up as Throttle continued, the encouraging murmurs broken more and more often by a gasp or a soft low moan. His cock was as hard a rock in Throttle's hand, a narrow trickle of slick fluids running down the underside of his shaft as the tan mouse's attentions had an ever more pronounced effect.

As he lost track of what he was saying beyond that he wanted more, Vinnie felt his Bro spread the precum over his cock's head with a firm, circular touch almost identical to what he'd given the tawny mouse earlier. Without being suggested, Throttle brought his tail around to wrap around Vinnie's shaft so his hand could stay on the spongy cockhead.

Vinnie was almost whimpering by the time his body tightened in Throttle's arms, a sharp cry accompanying the wet explosion of seed that spattered against Throttle's abs as he came, and added to the slickness stroking and gently squeezing his cock until he was completely spent.

Throttle murmured wordlessly, holding the white mouse against him as Vinnie recovered.

"You know, for a guy without any experience you do pretty bloody well," Vinnie murmured, settling in against the hard tan body.

"You showed me how," he chuckled softly with a nuzzle.

"And it's far from the last thing I've got to show you either," Vinnie smirked. "One trick at a time."

"And a lot of quiet time in between," he murmured with a nuzzle, lunch long forgotten.

"Not too quiet," Vinnie laughed. "We're biker mice, remember?"

"Quiet time between us, Bro." He corrected softly. "Just holding you."

"I can deal with that," Vinnie murmured softly, silencing the conversation for several seconds by kissing Throttle deeply. "I guess we're gonna have to decide who's room to sleep in and all that."

"You're the one with more stuff," Throttle murmured. "It's easier for me to move in."

"Sure, no problem," Vinnie nodded, a little surprised it was all handled so simply.

"Join me for a shower?" Throttle almost purred, actually a little playful.

"Absolutely," Vinnie nodded. "And another video after?"

"Sure," he nodded easily with a slight smile and nudged the mouse off his lap. "You have one in mind?"

"I did, yeah," Vinnie admitted with a sly grin as he stood.

The look earned him a questioning one from his leader, but Throttle didn't actually ask as he headed up stairs for the large shower Charley had managed after they'd moved in.

"You'll see," Vinnie promised, trailing his tail along Throttle's leg. "I think you'll find it kinda ... educational."

"In ways to make you feel good, I bet," Throttle chuckled with a smirk.

"In all sorts of ways," Vinnie chuckled. "I figured it couldn't hurt for you to see some of the ways guys touch each other."

"Probably not," he admitted softly before turning to see to the water temperature. "I think it's very good Modo and Charley are out for the weekend."

"Well I don't think I'll be able to blow you at the dinner table once they get back," Vinnie laughed.

"No, not likely," Throttle deadpanned and stepped under the hot spray. "Won't be walking around naked either."

"Or making out on the couch," Vinnie agreed, stepping into the shower and brushing his fingers across Throttle's chest. "Would have made all this really hard."

"Yeah, it would have," Throttle murmured softly and brought Vinnie's fingers to his mouth to kiss them, then lick one gently. "It's going to be strange when they get back."

"Yeah, tell me about it," Vinnie shook his head slowly. "It's gonna be a shock."

"Probably not as much as it has been for us," he chuckled low in his throat and moved to run his hands down Vinnie's taunt body. "I love how you touch me," he murmured with a line of kisses down the white jaw and neck.

"I love to touch you," Vinnie admitted, a soft sigh escaping as he tilted his head up to expose more neck. "So hard and tight and warm. All the right curves in all the right places. You make my blood run hot Throttle."

"Maybe you'll be home at night a little more now, with someone here to sleep with." He murmured, his hands moving over the hard white ass, pulling their bodies together under the hot water.

"I think you can count on that," Vinnie gasped, his sheath swelling again as his groin rubbed against Throttle's own. "Maybe I'll even be able to drag you out some night."

"Some times," he murred again the vulnerable white throat, his hands moving inward to slid between their hard thighs to brush between their groins. "You smell good when you're like this. So sweet."

"Like what?" Vinnie asked with a breathless chuckle. "Wet, or turned on?"

"Turned on," Throttle rumbled as his touch grew bolder, stronger. "The way you taste when you moan."

"Well you shouldn't have any trouble getting more of that."

The statement drew a soft chuckle from Throttle as he suddenly turned Vinnie around and held him across the chest highly with one arm, while he close his hand firmly around Vinnie's forming erection and his own rubbed the white mouse's rump.

"No, not the way you like to be handled." Throttle rumbled against Vinnie's ear.

"Oh yeah Bro," the white mouse moaned softly, rubbing his ass back against Throttle's swelling sheath. His own made his approval of the situation perfectly clear, quickly filling out as Throttle manhandled him and stroked him.

"You really do get off on being dominated, fucked and used hard, don't you Bro?" Throttle hotly murmured in his ear. "You want me to take you like I did last night."

"Oh gods yes," Vinnie moaned. "Screw me."

Despite the hesitation, an abrupt uncertainty of translating words into action, Throttle rubbed himself fully hard against the white ass, his hand continuing it's attentions to Vinnie's cock as his mouth nipped, licked and nuzzled the long white neck and throat, nearly intoxicated by the submission and vulnerability there that only highlighted Vinnie's clear desire.

Even as turned on as he was the moment's pause didn't escape the white mouse. His tail flicked out from between then to wrap around Throttle's torso as his hands reached back to grasp the thick, warm cock he was rubbing against. Panting with desire he still managed to guide Throttle to the opening of his ass, twitching with anticipation.

"You can take it from here, right?" he gasped.

"Yes," Throttle breathed softly, more unsettled than turned on, he could still tell the mouse wasn't lying about what he wanted. As impossible as it seemed to him, he let his trust of Vinnie guide his response and moved both his hands to brace white hips, his fingers spread over Vinnie's pelvis as he pressed forward, slowly breaching that incredibly tight passage.

Vinnie moaned loudly as his ass parted around the Throbbing shaft, his head thrown back and his eyes closed as he panted loudly. "Throttle ... Throttle wait." When the tan mouse looked up he found Vinnie's eyes locked seriously with his. "You don't have to, unless you really want to."

"You enjoy it," he breathed a bit sharply and moved Vinnie's muzzle so they could kiss while Throttle pressed deeper. "I can accept that, hard as it is." He murmured softly as his sheath came to rest against Vinnie's body.

"All right, hold on, hold on, wait," Vinnie panted, his ass twitching around Throttle's cock. "We're gonna get out of the shower, and go to bed. I want to do this properly, for you."

The tawny mouse didn't even try to figure out what he meant. His brain caught the just of the 'not now' and he pulled out, shuddering slightly in both the pleasure that came from his cock and the pain that came from his brain.

"All right," he murmured with a low breath, nuzzling Vinnie's neck and not completely able to stop the rush of relief at parting.

"Hey," Vinnie murmured as he twisted round to face him. "That was really, really hot and I loved it, but you don't have to push yourself into anything. I told you it was Okay to go slow."

"I can't understand how that could feel good for you," he murmured softly, brushing his fingers along Vinnie's jaw. "I trust you that it does though."

"You were incredible," Vinnie nodded, "And if you still want to tonight then we'll do it, a bit more gently. But you don't have to."

"I know," he murmured with a nod, his fingers trailing down the white jaw and neck very lightly before leaning forward for a long, tender kiss. "I want you to feel good, give you want you enjoy."

"You do," Vinnie said softly, stepping back out of the shower. "And at some point you will that way too, but I'll enjoy it more if you enjoy it too. C'mon, we'll get dried off."

Throttle simply nodded and willingly followed Vinnie's lead, his momentary rush of wanting to dominate him well gone as he grabbed the large towel handed to him.

"I can't believe I just did that," Vinnie chuckles softly. "It seemed like you were about to ride me raw."

"I would have," he said softly, moving close to his Bro. "If you kept reacting like that. It's intoxicating in it's way."

"Another time," the white mouse promised, "Or several if I'm lucky. You probably figured out it's a big turn on."

"Yeah, I caught that much," he chuckled softly and worked on getting the water from his fur. "I have to not think about what I'm doing to pull it off."

"I think that'll change," Vinnie said softly, stepping closer. "Just give it some time."

"I will," he smiled fractionally and took advantage of the closeness to pull Vinnie against him for a long, explorative kiss. "You ... make me feel like I never have before." He murmured, trying to explain something he didn't even remotely get.

"Tell me about it, big boy," Vinnie chuckled softly. "I mean, I've slept with a ton of guys, mice and humans, but with you it's different."

"I'll never leave you," Throttle murmured. "You're my Bro, first, last, and no matter what. There aren't many I could let this close."

"I know," Vinnie replied softly. "Thanks for letting me be the one to show you all this. I ... it just seems right."

"Yes, and probably the only one that could walk in on me on Javeron and not have me vanish." He shook his head. "And take advantage of my state."

"Me take advantage?" Vinnie chuckled softly. "Well, I didn't mind that's for sure. You didn't seem to mind either."

"No," he murmured, shaking his head. "Even if it's not something anyone would have pulled off when I'm sober. As much as I know you enjoyed it, it's a pretty disturbing memory."

"It's Okay Throttle, you didn't do anything I didn't want you to and you even asked me beforehand." Vinnie let his fingers trail down the side of Throttle's neck. "Now, should we get back to the couch?"

"Sounds good, see what you think an educational video is," he cocked a smirking grin.

"Well it's sure as hell not discovery channel," Vinnie smirked.

"You have a warped sense of humor, Bro." Throttle laughed, shaking his head as he hung the towel up. "Go get the tape, I'll be waiting for you."

"Sure thing," Vinnie nodded, turning and heading back toward his bedroom ... their bedroom now. He was down in the lounge room a few minutes later with an unlabeled video tape that he slipped into the player.

"Now keep in mind some of these guys are really something else," Vinnie said as he settled in with Throttle. "You don't have to be a professional performer."

"You have no idea just how weird that wounds, Bro." Throttle chuckled softly, his eyes on the TV in a mixture of uncertainty and curiosity.

"I just don't want to freak you out too much," Vinnie said, hoping he was being reassuring. The tape began with a few amateurish slides of credits, then wasted no time getting into it. The very first shot was a tight close up of a pair of lips, a cock plunging through them again and again. Slowly the camera drew back so the rest of the two men became visible.

Vinnie felt the horrified revulsion slam through Throttle's body before the mouse could control it, a reaction that was clearly as grounded in Throttle's psyche as arousal at the sight was to him.

"Hey, what's up?" Vinnie asked softly, drawing his fingers through Throttle's fur, a distraction the tawny mouse clearly welcomed as he focused on the warm body against him and not those on the screen.

"I ... I don't see this the way you do," he said softly, not even able to contemplate the alternative.

"Okay, uhhhhh, talk to me. Tell me what's wrong."

"I don't see ... the consent, I guess." He murmured, making a notable effort not to watch. "It looks like what happened in the camps, not ... what you did to me."

The tan mouse could see comprehension dawning across Vinnie's face. "Oh Throttle, damnit," he fumbled for the remote control and shut the tape off. "I didn't even think ... I'm sorry."

"It's okay, Bro." He swallowed and relaxed with a breath of relief as the background noise and disturbing visions disappeared. "I know I ... don't take things quite normal."

"It's not your fault," Vinnie said softly, "But it's kinda hard to explain how you're wrong. I mean that just now was ... completely normal. Not even forceful really."

"Bro, I know. I just don't see it." He shook his head slightly. "With you I can feel, smell, taste that you want it. I trust you. It's not something ... it's hard to watch without that kind of ... I can't assume the consent."

"Well that's ... that makes things a bit harder. None of these videos deal with that because, basically, they're for guys to whack off to and the sooner they get to the action the better." Vinnie was utterly frank.

"You know what they do, right?" Throttle asked, his voice soft and the fingers on Vinnie's chin gentle.

"Yeah, sure," Vinnie tried not to chuckle too much. "I just thought it'd be easier if you was it on the screen."

"So now we know it's not," he murmured and pulled his Bro close for a light kiss. "It just leaves it up to you to show me."

"Yeah, I guess so," Vinnie nodded, watching something indefinable flow across Throttle's face as the tawny mouth thought; weighing desires, fears, trust and simple anger that he'd allowed the camps and war to win without realizing it.

The silence held for a long time as Throttle struggled to put words to what he wanted.

"Tonight ... I want you to take me," he finally said very softly, utterly serious and sure of his words. "Show me what you know."

"You're absolutely certain?" Vinnie asked softly, his finger brushing Throttle's cheek.


It was all that was needed, and it carried the full certainty that Throttle possessed within himself, that same sure determined fire that had seen them all through the war time and time again.

"Okay," Vinnie nodded, kissing the other mouse softly. "I'll be gentle, I promise."

"I know," he smiled, pulling the white mouse close against him, content to let the silent tenderness that had happened remain for as long as it could.

Vinnie was lying on the bed when Throttle can in from the bathroom, the covers thrown off to one side. "C'mon," he said softly, reaching out one hand toward the other mouse. "I'm glad it's still nice and warm."

"I think you could keep us warm, even if it was freezing out," Throttle chuckled with a light, nervous smile and knelt on the bed to accept Vinnie's hand, and surrender control of the evening to him.

"Probably," the white mouse admitted, a little smirk gracing his lips as his hands ran down along the strong planes of Throttle's body. "You're gonna be fine, I promise. If I go too quick for you just say so."

"All right," he nodded, relaxing as he accepted this touch as a trusted one. "I trust you," he murmured, leaning forward to kiss him. The kiss was soft and tender, and drawn out by both mice for as long as they could. Vinnie smiled as he drew back, the looped an arm around Throttle's waist and drew him down onto the bed, gently encouraging him to rest with his back against the white mouse's chest.

Against all experience, he found Throttle completely willing to let him lean and settled easily into the position, the only tension coming from not being familiar with what would be happening next.

"It's Okay," Vinnie murmured softly as his hands ran along Throttle's arms and chest. "We'll just take it slow." The white mouse's body was a warm, solid presence behind his bro, curled in around him slightly as his slow explorations continued and Throttle relaxed, his body gradually responding to the touch.

As he stopped thinking about what was coming, Throttle's body responded in a mixture of what came naturally and what he'd been trained to do. He didn't really register when his arms stretched over his head and his body shifted subtly to accept bonds that weren't there.

Vinnie, now that he knew what to watch for, did. Still taking care to move slowly and gently the white mouse took hold of each arm and drew it back down to Throttle's body again, kissing the other mouse softly with each one. One hand slipped down to the tan-furred sheath, slowly encouraging it to fullness just as he had earlier that morning and found his lover only slightly slower to respond.

With the arousal and soft moans Throttle did as the gentle directions indicated, easily and willingly compliant to the gentle touch that none before had treated him to. Despite the traces of confusion in his mind and instincts, there was little doubting the honesty of his reactions, including the light mixture of fear, uneasy anticipation and expectation in the predominantly trusting and desire-rich scent drifting to Vinnie's nose.

"You feeling Okay?" Vinnie asked softly, reaching past Throttle with his other hand to take up a small tube from the nightstand.

"Yes," he murmured with a nod, his eyes catching the movement and watching it curiously, though his body remained relaxed.

"All right," Vinnie murmured softly, shifting slightly so that his body didn't rest directly against Throttle's ass. "I'm going to touch you know, it'll be a little cold." There was a slight pause and then a very light, slick touch underneath Throttle's tail.

Vinnie felt the reflexive tension of a body that didn't want this, one of Throttle's hands bunching into a fist in the sheets before he found the place in his mind where he could accept this as an okay thing and still be aware.

"Okay," his voice was a little shaky, but he calmed down fairly quickly until his breath came easy and level. "I'm okay."

Vinnie gave his Bro a searching look and saw the internal battle that only experience would change. He continued on without comment, his hands working at both Throttle's groin and his ass, maintaining the tawny mouse's arousal with little difficulty despite the confusion Throttle showed with the touch under his tail.

Slowly the touch behind him became a little firmer, and then a little more. Vinnie spent plenty of time spreading the gel across Throttle's entrance, wanting to get him used to the touch as much as to make sure he was well slicked. It was a tactic that clearly worked, because by the time he made the first gentle press of one fingertip inside his Bro there was little negative reaction to it, though the curious sound that came out with Throttle next murmuring moan from the attention to his sheath said well enough that the intrusion hadn't gone unnoticed by his mind, it wasn't reacted to nearly as bad as it may have been.

Vinnie added more of the lube to his finger before slipping it through into Throttle again, drawing it back and forward slowly to spread the thick soothing gel across his insides as well. "I'm going to use another finger now," now murmured softly as he pressed a second finger against the tight ring of muscle to join the first.

The additional stretching drew a soft whimper, though it was one of uncertain confusion more than pain as Throttle took the time to settle his breathing and relax most of his body in a strange mixture of focusing on his ass, and not wanting too very badly.

If Vinnie'd ever had any doubts of his Bro's near-virgin condition, the tightness and confused, reflexive flexing of his ass trying to do something with the intrusion that insisted on staying was more than enough to remind him just what he was dealing with.

"It's okay," he murmured softly by Throttle's ear, adjusting the hand on his Bro's cock so that the strokes matched the intrusion into his ass. "It's better off this way, you won't be so sore later. I know it feels strange, but you'll get used to it."

"Not sore is good," he manage a weak chuckle, though that encouraged his ass to try to expel the intruder a little harder for a couple twitches before he got his body to relax again and his breathing leveled out to half calm, half aroused. "Weird is definitely a good description of it," he murmured absently.

"I don't think we want Modo or Charley asking why you're walking funny when they get back," Vinnie joked softly, working his fingers slowing back and forward through the tight muscle. He lifted his hand off Throttle's cock long enough to guide one of the tan mouse's own hand up behind his head to Vinnie's antennae, and then set it back. "I'm going to use a third finger," he warned softly, "and that'll be it."

"No, it's going to be enough as is to explain," he chuckled, then drew a sharp breath as the third finger entered him, taking significantly longer than before to accept it an relax enough to coordinate himself enough to gently begin to finger Vinnie's antennae, stroking it in a reasonable match to the rhythm Vinnie had set.

He could hear the effect of even that uncertain touch in Vinnie's breath by his ear, though the smooth back and forward motion of the fingers inside him didn't so much as tremble. Eventually the white mouse drew his fingers back out of Throttle's body, reaching past him again to wipe them against a hand towel on the nightstand. He let he hand rest on the curve of the other mouse's ass as he leaned closer to kiss his cheek, his body shifting close again so Throttle could feel the warm swelling of his sheath against his buttocks.

"How are you feeling?"

It was several loud, shallow breaths for Throttle to find his voice enough to answer, and even then it was only just audible.


"I'm not going to hurt you Throttle," Vinnie said softly, his fingers stroking through the tan fur. "I won't do this if you don't want me to."

"I know," he caught the spiraling emotions and calmed himself down slowly, but it happened. "I known, Vinnie." He murmured, gently running his fingers along the mouse's antennae. "I want you to. Now."

The white mouse nodded, taking hold of Throttle's hip as he shifted himself into a position that brought the head of his cock in against Throttle's entrance. "It's gonna be all right," the white mouse murmured, his touch on Throttle's cock never faltering even as he pressed his hips forward and opened the other mouse up.

Despite not a sound escaping Throttle's throat, and this his hand never faltered in pleasuring the white mouse or react badly to the intrusion, just how scared he was showed in his free hand as it clutched the sheets, nearly tearing them before he managed to settle himself and relax into accepting this with little more than a soft whimper that marked each breath.

"Hey, c'mon, it's all right," Vinnie whispered softly, punctuating the gap between each word with a gentle kiss. He sank smoothly into Throttle's body, the effort spent stretching him clearly not in vain, and soon they were resting against each other, hip to hip with Vinnie completely buried inside his Bro. "That's it," he murmured, "I'm in you now."

A slow, disoriented nod was little rally all Throttle could manage for some time, but gradually his body and mind accepted this state of affairs and he relaxed almost completely.

Vinnie rested inside Throttle for a moment, the twitching of the mouse's ass as it tried to expel him mire than distracting enough for the moment, and his concern for him over-riding everything else. "Throttle?" He gave his bro's cock a gentle squeeze. "Say something."

"Feels very strange," he murmured softly, leaning back against the strong body taking care of him. "Not good or bad, just ... odd."

"It'll get to feeling good," Vinnie promised him softly. "I just wanted to make sure you were all right."

"I am," he assured him as a deep breath rushed from his lungs in relief. "Definitely all right."

"You've got one hot ass Throttle," Vinnie murmured as he began to shift his hips back and forth, gentle shallow thrusts to begin with that had little effect on his lover, good or bad.

Slowly Vinnie increased the strength of his thrusts, watching Throttle closely to gauge the tan mouse's reaction. It wasn't a particularly difficult task, for this once, Throttle was clearly being honest in his reactions, and lack of them.

At seemingly random points, Vinnie could feel a slightly sharper breath sucked in that was quickly relaxed, and Throttle never stopped stroking the white mouse's antennae, but neither did he start to do more than tolerate what was happening to him.

Despite his concern for the tan mouse there was only so much that he was albe to hold back with Throttle's hands on his antennae and his warm tight ass wrapped around his cock. Before long his cock was twitching and drooling precum into his Bro as his hips bucked back and forth.

"Relax, Bro." Throttle's voice was soft and fairly relaxed, a good match for his body. "Let it happen."

Even if Vinnie had wanted to do otherwise he wouldn't be able to hold back. He gave a long, loud moan and pushed him self deep into Throttle's body as his balls emptied themselves out into the warm passage.

Even with the pleasure of his orgasm rushing through him, he never completely lost track of what was happening to his Bro, who was relaxed, accepting, but clearly not enjoying it beyond the desire to please his mate.

The moment past and Vinnie lay limp against Throttle's back, his fingers stroking him softly. "Well that was ... interesting," the white mouse murmured softly.

"Yes," Throttle smiled slightly, relaxing further in the white mouse's embrace before drawing one of Vinnie's hands up to kiss the fingers gently. "Not bad at all."

"Didn't rock your world though," Vinnie smirked. "The point is we're both supposed to have a good time."

"It's still a serious improvement over what I ... was expecting." He said softly, stroking Vinnie's fingers gently. "It really wasn't bad."

"Well, that's a start I suppose," Vinnie said softly, closing his arms tighter around Throttle's chest.

"Yes," he nodded a bit, and shifted. "Would you mind getting out of me?"

"Oh! Uh, sorry." Vinnie gently slid back out of Throttle, nuzzling him softly ans he came to rest beside him.

"It's okay, Bro," Throttle murmured gently and nuzzled him back before claiming a soft kiss.

"So, uh, what did you think?"

"It's not bad," he said gently.

"Well I've had better reviews," Vinnie chuckled softly.

"I'm sure you've had more eager before." He murmured, his ass twitching and flexing with the foreign sensations of the cum cooling and moving about in his body.

"Yeah, it was a bit weird," Vinnie admitted. "Usually people who don't like this sort of stuff just don't do it."

"Most probably don't try to silence their demons a little." Throttle chuckled uneasily as his tail tucked up under his balls to stop the dripping from his ass a little.

"I just ... I wanted you to like it. Even just a little bit."

"I'm sorry," he said softly and pulled Vinnie close. "I thought it went pretty well."

"It was okay, yeah," the white mouse nodded, settling in against the other mouse's chest. "Not really what I expected, I guess."

"What were you expecting?" He asked, gentle and curious.

"I dunno," the white mouse shrugged. "You just kinda lay there through it all. I suppose I was expecting you to be a little more enthusiastic, or responsive, or something."

"Oh," he murmured, stilling and a bit startled. "I've never been much for that, even when it's good."

"Really? I don't think I've ever met anyone like that."

"I'm still working on how someone could like having something shoved in their ass," he shrugged slightly. "Or how you could want to get high, for fun."

"Getting high is fun," Vinnie insisted gently, "At least it is for me. And you know I love getting my ass spread open. I'm kinda sorry you don't get that."

"I know," Throttle traced his fingers gently down Vinnie's jaw. "I was trying to make a point. We're going to have our differences, they don't have to be a problem."

"You're right," he nodded, "It just threw me a bit, that's all."

"Given how long you've been fantasizing about me, and how new this all is to me, there will probably be quite a few more times like this, when they don't match up." He nuzzled the white mouse gently. "Just do me a favor? For now, keep the drugs out of the time for us. I honestly don't mind you having that fun, just not with me for now."

Even the suggestion seemed to take the white mouse by surprise. "Throttle I would never make you take anything. Ever."

"I'm asking you not to take drugs when you're going to be with me Bro." He shook his head with a bemused chuckle. "Maybe sometime, but I'm not ready to deal with you like that again. And Bro," he tapped the white mouse's nose gently, "I'm the one who takes Javerin. I'm quite sure you wouldn't go near anything that I wouldn't consider if I knew things were going to be quiet."

"Hell, I wouldn't go near that stuff if you paid me," Vinnie said seriously, but graced Throttle with a grin. "Sure, I'll lay off the party pills for a while."

"Thanks," he smiled and kissed him gently. "You might be surprised what I'll do, under the right conditions."

"I bet I would," Vinnie nodded, lowering his head again to rest it against Throttle's chest. "I'm really glad you're here Throttle."

"So am I," he smiled and ran gentle fingers through white fur. "How can you not get hurt, without the prep you gave me?"

"A hell of a lot of practice," Vinnie chuckled softly. "I'm a lot more flexible than you are, at least down there."

"Oh," Throttle murmured, his hands drifted down Vinnie's body. "Makes sense, I guess. Do you still want ... to be ... urrr, taken?"

"You can say 'fucked' Throttle," Vinnie chuckled, "I don't mind, but I think for now we can just sleep together. It's kinda nice to have you here in my bed."

"I want to clean up first," he said softly. "It doesn't feel very good right now. Sticky."

"Sure thing," Vinnie said softly as he leaned in to kiss the other mouse. "Though you'll probably get clean quicker if I don't come with you."

"I'm not worried about speed," he smiled slightly and continued to trace his fingers over his lover's body. "And we didn't actually finish the last one."

Vinnie chuckled softly. "Surely the leader of the biker mice doesn't need help washing himself?"

"Does that mean he shouldn't want some help now and then?" Throttle almost purred teasingly as his tongue slipped out to tease one of the bright red antenna resting near his muzzle. "Or are you so worn out you can't play any more?"

"Mmmmmmm, I thought I was supposed to be the ass bandit around here," Vinnie smirked as he rolled out of bed under Throttle's calculating gaze.

He didn't get any warning at all when the tawny mouse suddenly moved on him and pulled him down on the bed to pin him with his ass in the air and the heavier mouse on top of him.

"I don't think so, Bro." Throttle rumbled in his ear hotly even as a tail snaked under Vinnie to tease the white sheath and balls.

Vinnie's initial cry of surprise gave way to a low moan as Throttle's tail touched him. He twisted and bucked under the hard body covering him, but his efforts seemed to do more to press himself against Throttle than they did to free him from his grip.

"You want to be fucked hard, don't you?" Throttle rumbled, rubbing himself against the hard body under his as his tongue drew one antenna into his mouth and his tail slipped into Vinnie's sheath to tease at the cockhead inside. "I can do that, fill you with my seed until you can't scream anymore."

Vinnie's moan didn't even try to form words, but the rapid swelling of his sheath and cock was a clear positive reaction that Throttle took as good enough. While his tail and mouth continued to work on Vinnie's sensitive parts, he shifted his grip so he could hold both of Vinnie's wrists in one hand and used the other to guide himself into the desperately willing body under him.

"You enjoy domination games, don't you Bro?" Throttle demanded throatily as he sank inside the trembling white mouse.

"Oh, oh yes," Vinnie gasped, although whether it was in response to the question or the long hard length of cock sinking into his body was impossible to tell.

"You get off on being helpless and fucked raw, don't you?" Throttle rumbled as he shifted his body to balance better while he returned both hands to controlling the mouse under him. "I can do that, I know those games."

"Yes," Vinnie gasped, "Gods yes, fuck me Throttle. Fuck me hard."

The tawny mouse simply didn't give himself time to think before he responded and his hips moved with instinctive force back by his body's strength. Even as he shoved the weirdness of this in the back of his brain over the incredible response he was getting, Throttle didn't forget his tail that wrapped around to squeeze and stroke Vinnie's cock, or the thick red antenna he lavished his mouth's attention on.

The attention dragged a long, raw moan out of Vinnie's chest, even as he pushed himself back onto Throttle's cock to take the other mouse even deeper into his warm, pulsing passage. The white mouse was entirely in Throttle's power as he took his ass, trembling as his cock pulsed and twitched with Throttle's tail wrapped around it.

Within the first few pounding minutes with Throttle pushing him over the edge once and showing no signs of cuming himself, Vinnie realized in a tiny corner of his mind that was not pleasure-saturated that inexperienced or not, this mouse was going to push him very hard indeed.

It was every bit as fantastic as he'd dreamed.

"Fuck me," he gasped over and over again as Throttle's cock speared into him. "Screw me like a real biker mouse."

The demand earned him exactly what he wanted. It wasn't the most violent or extended fucking he'd even experienced, but by the time Throttle howled his pleasure for the third time and slowed with shuddering gasps for air to sink forward against his Bro's back, the sheets were soaked with sweat and cum, and neither of them was capable of giving a damn.

Vinnie mumbled something incoherent as he struggled back towards consciousness, his arms and legs stretching and coming into unexpected contact with another body in the bed.

"What ..." he managed as he dragged himself up into a sitting position, rubbing his eyes for a few moments before he recognized Throttle beside him, and the changes of the last day or so registered in his mind.

"Morning sexy," he managed with a grin.

"Morning," Throttle smiled at him and set his book down to lean over and claim a heated, shameless kiss. "You are seriously ... sexy ... asleep, you know."

"No," Vinnie admitted fuzzily, still not entirely awake. "I didn't actually. Damn but you did a number on me last night."

"That was fun, really." He chuckled with a bemused shake of his head and pushed Vinnie to his back to move over him again to claim another kiss as his sheath swelled against the white body. "Strange, but it was good."

"It was straight out of my hottest wet dreams," Vinnie admitted with a smile as his hands ran over Throttle's body. "You liked it too?"

"Yeah, I did." He rumbled. "It was pretty hot."

"Great," Vinnie said with a grin, sealing his lips against Throttle's for another kiss. "At least there's one thing that gets us both going."

"You know how vocal you are when you're enjoying yourself?" Throttle asked seriously, his hands trailing through white fur.

"Yeah," Vinnie smirked. "I've got a pretty dirty mouth."

"That dirty mouth is what got you taken that hard," he smirked back. "It's hard to miss the fact you're enjoying yourself."

"Well maybe my mouth should pay you back for such a fantastic night," Vinnie grinned as his hands slid down below Throttle's waist and the obvious swelling between his legs.

"I think it can, at that." he grinned down at his new lover, though he held still, uncertain how to move for this offering.

Vinnie chuckled as he pressed Throttle back down onto his back, getting to his own hands and knees and nuzzled against his Bro's steadily thickening cock. He didn't spend so much time on the preliminaries this time, with the other mouse's shaft already thick and hard, instead taking it into his mouth and slowly sinking down onto it until his nose was pressed against the soft tawny fur of his groin.

"Oh, yeah," Throttle arched slightly into the contact ands spread his legs slightly as he thrust up eagerly.

Vinnie's tongue lapped across the head of he cock in his mouth as he began to bob his head up and down along the smooth greenish- pink flesh. One hand reached down to cradle Throttle's balls, rolling them back and forward across his fingers as the tawny mouse moaned, his body eager for release with a shameless interest he couldn't have mustered two days before.

Vinnie was only encouraged by the sound, taking the tan mouse's cock back into his throat and closing the muscles there around it with an expertise born of practice and eagerness pushed by the heated moaning and thrusts Throttle offered in return for his pleasure.

"Oh, gods ... ohhh," Throttle cried out as his body shuddered.

Vinnie's hand tightened around Throttle's balls to squeeze them gently as he unleashed all his talents on the thick spear of flesh his lips were wrapped around. He couldn't blow Throttle's mind quite the way the tan mouse had done to him the night before, but he was sure as hell going to give him a 'good morning' to remember.

He hadn't even gotten through his entire bag of oral tricks when his lover gave a moaning cry and thrust up hard to empty his balls into the mouth and throat that wanted it so much.

Vinnie made a wordless sound of appreciation as he swallowed spurt after spurt of seed. He took his time cleaning the clinging remains of it from Throttle's cock, doing a much more thorough job than was actually necessary as Throttle panted quietly, then began to rumble appreciatively of the extended contact.

"You are good at that."

"Now that's something I've heard before," the white mouse chuckled as he drew himself up to lie next to Throttle. "Like I said, I've had a lot of practice at making guys feel good."

"And apparently I've got a talent for you, when I stop worry about hurting you." He chuckled himself and cupped Vinnie's cheek before kissing him. "This is one reality shattering weekend."

"Tell me about it," Vinnie agreed softly as their lips parted. They lay together for a few moments, enjoying the warmth of each other's bodies before Vinnie sat up. "Damn but I need a shower."

"And breakfast," Throttle added with a chuckle. "So does my pretty boy want to shower alone?"

"Well that depends on whether we get any actual showering done," Vinnie smirked. "I'm still full of your cum from last night."

"So would a little more matter, before you get cleaned out?" Throttle rumbled and rolled over to straddle his lover, pinning him again. "Or maybe it can just wait until I figure out an idea I hand last night."

"Oh?" Vinnie asked, lifting his arms up above his head to show of his muscular frame, and didn't miss the glint of desire that display flared in his new lover. "What idea's that?"

Throttle hesitated, despite the obvious effects the thought was having on him. "Having you helpless, with my hands free." He said softly, unsure if he liked the idea even if it was intensely hot in his minds eye.

"Tying me up, you mean?"

"Yes," he murmured, his voice thick even though his expression was hesitant.

"Throttle," Vinnie said softly, reaching up with one hand to touch the other mouse's cheek. "You are not going to hurt me. And ... and there are spring lock handcuffs in the garage. Maybe after lunch we can try some things."

"There are?" He frowned down at the white mouse, trying to remember seeing them before, and then gave up as irrelevant. "Are you sure?" He asked softly, utterly intense.

"Fully," Vinnie nodded, "A couple of other things that can be useful too."

"Something else you've tried already, isn't it?" Throttle murmured. "You already know."

"Well it definitely won't be the first time, let me put it that way," the white mouse replied.

"Good," he finally said softly and leaned forward to kiss him. "Shower, lunch, and see if this works for us."

"Breakfast should probably happen in there some time too," Vinnie chuckled softly.

"All right, breakfast," Throttle smirked. "Even if it is after ten already."

"So it'll have to be a quick shower," Vinnie nodded. "Pick out a movie while I'm cleaning up?"

"Sure, Bro." He chuckled softly and nuzzled him before getting up.

Vinnie was clean and fresh but still naked as he came down the stairs and into the living room. "Food, a movie, and a hot mouse. It doesn't get any better than that," he said with a grin. "What're we watching this morning?"

"James Bond," Throttle chuckled at him, sprawled out on the couch and equally bare.

"Oooh, shaken not stirred," the white mouse chucked, dropping a pair of pop tarts into the toaster.

"Action, explosions, fast cars, cute girls," Throttle chuckled back. "Everything you like, in a movie except monsters."

"Except, maybe, hot guys on bikes but I don't need to go to the movies for those anymore," Vinnie leaned back on the bench as he waited for his breakfast to pop up again.

"I'm sure the kind in the fur are much more fun, too." Throttle laughed.

"Oh yeah, especially the buff biker kind," Vinnie gave him a smoldering look as he transferred the pastries onto a plate, sucked the tips of his scaled fingers and came over to sit on the couch.

"Ah, did my poor pretty boy hurt himself?" He murred teasingly and moved over to lick the fingertips gently.

"Well they're hot," Vinnie managed in his defense, wiggling his fingers a little as Throttle's tongue lapped across them.

Both mice froze at the sound of a bike in the garage followed, the door between the garage and living areas opening and closing. Modo entered wearing a heavy black leather jacket with tasteful chrome accessories, that neither of the other Mice could claim to be familiar with. "Hi guys." He waved as he went past them, and up the stairs, oblivious to what he'd just passed.

Vinnie's eyes widened, paralyzed for a moment, then turning to Throttle as the grey mouse went upstairs.

"Did he just ..."

"Yes," Throttle's entire relaxed demeanor shattered, his body tightened to bolt when he caught sight of Modo coming back down, carrying a duffel bag, and stopped.

"Oh, guys I'm going..." He stopped in stunned silence as he took in the two naked Mice on the couch together. There was a brief but tense silence, before he finished. "out. I'm going out." He said rather stiffly, before exiting the way he'd come in. The last thing either mouse saw was a distinctly agitated tail.

"Well I guess there's not point in trying to hide it now," Vinnie sighed, leaning back into the couch, even as he caught the reality that Throttle was definitely not accepting this so easily. The tawny mouse still looked like he wanted to bolt, without a place to bolt to.

"Hey," he said softly as he looped on arm around the mouse to draw him close. After a moment of complete panic, Throttle went nearly limp and let him guide the moment. "They were gonna find out sooner or later."

"Not like ... haven't seen him that upset." He managed, still badly shaken inside.

"Yeah, he looked pretty pissed," Vinnie admitted as Throttle pulled himself away gently and too his feet.

"I'll be back when I'm dressed." He said softly, his tail wound around his leg in an unconscious gesture of extreme distress. "You too."

"You're right," Vinnie nodded, standing and extending a hand to his Bro. "If Modo's back then Charley probably isn't too far behind."

"Hope she takes it better, with us dressed," Throttle swallowed with difficulty as he contemplated the suddenly real possibility this could tear the team apart. "Or just do something upstairs, not get walked in on again."

"She'd come looking for us," Vinnie pointed out gently. "And Modo would have too. It'll be okay Throttle, we'll figure this all out somehow."

He nodded and headed upstairs, mentally not in any shape to challenge the statement as his world focused down to what needed to happen next. And that was to get dressed.

Vinnie followed, more shaken by Throttle's reaction than Modo's, though he tried hard not to show it. He got his jeans on in record time, and caught Throttle as he was pulling his boots on with the open leather vest and two red bandanas laying next to him on the bed, clearly next to go on.

"Here," Vinnie said softly, taking up the vest and slipping it over the tan mouse's shoulders.

"Thanks," he murmured softly, clearly still badly rattled and trying his best to not let it show as he tied on the smaller bandana on his wrist, fingering it as it settled easily into place. "I ... I didn't think he'd find it so ... disagreeable." Throttle whispered as he leaned against his white Bro. "I didn't think he was like that."

"Must have been a bit of a shock," Vinnie replied softly, looping his arms around Throttle's waist and resting against his back. "Maybe he'll have calmed down by the time he gets back."

"I hope so," he managed a completely out of place small smile and shifted to pull Vinnie against his chest and laid down.

"What do you want to tell them?" Vinnie asked softly.

"As much of the truth as they want," he answered simply, very much at ease with that much. "This isn't something to hide from our Bros. I was just expecting a more controlled way to tell them both."

"That's not quite what I meant," Vinnie chuckled, "I don't think we'd be able to keep it a secret even if we wanted to. Not for long anyway. There are some details we're allowed to keep private though."

"What do you want to keep to ourselves?" He murmured with gentle fingers through white fur. "I'll tell what I need to, for them to accept this."

"Details, basically, and they may well not even want to know anyway," Vinnie admitted. "I want them to understand about this too, but I think if we get to the point we're repeating the things I said while you were slamming into my ass then things have definitely gone too far."

"Urr, yeah," Throttle stilled, obviously startled by the idea. "I guess I was thinking more of the fact that we were both pretty high when this started, or that it was as sudden as it looked." He chuckled with a strange sound to it. "Details I'm not going to add at first, but if they need to know how, or why now, so be it. They learn."

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Vinnie asked softly. "I mean, for me it's not such a big deal but if you think Modo's upset now you just wait 'till he hears you were topped up on Javeron."

"A good idea, no." He sighed and shook his head. "I'd whack both of you hard if I heard you'd done something like this the way we have. But I never intended to keep my Javeron use a secret, I just don't use it much and I'm careful about when. But if either of them demands to know, it's a truth they get."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Vinnie sighed softly. "I just hope all fuck doesn't break loose."

"Might be a little late for that already," he let a low breath out and suddenly shifted out from under his new mate to close and lock the door to his room, taking an extra moment to make it a little harder to open without warning. "But it happened, and we have to deal with it."

"Modo's a sensible guy," Vinnie replied as Throttle settled back on the bed and pulled him close. "Probably the most sensible guy I know. Once the shock wears off it'll be all right."

"I keep thinking I should go after him," he sighed, hugging his Bro close. "But he's obviously got friends, that maybe can calm him down faster than I can."

"Would you even know where to look?" Vinnie asked softly.

"I'm sure he's riding Lil Darln'. Lady can track her."

"I guess, if you think you should," Vinnie said uneasily. "I think I can manage Charley if she shows up, but I sure as hell wouldn't want to face Modo on my own."

"Not right now at least," he agreed quietly, trying to relax in the minimal security of a locked door.

"So we'll wait until he gets back, and then try to explain together."

"Something like that," he said softly, his fingers moving absently through dense white fur. "Can't really blame him for being completely thrown by this, at least. We're a pretty unlikely think to happen."

"Even I never really thought it'd happen," Vinnie agreed. "But I'm sure glad it did."

"It has been good," he smiled and gently stroked his Bro's fur. "Very good. Need better locks on the door though."

Vinnie chuckled softly, catching Throttle's lips against his own for a brief kiss. "That's easy enough to fix though."

"Yeah, something neither of them can pick in under five minutes." He rumbled. "There is no way I'd survive one of them walking in when we were trying something ... new."

Vinnie chuckled softly, reaching down to squeeze the other mouse's groin through his jeans. "I don't think they're gonna be in a hurry to break in on us, but I guess it couldn't hurt."

"For my peace of mind," he murmured. "It's hard enough sometimes without thinking of being watched."

"I'm not really keen on the idea of being walked in on myself," Vinnie agreed. "Might want to look at some soundproofing too."

"Oh, gods," he could feel the tawny mouse stiffen in shock at the thought of what would get out without it. "I ... this is not one of my better thought out choices." He eventually admitted.

Vinnie laughed and squeezed Throttle gently in his arms. "It's okay Bro, this sort of thing isn't supposed to be carefully thought out. You just go with your gut feeling and clean up the mess afterwards."

"And we did make a mess, mostly in your room," he chuckled softly and tipped Vinnie's muzzle up for a kiss. "Definitely a weekend that needs to not be analyzed too much."

"I don't think so, no. We both had a good time and that's what counts."

"It ... it's more than just fun for you, right?" Throttle suddenly asked in a burst of completely insecurity.

"I didn't mean it that way Throttle," Vinnie said with a nuzzle and was quickly pulled tight against the tawny chest as Throttle relaxed a bit. "Of course it's more than that."

"This is a hell of a lot harder to bluff competence on," he eventually chuckled weakly.

"You won't be bluffing long," Vinnie smirked. "I'll make sure you get plenty of experience."

"And enjoy almost every moment of it, no doubt." He smirked back. "Maybe get back to those cuffs you mentioned earlier."

"Probably not until after we deal with Modo. There probably aren't many ways we can make things worse, but that would be one."

"Probably true," he chuckled nervously and wrapped his tail tightly around his Bro. "I don't remember ever being this rattled by something."

"It'll be all right," Vinnie said softly, holding Throttle close and was held tightly in return. "You'll see."

"Guys!" Charley's voice echoed through the strangely empty and quiet garage-house. She quickly found a place to put the pizzas and DVD cases she was carrying as she noticed the movie still playing on the TV and half eaten pop tarts, but no mice anywhere to be seen.,

"Up here Charley-girl." Vinnie's voice was unusually subdued as he appeared at the top of the stairs.

"Something happen?" Her voice was all concern as she all but ran to him. "Is everyone okay?"

"Something did happen yeah," Vinnie nodded, "We're just a little rattled, no real harm."

"What?" Her focus shifted from the abnormally subdued Vinnie to the downright unsettled Throttle and back again. "Where's Modo?"

"We're not sure." Vinnie shook his head slowly and waved her back down the stairs. "C'mon, we better sit down."

"It's not bad," Throttle finally spoke up as she complied, never taking worried eyes off them. "Honest. Just ... really unexpected."

"Okay," she said quietly. "Tell me slowly over pizza?"

"Yeah," Vinnie nodded as she recovered the pile of large pizza boxes and set them down on the kitchen table while Throttle gathered glasses, plates and the soda. "We could do with the meal."

She kept her mouth shut through force of will alone until everyone had a full slice of pizza in their stomach and things were at a slightly less than starved pass for the mice.

"Okay, guys. What happened?" She asked with focused worry and concern for them.

"Well, the short version is that it's been an eventful weekend for us, and Modo came back early and saw something he wasn't ready for," Vinnie said, trying to get the big picture in place before Charley got too distracted by just what had been going on. "So no-one's hurt, we're all just a little surprised."

"Okay," she nodded warily, speaking very slowly. "What did he see?"

"Vinnie and me on the couch," Throttle said quietly, though without any uncertainty.

"And?" She glanced between the pair, knowing for sure she was going to hear something she probably wasn't prepared for either.

"Throttle and I are ... together," Vinnie said, hoping Charley would catch on and he wouldn't have to fill in too graphically. "And we weren't expecting company."

She blinked several times, looking between the pair until Throttle nodded slightly, despite his focus on the pizza.

"And you weren't particularly decent right at that moment, were you?" She asked softly.

"Well it could have been worse, but not by a whole lot."

"Oh," she nodded quietly, allowing things to settle into silence as she digested the information and what it meant.

"Modo just took off," Vinnie filled in as he took another slice of pizza. "Not the way we'd meant for him to find out."

"He'll probably be back, after he's had a while to deal with what he saw," Charley nodded slightly. "It's a serious shock."

"That's what we figure," the white mouse nodded as things fell silent again for a while.

Around her third piece of pizza, Charley looked up at the still uneasy pair and smiled softly. "I can't say I'd ever have expected it, but congratulations."

"Thanks," Vinnie said, breaking into a smile as tension visibly drained from Throttle's frame. "To be honest we weren't really expecting it either."

"Yeah, thanks, Sis." He smiled at her and extended his tail to brush her cheek.

"At least I don't have to worry about you two objecting to a couple important friends of mine being gay." She chuckled as the tension melted from the room.

"Ah, no. No danger of that here." Vinnie chuckled.

"Why do I get the feeling how you two ended up indecent on the couch is a hell of a story?" She shook her head in bemusement. "Life at least is never dull around you guys."

That made Vinnie laugh as he went for more pizza, and Throttle chuckled nervously.

"That it was," he shook his head.

"So what do you two think of going out with that couple and me tonight?" She asked almost casually.

"I don't think we should go anywhere until things are square with Modo," Vinnie replied seriously.

"Okay," she nodded understandingly. "I'll crash elsewhere for a couple days," she said as much as offered. "At least until we can arrange something a little more appropriate."

"Thanks, Charley." Throttle said softly with a slight smile for her.

"Yeah, thanks," Vinnie echoed him.

Charley wasn't gone half an hour before Throttle cautiously nuzzled his mate's attention away from the new release they were watching.

"I'm ready to head up to bed, if you are." He murmured softly, clearly with something else on his mind too.

"I guess we could finish watching the movie tomorrow," Vinnie said with a smirk.

"Good, I have something special in mind," he murmured throatily and leaned close to his Bro to nuzzle him with a light lick on the throat. "Involving those cuffs, or a little rope."

"Ohhhhhh, tell me more, big boy."

"I want you to tie me up, and blow my mind." He rumbled as much in dare as desire.

Vinnie blinked, then a sly grin spread across his face. "Well, not what I was expecting but it could be a hell of a lot of fun."

"And prove a point to the part of me that only listens to experience," Throttle said seriously with another kiss. "You'll get your turn."

"Oh I bet I will, from the way you were last night," Vinnie chucked softly.

"Yeah," he ducked his head against the white neck, still more than a little uncertain about that desire.

"Hey c'mon," Vinnie chuckled, one hand reaching up behind Throttle to massage the base of one antenna, making the tawny mouse moan and shudder down his entire muscular frame. "You know I like it."

"I'm getting there," he moaned softly. "It's more convincing myself it's not wrong for me to want to do that."

"It's only wrong if you to it to someone who isn't going for it," Vinnie told him. "It's not rape if I asked you to."

Despite flinching slightly at the words, Throttle nodded. "And you enjoy it."

"You've seen me, heard me," Vinnie said, his voice dropping to a more seductive tone that had a very noticeable effect on his Bro. "Felt me cum as you nail me with that fantastic cock of yours. You know I like it."

"Yes, I have," he rumbled throatily in return and all but pulled Vinnie off the couch. "Now let's move this to a little more private place."

"I'll just grab the cuffs," Vinnie chuckled. "Your room or mine?"

The tawny mouse paused slightly, before grabbing a quick kiss. "Mine."

"One minute," Vinnie promised. "I'll see you there."

Throttle nodded and watched him dart into the garage before heading upstairs. He hesitated about taking his vest off, but in the end he let it fall his shoulders as he entered his room, and let himself indulge in the foreign sensation of feeling desirably sexy as the worn leather fell away.

He was startled for a moment when an arm reached around to grab his crotch, but Vinnie's voice in his ear a moment later calmed him. "With a body like that you could make a million stripping."

"I'd rather have just one, who wanted just me." He murmured, allowing his body to lean back in surrendering control of everything to his lover.

"You're a lucky boy then," Vinnie murmured as he lowered his mouth to Throttle's neck, kissing it softly.

"I know."

"What do you want tonight?" Vinnie asked softly. "Tell me."

"I want my trust proved right," Throttle murmured simply.

"That's really not what I meant," Vinnie said, though Throttle could all but hear the smirk.

"I know, Bro," he said softly, wishing he could close his eyes. "It's all I know to tell you."

"All right then," Vinnie murmured. "Get on the bed, don't take your jeans off." He watched his new lover move with a little more sensuality than he'd noticed before as the tawny mouse did as instructed, and then stretched out invitingly with his arms relaxed over his head and one knee raised as he watched the white mouse in return.

"Gods but you're hot," Vinnie almost purred as he approached, standing beside the bed as he closed the cuffs around Throttle's wrists. "How's that? Comfortable?"

Despite the tension Vinnie could feel as the restraints closed, Throttle nodded, and slowly his body followed suit. He sat down of the bed and slowly untied the bandanna from around Throttle's wrist. Moving very slowly and carefully, aware how touchy Throttle was about the subject, he lifted it up towards Throttle's face.

"Can I?"

There was a moment of complete silence as the words were possessed into what the white mouse was actually asking to do, and then Vinnie saw what his Bro had never allowed to be visible in the camps: raw terror that nearly broke the handcuff's chain before the information pass from realization to comprehension.

He sat there, completely still while the moment passed and Throttle regained control, though the tawny mouse was trembling for a long time as he fought himself for the answer. Finally, he stilled and bunched muscles began to unknot while his breath settled again.

"Yes," his voice was steady; betraying nothing of the war it took to get there.

"Yes?" Vinnie repeated incredulously. "After all that ... yes?"

"Yes, you can blindfold me," Throttle's voice was soft and held only a small trace of the fear that his body no longer betrayed.

Vinnie didn't know how to reply to that. "I'm not sure I should anymore," he confessed.

"Why?" He glanced at his lover, curious more than anything.

"After what I just saw? Fuck Throttle, it's supposed to be fun."

That earned him a very strange look from his Bro, before Throttle nodded slowly in comprehension. "It might be a while before I see things that way."

"I just ... sometimes it makes it better, when you can't tell what's going on, what's going to happen. Like it's a surprise. I guess I forgot it doesn't really work that way for you."

"Maybe sometime it will be," he said softly, snaking his tail up to caress Vinnie's cheek. "Right now is about doing what's hard, and feeling good for it." He tried to explain. "Trusting you to do anything, and making it feel good."

Vinnie nodded, looking down at the red cloth in his hands. "You really trust me that much?"

"Yes," he nodded, though there was no missing it was a difficult thing for him to commit to.

Vinnie turned back toward him and lifted the bandanna again. He slipped Throttle's ever-present shades away, but averted his eyes and avoided looking at what was beneath until the bandanna covered Throttle's face. His fingers and ears reading the intensity of trust it took to overcome this moment as he knotted it securely, then pressed the shades into one of Throttle's hands as the bound mouse sought to control his breathing.

"They're just here," he murmured softly as some measure of real control returned to his lover and the magnificent body relaxed again. "I'm not going to hurt you Throttle. You'll be just fine."

"I know, Vinnie." He answered, assuring his mate more than himself with the steadiness of his voice. "I know you'll make this more than just fine."

The white mouse nodded, lifting himself up to straddle Throttle's hips and taking a moment to look at the hunky bound mouse that as offering him so much. Then he leaned forward and pressed his lips against Throttle's in a hungry, demanding kiss that was returned just as heatedly after a moment's disorientation. When they finally parted both mice were left breathless and eager for more.

Vinnie smiled as he leaned back then set his mouth against Throttle's chest, starting at his breastbone and laying a series of slow soft kisses out along the curve of the muscle. Every time he touch a new place muscles tensed under the contact from a lifetime of expecting pain from it, only to relax a second later as the pain not only didn't come, but the touch brought light pleasure.

"Someday I'm gonna have you trussed up like this and I'm gonna make you cum in your pants," the white mouse said softly. "That'd be so hot." He kisses his way around the smooth curve until he came to the nipple, sealing his lips around it and teasing the bud of flesh with the tip of his tongue.

While his words garnered no answer, his attention to the bare skin definitely did and Throttle moaned very softly, his body squirming unconsciously as things began to feel good.

"Mmmmm, yeah you like that," Vinnie murmured as he lifted his head and shifted to the other nipple, rolling the one he'd just left between the thumb and forefinger of one hand. It wasn't long before he heard the first gasp of pleasure and a few small whimpers that had nothing to do with the blindness or being bound, but the tender attentions of the mouse he trusted to do it.

Vinnie took his time playing with the nipple this time, flicking the tip of his tongue across it, kissing it, rolling it gently against the hard ridge of his teeth. His free hand slipped down into Throttle's crotch, gently rubbing at the sheath his jeans concealed.

A low moan nearly became a gasp as Throttle's body arched, trying to push both his hips and chest against the pleasuring contact. "Bro ... please ...." he pushed up harder against the hand over his crotch as his body responded with surprising speed. "Touch me." He nearly begged.

"Oh I'm gonna," he promised in the softest of whispers by the bound mouse's ear. "You have no idea how much."

The words drew a soft, needy whimper from Throttle, his body unabashedly trying to get the white mouse to do what it wanted most.

"Shhhh," Vinnie said softly, leaning further forward. He set his elbows by Throttle's shoulders and looped his arms beneath the tan ones, reaching both hands up to Throttle's antennae. "Just relax and enjoy it," Vinnie advised and he lowered his mouth to Throttle's neck again. Only his tail continued to tease the bound mouse's groin, a light, dancing touch that did little to satisfy.

The shift did things to the bound body not even Throttle knew he was capable of, drawing squirming moans and cries of increasingly desperate need as Vinnie touched him in ways and places he'd never known could feel so good.

"Oh, gods, Vinnie," he cried out softly, his upper body squirming out of his control at the touch to his antennae and neck, an intensity of sensation that put him on the very brink of coming right there.

Despite the lightness of the tail, between it and the heavy cloth confining it, the moaning, panting mouse found enough friction for his body to push itself into the mindless moment that some part of him knew was only the beginning of how intensely good it could be.

Vinnie shifted his arms to hold Throttle securely as he came, his smirk unseen by the blinded mouse. "Well," he said softly when Throttle relaxed a bit. "And here I thought I was going to have to wait to see that come true."


A single word, spoken in a throaty voice, encompassed everything the moment was for one of them, his body still rippling and pulsing with the heat of need.

"Now, now," Vinnie chuckled softly, "You're hardly in a position to be making demands." He lifted himself back up nonetheless, using his hands to open Throttle's pants as his tail flicked around to tease one of those nipples that had proven to give Throttle such pleasure. Vinnie slipped his nose inside the open jeans, taking a moment to savor the scent of the tan mouse's arousal before he began to slowly lick away the seed that had spurted into his fur.

Despite the insistent thrusting up of the hips under him and the musky hardness so near his nose, Vinnie got most of the seed from his Bro's fur before the tawny mouse's whimpers became pleas again.

He chuckled softly as he slipped a hand down the front of the jeans to cup Throttle's balls, extending his tongue just far enough that the tip of it danced across the head of the straining cock. The attention drew a long, ragged moan from the bound mouse and a tightening, twitching reaction Vinnie was familiar enough with to anticipate better than the mouse it was happening to.

He briefly considered drawing the experience out, it seemed Throttle wouldn't often have a chance to whimper and moan so freely, but instead his head dove down onto the thick shaft, taking it all the way back into his throat and closing the muscles there tight around the head. The buck and howled scream was nearly instant, and only a shudder ahead of the rush of cum Throttle surrendered without thought.

Even as the bursts dribbled off, the desperate, hungry thrusting did not while Throttle's tail lashed blindly in the sensory overload.

Vinnie slipped his hands under Throttle's ass as he thrust, squeezing and massaging his buttocks through the denim as he let the tan mouse take his mouth. His tail moved slowly upward, caressing the curve of the tan neck, and was welcomed with a completely submissive shift of Throttle's head so at odds to his hips. He continued up, across one cheek before wrapping around one antenna and gently tugging while Throttle howled in a level of pleasure and shear intensity he could no longer comprehend and had no interest in fighting.

Vinnie's legs kept a firm hold on the body beneath him as it bucked and writhed, keeping it from throwing him off and making sure Throttle's cock didn't escapes warm wet confines of his mouth as he was rewarded by another gush of cum, much smaller than the last, and the tenor of Throttle's cries changed as part of him hit the wall before the rest.

Vinnie lifted his head off Throttle's cock and pivoted around to kiss him softly but passionately, a much more sensuous and seductive than his usual carnal thrusting or sucking. The mouse under him responded on pure instinct, his mind too exhausted to interfere anymore, and much of the driving intensity drained away, though Vinnie had no doubt his lover was still heavily keyed up.

"Just one more," he whispered in Throttle's ears as he lifted himself up over the bound mouse. He held the thick cock beneath him, making sure of his positioning as he sank down on it, welcoming it into his body with a long, soft moan that was echoed below him with a sound of surprise.

Throttle waisted no time thrusting up into the tight heat, his cock over-sensitised by the events already he continued to whimper and moan, the volume increasing and taking on a much more satisfied tenor as they found their rhythm.

Vinnie rode Throttle's hips like he were a bike, taking the hard rod deep into his insides and moaning softly as they moved together in mounting pleasure. Despite everything to the counter in the past few minutes and the unfamiliarity of the balance required, Throttle kept his thrusting fairly even and the pleasure a little bit under control to give his lover a decent time.

"Oh yeah," Vinnie moaned as he rode his Bro, positions reversed but the pleasure every bit as intense. "I know you've got one more in you Throttle, give it to me."

The words brought an abrupt change in Throttle's movements, his hips thrusting up with much more force and speed, driving himself to the very limit of his mind and body without regard for the consequences.

"Oh yeah," Vinnie moaned, "Oh fuck yeah Throttle." He clenched his passage tight around the thrusting shaft inside him until he drew a last grunting roar from his bound lover and the motions of cuming, even if no fluid came out this time.

By the time he managed to stop whimpering and twitching at the sensory overload, Throttle's gasps had settled out and he was only just holding onto consciousness.

Vinnie lifted himself off Throttle's cock again, hitting the spring releases on the handcuffs as he settled down beside the tan mouse. "Give them up now," he told Throttle softly as he reached for the glasses. Though in his current state he probably couldn't have held onto them anyway, Throttle relaxed his fingers trustingly when he felt Vinnie's touch them.

Vinnie gently set them in place before undoing the bandanna and drawing it out, letting the red cloth fall to the floor forgotten as he kissed Throttle again. Very slowly, between uncertainty and lack of coordination, Throttle brought his arms down to wrap around his Bro while they kissed, and snuggled against him before drifting the rest of the way off.

Vinnie's transition from sleeping to waking was very gradual, a light increase of pressure where he held Throttle against him, a subtle change in his breathing, a slight upturn at the corners of his mouth. In the end there wasn't much difference between sleeping beside Throttle and resting snuggled up against him.

"Morning," Throttle said softly down at his new lover.

"I guess it is, yeah."

"For another couple hours," he murmured, looking down at the white mouse with an untranslatable mess of things washing across his face that historically meant he was trying to find a way for them to survive a death trap with no exists.

"Thinking about Modo?" Vinnie asked softly.

"Modo, last night," he shivered lightly, "how this happened, why I care how." He sighed deeply and leaned back against the headboard. "What Charley's been talking about for months now." He shook his head. "How I look at you, what I ... see ... when I'm turned on."

"It's not going so well, huh?" Vinnie asked softly.

"Only when I try to understand," he looked down and brushed Vinnie's cheek gently with one hand. "Things are great when I manage not to."

"I really wish I could help you with that," the white mouse murmured sincerely. "But I'm not sure anything I say will make much difference."

"When ... how did you find out you liked guys?" Throttle asked hesitantly as he chased new demons around his mind, more than half afraid of the truths they represented if he caught them.

"I always liked them," Vinnie shrugged, "As much as I liked girls."

"Oh," he nodded weakly, hurting more inside at that than he could even admit to himself as he fell silent, trying to face up to some of the truths of the past few days he couldn't yet.

"Of course, it probably didn't hurt that the guys were a lot more willing to play around," Vinnie chuckled.

"Probably not," he accepted, trying to remember anything that even sort of resembled that reality and coming up with nothing. "Sometimes I really do think we grew up on different worlds, Bro. I never saw that kind of thing."

"I can't believe that mice never gave you the eye," Vinnie smirked, squeezing the tan mouse gently. "Both sexes."

"I never really saw it," he murmured. "A couple girls before the resistance liked how I danced, and Vagrant ... kinda had to whack me upside the head about what she wanted." He paused slightly at the light wash of loss her memory always brought. "I never saw it. Maybe just never wanted to."

"Maybe," Vinnie nodded. "Would you really rather this never happened?"

There was no quick answer, or even one to hold him while the tawny mouse tried to find a way to respond that wasn't a lie.

"I don't know," he finally admitted. "I really don't know." He let his shoulders droop and found his gaze very far away. "It's ... you've made me feel incredible, more intense than I thought possible and I like it, a lot. But I'd never have agreed if I wasn't high, and ... and I don't like what happens in my head when I take you, what goes on in the background that lets me feel so good with you. I really don't like having to revaluate what I am, why I do things."

"The only other option would be to ignore it, and I'm not sure that'll work out for anyone."

"I know," he said softly, the light fingers in Vinnie's fur tensing to form a fist that never happened. "Even if you, Modo and Charley could, I can't. I can't deny I liked it, and want more, even when the rest is disturbing as hell."

"Why?" Vinnie asked simply, resting his head on Throttle's shoulder and nuzzling at his neck.

"Because you aren't ... real ... when I get turned on like that, when I take you." He admitted with real difficulty. "Because it's more addicting than anything, even survival."

"Oh it's real all right," Vinnie chuckled softly into Throttle's fur. "Believe me."

"You aren't a person," he nearly choked on his words, but couldn't let that pass misunderstood. "Somewhere in there you stop being a person, and become an object, something to control and do ...." Throttle's voice failed him, unable to put into words what his mind showed him as desires, things that terrified to him realized he wanted to do to another.

"And do unspeakable things to," Vinnie finished for him, he voice hushed but his breath hot against Throttle's neck. It brought a shudder from deep in Throttle's soul, and soft whimpering sound as he fought a slowly loosing battle inside himself.

"Throttle, this isn't a shock to me. It's not a bad thing. I'm not into being hurt, but there are so many other ways for you to own my body."

"How can you want that?" His voice had a very desperate, distressed edge on it. "To be a thing for someone's pleasure."

"Because it feels so good to be completely in their control," Vinnie replied, a gentle shudder running through his body, "To know they could do absolutely anything to me, put anything inside me, indulge themselves completely. And I love each and every moment Throttle, make no mistake about that, every surrender."

The tawny mouse opened his mouth to argue, even as a flash of memory from the night before, the unbelievable intensity of the pleasure that overwhelmed even his fears brought him hard in and instant and he shut it with a click of teeth.

"This isn't going to be an easy battle," he managed through hard, sharp breaths.

"You'll get there," Vinnie said confidently, his belief in and admiration for the tan mouse shining through in his voice. "And when you do, the rewards never stop. For either of us."

"Not like anyone who cared will ever see me again," his voice shuddered softly as he rolled and pushed Vinnie down to his back with a fierce kiss, surrendering to what he still considered a demon for a while, just to relieve the pressure of the darker ones.

"Morning. Can I help you?" The short, youngish male asked from behind sleepy eyes. He was wearing red running shorts, a loud t-shirt for a local band. He looked as if he'd been up way too late the night before.

"I'm looking for a friend of mine, Modo." She said quietly, both in respect for his state, and what she guessed would be Modo's if he was in this apartment.

That seemed to wake the platinum blond up a bit more. "You must be Charley. Come on in." He said stepping out of the way so she could enter. The apartment was decorated very tastefully in a style that was more fitting higher rent neighborhoods than the one it was in. There were several pieces of framed, original art decorating the walls, including one of Modo and Lil' Darlin. "Can I get you something to drink? Juice, coffee, water?" He offered. "Modo's still pretty solid asleep. And given the mood he went to bed in, waking him prematurely probably isn't recommended."

"Coffee sounds good," she smiled at him as she took in the unexpected decorations. "I'm up kinda early too, but he had be worried."

"Have a seat. I'll be right back." He gestured at the leather sofa. "How do you like your coffee?" He asked as he headed out of the room.

"Black, please." Charley said as she relaxed on the couch finer than any she'd ever own. "So how'd you meet Modo?" She asked conversationally as he came back with two steaming mugs.

"Good luck." He chuckled as he handed her one of the mugs. "I happened to be hanging out in my sister's bar when he came in to see who was playing the hard rock he likes. The StarRiders are a pretty good band, and he stuck around for a while listening. I spotted him hanging by the bar alone, and decided he needed some company." He smiled. "And metal arm or not, he's one of the hottest hunks to walk into that bar recently."

That made her laugh in good humor. "That he is, and a sweetheart of a personality to boot." She grinned. "Have you seen his Bros yet? The three of them are serious fantasy material all the way around."

"Yeah, that he is. The personality is why I'm still seeing him, when all I was looking for at first was just a hot one-nighter." He smiled. "I think I may have, downtown once or twice. It's hard to tell, they're usually not in one spot long enough to tell." He chuckled.

"True," Charley chuckled softly even as she checked off the most likely reason the grey mouse wasn't dealing with the new relationship well. "I'm kind of spoiled that way, with them living at my place."

"I would say so." Spike grinned. "I'd been trying to sell Modo on the idea of my doing a portrait of all three of them together. He was pretty reluctant about it though. Didn't really want his Bros to know he liked guys enough to date a human one." He said quietly.

"The work here is yours then?" She motioned around the apartment with increased appreciation and understanding.

"Yeah, pieces I liked too much to sell once I finished them. Or ones that I did specifically for me." He grinned looking at the picture of Modo and his bike. "He was actually surprised that I wanted to do a picture of him, and more importantly that I wanted him to have the leather jacket off when I did it. He figured I'd want the metal arm covered." He said quietly. "He was even more surprised when I left it in the picture. He thought I was going to simply paint a real one where the metal one was."

"He never has accepted that it's not as ugly to the rest of us as it is to him, or that most see it as just a part of what makes him him." She said sadly. "But with how he got it, I'm not sure it could ever be that ugly to anyone else." She glanced up at the portrait of Modo and Lil Darlin again. "You're very good. It looks just like him."

"Thank you." He said with a smile. "And I know. He told me how he got it. That he hadn't been intimate with anyone since he got it, didn't help matters. Maura and I have been working on getting him to see that it doesn't make him any less desirable." He said quietly. "The last twenty four hours have been a serious setback in that department."

It took Charley a moment to close her jaw that shock let drop a bit, then she swallowed and nodded before focusing on the coffee a bit more.

"It was a shock to all four if us," she said softly. "I'm fairly sure Throttle's still trying to understand what happened in a lot of ways. First time I think I've ever heard Vinnie speak for them."

Spike nodded, and hesitated for a while as he tried to decide how much he could tell. "Charley, Modo's been in love with Throttle since before the camps. He'd learned to deal with it, because Throttle told him in no uncertain terms that he didn't do guys, and wasn't going to. He could accept that, because not all guys like guys that way. Finding out that Throttle does like guys, has shaken him pretty badly." He sighed. "The best light that Maura and I were able to put it in, still left him with the idea that since Throttle does like guys, then the problem must be him. And guess what's the first thing on the list of what's wrong with him, according to him?"

"My best guess answer isn't going to make him very happy, from what I saw last night." She sighed softly. "I know as of last weekend, Throttle couldn't see any guy that way. From the way he looked last night, he still doesn't, including the one he's with, for what little sense that might make. Something happened that is still has them both shocked to the core. I didn't ask what, because I know I just don't want to hear how that first yes happened."

"That's not going to help any." Spike said quietly. "To be honest, I'm not sure how to sort this all out. And I'm pretty sure Modo doesn't know either. Hell, he got drunk last night, which is a first in the time I've known him. As far as I knew he didn't touch the stuff, but last night he got completely wasted. Maura and Cutter had to carry him back here, so I could put him to bed." He shook his head. "Chicago really doesn't need the Biker Mice falling apart right now, but I'm afraid it's a very real and serious danger."

"No, that's about the last thing we need." Charley shook her head and leaned back. "It's hard to tell someone they lost a love because they wouldn't take advantage of him. In Modo's place, I'd probably have pounded Vinnie into oblivion by now."

"Right now, if he finds out that's what happened, he just might." He said quietly. "At least some of the time. He's been through so many emotional states since yesterday, that I've stopped keeping track. I'm just glad we're close enough, that he came to me." He said softly. "I'm scared to think what might have happened otherwise."

"I don't suppose he'd entertain talking to just Throttle?" She suggested quietly. "He's the only one that could even begin to explain this and not get killed. Personally, I wouldn't let Vinnie anywhere near him right now."

"From what Modo's told me of his bike, she won't let Vinnie anywhere near him." He shook his head. "If you can get Throttle out here, I can probably get Modo calmed down enough to talk to him." Spike nodded. "But in case he's forgotten, you might want to remind Throttle that he turned Modo down pretty solidly, just so he has an idea where the problem is coming from. Maura and I figure the rejection didn't stick in his mind nearly as solidly as it did in Modo's."

"I seriously doubt he remembers it came up at all," Charley shook her head. "I've been trying to feel him out on his reactions to gays and gotten nowhere. It just hasn't been in his reality at all. I'm not completely convinced he doesn't figure he's in some kind of weird flashback, honestly. But I'll try, and try to get what Modo remembers happening in his head before we get here."

"I know." He nodded. "His trust is very reluctantly given, and that's part of the problem now. Part of him thinks that Throttle was lying to him, and that undermines a trust he's built a lot of his life on. I think Maura and I have convinced him that it's just a matter of Throttle changing with everything that's happened. But still, the damage is there." He said quietly. "Personally, what he's told me, tells me that Throttle wouldn't lie to him."

"No, I'm very, very sure that was no lie, even if it was only last week." Charley said with complete conviction. "Whatever happened to get Throttle and Vinnie together, is still happening. It's not something Throttle's thought about yet. Not in terms of his sexuality at least."

"Getting the guys living together under the same roof may be difficult in the short term." Spike said quietly. "Modo wouldn't handle hearing the two of them well, at least right now. He'd probably walk out every time he heard them. Have either of them noticed that he's not there yet? I know he was supposed to be back yesterday."

"They knew he saw them, and was really upset as he left just after," she nodded. "I don't know how long it'll last, but for now they're giving him some space to get over the shock they're still dealing with. I'm sure neither of them realized it was anything other than shock, and maybe some disapproval." Charley shook her head. "No way either of them had a clue about this."

"Well, for now Vinnie really needs to keep his distance. It might not be fair, but he's likely to be the target for any anger and frustration Modo's got about this. Mostly because he's so torn up inside about how he feels about Throttle, that he needs somewhere to vent the negative feelings he still can't direct at Throttle." He said quietly. "Of course, he never was as close to Vinnie."

"As bad as it sounds, I kinda hope Limburger does something stupid right now. We might not have a fish problem by the time Modo cooled off." Charley shook her head and took another long sip of the coffee. "Do you think he'd handle seeing me when he's awake enough to come out?" She asked softly. "I'm worried about the big guy, more than his Bros right now."

"I think he's okay with you." Spike said after a moment's thought. "You're not really involved in the mess in his mind. Humans are kind of what he's leaning on right now."

"Any idea when he might wake up?" She asked quietly.

"Well, it was after two in the morning when he finally crashed." Spike said looking to see what time it was, since as usual he hadn't actually checked. "Half past eleven. Let me see if there's any sign of life." He said heading for the bedroom. "Actually, there's a way you can help. There's some coffee filters in a can in the fridge labeled 'Modo's favorite', they've already got the coffee measured into them. If you could just put one in the coffee maker that's not running at the moment, and hit 'brew' that'd be a big help."

"No problem," she grinned and stood with casual strength her lean build rarely gave away. "I'm used to handling mornings. Throttle can't cook water."

"Modo can cook, but he's much at better at dinner than breakfast." Spike chuckled, as he stepped out. "Oh, there's a big mug in the second cabinet that's Modo's. You can't miss it." he shouted back.

A few minutes later, there was some noise from the direction of the bedroom, mostly vague and incoherent, followed the shower running. About half an hour later, Modo and Spike came out with the large grey mouse leaning on the small human slightly. His motions were still a bit unsteady, and though it was difficult to determine the cause, hangover seemed likely.

"Here," Charley offered the big mouse the large mug with the Biker Mice tattoo embossed on it.

"Thank, Charley." Modo said taking the mug with both hands. He took a long drink, and then looked at Charley again as if seeing her for the first time. "Charley? What are you doing here?" He asked curiously.

"Making sure you were okay," she said simply as they all sat down.

"Just a hangover." Modo said quietly. "Sweet Mars, I haven't had a hangover since I was fifteen. 'Course, I gave up alcohol when I joined the resistance."

"After what you saw, I'm not surprised," she said softly. "It still doesn't seem possible."

"Isn't possible." Modo murmured into his coffee. "That's what he said."

"Modo," she started gently, "Throttle had his world turned upside down and inside out this weekend, it was still showing on his face last night. Do you remember the first time you went face to face with not being straight?"

Modo nodded quietly. "I was fifteen, and it was bit of a surprise discovering I liked being with guys." he murmured quietly. "He's not the only one."

"You got very lucky, Modo." She said softly. "It can be incredibly painful ...." she hesitated, and decided to keep some of what she suspected to herself. "Last week, Throttle just couldn't think of another guy that way. Whatever happened while we were gone, it's not going easy on him."

"Looked pretty easy." Modo muttered quietly.

"Did you try to talk to him?" She persisted gently. "When was the last time Vinnie spoke for him?"

"Nobody said anything, but it looked pretty relaxed." Modo said quietly. "Never has, as far as I know."

"Well, he did last night, when they told me." She said gently but firm. "Throttle looked more shell-shocked than anything. He didn't do more than nod."

"That's weird." Modo said quietly. "Maybe it was just shock at getting caught, at something they'd been hiding."

"Modo, they haven't been hiding." She sighed. "I'm sure of it. I had this conversation with Throttle last week, about gays and how he felt about it. He didn't follow it at all. It's not in his makeup."

"Pretty obvious it is." Modo muttered. "It's not something that suddenly happens. It's how you're born, maybe you don't realize it, but its there."

Charley let a long sigh out. "I'm not explaining this right. Sex isn't part of his normal reality." She stopped abruptly. "Sorry, I came to make sure you were okay and if I could help, not argue with you."

"Thanks, Charley." Modo said quietly. "Guess I'm just not coping well with losing a contest I didn't even think existed." He sighed.

"Modo ... you didn't loose. It's just not in your nature to do what it takes to get Throttle to notice you that way."

"Charley, I'm not sure I want to know what you mean by that." Modo said quietly. "Not sure I should know either."

"I couldn't tell you either," she sighed and leaned back. "I didn't ask, and I don't want to know what went down. But I know Throttle well enough to know when he's not sure about something, and this is a big one."

Modo sighed. "I guess. But it's just tough take knowing that Vinnie was good enough for him, and I'm not." He said softly. "Doesn't take much to guess why."

"Don't even go there, Modo." Spike said quietly. "You are not less of person because of your arm. Just how many people have to want to be with you, before you see that." He sighed quietly, leaning his head against the Mouse's arm. "Whatever problem is here, it's not you."

"Listen to your boyfriend, Modo." She told him sternly. "He's seeing things right."

"Still hurts." The big mouse said quietly over his mug. He didn't really feel up to arguing with both of them, and he wasn't even sure he could explain it.

"Of course it does, Modo." Spike said quietly. "I know, probably better than anyone, just how much you love him. And don't even try to tell me that you weren't hoping he'd change his mind, somehow, someday. Problem is it looks like he changed his mind, and ended up with somebody else. It hurts because you love him, but it will hurt less in time." He said, nuzzling the big Mouse's arm reassuringly.

"Does it stop hurting?" Modo asked quietly.

"Don't know big guy." Spike admitted quietly. "I can't say since I haven't been through what you're going through. I'm sure it becomes livable after awhile though."

"Modo, will you talk to Throttle about this?" Charley asked quietly. "If I get him here, lay things on the table and find out why he's with someone else?"

Modo hesitated for a moment, and looked down at Spike who nodded. "It's only going to hurt worse if you leave things this way." He said very softly. "'Sides, if he's half the leader you say, he's probably not dealing with this potential break-up well."

Modo nodded. "I'll try." He said softly. "Just Throttle though." He asked softly, almost pleading.

"That's what I had in mind," she nodded stubbornly. "Vinnie will just have to deal with it. Try to grab a good meal, okay?" She added as she stood and put a supportive hand on his shoulder. "I'll make sure Throttle remembers what you told him on Mars."

"Thanks, Charley." Modo said standing, and catching her in a big hug. "No matter how this works out, I don't want us to lose touch." He said softly, but with an unmistakable sincerity. What was also unmistakable was that despite his attempt at a calm demeanor, the big grey mouse was a bit scared.

"We won't," she stretched up to kiss his cheek. "And things will work out, Throttle's not getting out of here until this is sorted out."

"If I have to have Cutter guard the door." Spike said in what was both supportive, and an attempt at humor.

"Don't worry, I will be." She crossed her arms with the fiery determination that had not only kept her garage open before the Mice, but kept the house in order afterwards.

"Any idea when you'll be back?" Modo asked curiously.

"If Lady actually obeys the traffic laws to any extent, probably a couple hours." She shook her head with a low chuckle. "If she gets it in her head to make it fast ... your guess is better than mine."

"Lil' Darlin's done the run in fifteen minutes." Modo chuckled. "Though there wasn't daytime traffic when she did it."

"Yeah, he was giving me a ride and I made the mistake of asking out loud how fast his bike could go." Spike chuckled.

"Did she show off, or just go fast?" Charley smirked at the younger human. "You haven't felt holding on for dear life until one of these guys takes you up the side of a building without warning and only a tail holding you on."

Spike grinned. "Yeah, I've done the up the building routine, though it wasn't on that trip. I've done extreme sports, but that was still quite the rush."

"He's still trying to talk me into seeing how fast we can get to the top of the Sears tower." Modo shook his head, in fond amusement. "He's a bit of an adrenaline junky."

"With good taste," she smiled at the pair. "I guess I'll be back somewhere between half and hour and three, depending on Lady, traffic and how long it takes to explain things to Throttle."

"I don't know if it'll help jog his memory." Modo said quietly. "But the conversation took place at the resistance base in Haradin Pass, we only used it that once, so it might help."

"Thanks, Modo," she squeezed his arm. "I'll make sure he understands, even if he doesn't remember."

"Thanks, Charley." Modo smiled a little more confidently. "We're lucky to have you."

"Bros take care of each other," she smiled slightly at him before turning to leave. "I'm just as lucky to have you guys."

"See you later, Charley." He smiled.

"Modo, go get something to eat." Spike grinned, as a large growl came from Modo's stomach. "Mice can not live on coffee alone."

"How about coffee and pop-tarts?" Modo smirked, as he headed for the kitchen.

"The usual place." Spike chuckled as he watched the grey mouse head into the kitchen. "Thanks, Charley. You got through to him better than I could. Mostly 'cause you've got some insight into Throttle, whereas I've never met him." He said sincerely, as they walked to the door.

"I've also been trying to get him in bed as long as I've known him," she grinned ruefully. "That mouse is dense when it comes to being hit on, and I'm not known for subtle."

"Females often say that about him." Spike smiled softly. "I think its part of scarring that he brought out of the camps. There's also the fact that he thinks, or at least thought, that you and Throttle were a couple."

Charley blinked, then chuckled with a shake of her head. "I was talking about Throttle."

"Okay, so I'm a little Modo fixated." Spike admitted. "I wouldn't have the first clue about Throttle."

"I'm not surprised," she smiled and ducked out the door to go catch the tawny Biker Mouse.

"Vinnie," Throttle's voice was thick and hungry in the white mouse's ear as they lay in Throttle's bed. "Willing to be the bound one now?"

That brought out a low throaty chuckle from the white mouse. "You know the answer to that."

"I'll still always ask," he murmured, stroking the hard, muscular length of Vinnie's side.

"I know," the white mouse smirked. "I might even say no, if the world's coming to an end."

"Blindfold too?" He asked with a lick to Vinnie's antenna.

"Anything you want, biker boy," Vinnie replied, a warmth already beginning to grow between his legs where they were pressed against Throttle.

"Be careful saying that," he murmured and ducked his head to kiss the white mouse before rolling away to find his wrist bandana and the handcuffs.

"You won't go too far," Vinnie smirked, stretching his hands above his head and showing off the hard, densely packed muscle. "That's a hell of a long way."

"And when I do?" Throttle turned to look at him with bandana in hand.

"Then I'll scream out, and you'll stop," Vinnie said simply, to which Throttle nodded as he found the handcuffs.

"How do these work?" He asked softly, kneeling next to his mate. "I know you didn't use a key."

Vinnie smiled as he took the cuffs from Throttle and closed them around one wrist. "You can't see the catch, it's inside," he explained pressing the body of the cuff between thumb and forefinger of the other hand. "But if you press them in the right place ..." He didn't bother finishing as the cuff sprang open. "If you're flexible enough you can spring them with the same hand, so they're not much good for holding people, but they're perfect for play."

Throttle nodded, a little more at ease as he took the restraints and set them around one of the bars of his headboard and secured the relaxed white wrists. "That okay?"

Vinnie swung his arms forward the little way he could then stretched them outwards, testing his range of movement and the security of the cuffs. "That's good," he nodded as Throttle's hand moved firmly over his chest.

Despite that he asked for this, the conflict over actually going forward was clear on Throttle's face as he faced the same internal battle as the first time he's mentioned it.

With the cuffs on Vinnie couldn't reach up to reassure him, but his tail snaked upward and wrapped around his chest, squeezing gently. "You don't have to, you know that."

"I know," he played his fingers along the embracing limb and slid down over the willing body to kiss his lover. "Seeing you like this is a bit different than thinking about it."

"How?" Vinnie asked softly.

"Fantasy vs. reality," he chuckled softly, trying to cover his unease as his hands moved over the white body. "What it does to me," he murmured, his voice dropping a bit in the desire that was overcoming his reluctance.

Vinnie chuckled softly, a grin spreading across his face. "And just what does it do to you, to have me just like this?"

"Things I didn't think possible," he rumbled, his touch becoming much stronger and more possessive. "Stops me from thinking."

The white mouse's grin developed into a nakedly lusty leer as his tail moved down along Throttle's body. "It's not your brain I want most right now."

"Noticeably," he chuckled softly, moving his hands across strong white abs to ghost around the edges of Vinnie's groin.

Vinnie arched his body up into the contact, spreading his legs wider to offer more of himself to the tan mouse as light hands moved half way down his inner thighs, then slowly traveled back up to brush the back of one hand across the soft white sheath. For the first time touching another male in such an intimate manner.

Vinnie grinned and nodded encouragingly, his tail dancing over Throttle's own sheath in a much more blatantly provocative manner, though for once it didn't seem to affect his lover. Throttle was completely focused on what he was doing, exploring the strange sensations of touching a male other than himself, and the mental gymnastics that it caused.

Vinnie's body not only responded to Throttle's touch but responded eagerly. The furry sheath filled out beneath Throttle's fingers and before his eyes, sliding down and away from the sensitive green-red flesh as it grew too large to be contained.

With his fingers still touching in exploration, Throttle retrieved his smaller bandanna with his tail before shifting forward to drape it over Vinnie's eyes, giving the other mouse a chance to react before it was tied. Vinnie didn't so much as twitch a muscle, unless that was a slight widening of his grin Throttle could see. Typical Vinnie.

"That's exactly what I want you to do," Throttle's voice was hushed and authorative as his tail guided Vinnie's flat on the bed. "Don't move."

"Not at all?" Vinnie asked, sounding a little surprised.

"Not unless you need to, or I move you," he confirmed in the same tone. "Be still for me, let your voice show me what you feel."

Vinnie took a moment to consider the idea and then nodded. "Sure, if you want."

"I do," he smiled down and dipped his head to kiss the white mouse softly. Vinnie's lips parted beneath him, drawing Throttle's tongue back into his warm, wet mouth while the tawny mouse held it.

When their mouths parted, Throttle's slowly, exploratively, moved down the white jaw, and up the large, round ear. Vinnie sank back into the bed, keeping still just as Throttle had instructed, though the tan mouse could feel the tension in Vinnie's skin as his lips ran across it.

"Yes, just like this," Throttle rumbled quietly as his tongue traced a light line around the outer edge of one wide ear. A brief shudder ran across Vinnie's shoulders as he did his best to hold still despite the insistent probing of Throttle's tongue. "You like that, mmm?" Throttle chuckled softly as he continued around to make a slow spiral inward.

"It's okay," Vinnie feigned nonchalance. "I bet you can do better."

"That's not what I asked," he murmured in the ear he'd just traced. "I asked if you liked it."

"I told you," Vinnie smirked. "It's okay."

There was no verbal answer, but he felt Throttle's body move over him, and then the attention started at the other corner of his mouth, down his jaw and up around his right ear.

Throttle could feel the other mouse's breath rushing in and out of his chest, each one growing a little deeper, a little heavier, though the mouse did as he was told and kept still while his right ear, jaw, then neck were lavished with kisses, licks and gentle nips.

"Tell me, Vinnie, which feels better, antennae, or cock?" He murmured hotly in his bound lover's ear.

"I ..." Vinnie began, his voice wavering. He closed his mouth and took a moment to compose himself before whispering softly. "Antennae."

"Then that's what you'll have," he promised softly and shifted over to his side, taking a long red length into his mouth and the fingers of one hand caressed Vinnie's jaw and throat.

The effect it had on the white mouse was almost electric, his back arching up off the mattress despite the instruction to stay still and a loud involuntary cry echoing around the room. It was followed by a long moan as the warmth of Throttle's mouth began to soak into the sensitive tissues.

Vinnie could feel the tawny mouse's smiled as he worked the length of nerve-dense flesh and skin with his mouth. Through the moans of pleasure and rapidly deepening musk of male arousal Throttle shifted his tail to caress his lover's neck, and moved the freed hand up to the unattended antenna to slide his fingers along the length.

That brought another sharp cry out of Vinnie, accompanied by a twitching of his cock and a damp trickle of precum. His arms were trembling, extended as far out as they could go with the cuffs and locked in place by the tension of his muscles.

Remembering something Vagrant had once done to him, Throttle began to hum softly, adding vibration to the sensations he assaulted Vinnie with. At the same time, his fingers mimicked the tugging the white mouse had done to him earlier.

"Ohhhh, oh fuck Throttle," Vinnie whimpered softly. "Oh gods don't stop, I'm gonna ... I'm gonna ..." he moaned, his body tensing and fighting his attempts to stay still. Through the intense pleasure between his ears and the tightening between his legs, he felt a strong tail curl over his hips to help them down, and the hard length of his lover's erection against his side.

He threw his head back and moaned loudly as the attention to his antennae pushed him over the edge, spurts of cum arching through the air to mess the fur covering his abs. He continued to shudder and moan as his balls emptied themselves and Throttle never let up on his efforts.

Vinnie gasped loudly, trying hard to catch his breath but Throttle offered him no respite. His cock stayed hard as a rock, twitching slightly with each gentle tug on his antenna until it was finally released with a last, slow sucking withdrawal.

"You put on quite a show," Throttle chuckled softly in his lover's ear.

"Sounds like you enjoyed it too," Vinnie said with a breathless chuckle.

"I do," he murmured with a light lick along a large white ear. "But choices, choices. Just what to do with you, all bound and messy and hard."

"Whatever you like," Vinnie gasped softly, a low sound escaping his throat as strong hands urged him to roll over.

"On your knees," Throttle rumbled in his ear.

Vinnie chuckled softly as he complied, flicking his tail away to one side and thrusting his ass up provocatively with possessive hands moving over his eager body. Even as he trembled, eager to feel that fantastic hard cock fill his ass, he felt Throttle kiss him all the way down his spine, and the tail that had controlled his hips slide up his body to bring his muzzle nearly vertical and his still throbbing antennae against his shoulders.

"Oh gods Throttle, take me," the white mouse moaned as his antennae were stroked against his shoulders by the tail that held his face up. "Make me feel it. Make me yours."

"I think I can arrange for that," he chuckled, relaxing as his mind gave up on experimenting for a while and settled on getting them off.

"Please, oh please fuck me," Vinnie begged shamelessly, and was quickly rewarded by the familiar press of a cock against his ass. But this time, Throttle set his full strength to it with his arms wrapped around his Bro's shoulders and burying himself up the sheath in a single forceful thrust.

Vinnie's ass tensed around him as the white mouse's back arched, a loud cry of pleasure echoing around the room. Blind and bound Vinnie seemed even more eager to be fucked than ever, grinding the firm round globes of his ass back against Throttle's body as he was taken again ands again with a nearly vicious strength.

Just as the rhythm was established, the white mouse felt the reason his head was held back, as both antennae were drawn into Throttle's mouth. The sudden wetness made his body buck beneath Throttle as he came at once, unable to even draw breath for one of his enthusiastic moans as he sprayed seed all over the sheets. He was left gasping for breath once it subsided, his body rocked by each of Throttle's deep powerful strokes that clearly showed no sign of slowing. Neither was the attention that had gotten him off the first time relented.

"Oh fuck yeah," Vinnie managed shakily once he managed to draw breath, muscles all through his body still twitching as his passage tightened around the powerful length pounding in and out of him relentlessly, almost in time to what the mouth was doing to his antennae.

Mind and body nearly on overload, Vinnie gasped as Throttle's tail wrapped around his dripping cock to squeeze and stroke.

That was enough to send it spurting again, despite the fact that he had come only a little more than a minute before. His cry was almost a scream, long and sharp, but still very obviously a vocalization of pleasure.

Spike answered the loud knocking at the door wearing jeans, sneakers and a black t-shirt. He wasn't too surprised to see Charley there, even after only an hour and a half, though the first good look he got of the tawny mouse in green shades and biker leathers standing behind her left him little doubt this was going to be a less than easy conversation for all of them.

"Hi Charley." Spike smiled. "That was fast. Why don't you both come in?" He said opening the door, as Modo turned the movie off and watched as the pair entered, Throttle looking more conflicted and uncertain than the grey mouse could even remember seeing him.

"Hi, Bro." Throttle greeted him quietly, his tail wrapped around one leg in self-comfort.

"Hi, Bro." Modo said quietly, even more uncertain than he had been before.

"Why doesn't everybody have a seat, and I'll just get everyone something to drink." Spike offered. "What does everyone want? There's coffee, juice, water, and root beer." He offered, and then smirked as he caught the look from Modo. "Yeah, like I have to ask."

"Root beer please," Throttle nodded slightly as he chose the chair close enough to Modo's position on the couch to touch the grey mouse with his tail.

"Same here," Charley said as she claimed the other chair, placing herself between both mice and the door.

"Four root beers, coming up." Spike chuckled as he ducked into the kitchen.

Modo felt a little less confident as his boyfriend left the room. He knew he shouldn't need support to talk to his Bro, but somehow that didn't get him passed the fact that he wanted it.

For his part, Throttle wasn't looking any more comfortable with the situation, any of it. Under Charley's expecting stare he managed to speak first, though.

"I ... still don't remember that you said anything." He managed with difficulty.

"I did, Bro." Modo said quietly. "Haradin Pass, the one time we were up there." He clarified quietly. "You can see the conversation if you want to. I've never forgotten." He offered gently, not really angry just a bit surprised. Staying angry at Throttle wasn't something he'd ever managed for long, when the Mouse was present.

"I believe you," he shook his head sharply. "I just ... I'm sure it happened, and I let it pass. That's not the kind of thing I kept track of, even before the camps and I started intentionally not paying attention."

"I had to remember." Modo said quietly. "Conversation didn't change how I felt, so I had to keep it up front to function for awhile. After awhile, I just got comfortable with the reality that you didn't like guys that way, most of the time." He said softly.

Throttle shot an uncomfortable, half apologetic look towards Charley before facing Modo again as the drinks were brought out.

"I don't like people that way." He said softly. "Not when I can think."

"You don't?" Modo asked, having a lot of trouble reconciling that with what he'd seen.

"Not really," he shook his head. "You're too good a person to push me hard enough to get the yes." He looked up at his gray Bro with as much conflict showing as Modo felt.

Modo worked that through several times in his mind, never liking how it worked out. "That's not healthy, Bro." He said quietly concerned as he started to be more worried about Throttle than about what happened. "Nobody should shutdown that much, permanently." He said quietly, acknowledging that sometime shutting down was useful, in the short term.

"Shutting down assumes there was something there to shut down," he shrugged and leaned back in the chair a little. "I never found sex that worthwhile, especially not for the effort it takes."

Modo had no idea what to make of that. "I guess Vinnie must have changed that." He muttered, feeling like that Alice person who fell through the looking glass. Strange story, he thought, not entirely sure why it came to mind all of a sudden.

"Not really, he just knows how to get past the resistance." He said simply. "Same as Vagrant."

Modo couldn't decide which thought he liked less; that he'd missed out because he hadn't been persistent enough; or that Vinnie succeeded because he didn't take no for an answer. The first made him feel like a serious idiot, the second made him seriously angry at a certain white Mouse, because what that made it sound like. Either case wasn't pleasant, and Modo began batting the back and forth in his mind, before sighing deeply.

"Sounds like the only way anything could've happened was to ignore that you said you didn't like guys." He shook his head. "Can't start real relationships by ignoring the other person's wishes." He muttered softly. "Best you get out of that is sex."

That got him stared at for a long, silent moment as it became Throttle's turn to try to make heads or tails of the statement made.

"What else were you looking for?" He finally asked when he couldn't come up with anything.

"Sweet Mars, Bro. You really did forget the whole conversation." Modo shook his head. "Love, Bro. That's what really matters." The grey mouse said quietly. "Sex isn't what makes a relationship, love is. The caring between two people. Without love, you're just one step removed from paying for it." He said quietly. "And Bro, I do love you. Maybe that's something you don't get either, I guess I don't know. But that's been true, since before the conversation at Haradin Pass, and still is." He abruptly stopped, wondering if he'd said too much.

"We're Bros, Modo." Throttle said with more than a little distress, reaching out to clasp the gray mouse's metal shoulder. "There's nothing closer than that. Nothing."

Modo was felt like he was spinning his tires trying to explain something that was as much feeling as anything else. "I don't know how to explain it, exactly." He started quietly. "It's the quiet part of a relationship, when things are just gliding along. It's the emotional warmth that happens when two people sit and watch a movie snuggled close together. Or waking up in the morning together, when nothing happened the night before, but the emotional warmth is still there." He sighed. "It's difficult to explain, but it's never seemed to be part of being Bros. For one thing, we don't do that much together outside of fighting, after the fighting we go three separate ways a lot of the time." He sighed quietly. "And we really don't have any idea what goes on in the others lives. How close is that?" He added in tone that wasn't angry, just kind of tired, and maybe a little lost.

"I'm sorry, Modo." He backed off quickly, almost a visibly retreating inside as he understood just how much more his Bro wanted. It scared him more than any of the demons Vinnie enticed him to indulge in bed, for reasons he understood even less. "I'm ... just sorry. If you want time, stay." He tried to work what Modo wanted into what he was willing to consider facing, and understood. "I never meant to chase you off."

"I know, Bro." Modo said quietly, putting his hand on his tan Bro's shoulder and found a strong tail wrapped around his arm as Throttle looked up at him. "But I do need time, time to figure things out." He added softly. Part of him was beginning to realize that what he wanted, was probably something Throttle would never be able to give anyone. And even if he could, Throttle was with Vinnie now, so it didn't really matter.

"Modo ... I never ... I'm sorry, Bro." He finally found the words he wanted. "I'm not the one you should be looking to for that. It's not what I do."

"I guess not, Bro." Modo said quietly. "You're missing out on the best part, but if the sex is all it is, Vinnie can handle that." He sighed deeply, beginning to think that getting drunk again actually sounded like a good idea.

"If sex was all you wanted, it wouldn't be that hard anymore." Throttle murmured. "Vinnie did break that much for now. Doesn't sound like that's what you want with me, though."

"Sex is the unimportant part." Modo said. "It's recreation at best. But it doesn't really matter." He sighed. "Sorry, if it's just sex, no I can't think of you that cheaply. You mean too much to me."

"Modo ... you're as close to me than anyone has ever been." Throttle dropped his face with a soft sound. "I'd give you want you want, if I knew how."

Modo got up, moved over next to the other mouse and put his arm around broad tan shoulders. "Bro, I believe you." He said softly as a little of Throttle's tension dissipated. "Don't know leaves the opportunity for learning how." He added quietly

It brought Throttle's face up sharply before his focus shifted to the humans in the room without moving his head much.


Spike was surprised, though years of dealing with the art world allowed him to keep it from showing. "Charley, why don't we go over to my sister's bar." He suggested, as he stood. "Flashfire is rehearsing, and they're pretty good. Assuming you like a mixture of classic and hard rock."

She didn't look at all surprised, but she fixed Throttle with a hard glare as they had something of a stare down and silent warning exchange before she nodded and turned, catching Spike's arm. "Sounds good. The girls can keep an eye on things."

"No doubt." He said as he met Modo's eye briefly, and then opened the door for Charley. "After you." He said politely, and fallowed the tall brunette outside.

Modo felt a small amount of tension drain from Throttle as the humans disappeared from his hearing. Not wanting to pressure his Bro, he waited to see if Throttle would tell him what was going on.

"Explain what you mean." Throttle's voice was low, almost afraid, and definitely both determined and a bit lost.

"You say you don't know how to give what I'm looking for." Modo started softly. "But it's something you can learn, I know I did." He sighed. "When I first met Spike, I wasn't looking for anything really. And he was just look for sex. See, with the resistance and the war and all, I'd kind of forgotten what little I knew about what there could be in a relationship." He said quietly. "Spike showed me, mostly just by wanting to spend time, without sex being the objective. I didn't get at first, thought he was spending a lot of effort and time, just to get to the sex. But eventually, I began to realize how good it felt, spending the quiet time with him, without either of us getting all worked up." He smiled softly. "It's something you learn by doing, assuming you have someone patient enough, who cares enough to try, and who you can trust enough to not worry about them not being up to something."

"Always figured that's what we did," Throttle shook his head in growing frustration. "Movie nights and working on the bikes. What did I do to push you away?"

Modo was beginning to feel a bit frustrated himself, trying to explain what all that wasn't. "Bro, all that's fun." He admitted. "But it's also the group as a big noisy whole. And emotional intimacy, it's not. And maybe that's the one thing 'more' that being Bros doesn't have."

"Time with just me?" He asked, hoping he got that much right.

"That's the start, yeah." Modo nodded. "At least at the beginning. Emotional intimacy isn't easy to manage when you've got other people involved, at least early on."

"How many times have you asked me out, that I don't remember?" He asked softly, still very confused, but going with the tiny bit of a hint he had.

"Only once Bro." Modo said quietly, with no hint of recrimination. "I asked, you said you weren't interested, and weren't ever going to be. I knew that might be the answer when I asked, and I respected it." He said softly. "But I know I've given you pretty blatant looks now and then, sometimes I just slip. But you aren't expected to notice those, even if Charley probably has."

"Not to bed, Bro, out. You make it sound like you care about the sex a lot less than the time. When did I refuse to hang with you, just the two of us?"

"Don't know that I did." He said quietly. "Guess I was afraid you'd think I hadn't been listening when you said you didn't do guys." He admitted softly. "Guess I was afraid you wouldn't want to, 'cause you knew I liked guys that way. A lot of straight guys react that way, and I wasn't up to a second rejection."

Throttle let out a deep breath and shook his head. "I would have kicked you off the team if I didn't like you that much. Or just let you die in the camps."

"Won't claim I was thinking completely straight on the subject." Modo admitted quietly.

"Now you know otherwise," he said simply and relaxed back tiredly. "Does it change anything?"

"Means I'll probably ask you out, which I wouldn't before." He smiled. "Just not in the sense, that the whatever we do together is a prelude to sex, just to do things together."

"Make things any better?" He asked quietly.

"Yeah." Modo quietly. "Guess I just got a bit jealous." He admitted reluctantly.

"And you're the one who's had the boyfriend for a couple years," Throttle chuckled softly, shaking his head before he sobered. "You're really not making a good case for changing my opinion of sex being way more trouble than it's worth. Look how much trouble it's already caused between us."

"Wasn't the sex that caused the trouble." Modo said quietly. "I probably could've handle walking in on that better."

Throttle could only sigh as any inkling of having a clue what this was about went out the window. "I really don't understand what set you off then."

"Looked like Vinnie was getting the emotional intimacy with you I'd always wanted, but was convinced you weren't interested in, with guys anyway." He said quietly. "Losing to Vinnie on that subject, was more than I could handle. That Vinnie was good enough for you, and I wasn't ... I really couldn't deal with that one."

"There really are days it doesn't pay to wake up," Throttle groaned softly as his head started to pound and he rubbed his temples. "One lousy miscalculation almost broke us apart."

"What do you mean, Bro?" Modo asked gently, but curiously.

"Only reason any of this got set off was because Vinnie came back before I expected him." He shook his head in frustrated anger. "Neither of us were exactly thinking very well right then."

"We all make mistakes, Bro." Modo said reassuringly. "But there's nothing wrong with what you did. It's not like you had any idea I'd react the way I did."

"Hells Bro, I didn't even remember you were interested," he muttered and leaned back. "And I respect you too much to go close to that with you." He shook his head and wondered if he could still be feeling the Javeron hangover. "Just not right."

Modo looked a little perplexed. "Now, I'm confused. Close to what?"

"Vinnie did pull something off, he found out what turns me on," Throttle said softly, not exactly looking at anything. "He likes it, still freaks the hell out of me." He shrugged slightly. "You're better than that."

Modo didn't really have a clue what his Bro was talking about, but decided to let it go." 'Sokay, Bro." Modo said softly. "We fixed things before they got too bad. With a little help from a few humans, who were still thinking straight."

"Yeah, we own them both." He chuckled weakly, then tapped Modo's nose gently with his tail. "Especially Spike, for staying your boyfriend knowing he'd be second, probably forever. You own him bigtime for that, and I do for keeping you from doing something stupid over this."

"Oh, I know that." Modo smiled fondly. "I'm just glad you got to meet him. I would've introduced him sooner, but I wasn't sure how you and Vinnie would react to me dating a human guy. I was especially worried what you'd think." He said quietly.

"Whether he worked for fishface is about as far as it'd go." Throttle shook his head with a soft chuckle. "I have to wonder how this would have all gone down if you'd heard what I meant, back at Haradin Pass."

"Like I'd have anything to do with him if he worked for them." Modo shook his head in amusement. "I think I heard what I could understand, Bro. I don't think I could've understood the idea that you weren't interested in anybody that way, back then."

"That's not what I meant," he sighed. "Probably what I said, but not what it was like. You had only slightly worse odds than Vagrant would, for being a guy."

"Oh." Modo said, and then thought for a moment. "I don't know. Hard to get back to how I thought back then. But if I'd known I could've pursued you without offending you, I probably would have."

"No, it wouldn't have offended me then, or now." He shook his head. "Might be for the best that you didn't, really." He added softly. "As much trouble as we have understanding what we each want and can give now, it would have been a lot rougher back then. I wasn't nearly this flexible about things back then."

"That's okay, I wasn't nearly as clear on what I wanted." Modo sighed. "Probably why I heard what you said the way I did. But what happened happened, and a despite the bumps along the way we're still Bros. Things could be worse, you know." He smiled slightly.

"Yeah, and they almost were," he nodded and stood, stepping clearly into Modo's personal space. "So do you like to do dance clubs?"

"Yeah, that's what IronWorks is." Modo smiled warmly. "That's the big building you would've passed right before you got here."

"Then why don't we give your boyfriend something to be jealous of?" He chuckled softly and slipped his tail around Modo's waist. "And something just for us."

"I like the sound of that, Bro." Modo smiled, and slipped his own tail around the tan mouse's waist. "I like it a lot, and the band that's playing tonight does good hard rock."

"Good, I think I've missed dancing." He cocked an odd smile and tugged Modo forward a little, closing the small distance between them even more. "And Bro, let me worry about when things are about to go too far."

"Okay, Bro." Modo smiled as he leaned in close, and gently kissed the tan mouse, surprised deep inside that it was easily accepted and Throttle draped his arms over the broader shoulders of the grey mouse, obviously unconcerned by the shift between fur and metal.

That seemed to relax Modo a great deal, and he put his arms around his Bro, holding him close as the gentle kiss slowly shifted, becoming a lovers kiss instead, and was welcomed just as easily. He could taste faint traces of Vinnie, and just how inexperienced Throttle was became painfully obvious just as quickly.

He was more than a little surprised as that realization sank in. For some reason he'd always thought he was the least experienced of the three. But holding and kissing Throttle was something he'd never thought he'd get to do, so he let the kiss continue while he considered what they could do with the hours before the club actually opened for the evening.

"So." He said, as the kiss broke briefly and he nuzzled Throttle's neck to a soft sound of pleasure. "Club doesn't open till seven. Any preference for what we do till then?" He rumbled softly.

"Not really," he relaxed into the contact, though his hard body never lost its combat-ready edge. "I don't do this much."

"Something to work on." Modo said with a soft smile. "How's some quiet time watching a movie, then I'll fix us dinner before we out to the club sound?" The grey Mouse offered gently, still holding Throttle close.

"Sure," he chuckled softly and relaxed. "Though we should probably let Charley and Spike in on things being sorted out." He abruptly hesitated. "And Vinnie."

"Probably a good idea. Don't want to keep everybody worrying." Modo nodded. "You want to give Vinnie a call, and then we can go over, and tell Charley and Spike?"

"Probably tell Charley first," he shook his head and took a small step back. "I have to figure out what to tell Vinnie."

"Okay, they're over at the club listening to Flashfire rehearse." He said easily. "It's just a short walk."

"Any of this you want to tell him in person?" Throttle asked softly as they turned for the apartment door.

Modo paused. "Tell Vinnie in person, you mean?" He asked quietly, as he opened the apartment door.

"Yes, as opposed to me telling him, or telling him over the radio." He nodded. "He's expecting me back tonight, you know."

"I hadn't really thought about it." Modo admitted quietly. "Hadn't gotten that far. Not sure quite how, I mean I was barely able to explain it to you. And I've always had a much easier time talking to you." He said uncertainly, clearly trying to work it out. "No, it kind of slipped my mind that he'd be expecting you."

Throttle nodded quietly. "Tell him about Spike? That what you want is time with just me? If this isn't handled carefully, you and Vinnie are going to have even less to do with each other than now, each wanting your time with just me."

Modo nodded. "I know. And it wasn't easy getting us to get along in the first place." He sighed. "Tell him about Spike, definitely. I wanted to tell you guys anyway. And that I want time with just you, yeah, I should tell him. Especially, if he's getting some exclusive boyfriend concept going." He said as if it were an idea he knew about, but that was kind of strange to him.

"He better not be," he grumbled, shaking his head. "Though between the two of you, I don't think there's been a single clear thought in years."

"Well, I'm not going to deny I haven't been thinking clearly where you're concerned." Modo nodded. "I take it Vinnie hasn't been either." He said, with a curious look.

"Not since sometime before Skye died," he shook his head softly. "This is starting to get disturbing, you know. Charley's been there too, since we got here."

"Oh, I knew about Charley." He smiled. "That's why I thought there was something between the two of you. Vinnie I didn't even guess at, I thought he was strictly a skirt-hound for some reason." He shrugged. "Seriously though, it's not so surprising. You've got looks, and brains going for you, and you're a good person to top it off."

"Just not the interest," he muttered. "Seems like everyone who stays near me wants more than I do."

"Honestly Bro, most people are going to." Modo said gently. "And the interest isn't something anyone finds out about, till they've already decided what they want."

Despite his silence, Throttle's body language said plenty of just how little he liked that, or what it made him think about.

"Sorry, Bro." Modo said quietly. "I know it makes things tough on you, and I'll try not to push." The big grey mouse said apologetically.

"Whether you push or not doesn't change anything there," he shrugged, relenting some. "It just doesn't."

"Yeah, I guess it wouldn't." Modo said quietly, beginning to feel more than a little guilty as they walked in growing silence, and he recognized the signs of intensifying worry and unease in Throttle.

"You're worried about how Vinnie's gonna take this, aren't you?" He asked quietly, as they crossed the oddly out of place lawn that surrounded the apartment building in the middle of the old industrial site.

"Not really," he shrugged. "Nothing that concerns anyone but me."

"Okay, Bro." Modo said quietly, letting Throttle keep whatever was bothering him, to himself, at least for now. He headed around the front of the building, and knocked on a door slightly off to one side of the main entrance. A view port in the door opened, closed, and then the door opened.

"Thanks, Spots." Modo smiled at the lean, dark hair human teenager who'd opened the door for them. "Spike still in the main area?"

"Yeah, Modo. Him and the hot brunette." Spots grinned.

Modo grinned. "Behave yourself, kid. That's my Sis your talkin' about. And this is my Bro, Throttle. Throttle, this is Spots, the sound and light tech for the bar."

"Pleased to meet you, Throttle." Spots said, extending a hand.

"Hi," he nodded and shook the offered hand. "That 'really hot brunette' can probably kick your tail across the city, too." He added with a half chuckle.

"If she hangs with you guys, I bet she can." Spots agreed easily, as he shoved the door closed. "But then I'm a scaffold monkey not a bouncer." He grinned. "See 'ya round. I gotta replace the center lights for tonight." He waved at them, as he scurried up a nearby ladder.

"Good kid." Modo smiled, as he led the way into the bar's interior. The sound of hard rock could be heard echoing through the large building. "Little flighty at times, but for a teenage human that's pretty normal."

"You know, if they keep that up, we can dance without the crowds for a while."

"Good idea." Modo smiled, as they walked into the main bar area. Charley and Spike were seated at the bar listening to the band as the two Mice walked up.

"Looks like things got a little sorted out," Charley said after giving them both a critical looking over, and offered a couple root beers.

"Yeah, things are sorted out." Modo smiled, as he took one of the root beers, and passed the other to Throttle. "We just needed to figure out where we were both coming from."

"Well that's good to hear." Spike smiled. "I was getting seriously worried."

"Sorry, Spike." Modo smiled, a bit sheepish. "Guess sometimes the three of us don't communicate very well."

"What a surprise, three guys not communicating well," Charley shook her head with a tolerant chuckle. "Will I need to set up another remodel?"

"Why would you need to remodel?" Modo asked curiously.

"A bigger room and shower, for the three of you," she rolled her eyes a bit. "I do not want to hear a constant round of 'it's my turn to sleep with him' if it's avoidable."

Throttle just ducked his head at that, blushing dark green under his tawny fur, while Modo blinked a couple of times and blushed a bit himself, though saying anything was quite out of the question.

"So how many times have you seen them both speechless, Charley?" Spike asked curiously, as they watched the unusually silent and embarrassed Mice.

"I don't think ever, though Throttle's starting to make it a habit," she shook her head, not sure whether to be more concerned, amused or irritated.

"I'm not convinced they'd actually considered the three of them together that way." Spike said looking at Modo, who blushed a bit deeper.

Charley could only laugh, shaking her head as the music continued from stage. "I didn't mean that. Though I guess it would have been inevitable."

"Assuming there's that sort of attraction between Modo and Vinnie." Spike said quietly, not really convinced his boyfriend saw the white Mouse that way.

She just shrugged, shaking her head. "I'm definitely staying with friends the rest of the week. I don't want to hear this round of conversations."

"Well, you can always stop down here if you need a night out." Spike offered. "Bring your friends, too." He smiled, being hospitable and figuring he wasn't going to see much of Modo for the rest of the week.

"I might at that," she nodded and relaxed a bit. "Nick and Tzuka always like a new place to show off."

"That wouldn't be Tzuka Ryudo would it?" Spike asked curiously, causing her to blink in surprise.

"Yes, it would be," she nodded. "You know him?"

"I should say so." Spike grinned back. "He's one of my best clients."

"You know, I really shouldn't be surprised at this point," she laughed softly. "You've got the skill and he loves supporting freelancers. Have you met Nick yet?"

"I think Tzuka mentioned him, but I've never actually met him." Spike said with smile. "Amazing how small a world it turns out to be."

"Well, we are Mouse-centric, after all." She smirked, chuckling softly. "They attract interesting types."

"Well, they are interesting types, so it just stands to reason." Spike grinned as the Mice made their escape to the dance floor.

"That they are, and good dancers too," she murmured, nodding at the pair as they relaxed into the beat. "Throttle must have been incredible when he did this regularly."

"Looks like it." Spike nodded. "Modo still a bit self-conscious about his ability, though being with Throttle seems to calm him significantly. I'm just glad Modo was finally able to discuss how he feels with Throttle."

"I wouldn't call it closed so quickly," she shook her head sadly. "There's an unbelievable amount of potential trouble still ahead, like trying to explain this to Vinnie, when they can barely explain it to each other."

"Oh, I doubt it's closed. But at least he's not bottling it in anymore, worrying about what his Bros would think if they found out he was dating a human guy." Spike said quietly. "He's been worrying about that ever since we acknowledged that there was more between us, than just occasional good sex."

"That much isn't going to be a problem. Vinnie being jealous is far too possible from what I saw."

"My worry as well, though that's simply because it doesn't seem that Throttle sees the relationships that way, and Modo was raised with the idea that multiple mates is normal." Spike nodded softly. "I've never actually met Vinnie so I have no idea how he reacts to anything, and Modo only mentions him occasionally."

"I wasn't even talking about that level of logic," she shook her head, worry deep in her brown eyes as she watched the pair move. "Just the timing of it. The same weekend Vinnie and Throttle become an item, Modo is suddenly demanding all this extra attention. Even if he's okay with it in the long run, the timing is at best really lousy."

"Unfortunately, there isn't much helping it." Spike said quietly. "Though from what I heard, I expect problems were inevitable. Throttle just has a very different outlook on sex and relationships than Modo, quite likely Vinnie, and most people I've ever met."

Charley nodded, her gaze drifting down and away from everything as she took a drink of her root beer. "Reminds me of my little sister, at thirteen or so. Frankly, if the three of them get out of this still alive and speaking to each other, I'll consider it no small a miracle."

"Well, last night it was a sure thing that they weren't going to be, so that's an improvement." Spike said quietly. "Funny thing is, if Modo had gotten with Throttle first, the problem would be smaller."

"Probably," she could only shrug. "None of them are good at communicating, unless it's a battle plan."

"And we really don't need any more aggression involved in this than may get involved anyway." He said over his root beer.

"No, they don't."

"Guess we just have to hope for the best. We've done about all we can do; we got them talking again." Spike sighed.

Vinnie was beginning to think he'd go crazy, when he heard the buzz of the radio coming through from the garage. Even the James Bond video that he and Throttle had been meaning to watch hadn't been able to properly keep his mind off what might be happening with Throttle and Modo. He shouldn't have let Throttle go alone, but after that look Charley had given him ... well, he didn't want her pissed at him as well.

"Hay, Bro." Throttle's voice betrayed nothing of the past three hours.

"Hey," Vinnie replied, his shoulders sagging in relief. "It's good to hear from you."

"It was hardly in any danger, Bro," he chuckled slightly. "You sound like things didn't go nearly so well, though."

"I've been going nuts," he admitted. "I really wanted to be there."

"You've had almost exclusive claim on my time all weekend," he said firmly but gently. "I can't stay in bed all the time."

"I meant when you talked to Modo," Vinnie laughed, all the tension draining out of him at once.

"I know Bro, but neither of us was going to argue with Charley and Lady, and you know it." He chuckled lightly in response to the laughter.

"I swear she was going to take my head off for a moment there. See, sometimes I do know when to shut up."

"Only when under threat of death, I swear." Throttle chuckled deep in his throat. "And I'm quite sure she would have if you'd made one more objection to staying put."

"Things are okay then?" Vinnie asked, settling down as his mind turned to more serious issues.

"They're ... improved." He said quietly. "Not anywhere close to okay yet, but there are still three Biker Mice."

"I guess that's as much as we could expect," Vinnie said, nodding even through Throttle couldn't see him.

"Do you have a clue why he was so upset?"

"Isn't it obvious?"

"I'm asking if you know, Bro." Throttle sighed tiredly. "He explained most of it to me already."

"Well, it's just about catching us isn't it? I mean he's obviously not overjoyed."

"Not really," Throttle's voice echoed the mental exhaustion of the past few hours. "About seeing me with any guy is a little closer. That is was you was just the icing. He's been in love with me as long as you have."

"He ... oh ..." Vinnie managed, his surprise obvious. "I guess you just have that effect on people, stud."

"Yeah," his displeasure at it crystal clear. "His boyfriend seems to think it's hot." The whipsnap of his tail was audible over the line. "I'll be back by midnight or so."

"Okay," Vinnie nodded. "I'll see you then."

"Just don't expect me to be in much of a mood for anything but sleep. It's already a long day."

"I can control myself, you know," Vinnie shot back, although his indignation was obviously feigned. "You can tell me about it tonight."

"Yeah, you did for, what, almost ten years now?" Throttle let out a breath. "I'll see you in a few hours."

"I'll be waiting," Vinnie promised, then cut the connection.

Modo was smiling, thoroughly enjoying watching Throttle move to the music with a natural born skill that even rusty, was impressive. Even better was just how clear it was that the tawny mouse loved to dance.

"Sweet Mars Bro, you're good." Modo smiled with honest admiration between songs in the warm-up session. It didn't hurt that his Bro also looked good while dancing.

"My first love for a long time," he chuckled softly, his body and mind relaxed in a manner it hadn't been in ages. "Probably what I would have been if I didn't have a war to fight."

"I could really see that Bro." Modo agreed. "I like seeing you this way, so relaxed. I'd even go so far as to say happy, and it does look good on you." He said with smile. His tone was relaxed and happy, and pretty much completely just one Bro to another as the beat of the next song picked up.

Though Modo didn't recognize it, Throttle shot a startled look at the stage before chuckling low in his throat at the grin and wink Charley had for him. Without another thought Throttle slipped into an energetic set of movements that incorporated his entire body, even his tail. After the first few steps, he looked like he was in a trance and in a world that didn't know pain, hate or loss.

Modo didn't recognize the dance, but he liked how his Bro responded to it. As he watched the tan mouse move, he made a mental note to ask Spike just what the band was playing.

Throttle was breathing fast by the time he stopped, three songs later, but he looked nearly blisted out.

"That was incredible, Bro." Modo smiled. "That one was from Mars, right?" He guessed, since human dances didn't have tail movements, for obvious reasons.

"Yeah, it was," he grinned a thanks to the band before they started up a more normal song for them. "There's a few bands on Earth than play music close enough to dance to."

"That's good." Modo grinned. "That dance really does incredible things for you." He smiled, as the band began a hard rock ballad and Throttle easy closed the distance between them to dance close as lovers did.

Modo relaxed with his arms around his Bro in the slow dance. It was, he thought, a good start as he wrapped his tail around his Bro's waist in a warm gesture that seemed in keeping with the dance, and felt a warmth inside as the embrace was returned. Despite everything he had conflicting thoughts and feelings on, there was no way Modo could doubt that this was an honest expression on Throttle's part.

As the dance continued into another slow song, he began to think that maybe things would work after all, they just were going to go slow, which was okay. He just hoped that Vinnie would be okay with the new developments.

"Still feel like dinner, Bro?" Modo asked several hours later, during a slow dance.

"Mmm, yeah, that sounds good." Throttle smiled, relaxed and at ease in their visibly intimate embrace.

"Come on, we'll go back to Spike's and I'll cook." The grey Mouse suggested, though he was reluctant to break the embrace he was enjoying.

"That's right, you aren't banned from the kitchen," Throttle chuckled low in his throat and tugged them off the dance floor. "Sounds better than take-out."

"Haven't burned any major appliances since I was a kit." Modo chuckled good naturedly, as they headed for an exit.

"I haven't either, just the food," Throttle batted Modo's ass teasingly with his tail. "And I haven't done that since the solidified that tomato soup incident."

"Is that why she hid the microwave popcorn?" Modo chuckled, as they left the warm club air, for the cooler night air of Chicago.

"Yeah, something like that," he chuckled a little self-consciously.

"Well, Mama didn't see any reason why any of her kits couldn't learn to cook, so we all did." He smiled as they crossed the lawn to the apartment building.

"I don't think either of my parents cooked," he could only shrug. "It's what restaurants, fast food and pre-made dinners were for."

"Not exactly an option when you grow up in the country, and the nearest city is eight hours away." Modo shrugged as they climbed the stairs.

"That's true," he chuckled softly. "Almost different worlds, for all it was the same planet."

"I kind of thought it was." Modo chuckled quietly. "I don't think I ever actually made it into a city on Mars, this is the first one I've ever spent any time in." He said as he unlocked his boyfriend's apartment, and led his Bro in. "Were the cities on Mars like Chicago?" He asked with an odd curiosity as he headed for the kitchen.

"Smaller, less chaotic, cleaner," he said quietly, remembering that brief time in his life when everything was bright and the future was something he relished. "But my parents were upper middle class, and that's not the neighborhood we're in here." He looked around the apartment a little more closely as he stayed out of Modo's way. "Not nearly so artsy, but mom would feel right at home here, if not the area." Throttle's voice nearly choked off before he buried the pain of that ending.

"I'd have to go to another state to really find someplace like home." Modo said quietly, and a bit sad. "Spike could afford a better neighborhood, but he likes the people here." The big grey mouse smiled fondly, as he worked easily in the modern kitchen. It was clear from the relaxed ease he did things with that he enjoyed what he was doing, almost as much as Throttle enjoyed dancing.

"He does beautiful work." Throttle murmured softly, almost touching the portrait of his Bro.

"Yeah, he does." Modo smiled softly, while working. "Kind of surprised me, when he asked me to pose for that one."

"Why?" He glanced towards the kitchen. "If you mean enough to him to claim to be your boyfriend knowing you wanted another more, you're obviously special to him."

"Not that, the fact that he wanted me to pose for it without my leather jacket." Modo said quietly, looking at his metal arm for a second reflexively.

"Oh, that," Throttle nodded and stepped up lightly behind the bigger Mouse to wrap his tail around him. "He probably sees it the way most of us do, Modo." His voice was soft and his body warm against Modo's back. "A badge of honor your accepted to protect us."

Modo thought about that for awhile, as his tail slipped around his Bro. "Guess I always felt less because of it. Like anybody with two real arms was better, more desirable." He said quietly.

"No, Bro." He shook his head. "It doesn't."

"Thanks, Bro." Modo said quietly. "That means a lot." The grey mouse added, as he relaxed on a level he rarely thought about.

Throttle simply nodded against his back and stayed there, quietly supportive as Modo stirred pasta and sauce.

"Hey Bro." Modo said after awhile. "Care to set the table while I finish dinner? Stuff is in the middle cabinet, behind us."

"Sure thing," he smiled lightly and moved off. "What are you making?"

"Italian. Spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread and I'll throw together a salad together at the end." He smiled. "Satisfying, without being too heavy for the time of day, and simple enough that it doesn't take hours to put together. More elaborate stuff I'd want to start earlier in the day."

"Sweet Mars, Bro," Throttle laughed as he pulled out silverware and dishes. "You're calling three courses a simple meal?"

"They're all easy to prepare." Modo grinned.

"You're talking to someone who still thinks the microwave is cooking, Bro." Throttle shot back. "You do realize this means you're going to get stuck cooking a lot more often."

"That's okay, I enjoy cooking." Modo smiled as Throttle returned to snuggle lightly against his back.

"That's good," he smiled. "Give Charley and the delivery guys a break."

"I'm sure Charley will appreciate the help, the delivery guys probably won't like losing the business." He chuckled, as he leaned lightly into the contact.

"True," Throttle murmured softly.

"It's actually been a kind of hobby, learning human recipes." Modo smiled as he drained the pasta. "There were some interesting mistakes for the first month or so."

"I bet," he chuckled low in his throat. "I can just imagine a few looks Spike got."

"Mostly jealous, he tells me." Modo grinned. "But there was a confusion on some of the measurements, mostly cause I started with a cookbook that didn't explain things like which cup was being talked about." He chuckled. "Baking was interesting, I'd never done much of that back home. But I found out that Spike's got a serious sweet tooth."

After a moment to make sense of the confusion, Throttle laughed, shaking his head. "And I thought I came up with some messed up meals by not following directions."

Modo nodded. "Fortunately, Maura's a pretty good cook and pointed out where the mistake was."

"Probably seen it before," he chuckled, nuzzling the bigger Mouse. "Or done it before."

"Yeah, I think it was in some of Spike's attempts at cooking. His artistic talents don't include cooking." Modo grinned as Throttle continued to grin.

"Nice to know he's not good a everything."

"Nah." Modo chuckled as he took the sauce off the stove. "Mostly art, and a good ear for music."

"And calming you down."

Modo smiled softly. "Yeah, that too. That was the second hangover I've ever had. Reminded me why I stay away from the stuff normally."

"I don't think I've had a hangover," he chuckled softly. "I get way too impossible to deal with too fast."

"I get real quiet." Modo shook his head. "I was fifteen the first, and some friends decided to have a drinking party."

"Probably a good thing, all things considered." Throttle said softly from against Modo's broad back.

"Yeah, kept me from really doing anything for awhile." Modo smiled as he began putting the salad together, after taking the just finished garlic bread out of the oven.

"I meant in general, Bro." He cocked a bit of a grin from out of the way. "You've got a lot of damage capacity when you get argumentative."

"Yeah, I'd make one hell of a mean or angry drunk." Modo chuckled slightly as he started putting the food on the table. "Or belligerent one for that matter. But it's just not in me."

"Good thing in my book," Throttle added softly as he watched in a sort of bemused fascination.

"Me too. I'd hate to hurt someone 'cause I was too out of control not too." Modo said quietly, as he finished. "Root beer?" He asked with a grin, as the last dish went on the table.

"I'm sure it's sacrilege of some kind, but sure." Throttle grinned and helped carry the dishes to the table.

"Well, I believe originally it was served with a wine of some sort." Modo nodded, as he pulled two bottles of root beer out of the fridge, and put another two in to cool.

"Not a good idea here," he shook his head with a soft sigh. "Especially not for me."

"Neither of us needs it." Modo nodded as he handed one bottle to Throttle. "That's everything." He smiled, and sat down. "Self-serve." He grinned.

"Now that sounds normal," he licked his muzzle at the mouth-watering smells and happily claimed his share. "Did you always like to cook, or is the an Earth hobby?"

"I did from the time I was a kit." Modo smiled, as he fixed his plate, once Throttle was done. "But conditions in the resistance were never really conducive. Not much you can do with field rations."

"No, I guess not," he nodded and tackled the garlic break with relish.

"But I can now, which is a plus." Modo smiled, between bites.

"Definitely," Throttle grinned. "You're better than Charley."

"Thanks, Bro." Modo smiled, clearly pleased at the honest complement.

Throttle was quiet as they cleared the table, his eye drawn to the eccentric collection of music CDs on display near the stereo.

"Bro, why don't we dance here a little while?" he finally suggested. "I think Spike's got some music that suits it better than the club."

"Sounds good, and he probably does he's got pretty broad tastes." Modo smiled as he finished loading the dishes into the dishwasher and Throttle turned his attention to finding the music he wanted. By the time Modo came over, he'd found a small pile of CDs he liked and was setting up the stereo.

"You can load them all into the carousel." Modo suggested as he pointed out the twenty-disk rack on top of the stereo. "Let the stereo handle changing them."

"That works too," he nodded and started to slip them in in a specific order.

"Saves on the interruptions." Modo smiled and watched his Bro finish setting up the stereo. When Throttle turned around with a hand extended, the soft, slow melodies of an ancient ballad caressed their bodies.

"Nice choice." Modo smiled as he took the extended hand and drew the tan mouse closer for the slow dance.

"This is something I know well," he smiled and relaxed against his Bro in the easy movements of an alien waltz.

"So I'm beginning to realize." Modo said softly as they danced. He relaxed on a deep level, enjoying the closeness that was more than just physical while his Bro's body relaxed to an extent that was far greater than normal.

By the third song, he was sure Throttle was touching him more than at the club, particularly with his tail. Nothing blatant, nothing undeniable, but just close enough to intimate that he was beginning to wonder if it was technically part of the dances. In return he traced his tail along Throttle's jawline in a gesture that was affectionate and clearly not part of the dance. A gentle touch to acknowledge what he felt, but not too forceful. He wasn't quite prepared for the whimpered shudder that raced down Throttle's body, or the suddenly submissive shift in his body language that came with quickened breath.

"You like that." Modo commented gently, clearly pleased as he nuzzled the tan Mouse's neck affectionately without breaking the pattern of the dance. It was more coordination than his Bro managed, though Throttle only missed a couple steps before he found his place again.

"Yes," Throttle whispered against grey fur, nearly as shocked by his response as Modo had been.

"That's good." Modo said encouragingly as his tail gently traced down the other side. The whimper that drew matched the first and Throttle went completely submissive and willing under the soft contact. As they continued to slowly move to the music, Modo claimed a gentle kiss, slowly intensifying it to a lover's kiss that was responded to, even welcomed, by his Bro. Encouraged by that response, he slid his hands under the leather jacket Throttle was wearing to run his hands through the short, dense fur of his muscular back while they continued moving and Throttle's breath continued to deepen.

With his nose so near Throttle's fur, Modo caught the first tickle of arousal's scent on the tawny mouse well before the rest of his body showed it. But mixed into were much higher levels of surprise and confusion. Modo stayed with the gentle caresses that he was giving Throttle, not pushing any further while he gave his Bro time to get used to the new level of things.

It wasn't a leap Throttle seemed able to make no matter how long the gray mouse was willing to give him. Despite the utter willingness, even eagerness, of his body in submission, Throttle's scent did not lie that he was more confused and a little disturbed by what was going on inside him.

The confusion was almost enough to make Modo back off, afraid of pushing his Bro to far. But he remembered that Throttle had let him not worry about what was too far. With a gentle caress of his tail down the tan mouse's jawline, he claimed a passionate lovers' kiss, while gently guiding the tan mouse out of his leather jacket, and then removing his own with wiling help. With the leather jackets out of the way, he gently pulled his Bro back close, still dancing slowly fur to fur.

Very slowly, Throttle unwound his tail from his leg and snaked it up to wrap around Modo's waist, swaying gently with their movements. Without thinking about it too much, he brought his hands up, running his fingers through the dense grey fur of Modo's chest until they rested around the larger mouse's neck.

Modo sighed in quiet pleasure, as he held his Bro close. This was so very much what he'd wanted, that he was completely comfortable just swaying with the music in the background, holding Throttle close. He gently wrapped his tail around his Bro's waist in a quiet embrace, feeling the tawny mouse's relaxed state through it as well.

He wasn't sure how many songs had passed when he felt a light lick and kiss on his neck. He smiled and nuzzled Throttle affectionately, before claiming a relaxed, but affectionate kiss that was returned, though a touch more hesitantly than before as Throttle's mind started to try to anticipate what was going to happen.

Modo held the kiss for a little while, and then looked as his Bro seriously. "Throttle, I don't think we should go much further than we have, at least not yet." He said quietly. "It's not that I'm not interested, but you have to go back to Vinnie tonight and if we're going to keep this from blowing up, I don't think it's a good idea that his nose tell him we went all the way." He added softly. He had no doubt the body in his arms relaxed significantly as Throttle nodded, and rested his head on the broad grey chest.

"We need to sort this out, the four of us, and soon too." He sighed unhappily. "Before it pushes the team even further apart than we already are."

"Yes we do, Bro." Modo said quietly. "Before it affects our ability to keep Limburger at bay."

"Yes," he shivered slightly. "Tomorrow afternoon will be the soonest Vinnie will be coherent enough."

"Maybe if I come by between lunch and dinner?" Modo suggested. "I'm not sure I can explain this to him, or that he'll understand, but I'm willing to try."

"At the very least, we have to get what we each want in basic time and attention out on the table," he said softly.

"I know. Though this evening's been a pretty good example of what I want." He said quietly.

"I never would have guessed, the way I heard you talking." Throttle shook his head.

"Oh, what did you think I meant?" Modo asked curiously.

"I had no idea, just not something this simple for me."

"Maybe I didn't explain it well." Modo said softly. "But I really have enjoyed this evening. The club, dinner, and this dancing now, and just the closeness we've had."

"Nothing like what Vinnie's wanted." Throttle murmured softly. "This is easy."

"Well, I might suggest just a night of movies and popcorn, once in a while." Modo said gently, with a very gentle humor to it. "Maybe this is just part of being Bros that I didn't realize was part." He smiled softly.

"Maybe," Throttle could only shrug. "It's easy for me to give you, at any rate. I enjoy this kind of time too."

"That's good." Modo smiled. "I wouldn't want to ask something that you wouldn't enjoy." He said quite seriously, and got a light kiss for it.

"Neither of you do," he said softly. "There's just a lot I'd enjoy, that I'm not much interested in."

"Well, that does make things a little more difficult." Modo said quietly. "Just make sure you say something, if I suggest something that you don't enjoy."

"I'll try to remember that," he nodded softly. "I haven't felt this mixed up in years."

"It'll get better, Bro." Modo said with a gentle nuzzle. "We just gave you an awful lot to handle at once." He said, slightly apologetic.

"That's one way to put it," Throttle actually managed to laugh. "Turned reality upside down more than enlisting did."

"Well, for being turned upside down, you're handling it pretty well, Bro." Modo said reassuringly.

"Survival tactic," he cocked something of a grin. "Freaking out in the middle of chaos doesn't do any good."

"So you'll freak out once we've got things calmed down?" Modo asked with a slight grin, recognizing the pattern. "I think we can handle that."

"If things ever calm down that much, you've earned the break." He laughed softly. "Yeah, that's about the sum of it."

"Good, nice to know some things don't change." Modo smiled.

Vinnie was still trying to watch the new James Bond movie when he heard the deep rumble of Lady pulling up, alone, near midnight. He smiled, but forced himself to wait for Throttle to come in. The more he'd thought about their conversation, and he must have played it over a hundred times, the more he realized it sounded like Throttle hadn't been having a good time.

"Morning, Bro." The bone-tired tawny Mouse managed a smile for his lover, though it was clearly rather forced.

"Hey big guy," Vinnie responded with an easier smile. "All on your own?"

"Yeah, Modo's staying with his boyfriend tonight, Charley's with her friends." He nodded and made the effort required to stretch his sore body out.

"Modo's got a boyfriend? Good for him. Human?"

"Yeah," he nodded and walked over to the couch, nearly collapsing with a soft groan as he stretched again and pulled his boots off. "Nice guy, weird relationship, but it kept Modo around long enough to calm down, so I'm not complaining."

"When a mouse is sleeping with a human it's gonna be a bit weird," Vinnie chuckled, settling in beside Throttle and looping an arm loosely around the other mouse's chest and ended up with a tired head on his shoulder as Throttle let his body relax for a moment.

"I guess so," Throttle murmured as the smell of a nightclub that saturated fur reached Vinnie's nose. "Come on, I want a shower and sleep before my brain implodes from this."

A smile ghosted across Vinnie's face. "Feel like some company?"

"Why I mentioned it," Throttle chuckled softly and ghosted a light kiss on the white cheek. "I am sore all over."

"Well, I'm not the world champion backrubber," Vinnie admitted as they stood, "But I know how to take care of my man. Let's get you under some hot water."

"Yeah," he smiled and willingly leaned against Vinnie's strength. "Haven't danced that long in ages."

"Sounds like you need some endurance training hot-shot."

"I wear you out just fine," Throttle shot back with a smirk.

"Yeah, because you're sexy as all fuck."

"That's what you want," he said, fighting down the question it almost asked, desperately not wanting to have to think any more for even just a few hours.

"Throttle," Vinnie said as they turned into the bathroom, his voice dropping half a tone. "I want you, not just your cock." Even before all the words were out he felt the utter mental exhaustion echoed in the strong body, despite Throttle's attempt to not show it.

"I'm really not in the mood for this again, Vinnie." He said softly, not even a reproach, as he dropped his vest off. "I already regret letting things get out of hand in the first place."

"I ju... never mind, it's not important. Get in the shower." He said to no resistant as Throttle stripped the rest of the way down and stepped under the hot shower with a low sound from his aching body. As Vinnie stepped in behind him, Throttle rubbed the hot water into his short fur and moaned as the heat sank in.

"Sorry Bro," Throttle murmured softly in the warmth as the heat, water and touch soothed his body. "I'm tired, sore, smell funny and my head hurts from thinking too much."

"Forget it," Vinnie insisted, resting his hands on Throttle's shoulders and beginning to rub at the tight muscle. "Like I said, it's not important."

"Okay," he accepted much easier than usual, though the soft sounds escaping his throat gave no doubt his body appreciating the attention. The white mouse continued, slowly and silently making his way down along the firm ranks of muscle in Throttle's back. As he washed the nightclub scents and smell of a lot of contact with Modo from tawny fur, his lover seemed to relax more, eventually allowing the tensed muscles to go lax and leaned back into the contact.

"Feel better?" Vinnie asked softly when Throttle was relaxed in his arms.

"Yeah, a little," he turned his head to nuzzle him softly and wrap his tail around Vinnie's waist. "Thanks."

"No problem," Vinnie replied with a slight shrug.

"Dry off and head to bed?" Throttle murmured softly, turning in the loose embrace to draw the white mouse against his chest.

"You can if you like," Vinnie told him. "I'm not really ready for bed yet."

"All right, Bro." He nodded, a bit surprised but willing. He reached out to turn the water off and used his hands and tail to press the worst of the water soaking his fur out before stepping out to towel dry.

Vinnie waited for him to step out before he went through the same procedure, vigorously rubbing the towel across his chest and down his legs to clear the water away under Throttle's gaze.

The tawny mouse didn't say anything as he hung the towel up and gathered his discarded clothes, though his tail was affectionate enough along Vinnie's shoulders and back.

Vinnie's tail trailed gently along Throttle's for a moment before he took a step away, heading out into the hall and then down the stairs back into the lounge.

Despite a curiosity at the different behavior, Throttle's brain was too worn out by the chaos and stress of the day to follow. With only a slight shake of his head he walked back to his bedroom on autopilot, asleep before he even sank under the blankets.

Vinnie was a long time waking up the next morning, his brows furrowing slightly as he found an unexpected solid object in his bed, which eventually became Throttle as his senses became clearer. A naked, sleeping Throttle snuggled up against him, in his bed.

He released a long breath and leaned back in the bed, neither in the mood to get up yet or to disturb the sleeping mouse. He wasn't sure how long he laid their, listening and feeling the tawny mouse's even breath and occasional unconscious twitch, but eventually Throttle's breathing changed slightly and he snuggled closer, nuzzling his way to consciousness against his white Bro.

"Morning," Vinnie murmured softly.

"Morning," he responded automatically, still only partly awake. "Sorry I forgot."

"Forgot what?"

"Was going to sleep in here now," Throttle murmured, stretching his muscles without moving much and snuggling in close to nuzzle Vinnie's neck.

"No biggie," Vinnie shrugged.

This time Throttle couldn't pass off the odd behavior and sighed softly. "What happened?"

"Now what are you on about?" Vinnie asked irritably, swinging his legs out of the bed and sitting up. "Nothing's happened."

He just looked at the white mouse for a while, trying to put a context to that he just knew he was missing. "Whatever has you ticked off." He said softly. "Something changed your mood pretty seriously."

"So I'm in a bad mood. Since when does that have to do with you?"

"Maybe never," he accepted quietly. "Doesn't mean I'm not concerned about you."

"I'm fine," the white mouse insisted as he got up.

"All right," Throttle let it pass, though he filed it under 'things to keep an eye on'.

"Hi, Bro." Throttle looked up from the TV as Modo came in late that afternoon.

"Hiya, Throttle." Modo smiled. "Where's Vinnie?" He asked curiously, figuring that they kind of needed him if they were going to straighten things out.

"In a very bad mood," he leaned back with a sigh. "Out partying, I think. I didn't ask this time."

"Problem, Bro?" Modo asked quietly, concerned.

"Honestly, no idea." He shook his head. "Things seemed fine last night, this morning he was in a hell of a bad mood."

"That's strange." Modo said, as he sat down next to Throttle. "Makes talking to him a bit difficult though."

"More ways than one. But talking to him when he's wound up like that wouldn't do any good either." He let a long breath out. "It's pretty much down time until he cools off."

"That's okay." Modo said quietly. "I'll just take a look in the kitchen see if there's supplies for fixing dinner. Spike told me we probably shouldn't expect Charley back for a few days, guess she's going to be staying with friends."

"Probably doing the smart thing and staying clear of the fallout zone for a while." Throttle sort of chuckled. "This is definitely wracking up there with the weirdest weeks I've ever had."

"It's certainly been eventful." Modo nodded. "Spike and Maura both commented on you being an incredible dancer." He smiled. "And it turns out that Spike does a fair amount of work for one of Charley's friends."

"The rich Asian," he nodded. "I can't be too surprised, with what's in his home. Spike is good."

"Yeah, he is." Modo smiled. "And in demand, it gives him a certain amount of freedom in picking and choosing who he works for, and when."

"Sounds like you caught a good one," he smiled softly at the bigger mouse.

"I think I was the one caught, but yeah he's a good one." Modo smiled. "Not many would handle knowing they were likely to always be second in importance as well."

"No, I can't imagine many would," he shook his head softly. "It's not a very normal arrangement, but a Mouse and a human just aren't going to have much of a normal arrangement."

"I don't know, between two guys it doesn't much matter what the species are. It's not like kits are an issue." Modo said quietly, not really seeing the TV in front of them as it played the typical action-packed fair.

"I guess so," Throttle accepted, not completely sure why he'd said it. "Sometimes it just seems like there's a lot of differences, and sometimes none at all."

"Yeah, sometimes it does." Modo said quietly. "But important thing is, he's been there for me, when it mattered. That's really what's important."

"Yes it is," he accepted, despite the pain it caused him. "Like Bros are supposed to be."

"Even the best of relationships has the occasional problems, Bro." Modo said gently reassuring. "That this is the first serious problem we've had is pretty surprising, considering how poorly Vinnie and I started off."

"Was I fooling myself, when I thought you guys came to me when there was a problem?" Throttle finally asked, his gaze as far off into the past as his voice.

"Bro, I do normally, always have." Modo said softly. "This time was just different. Way different."

"Because it involved me." Throttle said softly, though there was no escaping the lingering pain in his voice.

"Actually, it was more because Vinnie was right there." Modo said quietly. "I needed to talk to you without him present. And not being able to talk, just kind of threw everything into confusion. I shouldn't have snapped like that."

A low, resigned sound escaped Throttle's throat as he put his face in his hands and tried to make his head stop running in circles. "One damn mistake and everything blows up." He finally growled to himself, more angry than anything.

"Bro, it's as much my mistake as yours." Modo said quietly. "I should've talked to you before now. Like I've been told I'm prone to doing, I thought about it too much."

"This one had nothing to do with you," he grumbled and flopped back, his arms spread along the back of the couch and his tail twitching with the emotional intensity. "If I'd been clean when Vinnie got home, none of this would have started. He just had to be early that once."

"Yeah, but if I'd talked to you sooner, I wouldn't have lost my cool like I did." Modo said quietly. "And if Vinnie hadn't taken advantage of you not being clean, it wouldn't have happened. There's plenty of blame to go around, Bro. But it doesn't solve the problem." He added softly. "What's important is putting things back together, not what we all should or shouldn't have done." He finished, trying his best to take some of the weight off of Throttle.

"I know," he let a long sigh out. "Probably what's disturbing Vinnie so much. He knows I didn't want this; that I wouldn't have let it happen if I was thinking. Bottom line is that it did happen, and even if everyone else can let it pass and forget, I can't. I really enjoyed myself, even clean the next morning." He shook his head. "Probably the most sense I've made since this started too."

"Bro, there's nothing wrong with enjoying yourself." Modo said quietly. "And I'm really sorry, if my over-reaction is making you think that there is." He said very softly, sincerely apologetic.

"It had nothing to do with your reaction," he shook his head. "As Charley is overly fond of pointing out, I have some serious issues to work through with sex and relationships." Throttle let his head fall back a bit. "Believe me, the situation would not be much different if you didn't care."

Modo nodded quietly. "Well, if there's anything I can do to help, just ask." He said quietly, not really thinking there was, but he felt it was important to be supportive. "We've gotten through worse, we'll get through this."

"Yeah, we have." He said softly, trying not to think about just what the white mouse was probably doing my now. "Hopefully a few days of heavy partying will calm Vinnie down enough to talk to. And give me enough time to figure out how to explain it to him."

"You gonna want to talk to him alone first?" Modo asked quietly. "I can stay with Spike so I don't get in the way of that talk. And you can always come out if you don't want to be alone." He offered trying to make things easier.

"I ... probably should," he let a breath out. "He's not even Vinnie calm, much less calm."

"Okay." Modo said softly. "I'll leave Spike's number so you can call me for whatever reason. But right now I think fixing dinner is a good idea. Assuming you're hungry, that is."

"Not in the least, but I should." He managed a weak smile for the big grey mouse. "And you're cooking is not to be refused."

"I'll make something light then." Modo said gently. "And you're right, you should. Hunger doesn't lead to clear thinking, something we really do need around here." He said in a weak attempt at humor.

"Yes, we do," he nodded slightly and stood to wind his tail around Modo's in a gentle display of affection.

"Come on, let's see what Charley's got by way of ingredients in the kitchen." Modo smiled. "Hope today isn't grocery day."

"Most days are grocery days," he laughed softly and followed. "At least for hot dogs and root beer."

"Well, I wasn't actually looking for hot dogs." Modo chuckled. "And I suppose we can make a quick run for root beer if necessary."

"We'll make do," Throttle murmured as he came up to press behind his Bro's back without holding him. "Modo ... I don't know if I can do this, having two lovers."

Modo sighed. "Guess that was the other thing I worried about." He said very softly as a comforting tail wound around his waist.

"I'm sorry Bro. One is hard to deal with, two makes my head hurt to try and figure out."

"Just wanting to spend time together?" Modo asked softly, as he tried to back down to something, anything.

"Last night was great," he gave the big mouse a squeeze with his tail. "Maybe even sex sometimes if it works out. Sleeping ... I have no idea how to think of."

"Bro, that's okay. We don't need to figure out everything right away." Modo said reassuringly, more than a bit relieved and felt a similar reaction against his back. "I mean last night worked out, we spent some time together, had a great time, and then you went to sleep with Vinnie, and I went with Spike." He said quietly. "That's certainly a working solution at least."

"I ... yeah, I guess it is." He murmured, accepting it despite the discomfort it brought. "Just doesn't seem right, to get that close, and not stay."

"Bro, as much as I'd like it if you did, we might have to make do with less than what we want, till we figure things out." Modo said gently. "Especially if you're not comfortable with the idea of sleeping with one of us some of the time, and the other some of the time."

"I'm still working on the idea of sleeping with anyone," he sighed deeply. "Between jealousy and feeling like I'm ignoring someone ... this may be easy for you, but everything I was taught balks at it, hard."

"I'm not surprised, Bro." Modo said gently as he turned around to hold the tawny mouse. "Most city folk are raised to think in terms of one only." He said quietly. "Never quite understood that myself."

"Well, I never understood why somebody'd want a guy, much less more than one, so we're kind of even there."

"So we are." Modo smiled softly, as he held his Bro. "Guess it's just a lot of learning all around."

"And one very volatile white Mouse to try to educate," he shook his head with a light chuckle. "Hopefully he'll chill out soon."

"I hope so too, Bro." Modo agreed with a smile. "Some good partying usually improves his mood dramatically."

"He gets high and screwed enough he doesn't remember what he was upset about." He shook his head. "That he's still around amazes me sometimes.

"Well, the humans have a saying about Fortune looking after fools, drunks and little children. He's often the second, and more than a little of the last at times." He smiled with an odd fondness.

"Too true, Bro. Far too true." Throttle smiled softly to himself against the broad grey chest. "And he enjoys every minute he can."

"And he even remembers some of them." Modo chuckled lightly, making Throttle laugh. He gently ran his hands through the dense tan fur, in motions that were as much comforting and soothing as anything.

"Morning, Bro," Throttle's voice and touch was soft and considerate of the white Mouse's condition, though neither did it leave any doubt that the tawny Mouse considered his Bro a lover.

The scent of coffee and sweets registered next in his still-fuzzy brain.

The moan was even more incoherent than usual, muffled by the pillow Vinnie was face down in. The white mouse's limbs moved slowly and with little co-ordination as he tried to prop himself up without success. He was obviously suffering the after effects of most of a day and night of wild excess.

He was gently helped sit up by his Bro, and a glass of water lifted to his mouth, and he swallowed greedily at a few mouthfuls and then turned his head away, talking a deep gasping breath. He groaned again as he stretched his arms, finally achieving at lest some degree of consciousness.

"Water, or coffee?" Throttle asked softly, still supporting the white Mouse.

"Ugh, water," Vinnie replied, his voice rasping. "Just gimmie a minute."

"As much time as you need," he murmured softly, holding the white Mouse supportively. He could feel the subtle shivers running through Vinnie's body, and the sweat running down beneath the white fur. They sat there in silence for a couple of minutes before Vinnie reached for the glass again.

After he'd downed it, Throttle smoothed the worst of his rumbled fur with a hand. "More?"

"Yeah," Vinnie nodded. "Please."

He nodded slightly and shifted to refill the glass from a pitcher on his side nightstand. "There's juice too."

Vinnie shook his head slightly as he lifted the glass to his lips, draining the whole thing in one go.

"Water's better," he said simply as Throttle reached for the glass to refill it.

Vinnie had almost half the pitcher of water inside him before he finally set the glass aside, letting out another soft groan as he leaned back to lie on the bed again.

"What time is it?"

"Almost noon," Throttle said softly and settled on his side to watch over the hung over Mouse.

Vinnie made a small dissatisfied noise in the back of his throat, but couldn't rouse himself to any more vocal disapproval.

"Pretty early, considering the hour and state you came home in."

"You don't need to tell me," Vinnie said. "Really."

"Then eat something and go back to sleep," He murmured gently.

"Food." From his voice you might think it was going to be too much effort, but a moment later Vinnie was pushing himself back up again. "What've we got?"

"Fruit, some baked things that smell like sugar, bacon and links. Waffles are downstairs."

"Sugary things sound good," Vinnie decided, causing Throttle to shift from the bed and retrieve a sizeable tray, leaving its cover on the writing table that never saw use.

"Modo did some incredible work." Throttle commented as he settled the tray on Vinnie's lap and got back in the bed before claiming something for himself.

"Well someone's gotta know how to cook," Vinnie said as he selected one of the baked treats and took a bit. "Starving's no fun."

"No, and rations get dull eventually."

"What do you mean eventually?" Vinnie finally managed his first wiseass crack for the day. "Rations were born dull."

"I liked them, when I didn't burn then," Throttle mocked defensiveness.

"Which was rare enough," Vinnie chuckled weakly.

"Most actually tasted better cold," he chuckled back softly and wrapped his tail loosely around Vinnie's waist in an affectionate gesture.

Vinnie's fingers trailed across Throttle's tail for a moment, but he didn't say anything as he reached forward for another pastry.

"Think I'd have any change of getting Modo to make these every morning?"

"Every morning, no," he chuckled softly and caressed the other Mouse back with the tip of his tail. "But between Charley and Modo, we may actually get real means twice a day."

"Always a good thing," Vinnie nodded.

Throttle nodded, and slowly raised his hand to brush Vinnie's white cheek. "Yes. Did I bring this on?" He asked softly.

Vinnie sighed and closed his eyes, taking longer than Throttle would have liked to come up with an answer. "Maybe. Maybe it was me. The whole thing's just screwed up."

"I know, Bro." He rested his haw along a white shoulder and gently pulled Vinnie close. "But we haven't killed each other, and we're still talking, so it can be sorted out."

"It was a mistake, wasn't it? We shouldn't have done what we did."

Throttle could only sigh. "Vinnie, I can't pretend I would have chosen it. I don't regret it either. You opened my eyes to something I never wanted to deal with, and made me realize I really enjoyed it. It's only a mistake if we let our reactions destroy the Biker Mice."

"But you don't want this," Vinnie replied, pushing Throttle back as his frustrations bubbled to the surface. "You've made it pretty obvious."

"I didn't want this." He corrected firmly and extended a hand to guide the other Mouse to look at him. "Now I want us, I want what you make me feel. Bro, try to understand. I've never been sure about sex, never thought of a guy like this. It's hard to rearrange my view of myself that much this fast."

"It hate to see you doing these things when it's clear you're not interested," Vinnie admitted rawly. "As much as I want you, I don't want you if that's what it means."

"Not interested?" Throttle frowned. "Unsure and clueless, yes. Willing to push the envelope because I like what it does for you, yes. But I wouldn't be here now if I wasn't interested. I've been clean three days Bro, and I still want you."

"You do?" Suddenly the white mouse seemed uncertain and, if it were possible, even afraid. It was not at all the way Throttle was used to seeing him.

"Yes, Vinnie. I do want to be your lover." He said with quiet assurance, not even tripping over the words this time.

The white mouse swallowed, nodded, and reached for another pastry. Throttle let him finish it in silence, watching and uncertain how to take this shift.

"If you don't want me here, I can take being told so." He offered the only out he could thing of Vinnie wanting, half afraid of the answer himself.

"No," Vinnie shook his head quickly, and then wished he hadn't. "No, I'm just ... kinda out of it."

"I understand," he kissed the white mouse softly on the cheek. "This will wait until you're feeling better."

Vinnie finished off the pastry he was holding and then nodded toward the pitcher of water. "Any chance of another drink?"

"Sure," Throttle smiled and twisted to take the glass and fill it. "That stuff dehydrates you bad?"

"Not usually," Vinnie replied. "Last night was ... wild. Even for me."

"I know," he murmured softly, settling his muzzle along the white shoulder again.

Vinnie took this glass slower, slipping one arm around Throttle for a weak embrace. "Throttle. I'm glad you're here."

"So am I, Bro." He murmured, nuzzling him gently. "We're going to make this work out."

"Yeah, but later. I really need more sleep."

"Then sleep," Throttle whispered softly and picked up the tray to return it to the table and cover it. "I'll be here when you wake up."

It was much, much later when Vinnie returned to consciousness again, much more in control of himself this time. He lay still for a few moments, reveling in the surprising, but entirely welcome, warmth that came from having another body in the bed with him.

"Mmmmmm ... how long have I been sleeping?" He asked as he stretched and propped himself up on his arms.

Throttle gave a glance to the clock and chuckled softly before putting his book down. "Another eight hours."

"Damn, I must have been really whacked."

"Feeling more like yourself now?" Throttle smiled and leaned over to kiss him softly.

"Yeah," Vinnie murmured softly as their lips parted. "I'm sorry. This whole thing was just doing bizarre things to my head."

"It's hit us all, Bro." Throttle smiled and ran his hand down the strong white back. "I never thought I could feel like this about anyone."

Vinnie nodded, arching his back into Throttle's touch just a little. "I don't really want to have to get up and deal with things," Vinnie admitted, sounding more like himself again. "How do you feel about staying here?"

"You need a shower somewhere in there," he chuckled softly, his hand stopping over Vinnie's hard ass, getting used to the feel of it when he was relatively calm. "But otherwise I don't mind."

"Yeah, I guess I should," Vinnie nodded, though he was still reluctant to move.

"We could play, or snuggle for a while," he offered with a murmur and slid down alongside his Bro.

"I'd like that," Vinnie nodded, slipping his arms around the other mouse's strong chest. "Just lie together for a while."

"Sure," Throttle smiled and shifted so they could hold each other more easily and nuzzled him affectionately.

"Besides," Vinnie smirked. "If you're here I don't have to get up."

"You don't want to get wet that badly?" He smirked back affectionately.

"I don't want to get up," Vinnie retorted. "And why should I? Warm bed, warm mouse ... and quite a hunky one at that."

"Flatterer," Throttle murmured, his tail playing over Vinnie's back from neck to tail.

"It's the truth," Vinnie insisted, nuzzling at Throttle's neck. "You don't think I go lusting after every mouse I see?"

"Not for so long, no." He answered softly, trying to ignore the swelling between his legs at having Vinnie naked in his arms.

"There you go. You're a particularly brave and strong and studly mouse."

"Come on Vinnie," he ducked his head what little he could, blushing noticeably and his tail twitched less controlled along the white expanse of fur.

The white mouse chuckled softly, drawing his fingers gently down Throttle's side. "Shy? That's a bit of a surprise."

"I never heard stuff like that," he said softly, his breath hitching slightly at the touch.

"You're kidding right? I mean, hell, they made you leader of the biker mice for a reason ... although your butt probably had less to do with that bit."

"I just got command Bro," he shook his head a bit. "I had the plans, that's all."

"You really don't pay any attention to people, do you?" Vinnie asked, though he was more amused now than anything else. "There aren't that many people who can do the things you do, Martian or not."

"It's just what I do," he countered softly. "The strength is in the team."

"All three of us you mean?" Vinnie asked with a raised eyebrow. "You can't duck out entirely Throttle."

"I'm not, you're just making a big deal out of what I do." He murmured softly.

"Well someone has to," Vinnie chuckled slightly but relented, deciding not to push him any further.

"If there's something I don't want to be remembered for, it's to be that." Throttle couldn't keep all the pain and regret from his voice.

"Well," Vinnie smirked, "It's not like you don't have other attractive features," Vinnie chuckled.

"I know," he hesitated. "I'm trying to remember that time."

"What time?" Vinnie prompted.

"Before the resistance," he whispered. "When there was a future to look forward to."

"C'mon bro," Vinnie said softly, his fingers gently stroking Throttle's fur. "You don't think there's anything to look forward to here?"

"Things, sure." He forced the knot in his throat to relax. "Just not a future."

"And why not? I mean, Modo's scored himself a guy, and it's not like Charley's gonna turf us out ... at least not any time soon."

"Ah, Bro," he stroked Vinnie's cheek gently. "It's not what I mean. It's not what I grew up looking forward to."

"No kidding," Vinnie chuckled. "None of us expected to be on Earth."

"No, the only ones thinking of that were scientists." Throttle said softly, stroking fingers threw while fur. "Not us."

"It's kinda nice though. I like it."

"There are much worse places to be," he nodded, his voice distant. "Might even feel like home eventually."

"It might as well be," the white mouse nodded. "It's not like we can get anywhere else."

"Oh, I expect we'll probably die here." He actually chuckled. "Home is a lot harder to come by, than where you'll be the rest of your life. Home is still that place that was destroyed when I was fifteen. Last place I had a family."

"You're much too morose to be my boyfriend," Vinnie chuckled suddenly, "No-one's gonna believe it."

"That's their problem," Throttle suddenly growled, a ripple of possessive anger running down his body.

"Hey, I was just kidding," Vinnie said quickly. "You think I'm gonna let other people decide who I want?"

"No," he rumbled, settling his breathing and his bristled fur. "Sorry, sharing isn't one of my strong suits." Throttle sighed. "Something else I wasn't raised to believe in."

"No problems there big boy," Vinnie said softly, running his fingers down Throttle's sides in what he hoped was a soothing fashion. "You're everything I ever wanted."

"After all that partying and sleeping around, you want to settle down, just like that?" He looked down at the white mouse, calming down slowly between his own efforts, Vinnie's touch and the confusion.

"Well, I don't know about settling down," Vinnie laughed, "I'm not really the type, but there's no reason to go getting with anyone else when I've got such a fantastic guy already. Hell, maybe I'll manage the impossible and actually get you out to a club one day."

"Depends on the club," Throttle cocked a grin. "I still have my dance moves for the most part."

"Oooh, well we'll have to see about that then," Vinnie said with a grin and got a playful lick on the nose for it.

"And you will see." He promised with the first real traces of personal pride Vinnie could remember seeing in him.

"And then we'll head back here for our own private party."

"I like that thought," Throttle smiled and stroked soft white fur. "Maybe prove that you can have a good party without drugs."

Vinnie chuckled and rolled his eyes. "I know all about it Bro. It's perfectly possible, it can be a great time. But DewDrops are fun too, and they haven't melted my brain."

"Some would argue you didn't have a brain to melt," he smirked teasingly.

"Brains enough to know a hot cock and ass when I see them."

"And that you have them too," Throttle rumbled softly as his tail grew a little bolder in caressing the white ass as inner thigh.

"You noticed, huh?" Vinnie asked with a smirk.

"Starting to," he admitted with a slightly sheepish smile. "I remember that hot ass very well."

"We aim to please," Vinnie chuckled as Throttle's tail slipped between the firm curves of his ass. "I'm really glad you enjoyed it."

"That I did," Throttle murmured, leaning forward to kiss his lover.

Vinnie's tail and arms wrapped around Throttle as he invited the tan mouse into his mouth, kissing him long and slow. It served well to encourage Throttle's hands and tail to more bold exploration, focusing on the curve of his ass and firm white balls. Vinnie's own hands were more well behaved, stroking down Throttle's sides and along his spine. There was no doubting that the tan mouse's attentions were welcome though, judging by the gradual but steady swelling between Vinnie's legs.

"Gods, what you do to me," Throttle rumbled hotly and rolled Vinnie gently to his back, kissing his way down the white jaw and throat as his tail went for more direct action on Vinnie's sheath.

"Like you can talk," Vinnie replied, spreading his legs apart and drawing Throttle further down on top of him. "Gods Throttle, I could be happy to never get out of this bed as long as you were inside me."

"Think you can hold completely still for a couple minutes?" Throttle murmured softly from near Vinnie's nipples.

"As long as you don't do anything too fantastic to me."

Throttle chuckled softly. "I don't know how fantastic it'll be. Just keep your hands and tail to yourself for a bit, okay?"

Vinnie laughed and nodded, lifting both tail and arms away from Throttle's body and waiting expectantly for whatever the other mouse had in mind. He didn't have long to wait as he watched Throttle move down his body, kissing his way along one side of Vinnie's sheath to lick experimentally at one white ball.

The scent of Vinnie's arousal was thick down between his legs, as was his cock. He moaned softly as Throttle's tongue touched his balls, the fur salty from his sweat, and spread his legs a little further apart. It was encouraging enough for Throttle to draw one into his mouth, very careful not to close his teeth on the tender flesh.

"Oh yeah. That's good," Vinnie moaned softly as the soft sack was played with in the warm wet mouth by a curious tongue.

"Just lift it up ... against the roof of your mouth," Vinnie gasped, his breath running faster. "Press. Gently. Oh yeah, just like that."

Throttle smiled a bit around the large object in his mouth and gently rolled it against the roof of his mouth a few more times before letting it slid from his mouth to tend to the other one.

"Fuck that's good," Vinnie said softly. "You sure you never did this before?"

Throttle let the ball slip out, and trailed his tongue up along the full white sheath much more hesitantly. "I've done it." His voice was extremely soft as he put those painful half memories away before they choked him again.

"Are you okay?" Vinnie asked softly.

A low shudder ran down Throttle's spin before he drew his head away, his face showing just long enough for Vinnie to recognize the look Throttle had worm more often than not when he was tossed back in their cell in the Plutarkian prison camp.

"Just ... give me a minute," he breathed out, his calm voice completely at odds with the very sick look that had been on his face.

Vinnie's tail flicked down to rest lightly on Throttle's shoulder and the white mouse watched carefully as Throttle composed himself, eventually relaxing and moved up to snuggle close to his Bro. His scent, under the older arousal, was thick with the sticky cacophony that had permeated the camps.

"I'm okay," Throttle whispered, pressing close to the white Mouse. "Just remembering things."

"I'm sorry," Vinnie murmured softly, nuzzling Throttle gently. "Sometime I forget what that was like for you."

The tawny mouse could only nod, resting and slowly relaxing as the solid reality of the now pushed the memories back where they belonged. Vinnie's arms closed warmly about him, holding him close against the white mouse's solid chest.

"Modo?" Charley interrupted the grey Mouse's thoughtful staring at the Last Chance Garage from across the street as she rolled up.

"Hiya, Charley." Modo said quietly, turning his head to look at her.

"What are you doing out here?" She asked gently, fairly sure she already knew the basic answer.

"Working myself up to go inside." He said quietly. It was clear from his body language that he wasn't at all comfortable with the situation.

"It's not an easy situation for anyone," she said softly and reached out to put a hand on his shoulder.

"I know that, Charley." He sighed quietly. "I'm sure as hell not sure how to explain what I want, not with the way Vinnie's been since things started. He's been partying hard, even for him."

"Acting out, maybe?" She suggested. "Throttle can't be ready for the kind of relationship he probably wants."

"If Vinnie wants something exclusive, I know he's not." Modo said quietly. "He pretty much said so, though he's not up to handling more than one lover either."

Charley could only sigh deeply. "He's not ready to handle one, Modo, just trying his best to deal with things."

"I know." Modo said quietly, clearly still having difficulty coming to terms with how Throttle thought. "And I'm trying not to ask too much of him, but I can't just switch off how I feel either." He finished tiredly, leaning against his bike for support.

"I don't think he wants you to," she shook her head and leaned forward on her own bike. "Is it that hard to have everything but his body, after having nothing?"

"It's not even that." Modo said quietly. "I could deal with that. But it just seemed like it was making him feel guilty that we'd spend an evening together, and then sleep with others. I'm okay with it, but I hate putting that on him. He carries too much as it is."

She reached out to brush his cheek with her knuckles. "You're not going to help him any making him carry the knowledge that you're refusing yourself and him some pleasure because you're trying to be noble."

"Charley, if I'd gotten as far as refusing, this would be easier." He said quietly. "I'm not even that clear, and he wants me to explain this to Vinnie. It was something of an accomplishment getting the two of us to work together in the first place. If he's trying to make an exclusive claim, I'm not sure how to deal with that." He sighed. "I don't even understand it very well."

"I don't know if I can help much there," she sighed softly. "I don't even begin to understand where you're coming from, with Spike."

"I love him." Modo said quietly. "Wasn't something I was looking for, but there he was. He's been really good to me, Charley. He understands that what I feel for Throttle, doesn't mean I love him any less."

"Modo, you don't have to defend it to me," Charley said softly but firmly. "It's just not how I relate to relationships."

"Most city folk don't." He said quietly. "But it's how I was raised, and its part of the problem."

"Let me guess, Throttle and Vinnie are both city-raised," she nodded softly.

"Uh, huh." Modo said quietly. "It's why Vinnie and I didn't get along at first. He's more blatantly city, than Throttle."

"He's more blatantly everything than Throttle, except a leader." She chuckled softly. "Somehow I don't think they're having any easier a time of this than you are."

"I know Throttle isn't." Modo said quietly. "I'd always figured he didn't like guys. Never crossed my mind that he didn't like anybody that way."

"I had a clue, but only because I really wanted to know how he felt about gay couples before I introduced him to a couple of mine." Charley shook her head softly. "When explaining it ended up in an explanation of marriage in general, I knew I was in trouble trying to get his attention."

"Long term relationships on Mars hadn't been in good shape for awhile." Modo said quietly. "When survival isn't something you really count on, and the next generation is something you're not sure will happen ... planning anything more permanent than boyfriend/girlfriend seems kind of wishful thinking."

"He completely blanked on that one." She told him simply. "Marriage he almost followed. Casual just left him shaking his head and backing off the topic rather forcefully. I know ten year olds with a better developed sense of personal romantic relationships that he has right now."

"I know my nephew does." Modo said softly. "Not sure what happened, or maybe didn't happen with him. Guess I'm just kind of worried about him. He's under enough pressure as it is."

"We all are," she said softly. "But Throttle's the type that doesn't handle being worried about very well. It messes up his coping strategies when you make a choice based on what you think is good for him."

"Yeah, I kind of noticed." Modo said quietly. "Problem is that caring about someone means thinking about what's good for them. Gets kind of confusing when they don't handle that well."

"It's part of the price of falling for a leader," she said gently. "They don't exist in the same way the rest of us do, even the balanced ones. And I hate to say it, but he's not one of the better balanced ones."

"After what he went through in the camps protecting us, I'm just glad he's still mostly with it." Modo said quietly. "Lot of Mice didn't make it."

"I'd be willing to bet a lot of Mice did make it because of him too." She smiled softly.

"Yeah, and you've met two of them." He smiled quietly.

"Beyond you two," she patted his shoulder. "He's a really good guy, they tend to come with difficult quirks."

"You don't have to tell me he's a good guy." Modo chuckled softly. "It's why I'm still hung up on him. If it was just his good looks, I would've gotten over that years ago."

"You and everyone who meets him," she shook her head. "Sometimes I think it's his way of avoiding getting too close to too many people. He can pick up an interesting partner pretty much any time he wants."

"Except that he doesn't want to." Modo said quietly. "He's actually kind of disturbed by the fact that we're all interested in him."

"I know, Modo, that's what I was saying. It's easier not to get hurt as much when you don't let people close. It may not be all that healthy to most of us, but he's made it work for him. It's hard to miss something you never had and never thought about."

"I think part of him has decided he likes what he's found though." Modo said quietly. "I think that's where a lot of the confusion is."

"Most definitely he likes it," she nodded. "Sex feels good with a decent partner, and he doesn't feel good very often. I'm not at all surprised he likes it, even when he doesn't understand why. And I'm very sure he doesn't understand why. I just doubt he cares much now."

"He seemed to enjoy the evening we spent together too." Modo smiled. "That might've gone that far, but I figured that was the wrong way for Vinnie to find out."

"I'd say he did, a lot. He's magic on the dance floor." Charley smiled at the memories of that body moving with such graceful abandon. "A little advice from someone who wants to see this work for you? Don't think about his whys or reasons. Ask for what you want, enjoy what you get and don't worry about trying to read him."

Modo sighed softly. "That's not so easy."

"I know," she squeezed his shoulder firmly. "It rankles not to try to take care of a loved one. Sometimes it's just the best way available."

Modo nodded quietly, not really feeling the need to point out that best wasn't always good.

"Come on," she encouraged him softly. "Lets get it over with."

"No sense dragging this into dinner." He said softly, clearly still not happy. But he started toward the garage, though there was no particular hurry in his walk.

"No, there isn't." She nodded agreement and rolled her bike into the garage with Lady and Girl, Lil Darln coming in behind her.

"Hi, Bro." Throttle greeted Modo quietly as the gray mouse entered the living room.

"Hi, Throttle." Modo smiled slightly, his eye caught by Charley walking in the other door.

"None of us are looking forward to this, Bro." Throttle told him quietly. "But we can't go on without sorting it out."

"I know." Modo said quietly and was led to the mismatched cushioned chairs that had been set up for a bit of a conference circle.

"Hey Bro," Vinnie said, offering the big grey mouse a weak smile. "Thanks for the breakfast. It was really good."

"Hiya, Vinnie." He smiled slightly and sat down as Throttle did the same. "Glad you liked it."

"I think we all know there's some issues centred on me that we can't let get out of control again." Throttle began quietly, as serious as he'd ever been. "Number one, all three of you want to share my bed." He paused for any comments that might come of the statement.

At the silent, if unhappy, acceptance he continued. "Regardless of past conversations, inclinations and the rest, I have decided not to go back to how I was handling this. Vinnie is my lover." He made the statement quiet and final, making brief eye contact with each of them. "It may not be my first choice, but I can not let what is between Modo and me fall to the side either."

Modo nodded quietly, mostly so Throttle would know he was supporting his decisions.

"What this comes down to, is you two have to figure out what will work for both of you, without cutting the other out."

That earned him a surprised look from the white mouse, though Vinnie still didn't say anything. Modo was seriously surprised by the fact that Vinnie wasn't saying anything. He waited, wondering if Throttle was done, or not.

"That's my choice, I can work with whatever you two sort out. It's all new and more than a little weird for me no matter what you sort out." Throttle finished quietly and leaned back, almost visibly exhausted by the short speech.

"Well great," Vinnie said, his arms crossed across his chest. "And I guess you just expect us to hash this all out right here and now like we were buying bike parts or something?"

"I think that's the long and the short of it." Modo said quietly. "And putting off discussing it, isn't going to make it any easier."

"I expect you to start," Throttle said softly. "I'm going to be here for it all." He let out a soft breath. "We need a starting point that we're all on. We can work on it from there at a more normal pace."

"That may be one of the most whacked things I've ever heard. You expect us to make up the arrangements for who you sleep with? At least show some interest mouse."

Throttle simply exploded from his chair, catching Vinnie's jaw with the full force of his right first and sending the white Mouse flying from the chair to impact hard with the floor and continued to roll.

"How fucking dare you," Throttle's voice was a low growl leaving no doubt of just how much outrage was seething behind the action as he stood over the white Mouse, his fits clenched and tail lashing. "You are my lover. Stop acting like a spoiled child expecting everything to be handed to you on a silver platter and offer some effort for what you want. Show me I'm worth something to you in your actions."

Modo decided that perhaps keeping his mouth shut for the moment was the best idea and watched the other Mice with a stunned Charley.

Vinnie was nowhere near that restrained.

"So being bargained for like an animal makes you feel good about yourself?" He snarled back from where he lay on they floor. "Well I'm sorry Mister Leader but that is fucked up!"

"I stated where I stand on all of this," Throttle growled back, only just keeping control of a temper no one had seen in him before. "Now it's your turn to put in the effort."

The animal comment had caused Modo to tense with the sudden urge to hit Vinnie hard, with his metal fist. Throttle was having a hard enough time without Vinnie making comments like that. And it also confused things a bit; were they still having the discussion, or were Throttle and Vinnie having an argument. Modo decided to wait and find out, while he forced himself to calm down.

"You know what I want Throttle," Vinnie said as he stood up, crossing his arms over his chest.

"So say it already." The tawny mouse rumbled in frustration. "Because I will not speak for you in this."

Modo sighed quietly, definitely convinced that this had turned into a Vinnie and Throttle argument. He didn't really think Vinnie was listening, so he waited to see what would happen next. As long as they were arguing there wasn't much to be gained by him jumping in.

"You want to know, that's fine," Vinnie said stubbornly. "But this is not a spectator sport."

"What you don't say in front of those involved won't count." Throttle stated simply. "I will not count them."

"It's not a sport at all." Modo said quietly. "Or a game. Throttle made a perfectly reasonable request, why are you giving him so much grief?" He asked quietly.

"You butt out," Vinnie told the grey mouse. "It's got nothing to do with you."

"Yes, it does." Throttle lashed his tail sharply.

"Like hell it does," Vinnie snapped at him.

Modo sighed, and concluded that Vinnie was definitely not in a mood to listen. He figured it was probably best to let Throttle handle arguing with him for the moment.

"It involves Modo. Whether you like it or not." Throttle rumbled, outwardly more in control, but visibly much angrier. "It involves him as much as you or me."

"Fuck that for a joke," Vinnie snorted, turning his back and heading for the stairs.

"If you were anybody, but one of the Biker Mice, Vinnie, I'd flatten you for treating Throttle this disrespectfully." Modo rumbled agitatedly. "As it is, I'll leave that to him."

Throttle closed his fist tightly as the white back disappeared, straining the muscles along the entire side of his body before he relaxed with a shake of his head. "He's got more survival instincts than I gave him credit for." He finally muttered as his body relaxed and turned away

"Okay, Bro." Modo said quietly. "What's next?" He asked, not entirely sure what to do with what had just happened.

"We honor his choice," the tawny mouse shrugged. "As long as you're okay with it."

"What was his choice anyway?" Modo asked uncertainly. "I wasn't quite clear on that."

"No claims," Throttle said simply. "He asked for nothing."

"I'm okay with it." Modo said calmly. "Doesn't change what I want from you. The quiet times together just the two of us, the club, the slow dancing we did back in the apartment that night and whatever follows. Just like we discussed." The grey mouse said quietly, figuring he'd at least say it in front of a strangely silent Charley.

"Agreed," Throttle nodded and stepped close to the gray Mouse with a disheartened sigh. "I knew he was going to take this poorly, I didn't quite expect it to be this bad."

"I wasn't sure how he'd react." Modo admitted softly, as he put his arms around Throttle gently. "But I didn't think he'd just refuse to discuss it."

"I didn't expect he could get me to loose my temper," he relaxed into the contact, grateful not to have to be the leader, even if only for a few moments.

"I didn't expect he'd get me to lose mine." Modo said softly. "He had me seriously thinking about hitting him with the metal arm." The grey mouse said quietly, in a frank admission of how agitated he'd been.

"Damn, he really did retreat at the right time," Throttle looked up with real shock. "I didn't think anything but a rat could get you that angry."

"I couldn't stand seeing him treat you that way, after you claimed him as your lover." Modo said quietly. "I don't like seeing people treat you that way, and Vinnie of all people shouldn't."

"No, as hard as it is, I wasn't asking for that much," he sighed. "I still don't really know what he wants. Not like you." A trace of real gratitude slipped into his voice. "I think leaving him alone for a while might be best. For all of us. I know I'd do a lot more than deck him if he started up that garbage about me knowing and it being a game."

"I've got a little place of my own, if you'd like to go there." Modo suggested. "Unless the three of us, want to go to Spike's for dinner. I'll cook."

"That sounds great," Throttle smiled softly. "I did promise to show Charley how I used to dance."

"All right, you have me." A chuckle broke her mood.

"Spike will be pleased." Modo grinned. "He loves company, and he definitely prefers that I cook."

"I think everyone prefers you to cook," Charley chuckled slightly and guided out to the bikes, who were talking furiously among each other from the amount of rumbling and noise.

"Don't worry, Charley." Modo grinned teasingly. "I'm not planning a total takeover of the kitchen."

"You wouldn't get any arguments from us," she smiled softly, looking at the likes in concern. "I think the girls are upset."

"Sounds like it." Modo agreed. ("Okay, Lil Darlin' what's the fuss?") He asked his bike gently.

("We heard it all.') She summarized to him, most of her attention still on the other bikes.

("Yeah, it didn't go well.") Modo admitted. ("Not what I expected. So we give him some time to cool down.")

("Just hang until we settle Girl.") She answered back. ("Not that Lady is doing much better.") She added privately, the undercurrent in the thought indicating she wasn't either.

"I think it might be a good time to take some of the dumb bikes." Throttle said quietly.

"Sounds like it." Modo nodded. "I think the girls are going to be at this awhile."

"Hi, Bro." Throttle's voice spoke much of how uncertain he was of his welcome around the white Mouse the next afternoon.

"Throttle," Vinnie said with a nod, without looking away from the TV.

"Ready to try to explain your reaction to me?" He asked quietly, his forearms settling on the back of the couch.

"Well what the fuck did you expect Throttle? Honestly?"

"I expected it to be difficult," he said quietly. "I didn't expect you to call me an animal, or that you'd be so self-centered that you wouldn't at least try to work things out."

"Well if you're not even interested enough to make your own arrangements just what the hell would be the point?" Vinnie huffed. "Beyond which, Modo and Charley are so not a part of us. Sure, he's our Bro and she's been more than good to us but I am dammed if I'm just going to up and spill my guts in front of them."

"You didn't hear a word of what I said," Throttle let a deep sigh out. "Unless all you really do want is the sex?"

"No, you know hat's not it," Vinnie replied, his irritation beginning to show again. "But I'm not about to invite every guy and his dog into my private life either. If we've got stuff to sort out then it's between you and me. No-one else."

"Just you and me are here. Spell it out." Throttle's voice maintain an almost unnatural calm.

"Fucking hell Throttle, this is supposed to be a relationship, not a combat mission. You think I come with a list of priority targets?"

"I have no idea," he shrugged. "I've never done anything like this before. Modo explained what he wants well enough."

"Well, some of us just can't sit down and lay it out like that," Vinnie told him. "Especially not with a bloody audience."

"There's no audience now, Vinnie."

"Yeah, and?"

"Try and lay it out." Throttle told him simply.

"You go first," Vinnie challenged.

"I want to keep the four of us together," he started with what he felt was most important. "To continue sleeping with you, and the sex. I want to work this out so all four of us can have most of what we want."

"That's all fine, but it doesn't really answer the question. I'm not keen on breaking us all up either."

Throttle visibly blinked, bewildered to a point he couldn't say anything for a while.

"It's what I want." He said quietly, not at all sure what Vinnie was trying to get at.

"Well it's what I want too, as far as it goes," the white mouse agreed. "I also want you to actually enjoy yourself for a change."

"I have been," he actually smiled a bit. "With both of you, for different reasons."

"Well I would hope so," Vinnie replied, finally cracking a smile. "Somehow I can't quite see Modo doing those things."

"Some of them, no," Throttle chuckled softly, reaching out one hand to brush the side of Vinnie's muzzle as the only fur on that side of his face. "Some he does want with me."

"Huh. I bet he does."

"And so far you've said nothing to indicate he won't." Throttle tipped the white face to look at him. "He asked me a long time ago, Bro. I have little inclination to continue refusing him."

"Well I guess it doesn't matter what I say about it then, does it?"

"Why do you think I asked for what you wanted?" Throttle sighed softly. "I can get along fine no matter how it goes down. It's you and Modo that have to accept the claim the other has on me, and my time."

"It's your time Throttle, you're the one who has to decide what to do with it."

"And you don't mind, however I choose?" He asked softly, very uncertain with his interpretation.

"Of course I mind," Vinnie snorted, "You think I'm just gonna shrug and say that's fine? But it's not like I can stop you."

"You could," he said softly. "I have no idea what you want, what you expect in a relationship beyond the sex. I really don't know what you want, Vinnie, and I'm trying to take your desires into account. That's damn difficult when you won't tell me what the hell you want."

"No, if you really wanted to screw around with him there's nothing I could do about it," Vinnie repeated. He paused, trying to put his feelings into words. "What I want is you, for you to be my guy, my boyfriend."

"Boyfriend?" Throttle stammered, stunned to the point of not thinking.

"Well yeah. What did you expect?"

"Not that," he admitted as he tried to process it. "No more nights out for the prettiest one you can find?"

"I told you the other night, there's no point in chasing tail when I've got such a great mouse already."

"Oh," he murmured, trying to assess if he could really do that and give Modo what he deserved. Not to mention Charley and his own sanity.

Vinnie's tail flicked up over the back of the couch to wrap around Throttle's biceps. "I'm guessing that's not really what you're after," he said softly.

"I ... yes, it is. It's what I was raised believing in." He managed to murmur. "It's just not an ... easy one ... with the situation."

"Seems like it," Vinnie agreed, "But you asked."

"I wanted to know," he nodded, still trying to digest the new spin on things and the incredibly tempting offer Vinnie was making.

"Boyfriend," Throttle murmured softly to himself, drawn like a moth to the stability the term implied.

"I always said it was about more than the sex," Vinnie told him, "Although I've gotta admit, you're bloody good in bed."

"As my boyfriend, can you accept that I'll be spending a fair number of evenings with just Modo? Probably not sex, but time." He asked quietly.

Vinnie shrugged. "He's our Bro. I probably don't get along with him as well as I should, but that's no reason you shouldn't."

"Just one thing, Vinnie," he said softly and tipped the white muzzle over to kiss Vinnie soundly. "Try to remember just how new I am to all this? I'm doing my best on no experience and less understanding."

"I'll try Throttle," the white mouse said, nuzzling against his neck gently. "It's kinda weird though."

"That is the understatement of the century, Bro." He chuckled softly and shifted around the couch to sit down and pull Vinnie into his arms. "It's been a hell of a week."

"No kidding," the white mouse chuckled, leaning in against Throttle's solid chest and trailing his fingertips gently along his arms as he was nuzzled and kissed along his neck.

"I missed you last night." Throttle admitted quietly.

"I wouldn't have been great company," Vinnie confessed. "I was pretty pissed off."

"What you just told me was what I was trying for last night. So you and Modo could come to some kind of agreement that would work for both of you." He said between kisses to the strong white neck, his hands growing bolder.

"You just don't listen, do you?" Vinnie murmured, arching up against Throttle's firm touch. "Are the others around? I haven't seen them."

"No, I wanted to talk to you first, find out if you would talk, with just me." He murmured against twitching white fur with a hot breath. "And I listen, I just didn't understand what you meant."

"Good," Vinnie murmured, pressing his lips against Throttle's again, kissing him deeply.

Of Sex and Mice

NC-17 for M/M
Het Level is None
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is High
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

268 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written January 30, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall, Vorex

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars

Primary Races: Martian Mice

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Throttle/Vinnie, Throttle/Modo

Blurb: When Vinnie takes advantage of a rather high Throttle, all hell breaks loose the next week.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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