Of Wolves in the Night 1:
For One of the Blood

by Fur and Fantasy
R for Violence
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"I can't do this, Stag." The young, tan male Mouse pulled away from a slightly larger charcoal one. His voice was laced with as much pain as his heart. "I can't break the laws. They exist for a reason."

"That's only for pairs that can have cubs, mate." He pulled Throttle's back against his chest. "It doesn't matter with us."

"It's still the law." He shivered as he pulled away again, this time to turn and face the dark Mouse. "Yes, I want you. I think I love you. But I can't just disregard everything I was raised to believe for it."

"Throttle." He grabbed the Mouse's shoulders. "We'll probably die tomorrow. I will. I don't want to leave this life without knowing your touch, a lover's touch. I do love you."

"You won't die, Stag. And neither will I." Throttle shook his head as his friend dropped his in defeat. "Our desires don't matter, it's wrong for us to lie together."

Throttle let a few silent tears for what could have been trail down his face as he stared at the red dot of his homeworld. It glittered back in a field of black as he remembered the last conversation with his packmate.

"I'm sorry, Stag. You were right, as usual." He shivered and turned his bike back to the garage. "Our lineage shouldn't have stood between us. And once again, I understand too late."

A crashing and cut off howl of pain from a human female brought his attention from his memories to what was happening nearby. Flashes of gunfire and power crackled in the dark ally, illuminating a half dozen humans, the fallen form of a human female and the dark, blood-soaked fur of a nine foot tall Werewolf male standing defensively between the two. He was breathing heavily as his hands flickered beneath blood red spheres of energy and the humans fired.

He took a moment to consider the scene, then dismounted and lunged for the nearest human. He groaned as endorphins and adrenaline flooded his system, making the changes to his body more thrilling than painful. He landed with three times his normal weight and nearly twice his height behind razor sharp claws on top of his target as the world devolved into a red blur and pain as the guns were turned on him.

"You're Mycarin." A weak, rough male voice dragged Throttle from his rage and his focus to the barely conscious human male that had just fought at his side.

"Yes, RoadWing." He nodded and tried to calm down and shift to his Mouse form to kneel next to him.

"Take care of my mate, Mycarin." He rasped out. "She's with cub ...."

"I will, brother. On my honor." He assured the stranger and sighed sadly as he closed the male's eyelids after the last breath left him. "Your mate will be cared for and your child raised well." He stood to check on his new charge as silvery energy opened into a portal behind him and two huge silver wolves stepped out to take the dead away with a morning howl.

"Who's this?" Talon was the first to spot Throttle as he carried the dark haired woman into his room in the Ryudo mansion, drawing Vinnie, Modo and Charley out to look.

"She needs help." He glanced down at the battered, finely beautiful face.

"What's her name?" Vinnie cranked his neck to get a better look.

"I don't know. Get the first aid kit." Throttle shook his head and continued to a bed and removed what little was left of her clothing. "She'll need it."

"Why not a hospital?" Charley started a quick inspection and shuttered. "She's hurt too bad for us to handle."

"She'll be okay." He growled and grabbed the kit Modo handed him.

"Throttle." Charley grabbed his shoulder as he carefully started to wash the blood from his charge's face. "If she's human, she'll get better care at a hospital."

"She's not." Talon stated with some confusion.

They all froze as the dark haired woman moved a little and groaned, then opened her eyes slightly.

"Hello." He returned her week smile sadly. "I'm Throttle. You mate charged me with you and your child's care."

"Where is he?" She forced out. "Daniel ...."

"I'm sorry." He dropped his head. "He died on the battlefield."

"Where ... body."

"Taken by the Shadow Wolves." He whispered too softly for the others to hear as he brushed wet hair from her face. "He was a true Garou."

"Yes." She let her body relax. "My pouch ... Bastet's Rose ...."

"Understood." Throttle cut her off and quickly searched the remains of her clothing. He came up with a small, blood red rose and offered it to her. "This?"

She nodded weakly and enclosed the object in her hands over her heart and closed her eyes. A soft purring rumbled through the room as a barely visible electric blue mist caressed her, melding with and repairing her body.

"What now?" Charley spoke softer than normal as Throttle stood.

"I sleep." Their guest answered, then turned her head to Throttle with much more alert eyes, assessing the gathering of three Mice, a Kat and a human on the way. "Tessa Ravenseye."

He knelt back down to come even with her. "Then sleep, Tessa. This watch is mine." He stood when she'd closed her eyes again and turned towards his bros and Charley. "Someone's trying to kill her. He mate asked me to take care of her and their child before he died." He shrugged slightly. "About all I know so far."

"So where's the kid?" Modo asked with a long look at her as the conversation moved out of the room.

Throttle hesitated before grinning a little sheepishly. "She's pregnant."

Charley took a deep breath as the door closed behind the group. "I hate to be the one to point this out, but couldn't this be some kind of trap?"

Throttle shook his head. "I trust my gut, it's no trap."

"So what is she?" Modo asked Talon.

No one missed the sudden increase in tension in Throttle as the Kat thought. "I'm not very sure." She shook her head. "Close to human, probably a half or quarter breed."

"With what?" Throttle found his voice after a long moment.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say a Tethian RazorCat. Locally, probably some kind of canine."

"How's the child?" He asked sulkily. "What is the child?"

Talon spared him a questioning look and shook her head. "It's healthy. That's about all I can tell. They are too closely connected right now."

Throttle nodded and turned to the guest room. "Don't let this interrupt your evening, bros. Just go without me."

"My phi-shields can see to her safety." Talon reminded him. "I can be here in less than a second."

"I really don't feel like partying right now." He kept his eyes on his charge as he settled on the bed for a long watch.

Vinnie and Modo were the first to nod and leave, shortly followed by the less than pleased females.

Throttle waited until he was sure they were out of earshot and leaned over his charge. "You can stop faking now."

"Let me sleep, please." She didn't open her eyes.

"No, you will explain yourself now, traitor." He let a silver hunting dagger touch her throat as her eyes snapped open.

"I'm no traitor." She whispered with forced calm; her eyes straining to see the silver she could feel.

"The Litany, traitor. Garou shall not mate with Garou." He growled.

"What are you talking about, Mycarin?" She forced herself to maintain her human form with difficulty. "No Litany says such a thing."

"It is the First Law."

"On Mars." She relaxed her body and closed her eyes. "I am not Mycarin, Throttle. My cub is not Metis. It doesn't happen that way with us."

He hesitated, the dagger lifting slightly from its position.

"You're not the first Mycarin I've meet." She tried to smile. "I know something of your kind. Wintergreen was no less reactionary, though I was in a better position at time."

"Why should I believe you?" He lifted the weapon away as she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Because I speak the truth." She let her eyes drift closed. "Now let me sleep, Throttle. I do need to."

"Just one thing, Tessa." His voice dropped to a low growl again. "My family is not to know what I am, or you."

"I understand." She yawned. "I've kept this secret my entire life. I won't slip. Thank you." Tessa breathed and relaxed a little more.

"We're too few not to take care of each other." He whispered.

"Pity more haven't realized that." She let a few tears slid down her battered face, not noticing the matching ones darkening his fur as well.

"Yah." Throttle murmured as she drifted sleep and his mind to the distant past.

"What's he hiding?" Charley demanded as they entered the huge living room.

"I don't know Charley-girl." Modo said evenly, his deep voice resonating with worry as all eyes fixed on Talon.

"Don't look at me." She held her hands up.

"You've been inside his head, babe." Vinnie pointed out. "He's even more broody than usual."


"No what?" Vinnie pressed, then backed down as her emerald eyes flashed and her show-white ears snapped back.

"Even if I knew what this is, it's not my right to tell it." She hissed and stalked back to their guest's room.

"Why do I get the feeling we're about to land in the middle of another war?" Charley sighed as she watched the white feline storm off.

"You got nothing to worry about with me around Charley-babe." Vinnie tried to drape and arm around her shoulders.

"Yah, right." She rolled her eyes as she ducked the embrace and headed for the kitchen.

"Throttle?" Talon slipped into the room. "Willing to talk without any other ears around?"

"There's little to talk about." He barely glanced up. "You know as much as I do, probably more."

"Mind if I keep you two company?" She sat in the small space next to him and pressed close, not at all caring for the level of distress and confusion radiating from him in heavy waves.

"If you want." He leaned into her warmth with a sigh as she reached for his mind across their bond with soothing care.

"That was more than just a group of hunters." He started softly, eyes closed. "I know the moves. It was humans using them, but they were trained the same." He hugged his knees to chest and shivered. "It's starting all over again."

Talon waited for him to break the silence as the pain and fear slowly receded from his aura. "What's starting again?"

"The Takira." Throttle whispered, the sound catching in his throat.

Talon scrunched her face as she searched for the meaning to the vaguely familiar word. Her fine brows screwed furthered as she came up with it, in long dead language from another universe. "The long slaughter?"

"Yes." He closed his eyes, fighting for control. "We lost Mars to our own fears, because we couldn't live with our differences. Now it's here, from my own homeworld."

"But you survived ..." She stopped at his bitter laugh.

"At what price?" He glared at her, anger flickering to life. "I'm one of the last, and only because I've turned my back on everything I've been raised to believe. Maybe even the last."

"You're not the last Mycarin." Tessa countered softly, looking up at them with dark brown eyes as they focused on her. "You're not even the only one on this planet."

"Wintergreen." He looked at her blankly from behind his shades. "You should be asleep."

"You're talking about something important. Sleep'll wait a bit." She yawned widely.

"Why were they hunting you?" Talon cocked her head to regard their guest.

She hesitated a moment before nodding. "I'm carrying The Yavvith, if you believe the legends."

Both females froze as Throttle sucked in a breath, his eyes visibly wide even behind the shades. "Are you serious?"

Tessa's voice went hard with her face. "Seven packmates and a lifemate dead serious."

"Tell me your legends of The Yavvith." He leaned forward intently.

"Urr, okay." She settled uneasily into a more comfortable position and dropped her voice into the singsong of teaching.

"Unto the First Daughter of Phoenix
and the First Son of Fenris
The Yavvith will be born"

Tessa closed her eyes and spoke with her hands and voice as her rescuer shivered in remembrance and Talon watched them both with undisguised fascination at the not-exactly-a-song.

"This is the Yavvith
Born of the spirits
Before the flesh
Child of both
Servant to none"

Throttle raised a husky, shaky voice to join hers in words far too familiar to both of them.

"She and He
Spirit and Flesh
Challenger of Kings
Changer of Ways
Bringer of The End
The Yavvith leaves nothing in its wake"

All three let the silence rest between them by mutual agreement as the shapeshifters recovered their composure and Talon thought about what she'd just heard, and felt.

"Because I forced myself to forget until I met another of my kind." Throttle's mind-voice echoed with pain, shame and an odd pride in her mind.

"Uh?" Talon's physical and mind-voice reacted in union.

"You wonder why you didn't sense this about me before." He thought-spoke back to her. "You aren't the first telepath I've met. ... I've kept some of my secrets, as have you."

"You're getting good at this." She smiled weakly. "I wasn't criticizing your choice, love."

"I know." He hesitated. "Not really, but I believe you."

"Will you mind-share what this is with me?"

"Tonight, Tally-love. I need ... I will need to ... to be ..." words trailed into a chaotic maelstrom of emotion-images, both a taste of what he was going to share, and what state it would leave him in. He mentally shivered and eased out of her mind, closing himself off to all but the most basic connection.

"You're not afraid." Tessa murmured to him. "Why?"

"I know the truth of those words." He blinked back tears that couldn't flow, but still tried. "And they are not what the leaders and hunters would have us think."

"So ... what is the truth you know of the Yavvith?" Tessa asked carefully.

Throttle lowered his head, his voice soft and sad. "Yes, Yavvith will leave nothing in its wake, but it is not an apocalypse that follows her, it is rebirth. If we survive our own shortcomings." He raised his head to stare at her with cold, cybernetic eyes. "Yavvith of Mars was born two years before I was. I watched as my people and planet realized the truth too late to save ourselves." He glanced over to Talon. "The Plutarkian invasion was not the first hopeless war I've fought and survived. Just the first I actually thought was a good idea."

"So you believe the Yavvith to be a good thing." Tessa sighed as she settled down to rest again.

"No matter how it turns out, yes." He leaned back as Talon nestled against his side and Tessa closed her eyes to rest.

"So how are we going to handle our new guest?" Tzuka inclined his head toward Charley as the remaining members of the team lounged naked in the steamy poolroom to ward off Chicago's pre-dawn chill.

She sighed as all eyes fell on her and shook her head. "With few questions, I think."

"But something weird is up." Vinnie protested, his tail inadvertently splashing Nick as it lashed. "He's treating us like the enemy."

"Maybe we are." Modo went silent as all eyes focused on him with open disbelief. "Tally-Kat said she wasn't human, maybe he knows what she is."

"But why ..."

Tzuka gently interrupted the white Mouse. "Because there are some things best left unshared, even with your closest friends."

"But what couldn't he share with us?" Vinnie protested, then jerked away as Modo's tail snapped across his nose. "Hay!"

"Is there anyone here who hasn't, doesn't, keep at least one secret from us?" He openly dared the group, then glared his teammate down. "Keep your muzzle shut about her, Vincent Van Wham. They will tell us when needed."

Of Wolves in the Night 1: For One of the Blood

R for Violence
Het Level is Medium
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is Low
Herm Level is None

22 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written December 7, 2000 by Rauhnee Ranshanka

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars, Children of IDVC, Haloeth, World of Darkness (generic)

Primary Races: Human, Loup Maru, Martian Mice

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Femslash (F/F). Relationship (Cross Species), Relationship (Established), Violence

Pairings: Throttle/ Stag (M), Throttle/ Talon (F)

Notes: Series: Throttle has a secret, one that has dictated almost every choice in his life. But how far is too far, even for the honor of everything he was raised to believe?

Blurb: The results of a battle overheard one lonely night begins to unravel Throttle's carefully contracted life.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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