The Only Memory of a Broken Queen
by Fur and Fantasy
G for Gen
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So much lost!
What have I lost?
So very long ago,
What was it like? My world?
The world I ruled so long.
Only one memory remains, now, after the death.
One memory to sustain me eternally.
And it is not even as the Queen.

Glittering green and gold,
Brilliant amber, silver, stole,
A riot of color, dancing about,
An invitation to play with the beasts and plants.
The sun, so bright and warm,
Left dapples on the soft, springy grass
And from the trees, life danced too
In celebration of itself
To and fro the beasts of tree and sky swayed
As deer and rabbit and wolf played down below.
One last moment, and it was gone,
But what a moment to be!
As the sun embraced it's lover, Mt. Tangaree
It sent its' greatfulness to a waiting world
By a show that outdid glade.
Then Night, eternal friend, spread her cloak over the land,
To hide us in our hunts and games,
From the beasts that hunted us.
And with the last ray of the setting sun,
So goes the dance and fun.

I swore I'd return someday, and dace with the setting sun.
One promise broken, but by far the lest, taken these past few months.
And, perhaps, it is one I may someday keep,
To dace with the setting sun.

The Only Memory of a Broken Queen

G for Gen

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Written September 13, 1992 by Rauhnee Ranshanka

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