Race of River Beasts
by Fur and Fantasy
G for Gen
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Over Eagle Creek great birds fly,
Dance, dive, and hunt the skies,
Ever proud of their shining, forested domain,
Never shirking Fates' eternal reign.

Through deep, dark forests Wolf Creek runs,
Waters ripple, chasing fish,
Giving them no rest, no peace,
From the Packs' waiting, hungry teeth.

From raging headwaters to fierce maw,
The Eagle and Wolf race,
Through Golden Beach,
Shining like the sun,
To Diamond Lake,
Glittering with in dawn,
The Race will never end.

Beast or River,
Does it matter?
The drama is the same,
Who can tell?
Who started the race?
Beast or River,
Does it matter?

The Eagle and Wolf race
'Round the Lake of Life,
Bordered by Day and Night,
They swirl and mix,
'Round timid Deer Island,
Under sad Lone Rock,
And through wondrous Warm Springs,
Testing fang against claw,
'Till two are one,
And Natures' Judgment reigns supreme.

Race of River Beasts

G for Gen

2 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written October 15, 1992 by Rauhnee Ranshanka

Contents: Gen.


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