On The Road Again 2:
Locked Without Bars

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M, M/F
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"Okay, boy." The short-muzzled blond with the gold fur of an S'karran overseer said gruffly. "Get out to the north field, and help Modo fix the Trigun corral fence. Your Guide will show you the way." He said tapping the band around the rusty mouse's wrist. "Now get your tail out there." He barked commandingly.

Thildon growled deep in his chest at him before talking off, but didn't attack after the last three rebuttals informed him of the futility of it. By the time the Guide's shocks had guided him into sight of his workmate his Rage was boiling in a roiling maelstrom that would not find release until he was a young elder if the felines had anything to say about it.

His workmate was big gray male Martian mouse, whose only attire was a ragged pair of jean shorts than had seen better days. He was hammering away diligently, repairing the wooden fence.

"What'da freaks nail you with?" Thildon only just managed the semi-civil sentence as he walked up, his tail a lashing whip behind him.

"Some crap about being an undocumented alien, improper operation of a spacecraft, a few weapons charges, resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer." The big gray muttered as he set down the hammer and turned to face the young newcomer. "Name's Modo." He said offering a hand. "What they get you with?"

"Mostly the same." He accepted the handshake as he sized Modo up with glossy black eyes. "It's not like I was trying to get on this damn planet. Freaks pack a hell of a wallop too."

"Yeah, they do." Modo agreed. "And they don't even have to be close to do it. And these damn things." He held up the Guide. "Mean they don't even have to watch us."

"They don't?" He raised an eyebrow. "Oh, name's Thildon."

"Pleased to meet ya." Modo said politely. "Yeah, if you stray outside your assigned area, you get shocks till you get back in. Don't move fast enough, and you'll get knocked on your tail, and then punished for attempting to escape."

"Freaks." Thildon muttered, his tail leaving a deep furrow in the grass where it impacted with the yielding earth. "So what are we supposed to be doing out here, exactly?"

"We're fixing this fence." Modo said simply. "Using the hammer, nails and boards you see there. Basically we go around the perimeter of this corral and replace any boards that are damaged." He shook his head. "If they'd use modern materials this wouldn't even be necessary."

"But then they wouldn't have anything for us to do." Thildon grumbled as he scanned the length, easily spotting which direction Modo had come from. "They keep much track, outside of location?"

"They keep track if the work is getting done." He nodded. "Beyond that I don't know. They're not big on sharing info." He said as he picked up a board, hammer and some nails.

"Doesn't sound like there was a point to backing down." Thildon growled and followed suit.

"Backing down on what?" Modo asked curiously.

"Trying to kill that smart-mouth of a blond." He hissed, using his tail to drive the nail in with a single strike that rattled the fence.

"Unless you enjoy intense pain, backing down is a good idea." Modo said simply, as he hammered in the nails quickly from long practice.

"It's not like they can do anything to me." Thildon muttered. "I'm already in for life."

"Thirty years is hardly life." Moto said quietly. "And you never know what might happen." He said mysteriously, as he hammered.

"Seventy, and I doubt I'll be worth anything in five." He growled, though there was a lot less fire in it.

"Seventy? You really did have trouble backing off." Modo said as weighed telling the young mouse something. "Let's finish this fence, and then we can kick back for awhile."

"One of'm's got a broken leg, before they learned to watch the tail." He shrugged and worked. "I didn't have anything to loose to start with. Some something they don't seem to get."

"Yeah, they don't understand that. I didn't have anything to lose when I got here either." He sighed as kept working. "Mars'll be completely dead long before I get back."

"Mars?" Thildon paused, looking the gray mouse over more carefully. "You're not from the colonies?"

"Of course I'm from Mars." Modo said simply. "What colonies are you talking about? Mars never developed space flight enough to have colonies." He asked curiously.

"The ones the Tribes settled six generations ago." Thildon said simply as he went back to work, though less quickly.

"Tribes?" Modo asked curiously. "Nothing in the history about any colonization effort six generations ago. Only thing that big was that a large number of the Garou disappeared about six generations ago, nobody knows where they went." He said quietly, though there was a strong note of curiosity in his voice as he worked.

"Garou are organized into Tribes, at the top social level." Thildon explained simply.

"Oh, that makes sense." Modo said quietly. "So, you're from the colonies?"

"The Hot Sea settlement." Thildon nodded, a distinct longing in his voice. "I was headed home from a visit to Uchinia when I crashed here."

"So you're Garou, right?" He asked curiously, though it seemed to be have a pleased tone to it.

Thildon nodded. "Not that I am here." He muttered, a mixture of hatred and fear in his voice.

"You are." Modo said confidently. "They can't take that away, even if you can't shift." He smiled. "Knew there was something about you I liked." He turned to give the younger mouse a friendly grin, before he went back to work.

"You're from the two that staid behind?" He asked, curiosity mounting.

"Huh? Nope, at least I don't think so." Modo said quietly.

"Oh," Thildon nodded. "Our histories didn't mention such good relations that you'd be happy to see me otherwise."

"I've always been kind of odd that way." He said quietly. "Gotten into a few fights with ignorant skullbusters over it too."

"Sounds like a Kinfolk family to me." Thildon smiled a bit at him. "It's good to see someone from Mars at any rate."

"It's possible, I guess." Modo smiled. "It's good to see another mouse. Haven't seen any since I got separated from my Bros years ago."

Thildon nodded sadly. "So the war and destruction has come?" He asked quietly.

"I was sixteen when it reached my settlement." Modo said quietly. "Now, Mars is a dead world and there aren't enough of us to rebuild if we can get rid of the Plutarkians." He sighed. "My Bros and I were gonna give 'em a serious bloodying before we went down though."

"So the prophecies were correct even about the date." He murmured in amazement.

"That's wonderful." Modo said sarcastically. "But now we can't even give 'em a bloodying, and Earth may suffer the same fate. We actually had a chance to stop 'em there."

"We may not see it, but they'll get their fishy faces handed to them." Thildon said confidently. "It's what we've been preparing for since the exodus."

"Yeah, but will anything be left when someone gets around to doing something." Modo sighed quietly. "Probably aren't a thousand of us on the whole planet, probably less."

"With around thirty thousand Garou in the colonies, and twice that many Kinfolk."

Modo's hammer stopped in mid-swing. "That many? So what are they waiting for, an engraved invitation?" He asked somewhere between excitement and bewilderment.

"Something like that." Thildon said softly. "We're waiting for Death Angel's son, to show us the way home."

"Death Angel's son? Hmm, didn't know she had any left." He said quietly. "Don't suppose you know what his name is?"

"SunWind is his given name." Thildon answered easily. "He's the color of Mar's sun, and the natural leader befitting his heritage."

"Gods, that's a damn good description of my Bro, Throttle." Modo smiled. "I never have heard his given name."

"Show me him?" Thildon asked cautiously. "The Seers passed down an image of him we all know. It's a Seer image, but they've been stunningly accurate so far."

"Once we finish here." Modo said softly. "Rather not be out in the open."

The rusty mouse nodded easily and went to work with a little less rage and a lot more focus on what he was actually doing.

"Come on Thildon." Modo said when they finished. "It's cooler in the haybarn, and there's water and food there too." He said leading the way with the smaller mouse close behind.

"They may be bastards, but they do keep us supplied." Modo grumbled as he tossed a cold bottle of water to Thildon, as he dropped into a pile of hay. "So you want to see my Bro?" He smiled, and patted the hay next to him. "Set yourself down here, and I'll show you." He said with more ease than he felt about mind contact with a mouse he hardly knew.

"Thanks." Thildon sank down and downed a good portion of the bottle before relaxing into position for Modo to control the contact with more ease than his companion.

Modo relaxed, and brought his memories of Throttle to the fore, before gently touching antennae with the younger mouse. He let the memories of his leader and Bro flow briefly, before backing out of the contact.

"It's definitely a close enough match for a very careful inquiry." Thildon said softly.

"Wish I knew where he was." Modo said with quiet longing.

"He'll be on Mars soon enough." Thildon said with certainty. "Doesn't do us any good, but he'll see it again, and see it green and blue over the red sands."

"He'll be here first." Modo said with calm sureness. "He'll figure a way for us to get out of this."

"Cause he's your packmate?" He looked over at the older mouse with a small trace of hope.

"Yeah, and a good friend promised to get word to him. Once he knows where I am, he'll come for me." Modo said certainly. "He's never let me down."

"Then he won't." Thildon nodded with much more certainty. "Wish my pack knew where I was." He said softly.

"If we can figure out where you're from, we'll get you back there." Modo said reassuringly. "Lance has a ship that can go anywhere."

"If we're in the same galaxy, I can probably figure it out." He said softly. "Stellar navigation isn't my strong suit, but I know a little."

"See we're both gonna get home." He said confidently. "We just gotta bide our time, with these assholes."

"How much time?" Thildon asked with a trace of trepidation behind the growing stubbornness.

"Don't know, Thildon." Modo said quietly. "Lance has got to find Throttle first. But he promised he'd come back, even if he couldn't find him." The gray mouse said confidently, putting a reassuring hand on the younger mouse's shoulder. "You just gotta hold it together, and not let 'em get to you."

The young mouse nodded as he set himself to this course. "I'll try. Captivity isn't easy to keep your mind during."

"No it's not. But I survived the camps and the labs; I'm sure as hell not letting these jokers break me. And neither are you." He said firmly.

Thildon looked at Modo for a long moment before he nodded, a shift in the way he looked at the gray mouse visible in his black eyes.

"Yeah, you're a tough one." Modo smiled. "These jokers can't break two mice who stick together." He said confidently.

"Our strength has always been in the pack." He nodded, more sure of himself. "Even a pack of two."

"Exactly." Modo grinned. "We're both missing our regular pack, so we'll make a new one here."

"And nothing can break a pack's will." Thildon nodded stubbornly. "We'll be ready when your mate comes for you."

"Yes, we will." Modo agreed, and then was quite for a little while. "Thildon, how much have you picked up about exactly what our duties can include?"

"Nothing, really. I've only been here a couple weeks." He muttered. "First time I haven't struck back when they tried to order me around."

"Well, it's pretty simple." He said quietly. "Anything. They can and will give us orders that involve anything they need or that amuses them."

"So what's the point in behaving, if they'll do it all anyway?" Thildon asked, though there was more disturbed curiosity in his tone than actual rebellion.

"Because our current owner isn't into inflicting pain, except as punishment. We behave and while some of the things might weird us out a bit, they won't hurt." He said quietly. "Well, maybe a little if you haven't been with guys before."

"I prefer guys," He said softly. "Though we usually play in Cronis."

"That's got to be pretty intense." Modo said quietly. "Crinos is the big one, right?"

"Yes," Thildon nodded with a fond smile. "Full of rage, battle lust and heals fast. It's an incredible sensation to have all that focused on sexual lust with someone you trust. Ripple-Wind swore Xanxi and I would shatter the island with our play."

"Sweet Mars, that sounds hot." Modo rumbled. "Of course, you're pretty hot as is." He smiled.

"It is, having that much energy and weight against your back focused on nothing but you." Thildon grinned before the second statement sunk in with a startled look for Modo. "You like guys?" He asked hesitantly.

"Yeah, took me awhile to figure that out but I do." He smiled gently. "Think I prefer them actually."

"Packs ... we're usually all lovers, if not mates." Thildon said softly, looking at the gray mouse with a hesitant smile.

"Well, it would be nice to have someone to sleep with." Modo smiled gently. "And like I said, you are really attractive." He murred, as his tail slipped over to gently wrap around the younger mouse's waist as Thildon blushed slightly.

"It eases the loneliness," he smiled and shifted to lie next to the big mouse, his own tail slipping around Modo's waist, though a little more hesitantly. "And frustration."

"Yeah, that it does." He smiled, relaxing close to Thildon. "Just let me know if I move too fast." He said softly, as he ran one hand through the fur of the younger mouse's chest.

"I don't think you could." He smiled at the contact and relaxed deep inside at having a pack of lovers again. Even if it was only one, and only Kinfolk, it was a pack. Gradually his tail snaked down to caress Modo's inner thigh, just above the edge of the ragged shorts.

"Guess not." Modo rumbled, as he felt the tail. He slipped his own tail up under Thildon's shorts to caress his thigh lightly, and then tease at his balls while he pulled the athletic young mouse close, claiming a gentle kiss that was returned eagerly.

Thildon didn't waste the breath except to moan eagerly, the pent up energy and Rage in him more eager for release than his body as he explored the broad chest and hard muscles of this battle hardened warrior.

"Oh, yeah." Modo moaned as their lips parted.

"Been too long." Thildon rumbled, the fire in him nearly an inferno as he closed their mouths together again and passed close.

Modo welcomed the passion and let his hands explore the younger mouse's muscular chest and abs before undoing the button on his pants and slipping the zipper down to release Thildon's hard erection. It was a courtesy the rusty mouse returned as their mutual arousal and Thildon's unnatural level of desire seeped into the hay and air around them with the sweat of the day's work.

As his hands fondled the hard erection and swollen sheath of the rusty mouse, Modo's tail pulled the jeans down and out of the way. The agile tail then played teasingly at the pucker under Thildon's tail, eliciting a mixed response of eager desire for more and aggressive need to pound into something as his own shorts were pulled away.

Modo's tail snaked around to wind around Thildon's cock, pumping it firmly, while the gray mouse's hand slipped between the globes of his packmate's ass and pressed a finger solidly against the pucker until it slipped inside. The attention drew first a moan, then Thildon stiffened as he thrust against both tail and packmate in an effort to relieve some of the insane levels of Rage in his body. With a shattering roar the rusty mouse came hard, his seed almost burning where it splashed between them. He barely paused to catch his breath and claimed a fierce kiss before seeking more.

"Damn, it has been awhile hasn't it." Modo rumbled hotly as their lips parted, so he could turn the rusty mouse so his back was against Modo's chest. The large gray mouse then pushed his cock into his fiery lover, burying it up to his sheath, before beginning to thrust while his tail stroked the still hard cock.

"Ohh, just a lot to burn off." Thildon half moaned, half growled.

"I think we can manage that." Modo rumbled hotly against smaller mouse's ear, as he continued to thrust and stroked in rhythm. It didn't take long for the body against his to stiffen again, tightening around him as Thildon roared, clutching at the straw for something to hold as he thrust his cum over the hay.

"Got more to burn off?" Modo rumbled hotly, without breaking his rhythm.

"Two weeks of frustration." The rusty mouse nodded, hard and demanding despite the calming effect the sex was having.

"Want to mount me?" The big gray mouse offered, knowing that fucking was often better at stress relief than being fucked.

"Yes," Thildon moaned softly, his breath taken as he neared a third climax.

Modo made one last thrust deep into the younger mouse as Thildon roared and stiffed, his tail lashing wildly until it secured around Modo's hips in a tight embrace that gradually relaxed as the mouse next too him did. He before slowly pulled out of his panting lover, his tail continued a firm powerful stroking of the hard cock. The big gray mouse rolled to knees and elbows in the hay. "Okay, Thildon. Fuck me." He rumbled hungrily.

"Oh, yeah." He rumbled eagerly, not the least bit soft for their activities. He managed to hold himself back as he checked Modo for readiness, his seed slicking his cock under the gray mouse's skillful, demanding tail.

Modo's tail slipped from Thildon's cock, to encircle his waist pulling him against the waiting mouse. "Just fuck me, Thildon." The big warrior demanded as he looked over his shoulder at the younger mouse with unconcealed lust.

It was all the encouragement he needed to take wide, powerful gray hips in his hands and drive into the willing body with a half moan, half growl before instinct and need set a punishing pace, intent only on burning off the Rage that was becoming toxic to his survival.

The big gray mouse moaned in pleasure as the punishing pace pushed him toward his limits. The scent of the smaller mouse's raw need and Rage was intoxicating on some strange level and he began to bliss out as Thildon roared and shuddered over him without ever slacking off.

Modo managed to focus enough to tighten his muscles around the cock that was pounding him toward the edge. The large mouse gave a wall-rattling roar as he came, splashing hot seed into the hay beneath him. Despite the power of his orgasm, the gray mouse remained as hard and as hungry as before.

It was a state of affairs Thildon was only peripherally aware of as the need to slack the burning in his soul on the body under him consumed his awareness, leaving only the fire and the pleasure that cooled it by enflaming it further.

Thildon had only been returned to the quarters he and Modo shared about ten minutes when the door open and two red-furred, muscular male S'karran guards dragged the battered body of Modo in and dumped him unceremoniously on the bed he and Thildon shared, along with a new pair of jean shorts. "Cimmarix decided to keep the old ones as a souvenir." The guard snorted in amusement. "Overseer said you better take good care of him. He put on a very good show tonight." He chuckled lustily as he and his companion left. The smell of the Liontaur was strong on Modo, as the creature's cum dripped from the mouse's battered ass, and off his cum-sprayed face. As a final insult, there was a pink lace bow tied to the end of Modo's tail and a similar bow tied on each antenna.

The Garou fought down final remnant of the insanity that had raced through his mind and body as he'd watched the rape of his packmate and had only intensified at this. Very gently he untied the bows and used a damp cloth to clean the worst of the cum from Modo's fur. The gray mouse moaned softly, though it was a moan of pain, not of passion, eliciting a tremble of rage from his mate.

"It's over, Bro." Thildon said softly, keeping his touch as gentle as he knew how. "For now at least."

Modo coughed once, and then retched ineffectively as his body tried to reject the cum the Liontaur had fed him.

"I'm sorry." It was the only thing Thildon could say as he touch his head to his mate's neck and held him as he vomited.

"Not your fault." Modo whispered raggedly, almost too soft to be heard.

"I know, Bro." He swallowed. "I'm still sorry it happened."

Modo coughed dryly a couple of times. "Water?" He asked weakly as he mate began to move, returning with a glass of water from the small kitchen quickly.

"They do this much?"

"Not like that, no." He said quietly after taking a drink. "But the Liontaur won some sort of global competition, and part of the prize was any prisoner he wanted, any way he wanted for a night."

"It's over though, his night?" Thildon asked softly as he helped Modo drink.

"It was over once he relinquished me." The mouse said weakly. "I wasn't as entertaining as he had hoped."

"What the hell did he want?" Thildon couldn't keep the incredulous hatred from his tone.

"Wanted me to fight him more." He said quietly. "More screaming, cursing that sort of thing." He shuddered quietly. "He was disappointed that I 'let' him rape me."

"Sick guy." Thildon shuddered.

"Ever planet seems to have them." He said weakly.

"At least he doesn't hold us, I guess." He sighed.

"No, he doesn't have nearly the money it would take to buy us from the judicial system." Modo agreed softly. "Help me get to the tub would you?" Modo asked, as he struggled to sit up with all his muscles sore and aching.

"Let me get it full first," Thildon said softly and hurried to the simple bathroom.

By the time Thildon got back, Modo was standing next to the bed. Thildon could see in the tremble of the seasoned warrior's limbs that it was only by sheer stubbornness that he was upright.

"Lean on me, Bro." He said, a gentle command as he wrapped an arm and tail around his mate. "The water is warm."

"Thanks, Bro." Modo said gratefully, leaning on the smaller mouse. "I hope so, I want to get that Liontaur off me."

"Just relax, brother." Thildon said gently. "The water will wash it away."

"Oh, that feels good." Modo rumbled as he sank into the deliciously warm water. He then promptly stuck his head under the water and shook it rapidly for a moment. "Oh, that hits the spot." He smiled, and sank back against the back of the tub. "Did you add something to the water, Thildon? It feels a lot better than normal." He asked curiously.

"A simple cleansing Gift." He nodded. "All who can are taught it."

"Gift?" Modo repeated softly. "You mean like magic?" He asked, fascinated.

"Related." He nodded.

"So, Mama was right about that too." He rumbled in quiet amusement. "She said there was still good magic in the world. First time I've ever seen it though."

"There's a lot of good magic. I even know a little of it." He murmured.

"So I noticed." He smiled and reached a hand out to run along the younger mouse's arm. "You're pretty special, Thildon." He said affectionately.

"I'm just a youngster with real bad luck." He murmured, nuzzling his mate. "Except for getting you as a packmate."

"There's no 'just' about you." Modo said firmly. "You are special, to me at least." He nuzzled the youngster fondly.

Thildon nodded, acquiescing to his elder on something he wanted to believe.

"Now the water's still nice and warm and the tub's plenty big, so why don't you strip down and join me." Modo suggested with a smile. "You need to get that anger out of your fur."

"Yes, I do." He nodded with a soft chuckle and stripped, slipping in with his mate to a gentle kiss.

"Yeah, that's much better." Modo rumbled gently, as he held the younger mouse close to him. He used hand and tail to get the cleansing water everywhere on his reddish mate as Thildon murred appreciatively.

"Yes, it is." He smiled, resting his head on Modo's broad chest.

"See they threw their worst at us, and we're still strong, still sane, and still together." He rumbled, stroking Thildon's hair gently.

"Yes, we are." He nodded, more than content to lie in the cleansing water with his packmate. "We are."

Modo was also content to lie there, even if his heart was feeling a bit confused. He now had three males he was in love with, maybe four if he counted Throttle, but that was different somehow.

Modo came into his lonely apartment, his mate not expected back for another week, and instantly picked up something was wrong from the air. His eyes fell on the huddled rusty mouse on the floor where he'd been tossed, whimpering softly as he trembled in the fetal position. Only then did Modo's brain kick in with the meaning of the scent: surrender to hopelessness.

He gently picked up the younger mouse, and settled him on the bed. "Come on, Thildon." He pleaded. "Don't leave me. Don't let those bastards win." He nuzzled the rusty mouse, and put his arms around him holding him close.

A sharp sob, somewhere between relief and disbelief, preceded Thildon grabbing onto his mate with arms and tail and terrified strength as he buried his face against the broad gray chest, desperate to convince himself that this wasn't another game.

"It's me Thildon, really it is." Modo said emphatically, holding his mate close with arms and tail. "You can touch my mind if that'll help." Modo offered.

Just the offer seemed to calm him significantly, though the trembling didn't abate as Thildon raised his face. First for a mixed-message kiss, then shifting to touch antennae.

After the usual first moment of surprise, Modo relaxed and let his mate look where he wanted to. A lot of the memories near the top of his mind where of Thildon, and Modo's love for the fiery youngster. He could feel his packmate barely glance around, the contact more than the contents finally convincing him this was real. All the tension abruptly fled the young warrior, leaving him drained and exhausted past his endurance as their minds slipped apart.

Modo hugged his mate close for several quite moments, reassuring himself that this was real and not some trick. "You want a bath love?" He asked softly.

Thildon nodded weakly, too drained to speak as he began to tremble in relief.

Modo gently stripped his mate's shorts off, while he listened to the water running in the tub. He then carried the smaller mouse into the bathroom, and very gently set him in the warm water. The big gray mouse gently caressed his mate under the water to reassure him that he was still there while Thildon sighed and began to relax.

"Join?" his voice was almost to weak to be heard, though it was clearly mental exhaustion at the core of it now.

"Certainly, love." Modo said, stripping down quickly. He climbed into the large tub, and shifted around so he was holding the young mouse against his chest. "Just rest, love. Things will be better. This place won't hold us forever." He murmured nuzzling his mate.

Thildon nodded against the gray fur as his mind, body and soul gradually unwound from the near fatal shutdown of separation in slavery.

Modo just hoped Lance would come back soon, even if he couldn't find the guys. Modo knew he could hold out, but he was worried about his new packmate.

A very languid, much more relaxed and content Thildon sniffed the air a couple hours later. "Who's cooking?"

Modo sniffed the air. "Must be Tam, he's a decent cook." He said casually.

"Who's Tam?" Thildon asked as his body's desire to stay where it was warred with his unfed stomach over following his nose.

"He's a friend. Disappeared for a while, and turned up while you were gone. He helped keep me from going crazy missing you." Modo said softly.

"I like him already." He smiled and nuzzled the gray mouse. "I wouldn't have woken up without you."

"He's no warrior but he's really handy around the house." Modo smiled, and nuzzled his mate back. "And he's really cute too."

"Every pack needs a good keeper or two at the den." He smiled, relaxing even more. "What is he?"

"He's a red fox, only about five and a half feet tall. Naturally athletic build, and bright green eyes." Modo said casually. "And I'm pretty sure he's not supposed to be here."

"Oh?" He murmured, relaxing in the tingling water as talking won out over hunger.

"His shapeshift ability is intact." Modo said quietly.

"Oh." Thildon blinked. "He's not a prisoner."

"He was, but he did his time and they let him go." He said quietly. "He came back to keep me company, but I'm pretty sure they don't know he's here."

"Well, I'm grateful he is." Thildon smiled. "He must care about you a lot to risk it."

"Yeah, he does. Said I needed a keeper with all the providers I was interested in." Modo chuckled. "I do tend to be attracted to other warriors."

"Nothing wrong with that, love." He grinned and kissed his big mate. "Know if he's planning to make it more official, when we're out of here?"

"I think he's leaving that up to me." Modo smiled. "Said he doesn't mind sharing me, as long as the others are attractive and nice to him."

"Well, the first seems true, and the second I'd hope so." Thildon said with quiet force. "A pack sticks together, warriors and keepers. Everyone's important."

"He'll be glad to hear that." Modo smiled. "I think Lance is going to be really surprised when he finally gets back."

"And finds a much bigger pack than he left." Thildon grinned, happy to have the terrifying, desperate loneliness and frustrated drive to return to his back finally cooling in Modo's embrace.

"And with luck, he'll have my old pack with him." Modo smiled hopefully, as he gently stroked his mate's hair. "Gods, I miss the guys."

"I know, love." He murmured gently. "I miss my pack terribly to."

"We'll get you back to them." Modo said confidently, though the thought of loosing Thildon was painful.

"We'll all be going back to Mars, and soon." He murmured with the assurance of one who's entire society and existence was based on that fact.

"What's left of it." Modo said quietly, not really sure he wanted to see what would be left of Mars or Earth.

"To be reborn, lush and alive again."

"Doesn't bring back all the people we lost." He said quietly. "Or the friends we've lost on Earth since the Plutarkians have probably destroyed that world as well by now."

"No, it does not." Thildon nodded, his voice soft. "But it is a living future."

"That's kind of hard to imagine." Modo said quietly. "Not something that any of us has even dreamed of in a long time."

"But it is something many of us have prepared for for generations." Thildon smiled. "We are ready."

"You just need directions to Mars, right?" Modo smiled.

"Something like that." He nodded. "I don't know exactly what is needed, but they're waiting for SunWind to come."

"Guess it's a good thing you're here so you can show him the way." Modo smiled.

"He would have come to us, it's his role." Thildon rumbled happily. "It's exciting, though, to be the one."

"Should be interesting though." Modo grinned. "Throttle doesn't even know I like guys. Hope he's okay with it."

"He's Death Angel's son, raised by the pack." He said with certainty. "It's normal."

"Oh, well that's good." Modo smiled. "Vinnie, I'm not so sure about."

"Any packmate worth the loyalty will be happy for you." Thildon insisted. "Because it makes you happy."

"Yeah, you're right." Modo smiled, and claimed a deep, loving kiss from his mate. "Maybe we should go see what Tam's worked up for us." He rumbled.

"And thank him for his efforts, if he's into that kind of thing." He grinned, stroking his mate with a long, supple tail.

"After we eat, I'm sure he will be." Modo smiled, as he stood, lifting his mate with him.

"Good, I like a playful keeper." Thildon murred and wrapped his arms around Modo's neck. "And knowing you, he's a cute one too."

"I do have a knack for finding cute packmates." Modo rumbled, as he hugged the younger mouse close. "Though Lance and Throttle hardly qualify as cute; attractive definitely, hot certainly, but hardly cute."

"They're warriors." Thildon smirked and kissed him. "Warriors aren't cute for long."

"Which means you have to appreciate the cuteness while it lasts." He smirked, and nuzzled his mate. "You're still cute."

"Yeah, yeah, I know." He rolled his eyes in tolerant amusement.

"Of course you do, but I still like telling you." Modo grinned playfully.

"Just like you are a serious hunk of a mouse." Thildon grinned back.

"When you've got it, you've got it." He smirked, and trailed his tail up the inside of his mate's leg.

"And I've got you." He rumbled with decided interest showing in his sheath.

"That you do." Modo murred, as his tail fondled the rusty mouse's balls, drawing several low moans before Thildon's tail slid up Modo's thigh to return the favor. Modo moaned quietly, before drawing his mate into a passionate kiss, as his tail fondled the younger mouse's sheath and balls.

"Food can wait," Thildon rumbled as they parted, despite his only slight arousal. "It's been too long."

"Much too long." Modo agreed and set his mate on his feet so he could run his hands down the rusty mouse's back to caress his ass.

"Take me," he murmured hotly, sinking to his knees to nuzzle Modo's groin. "Face to face, against the wall." He breathed hotly before setting to arousing his mate to the job, which took little effort as Modo was already half-erect.

"Gladly, love." Modo rumbled as his cock swelled to full hardness. He guided the younger mouse to the wall, and maneuver to position his cock against his mate's pucker with Thildon's eager assistance.

"Now," he moaned throatily as he wrapped his legs around Modo's waist. Modo moaned and grunted as he thrust his cock deep into his mate's tight passageway, burying himself up to the sheath. With his mate braced against the wall, he began to thrust slow and deep to encouraging moans and whimpers from the smaller mouse.

He continued thrusting, as his tail snaked up to wrap around his mate's cock and stroke in a firm regular pattern. The gray mouse claimed a deep, passionate kiss from his younger mate as he fucked him against the wall.

The contact combined with lack of aching from the absence that nearly killed him was quickly was more than he could take and Thildon wrapped his tail tightly around his mate's body as he came with a grunting scream of much more that released pleasure. It only took a few more thrusts and the big gray mouse threw his head back and roared, as his seed flooded his mate's insides.

"Almost feel normal, now." Thildon sighed in soft relief as they came down and he lowered his feet to the ground.

"That's good." Modo rumbled. "I was really worried when they first dropped you here."

"They were too, or at least the empath who ordered it." He sighed deeply against the broad gray chest. "They have no comprehension of what pack means a Garou."

"They probably are getting an idea." He said quietly, holding the rusty mouse close. "I hope they don't do that again." He said softly.

"Me too." Thildon murmured. "I can only take so much before it's so much more attractive to let myself die."

"Don't do that." Modo said quietly, seriously distressed.

"Love, I try. Your desire helped me hold out as long as I did, as well as I did." He shook his head. "But it's against everything I am not to just go on. It's not easy to hold out when you aren't near."

Modo pulled the rusty mouse tight against him. "Lance'll be back soon, and then we'll get out of here." He said resolutely. "I'm not losing you to this place." He added with fierce determination.

"No, you won't." Thildon said just as stubbornly. "They put me back when they realized I was crashing. They won't push that hard again."

"No, nervous breakdowns don't really interest them. I think it may be their only redeeming feature." He said quietly.

"At least they have that." Thildon murmured. "I'm too easy to break right now."

"You've never been in prison before, have you?" Modo asked gently.

"I haven't seen a real battle yet." Thildon admitted with a shake of his head. "Just home and hunting."

"I remember what that was like." Modo said distantly. "Before the war, and the destruction." He sighed quietly. "And before the prison camps."

The smaller mouse nodded against his chest. "I just want to go home. I only slipped off a bridge. I didn't do anything to them."

"They're not reasonable people, Thildon." Modo said quietly, as he stroked the younger mouse's hair. "All I did was crash land. Not exactly something I could control." He paused quietly. "I'll get you home, Thildon. Somehow, I will."

"I know we will." He murmured, relaxing. "We'll get home, mine and yours."

"Hungry, love?" Modo asked softly as his nose picked up that breakfast was close to ready.

"Starving." He licked his lips. "I haven't eaten in a couple days."

"I'm sure Tam will be glad to hear that. He gets a little carried away in preparations normally." Modo chuckled. "Maybe we should get dressed." He rumbled softly.

"Why? If we're just going to thank the cook after we eat." He grinned playfully, his spirits clearly restored.

"Well, I did say maybe." Modo grinned back. "Maybe we should just dry off so we don't drip all over." He chuckled.

"Sexy mouse." Thildon rumbled. "Good reason to put our hands all over each other again."

Modo snatched up two big towels with his tail and handed one to Thildon. "Works better with towels." He smirked, as he rubbed Thildon's chest with the big fuzzy towel.

"Oh, yeah." He rumbled as the touch, smell and presence of his packmate eased the last of the shattering buildup from his mind. "You make me feel better than any packmate has."

"I'm glad to hear that." Modo rumbled, as he worked his way down the young warrior's abs while Thildon used his tail to rub Modo's back dry. "You are a real pleasure to touch."

"Three warriors and a keeper." The rusty mouse chuckled. "What a hut we'll have."

"Probably one that gets precious little sleep." Modo chuckled as he dried the younger mouse's legs, spending a little more time than necessary between them.

"But very well supplied." He rumbled happily.

"No doubt." Modo grinned, as he encouraged his mate to turn around so he could start the drying procedure over from his shoulders. "I do hope you and Lance get along." Modo said quietly.

"Anyone you care for that much can't be so bad I don't at least get along." Thildon smiled and stretched into the contact. "Probably much better than just get along."

"Probably, I know he's going to find you incredibly cute." Modo said playfully as he worked his way down Thildon's back.

"I am so looking forward to not being cute anymore." Thildon muttered with good humor.

"When we get back to Mars, I'll have to introduce you to my nephew, Rimfire. He's about your age, and also complains about being cute." He chuckled, caressing his mate's cheek with his tail, while towel dried his firm ass.

"I look forward to it." Thildon rumbled. "Kin are to be cherished and welcomed."

"Especially when you've got very few of them." Modo said quietly, as he finished dry his mate's legs. He then stood and dried his mate's head, only brushing the sensitive antennae once or twice playfully.

"Ohh, yeah." Thildon moaned softly, pressing into the contact. "I love how you touch me."

"I've noticed." Modo rumbled, as he gently ran a hand caressingly up one antenna for another low moan. Then Thildon's stomach growled louder than them both.

"I think that's an overriding vote for breakfast." He chuckled.

"Sounds like it." Modo chuckled, as he put the towel over the shower bar. "Time for you to meet Tam."

"Sounds good to me." He handed Modo his shorts with his tail before pulling his own on.

"Morning, Modo. Morning, Thildon." A cheerful voice greeted them as they walked into the dining room. The cheerful voice belonged to a handsome young deep red fox with an athletic build. He was pouring a red juice into three glasses on the table, and was wearing nothing at all.

"Morning, Tam. Breakfast smells delicious." Modo rumbled.

"Morning, Tam." Thildon rumbled with open appreciation. "Modo was right, you are very cute."

"Modo seems to like cute." Tam grinned, as he eyed Thildon with obvious interest. "You sound like you're feeling better."

"Much better." He nodded. "I'm back with my pack."

"That's good." Tam smiled. "Hope you're hungry cause I made a bit of everything." He chuckled as he turned to head back into the kitchen, his bushy red tail bobbing happily behind him.

"Starving," the rusty mouse grinned and sat down, sipping on the juice. "Haven't eaten since I started to crack. It smells great."

"Thank you. I've always been proud of my skill in the kitchen." The small fox grinned, as he set a serving platter piled high with pancakes next to a sizable plate of meat strips, and then went back to the kitchen for more.

"Modo says you're a keeper too." Thildon asked as he served himself a plateful.

"Yes, I guess I am. Though the word is kind of new." Tam said as he said down a plate of slice fresh fruit, and a large serving bowl of scrambled eggs. "Maybe if you'd tell me what you mean by it, I could be sure we're talking about the same thing." He smiled warmly.

Thildon nodded. "A keeper is one who keeps the home, cooks and prepares foods, makes leather and clothes, sees to the day to day raising of kits; the domestic end of things. They don't hunt, fish or fight if there is an opinion."

Tam smiled. "Yeah, that's pretty much my preferred role. I'm a decent gardener too."

"Even better," Thildon grinned, digging in with relish. "You're a good cook."

"Thank you." The lean male smiled, as he fixed himself a plate. "I do like having an appreciative audience."

"Like you've had any shortage of that." Modo chuckled between bites. "Wonderful job, as usual, Tam."

Tam blushed lightly. "Thanks, Modo. I'm glad I decided to come back, especially since you found a really attractive mate while I was gone."

"Finally!" Thildon cheered as he woofed the food down. "Somebody didn't say cute first."

Tam chuckled. "I've been called cute enough that I don't usually call someone else that, unless they're twelve or under." He smiled.

"It's appreciated." He grinned up for a moment. "Do you have a mate besides Modo?"

"No, and I don't make any claims on Modo." He said quietly. "I do like him though."

"Tam." Modo said quietly.

"It's okay, Modo. I knew you had a mate of your own kind. And I don't expect your people to allow multiple mates the way mine do." He said softly.

"Will he take the correct answer from me?" Thildon looked at Modo.

"I believe so." Modo nodded softly.

"Multiple mates is quite normal." He locked eyes with the Fox. "He did tell you about his ... what is Lance, anyway?"

Modo smiled fondly. "A good friend." He said. "Probably more, but he wanted us both free of this place first. He's a mate in spirit, and body at least."

Tam nodded. "He told me about Lance. So its okay, Modo?" He looked at the gray mouse.

"Yes, its okay." He smiled. "I thought you were my mate, once I realized that multiples was okay."

"I'd like that, as long as it's okay with Thildon."

"Didn't I just say that?" The rusty mouse sighed. "And I meant what is Lance, I knew he was your mate."

Tam and Modo exchanged sheepish glances. "I think denseness is going around at the moment." Modo smirked. "He's a Puma. An eight foot tall, tawny feline with a solid muscular build and bright green eyes."

That made the small mouse blink. "Okay, you picked a Garou, Fox and Cat for your mates?" Thildon shook his head. "That's one hell of a predator fetish you've got going." He snickered.

"That's okay, I left a human boyfriend back on Earth." He smirked. "And if that's not a predatory species, I don't know what is." He chuckled. "But honestly, I never really thought about it that way."

"I guess all he needs is a Wolf." Tam suggested impishly. "A nice solidly built Timber wolf would be nice."

"That'd be me, when I get off this forsaken planet." Thildon smirked.

"You're a mouse and a wolf?" Tam asked curiously.

"Martian Garou," he nodded. "Other half of the mix is a Razorwolf."

"Oh, so you're a shapeshifter?" He asked curiously.

"Before they messed with it, yeah." He growled, his tail lashing sharply.

"It'll work once you're off planet." He said quietly.

Thildon nodded. "That's what Modo said. Still pissing me off to be this unnatural."

"It'll be okay." Tam said reassuringly. "Lance will come soon."

"I'm holding onto that." The young mouse sighed. "Will you be sticking around for long?"

"Till Lance gets here." The Fox said quietly. "I want to go with you guys."

"Tam, you're our mate." Modo said firmly. "Of course, you're going with us."

"It's not dangerous for you?" Thildon asked.

"Not as long as I don't let them see me." He smiled. "And I always know when they're coming, I have very good ears."

Thildon looked less than happy about that but nodded. "What's the worst?"

"They catch me, and I get convicted of some list of their absurd crimes." He said quietly.

"How easy is it for you to disappear?" Thildon asked in concern.

Tam suddenly shifted to the form a small red four-legged fox and scampered out sight in seconds. About a minute later, the small fox came back out, and shifted back to Tam's two-legged form. He smiled as he sat back down. "Quite easy."

"I meant if they see you." He asked softly, his defensive instincts towards keepers at full force.

"Same idea, I just wait longer before I come back." He said easily.

Thildon raised an eyebrow but nodded. "So you've been on this world since your release?"

"Yeah, I can't find a way home, and it kind of hit me after I'd been out a while, that I didn't want to leave Modo anyway." He said with a soft smile for the big mouse.

The rusty mouse nodded, no more pleased but much more accepting. "I'm glad, this house needs a good keeper." He said softly.

"I'm really glad you want me." Tam smiled. "I really wasn't sure you'd want to share."

"I'm a creature of the pack, even more than Modo." Thildon smiled softly. "As the last couple weeks proved rather explosively. I always kind of expected to have two mates, at least, plus my pack."

"Me too." Tam said easily. "To have just one seems kind of weird. Well, unless it's your first one and you just haven't found a second one yet."

"And I'm used to having my pack, even with Modo being my first." He said softly. "It's very lonely without a pile of warm bodies to sleep with."

"Yeah, I was always used to nice pile of warm bodies myself." He said quietly. "But I've adapted to enjoying just sleeping with Modo."

"I bet," Thildon smirked. "He's very easy to get used to. We'll have our pile of mates soon enough, though it won't be soon enough for me."

"I am looking forward to that." Tam smiled. "But I guess we'll have to settle for a pile of three for now."

"You're not going to get an argument from me about it." The rusty mouse grinned.

"Me either." Modo smirked. "I like the sound of having both of you in the bed with me at the same time."

"Modo sandwich." Thildon snickered. "Among other fun things."

"Yeah." Tam grinned. "At least two other sandwich possibilities to start with."

"Doesn't sound like we'll be getting much sleep." Modo smirked, clearly not displeased by the thought.

"Only two?" Thildon grinned. "I count six."

"I was just going by who was in the middle." Tam chuckled. "Six if you count all arrangements of top and bottom."

"You don't switch?" Thildon blinked in surprise.

"Sure I do." He smiled. "Kind of boring being in one role all the time."

"Good, just kind of sounded like you didn't there."

"Oh, wasn't supposed to." Tam smiled playfully.

"Are all your kind shapeshifters?" Thildon asked, intensely curious.

"Not all, but it's pretty common maybe two in five have it." He said easily. "The rest carry the genetic potential."

"So how did a Garou, shapeshifter, end up a keeper?" He asked in fascination.

"'Cause I'm way better at cooking than I am at hunting." He chuckled. "And warrior-keepers aren't unheard of, we just focus our combat drive on protect our homes and kits. We just tend to be lousy hunters, fishers and the like."

"Oh," Thildon blinked, then thought about it. "Okay, I've heard about that. Even less common than Kinfolk warriors, though."

"Yeah, its not too common at home either." He nodded. "Which makes us a kind of an uncommon pack. Since I'm sure Modo's Kinfolk, and he's definitely a warrior."

"Definitely." Thildon grinned. "And so is Lance from what I've heard, and both his Bros. A very interesting pack indeed."

"Well, we'll have no shortage of supplies, that's for sure with that many warriors." Tam grinned.

"We just need a female in the mix somewhere for kits." Thildon chuckled. "At least five warrior and one keeper, all male. You'll be busy."

"I don't mind." Tam smiled. "Be a bit of an odd pack, all male. But I like it. I think Modo'd like a female in the mix though."

Modo shrugged. "Kind of necessary for kits." He smiled. "But I mostly prefer males."

"The others may as well," Thildon added.

"I know Lance prefers males." Modo said. "But I've never heard of Throttle or Vinnie being interested in guys. Vinnie especially, he's definitely a real lady's mouse, traditional pretty boy."

"It's Throttle that will be expected to have a female mate anyway." Thildon shrugged.

"I'd say that's kind of up to him." Modo said defensively. "Ain't nobody else's business whether he's got one or not, except for his pack."

"And the Tribal Chiefs." Thildon said quietly. "The son of Death Angel is too valuable a sir to not pass the genes on."

"Valuable?" Modo said a little surprised. "Sounds like humans discussing breeding their prize race horses."

"It would hardly be the first culture to mandate breeding regardless of individual wishes." Tam said gently, putting a hand on Modo's arm.

"What's the big deal?" Thildon looked at Modo curiously. "Contract kits are some of the finest in the Tribes."

"Just sounds kind of cold." Modo said quietly. "Kits are supposed to be the product of love between two people, not required."

"They are from love," Thildon said, more than a little confused. "I love my people, and the kits are raised by parents who love them as dearly as any. It keeps us strong, improves the next generation. We're almost a third Garou now, thanks to it."

Modo sighed, unable to find an explanation he thought would work. "Next generation is something Mars doesn't expect to have." He said quietly. "We've all accepted that we're the last. Just hoping to go out in a blaze of glory."

"You aren't going to be, love." Thildon stood to embrace the big warrior. "The Tribes are strong, and we're coming home to Mars."

Modo nodded. "Just tough to switch mindsets. It's hard to believe there are that many mice. The population on Mars was under a thousand before me and my Bros got scattered years ago, and it wasn't growing."

"Just my colony has over seven thousand," Thildon said gently. "And it's the smallest of the six."

"That's just a huge number of mice." Modo said in astonishment.

"Modo, we are over a hundred thousand strong, including kinfolk." Thildon told him softly. "Garou are not a dying breed, and we have spent six generations preparing for the reconquest and reclamation of Mars."

Modo smiled, and claimed a gentle loving kiss from Thildon. "You make me believe I'll actually see the end of this war." He said gently.

"You will, and I will see home again." The rusty mouse smiled and nuzzled him.

"Yes, you will." Modo said confidently.

Modo looked up from the bed as Tam vanished, then at the door a moment later as a guard shoved Thildon and the red on tan Martian girl they'd forced him to fuck in. Despite the unwanted momentum, he kept his balance and his arm around the shell-shocked, long furred mouse. Modo was up at his mate's side quickly.

"Are you alright, love?" He asked, his focus for the moment on the younger male.

"Sick to my stomach, but she got the worst of it." Thildon was clearly holding together for her sake, as he moved to guide her to the bed and held her tightly against his chest after they lay down.

"Better than that big cat they were going to have do it, if you didn't." He said gently, as he pulled the blanket up over the pair as she huddled against Thildon, the older teenager in only a little better condition.

"I know." Thildon said softly as she sundered violently and whimpered against him.

"It'll be okay now, love." Modo said softly, as he brushed his mate's hair back. "Gods, she looks familiar." He said softly at the unusual pattern of night red stripes in long tan fur really caught his attention.

"Later, love." Thildon said softly, stroking the girl's hair gently. "I'm at least going to get the rest of the night right."

"As long as you're alright." He said softly, as he turned to leave the two alone, and join Tam in the other room.

"I will be." Thildon said softly, trying to sooth the mouse in his arms and not let on just how scared he was.

"Just come by the fire for a little while, Saytee." Thildon's voice was soft and coaxing as he gently walked the younger teenager into the living room where Modo and Tam were snuggling in front of the unlit fireplace.

Modo blinked as he heard the name. "Saytee? Of FireRidge Valley?" He asked quietly.

The red striped girl nodded and accepted Thildon's guidance to the rug as the fireplace crackled to life. Though both teens were dressed, and the weather unsuitably warm for a fire, all four recognized a shambled attempt at properly respecting the pain of her surrendered virginity with what of the ceremonies he had access too.

"Modo, do we have anything to piece her ear with?" Thildon asked quietly, holding her close as he tried to deal her fallout and his own.

Tam reached into a cabinet and pulled out a small leather satchel. "My piercing kit. Something of an art among my people." He said quietly. "What size piercing? Small earring, large earring?" He asked quite professionally.

Thildon removed the outer of two small studs from his left ear and handed it to the Fox. "For this."

"Here." Saytee spoke for the first time with a light voice as she touched a spot near the base of her right ear.

The Fox nodded, and selected the proper tool from his bag. "Are you supposed to do the piercing or is it acceptable for me to?" He asked softly, recognizing that there was some ceremony involved but not knowing what it was or what was involved.

"It's fine that you do." Thildon nodded with a soft smile the showed his conflict as he held Saytee as tenderly as any chosen lover. "You know how to better than I do."

Tam nodded and pulled a blue bottle out of his back, along with a clean white cloth. He dampened the cloth with the blue liquid, and gently moistened both sides of the ear, around where the piercing was supposed to go. After waiting 30 seconds, he used the selected sharp tool to quickly make the piercing, put the wet blue cloth back on it to control the bleeding.

"Anesthetic." Saytee said softly, not so much as twitching in Thildon's arms. "That should have hurt."

"Of course." Tam said softly. "No reason it has to hurt. Okay, you can put the earring in now." He said handing it back to Thildon, as he removed the cloth.

The rusty mouse accepted the simple stud and pressed it through the new hole carefully as she leaned against his chest, her eyes closing. When it was done, he slid his arms down under her black bikini top to hold her gently around the waist.

"What happens if there are kits?" Thildon eventually asked, seemingly unaware of the excessive heat the fire produced.

"I don't know, love." Modo said quietly. "This is the first case I've run into where it was a possibility here."

"Just hope he gets here before it's a real issue." He murmured softly and nuzzled Saytee supportively. "How do you know her?"

"Her village was near where I liked to take Rimfire fishing, and her dad used to join us and sometimes he'd bring her along. But it's been awhile, she couldn't have been more than seven the last time I saw her. Village up and disappeared shortly afterward, nobody ever figured out what happened." He said quietly.

"We left." Saytee said quietly, her eyes on the fire. "We opened a Caern and found another world to settle, hoping to save something."

"Good, I was afraid something bad had happened." He said quietly. "Though it turns out things aren't as bad as any of us thought. Turns out there's about a hundred thousand mice living on other planets, and a good chunk of them are Garou."

"The Exodus Tribes." She nodded. "We found traces of them."

"Thildon's from one of them." Modo said simply, brushing his hand along his mate's cheek gently.

"I kind of figured," she smiled weakly as he leaned into Modo's touch. "He doesn't have the air everyone on Mars carries."

"Yeah, I noticed." Modo smiled. "But we just gotta get my Bro and then I guess he'll lead the Exodus tribes back to Mars, or something like that."

That actually brought a warm smile to her face. "That will be something to see."

"I'll just be glad to see my Bros again." Modo smiled fondly. "They're gonna be so surprised."

"That you've picked up two mates and more kin, mostly likely." Thildon chuckled. "This pack gets stranger and stranger."

"Well, these are strange times." Modo smirked playfully. "That I've picked up two mates and they're both guys. None of us dated guys when we were together, at least not that we let the others find out about."

"You lived in strange times, Modo." Thildon said softly. "That kind of war," he shivered slightly, "makes for strange times."

"Yeah, it does." Modo said quietly. "But that war is going to change now. We can actually kick the fishfaces off Mars."

"Among other places." Thildon growled with a vicious grin as Saytee pressed back against him a little more.

"Personally, I'd like to kick them off Earth too." Modo grinned predatorily. "I've got friends there, so do my Bros."

"At the very least out of the system, if not further." Thildon nodded.

"How about back to Plutark?" Modo chuckled, half-serious.

"Or just out of existence." He rumbled hotly, nuzzling Saytee when she made a small, frightened noise.

"Probably doing the universe a favor." Modo rumbled darkly.

"Sounds like fishfaces are in for a world of trouble." Tam commented quietly from where he was lying on the rug.

"At least one hell of a bloody face before they retreat far enough." Thildon nodded.

"Not that it'll ever even the scales." Modo said quietly. "But maybe it'll let some of the UnRemembered dead sleep a little quieter."

"Maybe let them dissipate if they want." Saytee murmured. "Mars will be a haunted world for a long time."

Modo nodded. "Too many packs died without anyone to remember them, and whole villages under Plutarkian bombardment."

"It's a lot of energy to pull towards defense too," Thildon said quietly. "Some can focus such spirits and allow them to take an active roll, even become known enough to be Remembered in time."

"That would be good." Modo said quietly. "None of them deserved to be condemned like that."

"For every weakness, there is an answer." The rusty mouse said softly. "Not always easy, not always done, but it's there."

"But first we gotta get off this misbegotten rock." Tam said quietly.

"And that means biding our time." Thildon grumbled as the fire died down.

"Biding our time, staying together and staying sane." Modo said forcefully.

"That'll be a lot easier now." Saytee said softly. "We have a pack."

"That we do." Modo smiled.

"Come to bed, love." Thildon's tail slipped gently up his mate's arm as he guided Saytee to the room she'd first slept in after dinner. "The pack needs to rest together." His eyes caught Tam includenly with the statement.

"Sounds good, love." Modo smiled softly, as he watched Tam quickly head into the bedroom. "Didn't need to ask him twice." The big gray mouse smiled.

"No, he likes physical contact as much as any of us." He smiled indulgently as they came in to see the Fox already in the enormous bed, waiting for them.

"No kidding." Modo smiled.

"What took you so long?" The Fox asked with a smirk.

"We don't scamper, Tam." Thildon chuckled softly and got into bed so he was between Saytee and the Fox as she slipped in less certainly after him.

"Don't knock it till you've tried it." The Fox smirked impishly, as Modo climbed in next to him on the outside.

"Love, in the middle." Thildon said very softly. "New keeper between the warriors." He explained.

"Oh." Modo said curiously, as he changed position.

Saytee hesitated a moment before she snuggled against his side, with Thildon against her back and his supple tail over both their bodies to stroke Tam's hip.

Modo turned to kiss Saytee gently on the cheek. "It is good to see you again, even if the circumstances aren't good." He said gently.

"Now how I imagined my first time to be." She murmured, slowly relaxing between the two hard mouse bodies. "Or how I'd be taken into a pack."

"No one imagines such things, Saytee." Modo said gently, as his tail slipped over to caress Thildon's leg. "We just survive what life throws at us."

"No matter what." She growled softly, with nearly as much determined fire as Modo.

"No matter what." He agreed. "And Lance will be back for me, and he'll get us out of here." The gray mouse said confidently.

Modo and Thildon were enjoying a warm bath together after dinner while the keepers cleaned up, when suddenly Modo stiffened. He didn't cry out, though from the expression on his face it was clear he was in deep pain.

"Love?" Thildon reached out almost reflexively with both hands and healing touch.

"Something wrong with prosthetic." He choked out from behind the pain, though Thildon's touch helped.

The rusty mouse focused as best he could on blocking the pain before speaking. "What prosthetic?"

"Right arm. Lost the real one in a lab on Mars. S'karrans replaced my old one with new one, they didn't like the look of the old one." He said, finding it easier to speak with most of the pain blocked.

"Will they fix whatever this is?" He asked quickly, trying to sort it out on his own even without Healer training.

"Yes, but you'll have to summon them." He said quietly. "There's a first aid kit on the wall in the kitchen. Inside it, is a pager for the doctor. Just press the red button." He said quietly. "Have Tam get out of sight first."

Thildon nodded and all but launched out of the tub, hitting the floor at a dead run for the kitchen.

"Tam hide." He ordered sharply as he opened the kit and quickly found the pager. He spared only a glance to see the fox was out of sight before pressing the large red button. "Saytee, keep cleaning up and bring some of the soothing tea when you are done. Modo's injured."

"Yes, sir." She whispered, more than a little cowed by the display of agitated aggression in the warrior before he stalked back to the bathroom to comfort his mate and try to get them both dry and dressed.

A few minutes later there was the hum of a hover vehicle as it settled outside, and a knock on the door. Saytee answered it, her nervous fear not hard to read as she stepped out of the way of the brown-furred S'karran Medic in his dark red uniform.

"In the spare bedroom, sir."

"Thank you, Miss." He said politely as he headed into the back.

"What's the problem?" The Medic asked as he set down his bag and retrieved his medical scanner.

"His right arm replacement is causing him a lot of pain." Thildon said quickly, his usual hatred of the felines overridden by his reflexive respect for a healer.

The Medic nodded and ran his scanner above the limb in question. "I'm not sure why, but his body is rejecting the prosthetic." He said giving the gray mouse a shot of painkiller at which he relaxed, and became a bit groggy. "I'm going to have to take him to the hospital."

"For how long?" Thildon tried to control his conflicting drives.

"Less than a week, I expect." He said gently. "I know you two are close, but prosthetic rejection isn't something I can treat in the field."

Modo put his hand on Thildon's arm. "Look after the pack." He said softly.

The rusty mouse nodded and settled back despite his concern and unease. "I will, you just worry about healing, Bro." He kissed his packmate gently. "Just heal and come back to us."

"I will, I promise you." Modo said as he pulled the younger mouse into a passionate kiss. "Just hold yourself together, love."

"I will, Bro." Thildon promised. "I've got Saytee to look after."

Two black-furred guards came in carrying a stretcher, and placed Modo on it gently under the watchful eye of the Medic. "Don't worry." He said, patting the younger mouse's arm in a reassuring gesture. "He's strong, he'll pull through." He said confidently as he guided the stretcher team out to the waiting ambulance under the worried gaze of both mice and the hidden eyes of one fox.

A while after the ambulance left the fox came out of hiding. "How long will he be gone?" He asked Thildon worriedly.

"Less than a week, the Healer said." He took a deep breath and tried to fill Modo's roll as best he could. "His new arm was starting to be rejected."

Tam nodded. "So we just wait for him to come home." He said softly as Saytee pressed close to Thildon.

"Pretty much." He nodded. "We'll do fine. We're not alone, and he's strong."

"I know. I just worry about him." Tam said quietly.

"He's a packmate, our Alpha." Thildon said gently as he pulled Tam close. "We all do. But for all the evil they are, they want him alive and sane." He nuzzled the keepers in turn. "He'll come back to us."

"They're so weird that way." Tam said quietly. "But switch someone's designation from prisoner to citizen and their behavior is suddenly all nice and friendly." He shook his head. "I've watched them. There's very little violence at all in the society, except for their prison system. And as awful as they treat us, once a prisoner returns to society, no one ever treats them any different for having been in prison."

"They just don't give anyone a chance to be a citizen, or get the hell out of the way." Thildon grumbled. "If they hadn't beaten me to a pulp before I'd even oriented and figured out what happened, I would have left on my own."

"They're kind of paranoid." Tam nodded. "They jump anybody who doesn't arrive in the proper fashion, at the proper custom checkpoints."

"Yeah, whatever." Thildon shrugged. "Still a species that needs to be removed from existence." He growled softly. "Come to bed. These things won't have us for long."

Tam followed Thildon to bed, pushing the idea wishing ill on an entire species for acts of a few from his mind.

Just after breakfast about a week later, the door opened and Modo walked in. There was a bandage around his shoulder, and his right arm gleamed metallic in the morning sun.

"Love!" Thildon was on his feet to hug his mate eagerly, both keepers not far behind. "Good to have you back.

"Good to be back." Modo rumbled hugging Thildon close with his flesh arm. "I missed you, a lot." He said claiming a passionate kiss.

"We missed you." Saytee murred as she hugged his bigger frame, using her tail to explore the new arm. "This is your other one, isn't it? The one from Mars."

"Yes it is." He said quietly, put his tail around her waist fondly. "The one Karbunkle put on me to replace my real arm, that he took while I watched."

Thildon shuddered in shock, and Saytee nodded against his side.

"It works, though?" The rusty mouse set a hand on the metal limb and brought it around to finish the embrace.

"Yeah, it works." He nodded. "Stronger than the other one, it's got built-in weapons but they've got those disabled." He said, as he got a bit wobbly on his feet. "I need to sit down, still weak from all the drugs they had to give me to fight the rejection."

Thildon nodded and helped his mate to a chair in the living room as Saytee rushed to the kitchen. "Are you hungry? I think she's making up some soothing tea."

"Something light would be good." He said, and Tam rushed to the kitchen. "And the tea sounds wonderful. There'll still be pain, this arm has always hurt but I won't be in any danger."

"That can be fixed when we get out of here." Thildon promised. "Same with your eyes. We developed implants that are good enough for Garou."

"That'd be great." Modo smiled gratefully. "Does the metal arm bother you?" He asked very softly.

That got a startled and confused look from the rusty mouse as Saytee came in with the tea. "No, love. Why would it?"

"Here, Modo. It'll help with the pain and weakness." Saytee said softly.

"Thank you, Saytee." He said accepting the mug with a warm smile. "You'd be surprised how many people back off at the idea of being hugged by this second cousin to a crowbar." He said softly.

"I don't." Saytee said firmly and put her hand on it. "It doesn't have a mind of it's own, so it's just being hugged by you. No different from neither of the others."

"Keeper has that right, Bro." Thildon's voice was firm. "That's nonsense from closed minds."

"Mars has more than a few of those." He said quietly. "But thank you, both of you." As he hugged Thildon and then Saytee close and they nuzzled him.

"You're our Bro, Modo." Thildon said softly. "Nothing is going to come between us."

"Yeah, nothing." Modo said quietly. "And soon we'll be out of here and back with my other Bros."

"And then we'll get you fixed up so you feel better about yourself." Thildon said with simple determination and a fiercely possessive kiss.

"The three of you make me feel better about myself." He smiled, nodding at Tam who had just entered the room carrying a sandwich and finger food tray.

"Good." Saytee smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

On The Road Again 2: Locked Without Bars

NC-17 for M/M, M/F
Het Level is HighHet Smut Level is Medium
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is High
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

72 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written September 15, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall, Vorex

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars, Haloeth, S'karra

Primary Races: Loup Maru, Martian Mice, S'karra

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Fantasy, Romance, Violence (Sexual)

Pairings: Vinnie/Males, Modo/Thildon, Others

Notes: One of the first appearances of what will evolve into the Loup Maru. Here they are much closer to their roots in the World of Darkness Garou, at least in name.

Blurb: When Thildon, a Martian Garou from the Colonies, ends up imprisoned on S'karra he and Modo form the pack bond they both desperately need, and begin building a pack, even it isn't exactly all Garou.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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