On The Road Again 3:
Journeys Begin

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M, M/F
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

The Puma was hard to miss with his 8' tall buff tawny body well outlined by the tight jeans, tight black muscle shirt and metal studded black leather jacket. Despite his relaxed attitude there was a definite aura of command and dominance about him, and it drew the few submissive types in the small bar like moths to a flame. Despite the attractiveness of those who sought to serve him, he politely waved them off. It seemed as though he was waiting for something, or someone.

The Puma definitely caught Throttle's eye as he walked in, though it was the necklace he wore that interested the mouse more. Hanging like a charm on the thick gold chain was an earring. An earring the Throttle had last seen in the ear of his lost Bro, Modo. All thought of food, drink, relaxing and entertainment vanished as his eyes locked on the distinctive item, banishing everything but the Biker Mice leader from his road weary self as he stalked up to the feline.

"You want something?" The Puma said casually, though his tone was distinctly 'get-to-the-point'. He eyes took in the Mouse standing in front of him, assessing on several different levels. He suspected this was probably one of the ones he was looking for.

"You have something of mine." The tawny mouse snapped his tail up and around the earring, his tone half way between 'you better have a damn good explanation for this' and 'you are dead'.

The Puma's block was both fast and strong, keeping tail off the necklace and its prize. "Hold on there." He said firmly. "I was given this," he indicated the earring, "and I promised to get it to the right person. Now maybe you're him and maybe you ain't." The Puma stood up and looked Throttle square in the eye. "But nobody just takes anything from me."

"So where's the one who gave you that?" Throttle glared through his shades.

"The big gray mouse?" The Puma said easily, drawing a mixture of disbelief and deadly hope from Throttle. "Not anywhere nearby. But I do know where, assuming he's still where he gave me this three months ago. Which he likely is."

"So just what are you to my Bro, that he gave you that?"

"I'm a messenger is what I am, in this case." He said, clearly indicating it was just one role among many. "He paid me to find one of his bros, as he put it. Didn't want them thinking he was dead, when he wasn't."

"Where is he?" Throttle chilled slightly, though he was still clearly considering violence.

"Whoa there. Info don't come free." The Puma said easily. "I was paid to find you, which mind you took a lot more doing than your bro implied it would. You want the item and the info, that's gonna cost you." He said, still not the least bit agitated.

"What?" Throttle actually relaxed slightly, easily slipping into a negotiating mindset he was more familiar with than he'd ever admit.

"Well, as I see it I've got something you want pretty bad, and can't get from anyone else. So it's worth quite a bit." He smiled looking the mouse over again, this time with a more lustful fire in his eyes. "Should be worth one night to you, I'd think."

Throttle rolled the idea around slightly. "No bloodsport."

The Puma nodded. "A limit I can accept. I also don't do anything that leaves permanent marks, or requires medical attention." He said simply. "One night. You can leave when I say you can, even if I've given you the price earlier." He said in a no-nonsense tone reminiscent of Ulysses Feral.

"One night maxes out at twelve hours." Throttle countered.

"Acceptable." The Puma nodded. "Twelve hours from when you arrive at my place." He clarified.

The tawny mouse nodded. "Where and when?"

"Tonight, in two hours. Take the main road to the center of town, turn north at the four way intersection. The first two story brick house at the edge of town is mine." He said crisply.

The mouse nodded, half turning to the bar to figure out dinner. "You have a name?"

"Lance Rellos. And if I didn't get the descriptions mixed up, you're Throttle, right?" He said simply.

The tawny mouse nodded. "Would I be right that you haven't run across Vinnie yet?"

"Wouldn't be here looking if I had." He chuckled lightly. "Was only paid to find one of you. Though I think he was expecting you to be together."

"Like I was expecting him with his bike." Throttle shook his head. "How'd you end up with his trust?"

"Don't know, really." Lance shrugged. "But when I told him I was going, he asked me to get this to Throttle or Vinnie."

"What shape was he in?" Throttle asked quietly.

"In pretty good shape from what I could see." Lance said easily. "There was what looked to be a mostly healed scar on his back, looked fairly new. But nothing major."

The Puma could see Throttle's eyebrow rise behind his shades, his body language shifting slightly to a less believing manner.

"Hey, believe me or not." The Puma shrugged. "The only recent injury I could see was that scar."

"Recent, hu?" Throttle mused. "So did he get his parts back to flesh, or does his eye still give a warning of impending doom?"

"Parts? Oh, you must me the old prosthetics he mentioned." He shook his head. "Nope, all flesh now."

"That must be a hell of a story." Throttle mused softly before ordering a hamburger with everything.

"Perhaps, but it isn't one he told me." The Puma said simply. "It simply was, by the time I met him." He said turning to leave. "Two hours." He added as he left the bar.

Almost five minutes early Throttle pulled up on to the building on his bike, a riderless purple one next to him

The two-story brick building was something of an anomaly in the town which was entirely wood construction otherwise. A sign on the front door said 'Rellos'. The lawn was evenly and closely clipped, though there was no other evidence of yardwork, unlike most of the town which had a penchant for growing flowers and things in the front yard.

Throttle moved the bikes to the side of the building and went to knock on the front door.

"Come in, Throttle." The Puma said when he opened the door. He was no longer wearing the leather jacket, and the muscle shirt displayed his powerfully developed arms and chest well.

The tawny mouse nodded and followed his feline color match inside, taking in both the building, and his master of the night.

The Puma exuded a supreme confidence and command that was impossible to miss as he led the way. The decor of the house was very strongly masculine as well as military. The house spoke of living well, but not of excessive luxury. They passed several framed photos showing a younger Lance in group shots with others that Throttle recognized as soldiers by their bearing and weapons, even though they wore no uniform. There was also a framed display of military medals, of which there were quite a few.

"Mercenary, or rebel?" The mouse asked in genuine interest.

"H'cantha Resistance army." The Puma said proudly. "That was my squad, the FireClaws."

"Why'd you fight?" Throttle cocked his head, suddenly much more interested in this Puma.

"We got invaded by a group a bit ahead of us tech-wise. We were sitting on a large deposit of something valuable to them that we didn't even know was there. We weren't giving up our home without a fight." He said simply.

"No way in hell." Throttle rumbled with fire in his soul.

The Puma smiled. "Scenario you're familiar with, I take it."

"My Bros, the Biker Mice." Throttle nodded. "We were special strike team for the Martian resistance." His sighed softly. "Looks like your fight went better than ours did, though."

"They underestimated us, figured their tech advantage was insurmountable. Guess they didn't figure on us taking their pretty toys and figuring them out." He smiled. "But truth is we got lucky. An old enemy saw they were bogged down with us, and opened up a major war on the other side of them. Suddenly they couldn't afford the resources to deal with us."

Throttle could only nod, painful memories and the pain of lost happy ones rippling to the surface.

The Puma turned and put an understanding hand on the Mouse's shoulder. "The pain of those we loved and lost is a heavy one for those of us who survived." He said with an almost out-of-place gentleness.

"We lost our world." Throttle said softly. "They exterminated us."

That seemed to startle Lance briefly, and he found nothing he could really say. Part of him wanted to give Throttle the information and the earring without taking him. But he knew that the accursed implant would block the information until it was paid for. "You look like you've been on the road all day. If you want to you can grab a shower first." He said, as he worked on getting back to where he been just before they started talking.

"That'd be good." The tawny mouse shook off the moment with the speed of far too much practice at it. "You coming too?" He asked with a feigned innocence as his tail trailed up Lance's leg playfully.

"Of course." The Puma smiled broadly. "This way."

The bathroom was large, with a shower big enough for two people Lance's size to get playful in. "Set the water however hot you like it." He said, stepping back to watch the Mouse.

With a somewhat secretive smile Throttle took his time removing his riding leathers and jeans, giving a tantalizing show as more and more of his tawny fur and hard body came into view, and just how agile his long, supple tail was.

Lance rumbled approvingly at the show. He'd been right that the mouse was worth the price of delivery.

With everything but his shades in a pile, he stepped into the shower and turned the water on, starting with it quite hot. "Coming, handsome?" The mouse trailed his tail down Lance's jaw and neck.

"Of course." He smiled, and slowly removed his clothes giving Throttle as much of a show as he'd given to clear interest. He then stepped into the shower, and picked up the shampoo. "Turn around, hot stuff." He rumbled as he stood face to face with his mouse, gaining almost instant obedience, though not a hair of it was truly submissive. "I want to feel those muscles under my hands." He said firmly.

Lance started at the tawny mouse's shoulders, working the shampoo in with strong hands that clearly knew what they were doing. The motions were both scrubbing and massaging as the Puma worked out the worst knots of tension as he worked his way down to clear physical and vocal approval from his playmate. As the Puma worked, Throttle trailed his tail over the feline's body, ending with curling around Lance's balls to fondle and roll them gently.

"You have a very talented tail." The Puma rumbled, as he worked slowly, caressingly down the Mouse's ass and legs, before standing. "Okay, turn around."

"I try to keep in practice." Throttle rumbled as he turned.

"I bet." He smiled, as his hands began working on Throttle's chest with the same care as his back. "You've had a master before?" He asked, fairly certain of the answer.

"Several, I still serve one when I'm not following a lead on my Bros." He nodded with a soft smile.

"Good. First timers have their appeal, but not today." He said as he worked down the mouse's hard abs, pausing to fondle the mouse, rolling his balls in his hand. "You like to play rough, don't you." It was as much statement as question since the Puma was fairly confident on this score as well.

"Most of the time, including today." He nodded with a rumble of approval as his legs spread further apart.

"Excellent." He purred deeply, as he worked down the Mouse's muscular legs. He then stood and did the Mouse's head, and more gently his big sensitive ears to several sighs of pleasure. "Okay, rinse."

Throttle easily moved under the water, shifting his body, tail and hands to give a sensual show while the water flowed over his hard body and soft tawny fur.

"You do give a good show." Lance rumbled approvingly. "Now lets see if your hands are as talented as that tail." He purred, handing Throttle the shampoo bottle.

"Master Feral would never tolerate less, though he says my tongue is my best feature." He chuckled softly and went to work on the taller male, more than a little amused that he was basically the same height as his master, though not as broad in the chest.

"We can explore that later." He smiled, purring as the Mouse's hands worked across his body. "Along with other things." He rumbled suggestively.

"So many possibilities, so little time." Throttle chuckled softly, his tail playing along the sensitive spots of the Kat's body with familiar ease.

"Twelve hours." Lance rumbling, purring deeply at the attentions of the talented tail.

"Not nearly long enough for what I know." The mouse chuckled softly as he spent extra time cleaning and fondling the Puma's balls and thick sheath.

"Nor for what I know." The feline rumbled excitedly. "We shall have to make do though."

"And enjoy every minute it." Throttle slipped his tongue down the Puma's sheath to tease the tip of the hardening cock inside.

"Most definitely." The Puma purred, shuddering lightly as his cock hardened and Throttle worked the rest of the way down his legs before slipping behind him to work his way up, fondling Lance's balls from behind as he cleaned the sensitive skin of his asshole.

"You are good." Lance rumbled. "Your master is fortunate to have you."

Throttle smiled, running a handful of warm water to rinse Lance's ass before applying his tongue and every scrap of skill learned pleasing the most demanding of masters and the eagerness the promise of his Bro coming back for this effort.

"Oh, yeah." Lance rumbled, pleased at the Mouse's initiative, and shuddering at the pleasurable sensation. As the Puma hardened and rose from his sheath, a skilled, slick tail wound around the rough length of flesh, while Throttle kept up his attention at ass and balls.

The Puma's moans became louder as Throttle continued. "Damn you're good, Throttle." He rumbled through ragged breath. The complement drew a pleased sound from the mouse, and a bolder, deeper exploration of the Puma's ass that soon picked up the same rhythm as his tail and hand.

Lance's moans became louder and more urgent, just before he roared as he came, powerful spasms splashing his seed against the wall of the shower. "Damn, but that was good." He roared as he shook himself and turned to face Throttle. "Saying you're good with your tongue is a serious understatement."

Throttle smiled at the complement and shifted forward to lick the last bit of cum dribbling down Lance's cock.

"Oh, yes. We are definitely going to have fun." He smiled, lustfully. "But first we dry off." He smiled and rinsed himself before turning on the blowers, another activity Throttle used to display his body to very good effect.

Lance smiled as he dried off, keeping his eyes on the buff Mouse. "You do know how to show off that hot body of yours." He rumbled, as he finished and stepped out of the warm air, followed by Throttle.

"It's served me very well." Throttle smiled, though there was a shadow of less pleasant emotions in it as well.

"I'm sure." Lance nodded. "Well, follow me. Time to show you the playroom." He smiled. "I think you'll like it." He said leading the way. The playroom was twice the size of most bedrooms, and while it did indeed contain a large, comfortable looking four post bed, it contained a few other things as well. There were several solidly constructed bondage frames, including an X-frame, and near by was a neatly ordered collection of cuffs, ropes and other loose restraints. There was also a large selection of dildos of varying sizes and designs. A varied set of whips and paddles hung on the wall near the one frame.

"A very respectable collection, Lance." Throttle commented as he took in the room, reflexively comparing it to the others he had seen.

"It serves me." Lance smiled. "There are things I've simply chosen not to have, because they don't amuse me. But let's get started." He said looking at the toys deciding what to play first. "Over to the simple frame." He ordered.

The mouse nodded easily and positioned himself as directed. "My safe word is surrender." He added quietly.

Lance nodded and expertly secured the tawny mouse using the padded cuffs attached to the frame. "Most delicious." He rumbled licking his lips as he looked at his bound playmate. He turned opened a box sitting on a shelf nearby, selecting a number of blunt clips. He ran one fingertip teasingly around the mouse's nipples, before he applied the clip to it. He'd always found these a good test of a playmate's response to pain, and was treated to a soft shudder of appreciation, and a much stronger one of just barely controlled panic that was shoved away.

"Whoa, you okay Throttle?" The Puma asked, since he'd been in the game long enough to recognize the edge of panic. Panic wasn't much fun for either player.

"Yes," the mouse nodded. "Just remembering things that don't apply anymore." He explained.

"Then you want me to continue." He said, figuring that the first reaction of pleasure was the one to pay attention to.

Throttle literally couldn't make himself reply, both sides of the response and a few other factions screaming far too loud to produce for this stranger, when he couldn't find it in himself to answer his master correctly.

Lance thought about it, and decided that since Throttle hadn't used his safe word, it should be okay. He applied a second clip to the other nipple before moving around behind the bound mouse, his hardening cock brushing Throttle's ass. He then ran his hand across his playmate's tight abs, and Throttle felt the exquisite pain of claws piercing his flesh.

The mouse gritted his teeth as his head went back, following the arch of his body in a response he had little control over anymore, and less care.

Lance positioned himself, and drove his cock deep into the bound Mouse while arcs of electricity danced from his hand along Throttle's sheath, drawing only a grunt from the mouse as his body accepted both pain and intrusion without difficulty.

As he began to thrust, the Puma carefully wove their nervous systems together, effectively doubling the sensations each was feeling. He gasped briefly at the pain sensation before beginning to revel in the sensation of fucking and being fucked at the same time.

He barely had time to finish linking up before his playmate screamed; flashes of outrage, betrayal and hatred ripping through the connection before Throttle found his voice.

"Surrender! I surrender you fucking bastard!" He roared, his tail wrapping around the Puma's neck in a deadly serious stranglehold as powerful muscles pushed the frame and restraints to their limit.

The Puma undid the connection quickly, never having encountered a reaction like that before. He applied enough electrical charge to briefly incapacitate the tail, so he could roll free. "By the Lights, what the hell?" He said shaking his head to clear the emotions that shouldn't have been able to come across the sensation link as Throttle fought to free himself with every scrap of desperate strength he possessed and the turmoil that enabled him to kill anything.

"Don't know what about that flipped you out, but you get free and one of us is going to end up dead." He said softly, as he focused his will tightly. Stun bolts were a trick he'd always found difficult, but he managed to pull the energy together and discharge it into the raging Mouse, dropping him almost immediately.

The Puma took several deep breaths to calm himself, and regain his strength. He then proceeded to check the limp Mouse's vital signs. Satisfied that he was both truly out, and not in any danger, he unfastened him and carried him through the house to the master bedroom, which had no signs of bondage or other games. He lay the limp Mouse down and sat down in a chair near the bed. He took the time to try and figure out what happened, since in all the years he'd been playing the game no one had ever reacted like that. Surprise, fear, incredibly turned on, and even a bit weirded out he'd encountered but never the sheer violence of Throttle's reaction.

A low moan almost three hours later heralded Throttle's returning awareness, and the first muscular control he regained curled the tawny mouse into a tight ball, his face and antennae protected by strong forearms as he came the rest of the way around.

"You okay, Throttle?" The Puma asked, genuinely concerned as the mouse began to unravel.

"What the hell was that?" He countered, agitated but not combat tensed anymore.

"Just a pleasure technique from home. Doubles the sensations by letting partners share sensations; normally it's an incredible turn-on. Don't know what happened." He said quietly. "Still not sure what emotions were doing in the link, it's not supposed to convey anything but the physical senses."

"It's a nerve-link." Throttle asked as much as said.

"Basic principle, yes. Though it's limited to the sensory nerves, or at least it's supposed to be." He said simply.

"Sorry I freaked." He said quietly. "Never occurred to me Kats could do that."

Lance sighed. "Kats can't as far as I know." He said quietly. "But then I never said I was one. Related, probably some distant ancestor in common, but different. I'm from R'Cantha, which is about as far from here as your homeworld is, I think."

"Oh," Throttle murmured.

"I am sorry." The Puma said quietly. "I honestly thought you'd enjoy it." He took the necklace off, and put it in Throttle's hand. "You don't have to stay if you don't want to. I'll tell you what I promised to."

"My Bro's would." Throttle closed his hand around the necklace for a moment before putting it on. "I've got too much crap floating around my head to take it any more." He looked up at the tawny feline and extended his hand in invitation.

The Puma smiled, and joined the Mouse on the bed. "I understand. You did have me worried that I'd done some sort of real damage though." He said as he put an arm around the tawny Mouse.

"No, but I would have, if you hadn't knocked me out." He said softly and claimed a kiss. "I would have warned you, if I'd known you could do that. Too many have used it against me."

Lance welcomed the kiss, holding it for a while. "I know, that's why I knocked you out. If you'd gotten free one or both of us would've been dead." He said after they broke. "I guess it's just fate that you'd run into the one feline on the planet who can do that."

Throttle shook his head and chuckled. "We do make an interesting pair." He smiled and claimed another kiss, his tail sliding down to tease Lance's cock back to life. "I seem to remember you doing something rather good, before I freaked, though.

"That would be when I fucked you?" He asked with a smile, as he claimed a kiss.

"Mmm, definitely."

"Well, now that we got commerce out of the way, we can just play." He smirked, as he ran his hand down to Throttle's ass, and teased at the stretched pucker with one finger.

"I like that idea," the mouse murmured, his tail continuing to play with Lance's balls and cock. "The info can wait a while."

"It'll still be right here." The Puma tapped his head and caressed the Mouse's ass, before working a finger past the pucker to finger fuck the Mouse slowly, drawing a low moan of pleasure from him, and a mirrored action by the mouse's tail.

"Oh, yeah. Somebody wants to be fucked." He chuckled lustily, as he added a second finger but continued the slow finger fucking.

Throttle arched and moaned low in his throat. His erection quickly slid from its sheath against the Puma's abs, while Throttle's tail doubled on itself to mimic the increased thickness invading him.

"You got a preferred position to be fucked in?" Lance asked, as his erection expanded quickly to full between them, spurred on the tail that was invading him.

"Ohhh, all of them." Throttle chuckled softy between moans as he added his hands to the attempt to turn Lance on.

"Somehow I'm not surprised." The Puma murred excitedly, as he pushed the Mouse on to his back. "I want to see your face while I'm fucking you." He rumbled, as he positioned his cock against the Mouse's well-stretched hole to eager cooperation. Through all the maneuverings, Throttle's tail never left the Puma's ass, stretching and thrusting, then the tip slipped in, seeking this feline's spot.

The Puma sank himself into the Mouse until his sheath was brushing his ass, moaning gently from the tail in his ass. He then began a slow, deep thrusting rhythm wanting to draw this out. As Lance moved, Throttle moaned deeply, shivering at the pleasure of this as he set his tail to thrusting into his lover in counter-rhythm, the tip probing deeply into the Puma's body.

As he continued thrusting the Puma let electricity play gently along the Mouse's cock, only instead of pain it created the pleasurable sensation of a hand stroking the mouse with a strong firm grip. It was more than enough to draw a deep, needy groan from Throttle as he arched and thrust into the phantom contact as much as the position permitted, and tightened his ass gently around his lover.

Lance was grateful for having come once already; it allowed him to last longer now. He began changing his angle of thrust, looking for special spot inside his new lover as the phantom hand continued its firm strokes. There was no missing when he found it, as the mouse under him arched and howled his pleasure, a small spurt of precum adding to the steady dribble darkening Throttle's fur.

Lance smiled, and then thrust hard and sudden when the tail exploring him hit his spot. He began thrusting so as to brush against the pleasure spot on some strokes, and ignoring it on the rest. Throttle made no such allowances as he drew closer and closer to his limit, his tail and ass working the Puma hard while his hands played with the tawny fur so similar to his own, yet so different in texture.

As the Puma approached his limit, he began to thrust faster and harder, while the phantom hand's rhythm remained firm and patient. He moaned and grunted as his breath became ragged and quick, a state that was mirrored by the mouse under him. Throttle was trembling hard by the time Lance came with a wall-shaking roar, only just holding out as his training demanded.

The Puma continued stroking the mouse's cock, while staying buried in his ass. "I can feel you want to come, why are you holding back?" He asked breathlessly.

"How I ... trained ... rules." Throttled gasped out, his body crying for him to give in.

Lance nodded, understanding. "Then I give you permission to cum." He said quietly, hoping his understanding was correct. He'd never used that restriction himself, he liked to hear his pets come often.

He'd barely gotten the words out before Throttle arched and roared, his body clamping down hard on the intrusion in his ass while his seed sprayed over his chest, also hitting the Puma leaning over him.

When the Mouse's orgasm quieted, Lance slowly withdrew from his ass and shifted to one side to lay alongside the tawny mouse. "Best I've had in a long while." He purred quietly, tracing absent patterns on Throttle's chest with his finger.

"Mmm, you're pretty impressive yourself." He murmured, his tail snaking out to wrap loosely around the Puma's.

"Thank you." Lance rumbled, leaning to claim a gentle kiss that was passionately returned.

"So what do you have in mind next?" Throttle rumbled, his tail trailing to tease various pleasure points on the Puma's body.

"Depends if you're still up for games after what happened in the playroom earlier." He smiled lustily.

"Oh, I'm up for more, just not nerve link-up, and be careful with the antennae." He traced a playful pattern in thick tawny fur. "They're very sensitive to energy," he explained, leaning close for another kiss.

"No, I don't think I'll try the nerve link-up again." He smiled. "Aside from energy, does it feel good when someone strokes your antennae?" He asked curiously.

"Very good." Throttle rumbled deep in his chest. "It is a very intimate touch for us."

"That's good to know." Lance smiled warmly, reaching a hand up to brush along the mouse's antennae. It drew an almost instant gasp of pleasure as Throttle's body stiffened with a moan.

"I see you weren't kidding when you said it felt very good." He smiled and claimed a passionate kiss that was hungrily returned as Lance could actually to feel the rush of pleasure and intense desire that rippled through Throttle's body.

"Or we could just get all hot and bothered here, and then I fuck you in a different position." He rumbled excitedly as he reached down to fondle the mouse's sheath while claiming another kiss, his fingers still caressing thick red antennae.

"Oh, gods, yes." The tawny mouse moaned deeply, his body so keyed us he could barely think.

The Puma continued his attentions until the mouse's erection slid from his swelling sheath. "On knees and elbows." He rumbled, deeply aroused as he stroked the mouse's hard cock, and caressed his antennae.

Throttle moaned and cried out softly before coordinating his body enough to comply. Lance moved up behind Throttle, burying himself to the sheath in the willing mouse's ass. As the phantom hand reached under to stroke and tease his hard cock, Lance leaned across his back to give one antenna a gentle lick as Throttle cried out in pleasure, tipping his head back to give Lance better access to the sensitive organs as his tail found his mate's ass again, pressing inside eagerly.

Lance shuddered and moaned as the tail penetrated him again, while he continued fucking the mouse hard and deep, occasionally hitting the pleasure spot. He began alternating licks between antennae, enjoying the shuddering, mindlessly hungry response it evoked in Throttle. It didn't take long before the tawny mouse was trembling uncontrollably, moaning and whimpering as he writhed in a pleasure more intense that he'd known in years.

"I give you permission to come." He whispered in the mouse's ear, throwing his head back and roaring his own orgasm that he let go. At the same time Throttle's erupted with a roaring scream torn from his very soul, a fresh cry dragged from him with every contraction that pumped another load from him until the trembling of his limbs was from the intensity of the release instead of the will required to hold it back.

Lance slowly withdrew from Throttle, and gently took the trembling mouse in his arms. He held him there tenderly until the trembling and gasping breathing passed.

"Merciful Mars, Lance." Throttle drew in closer, into a more intimate embrace as he started to come down. "The way you touch me." He breathed softly.

"You make it so rewarding." Lance purred gently. "You are so much more than I expected."

"So are you." The tawny mouse murred, his fingers tracing light patterns in the thick tawny fur. "I never expected this."

"I'm sure I didn't make the greatest first impression with you." He smiled, reaching out to run fingers through the short, dense fur so much like his in color but different otherwise.

"It could have been a lot worse." The mouse chuckled softly. "If you'd made a bad impression, I would have taken what I wanted. You're good, but I doubt you could take out two cybercycles and me in an ambush."

"Hmm, 3 to 2 odds. Not my preferred fight by any means." He chuckled. "Though don't count on me not spotting the ambush. Spent way too many years keeping eyes and ears peeled for those. But I am rather glad we didn't find out how it would've gone." He smirked. "This is a lot more fun."

"Yes it is." Throttle smiled. "I'm very glad I didn't decide your price was too high."

"I was gambling a little on that one." Lance admitted. "But I figured you'd want the info bad enough, and it's not like you could just take it."

The look Throttle gave him was heavily skeptical, but he didn't care to argue the point. "You could have gotten more, at that point. It's been a while for me."

"Maybe, but I thought it was fair." He smiled, and kissed the mouse gently.

"It was," the mouse rumbled, his hands finding pleasurable places to touch and caress. "Did I misinterpret something, or do you enjoy being fucked too?"

Lance smiled, as he gently ran his hands down Throttle's back. "The right person when I'm in the right mood, yes I do. Does that surprise you?"

"Not at all." Throttle smiled, returning the tender touch. "It's just very nice to meet another."

"Another tom who likes to get fucked as well as fuck? Yeah, funny how a fair number seem to think it has to be one way or the other." He smiled as Throttle nuzzled him.

"Too dedicated to a roll to explore the possibilities." Throttle shrugged slightly as he worked to get the Puma aroused again. "It's all good though. No point in limiting pleasure."

Lance nodded, as his sheath began to swell again. "No point at all." He smiled. "And it's not everyday I meet someone with an appetite for sex to match mine." He rumbled, as his arousal built again.

"I don't suppose we'll meet again?" Throttle asked softly as his mouth moved down Lance's chest, paying attention to nipples and muscles before reaching his goal to slip his tongue deep into the Puma's sheath to tease the growing hardness inside.

"I'm sure it's possible." Lance said quietly. "Where do you normally live on this world, I know you're not from these parts." He asked, moaning lightly under the mouse's skilled attention.

"MegaKat City, nominally." Throttle answered without breaking his efforts. "I'm still a wonderer looking for a home."

Lance smiled. "I've got a place there. Cost me a bit, but it's a nice condo in a good part of the city. When you're with your master, does he permit you playmates?" He asked curiously, as a shudder of pleasure from Throttle's efforts passed through his frame.

"As long as I'm up front about it, and it doesn't take up too much time." Throttle murred as he teased enough cock from its retreat to swirl his tongue around.

"That I understand, it's the same as the rules I gave my last pet." He rumbled excitedly as his cock swelled to full hardness. The Puma reached his hands down to gently massage the mouse's ears, lightly brushing one hand across his antennae in the process, sending a moan vibrating down Throttle's body, and into his cock as the mouse continued to tease it to full hardness.

Lance moaned in pleasure from Throttle's attention, shuddering slightly as he continued his massaging of the sensitive ears.

"Would you like to do the sensation link?" Throttle asked as he let the fully erect cock slide from his mouth. "Expecting it and unbound, it is something I enjoy."

Lance nodded. "It is something I enjoy as well." He said with a smile, as he gently wove their sensory nerves together. He gently massaged the mouse's ears, smiling in pleasure as he felt his own ears being massaged.

"Oh, yeah." Throttle rumbled as he slid one hand over the cock and sheath to fondle the Puma's balls, reveling in the mirrored sensation as he shifted to lay alongside Land, embracing him and claiming and fiery kiss.

Lance rumbled as his arousal became very strongly evident in his scent, as the rush of double sensation enhanced everything. Curious, he gently brushed the mouse's antennae with his hand. The Puma hadn't been sure what to expect but the sudden, and overwhelming rush of pleasure that shot through him from head to groin to toes made him stiffen and moan while his cock dribble pre-cum. "Wow." He said softly.

"It is the ultimate of intimate trust." Throttle spoke softly between kisses. "To allow another mouse to touch antennae. It can be more intense than that."

"More intense? Must be like when two R'Canthans mutually weave sensory nerves. It's even more intense than this doubling." He purred deep in his chest.

"A great deal more than can be done with a non-mouse." Throttle said softly, his fingers sliding further back to tease the Puma's ass. "A lot more can be at stake."

"You can actually share minds can't you?" He asked curiously, rumbling at the attention and then sliding his hand down to fondle the mouse's sheath and balls.

"Minds, memories, sensations ... or override what is really there." He whispered, kissing Lance again. "It can be the greatest intimacy and pleasure, or the most destructive kind of rape and mind control."

"You've experienced both sides, haven't you?" He said gently as throttle nodded. "That's why you freaked so bad before." He kissed the mouse understandingly.

"Yes," he murmured, the wash of pleasure so familiar it made him curious if this feline could do it all, but not curious enough to try. "Surprise triggered the last time someone had me bound, and touched me like that without arranging it beforehand. It's not even a given right for a master."

"Cultural difference then." He said gently. "A simple sensory link like that isn't considered a big deal. It's actually considered a sign of favor for a master to do that with a pet."

Throttle chuckled softly. "If that existed for us, it would be." He leaned close and claimed a hungry kiss. "If I'd had a clue that was all you were doing, I would have enjoyed it. The sensations are just always what comes first for us. Once you're in, there is very little that can kick you out, except breaking physical contact."

"Well, maybe we can try again sometime, now that you know what I'm doing." He suggested, eagerly returning the hungry kiss with passion.

"I'm game." The mouse agreed softly his hands and tail working all over Lance's body. "Any interest in being on the bottom tonight?" He rumbled lustfully.

"Not what I had in mind originally." Lance rumbled in lust and amusement. "But that's the way this evening has been going, for the better mostly." He smiled. "Which is to say, yes." He clarified as his hands explored Throttle muscular body with passionate caresses.

"You won't regret it." He promised as he gently maneuvered the Puma to his arms and knees. "But first, to loosen you up a bit." Throttle smiled and played his tongue over the well-stretched hole.

The Puma moaned and shivered in anticipation, at the attention from the mouse's talented tongue. He concentrated and a phantom tongue licked at Throttle's nipple teasingly.

"Oh, you are fun." A deeply aggressive and approving rumble greeted the action.

Lance rumbled in amusement, and the phantom tongue moved from Throttle's nipple to lick slowly and teasingly at the pucker of his ass, drawing a shudder and stronger attention from the tawny mouse. The phantom tongue pushed further in to the Mouse's ass, as Lance moaned in happy arousal.

"Ready handsome?" Throttle rumbled as he shifted to press his cock again the well-prepared opening.

"Oh yeah." Lance rumbled encouragingly, driving Throttle deep into his body in a single passionate thrust. The Puma moaned in pleasure as the mirrored sensation of being buried in his ass hit him at the same time as the Mouse's thrust. He deliberately tightened his passage giving the mouse's cock a squeeze.

"Oh, god." Throttle moaned deep in his chest as he thrust in and out in a practiced rhythm that hadn't seen enough use recently.

"Oh, yeah." Lance moaned passionately, pushing his hips up in time with Throttle's in-thrust to bury the Mouse deeper.

It was a pattern that has precious little opportunity to build up, pushing Throttle over the edge with an explosive roar.

The mirrored orgasm pushed Lance over the edge with sudden roar, as his seed sprayed across the bed to mix with Throttle's from earlier. "Oh, gods. That was good." The Puma rumbled breathlessly as his lover sank down, across his back.

"Oh, yeah." Throttle gasped, nuzzling the bigger male as Lance slowly lowered himself to the bed, so he was lying down, with Throttle a comfortable warm weight on top of him. He started purring deeply, enjoying the feeling of the warm body on top of him and hardness still in him.

"Gods, this just feels right." Lance said quietly, without moving.

"Yeah, it does." Throttle murmured relaxed completely. "Feels so right."

Lance woke to the always pleasant sensation of a warm body in his arms. He smiled when he opened his eyes to see it was his tawny Mouse playmate. Of playmates that were supposed to be one-offs, he found himself thinking he very definitely wanted to see the mouse again. He nuzzled the sleeping mouse with gentle affection.

Throttle's tail was the first to respond, sliding over the Puma's gently before the tawny mouse stirred. "Morning."

"Morning. Sleep well?" He asked, with a smile.

"Very well," Throttle smiled and shifted to kiss the Puma. "You?"

"Very good." Lance smiled and claimed the kiss with increasing passion. "You make very good dream material."

"Nice to know it's mutual." He grinned. "I'm already looking forward to seeing you again."

"That I'm glad to hear." The Puma smiled broadly. "I was thinking of spending more time in MKC, just to make myself easy to find."

That made Throttle smile. "How'd you meet my Bro?"

"Little misunderstanding with the law, and I got sentenced to thirty days at the same site he was at. His bunk had an open space so I got put there." He said quietly. "Took about a week before he decided I wasn't an administration stooge, and decided to talk to me."

The fire that ignited was visible behind Throttle's shades and every line of his body. "What was their excuse?" He demanded with a fierce growl.

"For me? Some missing customs papers, failure to declare a firearm, and an outdated Nav-cert on my ship." He shrugged.

"For Modo."

"Illegal landing, undocumented alien, possession of weapons by an undocumented alien, resisting lawful arrest and contempt of court." He said remembering what he seen in the big Mouse's file. "Oh, and two attempts to escape lawful imprisonment."

"They're expecting to keep him a long time, don't they?" Throttle said softly, already possessing several plans to deal with this.

"I think the sentence was thirty years unrestricted slavery." He said quietly.

"What jurisdiction?" Throttle went all business.

"Court of Customs and Immigration, planet S'karra, Sandoval province." He said simply.

The infuriated explosion of cursing in several languages quickly subsided into a pain-filled growled as Throttle trembled, trying to contain his rage and pain.

"I'm sorry." Lance said softly as he held the mouse close. "You thought he was somewhere on Aristal didn't you?"

"This is worse than not knowing." The tawny mouse growled, efficiently shoving his response into the pit he kept everything that wasn't useful. "My Bro's a prisoner, and I can't get there."

"That's not entirely true." Lance said quietly.

Throttle froze, looking at the Puma for a tense moment. "What do I have to do?" He finally asked simply.

Lance started to say one thing, before the implant kicked in and forced his choice. "Play at being my pet on the trip there." He said quietly. "R'Canthan freighters only have three types of non-R'Canthans on-board; pets of individual crew members, pets of the crew as a whole, and cargo. My ship's not a slaver, so that only leaves the first two, and I don't think you want to be the pet of the crew."

"I've done worse for my Bros, but I'll take choice one." Throttle said easily. "Can you tell me what's messing with your choices?"

It took a moment of focusing to overcome the chip long enough. "Chip in my head, doesn't allow certain things." He said panting lightly from the exertion.

"Like what?" Throttle asked softly, holding the Puma gently.

There was a longer pause as the Puma continued to fight with the chip. "Doing something without personally gaining from it. Doing something and not charging at least what it's worth." He said quietly.

Throttle nodded and kissed him gently. "Does my service for the trip include any help getting my Bro out, and the trip back?"

"Trip back would be the same as the trip there." He said quietly. "I'll help you getting Modo out best I can, I managed to work it out that you overpaid for the info last night." He smiled weakly. "Sometimes I can finagle it, but not often and only for the right people."

"Thank you," Throttle kissed him gently, his hands running along the tight, muscular body. "This is a form of payment I am glad to give you."

"I'll be honest, there's something about you Mice that just gets past the hard exterior I try to keep up." He purred, as the kiss broke.

"It's pretty mutual." Throttle chuckled softly. "Is this a raid that extra combat hands would be useful on?"

"If you know someone who can be trusted, and can be stealthy as well as combat effective." Lance said, beginning to consider the defenses that might be encountered.

"I'm sure my master does." Throttle said softly. "Though I was thinking more along the lines of a strike team. I know they keep a few on call."

"No, that'll be too complicated." He said quietly. "Besides, that'll likely bring serious military response which we don't want. Besides, it's not a big ship as they go. And I doubt the strike team would want to play pet for the trip there." He chuckled lightly at the thought.

"You can't take money for your services?" Throttle looked surprised. "I'll still ask about some help. I need to tell him face to face anyway about going off world."

"It's not about money, it's simply the nature of the freighters." He shrugged. "Old tradition from the water merchant ships. If we were a passenger ship, I could easily take money. Would prefer to usually." He said simply. "Will you need me to back up what you tell him?"

"Well, you could be paid in cash, and simply call him your pet as a cover." The mouse suggested. "And I would like you there. He's not going to be happy about this, and I'm sure he'll want to check you out himself."

"I could do that." He said, as he didn't feel any objection from the chip. "Don't really want more than one pet at a time, anyway." He grinned. "I'm certainly willing to back you up, even though I prefer as few as possible to know that I'm not a Puma Xanith Kat."

"Tell him if he asks, but I don't think that information is something critical to the information." Throttle considered his master carefully. "It might go over better if you let him pay you money for my and my Bro's transportation too. I'll be your pet on the trip for getting my Bro out and getting us back safe." He offered with a kiss. "He doesn't mind sharing, and I'm technically free right now, but he's got his limits and I don't want to loose him."

"Nor do I want to cause you to lose him." The Puma said softly. "And the money is useful. It seems like a reasonable arrangement." He said accepting the kiss passionately.

"Good." Throttle smiled. "You'll have to deal with him for it directly, you know. I can say all this, but it is his money, and family resources. I can't make a binding agreement for that, though I have little doubt he'll agree."

"So, how's that work? You ask him to support your trip, and then I work out the price with him?" He asked curiously. "And who are we talking about anyway? It's easier to deal with someone when you know who they are."

"Yes," he nodded. "Though the extra help is my request, not part of your price. My master is Ulysses Feral, and yes, that would be the Commander of the Enforcers." Throttle added with a bit of a grin for having to clarify too many times.

"Lights and Colors, Throttle. When you go for a master you don't mess around." He chuckled. "But he's the resources for this, which is good."

"He's the best master I've ever had." The mouse said with affection and seriousness. "Four years is longer than I've staid with anyone."

"I'm glad for you, that you've found someone who's that good for you." He said seriously, but with a warm smile.

"I still want to make a place in my life for you." He murmured, nuzzling Lance affectionately. "What's your cyberbike like?"

"I'm sure we'll find a way to work things out." Lance said softly. "ShadowHawk is a jet black cyberbike that was serious inspired by aerospace fighters. Aerodynamic racing lines, seriously overpowered engine, and one of the best sensor packages on this planet for it's size." He said proudly. "He's also an incorrigible showoff, and of course, well-armed."

"Sounds like Vinnie." Throttle said softly, a trace of sadness in his voice. "I expect the three of them will get along. At least I pray they do." He chuckled softly.

"ShadowHawk usually gets along well, though he hasn't been around other cyberbikes in a while." He smiled, and brushed a gentle hand along Throttle's cheek. "Vinnie was harder than you to pick up any leads on. Some vague hints at best."

"Do you have any knowledge of where Mars is, relative to here?" Throttle asked softly.

"Roughly." He nodded. "Mars doesn't get many mentions in galactic records but its sister world does. It's quite a trip though, other side of the galactic core."

"In terms of time?" Throttle pressed.

"Six months to a year, depending on what starcharts I can obtain. There are usable routes, good routes and better routes to any place in the galaxy. The trick is finding someone who's found one of the better routes." He said easily.

The tawny mouse nodded. "Mind if I use your phone to give Feral a call, get this started before we drop in on him for details?"

"Not at all, it's right there on the table next to your side of the bed." He nodded his head toward the phone.

"Thanks, do you spend much time on Aristal?" Throttle asked as he rolled over to grab the phone, and decide what number to call.

"A fair amount." He said easily. "It's in a decent position relative to the trade routes, and some of the handcrafted goods I can pick up in various markets on the planet trade well elsewhere. My crew also happens to like the place."

"That why this world catches so many weirdoes?"

"Nope, that's a different phenomena. It's called a Nexus and essentially its a naturally occurring weirdness magnet. It's why none of the major powers have deigned to take control of what would other be an important strategic location. Nexus planets are more trouble to hold than they're worth." He said simply.

"I believe that, after living here." Throttle shook his head and called directly to the MegaKat City Enforcer Commander's office.

"Feral," a gruffly familiar voice answered.

"Hello, master." Throttle's voice was soft and respectful, though it contained the undeniable excitement of what he'd leaned. "I need your help, getting one of my Bro's back."

"Throttle, it's good to hear from you. Please explain quickly, it's been one of those days."

"He's being held prisoner, master. I need money and a trustworthy black op if possible." He hit the key points. "We're coming down to talk in person, but it'll take a couple days to make the ride."

"I will speak with you when you arrive then," Feral replied. "Arden Street was crushed, so I'm staying out near MallWest."

"I understand, master. We will see you when we arrive." Throttle promised.

"I'll look forward to it," Feral replied before promptly closing the line.

"All set handsome." Throttle hung up and kissed him fiercely. "Shower, shower games and head out?"

"You want to grab breakfast before we get on the road?" Lance suggested after they parted. "But the shower and shower games sound good."

"That too." The mouse grinned and kissed him quickly. "Maybe see what you can do with your powers and that bar in the shower."

Lance chuckled. "I like the way you think." He murred, nuzzling the mouse affectionately.

"I like the way you touch." Throttle chuckled and gave his lover a teasing touch down the thigh with his tail as he moved off, showing off his body as he did so.

"I like the way you feel." Lance grinned as he followed his lover, his eyes on the muscular tawny body, especially the tight ass unconcealed by a bushy tail.

by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd and Vorex

"This is home," Throttle said after he checked Lance in as a guest of Ulysses Feral without a key and led the way to the penthouse apartment.

"Nice." Lance commented as they entered the apartment.

"Master has good taste in many things." Throttle chuckled and headed for the kitchen. "Care for a drink?"

"Yeah, I noticed that." He murred. "Sure, what's available that doesn't have alcohol in it?" He asked, as he surveyed the apartment. As he mentally prepped for the meeting, his bearing changed from the 'Biker' persona he usually wore to a more commanding one. Someone familiar with such things would recognize the bearing of a seasoned military commander.

"Soda, root beer, milk, chocolate milk, water ... I can make up tea or coffee easily enough too." Throttle offered as he grabbed a root beer for himself.

"Root beer, thanks." He said with a soft smile, somewhat breaking with the persona he was wearing.

"You got it." The mouse smiled and grabbed a second bottle, closing the fridge with his tail as he moved away. "Looks like Feral's having another one of those days, so anything you'd like to do while we wait?"

Lance chuckled softly. "Something that probably wouldn't help negotiations in the least. What do you usually do for entertainment, when he's not around?" He said changing the subject quickly as Throttle smirked at him.

"Watch TV, movies, read, do research trying to find any leads." The mouse shrugged. "A go ride around town or hit the beach a fair amount to. Not a lot beats the entertainment setup he's got here, even if you won't be seeing the best films in the collection." He smirked.

Lance grinned. "I think I've been with the star of those films though." He winked at Throttle. "I've got a film library like that myself."

"Well, at least one of them." He rumbled softly, leading the way back to the lounge. "What kind of non-porn do you like?"

"Sci-fi and action films usually. And I actively avoid war films, I've seen enough of the real thing." He said as he followed Throttle into the lounge.

"Mondo ditto that that." He agreed with furor and dropped on the wide couch and brought up the controller, selecting random and action from the menu.

The sound of Feral's keys in the door cam into the silence of that moment after the credits when neither of them could quite be bothered doing anything about changing the tape.

"Who's here?" He called sharply, surprised to find the door already unlocked. "Throttle?"

"Yes, master." The tawny mouse was already in view, coming to his customary place to kneel at Feral's side. "And Lance, the one I mentioned."

Feral's hand dropped to Throttle's face, fingers tracing along the mouse's cheek. "You said you needed some help," Feral said, getting straight to the point as he saw Lance standing nearby, waiting impassively, his military bearing being slid fully in place.

"Yes, master." Throttle said softly. "Money to pay for the transit, and a trustworthy, unphasable special op to help if you would."

"Money is no problem, assuming your needs are reasonable," Feral nodded. "The other issue is somewhat trickier."

"I understand master." Throttle said softly. "Modo is being held in a slave labor camp on another world. Lance knows where, and has the ship to get me there and us back. The money is his fee, which is between the two of you to agree on. We can break him out on our own, but an expert would make it a much less dangerous venture."

"We have no-one who could be considered an expert under those circumstances," Feral reminded the mouse. "Take most Kats off the planet and they'll more or less stop functioning."

"A high security break-out is much the same no matter the world, master." Throttle murmured, speaking from knowledge. "A special op would simply make this less dangerous."

"That's easy enough for you to say," Feral replied. "I would like to be able to help you, you know that, but honestly I think anyone I could provide would be more of a liability than anything else."

"Yes, master." The tawny mouse replied, though it was clear to see the conflict between knowledge and his master's word in him for a moment.

"Seriously Throttle, would you have been any use in a military action the first time you traveled to another world?"

"It was a military strike master, and we all did fine." He stated strongly, knowing he shouldn't be insulted by the question. "Nerves and uncertainty yes, but it wasn't that different."

"I will see what I can arrange, if you insist, but I strongly advise against it."

"Then do not worry about it master." Throttle acquiesced. "We can do it."

"Is there anything else?" Feral asked softly. "Equipment? Supplies?"

At that Throttle looked at Lance questioningly.

"My ship is well-equipped and supplied." Lance said with precision. "What will be required is already there."

"Very well," Feral nodded. "When will you be leaving?"

"How long will it take to get to your ship?" Throttle turned to the Puma.

"With our bikes, it shouldn't take more than four maybe five hours to reach where the shuttle is moored." He said casually, and then maybe another hour to reach the ship.

"Then in the morning." Throttle said softly. "I would like to spend the night with you, master."

"You know better than to think I'd say no to that," Feral chuckled softly.

It drew a soft smile from the mouse. "Yes, master."

"Your friend is welcome to stay, of course," Feral added as an afterthought.

"Thank you, Commander but I have a place in the city." Lance said easily, not really at ease with staying.

"Just as well, master." Throttle rumbled. "We would keep him awake if he stayed here."

Feral's lips curled into a hungry smile, hiding nothing about his lust for the mouse. "In the mood to scream tonight, are you?"

"In the mood for you, master." Throttle's rumble left little doubt to his hunger for the giant tom.

"Perhaps we'll have dinner early, in that case. Will you be joining us?" Feral asked the Puma, even as he licked his lips at Throttle's enthusiasm.

Lance chuckled. "Perhaps another time, you both seem eager for a reunion in earnest. And I should look in and see if Eric's been a good boy while I was away." He smirked.

"See you later, Lance." The tawny mouse smiled.

Feral nodded to the stranger as he left, smiling once he and his mouse were alone one more. "So, he's the one who'd been riding your back for the last few days."

"And ridden my cock, master." Throttle rumbled. "He likes it all."

"A playmate you would find most satisfying," Feral nodded.

"Yes, he is." The tawny mouse smiled, hunger written plainly on his face. "But he is not my master."

"Sometimes I wonder about that myself," Feral murmured, his fingers tracing along the bones supporting Throttle's face. "Though so far you continue to return to me."

"I miss you, master." Throttle said softly. "I've never missed a master or pet before."

"There has always been a place for you here, you know that. Now," he said, changing the topic before Throttle could reply. "What do you feel like for dinner?"

"Feral cock, master." The tawny mouse smiled. "With some bondage for the main course, and a thorough fucking for desert."

"You'll get all that," Feral replied with a chuckle, "But I have had a very trying week and I need a proper meal."

"Then pizza and soda?" The mouse suggested, switching gears with a speed that could be disconcerting at times. "I could rub your back and shoulders."

"Pizza," Feral said with a smirk. "Father would be appalled, but I think it will do nicely. Arrange it would you? I'm going to get changed."

"Yes, master." Throttle nodded and stood with the muscular grace of his kind to the phone and dialed from memory.

The food had already arrived by the time Feral emerged, surprisingly casual in a pair of jeans and a sleeveless top. "Did you remember garlic bread?"

"Yes, master." Throttle motioned to one of the smaller boxes. One with and one without cheese."

"Excellent," Feral smiled, opening the box as he sat down. "So I suppose this puts an end to your searching," he said gently.

That broke Throttle's good mood instantly. "I wish it were, master. Vinnie's not with him."

That caught Feral attention. "I thought you had one of them accounted for already."

"I thought so too, but Lance knows where Modo is," he touched the earring hanging around his neck, "and it's Modo's bike I pulled out of the mire last year."

"That's good news then." Feral's tone was carefully neutral. Even he knew to tread lightly around the topic.

A tan hand closed around the seemingly simple gold stud earring, Throttle's face moving as if to close his eyes, if he could. "Yes ... yes, it is very good news. If he is telling the truth."

Feral's eyes narrowed at the thought. "Do you think he's lying to you?"

"I don't know master." He admitted quietly, fingering the earring. "Either he's telling the truth, or he's messed up with the ones who killed my Bro. There aren't a lot of ways he could have gotten this. Either way, I have to go. I have to know."

The kat took another slice of pizza, watching his pet carefully. "I'm sure I don't need to tell you to be careful."

"No, master." The tawny mouse murmured, forcing himself to push the thoughts from his mind and focus on the pizza and the here and now. "I haven't survived this long without being good at it."

"I know," Feral nodded. "Though if you must leave I would prefer that you continued to come back."

"It is my preference, and intention, as well master." Throttle looked up at him with a quirky smile. "Though this city isn't one to be safe at home in."

"There are worse places to be," Feral said softly, drawing a soul-deep shudder from his pet.

"A lot worse." He nodded. "And my Bro's in one of them."

"You'll bring him back Throttle," Feral said, his confidence in the mouse reflected in his voice. "And here he will have all the care that money can buy."

The tone, more than the words, refocused Throttle's will as the tawny mouse nodded. "Yes, I will, master. And the two of us will find Vinnie."

Feral wasn't entirely sure what to say in response to that so he stayed silent, taking another slice of pizza from the tray between them.

"One good thing about it, master." Throttle murred softy. "With Modo here, I won't be doing all the running around myself."

Feral chuckled, nodding. "I was rather of the impression you liked it."

"But I don't like all the time away from you." He sighed. "It's not a line I know how to walk yet, master."

"You will," Feral said confidently. "I wouldn't want you if you weren't capable."

"I don't think you'd find me that fun if I was perfect either, master." He half smirked, half smiled.

"No-one's perfect Throttle. Especially not in this city."

"I think that was the point." Throttle chuckled, snagging some garlic bread and more pizza. "I have no idea how Modo'll take our relationship, though.

"If I'm going to be paying for his meds he can at least have some respect," Feral told him.

"Oh, that won't be a problem." Throttle chuckled at a few memories of better times. "He's got manners. I really just don't want to find out how I'd choose, if he pressed me. Slavery can be a really touchy subject for freedom fighters."

"You think of yourself as a slave?" Feral asked, an eyebrow raised.

"No, master." Throttle shook his head sharply. "But I know enough to know how it looks from the outside, and I don't know how Modo will handle finding out; if he'll see slavery, or what this really is, that I'm free to leave, and don't want to. It just never came up before. I kept this part of my life separate from my duties."

"I'm certain that a demonstration of your independence will convince him, if that becomes necessary."

Throttle grimaced. "Just if you see his eye glow, duck and cover while I sort it out. I really don't think he would after I spend the trip explaining this, but we've all got buttons." Suddenly he shook his head. "'If I have to, it just means separating my private and professional life again."

"I suspect he'll want to be a part of your private life," Feral said gently.

"Not like I don't want him there, master, but you can't always have everything turn out the way you want." Decades of grief and no-win choices came out with the statement. "Worst case, he doesn't come here, and I don't speak of you to him. Not great, but I've done it before, and it can work."

"Hopefully it will not come to that," Feral said gently. "Don't go making trouble for yourself before you have to."

Throttle grinned slightly. "I always do this when I have to much time to think. Combat leader I'm good at. Down time isn't my strong suit." He paused to think a moment. "Not any of our strong suits, come to think of it. But I'm usually the calm sensible one, if you believe it."

"No," Feral smirked, "At least not without two or three strong bucks to fuck you solidly first."

"And you've mellowed me a lot, master." Throttle chuckled, though he was utterly serious. "First time I've had a home since ... I was eleven, I think. Even that was just more mom being there than any place." His voice softened as those early memories drifted to the surface.

"Which might explain why you so often feel the need to run away," Feral said, his chuckle and slice of pizza in his hand making it harder to take the words seriously.

"Scared to death this is real." Throttle whispered, his gaze somewhere else entirely. "Gods I miss her."

"Scared?" Feral chuckled softly, focusing of the part of the statement he could understand. "I didn't think there was anything that scared you."

"You haven't been paying attention then, master." Throttle murmured. "It's what limits are all about."

"For most people they're about pleasure, and pain. You set your limits and I don't go there, you know that."

"Yes, I guess you never saw what was inside when you came close to those lines." He consented, picking up his root bear, but stared at it instead of drinking. "It's all about fear. Of pain, trust, loss ... whatever. Not sure you've noticed, but I don't exactly feel pain like you do. Pleasure's almost normal, but," he shook his head, trying to clear it. "A lot more than my eyes got mangled over the years. The stuff in my brain, the changes to my body itself, they don't show so obviously."

Feral just nodded. "And your friend?"

Throttle sighed deeply. "Mechanical right arm, cybernetic right eye, no left eye. That's what I know. Vinnie lost half his face, and both eyes. Both of them got eyes that see on their own, though."

"That seems somewhat odd, given your own condition."

"I was the first experiment." Throttle murmured, a bitter, angry edge on his voice. "Or that freak knew what seeing meant to me, and did it to mess with me. It'd be his kind of game."

"I'm sorry." Feral had said it before, several times.

"Not your fault, master." Throttle said softly. "It's not like he did the most damage, anyway."

"Whatever state your friend is in, he will have the best available care. You've experienced it yourself," Feral reassured him, trying to deflect the conversation slightly.

"Yes," he nodded, trying to shake a mood that had gone from worried to heartbroken. "Better than any we've had access to before."

"Just bring him back. We'll see to the rest afterward."

"Yes, master." Throttle said softly, falling back on their relationship to avoid shutting down completely to make the memories go away.

"I think I've had enough food," Feral said softly, "Though I could live with one of the backrubs you mentioned."

"Yes, master." He said with a little more life. "It is best without clothes, on the bed."

Feral chuckled softly as he stood, peeling his top off then and there. "Somehow I knew you were going to say that."

"Like I would ever not use an excuse to get us naked in bed, master." He said with something resembling his normal self.

"Probably not, no."

"Hello, you must be Throttle." The big black and tan Alsatian Kantin said with a smile as he opened the door to let the tawny mouse in. The buff male was only wearing a pair of tight briefs that concealed little, apparently a concession to answering the door. The other thing he wore was black leather collar with metal studs.

"Is Lance around?" He didn't both concealing the appreciative sweep of his gaze over the canine, though it wasn't as obvious as without his shades.

"Master is in the shower." He said politely. "Would you care for something to drink? He should be out shortly." He smiled as he looked over the buff mouse in riding combat leathers with an appreciative eye.

"Sounds good." He nodded. "You're Eric?"

"Yes." He smiled. "What would you like? We have a wide assortment." He said a little proudly, since one of his tasks was to keep the place stocked, something his Master complimented him on his diligence at.

"Is root beer in there?" Throttle asked, clearly not truly expecting it.

"There is now." He chuckled, and padded out to the kitchen. He came back a few minutes later with the same brand root beer that Throttle had served Lance the night before. "Here you go." He said politely.

"Thanks." The mouse chuckled and sat down in a plush chair in the living room. "I see he prepped you a bit on me."

"He said that you might be visiting from time to time." The Kantin nodded, as he stretched out on sofa facing Throttle. A single chrome nipple ring with red gem in it glinted in the morning light coming through the big bay window. "He also decided he liked root beer, apparently it was new to him."

That made the tawny mouse smirk as he took a drink. "It seems to be sadly underappreciated around here. So how long have you been with him?"

"Four and a half years." The Kantin smiled. "He's the best master I've ever had."

That made Throttle smile. "Same thing I say about mine of the last four."

"A good master is something to be treasured." The Kantin said seriously, though there was a soft smile on his face.

"Like good friends." Throttle nodded. "And much harder to find."

"There are too many mediocre and bad ones out there. Makes finding the good ones hard." The Kantin agreed easily.

"And good ones you just can't click with right." He added. "I've been with a couple of them."

"It is difficult finding a match, and even then the trick is in not screwing it up somehow." He said quietly.

"Yeah, that too." Throttle nodded. "Like any other close relationship. Part of why I love mine so much. He can possess me, and still manages not to interfere with my free-ranging nature. And I'm not even sure how he pulls it off."

Eric nodded. "I never thought I'd find a master who'd both possess me, and trust me with a great deal of responsibility like he does." He said with a smile, drawing a matching one from Throttle.

"Whereas I've had my fill of responsibility for six lifetimes already." Throttle chuckled and took another swallow. "I'd do it, but it would wear on my willingness fast. Been used to punish me, along with being grounded."

"You were a military commander, like my Master, weren't you?" He asked curiously, thinking the mouse read that way.

"Very much like him, for much the same reasons." He sighed. "Still am, if I can get my Bros back."

"Which you will, if I have anything to say about it." Lance said with a grin as he stood in the archway, wearing jeans and black t-shirt. "You can stay there, Eric." He said with a smile, as the Kantin reflexively started to come to him. The Kantin nodded and settled back down. "Good morning, Throttle."

"Morning, Lance." The tawny mouse stood. "Ready to go?"

"Yes." He said, nodding as Eric came over and knelt next to him. "Like I told you Eric, I'll be away for awhile. Just keep taking care of things like you have." He said giving the big Kantin an affectionate scritch behind the ears.

"Yes, master. But you will be back?" He asked worriedly.

"Yes, I will." He smiled. "If I didn't plan to come back, I'd take you with me."

The Kantin brightened considerably at that. "Have a good journey, Master. I will keep everything in order for you."

"I know you will, Eric." Lance said as he put his leather riding jacket on, and opened the door. "Let's go get your Bro, Throttle."

"It won't come too soon." The tawny mouse nodded and closed the door behind him. "He's very cute."

Lance smiled. "Yes, he is. Only pet I've had longer than a year."

"Sounded like the he's had a similar history." Throttle commented and he put his helmet on as they reached the three cyberbikes.

"He had a string of Masters who couldn't handle the combination of submissiveness and independence. Whereas I find that spark very attractive." He said as he grabbed his helmet off of ShadowHawk and Throttle mounted his black cycle.

"Sounds like Feral and me." Throttle chuckled. "I just have a different kind of independence needs."

"Yes, very similar." He smiled, as he mounted the jet black ShadowHawk. "I was glad to see that he cares as much for you, as you do for him."

"Been on the other end, not doing it again." Throttle's tail lashed sharply before he controlled his reaction with a frustrated sigh.

"Good." Lance said approvingly. "I've seen enough misplaced loyalty." He said softly. "We're going south, the shuttle is docked at the Port Haven public marina."

"I know where we're going then." He nodded. "I'll meet you at the park across the street if we get separated on the ride."

"Sounds good." Lance nodded back, as ShadowHawk moved out, Throttle and Little Darlin' right behind.

"Here we are." Lance said as they pulled up to a high tech matte black ship. It was about forty feet long, and very streamlined. As Lance spoke, a large door on the side slid open to reveal an interior large enough to hold the three bikes, easily.

"Welcome back, Captain." A tall lanky Black Cheetah male said from where he lounged by the door.

"Glad to be back, Coros. What's the latest report from the Thunder?" He asked as he walked ShadowHawk down the ramp into the shuttle, and gesture for Throttle to follow, Modo's bike rumbling up on her own.

"S'lassa says that we are ready to go at any time." He said watching the tan mouse. "Who's the mouse, Captain?"

"His name's Throttle, and he's mine." He said easily.

"Damn boss, you do find the good ones." He licked his lips appreciatively before heading forward to the cockpit.

"Expect to hear that a lot." Lance said to Throttle with a smile.

"Nothing new to that, master." He chuckled softly. "As long as they remember I'm not a crew pet, even if I will play with permission."

"They'd better remember." Lance chuckled. "Crew is all feline, but that's standard for R'Canthan vessels. Mostly male, the two females being my first officer and the ship's doctor." He said, as they sat down in the passenger compartment. "You may depart when ready." He said to the Cheetah pilot.

"Do either of them like to play nice?" He asked curiously.

"The ship's doctor does, in fact she only plays nice as far as I know." The Puma smiled, as the sleek shuttle moved away from the pier and out to sea as the doors closed.

"What's she like?" He smiled, moving up behind the taller male to embrace him. "It's been a long time since I played with a nice female."

"She's a flame red Tiger, and she's one hell of a healer. Better than any I've ever met. And she's extremely gentle and compassionate." He said fondly.

"So how long is this trip?" Throttle murred, running his hands down Lance's muscular chest.

"About three weeks." Lance said, kissing the Mouse gently. "S'karra is a bit out of the way."

"Three there, three back, what information do you have on the facility itself?"

"Well, the 'facility' is a large farm." Lance shook his head. "And most of the walls and security aren't visible. They're psionic."

Most of the color drained from Throttle's face at that. "How do ... I mean ... breaking mind-guarded ...." he stammered, trying to put what he thought it meant out of his mind and remember this was a different world.

"Getting in is relatively easy. Most of the guards and such are tuned onto the inmates." He said quietly. "But we've picked up a few things to deal with them, and Nareena and Trigor have designed a few." He smiled. "Nareena is the doctor I mentioned, and Trigor is the ship's engineer."

"How ... messed up with he probably be?" Throttle asked very softly, mentally steeling himself for the worst.

"I don't know." Lance said softly, shaking his head. "He was still okay when I finally got out. But I talked him out of more than a few futile escape attempts. Not sure how well he'll hold back without someone to talk him down. Punishments get worse with each offense."

The tawny mouse drew a deep, steadying breath. "What kind of punishments?"

"Just about anything you can imagine." He shook his head. "Except for death, or removal of body parts. I imagine that's where the scar across his back came from."

Throttle nodded and swallowed. "He's faced worse. Gotten through it. And this time he's got a safer place than the front line to go back to."

"Most definitely." Lance agreed, a bit more emphatically that might have been expected.

"How long will he have been there, when we get him out?" Throttle rested his head against the Puma's broad chest.

"He'd been there about six months when I arrived, I was there three months with him, and that was almost 6 months ago." He said quietly, stroking the mouse's hair gently. "About 15 months."

"Alone." Throttle swallowed. "There is nothing they can kill him for, right?"

"No there isn't. The S'karrans don't believe in the death penalty. But they'll fuck you over good mentally." He said quietly. "Fortunately, they're device dependent and it makes them lousy combat psis."

"It doesn't matter." Throttle said with a surprising level of defiance. "He'll do what he has to, same as me. He'll probably behave better for them knowing it's just a matter of time now."

"I hope so." Lance said quietly. "I promised I'd come back." He said so quietly that Throttle almost missed it.

"Modo's strong. He'll be okay as long as they don't kill him." Throttle murmured, certain of his words. "That promise would mean a lot to him."

Lance nodded, started to say something and then hesitated, feeling unsure of himself, and only managed to draw attention to it as Throttle looked up curiously.

"Remember when you asked what I was to your Bro, that I had the earring?" He started quietly. "I said I was a messenger, and while that was true, it was leaving out a lot."

Throttle nodded. "I know."

"You do?" Lance said a bit surprised.

"I know my Bro." The tawny mouse chuckled slightly, his hands sliding down Lance's body. "He'd never have just paid someone to find us. You couldn't be just a messenger. He'd never trust anyone with that, unless they were something more."

Lance smiled. "I'm not sure what we are exactly, but he's important to me, I know that." He said quietly. "If you'd showed up a few days later, I would've been on my way to get him out."

"Why'd you wait?" He asked quietly.

"Repair and resupply, largely. We had to do a major system maintenance and this planet doesn't have the facilities we're used to." He said quietly. "'Sides, Modo made me promise to try and find at least one of you before I came back. I'd almost given up, when you walked into that bar."

"He'll be in good shape then." Throttle smiled slightly. "He can bide his time at least as well as I do, when he knows it's coming."

"He did seem a bit calmer, after I promised to come back." Lance said softly.

"Were you ever in a prison camp, Lance?" Throttle asked, quietly serious.

"You mean besides the one I was in with Modo?" He asked quietly.

"Prisoner of war camp, Lance." He clarified. "Cause that's what Modo's seeing. It's no more a legal imprisonment than what the Plutarkians did to us on Mars. It's not a law he recognizes as right, it's a POW camp."

Lance nodded. "Yeah, been in one of those too. Got caught getting civilians out of a work camp. It was almost a year before my men managed to spring me."

"Hope is everything." Throttle murmured. "Between giving up, going crazy, and seeing it through, it's all hope. By Bro has hope, ever since you left him."

"Yeah, I see what you mean. I always had my men to count on to get me out." Lance said quietly, as they shuttle dove beneath the waves. "Still not quite sure what he'll think of Eric, but I'll deal with that once we've got him out of there."

"Yes, we will." Throttle murmured. "Introductions are going to be interesting."

"That's true. Some people don't really understand the Master/Pet relationship." Lance said quietly.

"At least now I know that's the only potential explosion." Throttle chuckled slightly. "We really did stay out of each other's sex lives, such as they were."

"But maybe not out of each other's fantasies?" Lance winked playfully.

"Not mine at least." Throttle smirked. "But that's a vast playground."

"If Vinnie is as attractive as you and Modo, you certainly had good material to work with." Lance grinned.

Throttle laughed at that. "Vinnie's the pretty boy. Even with his mask."

"Gods, what a sight the three of you together must be." Lance licked his lips. "One we're going to manage sooner rather than later." He said confidently.

"It was pretty hot, all decked out in leather and attitude." Throttle rumbled. "Vinnie's such a showoff."

"Pretty boys often are." Lance rumbled. "And they look so good doing it, that it's a shame to even try and discourage them."

"And doesn't work anyway." He chuckled.

"Also true." Lance grinned. "Ship's pilot Kyro, is a definite pretty boy. Midnight black Panther with a very nice build." He purred.

"Who likes to play, I bet." Throttle snickered. "Why do I foresee a pile of writhing fur and cum during a lot of off hours?"

"Oh, he very much likes to play. He and Eric are really hot together." He rumbled. "But you did just describe probably the most popular way for crew members to spend off-hours."

"Sounds like a fun crew." The tawny mouse almost murred and snuggled against Lance's chest as they stood near the bikes.

"They are." Lance chuckled. "My surviving FireClaws with some new folks to fill out the crew."

"So, what word did you find on my pretty boy?" Throttle asked soft, trailing a finder down Lance's chest.

"Last trace I found indicated somewhere in the Cor'dok system. But the trace wasn't nearly as strong as the one that said you were on Aristal, so I haven't followed it up yet." He said, as he brushed a hand gently across the mouse's cheek. "I can really only follow one lead at a time."

"I understand," he leaned into the contact. "Just wondering if you actually had any more idea than I did, when you said you hadn't found much."

"He's harder to trace, though I don't know why. My tracker says it's 'cause you have a higher power signature than he does, though he couldn't say why." He said softly. "But once we pick up Modo, we can try another trace on Vinnie. Knowing where two of you are, should make the third easier."

"Power signature?" Throttle raised an eyebrow.

"I don't claim to understand exactly what it means, it's a Tracker thing. Psis, mages, shapeshifters are all sorts who tend have a higher power rating because of special abilities." The Puma explained.

"Just what kind of tracker is this?" Throttle rephrased, instinctively shying from the implication that he wasn't just a mouse.

"A psi. He's from one of the tribes on my world, that's tried to stick to the old ways. He was a rebel and wanted to see what the modern world was all about. It wasn't a well received decision, since he was supposed to be the tribe's next Seer." He shook his head. "But they couldn't argue too much when he said that he 'Didn't see that happening.'" He chuckled slightly.

"Oh," he nodded slightly, though the tension he was trying to keep down was hard to miss. "I guess that makes sense."

"Don't worry, he can't touch minds at all." Lance said reassuringly, as he nuzzled the mouse.

Throttle nodded and relaxed, grateful for the offered excuse. "I hope you're right. It'd be so good to have my Bros back."

"We will get them back." Lance said confidently, as he ran a gentle hand down Throttle's chest, bringing the mouse's tail up to caress his inner thigh.

"So how far to the ship?"

"Maybe another twenty minutes at present speed. She's moored on the seabed." He said easily.

"Plenty of time for a little play." Throttle did as decent imitation of a purr as his tail grew bolder.

"Plenty of time, indeed." Lance agreed, claiming a passionate kiss while his hand worked its way under Throttle's shirt to caress his chest and abs.

"Now crossing the shield perimeter." The pilot announced as they entered the air-filled dome surrounding the sleek ship, that had lines reminiscent of a predatory avian. "Docking in three minutes."

"We should probably get dressed." Lance murmured, nuzzling the mouse in his arms. A 'little play' had ended up with them lying on the floor recovering.

"Probably." Throttle nodded, though he made no attempt to actually move from the Puma's arms.

"'Sides, this is a really good view of my ship." He said and gently stood, bringing the mouse up with him.

"That I'd like to see." Throttle nodded as he retrieved his clothes with his tail from where they'd been scatted, including on his bike. "Sorry, Lady."

"Best view is from the cockpit." He said quickly pulling on his pants before leading the way forward. "There she is, the Ebon Thunder." He said proudly, indicating the sleek black and silver ship with the lines of a predatory avian.

"Wow," Throttle actually whispered in awe as he took in the sight.

"A beauty, isn't she?" Lance smiled, silently wondering if Throttle would notice that the lines were distinctly un-freighter-like.

"She must kick tail in combat." The mouse ended all question of that.

Lance chuckled. "Yes, that she does. Though she's not military, mostly 'cause her captain isn't. She's registered as a freighter, because anything not equipped to carry passengers is a freighter of some sort, unless it's military." He smirked. "But our cargo does tend to get where it's going."

"I bet," he grinned, cybernetic vision taking in the sleek lines. "She's lovely."

"And fully stealthed." The Puma grinned as the shuttle swung around to approach the rear shuttle bay. "She could hover over Enforcer HQ, and unless somebody looked out a window, they'd never know she was there." He chuckled. "Not that I'd do such a thing." He said as they came to rest next to two identical shuttlecraft. "Now that's odd, there's no one here to meet us." He said softly and turned to the Cheetah. "Ship's status?"

"Reading code yellow, sir."

"What the hell?" He said throwing his jacket on, and opening the hatch quickly, Throttle on his heals.

"Something already needs to die." The tawny mouse snarled, his tail lashing.

A sleek, muscular Panther came running up to Lance. "Captain, welcome home." He said quickly.

"Report, pilot." Lance snapped.

"Umm, it's that Lycaecian warbeast of yours, sir."

"Blaze? What about her?"

"Not sure sir, but she turned into a nine foot tall uh, mouse with horns. And she's quite upset, judging by the agitated tail and the running about."

"Where is she?" Throttle demanded, every inch the leader on a mission who knew what was going on.

Lance blinked. "Let me get this straight Syro. The vaguely wolf-like creature who's never spoken a word, and has been happily living with me has suddenly turned into a giant mouse with horns, who's got issues."

"That's about the size of it, sir."

"Have you run the creature through the xenobiology database?"

"Yes, sir. No match to known creatures. Though she's clearly a metamorph."

"Throttle, I don't suppose you've ever heard of a species of nine-foot tall Mice with horns."

"And antennae, sir." Syro added as an afterthought. "He's got antennae, like your pet."

"Yes already!" Throttle's tail grabbed Syro and spun him around. "Where is she?"

The panther looked at the captain's pet a bit shocked, and then looked at Lance. "Captain?"

"Just answer him, Syro. He knows what's going on." Lance said firmly.

"Deck 6, forward port section." The Panther said, figuring the captain must have gotten his new pet relatively untrained.

"Near my quarters." Lance nodded. "This way, Throttle." He said leading the way through the ship, the tawny mouse on his heals and thinking at a frantic pace.

The giant reddish gray creature was scratching at the door to one of the cabins, its tail whipping in serious agitation.

"Blaze?" Lance asked gently, though loud enough to be heard over the claws on metal scratching.

The strange creature's head whipped around, recognition in her eyes as it dropped to all fours and came over to him, all but bowling the eight foot tall feline over with her greeting head butt and whined in distress.

Throttle took a deep breath and put his fear for the future away.

As Lance watched, his pet knelt to bring him eye level with the strange creature and began a growling conversation -- for a lack of a better description -- with the transformed Blaze.

"Where are your quarters, master?" Throttle asked softly as he stood. "This is not for pubic display."

"Right here." He said as he gently scritched Blaze behind the ears, where she'd always liked it, before stepping around to palm the door open, standing to the side in case Blaze decided to bolt into the room.

She followed Throttle however, the look she gave him one of distressed trust as they went inside and he found a seat on the nearest solid object, a sizable military looking footlocker at the end of the large bed.

Lance followed her in, and closed the door behind him. "So you know what happened, Throttle?" He asked softly.

"Roughly." He nodded. "I'll explain in a bit." He forestalled the Puma as he focused on Blaze again, making the growls, whines and squeaks she'd always made.

The beast looked at him skeptically for a moment, then closed her eyes and focused, gradually flowing back to her original form, and promptly collapsed.

Without a word Throttle picked her up and put her in the bed, sitting down next to her with a hand on his shoulder and his tail draped over her hips.

"Wow." Lance said quietly. "Somehow, I don't think she's a Lycaecian."

"That may be another name, for a lost group or something, but no, it's not what she is." Throttle nodded, gently stroking the dense, thick rusty gray fur. "Her kind are from Mars."

"Okay, what are her kind called properly then?" The Puma asked curiously, joining him on the bed. "More important question, are we talking about a sentient species?"

"Garou. Sundancer species give or take, Feral breed, about three years old by the Martian calendar. Though that's anybody's guess what it actually translates out to here. A teenager." Throttle said softly. "She's as intelligent as either of us."

"Okay. Wonder why she never said anything before." He said quietly.

"She didn't know." Throttle shrugged. "She was raised in captivity as a pet, not by her family. What do you mean, 'why she never said anything before'?"

"Well, I don't know. Never let me know she was more than the pet she appeared to be." He said, a little confused. "Okay, maybe 'said' was the wrong word." He added quietly. "So what was upsetting her?" He asked, clearly concerned.

"The First Change is stressful at best, and she was totally unprepared for it." Throttle smiled slightly. "You try waking up in a four-legger form that different and not be upset, especially with everyone around you freaking out."

"No one realized we had a metamorph, and that form is big. A trained warrior in that form would be truly a force on the battlefield." He said slipping into commando mode briefly.

"They are," Throttle nodded agreeably. "Untrained they can be even more dangerous. It says a lot about how everyone has treated her in the past that no one is dead, or at least mauled."

"Well, she was my pet." Lance smiled. "And everybody on board likes her, which is why they got so excited ... they didn't know what had happened to her. She'll be alright though?" He asked quietly.

"She'll be fine. She'll need some intensive training over the next few months to learn what she can do now, but this is totally natural." Throttle assured him, utterly sure of it."

"So do you know how to train her?" Lance asked curiously. "And can she talk in that big form?"

"I know enough to get her to the point she can start learning on her own." Throttle nodded. "And the Crinos can talk, but it's a different voice box, so it take some time to learn how. She should have five forms total, by the way. Including a mouse one."

"Okay. In that case, I'll leave training her to you." He said easily, and then walked over to a console on his desk. "Captain to bridge."

"Bridge here, Captain. Pilot Syro."

"Take the ship back down to green, Syro. Situation is resolved." He said simply, but the tone was distinctly 'Don't ask, just do.'

"Aye, sir. Returning to status green." He said, and a blinking yellow wall light went green. "Anything else, Captain?"

"Yes, prepare the ship for lift off. Set best time course for S'karra Prime."

"Aye, Sir. S'karra Prime. Ship will lift off in fifteen minutes."

"Acknowledged, Captain out." Lance said, and closed the channel.

Blaze had raised her head to look at him as she had hundreds of times, her body no different, but her eyes showed the changes to her mind even this brief exposure to her abilities was creating in her.

"Do you have any information on R'Canthan/ Mouse genetic compatibility?" Throttle asked quietly.

"I don't think there's ever been a study done." Lance said quietly. "I'd never even heard of your species before I met Modo. But we've got someone on board who can probably figure out if they're compatible. Hell, she can probably make it work, regardless." He chuckled.

"I'm more concerned with avoiding it at the moment." Throttle smiled and scritched Blaze's scruff. "What we have here is a teenage female with a difficult to detect fertility cycle and a ship full of males I'm sure would happily oblige her when she figures out speech. Half breed kittens are not a bright idea at this point."

"Some of them would I'm sure. A number of them though, couldn't care less." Lance said easily. "However, determining if there is compatibility is something our ship's doctor should be able to do easy enough, with a genetic sample."

"Well, so much for having time to worry on the trip there." Throttle chuckled and shook his head. "The guys are going to have a fit though."

"Why's that?" Lance asked curiously.

"Cause there's going to be a girl with us," the mouse chuckled. "And Vinnie'll probably be jealous as hell." He got a little more serious. "I can't say I actually know how they'd handle a Garou, either."

"Well, let's get them back first. Then we sort out all the issues." Lance said easily, putting his hand on Throttle's shoulder reassuringly.

"They're my Bros." The mouse replied as if it explained everything, and smiled up as his tail lifted from Blaze's flank to stroke Lance's arm.

"Exactly, I'm sure things will work out." Lance smiled confidently as a gentle current lit the pleasure nerves along the Mouse's tail, making it quiver as Throttle drew of low breath of excitement.

Lance used the arm on Throttle's shoulder to pull the Mouse closer to claim a long, passionate kiss while a phantom tail wrapped gently around the mouse's waist. "Gods, you turn me on Throttle." He rumbled as their lips parted.

"The way you touch me ...." Throttle's voice was already thick with desire, both his hands lifting to move across Lance's body.

"You feel so good to touch." Lance purred, his voice as thick with desire as Throttle's. "Bed's already occupied." He rumbled, as he freed Throttle's shirt from his pants.

"Not anymore." The mouse chuckled and claimed another kiss as Blaze politely leapt down to watch them from the floor.

"Take me, master." He whispered as they parted, hands moving directly to the Puma's jeans.

"My pleasure." He purred, as he unbuckled the mouse's pants and let them fall to the floor, while the phantom tail flicked teasingly under the mouse's tail, drawing an utterly submissive moan as Throttle arched under the touch.

"Such a wanton mouse." Lance rumbled, approval and desire in equal parts in his voice, as he shed his own pants. "Knees and elbows." He murred commandingly, his hands encouraging that motion that had no resistance in the mouse.

"Such a hot ass." Lance rumbled, running his hands over the mouse's ass caressingly as he positioned his hard cock at the entrance to his pet, teasingly brushing the tip across the furless pucker.

"Hungry ass," Throttle moaned as he pushed back slightly.

"Then I guess I'll feed it." Lance rumbled, as he pressed his cock firmly against the pucker until it slid in, and then thrust until his sheath was brushing his pet's ass. "Being in you feels so good." He rumbled hotly against the mouse's ear, as he leaned across his back. "Double?" He asked softly.

"Yes, master." The tawny mouse nodded eagerly, the scent of his arousal a heavy musk in Lance's nose.

Lance paused against the tawny back while he gently wove their sensations together. He then began thrusting into the wet warmth of his pet, the sensation of fucking and being fucked driving his arousal higher, which became evident in his scent. The Puma moaned and grunted as he drove his cock into the willing mouse beneath him.

As they both moaned and panted at the sensations, an utterly unexpected one drew a startled whimper from Throttle as they both felt a broad, soft tongue lick at his cock and dribbling pre-cum.

The unexpected yet pleasurable sensation pushed Lance closer to his limit and his thrusts became quicker and less regular, though a couple times he hit the mouse's special spot, sending lightning bolts of pleasure through both of them.

It was Throttle who lost it first under the direct dual assault. He roared as his body contracted in the intense pleasure, milking the cock in his ass in a tight, fluttering grip. Below them a started and less happy yip signaled Blaze's retreat, her face dripping with mouse cum.

Lance lost it almost immediately after, roaring as his hips jerked, burying him deeper in the tight passage as he filled his pet with his seed. He gently guided the mouse to lie on his side, with back against Lance's chest and the Puma's cock still in his ass. As he came down, he nuzzled the panting mouse's neck affectionately.

The first coherent sound to come out of Throttle was a light chuckle as an unhappy but excessively curious Blaze poked her head over the level of the bed again to watch them with glass black eyes and a cum-drenched face.

"Definitely a teenager." Lance chuckled lightly, as he reached over to give her a friendly scritch behind the ears as the rusty-gray canine brought her forepaws up and used Throttle's chest to try and clean her face.

"Some things are universal." Throttle smirked and ruffled Blazes' ears.

"This was definitely better than the usual preflight activities." Lance chuckled softly, giving Throttle a playful lick on one large ear.

"Very fun, and unusual."

"I should get to the bridge." Lance rumbled softly. "You and Blaze can come if you like."

"Definitely." Throttle nodded, though he didn't move.

"But first we need to get up." Lance chuckled. "Which really isn't very attractive compared to where I am." He rumbled hotly against Throttle's neck, his cock still buried in the mouse.

"I know, master." Throttle said, just before Blaze carefully closed her jaws around his arm and pulled him forward to sprawl on the floor before he figured out how to avoid the spill.

Lance yipped slightly as the mouse was suddenly pulled off his cock. He then rolled to sit on the edge of the bed looking down at Throttle, who was glaring at Blaze. "Well, that's one way to get us out of bed." He chuckled lightly as Blaze woofed.

"Rather drastic, though." He grumbled and got to his feet. "We were going to move, you know."

The clearly skeptical look on a fully canine face was comical enough to make Throttle laugh.

Lance chuckled broadly as he stood. "I don't think I've ever seen that skeptical a canine before." He walked over to the closet, and pulled out black and red fatigues. "As much as the crew would appreciate it if you didn't, you probably want to get dressed." He smirked at Throttle.

"It's been a long time since I have." Throttle shook his head and pulled his jeans up. "I think that's the first time I haven't bothered to get undressed before getting fucked so well."

"We were both way too eager for undressing fully." Lance smiled, as he stripped down before putting the tailored uniform on. The material hung close to his body, accenting his muscles and the bulge between his legs. "Time to get going." He said opening the door. "You coming Blaze?" He asked standing in the hallway as both Martians came out, Blaze giving surprising deference to Throttle.

"Assuming she's following standard canine behavior, she's definitely decided you're her Alpha." Lance said quietly to Throttle as they walked to the bridge.

"I'm her teacher, and an adult." The mouse responded softly. "The only one here with a clue what's going on. She'll challenge me in time, and I will submit."

Lance had a feeling there was more in Blaze's deference than that, but he let it slide as they got into the elevator that led to the bridge. The bridge roughly circular with a half dozen stations surrounding a central command chair. A large video screen currently displaying underwater scenery, occupied the front arc of the room.

"Captain on the bridge." Syro's voice announced as Lance stepped out of the elevator.

"At ease." Lance said easily, before anyone could move. "Status report, pilot." He requested as he sat down in the command chair.

"All crew members have returned from shore leave, and we stand ready to lift-off at your command. Astrogation has a best time course to S'karra Prime plotted and laid in." The Panther said smartly

"Where's First Officer S'lessa?" Lance asked curiously.

"Crew Quarters, sir." The pilot responded smartly. "She had to talk with Krys about bringing a pet home without getting permission first."

Lance chuckled. "Very well. Return shields to flight configuration, and stand by to lift-off."

The pilot sat down at his station, next to the Caracal astrogator, and quickly made the adjustments. "Shields to flight configuration. Stealth at maximum, and engines at station keeping."

"Very good. Best aquatic speed till we surface, and then full power till we reach deep space."

"Best speed to deep space, aye." The pilot nodded, and the ship began moving upward at an angle with the water rushing past the main monitor. "Sensors report surface is clear of ships." He reported, just before the ship broke the surface and the engines roared to life propelling her toward space.

The blue sky and clouds shot past as the ship climbed, and there was a subtle change in the flight sounds as the ship broke the sound barrier continuing to accelerate. After a short time, the blue of sky gave way to the blackness of space.

"Sir, we've reached the gravitational threshold for hyperspace." The astrogator reported.

"Very good. Accelerate to one-quarter lightspeed and engage hyperdrive on course for S'karra."

"One-quarter lightspeed, aye." The pilot reported as the ship accelerated.

"Reverse sensors." Lance commanded, and the screen shifted to show Aristal falling away behind them. "I never tire of seeing planets from space." He said softly, looking over at the two Martians.

"Living ones at least." Throttle said softly. "When it's not incoming too fast." He abruptly shook his head, trying to shake the majority of his experiences and seeing the beauty in front of him.

"True, those are important conditions." He agreed softly, having seen a few dead worlds.

"We have reached one-quarter lightspeed." The astrogator reported fifteen minutes later. "Standing by on hyperspace engines."

"Engage hyperspace engines, now." Lance commanded.

"Hyperspace, aye." The astrogator responded, and his hands flew across the command board. The screen shifted forward, and suddenly the stars became blurred streaks as the ship entered hyperspace, just before the screen shut off becoming indistinguishable from the wall. "Estimating twenty-four standard days to S'karra, Captain."

"Very good, Astrogator. Put the ship on hyperspace duty cycles."

"Aye, sir."

"So would you two like a tour of the ship?" Lance asked Throttle and Blaze, though he was pretty sure Blaze had made a thorough investigation on her own.

"Yes, master." Throttle nodded, as easily falling into the role as out of it.

"Excellent." Lance said standing. "Astrogator, take the conn."

"Yes, sir." The Caracal said, moving lithely into the command chair as Lance left it.

"This way." He said going back to the elevator. As they toured the ship, it became obvious that the ship had been designed more for crew comfort that efficiency, with a great deal of space for recreational activities, including a fully equipped gym and pool. It was also obvious that the ship had carried at one time more people than it did currently. The engine room was truly impressive being several decks high, with two massive glowing columns dominating the room. The columns pulsed with a regular beat, much like a heartbeat. The crew was indeed overwhelmingly male, and a cross section of large cat species but all were in very buff physical condition.

"How large is the crew, master?" Throttle asked quietly as they walked.

"About two dozen, plus a half dozen pets at last count." Lance said, after a moment's thought. "Well, seven counting you." He smiled.

"Eight counting Krys' latest." A powerful female voice said from behind them. "Sorry for not being on the bridge during departure, Captain."

"That's okay, S'lessa." Lance said as he turned to speak with the powerfully built Black Lioness, who managed an attractive combination of power and voluptuousness. "My new pet, Throttle. Throttle, this is First Officer S'lessa."

"A pleasure." S'lessa rumbled, as she extended a friendly hand. "I don't suppose you'll let me borrow him." She asked Lance.

"Depends on if he wants to be borrowed." The Puma smiled.

"Most likely, master." Throttle sized her up as he shook her hand.

"Sounds like we can probably work something out." Lance smiled. "Aside from not asking first, are there any problems with Krys' pet?"

"None that I could see, he seems harmless enough. Though you seem to know more about the species than I." She said with a significant glance at Throttle, who raised an eyebrow above his shades in return.

"Oh, Krys has a mouse like mine?" Lance asked curiously.

"Not nearly as buff as yours, Captain." The Lioness smiled. "But attractive in a young way."

"Young?" The Puma raised an eyebrow.

"Nineteen, Captain. Quite legal." She chuckled. "I'd have Krys' hide already otherwise."

"Of course, anything else of interest?"

"No, sir. But I was going to discuss some modifications to the shuttles with Engineer Kilgor."

"Don't let me keep you then."

"Yes, sir." She said as she turned to walk away. "See you later, pretty mouse." She winked over her shoulder at Throttle as she walked away.

Throttle managed to contain himself until she was out of sight, but only just, and there wasn't a trace of pet in him. "I want to meet him."

"I kind of expected you would." Lance smiled. "This way." He said heading for the weapons officer's quarters.

There was a delay before the door opened revealing a muscular white tiger wearing tight red running shorts. The smell of recent mating came out of the room as the door opened.

"Captain, I know I should've gotten..." The Tiger started when he saw Lance.

"I assume S'lessa already handle the discipline issue. I'm here to meet your pet, or more accurately my pet wants to meet your pet." He said nodding to Throttle.

"You gotta mouse too, cool." The Tiger smiled. "But sure come on in."

There was a happy, grinning young male Martian mouse laying back on the bed relaxing in the nude. He smiled as he saw Lance, and then grabbed the blankets to cover himself when he saw Throttle. "Uh, hi, Throttle." He said nervously. "Funny meeting you here."

"I'm almost not surprised by these things anymore, Rimfire." The tawny mouse shook his head in bemusement. "Your master let you in on what this trip's for?"

"You're not surprised?" Rimfire said, clearly surprised. Especially since he didn't think his uncle's bros knew he liked guys. Hell, his uncle didn't know.

"That you somehow ended up on the same planet on the other side of the universe that I did and I didn't know: miffed, but no. That you somehow ended up on the same ship of less than three dozen leaving that planet, not really." He crossed his arms. "That you find the hunk with stripes over there irresistible, less surprising than you obviously expect."

Rimfire smiled a little less nervously. "He is a hunk, isn't he?" He said relaxing a bit.

Throttle paused to give the tiger a truly appraising once over. "Yes, he definitely is. Do you know why we just left Aristal?"

"Um, we didn't actually discuss that. I was just a bit short on funds, and Krys said I could stay with him. I was kind of doing that anyway actually." He grinned. "He said I should come along, 'cause he wasn't sure when he'd be back. Sounded good to me."

"It's a Biker Mice rescue." The tawny leader regarded his Bro's nephew levelly. "We're pulling Modo out of a bad situation."

"You know where he is?" Rimfire said excitedly, his eyes lighting up.

"Not as well as the captain here, but yes." Throttle nodded, then smirked. "And I wouldn't worry about his reaction too much."

"You think he'll be okay with me and Krys?" He asked quietly.

"If it's as consensual as it looks, I'd dearly hope so." Throttle chuckled. "It'd be a bit hypocritical of him not to."

"Really? Oh, does Uncle Modo like guys too?" He asked as he began to realize just maybe he'd been worried over nothing.

"With a taste for tan fur too, apparently." He chuckled.

"You and Uncle Modo?" He asked his uncle's tan-furred Bro curiously.

"Maybe, but this one won his trust in a prison camp." He flicked his tail at Lance. "Enough to give him proof to get me."

"Uncle Modo's in a prison camp?" The teenager asked worriedly, though he looked at the Puma with new interest.

"Yes, and we're getting him out." Throttle said with the simple confidence he'd showed in every crisis he was needed. "And he knows we're coming."

Rimfire nodded. "Glad I decided to come with Krys. Have you found Vinnie yet?"

"No, but there's something of a lead on him, once we get Modo." Throttle said simply.

Rimfire nodded. "That's very cool. Could have everybody back together soon."

"And then return to Mars." The tawny mouse grinned. "There's info on that too."

"Cool. Probably should stop by Chicago and see Charley. She's worried about you guys." Rimfire said seriously.

"We get that close, the difference won't matter." Throttle chuckled, though there was a very wistful edge to it. "Just one task at a time." He insisted gently. "It'll take a few years, kid. Don't get too ramped."

Rimfire settled a bit. "A few years? Oh, I thought it was something soon."

"Just the run back to Mars will take most of a year." Throttle explained gently. "And at least I'm not in a position to just up and disappear for good."

"You're not?" Rimfire asked curiously. "I mean, we belong on Mars."

"Yes, and I've been on Aristal for five years, and in a relationship for four of them." He stared at the much younger mouse. "That is not something I can just walk away from, any more than I can my Bros."

Rimfire looked a little concerned. "So what happens if they decide to go back to Mars?" He said quietly. "I mean, the fishfaces are still there."

Throttle sighed, his tail lashing lightly in warning of his irritation. "We're going back Rimfire, just not the instant we get Vinnie back. It's a month to get to Modo, a month back to Aristal, whatever time he needs to recover, find Vinnie and get him and see to whatever happened to him. Then it's the preparation for a year long journey no one takes, and the trip itself. If we even try to head back within two years, it'll be a miracle. If we see Mars again in under five, we've had a good mission."

"That doesn't include the time to try and locate decent starcharts for the route." Lance added quietly. "It's not well-charted. Even less so than between here and the Hundred Stars Alliance where I'm from."

Rimfire nodded. "Oh, I guess I thought it was just a matter of going." He said quietly, subdued, not even convinced there'd be anything to go back to in five years.

"Probably not." Throttle said quietly, not quite looking at anything. "But we'll go anyway, just to know. There might still be something left of Earth to fight for, or a few mice to start over with. It's not going to stay unanswered."

Rimfire nodded silently, not sure how Throttle had known what he was thinking.

"You could always bring what Mice you found back to Aristal. Haven, at least, would be willing to take them in." Lance suggested softly.

"And there's Charley on Earth." Throttle nodded, pushing such depressing thought away. "Even if nothing is left of either world, it's something we need to see."

"Sounds like we'd better pack supplies for two, maybe even three years for that trip." Lance said quietly. "Just in case we can't resupply before coming back."

"I wouldn't start planning that part just yet." Throttle said softly, his hand trailing down to scritch Blaze's head. "There's too much that can happen. The Biker Mice may just be staying in the area no matter what, to finish what we started." He shrugged. "A lot depends on my Bros."

"True, but for multi-year missions advance planning, especially on supplies, is critical. As Captain, I do have to consider the worst case scenario." He said quietly.

Throttle nodded, knowing that too well. "Worst case scenario: Mars and Earth are both lost. There is no resupply and we're staying, which will require a second ship. Grim enough? It can get worse."

"Throttle, I've seen a war where entire star systems were lost." The Puma said quietly. "Yes, I know it can get worse."

"Then we both understand what we're looking at with this." The tawny mouse quieted in face of one of the only individuals he was beginning to accept as an equal in leadership. His tail still betrayed just how upset his was, that he couldn't hold it still. "There are simply too many variables to plan much at the moment. Including where this girl came from." He brushed his tail along Blaze's back.

"I can tell you a little about that." Lance said quietly. "She was part of a cargo we were paid to transport. But the ship we were supposed to meet never showed. And the buyer had disappeared when we went back to talk to him."

"Syro said she's a Lycaecian warbeast. That implies there are more." Throttle pointed to the info he was actually after. "Her race may be more valuable to Mars' future than Mars itself."

"We never really looked into that." Lance admitted. "It was the tag on her crate. She's always been so well behaved, we never thought much about it."

"Add one more item on the list of pre-return jobs." Throttle sighed and shook his head. "Why don't we leave my nephew and his playmate to their fun, master. There's a lot of work do to."

"Agreed." He smiled turning to the pair. "I'd say carry on, but I'm sure you will anyway."

"Yes, sir." The Tiger grinned, and sat down on the bed next to Rimfire.

"Thank you, Captain." The teenager grinned, mimicking his Tiger. "Good to see you, Uncle Throttle."

"Behave yourself, kid." The tawny mouse managed a smile for the teenager.

"You're welcome, RImfire." The Puma said as the door closed behind the last of the three to leave.

"Would a search for Lycaece in the ship's computer be worth the time?" Throttle asked softly when they were alone in the hall.

"Can't hurt." He said gently. "There's a computer terminal in my quarters." He added, as he headed there. "Your nephew is an attractive mouse."

"I guess so." Throttle shrugged. "I don't think I could think of him that way."

"I'm not surprised." Lance smiled. "Though he reminds me more of you, than of Modo. But he could've done far worse than getting with Krys. The Tiger's a surprisingly gentle soul, for a weapons officer."

"And Rimfire is an earned name, not a given one." Throttle chuckled slightly. "Same as me."

"Fascinating, that wasn't something I was aware of." He said fascinated. "Do all Martian Mice have both earned and given names?"

"No, just some of us pick them up." Throttle shook his head. "Some stick for life, some don't."

"Ah, that would be why the third mouse has what appears to be a given name, Vinnie." He smiled. "I can't decide if Modo is a given or earned name."

"I don't know about Modo, but Vincent Van Wham is a given name. He's just not grown up enough for it." He chuckled slightly. "And too cute for it."

"Between Modo's description and your reactions, I'm really looking forward to seeing that mouse in the fur." He smiled. "Though not as much as I'm looking forward to getting Modo out of that camp." He said as they entered his quarters.

"That'll be sweeter than breaking out of Karbunkle's lab." The tawny mouse growled softly.

"Well, let's see what the Xenopedia has to tell us." Lance smiled and sat down at the computer.

Xeno> search Lycaecian warbeast

Xeno> Listing : Lycaecian warbeast
Description : A rare canine native to the undeveloped world, Lycaecian Three. Lycaecian warbeasts are quite intelligent, and trainable if obtained young. They make excellent pets for families with young since they are devoted protectors of the young. Though currently classified as protosentient, the complexities of warbeast behavior have resulted in the formation of a committee of the Hundred Worlds Alliance Senate to study the possibility that they may in fact be a sentient but primitive species.

"Interesting." Lance said quietly.

"More important is what it doesn't say." Throttle murmured, having read over Lance's shoulder. "It doesn't say how or if they evolved there."

Lance nodded. "Let me try cross-referencing with the Alliance Survey database."

ASD > search Lycaecian warbeast + evolution

ASD > Lycaecian warbeast, evolution of : The lack of any other native canines on Lycaecia Three suggests that the warbeast is not native to the planet. Currently, it is considered likely that the protosentient canid originated outside of Alliance space, due to its lack of similarity to any species native to the Alliance.

Lance looked at the screen with some interest. "Have you ever heard of any of these Garou leaving Mars in large numbers?"

"Depends on your definition of 'large', but there was an exodus about six generations back. All but a handful of packs stayed behind to hold or hide the Septs." Throttle said softly. "Scattered to a dozen worlds or more."

"So Lycaecia could be one of these worlds." He suggested quietly.

"Only if something went horribly wrong." Throttle shuddered. "More likely it is a kinfolk settlement of only wolves that no one came back for. They're kin at any rate."

"We can take a look at some point, if you'd like." Lance offered as he reached back to brush his hand along Throttle's cheek affectionately.

"It's important." The tawny mouse said simply as he leaned into the contact. "There may be more mouse blood on that world than is left on Mars."

"Once we have Modo back, and see what condition he's in, then we can consider that trip." The Puma smiled encouragingly, as he stood from the desk and turned to pull Throttle into a close embrace.

It took several seconds for Throttle to relax from his role, but when he did it was almost complete as he melted against the Puma's chest.

Lance purred deep in his chest as guided the mouse to the bed, he laid down and gently guided his pet down next to him. With his chest to Throttle's back, he nuzzled the mouse's neck affectionately.

"I'm not sure I want to find out what the afternoon has in store for me." He signed.

"Very little unexpected, I imagine." Lance said softly with a playful lick to the mouse's ear. "We're in hyperspace, nothing can reach us until we exit in three weeks."

"Most of today's surprises have been on board." Throttle pointed out tiredly. "It's been a hell of a day."

"Yes it has." He agreed gently. "Why don't you just rest for awhile?" Lance suggested, holding the tired mouse close to him as Blaze crawled up on the bed to settle on Throttle's other side, earning a furless tail draped over her shoulders as Throttle relaxed against the Puma.

About four hours later, Lance slipped out of the bed and sat down at the computer. He typed quickly, checking the ship status reports and ordering dinner for three sent up as his pets watched him silently from the bed.

"I figured we could all use some dinner." He smiled at the two on the bed. "We've all had a long day."

"Longest in a while." Throttle nodded, absently scratching Blaze's side.

"Dinner should be about thirty minutes." Lance purred lightly, as he settled back behind Throttle, who reflexively moved against him.

"Plenty of time for something." Throttle chuckled, only to have Blaze flick her ears back and growl softly.

Lance looked over Throttle's shoulder at Blaze. "Is there a problem?"

The tawny mouse smirked. "She thinks we've played and lounged around enough. It's her turn for a little attention."

"Well, that's about normal." He chuckled. "She always did want attention after a playmate left."

"Well this time, she wants your playmate's attention." Throttle chuckled as the canine jumped off the bed, followed by the tawny mouse, who knelt to come eye level with her, and began with the low canine language he'd used earlier.

The Puma watched the two curiously from where he lounged on the bed, and was treated to a sight few outside the tribes witnessed, and fewer lived through.

As Throttle coaxed her, Blaze gradually flowed from her native form, to a six hundred or so pound version of it, to the even larger biped war-form first seen. Then down the other side, to a large, heavily muscled Martian Mouse primitive, and finally to a finely boned female mouse not fifteen years old. All five sharing the same markings and general appearance.

Throttle caught her, unconcerned with what he touched, as the she-mouse stood shakily, and rumbled something before letting her go.

As Blaze sank to the floor, she also sank into her natural form.

There was a knock on the door, which Lance rolled off the bed to answer. As he opened the door, a young leopard tom pushed a cart with three trays into the room. "Three dinners, as ordered, Captain."

"Thank you, Bryan." He smiled. "Just set them on the desk."

"Yes, sir." He said swiftly depositing the covered trays and departing.

Lance handed one tray to Throttle with legs folding out from under it to make it a small table. "There's cola, root beer, milk and water in the wall fridge." He nodded toward the small door in the far wall and the mouse quickly went to gather drinks. "Feeling up to eating, Blaze?" He asked the canine softly, as he brought her tray over, and got an utterly sentient nod of the head as she stood to claim her meal.

Lance set her tray down, adjusting the legs so it was at a level appropriate to the canine's height. He'd had the kitchen put together the things he'd discovered she liked best over the year she'd been with him. He'd had them send larger than her usual portions, since he wasn't sure which form she had to consume enough to feed.

"Depends on activity level and whether she spends most time as a wolf or mouse." Throttle said easily. "The other forms don't actually have an increased caloric need."

Lance chuckled. "Do you read minds, Throttle?" He asked curiously, between bites.

"Just a very obvious question, and if you fed her that much normally, she'd barely be able to waddle." He chuckled.

"Okay, you're right. I don't normally but that shifting looked kind of energy intensive." Lance nodded.

"It is, but mostly in terms of the extra movement and learning. The brain must be feed too." The tawny mouse smiled indulgently. "You are going to spoil her completely rotten if that's her usual fair."

Lance chuckled. "It's her favorites." He smiled. "She's had a rough day."

Throttle laughed at the woof Blaze gave, her mouth half full of food. "Girl, you have got to learn some manners before you go out with the crew on two legs."

She spared him a scowl of a glance before returning to her meal.

"She told you." The Puma chuckled. "And I probably have been spoiling her rotten for the last year. And when I wasn't around, the crew did."

"I don't care what bad manners she has on four legs, but if she's going to be see on two, she's going to know how to do it."

A decidedly muttering sound came from the direction of the canine.

"Well if you want to show off that pretty body you'd better learn how to use it." Throttle shot back amicably.

"We'll have to see about getting her some clothes for that body too." Lance said thoughtfully. "No way is anything either of our two other females wear going to fit her."

"Don't start, kit." Throttle shot her a warning look.

"Let me guess." Lance said with a slight smile. "She doesn't think much of the clothing idea."

"She's not buying they serve a purpose yet." Throttle rolled his eyes.

"The purpose is to keep a third of my crew from being completely distracted." Lance chuckled. "The time the cooling system failed and everyone was down to swim wear was bad enough. Nareena and S'lessa both had rather skimpy bikinis and the effect was potent."

"Mmm, I bet." Throttle no more had the words out before he thudded his head to his hand. "Teenagers!"

"Now what?" Lance asked curiously.

"Roughly translated: 'I like that idea'." He muttered.

Lance shook his head. "Wants to be the center of attention, does she?" He chuckled.

"She's used to it, and she's got a sex drive to put half the crew down." Throttle shook his head. "She's not quite getting the whole different forms have different social rules thing either." He added to her growl, though her ears were upright. "Well, you do and you aren't."

"Well, that's true. She has been pretty pampered since we found her." He said raising an eyebrow at Throttle's last statement.

"Just trying to deny she's a teenager." He smirked, reaching out to scratch her head with his tail. "Though I think that first few minutes around us is hampering credibility. That birth control system is going to be needed ASAP. Fifteen is far too young to breed."

"I couldn't agree more." Lance said easily. "Teenagers in general shouldn't breed. Precious few are ready to handle being a parent." He said firmly. "I think the three of us need to go have a talk with the ship's doctor."

"As soon as possible." Throttle nodded, finishing his root beer.

"We can go as soon as everyone is finished eating." The Puma said finishing his meal.

Blaze woof-barked slightly, drawing an exasperated snicker from Throttle. "If you're still hungry after the exam."

She growled with a clearly unhappy woof before lowering her muzzle to lick the last traces of food from her bowl.

The Medical Bay was very advanced, well beyond anything Aristal had available. With three unoccupied advanced diagnostic beds taking up the center of the room. A large, regal flame red Tigress was working at a computer on the far side of the room when the Trio entered.

"Hello Lance, Blaze." She smiled seeing them enter. "Who's your new pet?" She asked looking at Throttle.

"This is Throttle. Throttle, I'd like you to meet Nareena SwiftClaw, ship's doctor." He smiled.

"A pleasure to meet you, Throttle." She said, crossing the room gracefully and extending a hand. "You'd be here for the required physical then?" She asked, though it was more statement then question as he accepted the handshake.

Lance looked a bit sheepish. "I forgot he needed that. Actually, we've got a more critical issue with Blaze."

"Oh, she looks to be in her normal health."

"Uh, she's a shapeshifter, Nareena. And one of the forms is an attractive, teenage female mouse. We need to find out if there's reproductive compatibility between her species and R'Canthans, and if so an appropriate birth control method." He said concisely.

"I take it there's no discernible heat cycle?" She asked Throttle.

"There shouldn't be," Throttle nodded. "Birth control will be needed regardless, ma'am. There are two male mice on board."

"Understood. And yes, I just did the other Mouse's physical. I have the computer running a standard compatibility study, mostly for S'lessa and my benefit." She smiled. "Since I have her genetic profile already, why don't I get your physical done, while we wait for the computer study to finish." She smiled. "Please strip and lay down on the diagnostic bed." She said gently, patting the padded surface.

The tawny mouse nodded and complied with a relaxed comfort with his body, and under the fascinated gaze of Blaze, particularly for his groin.

Nareena looked over the buff mouse with a mixture of clinical professionalism and personal appreciation. "You're in excellent shape, Throttle." She observed. "Though I see evidence of fair number of old injuries. Were you a soldier at one time?" She asked, as she looked at the readings for his eyes, and was surprised to discover that they were prosthetics, and poor ones at that.

"Still am, ma'am." Throttle replied with a tone that he wasn't going to take any flack about it.

"No, need to be defensive." She said gently. "The best toms I ever knew where a group of black ops commandos, including my mate." She said sadly. "Were your prosthetic eyes installed in the field? They're not very good quality." She observed, thinking that the rest of the less obvious additions looked pretty poor quality too, and a lot less necessary.

"No, ma'am." There was no missing the hatred simmering just under the surface. "Happened in a POW camp."

"I see." The Tigress said softly, though there was no missing the outrage in her voice, before she managed to bring it back under control. "Would you like a properly functioning set?" She asked gently.

That stunned the mouse silent. "That ... that's possible?"

"I've repaired worse injuries." She said gently, taking detailed scans of the eyes, the optic nerves and the areas of the brain that processed sight. "I can definitely provide better prosthetics. It's possible, though not guaranteed, that I might be able to replace them with organic eyes in time."

Throttle couldn't even comprehend that for a very long moment.

"You're not going to find a better doctor anywhere on Aristal." Lance said gently, putting his hand on Throttle's shoulder. "And she knows techniques that aren't even known on R'Cantha." He said admiringly.

"Flatterer." The Tigress smiled warmly. "I know what you're after."

Lance chuckled. "Am I so transparent?" He smirked.

"Just to me."

"Can you do that for and arm, or face?" Throttle asked, not even realizing he was holding his breath.

"I'd have to examine the actual injury to be sure, but very likely I can. The arm would be the most complicated of them, given the number of biological systems involved." She said professionally.

"My Bros got it as bad as I did," he said quietly. "You can really fix my eyes?"

"It will take me a week or so to work up a proper pair of cybernetic replacements. Do you want to keep the enhanced spectrum these poor quality eyes give you?" She asked softly. "The organic replacement will take considerably longer, since I'll have to grow a new pair."

"Yes, it's been useful, ma'am." Throttle nodded, still somewhat in shock. "Will they look normal?"

"To anyone except an expert, yes." She said gently. "Are the sunglasses something you need because of the implants?"

"They turn them on." He answered bitterly. "No shades, no sight."

"Then I won't ask you to take them off so I can look at the implants directly. I imagine the loss of sight must be quite distressing." She said understandingly.

Throttle took a breath and wrapped his tail around Lance's wrist before removing the shades. "Go ahead, ma'am."

"Thank you." She said, looking over the poor quality prosthetics closely. "Okay, you can put them back on." She said after about ten minutes. "The person who gave you these was truly a monster, it looks like he designed them to make your life difficult. Do they cause you any pain?" She asked gently, the outrage in her voice fading slowly.

"Right, all the way." The tawny mouse breathed a visible sigh of relief as the green shades dropped back in place, and his tail released its stranglehold on Lance's wrist. "They used to, ma'am. I stopped noticing it years ago, though."

"You stopped paying attention you mean." She said gently. "Looking at your vital signs, I can see your still feeling the pain. Well, that's another thing the new ones will fix. Do you remember what your original eye color was?" She asked. "Just so I can make the prosthetics the right color."

Throttle paused, thinking back and choosing a not quite correct color. "Black, please. Like Blaze's."

Nareena smiled. "Very good, that's easy enough to do. Certainly distinctive, though in an attractive way. You can get dressed and get down now, I've got the info I need. Though I'll probably need to see you a couple more times before the new cybernetics are ready, to double check readings." She said and then sat down at the computer. "Ah, the study is ready." She nodded as she read it. "Well, there aren't going to be any half-breed kittens without medical assistance. And it looks like one of our in-stock contraceptive pills will work fine for her." Then she paused and reread something. "Now, that's very interesting."

"That's good, ma'am." Throttle said, a very curious note in his voice as he dressed quickly.

"Well, the computer was cross-matching the three mice it's seen. And found a large number of genetic similarities." She said curiously. "Are you a shapeshifter, Throttle?"

"No, ma'am." He shook his head. "Rimfire has the markers?"

"Almost identical to Blaze's." She said simply. "Yours are a little different actually, but definitely share common elements."

"This is going to be a very interesting trip." Throttle shook his head in resigned bemusement. "Is Rimfire's closer to mine or Blaze?"

"Blaze, significantly. The differences are likely the result of lineage." She said simply, looked at Throttle again and then she seemed to look past him as if trying make sense of something.

"Not lineage, ma'am." He said softly. "Ability. He's young enough it may not have showed yet.'

"Ah, so the genetics change when the ability matures. That makes sense." She nodded. "A little different than my own people, where the genetic marker determines if the ability is active."

"That's how it is with us too." Throttle leaned back against the table. "Blaze can shift, Rimfire probably will be able too soon. I'm far too old to have any hope of being a Garou."

"Then the genetic marker is recessive?" She asked curiously, as she took notes.

"That's my understanding." Throttle nodded. "My parents were both Garou, as were both my brothers and one sister. Two sisters weren't. My kits may or may not be, regardless of their mother."

Nareena nodded. "Much like my people. My son was not a shapeshifter despite his parents being shifters." She said gently, as a cloud of sadness crossed her face.

"You've lost a lot of family too." It was much a statement as question.

"All of them, actually." Nareena said sadly. "I'm trying to start over here, but it's not easy even though the crew has been very good to me."

"You are family, Nareena." Lance said gently walking around to hug her from behind.

"I know. It's just hard to let myself feel that way again." She said softly, turning to nuzzle the Puma gently.

"A family of orphans." Throttle said softly and wound his tail around the Tigress. "It's worth the pain, Nareena." He touched heads very gently, accepting the unexpected tremor as it felt like touching another mouse's antennae.

Nareena smiled gently. "I know, its just I'm still dealing with the effects of losing two bonded LifeMates at the same time. If I was home, it wouldn't be so hard, but out here I have to work through the healing process alone." She said not sure what she felt from the contact but grateful for even the slight contact.

"When you're off duty, come by and see me?" Throttle offered softly. "Maybe we can help each other."

"If that's okay with your master." She said softly.

Lance smiled. "Of course its okay, Nareena. I'm not that jealous a master."

"No, you tend to pamper them shamelessly." Nareena smiled.

"And it earns him a loyalty that saved his crew, if not his own life." Throttle smiled. "A good master knows when not to interfere."

Nareena nodded. "It was quite a learning experience the first time I saw him interacting with one of his pets." She said gently. "Before then I had no concept of such a relationship being a positive thing. The word 'master' contained only negative meanings in such a context."

"Believe me, I know." Throttle chuckled softly. "I can be odd ... being a freedom fighter and pet."

"But he's a very good pet." Lance smiled fondly. "Feral's just lucky I think he's good enough for him." He smirked playfully, only partly serious.

"I'm sure it is. Though better than someone trying to make a pet out of my mate, Ebon." She chuckled. "They'd be quite surprised when he stopped playing along."

Throttle chuckled low in his throat. "It's not a lifestyle, or even game, for most."

"No, for many it's simply a way of demonstrating power and control." She said softly. "And they care little for the one they are controlling, much like slavery."

"Not that anyone who has a pet on this ship behaves that way." Lance said firmly. "I expect pets to be treated well."

"And it's not a one-way deal." Throttle smiled, brushing his tail along Lance's leg. "Pet's get a lot out of the deal too."

"That was kind of what I meant." Lance smiled, brushing his hand along Throttle's cheek.

Nareena smiled at the pair. "And you let someone else have him. I'm surprised." She chuckled at Lance.

"No, actually Commander Feral is generous enough to let me have Throttle occasionally." He said respectfully.

"He knows I'll always comes back." The tawny mouse smiled with deep affection in his voice. "And how important this hunt is to me."

"This would be the same Commander Feral that a fair number of Brainstorm test pilots complain about having made their lives miserable?" She asked curiously.

"Probably. MegaKat City's Commander of the Enforcers."

"He must be easier to get along with on a personal level then." She smiled. "Though I can't imagine you'd care for him as much if he didn't treat you well."

"He's easy to get along with, if you know how." Throttle chuckled softly. "Hotshot pilots don't have the personality for it."

"Probably not." She chuckled. "Hotshot pilots are borderline insubordinate by nature. I hear he has a son who's one though."

"Yes, and so was master Feral." Throttle smiled softly. "He's still pretty good, for the time he gets in the air."

Nareena smiled. "So's Lance actually, there's a Silver Phantom fighter in the forward shuttle bay."

"Now why am I not surprised." Throttle chuckled softly. "You said Blaze's birth control was a stock item?"

"Yes, it's a shot given every three months." She said gently. "Though it would be best to administer it in the mouse form."

Throttle nodded. "It'll take a few minutes to get that to happen." He glanced at a less than pleased looking Blaze. "She's still learning to control it."

"I understand. Shifting is not easy when it first emerges." The Tigress said softly, as she walked to a cabinet to retrieve the medication while Throttle turned his attention to coaxing Blaze up to two feet.

As the felines watched, Blaze went through her five forms, though when she reached the primitive mouse Throttle had to help her stand.

"Try not to think about how to stand so much." He suggested softly as she changed to look like a small rusty-gray mouse teenager. "These hips don't work anything like the wolf."

Nareena gauged the teenager's weight, and drew the proper dosage into the hypospray. "Okay, this won't hurt." She said gently, as she pressed the hightech device to the teenager's upper arm while Throttle helped her stand. There was a quiet hiss, and then Nareena put the device away. "See, no pain at all."

Blaze nodded, leaning back against Throttle's support as she tried to get the balance of this body.

"Nareena, she's going to need clothes." Lance said quietly to the Tigress. "Perhaps between you and S'lessa you can work out something suitably female."

"Hmm. Throttle, do know what happens to clothes during a shapeshift for a Garou?" Nareena asked curiously.

"Until we can figure out how to Talisman them, they'll be shredded."

"Ah, very different from my people. Our clothes adapt to the new form, or are 'stored' in the case of the primal form." She nodded. "Talisman? Would this be a magical ritual of some sort?"

"Close enough." Throttle nodded as Blaze dropped back on all fours and sank into her natural form much more easily.

Nareena nodded. "Not an area I know much about." She smiled. "Magic was more Cazi's realm." She said softly.

Lance smiled gently. "You aren't expected to solve all the problems, Nareena. Just the medical ones."

"It's not something to worry about." Throttle insisted. "It's not a difficult one to learn."

Nareena nodded. "In that case, I'll leave it to you." She smiled. "You seem to have the best understanding of what's going on."

Lance smiled. "He does. And the way he switches from pet to equal to leader, makes him much more interesting." He said, with an affectionate smile for the tan mouse.

"I've had an inordinate amount of practice." Throttle chuckled, though it wasn't just in amusement.

Nareena chuckled. "That explains why you like him. You never could take a pet who didn't have enough spark to challenge you occasionally."

Lance grinned. "Well, that's certainly part of it. There's more to it though." He said, nuzzling the mouse playfully.

"See too much in common," Throttle said softly, leaning into the touch. "Not even master Feral really understands what that kind of fighting is like. What the camps can do to you."

"No one who hasn't been in one really does." Lance said quietly.

"Somehow I think we're going to be seeing a lot more of this planet in the future." Nareena chuckled. "Not that I mind."

"She's been seeing the next-in-line to the Lord of Haven." Lance stage whispered to Throttle.

"Cute, powerful and nice." The mouse grinned. "Attractive combination."

"As is the fact that his likely mate is an attractive Tiger Xanith." Lance rumbled. "They make an attractive threesome."

"I bet." Throttle rumbled slightly.

"Of course, the Captain makes a pretty hot threesome with them as well." Nareena chuckled. "And he's seen Terry a time or two as well."

"So I have." Lance chuckled. "He is very attractive. Though the one date I had with him turned into me holding him while he cried. I didn't realize that there was an anniversary that night." He shook his head.

Throttle only nodded slightly. "People can come with unexpected minefields."

"Yeah, it was five years to the day since his best friend died in MKC." Lance said quietly. "Terry's usually so calm and controlled but that night he was all over the emotional map. Everything from hatred to despair to loneliness." He shook his head. "It was a rough night."

"I remember that one." Nareena said quietly. "But it can't have been too rough, you went out with him again the next week."

"I've had my own problems, I understand what he was going through." Lance said softly. "Just makes him seem a lot more down to earth."

"Jake," Throttle spoke very softly. "He impacted so many lives."

"Yeah. Terry still won't go up north unless his grandfather orders him." Lance said quietly. "And then he's only there as long as absolutely necessary. I understand there was a nasty fight over where Jake was going to be buried."

"His pilot wanted north, Terry south, I'm guessing." Throttle shook his head. "That must have been volatile as hell."

"Yes it was. Terry claimed family rights, and Chance claimed mate's rights. And then the families started weighing in on the subject." Lance shook his head. "There was some very serious concerns about the whole affair damaging relations between the two cities. I know several of Terry's siblings quit the Enforcers because of it." He said softly. "There are also some advanced designs that Jake did, that the Enforcers will never see."

"The whole thing still seems a little strange to me, but their whole death-rites don't make a lot of sense." Throttle murmured, his mood very rapidly sliding into an intense depression.

"Kind of depressing aren't they." Lance nodded. "To sacrifice friendships over where the corpse ends up, I guess I don't get it. R'Canthans celebrate the life of the departed, as a way of cheering them on to the next world. I'm surprised this world isn't overrun with miserable ghosts."

"Because that's their way." Throttle said with certainty. "What you believe matters at least as much as what is done. I've seen them do funerals, and it seems to work for them, even if it's creepy as hell to me."

"Yeah, kind of creepy to me too. But I guess you're right." He smiled. "I can't help but think Jake would be a little upset about animosity between Chance and Terry though." He shrugged. "Is this getting maudlin or what?" He shook his head.

"Way to maudlin," Throttle murmured. "Too many funerals already."

"I think we've all seen too many." Lance said, nuzzling Throttle gently. "How about a soak in the hot tub to relax?" He suggested gently.

"Sounds good." He smiled slightly. "Maybe Nareena will join us when she's off duty."

"I might just do that." The Tigress smiled. "Two handsome males, naked in a hot tub. That's a very nice picture." She purred.

Lance chuckled. "We'll see you then." He grinned as he led the way out of Medical and toward the hot tub. "I'm glad you two are getting along." He smiled softly once they were out of Medical.

"She seems difficult not to get along with." Throttle chuckled and dropped a hand down to scritch Blaze's ears.

"That she is. Though she's not to be underestimated." Lance said simply. "And heaven help the person who threatens a patient of hers."

"Never cross a Medic." Throttle smirked. "It never pays."

"No it doesn't." Lance chuckled. "I was so lucky to get her as ship's doctor. Terry, of course, keeps trying to get her to work at Haven. It's a little game we play."

"You need her a lot more than he does." Throttle shook his head.

"I know that. But his reasoning is a little different. It isn't about need, its about protecting someone he cares about. He's tried to recruit me as a test pilot."

"Oh," Throttle nodded, rolling over the concept of such a luxury.

"Yeah, it sounds strange. But guilt can make people do strange things." Lance said quietly.

"It's been thirty years since anyone I know had that kind of luxury."

"After our war ended, we started having that luxury again." Lance said quietly. "But it still seemed very strange, compensating for perceived failure by trying twice as hard, regardless of the cost." He said quietly as they walked. "Here we are." He smiled, and palmed one of many doors along the hall, which opened into a warm tiled room, with a large hot tub in the floor. "Nothing like warm whirlpool to ease cares and tension." He purred as he began stripping down. "Except maybe a warm attractive body next to you."

Throttle chuckled softly and leaned over to nuzzle Lance. "An attractive, willing warm body is better.

"Willing is kind of a given with me." Lance rumbled, as he stepped into the pool, extending a hand for Throttle to join him. "Unwilling playmates don't interest me."

The tawny mouse smiled and quickly stripped before accepting it. "Or just uninterested, my usual fate."

"Meaning you often have uninterested playmates, or that you're often uninterested?" The Puma asked gently, running his hand across the mouse's chest as he entered the water.

"They're usually uninterested." Throttle murmured, claiming a gentle kiss. "Or I didn't see the possibility when I wanted it."

Lance pulled the mouse close in the warm, churning water. "I can't understand why they'd be uninterested." He purred affectionately, as their lips parted.

"Mostly not interested in males, or the shades put them off." Throttle said softly.

"The first I understand. It's frustrating to desire a male who doesn't return the interest." He said gently. "The shades I understand why, even if they don't bother me. Many find a lack of eye contact with a playmate disconcerting. It is their loss that they did not look beyond to see you for the special person you are." He rumbled, nuzzling the mouse affectionately.

"Just as frustrating with a female." Throttle chuckled softly. "And it makes those who do see past the shades that much more special."

"Yes, I imagine it is." He smiled softly. "And I'm sure it does." He rumbled, as his hands slid down to rest on Throttle's ass, moving the tawny mouse closer and into a passionately hungry kiss.

As the kiss broke, Lance trailed kiss down the mouse's jawline, and then down his chest and abs. He rolled the mouse's balls in one hand, before slipping under the water to lick his pet's balls and swelling sheath encouraging him to hardness.

After a moment's surprise, Throttle relaxed back with a moan, spreading his legs for the Puma.

Lance smiled softly, as his pet's cock peeked from its sheath. He swirled his tongue around the growing shaft of flesh until it was fully erect. The Puma then took he hard flesh in his mouth, till the furry sheath was brushing the tip of his muzzle, while his hand slipped under the mouse's tail to play teasingly at the furless pucker.

The attention drew a ragged moan and a shift of Throttle's hips to bring his ass move into the open.

Continuing his sucking and licking of his pet's cock, while teasing at his asshole, the Puma reached a phantom hand up to gently caress the mouse's big ears. Throttle moaned and arched slightly at the contact, then stiffened sharply with a startled cry of intense pleasure.

Lance smiled, and slipped his mouth from the hard cock to stand and turn the mouse around, only to come face to face with Blaze's mouse form sucking Throttle's antennae with a very hungry look of her own for both of them.

It took Lance a moment to process the sight. "Okay, Blaze." He chuckled softly. "Just let go, long enough for Throttle to turn around." He said gently, his cock throbbing in anticipation of the mouse's warm, tight passageway.

She regarded him for a moment before letting go, and slipped into the water with them, Throttle gasped at the sudden loss, but quickly complied with two sets of hands urging him around and responded almost instinctively when Blaze claimed his mouth, one hand sliding between them to stroke his cock, the other up to continue to fondle the antennae that wasn't touching hers.

Lance then slipped his cock inside his pet, thrusting in until his sheath brushed the mouse's ass, drawing more of a reaction out of Blaze than Throttle, though the tawny mouse was intensely keyed up. He then began thrusting slow and deep, as he reached his hand around to gentle trace and tweak the mouse's nipples as Throttle's hands moved over Blaze's young body.

The Puma changed his angle slightly to brush his barb hairs across his pet's special spot teasingly as he thrust. As he continued thrusting, he licked at the mouse's big ears playfully. It was a combined treatment Throttle didn't last long under and he broke the kiss with Blaze and pulled her tightly against his chest, her head alongside his to keep the intoxicating contact up. As Lance felt his pet begin to crash over the edge Blaze screamed, her face contorted by sensations far more intense than she'd felt before.

"What the hell?" Lance demanded, his arousal crashing as it was displaced by his command persona. "What happened to her?"

The she-mouse made several growly noises as she panted, her body lax against Throttle, who wasn't much more with it.

"First time," he murmured, nuzzling the female. "Hasn't felt anything like that before."

"I see." The Puma said quietly, encouraging the two to relax in the tub. "Then she'll be okay?" He asked calmly.

"It's just sensation, master." Throttle said softly and stroked her body as Blaze compliantly relaxed against him, a smile crossing her muzzle as she nuzzled his neck. "She felt me cum. It's a very intense experience, when you don't know how strong it will be."

"Yes, I could see that." The Puma said quietly, watching as she shifted her face to kiss up Throttle's neck to the base of his ear, licking at the spot between head and the first stud.

"Maybe later." Throttle chuckled softly. "I've got some expectations for it."

A distinctly demanding beeping sound started coming from the pile that was Lance's uniform. The Puma climbed out of the pool, shook himself, and then pulled what looked like a small cellphone out of the pile of clothing. "Captain here, go." He said, place a small earphone in one ear. "Understood, give me 10." He said, as took the earphone out and stepped into the warm air cubicle in one corner. "Ship's business, you two can stay and enjoy the water." He said as he got dressed.

"All right master." Throttle chuckled softly. "Though Blaze may have other ideas if you're gone long."

"I believe she already has other ideas." The Puma smiled softly. "But feel free to entertain yourselves till I get back. You don't have to stay here, should you tire of the water." He said as he left, catching Throttle's startled yelp, her playful growl and a splash before the door closed.

After having run the length of the ship from Engineering, Lance pause a moment at his door to compose himself into his command persona despite the verbal screaming match he could hear inside. He then opened the door to his quarters to see his tawny pet in his jeans, in a face-to-face, snarling standoff with a glowing, translucent black creature reminiscent of a much larger version of Blaze's war-form. Both were yelling and gesturing in a heated argument that crossed several languages without a pause.

Lance walked in and stood near the door watching curiously at the argument taking place in incompressible languages.

Less than ten minutes later, Nareena walked in and stood next to him. She studied the conversation deeply for a minute, before drawing all the metalinguistics that had permeated the room. With a skill considered amazing even by those who taught her, she constructed the strange languages in her mind and then transferred them to Lance.

"She is as PUP." Throttle roared in defiance of the creature standing nearly twice his height.

"I had your sister at the same age." The deep rumbling growl of a war-beast at the very limit of tolerance raged back.

Lance wasn't inclined to get into the argument, but Nareena was not nearly so reserved. "She is a child." The Tigress rumbled forcefully, the full force of a healer's tenacity in her voice. "She is not ready for the responsibilities of parenthood, no matter what her physical readiness may be." She said fearlessly, with an aura of authority that had backed down powerful figures on a dozen worlds.

"Parenting can be dealt with by others." Death Angel swung her head towards the Tigress, unphased. "She is of breeding age."

"I. Will. Not!" Throttle snarled back. "I am Alpha here. I determine who breeds, and when."

"You dare challenge me?" The war-beast's voice dropped low as she lowered to all fours, bringing her on eye level with her son, who rather abruply dropped his combative manner and looked away.

"No, but you are a ghost."

"I am here. I am Alpha." She growled deep in her chest. "She is willing, and of age. Others can raise the kits."

"Just one minute here." Lance growled, stepping in. "This is my ship. As the Captain of this vessel, I am the authority here. If my Medical Officer says she isn't ready, that is the end of the discussion." He growled, indifferent to the larger size of the ghost.

"You are not of us." Death Angel swung sharp black eyes to take him in. "This is not your concern."

Lance met her gaze unflinchingly. "Like hell it isn't. This concerns a minor aboard my ship, regardless of race or species it is very much my concern. Don't come into my territory and presume to tell me what is and isn't my concern."

"She is of age, and then some." The ghost bristled.

"She's fifteen tops. That's definitely still a minor." He said firmly. "She's a year at best from being an adult in the more liberal jurisdictions."

"Not where any of us are from." Throttle said softly, preempting his mother. "She's a solid year past it."

Nareena's look was somewhere between shock and disgust, but she didn't say anything. She wasn't going to mention that the shot made it a moot issue for a while, longer in fact than she'd said.

"Perhaps." Lance said, his voice softening slightly when addressing the tawny mouse. "That doesn't change the fact that she's not ready." He said turning back to Death Angel. "Or that waiting a few years isn't going to hurt anything."

"That's what I've been saying." He sighed.

"It will hurt when one dies." Death Angel snarled.

"No actual good argument, so you resort to brute force." Lance shook his head. "Might makes right. One of the oldest and least valid forms of leadership. But let's get something straight here ... you don't frighten me, so just give up trying." He said without dropping his gaze in the least.

"Lance, she hasn't been out of that form more than a few minutes at a time since before I was born." Throttle broke in as his mother blinked. "If she was going to resort to brute force, I wouldn't be standing, and neither would you."

"I was referring to the thinly veiled threats." Lance said quietly, having a little more trouble shifting the hardness out of his voice. "And you've never actually seen what I'm capable of, so don't jump to any conclusions." He said confidently, never having turned from facing Death Angel, who was growling softly again.

"If you're any match, there wouldn't be a ship left when one of you yielded." Throttle muttered softly, glaring at his mother. "I'm not going to agree to this. That is my right."

"Very well." The disappointment and displeasure in her tone was blatant as she faded out.

"Lovely, just what my ship needed. An imperious ghost." Lance said sitting down on the bed, as he started keying himself down from the edge of full combat.

"She's not that imperious, the situation just gets on her nerves." Throttle shook his head. "I can't remember the last time I defied her."

"If you say so, Throttle." Lance said softly, accepting the mouse's judgment, as a pile of paper clips exploded out of the small container they were in.

"Throttle, would you take Lance back to the hot tub and help him relax?" Nareena asked gently, though there was definitely the hint of a healer's authority behind it. "And don't argue, Lance. You need to calm down, and you know it." She said firmly, before turning eyes to Blaze. "And you can stay put till they get back." She said in a tone that brooked no argument, though Blaze had the look that she wasn't planning to move until someone made her.

"Never argue with the Healer." Lance chuckled softly.

"I know that one too well." Throttle shook his head and guided the Puma from the room.

"What was that all about?" Blaze asked submissively when everything was quiet again, still in canine form.

Nareena was kind of curious about the details herself. "Apparently, Throttle's mother thought you were ready to have kits, and Throttle disagreed." She said gently. "The Captain and I were supporting Throttle."

"I'm old enough." Blaze retorted, though it was without force.

"Oh, you're ready to be a parent? Do you have any idea what that entails?" The Tigress asked gently, but pointedly.

"I'm old enough to breed." Blaze repeated, not sure what the question was.

"Throttle disagrees." Nareena said simply. "And since he was the being pushed into the sire role, that matters." She added quietly. "I take it you don't see the connection between breeding and parenting."

"The whole pack raises pups." She looked up. "Don't your packmates help you? Everyone helped raise me."

"In a way, I guess they did." She said quietly, remembering the family she'd lost. "But generally among my people the parents raise the kittens." She said gently. "I still wouldn't say I have a pack, exactly." The tigress sighed, thinking that maybe one day she'd feel close enough to the crew to think that, but it hadn't happened yet.

"I'm not your people." Blaze pointed out. "Not even close to it."

"No, but Throttle is." She pointed out. "We were simply supporting him. And you did ask if my packmates helped me." She noted gently.

"He's less your people than I am." Blaze said sulkily, still stinging from Throttle's refusal. "You raised me."

"Yes, but Throttle has become important to the Captain." Nareena said quietly. "So the Captain backs him, and I support my Captain."

"Who's the other mouse on board?" Blaze abruptly changed the subject.

"His name's Rimfire, he's Throttle's Bro's nephew." She said with a smile. "He's very cute, and about four years older than your mouse form looks to be."

"He like females?" She asked rather hopefully. "You said that shot made me infertile for a while."

"Yes, it does. At least a month, though at your age sometimes it lasts longer." She said easily. "And I don't know. He's currently the bedmate of Krys, a handsome male Tiger."

"So what's the deal with clothing for some forms?" Blaze cocked her head at the Tigress.

"It's considered inappropriate for bipedal forms like your mouse form to go about without clothing." She said simply. "Inappropriate aboard ship, and actually illegal in many jurisdictions off the ship."

"It's just one of those things that is, isn't it?" Blaze asked with the long-suffering sigh of a teenager.

"'Fraid so, Blaze." Nareena smiled gently. "My son asked the same question when he learned to shift to a two-legged form."

"You and LoudBlack were going to sort that out for me?"

Nareena blinked. "LoudBlack?" She repeated curiously.

"Umm, the big black lioness two-leg." Blaze explained, adding a bunch of stuff about scent and extra information that simply didn't translate.

Nareena chuckled. "Oh, S'lessa. Yes, the Captain thought between the two of us we could come up with some appropriate clothes for you. Though I think I can handle it, S'lessa's not really up to dealing with people right now."

"What upset her?" Blaze asked with familial concern as she leapt down from the bed.

"Not upset exactly." She said gently. "Female R'Canthans are only fertile at certain times of the year, two to be exact. And they become extremely promiscuous at those times. S'lessa doesn't really want kits now, so she's staying in her cabin till her time passes."

"Why can't you just give her a shot?" Blaze looked confused as she took a couple steps towards the door, looking at Nareena.

"It doesn't work on R'Canthans." She said softly. "I've tried several, she just gets violently sick." Nareena explained as she opened the door, and led the way out. "There are some clothes that should fit your mouse form in the hold."

"Oh, okay." The canine nodded, knowing the way but politely letting Nareena walk ahead.

"Here we are, Cargo Pod C71." Nareena as she opened the door and turned on the light inside the pod. "An abandoned shipment that we've all been using for clothing. However, none of us wear the smaller sizes," she smiled and shut the door. "Feel free to look around."

Blaze took a long moment to flow into the other pole of her forms, and used a handy box as a brace as she working on standing and two-legged balance. "What was the big emergency a bit ago?" She asked as she worked out the physics of very different legs and center of balance.

"Big emergency?" Nareena asked curiously.

"What called Master away."

"Oh, I had to let him know about S'lessa and the fact she'd be off-duty for a week. Since she's second-in-command, it's something he needs to know." She said easily.

"Oh, that makes sense." Blaze nodded as she started to find her balance.

"I hated to disturb him when he was having fun, he doesn't do it nearly enough." She smiled, watching the unsteady teenager as she began to poke around unorganized shelves, racks and boxes.

"Definitely not, though he has more than most seem to think." Blaze giggled as she rummaged around. "He has lots of fun on some trips."

"You'd know wouldn't you?" Nareena chuckled. "I bet you've had the best seat in the house for some very interesting shows. The Captain has good taste in toms."

"Teacher-Alpha is the first I've felt this way about though." She said softly. "Though I've been in heat as many times as I have toes."

Nareena looked surprised briefly at the large number of heats for a three-year-old canine. "Throttle is a special one." The Tigress smiled. "The last one to have this effect on him was another mouse, named Modo."

"The one we're after." Blaze nodded. "He's really got Master wound up, having to leave him behind."

"The Captain found something with Modo that I don't think he's known in a long time." Nareena said softly. "He's reluctant to admit it to himself or anyone, but I believe that he's in love with Modo."

Blaze smirked, a look that was very clearly 'I know something you don't know' and went back to looking. "What am I looking for, anyway?"

Nareena chuckled. "Yes, and he's falling for Throttle too. I noticed." She said, looking for something in approximately the write size and age group. "Important thing to remember, your clothes won't shift with you, so you need to remove them before shifting." She said as she picked out several tops, and several jeans of various cuts. "These are good examples."

"Okay," she nodded, regarding garments with no real opinion other than she'd rather not wear them and picked up a short cropped shirt to slip on. After some squirming she got it to settle in a way that didn't irritate her too much. "How does White-BlackStripes stand this?" She grumbled as she tried to get a pair of jeans on without rubbing all her fur the wrong way.

"You get used to it after a while." The Tigress smiled gently. "It's easier when you've grown up with them."

"I guess so." Blaze sighed in resignation. "Does his look good?"

Nareena looked her over critically. "Yes, that works nicely." She said, putting several similar sets in one of the bags piled in one corner. "Thing to remember about clothes is that you change them each day."

"What do you do with the stuff you've worn already?" The young mouse looked at her in bewilderment.

"You put them in the laundry slot. They get washed and dried, and then returned." She said simply. "Then they can be worn again."

"Okay," Blaze nodded, clearly not getting it, though she was willing to play along. "Anything with less to it, that's acceptable?" She half motioned to the jeans.

"You could try shorts or a skirt." Nareena suggested as she held up examples.

"Skirt hardly touches fur at all." She smiled, starting to feel reasonable comfortable on two legs.

Nareena nodded and put a couple of skirts in that complimented the teenager's fur color. "Dresses work similarly, but are longer and I've always thought better suited to formal occasions."

"Formal ... like when FriendlyMale-Black got promoted to Chief Engineer?" Blaze cocked her head.

"Yes, like that." She nodded. "Though not the party that followed." She smiled. "Weddings would be another occasion, though we haven't had any of those aboard ship."

Blaze worked that through her brain a while before coming up with what it meant. "Probably soon though, when we get Master's Mate back."

Nareena nodded. "I would not be surprised, assuming that that is what Modo wants as well. The Captain said that they never really talked about their relationship in any detail, just accepted that they were together then."

"Do you have duties to see to now?" Blaze asked quietly.

"If I'm needed in Medical, the nurse will page me." She said softly. "But for now, I'm free of duties."

"I'd like some help speaking Two-legged." Blaze said simply.

"Of course, I can speed that up a great deal for you." She said softly. "We can return to your quarters if you'd be more comfortable working on it there."

"You can?" Blaze looked very surprised. "And yes, that would be better than standing here. It's very weird to be this high up."

"I can imagine." She nodded, as she dropped to all fours in tiger form. "This language is much better for Primal form." She said in the growls of canine. "And the hardest part of speaking two-legged will be adapting to the different voice box."

"I've noticed." Blaze nodded as she stripped and dropped to canine form with a look of relief. "Very different configuration. More limited and more expanded at the same time."

"Yes, it is." Nareena nodded as she shifted back, her clothes reappearing as she did so. "I'm sure you'll have no problem getting the hang of it." She said, putting the clothing selections in a carrying back and leading the way out of the Cargo pod, Blaze padding along behind.

"Has the other mouse been on board long? I don't remember seeing him."

"No, Krys brought him aboard just before lift-off." Nareena shook her head in amusement. "The White Tiger seems quite taken with him."

"Seems to be a pattern. Mice stealing cat hearts." Blaze chuckled.

Nareena chuckled as well. "The Captain made a similar comment. Something about getting attached to the two mice he'd met." She smiled gently. "I think it's good for him."

"He's more moody, but it probably is." Blaze nodded. "Parting will be very hard on him though."

"I think he's still working through that." The Tigress said softly. "But I think we'll be spending more time on Aristal, and the Captain mentioned that we'd be taking Throttle and his Bros to Mars."

"That parting is what I meant." Blaze woofed softly. "Loosing all three of use will not be ease on Master."

"I'm not sure what will happen then." The Tigress said softly. "Lance has no real ties to any one planet."

"But he has them to this ship and crew." She dropped her neck and head in a canine shrug. "What is the chip in his head? He complains about it a lot."

"The ship can be anywhere, and the crew will follow him." She said softly. "The chip is a behavior modification unit that the Sestersi put in to make him a mercenary figuring that would take him and FireClaws out of the fight for their world. The Sestersi didn't realize that his world meant so much to him that its survival was payment enough for him to keep fighting."

"They don't understand loyalty much, do they?"

"Loyalty and love were both foreign concepts." She said quietly. "Loyalty was based on fear and gold, and love didn't seem to exist. Breeding was a very ritualized thing, with the offspring raised by specialized caste who sole purpose was to do just that."

"Special jobs is one thing, but ... I don't know, it seems a bit extreme."

"I agree." The Tigress said as they walked. "But the Sestersi are very much about extremes. They are organized to a frightening degree, but that organization makes them vulnerable because if you take out their leader types, it's an unheard of concept for a warrior caste to act like a leader type."

"Leaders should be warriors, or great peace-makers." Blaze looked up, her conviction sure even if where it came from was less obvious.

"I've always preferred peace-makers myself." The Tigress said simply. "But warriors are certainly preferable to politicians." She chuckled lightly. "But the Sestersi leaders are none of the above, exactly. Though they can fight if necessary."

"Strange creatures. Are they edible?"

"Never struck me as such." Nareena said with a look on her face as if tasting something bad. "Like big bipedal beetles, with tentacles."

Blaze made a disgusted choking sound and wrinkled her face up. "Not even good dead."

"No, but generally better dead than alive." The Tigress shook her head. "The dead ones aren't up to mischief, whereas the live ones usually are. They may not understand love, but lust they're well-acquainted with."

"Why would something so useless come about?" The canine asked, more than a little confused. "If it doesn't give back, it will ruin it's home."

"I don't know exactly." The Tigress shrugged. "Perhaps they have a use for their dead, or perhaps there is a predator on their world that eats them."

"I guess. Not my kind of munchies." She made another face.

"Not mine either." The Tigress chuckled. "But nature usually makes sure things are of use in the cycle somewhere."

"That's true." Blaze consented.

"Here we are." Nareena said as she palmed the door lock opening Lance's quarters. "I imagine the guys won't be back for a while."

The canine snickered. "Probably not. It was fun to play with them though. Even if it did completely freak Master out."

"I think he was more freaked out by your scream than anything." Nareena said softly as she went inside. "It triggered his command persona, which is a rather abrupt shift from what he was doing at the time. Though normally it is polite to ask before turning a couple into a threesome." She said gently.

"He told you?" She looked up curiously as the door shut and made the effort to shift with less difficulty than before.

"I was trying to help him unwind from the abrupt shift." The Tigress said quietly. "And he finds it easiest to unwind if he talks, and there's little he doesn't tell me."

"Yeah, I noticed." Blaze grinned. "He doesn't mind talking at me either, when he thought I didn't understand."

"That's because you're a good listener." She smiled. "Its why the crew thought you should stay with him. He needs someone to talk to or at." She said quietly. "Though he's beginning to want a family, something he's never really thought about before. By that I mean, kits of his own."

"He's plenty old for it." Blaze said, not quite getting the significance of it.

"Very true, but age isn't the driving factor. I'm not sure what the change is exactly." She smiled. "But I am giving his proposal serious thought."

"You're not his kind." Blaze looked seriously startled.

"We're both feline." The Tigress said softly. "And the genetics are compatible, odds are very good that our people descended from a common stock in the distant past."

"But you're a Striped, and he's a Mountain Cat." Blaze was a little distressed by the entire concept.

"I'm not sure I see the problem." The Tigress said softly. "My first Mates were a Panther and a Lion."

"You aren't the same kind." Blaze repeated, at the limit of her understanding of why it disturbed her so much.

"That must be more important to your people, than it is to mine." The Tigress said softly. "We choose our mates for their character, not their fur color. Fur color is simply something of preference, some like some colors better than others."

The young mouse nodded, and tried to put it from her mind. "Work on two-legger talking?"

Nareena nodded. "The first stop is to make sure you understand how it is spoken, and what all the sounds should be. That makes convincing your vocal cords much easier. She said as pulled together the metalanguage elements that were needed for the language they used aboard ship. She then carefully transferred the language protocol to the teenager. "There now you should understand how to speak it."

Blaze jerked back in surprise, only her long-standing trust of the healer stopping a more erratic response. Several sharp breathes to cool her defensive fear later she nodded, assimilating the concepts into what she already knew for a couple minutes.

"Let the charge go, master." Throttle murmured as he drew Lance into the warm, swirling water.

Lance sighed deeply, as he relaxed against Throttle. As he calmed himself a gentle electric current played through the water and across the tawny mouse. The sensation was like have gentle hands caressing him from ears to feet, though noticeably the 'touch' didn't touch the sensitive antennae.

"I can take it stronger, master." Throttle whispered with a long, hungry kiss. "I like electric play."

"Let me calm down first, Throttle." The Puma said gently. "I need to get the combat surges out of my system, or else I might injure you without meaning to." He said kissing the Mouse passionately. "What you felt was residual discharge as I relax. But I'm more than willing, if you enjoy it. But avoid the antennae with electrical play, right?" He asked since he thought he remembered Throttle saying they were sensitive to energy.

"They make it truly intense." He murmured hungrily with another kiss. "To pure energy, not what you usually do. Let my body do what it wills with the charge."

"Just tell if you don't like what you feel." The Puma rumbled as their lips parted briefly. He then brushed his hand across the thick red antennae releasing an electric surge as he did so. The charge was like the others, except it was stronger, more aggressive and somehow more passionate as it surge through the mouse's body.

Throttle arched and screamed, his entire nervous system in chaos from the charge applied directly to the memory and sensory parts of his brain.

Lance held his mouse tight against him as he waited for the effect of the charge to dissipate. He could tell Throttle was aroused by the experience, but he wasn't taking chances. But before it had, Throttle had regained some control of his body and wrapped his arms tightly around Lance's neck to claim a searingly hot kiss while he thrust against the larger male's abs.

Without breaking the kiss, Lance ground his body against Throttle, squeezing the mouse's hard cock between their fur and hard muscle. It was about all it too before twitches from the charge gave was to shudders from an impending orgasm and throttle began to grunt into their mouth-lock.

Lance continued the pressing and grinding, as he sought to take his lover over the edge. A trip that took very little more time before Throttle stiffened again, his balls tightening as he spurted his completion between them in the water.

"You did enjoy that." The Puma murmured as he held the mouse tight against his chest.

"Yeah," Throttle nodded as he gasped for breath. "Gods that was good."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." The Puma purred affectionately, while nuzzling the tan mouse. "Coming down from combat was never this much fun before." He rumbled.

"I bet." Throttle chuckled weakly and turned the nuzzle into another kiss. "Damn, but you can do that good."

"I do try." The Puma said as their lips parted. "And you make it so worth the effort." He rumbled. "I've tried that electrical surge with others, and you're the first who damn near came from the surge alone."

"I doubt any of the others got it channeled directly into the memory and sensory parts of their brain at an amplified and filtered level." Throttle chuckled softly and snuggled close. "Gods, but that was intense."

"As long as you enjoy it, intense is a good thing." The Puma purred, as they snuggled in the warm churning water.

"Yes, it is." He murmured. "Any more aggression to work off?" Throttle kissed the Puma's neck playfully.

"Oh, that did a pretty thorough job." Lance rumbled, as he gave the mouse a playful lick on the ear.

"Care to get back to what was interrupted before?" He rumbled hotly. "I seem to remember you not cuming."

"Distinctly not cuming." Lance rumbled playfully. "I seem to recall I was fucking you." He murred hotly, as his hand reached down to caress the mouse's ass, and work its way under his tail to play teasingly at the pucker.

"Yes," Throttle shivered in anticipation. "Facing, or not?" He rumbled.

"Facing." The Puma rumbled. "I'm not in any hurry, and I like to see your face when I'm fucking you." He said, claiming a passionate kiss even as Throttle maneuvered his body into position in the warm, supporting water.

"I'd love to feel another charge, while you're inside me." The tawny mouse shivered eagerly at the idea as he claimed a kiss of his own.

"Same strength as the last one?" He asked as he pressed his cock against the mouse's opening.

"Or stronger." Throttle groaned as he pressed down, welcoming the rough cock into his body. "I've cum from it before."

"You are amazing, Throttle." Lance murred as he began thrusting with his muzzle against the mouse's neck.

"So are you." The tawny mouse moaned deeply, his head falling back to expose his throat fully.

Lance placed his jaws against the throat gently, accepting the submission before he put his muzzle back against the side of the neck where it was more comfortable. He began thrusting deep and hard as he felt his limit approaching, having already been heavily aroused by the mouse's orgasm.

"Master ... please." Throttle's desperate voice groaned as his body keyed up again, hungry for the intensity of before.

The Puma leaned up, and as he licked lovingly at the sensitive antennae he released the charge into them. It was a good fifth more powerful than the last charge, but it had the same deep, aggressive passion to it. He continued thrusting, as Throttle screamed, roared and arched stiffly as he came hard between them again. The aftershocks coursing through his body for several more moments as he whimpered and clutched his mate tightly as a cascade of sensations threatened to overwhelm him.

The Puma came with a roar as the previously denied orgasm crashed through him. As he came down, he pulled the gasping mouse close to his chest as they both tried to find their bodies and coordination again.

"Gods, you are incredible." Throttle murmured as a last small tremor passed through him.

"So are you, Throttle, so are you." He purred, as he pulled them down to rest in the warm water.

"What do you mean you won't tell me where he is?" Blaze's long, thin tail was a whip as she glared at where the ship's voice came from.

"I was ordered not to divulge Rimfire's location." The computer's mature female voice said patiently.

"Then can you tell me?" Nareena asked politely.

"I'm sorry, Doctor, but unless its a medical emergency I can not tell you either." The computer replied, actually sounding apologetic. "Is it such an emergency?"

"No, its not." She said softly.

Blaze's whip of a tail snapped against the bed's metal frame before she quickly stripped from a short skirt and short, loose top and dropped to four legs with much more grace than she pulled off going to two. She picked up the discarded garments with the bare end of her tail and padded out the door she'd long ago learned how to work.

Nareena swiftly followed after the agitated teenager as she made a bee-line for Krys' quarters. She went over the few people who could actually give an order she didn't outrank, and couldn't figure out why any of them would be hiding Rimfire's whereabouts.

When the canine came to a step in front of the White Tiger's door she began sniffing around, trying to determine is the mouse was inside, and if not, which direction he'd gone. Krys, S'lessa, Lance, Throttle and herself were all glaringly obvious to her sensitive nose, with another male she didn't know as well, but was fairly sure was Rimfire, from the small sniffs she had of him before.

Nareena knocked, and when no one entered she used her access code to check the medical monitors each room had. "No one in there, Blaze." She said gently.

Blaze's sensitive nose led her through the ship to the door's to quarters she hadn't had occasion to visit before. The dominant scent around the door told her the quarters were S'lessa's. She could smell the strong scent of recent mating through the closed door.

Nareena raised an eyebrow. "Now why the heck would he be here?" She wondered aloud.

"Sating LoudBlack." Blaze woofed with understanding amusement before turning around. "I'll track him down later."

Nareena chuckled. "I wonder how that came about. But he's of age, and its not like she's going to have kittens by him." She said as she turned around. "That does explain who ordered the computer not to tell anyone. Guess she didn't want people to know she was bedding a nineteen year old."

"Or Teacher-Alpha wasn't available, and Stripe was." Blaze grinned up. "No pups and a strong male is a nice combination."

"I think Throttle is pretty solidly claimed right now." The Tigress grinned back. "Though I know she's interested in having him."

"Maybe Master will spend the night with me, while Teacher-Alpha entertains LoudBlack." Blaze woofed in a combination of longing and amusement as she padded back to her quarters. "How long does the heat last?"

"Perhaps, but don't take it personally if he's reluctant. By the standards he knows you're still a child, even if your culture says otherwise." She said gently. "Heat usually last a week, though in rare cases it can last two."

"Stripe will be very well worn out by then." Blaze actually snickered, though her canine voice box did some interesting things to it. "And I'll remember about Master's ways."

"And I think Krys will be well and truly frustrated by then." Nareena shook her head. "I do hope she asked first."

"Not if they trade off." Blaze suggested. "And we could spell them too."

"If we could get Throttle to take Rimfire's place for a while, that would work." She nodded.

"You don't like females?" The wolfish creature asked curiously as the door slid open.

The Tigress chuckled. "Can't say I've ever been with one. I've spent most of my life as the only female in groups of military males. However, I know S'lessa isn't interested in females right now. If it doesn't have a cock and balls she won't bed it."

Blaze snickered again and set her clothes on the bed before shifting with slightly more grace to her mouse form and getting dressed. "I can appreciate the feeling."

"As do I, I'm kind of used to expecting certain things in bedmates." She chuckled.

"I probably will too." Blaze cocked a grin as she stretched back. "This is turning into a most eventful trip."

"I expect it will only get moreso." The Tigress chuckled as she settled in a chair. "There's a good chance that Rimfire's a Garou as well."

"So Teach-Alpha said." Blaze nodded from where she was lounging on the bed. "It will make for interesting days at play."

"Once he adjusts." She nodded. "But at first he'll be as clumsy on four legs as you are on two. And he doesn't know that he's a shifter, or that the potential is even there."

"Well, neither did I, but he has two of us ready when it happens at least." Blaze pointed out. "I'm just glad Master found his new bed-pet when he did. That was very scary."

"For all of us, Blaze." Nareena said softly. "We didn't know what had happened to you."

"And it's not like I could help, even if you'd been there to talk to me." She sighed. "The scary part wasn't the shift though. It was what came with it. I mean, I've got pray-drive. I'll chase anything small and moving. And I like play-killing the balls and stuff. But that form sees everything as a 'kill now pay-danger'." She shuddered. "It was hard to not lash out and try to kill everybody that came close."

"We kind of noticed." Nareena commented softly. "Did Throttle mention if your control in that form improves with time and/or practice?"

"Death Angel did. It's just a control issue." Blaze nodded.

"Well, that's good to hear." She said quietly. "You reminded me frighteningly of some of my mate's brothers when they were in war-form with the battle-lust going."

"Probably a very similar thing. Teacher-Alpha called it a war form."

"Quite likely, though with my brothers by marriage, it was actually something they learned how to do. The battle-lust was deliberate, usually."

"It's that usually that makes it dangerous." Blaze said softly. "But even my wolf-form had the kill-lust sometimes. I just took it out on rubber and rawhides."

"I noticed you really beat some of them to pieces." Nareena smiled.

"That and a distinct lack of small moving things on board kind of kept it under control." Blaze said softly. "But that big form, everything is a small moving thing. I wasn't ready for my usual mental tricks to not work."

"No one got hurt, and that's what matters." Nareena said reassuringly. "And you'll learn in time."

"It's just real unnerving to see yourself calculate a kill-strike on someone who helped raise you."

"I can imagine." The Tigress nodded quietly. "It can be frightening to think you'd hurt someone you care about."

"Particularly with the mental commentary that they're dinner." Blaze shuddered. "At least that shouldn't happen again unless I'm cornered and scared."

"Well, there's no reason that should happen on board." Nareena said confidently.

"At least not without something that deserved to get hit that hard in front of me." She grinned impishly. "You hungry?"

"If anyone on board does something to deserve getting hit that hard, getting hit that hard will only be the start of their troubles." The Tigress said softly. "Dinner sounds like a wonderful idea, I'll order something sent up. Which form did you want to eat in?"

"I'll give hands a try." Blaze let out a breath. "Teacher-Alpha says I need to lean manners. I might as well start."

"Very good. And I managed to teach my son manners after he'd been four-legs since birth, so I think I can help you." She smiled. "Anything in particular you'd like for dinner?"

"What I had last time." She grinned broadly.

Nareena chuckled. "More normal portions this time. Throttle thinks we're spoiling you." She smirked, as she walked to the intercom and ordered from the galley. "And he's probably right."

"I don't have a problem with it." Blaze grinned.

"I didn't think you did." She smiled as she went to the captain's wall cooler. "Thirsty?"

"Mmm, yes." Blaze nodded. "Something I haven't tried, please."

"How about this new one the Captain just started stocking?" She said looking at the label curiously. "Root beer. Curious, I wonder where he found that. I didn't think anywhere but Earth produced it."

"Sure." She grinned. "Teach-Alpha likes it."

Nareena handed her a bottle. "Just twist the metal top gently." She explained. "And I'll bet Throttle's how Lance discovered it." She smiled, as she sat down. "I guess Throttle's been to Earth."

"It's where his pack crashed before they were scattered." Blaze nodded. "It must have been hard, being able to see home in the sky every night but not get home."

"I would imagine so." The Tigress said very softly, a little sadly. "At least he's getting his pack back." She smiled.

"And then we're going to Mars." Blaze nodded and opened the bottle. She sniffed at it before taking a sip.

"Yes, to see what remains." She said quietly as Blaze made a bit of a face, but took another sip.

"I think he's looking for a little peace; to know, instead of just guessing." Blaze said softly.

"We all seek a little peace." Nareena said quietly, and took a sip. "Interesting." She commented looking down at the drink. "It lacks alcohol and tastes nothing like roots. The name makes little sense."

"I don't know, it might have at one point." Blaze shrugged. "Or a poor translation."

"Hmm. That could be." She chuckled. "Humans are a strange species."

"So are R'Canthan." Blaze pointed out with a snicker. "At least to me."

"Yes, the R'Canthan are different as felines go." Nareena agreed. "The electrical talent is a fascinating development."

"You're not R'Canthan?" Blaze looked at her curiously.

"Well, I'm an honorary R'Canthan." She chuckled. "But my species is actually Felsin, closely related but not the same. Kind of like Aristal is populated by Kats, some of whom look like R'Canthans but aren't."

"Oh." Blaze took a while to process that one.

"Which means you can have three tigers of similar colors, who aren't the same species." She said gently. "Takes some getting used to since I grew up where there was only one feline species."

"Must make it hard to keep it separate." Blaze said softly.

"I don't worry about it really." Nareena smiled gently. "I like males from all three." She grinned. "Along with the occasional Kantin."

"And mouse, from the sound of things." Blaze smirked. "I think the guys are going to be very tired when this trip is over."

"Well, Throttle does have a very nice body." Nareena smiled. "And I wouldn't be surprised. But it'll be a happy sort of tired."

"Very true." Blaze grinned with a chuckle and sip of root beer.

"Just a good thing Rimfire and S'lessa aren't genetically compatible." Nareena smiled. "Or we'd be finding out what you get when you cross a cat and a mouse."

"Something very unnatural." She shivered.

"Well, I wouldn't go that far." The Healer said gently. "If it happens without recourse to genetics, then it is by definition natural." She clarified, not sure what the big deal was.

"I think we had this conversation already." Blaze said quietly.

"Perhaps we did." Nareena smiled. "Seems to have snuck up on us again." She chuckled lightly, and stood to answer the door. "No need to have it again then." She said as the young jaguar tom pushed a cart with two trays in, and set them down on the desk before leaving. "This one's yours." Nareena said as she set the covered trays legs the table it formed was the right height for eating while sitting on the bed, before putting it in front of Blaze as the young mouse sat up on the edge.

She checked out the silverware a bit before picking up a spoon and carefully scooping up a glob of mashed potatoes with butter and gravy into it. She tried to keep her eyes on it as she guided it to her mouse, mimicking what she'd seen other bipeds do.

The mess hall was a bit on the loud side with about half the crew mixing eating and loud conversation. The crew members waved to Lance as they saw him move across to the food line, while several licked their lips appreciatively watching Throttle. There were also several pets present; two muscular Kantin of indeterminate breed, and a powerfully built red wolf male. All three pets were bare-chested and wearing studded leather collars.

"I think they like what they see." Lance purred, leaning close to Throttle.

"They'd be crazy not to, master." He murred back, his tail playing along the Puma's body.

The Puma grinned, as his thick tail brushed up the inside of the mouse's leg. "Yes, you are one hot mouse." He said as they picked up their meal trays and went to sit down.

"With an enviable set of skills I haven't gotten to fully show off yet." He smirked playfully.

"Oh, I like the sound of that." The Puma rumbled, as they sat down at a table with two crew members and two of the pets. "Throttle, the Caracal on the end there is Davon, from Astrogation and his pet, Lyco." The Kantin nodded politely as his master smiled back. "The Panther is Aron from Hydroponics, and his pet Telkor." The Panther looked the mouse over appraisingly, as a smile crossed his face. The Wolf on the other hand looked the buff mouse over with much more frank hunger.

"I think you'll have your work cut out for you, keeping me at home, master." Throttle chuckled, his own hungry gaze falling on the Caracal, though the other three got smiles and a playful wave of the tail before it wrapped around Lance's waist.

"I might let you out to play." The Puma teased. "I do need some new tapes in my video collection."

"And there are just so many possibilities here." His gaze roamed over the entire crew present, though it kept coming back to Davon with obvious interest.

"And three weeks to explore them." Lance purred encouragingly.

"So Captain, do you share your pet?" The Caracal purred, as he look Throttle over with blatant interest.

"If he wants to be." Lance chuckled.

"You show him our special play yet?" Davon rumbled, as electricity trailed from his fingers as his hand stroked his pets muscular arm, causing the Kantin to moan slightly and shiver.

"He enjoys it." The Puma chuckled as Throttle licked his lips eagerly. "A great deal."

"Can all R'Canthan do that?" Throttle rumbled eagerly.

"Some of us are better at it than others, and some of a broader array of tricks. But we all have the potential, kind of like I expect the level of skill with that tail varies from mouse to mouse." Lance smiled.

"I think I'm going to enjoy this trip, master." Throttle grinned.

"I think we all are." Lance purred. "So, does Commander Feral like to watch you with others?" He asked with a curious look on his face.

"Oh, yes." Throttle rumbled deep in his throat. "Warlords is a favorite of his."

"Maybe he'd like a videotape or two of you with the crew." Lance suggested with a smile.

"I think that would be a very popular idea, master." Throttle crooned.

"Since I'm hoping to see you occasionally after we get back, it doesn't hurt to make nice with him." The Puma smiled.

"Especially not after having me for over a month." Throttle chuckled.

"So does he know you came along as my pet?" He asked curiously. "We never actually did discuss money, which is fine with me."

"He knows." Throttle nodded. "And you did, master. Anything reasonable."

"Ah, well as far I'm concerned anything reasonable isn't anything at all." He smiled. "Between being my pet, and what you're doing for Blaze, there's no debt."

"He'll hardly argue with you." Throttle smiled softly.

"I don't expect so." He chuckled. "But honestly, I do well enough that a reasonable fare round-trip for you would hardly make much of a difference. Actually, I'm pretty sure I've done business with some members of the Commander's family."

"I'd be surprised if you hadn't, master." Throttle chuckled. "They aren't exactly a small or uninfluential group."

"True, almost as big as the family of one of my favorite clients, Augustus." He smiled.

"Haven?" Throttle glance over from his meal for confirmation.

"Yes, we do a fair amount of business there." He nodded. "And the climate is closer to home, than MKC. MKC has other attractions though." He grinned.

"I can imagine." The tawny mouse smirked.

"I still wouldn't park the Thunder in MKC's Harbor." Aron chuckled.

"Not if you want to see her fly again at least." Throttle chuckled. "That city has issues."

"Well, actually I'm not sure they could really damage her." Davon said quietly. "The force field is pretty tough. Though if no one was on-board, the active defenses might cause them a bit of hurt."

"There are more ways to loose her than just damage." Throttle pointed out quietly. "And MegaKat City seems to specialize them more than Plutarkians." He spat the last word out.

"All of them involve getting past the shield." Davon chuckled. "But what's a Plutarkian?" He asked curiously.

Throttle raised an eyebrow at that. "Her shields can stop a teleport or time warp?"

"Teleport, definitely." Davon nodded. "Time warp, maybe. It would depend on the exact physics behind it." He said confidently. "Though we're not carrying a matter transmission system, its not an unknown technology, and it has real military applications."

"Cool." The mouse grinned. "Even against magic?"

"Just might, it really depends." Davon explained. "Magic's hard to quantify properly, but sometimes the shields block it and sometimes they don't. Most of your flashy magical attacks though splash right off."

"That's some shielding." Throttle rumbled appreciatively.

"We've been refining it for thirty years continuously." He nodded. "It's what gave us a fighting chance during the war."

"Sounds like our cyberbikes." Throttle nodded.

"Cyberbikes were something we developed very late in the war, and mostly because one of our off-world raids captured one, and the schematics to it. Took us nearly a decade to manage to produce one of our own." He nodded. "Now we cyber- a lot more than bikes."

"Like this ship?" He guessed curiously.

"Yeah, like Ebony." He smiled. "She's pulled us out of a scrape or two, something a dumb ship wouldn't do."

"The girls are the same," Throttle nodded. "Never let us down."

Lance chuckled. "Assuming your girls are at all talkative there's probably a lot of cyberchat going on."

"They're girls." Throttle chuckled. "I doubt Lady and Little Darlin' have shut up since they met ShadowHawk ."

"And Ebony's probably only made it worse, being another female." Davon chuckled. "At least they won't get bored. Three weeks is a long time for cyberbikes to be cooped up."

"No kidding." Throttle nodded. "Had a near revolt on our hands last time." He shook his head. "Though I wouldn't be surprised to see them doing laps in the corridors."

Davon blinked. "I sure would be. I don't think Shadow's ever done that."

"No, he hasn't, but then he's more used to regular space travel." Lance smiled.

"I just hope they don't try dating." Throttle chuckled. "That's more interesting than I want this trip."

Lance chuckled. "That would be different. Though I'm sure the idea has crossed Shadow's mind."

"Then it's probably already too late." The tawny mouse sighed in resignation. "I know Lady's been wanting a boyfriend since I pointed out I was her rider, not her mate." He shook his head. "That's still rates as the strangest conversation I've ever had."

"What harm can it do?" Aron asked curiously. "It's not like they're gonna produce little cyberbikes." He chuckled. "Trust me, they're not that easy to manufacture."

"You want to figure out how sex works with a mouse and bike?" Throttle raised an eyebrow.

"I thought you meant the bikes dating each other." The Panther replied curiously.

"Oh, not much, except for jealously issues." Throttle shook his head. "Lady isn't much on sharing."

"So she might get jealous of ShadowHawk's rider?" Davon asked, fascinated.

"And Little Darlin', Modo's bike." Throttle nodded. "And possibly the ship, Nareena, S'lessa, and anyone who spends much time with him. Only reason Charley got away with it was cause she pampered the bikes and railed on us when they came back beaten up."

"Wow." The Panther shook his head. "Never quite thought about that angle.

"I got to live through it when we first met Charley." Throttle shrugged. "She's a good bike, but she's a little insecure about things. And Girl didn't help a bit."

"Not much we can do about it." Lance said philosophically. "If they're going to, they probably already are."

"Yeah, hopefully it won't cause problems." Throttle nodded. "Though it's better than hating each other."

"Given they're all armed, that could get really messy." Lance said softly.

"It does." Throttle nodded. "Though circumstances usually keep it to a minimum. Lady knows hurting ShadowHawk would upset you, and my by extension, so she would probably keep it verbal, like they did on Mars."

"Noise and posturing, huh?" Aron guessed.

"And 'I'm better than you are' bets." Throttle chuckled. "It made for some interesting battles."

"I don't doubt it." Lance said quietly. "Cyber-vehicles have very strong egos normally."

"Wait till you mete Girl, Vinnie's bike." Throttle shook his head with a chuckle. "Debatable who had the bigger ego, or better looks."

"Given my preference, I'd go with Vinnie based on Modo's description." Lance purred lightly. "Over the bike that is."

"On ego, or looks?" Throttle smirked.

"Looks." Lance chuckled. "Though from what Modo said, I'd put money on ego too."

"I do'know," Throttle grinned. "Girl is pretty hot stuff, for a bike."

"There's your key words, for a bike." Lance smirked. "I prefer furry, male and muscular when it comes to looks, most of the time. In case you hadn't noticed."

"Oh, I noticed, master." Throttle chuckled.

"And if you have any doubts, watch his video collection." Davon smirked broadly.

"I'm sure," Throttle murred playfully. "Probably has some good ideas in it to."

"You try a three month trip in hyperspace." Aron smirked. "You get all sorts of ideas."

"Oh, yeah." Throttle chuckled. "I bet. Any involving zero G's?"

"Of course." Davon smirked. "Every spacer tries that at least once."

"But how many have gotten it to work without getting hurt?" He smirked back, clearly eager.

"Oh we worked the dangers out in the first trip from Hundred Stars space." Davon chuckled. "The Zero-G rooms are a lot of fun."

"I bet." Throttle rumbled eagerly.

"The bondage options in Zero-G are fun too." Davon smiled lustfully at Throttle. "If you play those games."

"There are very, very few I don't." The mouse grinned back at the lean, tawny feline.

"I think you're going to be very popular on this trip." Davon purred back. "Shame its only six weeks round trip."

"There will be more, and longer ones." Throttle grinned back.

Davon and Aron both grinned broadly. "Damn, Captain when you pick a pet you get a good one." They rumbled approvingly.

"Yeah, one in a million." Lance smiled affectionately at the tawny mouse.

"So Lance, if he's so willing why didn't you just bring him as a crew pet?" Aron asked curiously.

"Cause he's not available unless he wants it, and I'm okay with it." The Puma smiled.

"And Master Feral would have had a fit." Throttle shook his head.

"That too." Lance nodded. "But he likes to play, so you just have to ask nice." He smirked.

"Or make an offer I can't refuse." Throttle murred with a grin.

"So, you ever play with a puppy?" Davon grinned lustily, as he trailed a gentle electrified touch across his pet's chest. The big male moaned lightly, and then looked at Throttle eagerly.

"A couple times." He grinned. "It was most interesting to get tied with one."

The Kantin made a surprised woof, accompanied by an appraising look at Throttle.

"Now that would be hot to see." Aron rumbled. "Especially if you're swallowing cock at the same time."

Throttle nodded. "There are hotter things though."

"I bet." Davon rumbled. "What to tell, or would you like to show me later?" He purred suggestively.

"Oh, I think you'll have to earn hearing those." Throttle grinned at the Caracal.

"A challenge." The Caracal purred excitedly. "So, is playing with you a way to earn them?" He licked his lips, sensually.

"Impress me," Throttle murred back. "The more I respect you, the more you get from me."

"So what impresses you?" The Caracal purred, his fingers walking slowly across the table in front of him, as phantom fingers walked sensually up the inside of Throttle's thigh.

"Creativity." He smiled simply.

"You willing to let me show you some tonight?" He rumbled, as the phantom hand cupped the mouse's balls.

"Now that depends," he looked at the Puma, "if Lance is willing to deal with Blaze for the night."

"I think I can handle her." Lance smiled. "You three enjoy yourselves, unless you'd rather keep it to two, in which case the puppy can visit with me."

"Oh, I want the puppy." Throttle grinned.

Davon grinned, as the Kantin's tail wagged enthusiastically. "I think he likes the idea too."

"I get the feeling he doesn't get many opportunities to tie with a playmate." Throttle chuckled deep in his throat.

"It's kind of specialized interest." Aron agreed. "Though he and Telkor do tie with each other." He purred, his handing running down the inside of the Wolf's thigh.

"That must be a delicious sight." Throttle grinned. "Has either of them been in the middle of a knot?"

Davon and Aron both grinned. "They both have." The Panther smirked broadly.

"So which one has been the good boy who gets to be tonight?" The mouse grinned.

Davon grinned. "They usually solve that by wrestling for it. Winner gets to choose." He said licking his lips. "They do look hot wrestling."

"I expect so." Throttle licked his lips. "I think I can take them."

Davon grinned. "Now that sounds good. Let them wrestle each other, and then the winner wrestles you." He suggested. "Or did you have something else in mind?" He asked curiously.

"Oh, I know who I want in the middle." Throttle grinned. "But far be it for me to spoil the foreplay."

"And foreplay it is." Davon grinned. "Gets those two completely hard."

"I can imagine." Throttle chuckled, giving both canines a solid looking over. "All that close quarters contact, rubbing and straining to see who gets what they want."

"The smell of male arousal, sweat and competition can get quite intoxicating." The Panther purred.

"Oh, yes, it definitely can." Throttle rumbled deep in his chest. "I think this will be a most entertaining night."

"Maybe we can even exhaust the puppies." Davon grinned.

"I like a challenge." Throttle grinned. "Maybe you'll even tire me enough to stay the night."

"Now that's an incentive." The Caracal purred.

"It's also a difficult challenge." He smirked. "Particularly when I have an incentive to go home."

"Yeah, Lance is hard to resist." Davon nodded.

"And very good at what he does." Throttle rumbled with an affectionate look and teasing tail for his master.

"And Throttle is such an enthusiastic pet." Lance purred with a fond smile for the mouse.

"I'll bet." Aron grinned. "Usually takes a weekend with that houseboy of yours to get you in this good a mood."

"Well, Throttle does put me in a good mood." The Puma grinned. "But we're finally going to get Modo out of that camp, is what's really improved my mood."

"Not to mention mine." Throttle chuckled before loosing his humor. "Five years is a long time to look to get nothing but evidence he's dead."

"Yeah, he was worried you'd be thinking that." Lance said quietly. "Especially, after he got separated from his bike."

"Which I found covered in his blood and battle scars." Throttle sighed before forcefully shaking it off. "It'll be over with soon, when we're back together."

"Yes, it will." Lance said confidently.

"Damn straight." Davon said fiercely. "We'll help you get your bros back." A statement that Aron nodded agreement with.

"And have fun in the downtime." Throttle's smile was slightly forced, but not completely.

"Definitely." Davon purred. "Gotta keep you from getting too serious." He chuckled.

"Something I don't do naturally." Throttle smirked. "I always need lots of help relaxing and having fun."

"Well, that's something you won't want for around here." Lance chuckled. "If there's one thing this crew knows, it's how to have fun."

"So I'm gathering." He chuckled. "I'm looking forward to this trip, and the others."

"One more after this one, and before Mars." Lance nodded. "Have to get Vinnie." He said as though it were simply a matter of time.

"Yeah, they'll be fun." Davon agreed.

"Might be more." Throttle said softly. "If they know about other Martians. It's a long enough trip, we should take everyone we can, if it's reasonable."

Lance nodded. "Though the more we have, the longer stocking will take."

"That's where the reasonable part comes in." Throttle said quietly. "Too much of a delay isn't reasonable unless it's someone very special."

"We'll see what we find." Lance said gently, and then leaned to kiss the mouse on the cheek.

"Yes, we will." Throttle shifted to turn the gentle kiss into a fiercely passionate one.

"You are such a hot mouse." Lance rumbled passionately.

"You bring it out in me." Throttle rumbled back, his tail winding around to stroke the Puma's thigh.

"I certainly do bring it in you." The Puma purred suggestively, as phantom fingers stroked the furless pucker under the mouse's tail.

"Tease." Throttle rumbled.

"And you love it." Lance grinned playfully.

"I'd love something else more." Throttle rumbled hotly, his nose insistent against Lance's neck.

"I'm sure." Lance rumbled, as he ran his hands down the mouse's sides. "But not in the mess hall." He grinned. "Sounds like you're still hungry." He purred lustfully.

"I usually am." Throttle grinned, his tail playing over the Puma's groin.

"Maybe a little warm-up, while the puppies wrestle." Lance nuzzled Throttle playfully.

"Sounds like a fun ringside activity." Throttle rumbled.

"If everyone's done with dinner, why don't we move to one of the playrooms." Lance suggested, as he stood, followed by Davon, Aron and their pets. Both canines were running hungry eyes over the tawny mouse.

"Master, we need to meet them there in a few minutes." Throttle said softly, suddenly very serious.

"Certainly." He smiled. "Guys go on ahead."

"Sure, Captain." Davon smiled, leading the rest out.

"Is something wrong, Throttle?" Lance asked gently, once they were outside the noisy mess hall.

"No, nothing is wrong, but tonight it's very important you spend some serious time paying physical attention to Blaze, as a mouse." He said softly. "And don't get upset with her when she tries for sex. She'll be doubting her place and worth by now, even if she's trying to hide it."

"Why would she be doubting that?" Lance asked curiously. "And I wouldn't get upset with her, I just hope she can accept that I'm not going to have sex with her." He said quietly.

Throttle sighed. "She's a Lupo, even if you raised her. Lupo view the world through the next generation and sex is a right of rank and reinforcement of their place in the pack. As the sole adult female, she's the alpha female, and should have the attentions of all males of the pack, and first pick of breeding partners. She's nearly a year past breeding age, and that both her packmates and ranking members will have refused her as a breeding partner is a rejection of her as a member of the pack of any worth. Even the omegas, the ones everyone gets to pick on, get a little attention."

Lance sighed deeply. "Unfortunately, she's also fifteen." He said softly. "Minors are not a sexual interest of mine, and whatever her culture may say she looks underage."

"I know," Throttle nodded. "Not my first pick either, though if mom stays quiet my resistance won't last long." He shook his head. "But it means you have to pay extra physical attention to her. She's smart enough to understand reasons, and find the alternatives enough. It just means groom her, particularly her mouse form. Let her sleep next to you in the bed if I'm not there. Let her be naked in our quarters if she wants. Play whatever games you did when she was just your dog. She's going to be very needy for a while, until the new pack order is sorted out and stabilized."

"Those I can handle." Lance said quietly. "Of course, if she's like most teenage females, she's probably trying to find out if Rimfire likes girls."

"I hope he does." Throttle cracked a smile. "It'll take some pressure off us."

"When she can get him and Krys apart." Lance smiled.

"Believe me, it'll be in everyone's best interest if she can." Throttle shook his head with a chuckle. "Including Krys."

"Let me guess, a bit of jealousy." He chuckled. "And unfortunately, Krys doesn't have a lot to do when the ship's in hyperspace. Which means spending time with his pet." Lance smiled. "Just reading Krys' body language, I think Rimfire's more his boyfriend than his pet."

"Not so much jealousy as working out the new order of things." Throttle sighed, leaning against the wall. "The instinctive pack order is rather complex, and very aggressively imbedded. She may challenge him for mate-rights. Maybe not, but if she's much of a natural alpha or getting desperate to secure her place, she may."

"That'll be confusing, since R'Canthan's are feline, and something as complex as pack order is totally foreign." He said softly. "But I think a lot will come down to how Rimfire reacts, because while she can challenge him for mate-rights, Krys isn't likely to pay the challenge any attention ... we just don't do things that way."

"Well, she'll only challenge if Rimfire's at least a little interested, and she thinks Krys is coming between them unnecessarily." Throttle tried to explain the social complexities of what Garou and most Kinfolk are born with. "But it would be an extraordinarily bad idea for Krys to ignore it. Even if he doesn't understand, you don't just ignore a Garou upset enough to challenge. He should acknowledge the challenge, not accept it, and call me. With any luck, it'll take at least a couple weeks to get that far. And that's assuming Rimfire is interested, and doesn't get to be with her much, and Krys doesn't want to play." He cocked his head. "Are there any younger crewmembers? One who wouldn't see her age as too much of a difference with assurance it's okay?"

"Our newest recruits." He nodded. "Six of them, about nineteen give or take a bit. And as long as the fifteen year old is willing, and the parent or guardian doesn't object, fifteen with a nineteen year old is okay."

"It might be worth the effort to introduce those that aren't male-only." Throttle said quietly. "It's not as good as us, or Rimfire, but it'll be an effective distraction, and burn off some of the hormone drive."

"I don't know if any of them are male-only, but it's tough to tell with the crew I've got." He chuckled.

"Some comment." Throttle chuckled softly. "At this point I'd ask outright. It is so not something we want to deal with to have her take a fancy to one that isn't interested in does."

"No, that probably wouldn't be good at all." Lance shook his head. "I'll talk with the boys later, find out who'd be potentially interested, and then just introduce those."

"Sounds like a good plan." He smiled and stretched up to kiss the Puma. "Now, shall we go play with the doggies?"

"That sounds wonderful." Lance rumbled as the passionate kiss broke. "This way." He smiled, leading the way, his thick tail brushing across Throttle playfully as he turned.

Lance and Throttle found the teenagers on the basketball court in a fiercely contested three on three game. All six were wearing only running shorts, and sweating from exertion. The one side was a Black Tiger, Jaguar and a Leopard, while the other side was a Cheetah, King Cheetah and a Black Lion. All were athletically built with a build appropriate to their species.

"Well, I can't fault you for good taste in looks." Throttle rumbled appreciatively. "They'll grow up very fine."

"I do try." He chuckled lightly. "Though I look at a little more than just looks when recruiting."

The game broke up as the teenagers noticed the two watching.

"Hey, Captain." The Black Lion who seemed to be the group's leader said, as they padded over. "Who's the hot mouse?" He asked looking Throttle over appraisingly.

"Alex, this is Throttle. Throttle, this is Alex." Lance said by way of introduction. "The Tiger is Marc, the Jaguar is Ty, the Leopard is Ray, the Cheetah is Dyson and the King Cheetah is Jayce."

"Pleased to meet you, Throttle." The teenager said in a friendly way, extending a hand. The rest of the teenagers followed the Lion's lead and shook the buff tan mouse's hand as he appraised each in turn.

"Who's meet Blaze?" Throttle asked as introductions ended.

"The Captain's dog?" Alex asked curiously. "We've all met her."

"She's always had free run of the ship." Lance said quietly.

"Anyone caught the new scuttlebutt on her?" He grinned slightly at the group, leaning against Lance affectionately.

"Heard she turned into a giant mouse-wolf earlier." The Black Tiger said lazily. "That's kind of wild."

Jayce nodded. "And you were there."

"She has a mouse form too," Throttle said matter-a-factly, "who's very interested in a bedmate."

"Seriously?" Marc asked curiously. "She interested outside of her own species?"

Alex chuckled. "What S'lessa not doing it for you anymore?" He teased.

"Just be nice to see someone closer to my age."

"Closer is effectively fifteen." Throttle said softly. "And I'd say she's interested in a male to play with, and will settle for one outside her species. We're looking to just make introductions for those interested."

"Count me in." Jayce and Ray grinned in near unison.

"Me too." Marc grinned.

"Alex, Ty, Dyson?" Throttle looked at the Black Lion, Jaguar and Cheetah.

"Thanks, Throttle, but females just don't do much for me." The Lion said politely.

"Sorry, fifteen would be too much like doing my little sister." Ty said quietly.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to talk with her." Dyson said quietly.

"You want to do introductions now, Throttle?" Lance asked, as he looked at the two not interested. Seemed likely that the scuttlebutt about them being mates was probably true, at least in part.

"Might as well." He nodded. "I don't see any anyone has something critical to do." He smirked playfully. "And we have a game to get back to."

Lance chuckled, and ran a phantom hand around Throttle's balls, between his legs and up to brush across the pucker under his tail to a rumbling of approval. "That we do."

"Cool." Marc smiled eagerly.

"There aren't nearly enough females on this ship." Ray complained with a chuckle as the six headed off.

"You knew that when you signed on." Lance chuckled good-naturedly.

"Yes, Captain." The teenaged Leopard grinned at him.

"'Sides, its not like you don't like guys." Marc grinned at him. "At least you seemed to be enjoying having Syro on your back."

"Yell, yeah." The muscular rossetted tom grinned. "He's good at it."

"His looks hardly hurt that impression." Jayce smirked.

"Not hardly." Marc agreed, his grin widening. "Though he's not as hot as Krys. And have you guys caught a look at Krys' cute pet?" He purred.

"Of course, that's he's a Tiger too has nothing to do with that opinion." Ray smirked. "We're just getting overrun by hunky mice."

"I'm not complaining." Jayce chuckled.

"Like that's a bad thing." Marc chuckled broadly. "And we're going to be picking up another one, right Captain?"

"Yes, Marc. Though he may not be in any shape to play right away." The Puma said quietly. "But he's very definitely a hunk." He purred with a deep fondness.

"Very definitely." Throttle rumbled. "Though Vinnie's quite the pretty boy of us."

"Wow, another one. And he's actually more attractive than you." Marc murmured. "That's a hot thought.

"No kidding." The Leopard rumbled eagerly.

"So did the three of you ever, well ... play around together." He murred at the hot mental image.

"No, though that may well be changing." The tawny mouse chuckled softly.

"Modo certainly wouldn't mind." Lance rumbled. "Even if he's not sure how you're going to handle finding out he likes guys. He was worried you wouldn't approve of that sort of behavior."

Marc looked a little surprised. "Guess every species has got its narrows."

"Yeah, they do." Throttle nodded sadly. "It was something we just didn't bring up. Well, Vinnie would sometimes, but he's a pretty boy."

"And gods, can pretty boys be teases." Marc chuckled. "Like Arvin in Medical, that Lion is such a tease."

"Well, more like a braggart." Throttle shook his head. "He never mentioned guys."

"Maybe it didn't fit the image he wanted." Marc suggested. "Pretty boys are all about the image."

"Or it never occurred to him." Throttle shook his head. "That's a very Vinnie thing too."

"Colors, that's missing out on half the fun." Marc rumbled.

"Try explaining that to a pretty boy." Throttle shook his head in exasperation. "Not any different from Alex though, in a lot of cases."

"Oh, Alex likes girls." Marc chuckled. "He just had a string of bad relationships before we enlisted. Last fem he dated couldn't handle the fact that he didn't want to make it permanent and came after him with a knife. That Tigress was just plain psycho."

"Sounds like it." Throttle shuddered and withdrew abruptly.

Lance put his hand on Throttle's shoulder reassuringly. "What's wrong, Throttle?" He asked softly. "Guys, head on to my quarters, wait at the door."

"Yes, sir." Marc nodded, and patted the tawny mouse on the shoulder as he passed, while the other three gave him an apologetic glance as they followed the Tiger.

"Been there, only not as lucky." He whispered, trying to drag himself back up to the surface of his mind.

"Not as lucky? The boy was hospitalized in serious condition." Lance said softly. "You want to talk about it?" He offered gently, his entire manner becoming comforting and reassuring.

"Sadist held me a year and a half before I killed her." Throttle whispered.

"And she mind-touched you, without asking didn't she?" He asked gently. "No wonder you reacted so badly that first time." He said, pulling the mouse into a comforting embrace.

"Mind-raped," he managed, just barely. "Forced me to feel what she wanted."

"You're free now, though." He said reassuringly. "Sadists like her give those who do it for mutual pleasure a bad name." He added quietly.

"I know," Throttle nodded against the Puma's chest.

Lance stroked the mouse's hair reassuringly. "She's why you seem to have two reactions to pain, one of pleasure, the other not?" He asked gently.

"Her and the camps." Throttle sighed as he pulled himself together. "And why I like a couple kinds almost exclusively. What they didn't use."

"Electricity was one they didn't use?" He asked gently.

Throttle nodded. "Not like that, at least."

"Can you tell me what you do like?" He asked gently. "So I don't try the things you don't enjoy."

"I like your touch; pain, pleasure or raw." Throttle murmured. "I like being fucked when bound, and using my mouth to please. And I like your touch as a lover." He smiled despite himself, his tail slipping around Lance's waist.

"That's good to hear." Lance rumbled, as he claimed a gentle, loving kiss. "Sounds like toys aren't a big favorite with you." He said gentle and understanding. "Which is okay with me, I'd rather have my hands on you."

"Mmm, a lot is a double reaction." Throttle admitted before claiming another kiss. "There is pleasure there."

"But it gets confused by bad memories." Lance nodded as their lips parted. "I'll keep that in mind for when we play." He rumbled. "I do have a playroom on board."

"I am so not surprised." He grinned.

"Good." Lance grinned back. "'Cause I like playing with you in the playroom."

"You just like playing with me." Throttle smirked as his tail slid under the Puma's tail.

"No denying that." Lance rumbled, as a phantom hand rolled the mouse's balls gently.

"Mmm, you keep that up and the kits are going to get a show before the games." He grinned.

"True, though my son wouldn't necessarily be the heir." He smiled. "Grandfather skipped his children entirely, which isn't without precedent."

"Not that they'd complain." Lance chuckled. "They already think you're hot stuff." He smirked. "But I think there's a party we're expected at sometime."

"You felines all seem to like mice." Throttle smirked, his tail winding down to play over Lance's balls.

"Chasing mice is kind of instinctive for felines." Lance smirked. "As is playing with them." He rumbled, as a phantom hand traced circles around the mouse's pucker, while his hand reached down to rub Throttle's groin, drawing a sharp breath as solid fingers traced around the hardness behind cloth. "But maybe I should leave you hard for the party later." He rumbled teasingly, his fingers tracing the hardness playfully.

"I'll be hard again for them." Throttle rumbled hotly, his tail snaking between them to return the caress.

"In that case, maybe I should take you right here in the hallway." Lance suggested, an aggressively playful tone entering his voice as he reached up to gently fondle one thick red antenna. "Would you like that?"

After a throaty moan Throttle rumbled, "Oh, yes, master."

"Face the wall then, and drop your jeans." The Puma rumbled aggressively, as he undid his pants and let them drop to the floor. His cock was hard and pick as it sprang into the light.

Throttle didn't hesitate a moment, his pants sliding down muscular legs even as he turned and braced himself. The musk of his arousal thick around his body.

"Such a hot ass." Lance rumbled as he positioned himself behind Throttle, with his hands caressing the globes of the mouse's ass. "And so willing." He purred lustfully in the mouse's ear, as a finger pressed against the pucker to slip inside.

"Ohh, just take me, master." The tawny mouse rumbled hotly, his tail pulling the big Puma closer.

"Since you ask so nicely." The Puma rumbled aggressively just before he slid his cock in, all the way to the sheath, while a phantom hand fondle the mouse's cock and balls. He then began pounding the tawny ass slow and deep, as one hand reached around to tease at the his pet's nipples as Throttle moaned softly, his tail adding force to the thrusts with an eagerness that was almost dangerous.

Lance continued his slow, hard pounding until he felt his pet was close. Then, just as he thrust into the willing body he gave Throttle the same electrical charge across the antennae he had the first time. The aggressive passion of the charge ran through the mouse from antennae to feet, eliciting a scream that was half uncontrolled, and half the power of his orgasm as his entire body stiffened.

The mouse's scream and orgasm pushed Lance passed his limit, and he roared as his hips bucked burying himself deeper in the warm, wet tunnel as he filled it with his seed. As he came down, he braced himself against the wall with one arm around the tan mouse's chest.

"I don't think I'll ever tire of that." Throttle rumbled as he gasped for breath.

"Good, cause I don't think I will either." Lance agreed breathlessly.

"Wooff," the sound left no doubt to the owner's agreement.

"Shudda figured." Throttle chuckled softly.

Lance looked up to see Blaze, the kits and Nareena standing nearby watching. "Good thing neither of us is at all shy." He rumbled in the tawny mouse's ear.

"We wouldn't be doing it in the hallway if we were." Throttle chuckled.

"Damn, that was hot." Marc said, louder than he intended as Blaze smirked.

"No kidding." Ray whistled under his breath.

"No, I suppose we wouldn't." Lance chuckled. "You were just too hot to resist."

"I do my best." Throttle smirked over his shoulder.

"And your best is very good indeed." Lance purred, as he slid his cock from mouse's ass. "Guess we should get dressed and do introductions." He chuckled as he pulled up his pants.

"I think they found each other." Throttle chuckled as his tail retrieved his jeans. "But might as well make it formal."

"Yes, though they seem to have gotten to the point." He smiled, noticing that Blaze was in mouse form.

"Not too far, they're all still dressed." Throttle smirked and walked up to the group. "Guys, this is Blaze, in her newest form."

"And a really cute form it is." Marc purred appreciatively, earning him a playful look and supple tail playing up his leg.

"The bold one is Marc." Throttle chuckled. "Ray, Jaycen and Dyson," he pointed to each golden male with black markings in turn, "all thought it might be fun to play."

"Yeah, and I shoulda know you'd be cute." Marc smiled at Blaze. "Seems like mice are always are, based on the three on board, and the others we've heard about."

"I was certainly pleased when Modo's Bro turned out to be as attractive as Modo himself." Lance purred, drawing a chuckle from Throttle.

"Since we are going to want to bed back at some point tonight, do find somewhere else to play." Throttle smirked at the five, and the hungry way Blaze looked at all of them.

"No problem, Teacher-Alpha." Blaze grinned.

"Yeah, we got a place." Marc grinned.

"Have fun." Lance grinned. "And don't do anything that ends up with someone in medical." He teased, the big smirk on his face a dead giveaway.

"And risk explaining it to GentleHands?" Blaze smirked.

"I wouldn't." Lance chuckled, grinning at the Healer standing behind the group of teens.

"No one in their right mind would." The quite King Cheetah said.

"Well, have fun, but I do expect to see her back before we leave hyperspace." Throttle chuckled and turned to leave.

"And I expect you all to still show up for duty shifts." Lance said gently. "They aren't all that demanding in hyperspace." He chuckled, and followed Throttle.

"So where are we going to stake out?" Blaze grinned at her cohorts.

"There's a lounge that our quarters share." Marc smiled. "It's open and has really soft carpeting, and no one but us goes there, unless they're looking for us."

"Sounds like fun." She grinned, wrapping her tail around his back and chest to tease the Black Tiger's chin. "Is everyone on the same shift?"

"The six of us are." Marc nodded, smiling at the agile tail. "The rest of the crew splits between the three shifts. Though the captain is pretty good about putting mates on the same shift." He smiled, and flipped his thick tail around to brush down her back.

"I guess that means I'll have some time to kill with Master." Blaze grinned.

"Probably." Marc smiled. "Though in hyperspace we don't do much. Only takes two of us, to cover everything. So we take turns." He chuckled. "Captain doesn't care as long as the work gets done."

"Even better." She rumbled. "Time for everything, and everyone."

"Yeah." Marc purred. "You'll always have two of us available, and sometimes all four." He grinned.

"I like the sound of that." Blaze rumbled. "Your two roommates not interested in girls?"

"The one's not interested in girls much younger than him. The other's still recovering from a string of bad luck with females, including one that hospitalized him when he wouldn't agree to a permanent relationship." Marc explained. "The both like girls though, though they like each other better."

"Maybe they'll come out and play, then." She grinned mischievously. "Just not with me."

Marc chuckled. "They might, or they might come out to watch us play with you." He smirked.

"No argument here." Blaze grinned, her tail trailing back to tease the others.

"Or here." Ray purred.

"Though you must get to see some really hot scenes, sharing quarters with the Captain." Marc purred.

"Oh, big time." She grinned from ear to ear. "I know where the video collection is too."

"Gods, that's got to be one hot collection." Marc rumbled. "He's had some hot pets, though I don't know if any of them matched up to Throttle."

"Not in my book, but I'm partial." Blaze snickered. "They are really incredible together."

"That's an understatement." Marc grinned. "Never seen anyone get the Captain hot enough to do it in the hallway before."

"Quite a sight it was too." Ray rumbled hotly. "It'll take a lot to top that."

"I've seen it." Blaze smirked.

"Oh, really." Marc purred, intensely interested. "What was hotter?"

"The time in the hot tub was pretty intense." She murred. "They settled in, just kissing to work each other up, then Master worked his mouth down Alpha's jaw and throat and chest. He had Alpha moaning before going under water to suck on him."

"Yeah, Captain's good at that." Marc chuckled. "Real talented hands and mouth."

"Used them on you?" She murred hungrily.

"Yeah." Marc smiled. "I hit on him in a bar back home just after I turned legal. I was figuring on a quick fuck to celebrate. Two days later I was sated and very happy."

"And following him into space?" She chuckled.

"Actually that was a surprise." He chuckled. "Me and the guys had been looking for work that would pay well, be interesting and let us see the galaxy. Captain's ad for crew was just too perfect. I was completely floored when I walked in for the interview, and it was him."

"I was wondering what the big joke was." Blaze snickered.

"Yeah, I think he wrote that ad for us, or at least me." Marc chuckled. "He didn't really need six more crewmembers."

"Though back-ups aren't a bad idea." She shrugged. "He was in an exceptionally good mood after interviewing you though."

"He wasn't the only one." Marc grinned. "Especially after he introduced me to some of the crew." He smirked.

"Yeah, he hit it off real well with some of them." Ray snickered. "Here we go, home sweet home."

"That from the tom who was walking funny when he got home after the interview." Marc snickered back, as they entered the lounge. The furniture was simple yet sturdy with a large round table and a large couch the most noticeable items, along with the entertainment system. The thick, plush carpet on the floor was extremely pleasant to walk on.

"I seem to remember you weren't doing much better." The Leopard shot back with grin.

"So how about showing me a few things you've learned?" Blaze rumbled, swinging in front of Marc to claim an inexperienced, though eager, kiss.

The kiss caught Marc off-guard but after a moment he claimed a more passionate one as his hands explored Blaze's back through her short, loose shirt.

"I think she's more eager than we are." Ray grinned as he slipped behind her, slipping his hands up her legs and teasingly under her skirt as Blaze moaned softly and went lax to their attentions.

"Looks like mice are just hot." Marc rumbled, as he slipped his hands up under her shirt to caress her small, pert breasts.

"No argument from me." He grinned, kissing Blaze on the neck and slipped a teasing finger across her swollen, slick mons, causing her to arch back against him and spread her legs with a needy groan.

"Let's get this shirt out of the way." Marc rumbled passionately as he slipped the shirt up over Blaze's head and dropped on the floor. He bent his head to lick playfully at the pert breasts, running circles before licking the nipples as she gasped, her hands coming up to his shoulders as her entire body trembled to vocal cries of need.

"I think she wants more than your tongue down there, Bro." Marc smiled as he stripped down quickly, never breaking contact for long. His cock was hard as he freed it from his shorts.

"Hay, foreplay is important." The Leopard rumbled in retort as he eyed Marc's erection with a messy muzzle.

"Shut up and fuck me." Blaze's demand was bordering on desperate.

"I think she's had enough foreplay, Bro." The Black Tiger grinned as he placed his cock next to both the Leopard's muzzle and Blaze's slick, spread mons.

"Then you handle up front," Ray purred and gave his friend a playful lick, "and I'll play back here for a while."

"I like that idea." Marc rumbled, as he laid her back on the carpet and slid his hard cock into her willing, eager body. As he did so, he leaned forward to claim a passionate kiss she moaned eagerly into.

As Blaze pressed her hips up she brought her legs up to wrap around the Tiger's hips, mewing softly into his mouth while Ray tested Marc's ass for readiness with a lubed finger.

Marc moaned and pressed up against the finger before thrusting down into the wet, warmth of the female mouse beneath him. He thrust gently but deep as the fine, sensitive barb hairs played against the soft female flesh and moaned in unison with Blaze as his own body was penetrated.

"You asked for some help?" Throttle asked as he entered the Black Lioness' quarters.

There was a loud moan and roar of pleasure that Throttle guessed to be S'lessa followed by a half roar / half scream of pleasure that he figured had to be from Rimfire, that came from the other side of the thick curtain that screen the bed from the doorway.

He shook his head and stripped from the running shorts before slipping to the other side of the curtain. The nosefull of R'Canthan in heat and sex was more than enough to get him hard almost instantly, and the sight of the large Lioness straddling his nephew with such abandon only increased it.

S'lessa turned her head from the completely blissed out young mouse to look at the naked aroused Throttle. "Lovely." She purred wantonly. "Another buff mouse stud for me. Come here handsome." She gestured seductively with one shapely hand.

"He's quite cute like that." Throttle chuckled softly as he walked over to her, his hands and mouth eager as he knelt with one leg on he bed.

"He's very cute." She purred, as she ran her hands through the tan mouse's hair. "And very eager and willing to learn too." She rumbled as her arousal began to build again. "Do you shudder when your antennae are stroked too?" She asked with deep purr.

"And scream when they're charged." He rumbled hotly, burring his muzzle against her neck to kiss his way up her jaw as one hand trailed down her body to slip his fingers on either side of the hard nub just front of Rimfire's cock.

"Oh, that I hadn't tried." She rumbled excitedly, and then moaned slightly at his touch.

"Not everyone gets off on it." Throttle rumbled eagerly. "It's an acquired taste in intensity."

Just on the edge of coming down, Rimfire saw his uncle kneeling naked next to the bed, and he could smell his uncle's arousal. The combination of that scent and sight, cause his cock to stiffen again inside S'lessa, who shivered in excitement.

"I think he likes what he sees." Throttle chuckled deep in his chest as his fingers slipped between the joined lovers to rub the hard shaft inside Rimfire's sheath.

"There's a lot to like." S'lessa rumbled, as phantom fingers stroked Throttle's cock, and a phantom hand fondled his balls. "Want you both inside me." She purred hungrily.

"Front and back, or both in one?" Throttle asked easily.

"Both in front." She rumbled greedily. "I want your cocks rubbing together inside me."

Throttle rumbled hotly at the spike of arousal that caused and moved around behind her. "Lean forward beautiful."

The Lioness complied, leaning forward and teasing at Rimfire's nipples with her fingers, causing him to shudder and thrust up at her slightly as Throttle's fingers slipped between her legs as he settled with his own between Rimfire's and hers.

Rimfire shivered with excitement at the contact, though he didn't say anything. He'd had really sexy dreams about the tan mouse, since his uncle had walked in on him nude in Krys' bed. One fantasy had been that Throttle had joined him in the White Tiger's bed for a threesome. But part of his mind complained noisily that this was uncle, and you weren't supposed to think that way about relatives. The rest was too busy enjoying the tightness of the other mouse's cock as it squeezed in next to his.

S'lessa purred at the contact, and pushed down trying to take both cocks deep within her as Throttle laid on her back and thrust, already breathing hard as he used his tail to make sure they didn't come apart.

The rubbing of Throttle's cock against his own inside the tight wetness of S'lessa was an immense turn-on for the young mouse, and he began moaning and whimpering as he thrust up at her, contained in his eagerness by both older lovers.

S'lessa moaned in happy pleasure at the fullness she felt, before she pulled herself together long enough to send a gentle charge across Throttle's antennae. Unlike the rough, aggressive passion of Lance's charge, this energy was sultry and seductive as it wound its way through him.

The tawny mouse moaned and whimpered, much of his control slipping at the gentle, sensual touch he was he unfamiliar with.

Rimfire was seriously blissed by the scent of Throttle's arousal and S'lessa's heat and arousal mixing in the air around him. His tail snaked around to play teasingly at the pucker under Throttle's tail.

The Lioness stretched back to stroke the tawny mouse's antennae gently, before giving him another charge like the first.

It was all more than the tawny mouse could take and he arched his back, pushing as far inside her as he could before the tremors took him over with a grunting roar as his seed splashed over Rimfire's cock while they rubbed together inside their mate.

The splash of Throttle's hot seed over his cock was more than enough to push Rimfire over the edge. He roared as he thrust his hips up, pushing his cock along Throttle's and deeper into S'lessa as his seed sprayed inside her as S'lessa moaned and shuddered while her muscles clamped down on the two cocks inside her as she shook with the power of her orgasm.

"Mmm, that was a fun start." Throttle grinned against her back as they recovered their breath.

"It's so nice to have males I don't have to worry about kittens with." S'lessa purred deeply.

"What about the canines?" Throttle asked curiously. "And other pets."

"The canines are almost too puppylike for my tastes." She said simply. "I like a hard edge to the males I bed, even if they're being submissive."

"War will do that to you," he nodded, glancing down at the young mouse under them, who still had a kind of dazed, happy look on his face.

"Yes, it will." S'lessa nodded. "It's where I got my taste for hard males. One of two females in the FireClaws."

"Was it just my imagination, or did he find that extremely erotic?" Throttle whispered in her ear as his hands massaged firm round breasts.

"Well, I imagined the same thing." She purred back, as a phantom hand caressed the tan mouse's inner thigh, causing his cock to twitch inside her.

"Hungry creature." Throttle rumbled, thrusting lightly into her crowded passage.

"You have no idea." She rumbled hotly, as she squeezed her internal muscles, pushing the two cocks together. Rimfire moaned and shuddered happily, as he ran his hands up S'lessa stomach and chest to caress her breasts, his fingers brushing against Throttle's as the older mouse's hands gave way. Then Throttle began to thrust in earnest; a hard, aggressive pace he showed to few.

"Oh, yes, Throttle." S'lessa moaned hungrily, as Rimfire began to buck his hips, aroused by the rubbing of the older mouse's cock. His thrusting was eager, if inexperienced, as he played off Throttle's determined skill.

S'lessa moaned in counterpoint to Rimfire's moans and whimpers as she caressed the younger mouse's chest, while a phantom hand played at the pucker under the older mouse's tail. It drew both moans and a deep, hungry growl from Throttle as he pounded into her with his full strength.

The pounding got to Rimfire first and his came with half-scream, half-roar as his seed shot into the Lioness, splashing hot around Throttle's cock. S'lessa continued to moan and shudder under the tan mouse's pounding, as she leaned forward to kiss the exhausted young mouse gently.

Though he shuddered at the sudden liquid heat splashing down on his cock's head, Throttle didn't let up, trying to keep cool in this incendiary environment. S'lessa moaned hungrily as she leaned back against him. She reached back and up to caress his thick red antennae, releasing another electric charge stronger than before as a phantom cock penetrated the mouse.

"Oh, gods." Throttle shuddered as he couldn't hold back anymore, his seed soaking S'lessa's passage and Rimfire's softening cock.

S'lessa stiffened and roared as she came in response the hot seed spraying her insides. Several muscular spasms squeezed both cocks as a powerful orgasm shot through her body. She tiredly slumped forward lay her body across Rimfire's. "Sweet Lights, you're good, Throttle." She rumbled quietly to the panting mouse on her back.

"You are incredibly hot." He murmured. "I think he passed out." Throttle chuckled as he reached down to brush the sweat plastered hair from Rimfire's eyes.

"He's very enthusiastic." She said fondly. "And very sweet."

"And probably getting laid more in the last couple days than in the laid couple years." Throttle chuckled softly.

"Well, yes." She smiled. "Though it was sweet of him to stay with me, given that he really prefers males."

"His mamma raised him right." Throttle quoted his Bro fondly. "It's not like you're an unattractive partner, even if you do prefer guys."

"Thank you, Throttle." S'lessa purred lightly. "You're rather attractive yourself."

"I'm also still hard," he grinned at her. "A little one on one till he comes around?"

"I'm game." She grinned, as she gently rolled off the younger mouse, and on to her back in the large comfortable bed.

A light moan signaled the exhausted young mouse's return to consciousness. One that was hastened by the explosive set of roars next to him.

Rimfire looked over a bit incredulously. "Still at it?" He asked with a smile.

"Good, now I can sleep." Throttle mumbled and flopped down next to him, and half on top of him.

Rimfire chuckled. "Shift fucking, huh?"

"She 'ain't tiring out, kid." The tawny mouse grumbled. "Ain't natural."

"I think I agree." S'lessa said quietly. "It's never been like this before." She said as she lay next to the two males.

"You ever actually had a mate for one of these heats?" Throttle looked at her briefly before his head thudded back to the bed.

"I borrowed a couple of the canine pets on board the last time." She said quietly.

"Call Nareena?" He asked, only just holding on to consciousness by the leader part of his brain.

"I should." She nodded as she reluctantly got out of bed to use the intercom. "Medical, please."

"Medical, Nareena speaking."

"Hi, Nareena. It's S'lessa, I need to see you, I think it's important." She said quietly.

"I'll be there in a little while, just stay put."

"Yes, ma'am." She said, as she hung up the intercom, and slid back into bed next to the mice, one of whom had given up on awareness.

S'lessa got up to answer the door chime. "Hi, Nareena." She said a little relieved to see the healer. "Come on in."

"I came as soon as I could, S'lessa." She said as she stepped in. "What's the problem? You've got two hot mice in your bed, so lack of male attention isn't it." She said in gently teasing voice between close friends.

"I'm wearing them out." She said quietly. "And I'm not tiring at all. I should be exhausted but I just want more. My heat has never been this intense before."

Nareena nodded quietly. "The pheromone levels in here are higher than the last time too. Get a shower and use this shampoo, it will reduce pheromone production for a while. Then get dressed, I want to see you in Medical and I'll escort you myself, to make sure you don't take advantage of any males along the way." She said gently.

"Thank you, Nareena." She said gratefully, as she took the shampoo and ducked into the bathroom as Throttle raised his head grudgingly.

"Any ideas?" Throttle asked quietly from where he was crashed half on top of Rimfire after the water had started.

"I've heard of rare cases where heat triggered excessive production of adrenaline and several other compounds that could account for the unflagging energy. But I want blood work and scanner reports to look at. That she's wearing the two of you out, is just not normal."

"Good thing I commented then." He murmured and dragged himself out of the bed to get dressed. "I didn't know it was odd."

"That she could wear one of you out, would be normal." Nareena smiled. "Both of you, and one of you a teenaged male, is definitely odd."

Rimfire shook himself awake, and sat on the edge of the bed as he stretched. "I'd only been with one female before." He said quietly. "And it was nothing like that."

"Mice don't have a heat." Throttle worked the exhausted kinks out of his body. "I'm going to be sore when this is over."

"I'm sore already." Rimfire said quietly, as he looked for his clothes.

"Sounds like you two should go to the whirpool tubs, while I check S'lessa out in medical." Nareena said gently.

"Abrasive healing cream would be appreciated too." Throttle said quietly.

"There's some in a white jar in the medicine cabinet, in the whirlpool room the Captain uses." She smiled. "I think you know which one that is."

"Gatcha," he nodded. "Come on Rimfire."

"Just let me get my shorts on." He moaned softly as he bent down to grab the running shorts. He pulled them on, and threw a plain blue t-shirt on before following the tawny mouse.

"Oh, gods." Throttle moaned gratefully as he sank into the water, his cock still hard from the pheromone residue and the process of putting the healing cream on it and a few other places.

"Gods, this feels good." Rimfire moaned as he slid into the water, his cock hard as well from the pheromones, and from a few other things.

"The cream is good if more than muscles are sore." The tawny mouse said softly.

"Probably not a bad idea." The teenager said, slipping out of the water, to retrieve the cream. The process of applying it, only made his cock harder, and he moaned as he sank back into the water. "Yeah, that does help."

"Except for the pheromones." Throttle chuckled and sank under the water for a moment. "At least the filters will take care of that soon."

"Yeah, I thought I was getting seriously drunk." The younger mouse said before getting his head under the water to let the water wash away some of the scents.

"We were," Throttle arched back, displaying his hard body as he worked muscles so they didn't knot too badly. "Stuff's potent."

"No wonder she stays away from the rest of the crew." He said as he watched Throttle discretely. "They'd never get anything done."

"And the place would be overrun with kits." Throttle shook his head as he relaxed back and sank into the water up to his chin. "A race that can't have functional birth control and that kind of attraction mechanism is a serious breeding population."

"Krys said it only happens two or three times a year." He said, only having brought his head out of the water. "Though nobody mentioned the pheromones, that was kind of a shock."

"A very intoxicating one." Throttle nodded. "Though given few of them would have actually encountered a female in heat, I'm not surprised they didn't know."

"Actually, most of the crew has. They're mostly R'Canthan like her." He said. "There's just the pets who aren't."

"Unless they've sired a kit, they probably haven't actually encountered it before, though. Or may just didn't think to mention it." Throttle stretched. "Doesn't really matter."

"Not really." Rimfire stretched, displaying his hard, teenage body. "It was fun though, if exhausting." He grinned.

"And not over for a few more days, if I was told right." Throttle chuckled. "We're going to be two sore mice when she goes back on duty."

"Yeah, that's for sure." Rimfire shook his head. "Lance gonna be upset with you for disappearing for that long?" He asked curiously.

"He'll probably steal me back nights, like Krys does with you." Throttle chuckled. "Am I reading the two of you right? That it's closer to boyfriends than master/ pet."

"Yeah, Krys is really great." He smiled fondly. "He just said they have some cultural thing that makes playing master/pet necessary. I don't mind, we used to play that game before sometimes." He shrugged. "So what's the deal with you and Lance, doesn't look like just master/pet but I'm not sure what I'd call it."

"A business deal that's getting personal very fast." The older mouse sighed and shifted to put his arms on the side of the small pool.

"You like him don't you?" Rimfire asked gently.

"Yeah, I do." He sighed and fingered the golden chain and stud earring around his neck. "Even the day we met, when I was still debating whether to break his neck or not."

"Why would you want to do that?" The teenager asked curiously, as he put arms on the back of the tub.

"He was wearing this when I saw him." Throttle explained quietly, fingering the stud and chain. "And I was as sure as I could be Modo was dead. I found Little Darlin' over two years ago, in very bad shape and bloody from an old battle. Her last battle with him."

"Oh wow." Rimfire said quietly. "No wonder you thought about killing him. That must've looked bad."

"That he's good enough to really challenge me in a fight got us talking. Modo had him looking for me or Vinnie, and his price for the information was lower than I was concerned about." He shook his head. "It kind of developed from there. We have a lot in common."

"That's good." Rimfire smiled. "'Cause I think he likes you too."

"He does, quite a bit." Throttle nodded, though it had a heavy edge of sadness to it. "He's nearly as committed to getting to Mars as I am."

"You sound like that's not a good thing." Rimfire said quietly.

"I'm four years into the most successful relationship of my life and there is no way he could ever come with us." Throttle shook his head. "As much as I want to go home, I'm not looking forward to leaving him."

"Oh." Rimfire said quietly. "So it's not really about Lance, it's about leaving your guy." He said understandingly.

Throttle nodded. "I already miss him."

Rimfire slid around to put an arm around Throttle. "I'm sorry, guess there's always a price to pay."

"I know, and I pay it." He growled softly. "Just wondering how much more they'll demand before it's over."

"I don't know." Rimfire said quietly. "But you'll have Modo back, and even if Lance isn't your guy, he still cares about you. It's not all bad." He said trying to be comforting, in a clumsy teenager sort of way.

"It's mostly very good." Throttle nodded. "And we have a lead on Vinnie too."

"That's cool." Rimfire said. "You sure your guy can't come." He asked softly.

"He's Commander of the MegaKat City Enforcers." Throttle said softly. "Yes, I'm sure."

"Oh." Rimfire said surprised. "Yeah, I guess he can't." The teenager said very softly, leaning against Throttle. "I missed you, Throttle."

"I've missed you, even if I was focusing on my Bros." He put an arm around the younger mouse's shoulders. "Do you know what a Garou is?"

"One of the shapeshifters, right?" Rimfire said curiously.

"Yes, the ones native to Mars." He nodded. "Have you ever met one, that you know of?"

"I don't think so." He said quietly. "But given some of the assholes on Mars, I'm not surprised."

"Your uncle and I are Garou Kinfolk." Throttle said quietly. "You will probably be able to shift before we see Mars again."

Rimfire blinked in surprise. "You're kidding, right?" He said, a bit disbelieving but not in a bad way.

"No, I'm not." Throttle answered with quiet firmness. "Blaze is one too. You can expect her to look you up soon. She went through her First Shift just before we lifted off."

"How's that possible?" He asked curiously. "There's no shifters in my family."

"How can you be sure back five generations, or more?" Throttle countered gently. "It doesn't always appear regularly."

"Oh, I guess I figured it was more regular." He said quietly. "Uncle Modo is Kinfolk?" He asked curiously.

"If he's your blood relation, he must be." Throttle nodded.

"Our mamas are sisters." He said simply. "This is kind of weird." He said quietly.

"Not as weird as having cats for boyfriends." Throttle pointed out with a soft chuckle.

Rimfire grinned shyly. "Yeah, I guess that is a bit strange. I wonder if Vinnie's got a cat boyfriend too, since the rest of us do." He smirked.

"If he's got a boyfriend, I'm going to deck him." Throttle snorted, though there was distinct amusement behind it.

"So you do like him that way." Rimfire grinned broadly. "I knew I saw you look at him that way when he wasn't looking."

"Imp." Throttle ruffled his hair affectionately. "Yeah, and he didn't notice even when he was looking."

"Aw, you know Vinnie's a bit dense even on his best days." Rimfire smirked. "He is kind of hot though."

"He's well past kind of hot, and he's mine, you hear me?" Throttle laughed, completely ruining his mock sternness.

Rimfire chuckled. "Does your cat know about that?" The teenager teased back.

"He knows he's more important than a lover to me." Throttle said softly, abruptly serious.

"Okay, just joking." Rimfire backed off at the sudden seriousness.

"It's okay, Rimfire." Throttle squeezed his shoulder. "Not your fault."

Rimfire relaxed significantly at the contact, and then started to say something but paused with uncertainty tinging his scent.

"Something wrong, Rimfire?" He asked, concerned.

"Not wrong, exactly." He said softly. "Well, maybe it's wrong, I don't know."

"Maybe I do." Throttle offered quietly.

Rimfire thought quietly for several minutes. "You know how you feel about Vinnie? Well, I feel that way about you." The younger mouse suddenly blurted out.

Throttle opened his mouth to say something, then shut it to stare at his Bro's nephew for a long moment. "For how long?" He eventually asked gently.

"Since I was fourteen." He said very softly. "Most of those times on Earth, I was looking at you like you looked at Vinnie. Charlie noticed but she promised not to say anything."

"Have you desired anyone else?" Throttle asked, rapidly backpedaling in his mind to sort this one out.

"Thought about Vinnie a couple of times, but he's just nice to look at." He said quietly. "And there's Krys, and then there was my first boyfriend, Mike." He said easily.

Throttle sighed. "You're attractive, Rimfire, and I understand the desire, but I'm not comfortable with this right now." He explained softly. "Not without Modo's agreement."

Rimfire sighed, and sank down to his chin in the water. He was so tired of being treated like a kit.

Throttle shook his head. "Rimfire, the age thing does bother me, but it's more cultural." He said softly. "I don't know if my Bro is okay with me sleeping with his nephew that I've adopted. I'm not willing to turn out first meeting into a fight over it. It won't be that long."

"I know." He sighed. "Just tired of being treated like a kit." He grumbled.

"I'm not treating you like a kit." Throttle rested his muzzle very gently against Rimfire's head. "I'm treating you like the close relative of someone very dear to both of us. Is it really worth having Modo hurt if he'd not okay with it?"

"He'll be okay with it." Rimfire mumbled, though he didn't sound all that confident, and then he sighed. "No, not really. I guess I just didn't think about that." He said quietly.

"I think he will be, but he's too important to me not to hear it from him, when he's this close. You've waited years, will a few weeks with your boyfriend be such torture?"

"No, not really." He smiled. "Don't tell S'lessa this, but after you showed up I was paying more attention to you than her." He grinned impishly.

"She knew you prefer guys, Bro." Throttle chuckled softly as he mentally shifted Rimfire into the new place. "Same as me. I don't think she much cares as long as you get hard for her."

"And as long as she doesn't have to worry about having kits by us." He grinned.

"She better not." Throttle shook his head with a bemused laugh. "She'd have an absolute fit."

"No kidding. A cat having mice? That'd have to be a first." He chuckled.

"Not just mice, but were-mice-wolves." Throttle chuckled. "Ummm, sort of on that count, I would appreciate if you could find some time to spend with Blaze on this trip. Nareena gave her an infertility shot, and she is very hungry for a mouse lover."

"I'll try." Rimfire said quietly, not all that interested.

"That's all I ask, and turn her down kindly if you find her not to your tastes." He nuzzled the younger mouse gently. "You are the only two full Garou on board. It would be good if you could at least like each other, since you are both in the same pack."

"Mama taught me to always be polite to ladies." Rimfire smiled, and leaned into the contact. "Though I don't think she had what S'lessa needs in mind when she said that."

"Perhaps in the back of her mind." Throttle chuckled. "Though I would hesitate to call Blaze a lady yet."

"Well, it's the principle. I know she's a bit rough around the edges, she was a four-legger not that long ago." He smiled.

"Yes, and right now she's a sex-starved teenager." He chuckled deep in his chest. "Well, not anymore. "Four of the new recruits are keeping her company."

"Oh, the guys." Rimfire chuckled. "Yeah I bet they are. Four of them will take sex anyway they can get it. The other two are pretty much strictly guys, and more importantly pretty seriously addicted to each other."

"I noticed." Throttle chuckled deeply. "It should calm her down a few notches, though they can only do so much."

"She really needs a mouse, huh?" He said curiously.

"She wants one, badly." Throttle nodded. "And if would be better if he's closer to her own age. I'm uneasy with nineteen, fifteen is just disturbing."

"Well, I had my first boyfriend when I was fifteen." He chuckled quietly. "But I'll need a couple of days to recuperate after this week with S'lessa first." He grinned.

"I was mated at fifteen." He smirked and ruffled Rimfire's hair. "But she was fifteen too."

"I think Mike was seventeen." Rimfire smiled. "But it's hard to tell with humans."

"Still a teenager." Throttle pointed out. "I'm old enough to be your father."

"So, what's the big deal? We're both adults." Rimfire asked, seriously confused.

"The deal is I picked up enough outsider culture to get along that it doesn't feel right with someone I could have sired, whether I did or not." He shrugged. "It's just one of those things. It's not a no, it's just a little weird."

"I guess I haven't picked up enough." He smiled impishly. "But I understand feeling weird about something. First time Mike asked me out I though that was weird, I'd never thought about dating an alien." He chuckled.

"I remember that moment, with Charley." Throttle nodded with a chuckle of his own. "I've gotten very used to it since then."

"Yeah, me too." Rimfire smiled fondly. "I even let him off the hook when I found out I wasn't the mouse he wanted most." He added with a chuckle.

"That's a very short list of potential prospects." Throttle raised an inquiring eyebrow.

"He had a crush on Vinnie." Rimfire chuckled.

"Had?" Throttle asked.

"He kind of got over him, when he got a real boyfriend." Rimfire smirked. "And he got tired of Vinnie never noticing when a pass was made at him."

"Him and everybody." Throttle shook his head in exasperation. "He didn't even notice Charley trying to get his attention."

"Yeah, that's what Mike said Charley told him."

"Pretty fur, dense, dense skull under it." Throttle chuckled softly. "Still a good Bro, just a bitch to get a date with."

"And he's fun to hang with too." Rimfire smiled. "Mike and I used to think it was a trip hanging out with him, both of us thinking about jumping him just to get the point across." He chuckled mischievously.

"Yeah, he is, and it's damn good fantasy material."

"No kidding." Rimfire smirked. "I'll be glad when we're all back together." He said softly.

"I think we're all looking forward to it, Rimfire." Throttle nodded. "It's been far too long."

"Yeah, I hope things haven't gotten to bad on Earth before we get back there." He said quietly. "I'd hate for anything to happen to Mike and Charley."

"Me either." Throttle murmured softly. "I try not to think about it."

"I didn't for awhile, but now that going home's a real possibility, its hard not to." He said quietly, putting his head on Throttle's shoulder.

The tawny mouse brought his hand from Rimfire's shoulder to gently hold his head. "I know, just try to take it a day at a time, and let the leaders deal with the long term."

"I'll try." He said quietly. "So how do you think Uncle Modo will react to the master/pet idea?" He asked uncertainly.

Throttle sighed deeply. "Very poorly, I expect. But as a cover, he probably won't be took hard to explain it to, as long as no one tries to take advantage of him because of the word."

"Maybe he'll react better if Lance explains the situation to him. From the way Krys talks, there's something between them." Rimfire suggested.

"Sweet Mars, yes." Throttle chuckled deep in his throat. "Your uncle has a mate in him."

"Really? That's cool. I like Lance." Rimfire smiled.

"And so far he's proving his loyalty well." Throttle nodded, holding the younger mouse's head against his shoulder gently. "Rimfire, this is very important. When you go through the First Chance, everything but Blaze and I will seem pray. The drive to run and be under an open sky will be extremely high and it will be hard to think. It is important you try to stay where you are, or somewhere you aren't likely to be walked in on. The ship will notify me the moment it happens, and I'll be on my way."

"I'm not sure I understand, but I'll remember." He said quietly. "Does it get any easier?"

"Yes, it's only the First Change that is really like that. It's because it's unexpected and even if you've been told what's going to happen, you don't really know." Throttle reassured him. "From there on it should be largely voluntary, though extreme stress can trigger a similar shift. It will get much easier with a little practice, like any other skill."

Rimfire nodded. "Will there be any warning that it's about to happen?"

"Theoretically, yes." He nodded. "It will usually be preceded by rapidly increasing irritability and anger, and greater difficulty thinking. But from what I understand, you'll only get an hour's warning from the start of it, tops. I'd avoid sparing and combat or hunting situations if you can, unless both Blaze and I are nearby. The First Chance is into the Crinos, the war-form, so things it's inclined towards trigger it easier."

"Well, there's not much hunting or combat on-board." He smiled weakly.

"Hopefully, it will happen soon." Throttle nuzzled him gently. "It's not something to fear, for all it can be traumatic. You're among friends."

"But I could hurt someone." He said quietly. "Not even because they'd done something."

"Yes, you could." Throttle acknowledged. "But the crew has been alerted on what to do when it happens. They know not to run and to give you space, and wait for me to handle it. It will be okay."

"Okay, Throttle." Rimfire nodded, and just decided to go with letting the leader worry about things. "I trust you."

"I won't let you down, Bro." He promised softly.

"Hello, Master." Blaze greeted Lance a little before lunch.

"Hello, Blaze." Lance smiled warmly. "Ready for lunch?" He said standing from his desk chair.

"Yes, Master." She smiled. "Are we going to eat with the crew? I've been practicing my manners."

"I was going to ask if you felt ready." He smiled warmly. "If you do, then we'll eat with the crew today."

"I think so." She nodded. "The boys don't think I eat funny anymore."

"Excellent, you're a very quicker learner." He said as they left his quarters.

"A lot of it is applying what I knew already, like language." She smiled and padded along just behind him, the same place she usually walked on four legs. "I knew it, just not how to speak it."

"That makes sense." Lance nodded. "You did have over a year to watch us."

"You're very interesting to watch, Master." She rumbled slightly, her tail sliding across his back hesitantly.

"I'm glad you enjoyed the show." He smiled playfully, as they walked.

"Even if it was extremely frustrating to be in heat and watch that without getting any attention myself." She chuckled softly as her tail settled half way up his ribcage.

"I always wondered why you were so interested in what I did with my playmates." He chuckled.

"I was sexually mature by the time you adopted me, Master." She said softly. "My first two heats were in that crate."

"That must've been awful." He said sympathetically.

"The others weren't much better." She murmured. "It hurts to be alone for it."

"I'm sorry about that, Blaze." Lance said gently, turning and brushing her cheek gently with one hand. She nodded and leaned against the touch.

"I know, Master." She said softly. "There wasn't another dog to put me with."

"You were the first four-legged pet we ever had." He smiled softly. "Guess I shouldn't have been surprised when you turned out to be more than that."

"Nothing else in your life is, why should I be, Master?" She grinned playfully.

"That you turned out to be a mouse shouldn't have surprised me either." He chuckled. "I seem to have them getting wound up in my life in an ever increasing number." He smiled fondly.

"Soon to be a world worth of them." Blaze grinned impishly.

"Hopefully not all wound up in my personal life." Lance smirked. "That would be just plain chaotic."

"But a lot of fun as a furpile." She smirked back. "Alex actually came just from the pheromone level when he walked in once."

"I understand that's not an uncommon occurrence with the recruits." Lance chuckled. "I take it you've been enjoying their company."

"Yes, they're fun to play with." Blaze murred. "And a lot of energy too."

"That they do have." The Puma smiled. "And a lot of free time in hyperspace. Rimfire will probably be spending more time with them, now that S'lessa doesn't need him."

"I'm looking forward to finally meeting him." Blaze rumbled, distinctly lustful.

"I kind of guessed that." Lance smiled as they came up to the mess hall. "He is cute."

"Hopefully LoudBlack won't have worn him out too badly." The teenager snickered.

"She wore him and Throttle out." Lance chuckled as they entered. "Though last I heard they were both resting in a hot tub, to build up their strength." He said as they got in the food line.

"They'll need it." She grinned impishly.

"Well yes, now that S'lessa's done with them, the rest of the crew will be interested." He smirked. "Just select what you like." He said indicating the food selections offered. "The server will get them for you."

She nodded and considered the selections before picking three, and wistfully passing up others with the amount on her tray. "How much of the crew knows who I am?"

"Not many, though I figure once word gets out that you have a two-legged form they'll figure it out. You're the only new female on board, well new in form that is." He smiled. "What would you like to drink? There's milk, chocolate milk, water, a variety of sodas, several juices, coffee and tea."

"I'll try milk." Blaze smiled easily. "I guess that means I should get what begging in that I can." She grinned.

Lance chuckled, and mussed her hair fondly as the server placed the glass of milk on her tray. "Just don't let Throttle see you. Somehow I don't think he'd approve."

"No doubt." She smirked. "He doesn't approve of most fun."

"He's had a very difficult life, Blaze." Lance said softly. "I'm not sure that he remembers what fun is all that well." He added quietly, with fond yet concerned look on his face.

"I know." She murmured as they scanned for a seat. "Or what pleasure actually means."

"Pleasure I'm not so sure about." He said quietly, as he headed for two seats at a table with Kilgor and Syro. "He has some strangely divided reactions to things."

"Hello, Captain. Who's the pretty one with you?" The Cheetah pilot asked looking at Blaze curiously.

"Please join us." The Lion engineer asked, pulling out a seat politely for Blaze, who accepted with a playfully happy smile for him.

"Gentleman, I think you know Blaze, even if you don't recognize the form." He smiled.

"Blaze-pup, that really you?" Kilgor asked in amazement. He'd always been fond of Blaze, and prone to spoiling her when the opportunity presented itself.

"It's me, TreatGiver." She grinned at him almost adoringly. "So was that big unknown that tore through the halls just before liftoff."

The Lion laughed. "Well aren't you just full of surprises." He smiled broadly. "Very pretty new form you've got." He said sincerely.

"Thank you." Blaze murred, the look she gave him actually more loving than lustful.

"Are you enjoying your new form?" The young Cheetah pilot asked conversationally, his interest strongly piqued by Blaze.

"Very much." She grinned at him. "Once I figured out balance and talking at least."

"Those are important." Syro nodded. "Have you tried swimming in your new form?"

"Not yet," she chuckled softly. "I've been otherwise occupied."

"Found a hobby already?" Syro asked curiously.

"The new recruits." She snickered, ducking her head slightly with a blush.

"Like boys, do you?" The young cheetah grinned playfully.

"He's not much older than the recruits." Lance said in a stage whisper to Blaze.

"Definitely." She licked her lips. "I wear them out though." She affected an amused pout.

"No staying power, huh?" Syro grinned. "There are others with more stamina." He smirked playfully, though lust could be seen in his eyes.

"I think that's a challenge." Blaze rumbled deep in her chest, her grin a mix of predator and lust.

"If you're willing." He purred back, with a broad grin.

"Both of you, finish your lunch." Lance said quietly, though firmly. "Then you can go play."

"Yes, sir." Syro smirked broadly.

"Yes, Master." Blaze smirked playfully and went to work on her food, though she took enough care to largely mind her manners.

"Nareena?" Throttle called out calmly as he entered medical.

"Over here, Throttle." Nareena said from her office, which was attached to medical.

"What happened to S'lessa?" He asked quietly as he came close.

"So far it looks like a bad case of hyper-heat." She said quietly. "I gave her some sleep meds, and something to temporarily lower the hormone levels. But I'm not sure how long either will be effective." She sighed. "There's also something strange going on genetically which I haven't seen before, and I'm trying to pin it down."

"Genetically?" He abruptly went tense. "As in a species shift?"

"As in its not that clear." She grumbled. "A species shift I'd recognize, because I've see it before. No, it seems like her body is doing something, and from the way her systems are reacting, it seems like its supposed to happen."

"Can you tell if it's making her genetically compatible with us?" He asked softly.

"Not entirely sure, but my instincts tell me that's what's happening." She said quietly. "May already be the case where it counts for reproduction."

That just completely freaked the tawny mouse out, but he held himself together and nodded. "Does she know the possibility yet?"

"We've discussed it, she's really too wired to think well at the moment though." She said quietly. "What about it bothers you so much, Throttle?" The Healer asked gently.

He opened his mouth to respond, and found it no easier to explain than the age issue was to Rimfire.

"It's not my choice." He eventually said softly, taking the one part of it he knew how to put in words. "Kits are one thing that should be chosen."

"That I understand." She smiled. "And it wasn't her choice either, it simply is. Assuming that conception actually occurs."

Throttle took a deep breath and nodded. "If it happens, so be it. I'm not going to add to the risk."

"She doesn't want to add to the risk." Nareena said softly. "She asked me to induce coma until her heat passes." The Healer said quietly.

"Isn't that a bit extreme?" He whispered.

"Yes, it is." Nareena said softly. "But heat has always made S'lessa miserable. She hates the loss of control it causes, and this is so much worse. The fact that she was sating herself with someone young enough to be her son, doesn't help matters any. And now to find out she may be pregnant by a different species is just too much."

"I can understand that." He nodded, still very disturbed. "How long until it's know if she's carrying?"

"Her heat will have to end before any readings are clear." Nareena said softly. "But it will probably be a month before I can really be certain."

Throttle took a deep breath and shoved the entire issue into the timed box for 'worry about when you can know something' and set it for a after they rescued Modo. "She'll be okay, though, when she wakes up?"

"If I decide to induce coma, yes." She said quietly. "I've done it before without ill effect. I just have to decide if I think her body can handle it, in her current condition."

Throttle nodded. "Do you feel a need to bring this up to Rimfire before we know if she's carrying?" He asked quietly.

"No, not really." She said quietly. "It's not something a nineteen year old needs to deal with unless necessary."

"Agreed there." He nodded. "Or if the kits aren't his."

"I don't know how it works with Mice, but with felines it's entirely possible for some of the kits to be his, and some of them to be yours." She said softly.

"It can be, with Garou and Lupo." He acknowledged. "But can't you tell before they're born?"

"Yes, though it will be further along than simply telling if she's carrying."

"Hopefully before she's showing enough for him to notice." The tawny mouse swallowed with a nod. "Thanks for the info. Has Blaze come out from the sex-feast yet?"

"At least briefly." Nareena smiled. "She was having lunch with Lance last I knew."

"You're sure that shot worked on her, though?" He asked, too unsettled not to seek the reassurance.

"Very sure, I had her stop by so I could check." Nareena nodded. "It's working just as it should."

"Good, it's the very last thing we need right now in that department." He said quietly. "Will you keep me informed of what's going on with S'lessa?"

"Of course." She smiled.

"Thank you." Throttle nodded to her. "I'm going to catch some rest if anyone comes looking for me."

"I was going to suggest that, and send Rimfire back to Krys if he hasn't already gone to him. He needs to rest too." She said gently.

"I did. Krys'll take good care of him." Throttle nodded before he turned to leave, still very shaken by things he couldn't put words to.

"That he will." Nareena smiled. "Now go let Lance take care of you." She said gently.

The tawny mouse nodded with just a fraction of a smirk on his face. "Yes, ma'am."

Lance was sitting reading quietly, when Throttle entered the room. "You okay, Throttle? You look exhausted." He said as he came to the mouse's side.

"That's one way to put it." He sighed and shook his head before glancing around for Blaze.

"She went back out to play." Lance smiled as he put his arm around Throttle and guided him to the bed.

"S'lessa might be pregnant." He blurted out as he pressed close to the larger male.

"Nareena told me." Lance said quietly, putting his arms around Throttle. "It's completely unexpected, not something S'lessa is prepared for. Doesn't sound like you're handling it well either." Lance said gently.

"It can't be happening." He murmured, shuddering. "We can breed outside our kind."

"Impossible things happen in the universe all the time." Lance said quietly. "But is it such a bad thing if it does happen? Crossbreeds often have the strengths of both parents, without many of the weaknesses."

Throttle simply fell silent, knowing full well what he felt wasn't about logic or reason.

"It's cultural." Lance said quietly. "Some things you just can't explain, because you know them on a level that defies words."

Throttle nodded. "We don't, can't. Not even with mice and razorwolves."

"Do you happen to know if that's because one of the Powers told your people not to?" He asked gently.

The tawny mouse paused, digging through his memories and the extensive lore he'd been taught in his short years with the Endless Storm. "Not that we remember." He answered softly. "We tried, some fell in love and took mates among them once they were more than beasts. Martian Garou aren't Mice with shapeshift abilities, we're a separate species. Taking a mate from outside the Tribes means no kits, or horribly deformed ones of the few who managed to conceive."

"It could be the dictate of a local Power though." Lance said quietly. "Which would mean the rules change when you get significantly far away from Mars."

"Doesn't make it feel any less wrong." He murmured, resigned to the reality of not quite fitting in again.

"No, it doesn't." Lance said with quiet understanding. "Something can be possible and still feel wrong."

"I know too well." Throttle murmured softly. "Like the destruction of Mars."

Lance shuddered. "Destruction of living worlds is far too possible." He said quietly, seeing flashes of old nightmares.

"How's Blaze doing?" The tawny mouse asked for an abrupt change of subject.

"Very good." Lance smiled. "She's very smart and adaptable. She's also getting along with the recruits quite well, but that's not much of a surprise." He smirked softly.

"No, it's not." He smiled softly. "And I'm glad for the distraction. Gives me more time to figure out what to do."

"You mean about your mother's demand that she be bred." He asked softly.

"More that she expects to sleep with me, she's right about it, and I'm still very uneasy about it." He sighed deeply. "Rimfire wants to share my bed too."

"I kind of thought I recognized that look on his face when he saw you." Lance said quietly. "I take it he's still young enough to make you uncomfortable."

"A little, and a lot that he's Modo's nephew, that I adopted." Throttle shook his head. "At least he was open to the reasons, given he doesn't know if Modo would be okay with it either."

"He's a smart youngster from what I've seen. From what Krys told me he was really worried about what you, Modo and Vinnie would think about him liking guys." He smiled softly. "I take it dating wasn't something the three of you talked about much."

"Except Vinnie, who bragged." Throttle said softly, rolling to his back to stare at the ceiling. "No, we really didn't talk about our private lives. We all lost very dear lovers; well, Modo and I had. It just wasn't a subject we spoke of."

"That explains Rimfire's uncertainty." Lance said gently as he lay next to Throttle. "And Modo's."

The tawny mouse nodded. "The past, and what we did on our own, just wasn't something we talked about, for all we were close as warriors."

"Yeah, Modo mentioned that." He said quietly. "He thought you might freak at finding out that he and I were lovers."

Throttle chuckled softly. "I've got a good list of other things to freak out about on that before I hit the fact that you're male."

"Oh?" Lance raised a curious eyebrow. "Such as?"

"You aren't a mouse, you're a mercenary, you have a culture that refuses to allow an equal relationship to be acknowledged publicly," Throttle counted on his fingers. "Just off the top of my head."

"You're in a long-term relationship with Ulysses Feral and you have a problem with my not being a mouse?" Lance chuckled. "Isn't that a little, well, inconsistent?"

"I wouldn't expect him to take mine any less skeptically." Throttle said softly. "Though I may be the only one left that actually cares. You get lonely enough and anything starts to seem reasonable. It's better than loosing my mind from lack of close company."

"As for the not acknowledging an equal relationship, I can only assume your referring to the odd freighter sub-culture." He said quietly. "And okay, its not formally acknowledged, but only on the surface. Everyone knows what's really what."

"Lance, I wasn't criticizing, just pointing out what I could have freaked about more than your gender." Throttle shook his head. "If I wasn't fine with it, you'd know."

"Oh, my misunderstanding." Lance smiled sheepishly. "And your loyalty to your Bros is such that I wouldn't be surprised if you wouldn't put up with a lot to rescue them."

"I would, and have." He said easily. "I'd pay your price whether I liked it or it turned my stomach. But if I didn't like it, you would be under no illusions of my opinion of it, or you, or the entire thing."

Lance smiled. "Nice to know you're not big on concealing how you feel."

"Not that way at least." He shrugged. "Hate isn't something I can usually conceal well."

"Well, let's try to not go there, okay?" He smiled and nuzzled the mouse gently.

"At least not towards you." He nuzzled back. "You'll see it though, if you come to Mars with us."

"That kind of hatred I understand, Throttle." Lance said, putting his arm around the mouse. "I fought for my world in a desperate war, and I know the kind of hatred it can arouse. And there's no if about it, I am coming."

"If we both survive that long." Throttle spoke softly, merely pointing out the reality of his entire life. "I don't look forward to seeing it again."

"We are going to survive." Lance said stubbornly, the same stubbornness that had gotten him through decades of guerilla warfare.

"Yes, we will." Throttle nodded.

"Good." Lance smiled. "Now, I think you probably need to rest after playing with S'lessa." He said softly holding the mouse close.

"Yeah, and everything else." Throttle murmured and shifted to settle again the Puma to rest, even if he didn't sleep more than a few minutes.

Blaze walked into the recruits' living room after setting her clothes on the ground and shifting to two legs to find it heavy with the scent of aroused males, cum and sweat. And lying in a happily sated furpile were six cats and one mouse who was still teasing the Leopard's balls with his tail.

"Now that is a lovely sight." She rumbled eagerly at the experience.

Marc looked up from the bottom of the furpile. "Hi, Blaze." He smiled. "Come for round four? Oh, the mouse is Rimfire."

"Hi, Blaze." Rimfire smiled, a little shyly, though tail continued its teasing.

"Definitely." She grinned at them, her eyes settling on the dark brown mouse as she joined the group and brushed her hand along his chest. "You play with girls, handsome?"

Rimfire chuckled. "You might say that." He smiled looking her over.

"Good." Blaze rumbled and leaned forward to brush their lips together. "Cause I like your looks."

"Thanks." Rimfire smiled shyly, and blushed slightly. "You're rather pretty yourself." He said softly as her hand drifted lower.

"Want to play now, or are you worn out from the guys?" She rumbled eagerly as her arousal joined the rest in the heavy air.

"You want to play here, or shall we go someplace else and let the tired kitties rest?" Rimfire chuckled.

"Any objection if I'm greedy and have you all to myself for a while?" She grinned lustfully.

"None from me." Rimfire smiled.

"I'm sure we can entertain ourselves." Marc chuckled from somewhere in the mound of fur to general agreement of those who were awake enough to care.

"Well, do you want to swipe one of their bedrooms, or is your master on duty?" She murred as she stood, her tail trailing up his leg.

"Third option, we use one of the unassigned quarters." He smiled. "This ship has more quarters than people."

"Works for me." She rumbled and snagged her clothes to dress quickly.

Rimfire had to work a little harder to find his clothes under the furpile. "This way." He said once he'd located them and dressed and found Blaze at his side and remarkably well behaved in the hallways.

"Here we go." He said as used the card Krys had given him to open the door. "All the necessities." He smiled looking at the bed.

"And them some." She murred and easily slipped out of her clothes when the door shut. "You, me and a soft place to play."

"What more do we need?" He rumbled as he stripped out of his clothes, and ran his tail teasingly up her leg.

"Nothing." She rumbled, pressing close to him with her hands on his ass. "The cats are nice, but mice are better."

"Different at any rate." He said as he caressed her breasts. "I still like my cat."

"I'd hope so." She murred hungrily. "But not having a cat of my own, I prefer mice. Nice, buff, strong male mice." Blaze sipped a hand between them to cup and fondle his balls and sheath.

"Girl, you sound like half the cats on this ship." He said giving her a playful kiss. "Buff male mice are very much in demand."

"And there's only two of you to go around." She rumbled, kissing her way down his jaw as she stroked and fondled his balls and sheath. "One of whom would rather not be with me."

"He's got an age problem." Rimfire rumbled frustrated, as he gently stroked his tail between her legs. "Any of the guys ever stroke your antennae?" He asked quietly.

"Only Throttle." Blaze moaned softly at his attentions. "You want him too?"

"Since I was fifteen." He said softly, and reached up to brush one antennae gently.

She could only moan against his chest for a moment. "Maybe we'll get him together." Blaze rumbled with a pleasure soaked mind beginning to plot.

"I promised to wait till my uncle Modo is here." He said quietly as his tail played inside her. "He won't do anything without knowing if his Bro is cool with it."

"That won't be very long." Blaze groaned softly and arched back. "I want more than you tail, lover."

"You can have more." He rumbled passionately, as he guided her to the bed. Leaning her against the bed, he pressed his cock into her sex slowly but firmly as he raised her legs to wrap around his waist with a hungry moan.

"Oh, yeah." Blaze arched back, tightening her internal muscles. "Take me hard, Fire."

Rimfire was more than willing to comply as he began thrusting with eager passion. He was so eager that he didn't notice the increasing aggressiveness of his thrusting or the kisses he was claiming, and receiving, as Blaze greedily encouraged him on.

The growling that accompanied his hard, passionate thrusting became deeper and more animalistic as his form began shifting. It became larger, broader and with two spiraled horns, but it didn't stop thrusting, focused as it was on sex.

Blaze gave a startled yip of pain as his cock became too large for her before instinctively shifting to Crinos herself and pulled his half transformed muzzled against hers in a passion as untamed as their bodies.

The intensity of the transformation combined with the aggressiveness of his thrusting to push him over the edge, roaring in the louder, deeper voice of the Crinos as he shot his seed deep within her. Blaze gave him no time to think about any of it as her hips, mouth and body demanded more before he'd even finished thrusting.

Throttle preceded Lance into the unassigned quarters the computer said the new Crinos was, and both stopped dead in their tracks at the smell and sight of what was clearly Rimfire's Crinos pounding away at Blaze's. Rimfire wasn't really aware of anything in the room, save for the hungry, howling female he was fucking, and fucking hard.

"That's a new one." Throttle murmured as he watched, a lot turned on by it.

"What's a new one?" Lance purred softly, running his hand down Throttle's back as the mouse instinctively leaned into it.

"First Change by sex." Throttle moaned softly. "Damn, they're hot."

"Yes, they are." Lance rumbled, as he moved his hand lower to rub the mouse's ass. A tail quickly wound around his hips to push his shorts down and wrap around balls and half hard cock.

"He's not going to fight." Throttle rumbled and reached back to wrap his arms around Lance's neck.

"He's got other things on his mind." Lance purred, and pulled the mouse's shorts down, as he reached around to fondle his lover's half hard cock and balls.

"Oh, yeah." Throttle moaned and pressed back as he kicked them off one foot. "Fuck me."

Lance kicked his shorts off, and then pressed his fully hard cock against the mouse's pucker before pushing in firmly until he passed the first ring of muscle. He then began pounding the mouse's ass in a rhythm inspired by Rimfire's passion.

Rimfire looked at the body under him, and wasn't sure what it was but it wasn't the girl mouse he'd been with. Then he turned and got a look at himself in the mirror, and stumbled back.

What had happened to him, what had he become?

He picked up a chair and hurled it at the mirror in anger, shattering it loudly.

"Whoa, it's okay." Blaze's voice was deeper but still hers as she closed her hands around the significantly larger Crinos' shoulders. "Just focus on what you look like and you'll change back."

"She's telling the truth, Bro." Throttle's voice was strong and sure of itself. "This is your Crinos form."

There was a long tense moment before the large Crinos shrank to the teenaged mouse form of Rimfire. "Crinos?" He asked looking up at Throttle as Blaze shifted with him.

"Remember how I said you were a Garou?" The tawny mouse stepped forward to touch his cheek gently. "This was your First Shift."

"Oh, I thought you said it have to do with anger or combat." He said curiously, as he leaned into the contact.

"Well, it usually does." Throttle chuckled softly. "That's the first time I've know of where it was sexual, though it makes sense in a way. Intense physical and emotional strain, just of a more pleasant sort."

"It was intensely physical." Rimfire chuckled weakly.

"No kidding." Blaze rumbled. "That was incurable."

"Yeah, it was." Rimfire smiled. "I think you two liked it too." He smirked at Throttle and Lance.

"It was very hot." Throttle admitted with a rumble.

"So, more?" Blaze regarded the two males lustfully.

"Which form you want it in, Blaze?" Rimfire rumbled lustfully.

"Come and get me, big boy." She grinned and leapt on the bed, shifting to Crinos half way there and raising her tail and rump.

On The Road Again 3: Journeys Begin

NC-17 for M/M, M/F
Het Level is HighHet Smut Level is Medium
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is High
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

301 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written October 7, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall, Vorex

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars, S'karra, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Feline, God, Kat, Loup Maru, Martian Mice, S'karra

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Fantasy, Romance, Sex (Kinky), Violence (Sexual)

Pairings: Vinnie/Males, Modo/Thildon, Throttle/Feral, Throttle/Lance, Throttle/Rimfire, Many Others

Blurb: Throttle is willing to do anything to find and rescue his Bros, that comes at no surprise. His surprise comes with what the price is and just what it leads to.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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