A Ranger and a Gunner
by Fur and Fantasy
G for Gen
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"Hey, Clawson!" A male voice yelled, along with knocking on the fuselage of the jet that Jake was fully involved in dissecting. Between the noise of the power tool Jake was using, and the tom's focus on the task at hand, it wasn't easy to get his attention and those that needed to quickly figured out banging on the metal was one of the faster ones.

"What?" He growled back, turning off the tool and poking his head out to see who was interrupting his relaxation.

"Commandant wants to see you in his office." The second year cadet said. "Time for you to play wheel of pilots again." He quipped. It was kind of a running joke about all the partners Jake had been through.

"Yeah, got it," he rolled amber eyes and slipped out of the demolition job of his hobby. "He want me now, or in uniform?"

"He didn't saw now, so I expect he'd prefer you in uniform soon," the tom chuckled. "Maybe today's your lucky day and he's found someone who can actually work with you."

"It's be about time," the lean cinnamon huffed in a mixture of real irritation and accepting good humor that he was difficult to get along with before heading to the barracks at a fast walk.

As Jake entered the Commandant's office, the powerfully muscled black and grey tabby tom looked up from a file he was reading. Sitting across from him, was an athletic golden-furred tom who was reading what looked to be the Academy regulations. "Cadet Clawson." The Commandant began. "I'd like you to meet Cadet Forrestal. He's your new partner."

"Pleased to meet you." The athletic tom said easily. He turned out to be slightly taller than Jake when he stood and offered a friendly hand.

"Yes, sir," Clawson answered the Commandant first, before focusing on the Kat that reminded him a lot of a Golden Retriever Kantin on first look and shook his hand.

"Cadet Clawson, I want you to show your partner to quarters and get him settled in." The Commandant directed. "If there aren't any questions, you're both dismissed."

"No questions, Sir." Forrestal said, saluting crisply.

"Understood, sir," Clawson nodded. "No questions, sir." He added and saluted before turning to leave with a reasonable attempt at the proper moves.

Forrestal followed, with a similar attempt at the proper moves. It was pretty clear that he was still in the 'I have to think how this goes' stage of dealing with them. As they passed through the outer office, he stopped to pick up his travel bag before they headed out.

"So how'd you end up my partner this fast?" Jake asked as the office door shut to leave them walking down fairly empty halls.

"Highest scoring pilot, not currently assigned to a gunner, who you haven't been tried with yet." Forrestal said casually. As they walked his eyes darted about, making note of all the available exits, including windows.

"Good a reason as any," he chuckled softly, taking in his new partner as the sun-colored tom took in the environment. "Haven you gotten the orientation lectures yet?"

"Not really." The tom admitted quietly. "There was some mix up in admissions, and they didn't want me to lose any more time than necessary. I guess they figured I could catch up on the fly."

"I'll try for the basics then," he said quietly focused while they walked. "I think I've run across most of the rules around here, that aren't just common sense."

"That would be appreciated." The tom nodded. "Is it strictly family names here, or is use of personal names permitted?" He asked curiously.

"Permitted, yes," he nodded. "Though not with instructors, or when doing on duty stuff. You'll get used to it pretty fast, really. I don't think I've heard my first name more than a handful of times since I got here."

"I'm sure, though it is strange." He nodded. "Are we permitted to explore the city?" He asked curiously.

"Yap, as long as you aren't told otherwise. Just be back for taps at ten, whatever watches you have, and don't let it get in the say of what you're here for." Jake said with an easy nod. "You aren't from Haven?"

"No, I'm from a small community northeast of the city." He nodded. "This is my first time in the city."

"It'd be a good idea to go with some folks who know there way around a little then," he advised quietly but seriously. "It's an easy place to get lost, if you aren't used to it."

"I'll keep that in mind." Forrestal nodded. "But I imagine the demands of the Academy will keep me plenty busy for awhile."

"The Academy doesn't push nearly as hard as I do," Jake said simply. "I am the best, I expect the same."

"One gives one's best effort. What else is there?" Forrestal said curiously.

"Where?" He looked at the other tom. "That's one hell of a broad question."

"No, I meant how could one do less then one's best." Forretal clarified. "After all, if something is worth doing, it is worth putting one's best effort into."

"Very true," Jake nodded easily.

"From what the Commander said, you had some disagreements with previous pilots over what their best was." Forrestal said casually. "Disagreements that led them to request less demanding arrangements."

"That's a good summery," he nodded simply. "I saw what they didn't want to put the effort into making real."

"What did you see?" The tom asked curiously. He wondered if perhaps the cinnamon tom was a Seer of some sorts. It would be unusual, but not unheard of among Kats.

"Their potential," he shrugged a bit. "Part of the gunner's job is knowing limits, and making calls based on it. I knew they could be better, do better, than they were willing to put the effort into making real.

"Perhaps they did not agree with your assessment of their potential." He said simply.

"I'm the gunner, question my calls will get us killed in the air." He retorted a little more sharply than necessary.

Forrestal simply nodded quietly, beginning to understand where the problem had arisen. Jake had the basic personality of a Jadewolf Alpha even though he was a Kat.

"This is our quarters," Jake said in the following silence as he unlocked a room door just like all the others in the corridor.

Forrestal nodded. "Which side is yours?" He asked politely, not wishing to jump to any conclusions, or invade personal space inadvertently, especially with how easy it could be here. Neither side of the room held anything that would really indicate it was claimed space.

"Right," he motioned. "I don't much care, though, if you have a strong preference." He offered easily as the door shut.

"No, no preference." He said as he tossed his bag on to the bed on the left. "Just didn't want to give offence."

That made Jake blink, and glance around. "I guess I don't give much of a clue, do I?" He chuckled softly. "So do you know your class schedule yet?"

"It's here in this folder." He said as he dug through the bag, laying things on the bed to get them out of the way. Most of it was the usual personal stuff, and a small amount of civilian clothing, mostly jeans and jungle camo shirts, but the one notable item was a sturdy leather belt with two sheathed long knives. "Here it is." He smiled as he sat on his bed with the folder. "Schedule, got it." He grinned holding up the paper.

"You'll need to be careful where you wear those knives," he told the golden-furred tom casually as he glanced over the list.

"I expect so." Forrestal nodded. "But it's a traditional gift from the oldest sibling to a younger one who is travelling outside our territory for the first time." He said with a fond smile.

"Want to get your books, and catch up on what you've missed of the term so far?" Jake offered as he sorted out what he could help with, and what he'd need to direct his partner to an instructor for.

"That'd be great." Forrestal nodded. "How are meals handled here?" He asked curiously.

"There's two mess halls," he explained as he motioned the slightly larger tom to follow him. "The main one is open from five to nine for breakfast, ten thirty to fourteen hundred for lunch and fifteen hundred to twenty-one hundred for dinner. The other is open twenty-four/eight, but doesn't have nearly the variety to eat. Anything you shouldn't be eating, or really like?"

"Nothing that I'm aware of." He said as he followed Jake. "And I don't expect my favorites from home to show up on the menu." He chuckled. "But I've never been a fussy eater, so I imagine I'll find something. It's kind of an adventure."

"Good way to look at it," Jake grinned at him. "There's probably somewhere in the city that serves your home favorites. There's everything if you look hard enough in the right places."

"It's possible." Forrestal allowed, though he sincerely doubted it. "But if I didn't like adventure I wouldn't be here. It's why I decided to leave home, instead of becoming a ranger like my father."

"Same business though," he grinned over. "Protecting folks."

"A bit more complicated, since you also have to handle animal husbandry and environmental conservation issues as well." He nodded. "I was just too curious about what was beyond our borders."

"So here you handle jets and riot control instead," Jake chuckled. "Though I don't think Haven's seen a real riot in years."

"There's not a lot of reason for them here." Forrestal said easily. "I think the really big city up north would be a better place to look for riots."

"That's true for nearly anything," he shrugged. "MegaKat City has more of everything disagreeable."

"Well, with that many people packed so close together it's to be expected." He said simply. "Fortunately, it's far away."

"And I want it to stay that way." Jake shook his head vehemently. "Don't get me wrong, I like the city, but I like it sane too, and there is nothing sane about that place."

"Well, that's something we agree on." Forrestal nodded. "Maybe you can show me what you like about the city, when we have free time?"

"Sure thing," he nodded easily. "Anything you've heard of you want to see?"

"Honestly, I've heard very little." Forrestal admitted reluctantly. "Though my cousin told me that pizza was something I should try when I got here."

Jake stopped dead in his tracks and looked at the golden-furred tom in shock. "You've never had pizza?"

"No, can't say that I have." Forrestal said completely serious. "I think my cousin only did once, but he was quite impressed."

"I don't think I've met anyone from that far out before," he said softly, and a bit apologetically. "Have you had hamburgers, or a sub sandwich before?"

"Nah, we're just traditionalists about food." He smiled. "We still get our meat from hunting. Those were hunting knives you saw in my pack."

"Must make midnight munchies a bitch to get," he chuckled, though it was kinda serious.

"Well, we do know what refrigeration and freezers are." He chuckled. "Though my grandparents still find them kind of strange."

"I didn't mean it that way," he said quietly with a slightly embarrassed blush. "I always get munches for stuff like fudge or barbeque chips."

"I'll have to have Grandmother send me some of her fudge then." He chuckled. "Cocoa beans grow in the hills near my village. But it's okay, I know I come across as very unsophisticated. In a lot of ways, I am."

"It's the mix that's throwing me off," Jake made a quick analysis of it. "You've got some skills that put you up with me in tech-savvy, then you come out with not knowing what pizza is."

"That's mostly cause the Elders have always been very selective about what modern things are allowed." Forrestal explained. "They don't want us to lose who we are. Some things make it more efficient to do the important tasks, like vehicles, but things like food stay traditional to reinforce our cultural heritage."

"Oh," he nodded slightly. "Can't say the city has a culture anyone is that determined to keep. It's all about changing to get a better, faster, safer, more comfortable future."

"That's not really a bad thing." Forrestal allowed. "It's just not our way."

"As long as your way doesn't screw with mine, I've got no issues with it," Jake said simply and firmly as they entered another building, one with significantly more people working about. "We'll, get your books and stuff, then I'll start to catch you up and show you where to go in the mornings."

"Right." He said looking around then followed the signs which generally indicated where to go. It was pretty clear that the large number of people was not something he was used to, but he didn't let it deter him from doing what he needed to. The stubborn, determined look on his face seemed more appropriate to the Academy obstacle course, than to the Academy bookstore.

"Just stay close to me," Jake's voice and touch was unusually gentle as he led the way to the side of the large store devoted to textbooks. "The tags tell you what class it is," he pointed to the plastic strips under each pile of books that had two sets of numbers and a course name on each. "They're in alpha-numeretic order."

"Thanks, Clawson." The tom said quietly, as he compared his class list to the shelf tags. In a reasonable amount of time, the list was completely filled between them. It was a sizable stack of books, but it didn't seem to bother Forrestal as they headed into the rest of the store under Jake's quiet, protective presence that actually parted many of the crowds milling about less purposefully.

"Are you an artist, or writer?" He asked as he added pencils, pens, paper, notebooks and other schooling basics to the growing pile.

"Artist." He nodded, though he refrained from saying that he didn't think he was very good.

"What medium?" He asked softly, guiding his new partner into the section that contained those supplies. "Or did you bring them?"

"Pencil drawing, and watercolor usually." He said, as they entered the art supply section. "Just need paper, the rest is carefully packed in my travel bag." He said as he examined the various papers available with care.

"It's not the best selection or quality in the world, but the Seleni and Riverdale brands are a good quality for day to day." Jake pointed to the distinctive brand packages. "I can show you a couple places in town or on line to get really good quality stuff."

"Thank you." He said, with a smile for his partner. "I think a good art store is something I would like to see." He added, as he selected a package to get him started.

"Just be prepared to drop a couple hundred, at least," he cocked a knowing grin. "Stelaro's is unbelievable. I try to avoid it until I have at least a full week's pay free."

"I've still got a fair bit from my year as a ranger trainee." Forrestal smiled. "So you're an artist too?"

"A wannabe artist, really," he shook his head. "I'm better at drafting, but it doesn't kill the fascination for trying."

"As long as you keep trying that's what matters." Forrestal said supportively. "Drafting is actually something I've never been very good at. More landscapes and nature scenes really."

"What you've seen most of, I expect," Jake cocked a grin at him. "Let's check out, and see about lunch."

"Sounds good." He said, and headed for the registers at the front of the store.

Jake's slumber was broken by the sound of one of the dorm room windows opening. When he looked, he could see that one of the curtains had been pushed aside to let the moonlight in, and his new partner was sitting on the wide windowsill, looking out. He could hear the tom's voice soft and low, though he couldn't understand the words.

"Forrestal?" He called out to the other tom in concern.

The tom jumped a bit in surprise. "I'm sorry, Jake. I tried to be quiet." He said softly.

"What are you doing on the windowsill?" He asked, rolling the rest of the way up on his forearm, ready to move fast.

"Just getting some air." He said quietly, though it was clear he was disturbed about something.

"Feeling a bit claustrophobic?" Jake asked, his tone both understanding and accepting.

"Sort of, I think." He said quietly. "I'm just not used to being surrounded by so much that is artificial." He admitted softly. "A lot of nights I used to sleep outside on the balcony outside my window. I missed the air, and the sounds and moonlight."

"Kinda hard to sleep there, though." Jake commented as he rolled out of bed and walked up behind his new partner. "There are spots you can lay down in the open, though."

"Is that allowed?" Forrestal asked hopefully. "It is after curfew."

"Technically, no," Jake chuckled softly and put a strong hand on the tom's shoulder. "You're supposed to be here if you aren't on watch. But you aren't a known troublemaker yet, so if you'll stay where you say you will be, I'll cover for you. They aren't very uptight about it, as long as they can find you fast and you respond to calls in reasonable time."

"Thanks, Clawson." Forrestal said looking up at his partner with a shy smile. "Where?"

"There are spots on the roof," he offered with a slight smile.

"What's the fastest way to the roof?" He asked curiously.

"I'll show you," he chuckled softly and guided the tom off the windowsill. "And Forrestal, you don't have to cover up praying, or whatever you were saying. I don't mind."

"I wasn't covering it up, I was just trying not to disturb you." He said quietly. "It's only polite, besides She can hear me no matter how soft my voice."

"Okay, just so you know I don't mind." He nodded. "How are you at waking up with the sunrise?"

"Good, just get your tail down here when you do, or I'll come get you when I get up." He nodded and glanced at the bedding. "Want any of that?"

"That's about my normal, or maybe a half hour before." Forrestal grinned.

"Will do, partner." Forrestal smirked, as he grabbed a pillow and a blanket. "This should be enough."

"Hey Clawson." Blackmane called out, as the black tom spotted the cinnamon gunner. "Looks like your new partner attracts trouble as much as you do." He said as he came up to Jake, outside an advanced tactics course they were both taking.

"What happened?" Jake went abruptly tense.

"Sanders decided to have a little talk with him." He said quietly. "Didn't catch what he said, but your partner didn't like it. If Major Starblaze hadn't been right there, he probably would've attacked Sanders right there in the hallway." He shook his head. "Any rate, last I saw him he was accompanying the Major somewhere."

"Probably badmouthing me again," he grumbled, his tail lashing sharply. "He never could stand that he's not good enough. Thanks for the heads up."

"No problem, Clawson." Blackmane grinned. "Your partner seems like a nice guy, even if he is a little naive. Cute too."

"That he is, all the way around," he chuckled softly. "And definitely cute."

"Maybe this'll be the one that works out for you." Blackmane smiled. "I mean, he's been your partner all of a day, and already he's ready to fight someone for badmouthing you."

"We see eye to eye on a lot," he nodded with a fond, private smile. "He's got a lot of potential too."

"That he does." Blackmane agreed. "And according to my pilot, he's got a real solid head for three-D geometries. They've got a piloting simulation class together, and apparently your pilot doesn't even blink at flying the plane upside down. That's not a skill everyone has right away."

"No, it's not." Jake chuckled with a light smirk. "But he did test in with top ratings. Should be interesting to find out what his weak spots are."

"That is always interesting." Blackmane nodded. "Or maybe you've got a pilot who's as good at what he does, as you are at what you do." He said with grudging admiration. "And then nobody else will have a shot at the top of the team rankings."

"That's a given, for whatever years I actually have a pilot." He said seriously, though there was a smile on his muzzle as well. "I'm looking forward to it."

"As much as it means I'm going to get my tail kicked in the air, I hope he works out for you." Blackmane said seriously, and then looked at his watch. "Oh shit, gotta run. I've Captain Temas's Cryptology class in five. See 'ya round, Clawson." He said with a wave, as he took off at a run.

"Thanks, Blackmane." Jake waved him off before heading off at double-time for his own Political Science pre-lunch headache.

"Hay, partner." Jake greeted his pilot outside the mess hall.

"Hiya, partner." Forrestal grinned back.

"Does that mean Starblaze didn't chew your ass out?" He asked with a smile and very serious tone.

"No, he didn't." Forrestal said quietly. "He understood where I was coming from. He just wanted to talk, to make sure I understood that starting fights with other cadets wasn't allowed, no matter how much the other cadet deserved a thrashing."

"He let you in on that deserving cadet is a pilot who failed me, and holds a grudge for it?" He sighed with a shake of his head. "Sanders is trouble, especially for you."

"Not exactly how he put it, but basically he said to not let Sanders mouth get to me." He shook his head. "I don't suppose we'll get a chance to kick his tail in the air, will we?" He asked hopefully.

"As long as he's still trying to be a pilot." Jake grinned and patted Forrestal's arm. "Come on, let's get lunch. Can't have you getting loopy in the air."

"Good, he deserves it." He smiled. "Sounds like a good idea. Ethics doesn't sound like a class to take on an empty stomach."

"No class is," he chuckled softly and guided his pilot through the mess hall line.

"Don't know, some of those forensics classes sound like that might be." Forrestal chuckled and followed his gunner, who winced.

"Okay, you have me there. I will never understand how folks could do that for a living," he shook his head, a little queasy at the thought. "What it takes to be a coroner is beyond me."

"Makes two of us." Forrestal agreed. "I mean, butchering a kill properly is one thing but a person..." He shuddered. "Don't want to go there."

"Yeah, give me air under my tail any day."

"Yeah, open sky any day." Forrestal said dreamily.

"And a fast, hot bird." Jake purred, almost as dreamily. "Nothing like it."

"Storm sailing over Rycha Gorge is close, but not quite the same." Forrestal said quietly.

"That sounds like an extreme sport that hasn't made it this far south yet," Jake perked up curiously.

"Well, you need an enclosed area of natural terrain to channel the storm, and then you drop into it on a specially constructed glider. It's a real rush, controlling the glider through the storm currents."

"Sounds like a hell of a rush," he licked his whiskers playfully. "You'll have to introduce me sometime."

"We could do it on a long weekend sometime." Forrestal suggested, earning an eager grin from his new gunner.

"Sounds like a blast. In case no one warned you, I'm a horrible adrenaline junky."

"Yeah, me too. I've logged ten storm drops since I got my solo cert six months ago."

"Yeah, that's bad," Jake laughed good naturedly as they found a table to sit at. "It'll be a turnaround too, pilot showing his gunner the ropes."

Forrestal grinned. "Well, it is piloting." He chuckled as he sat down. "It's also why my folks agreed to the Academy. They figured I'd get bored with being a Ranger way too quick, which is probably true."

"And save family relations, when you came here anyway."

"Well, they could've delayed it a year or two. But all the test scores said I was ready, so they really didn't have a good reason to say no." He smiled. "I think mother must have spent an hour lecturing me on the dangers of city shekats." He chuckled softly, causing Jake to roll his eyes.

"She should be more worried about the toms, though I'm sure I could add several hours to the shekat list." He smirked, both teasingly and serious. "Not that you'll have much to worry about now."

"Mother was more worried about me becoming a father at too young an age." He chuckled. "Though to be fair, mother's never actually been in the city so its kind of a big nebulous thing for her to worry about." He smiled. "Honestly though, I'm glad I've got three older brothers to provide her with the grandkits she wants."

"You're way more likely to loose a paycheck on them than sire kits," he shook his head with a bemused chuckle. "Never heard of a shekat that went for that approach. Well, not with folks like us at any rate."

"Not all that likely to do either." He smiled. "Not that I was in a hurry to point that out to mother."

"Mmm?" Jake raised a curious brow and paused in working threw his hamburger. "Why's that?"

"She still thinks I'm going to find a good shekat, settle down and have kits." He shrugged. "Oh, she figures I'll have some male lover on the side, but that's normal. I really didn't feel up to pointing out that that marriage route doesn't really appeal to me."

"It might, in a couple decades," Jake shrugged. "Or so I keep getting told. Not that sure I buy it though."

"Well, in a couple decades I suppose anything's possible." Forrestal shrugged as he nibbled curiously at his hamburger. "Just don't see it now. I prefer toms anyway."

"I like anyone who's willing," Jake chuckled softly. "Though I have better luck with guys."

"I can't imagine you have trouble with anyone." Forrestal smiled shyly.

"Not everybody likes short and lean, or male," he chuckled, but smiled back. "And I meant along the lines of more than a one-off. Getting laid is pretty easy."

"Oh, I was thinking of the wrong kind of luck." He chuckled. "Not exactly my strong suit either."

Two and half hours after the golden-furred tom had left for a run after dinner, the door opened to their quarters and he came in. He was only wearing running shorts, as when he left, and he was soaked in sweat. There was an excited gleam in his eye, and there was something unusual in his scent. After a moment, Jake placed it as an adrenaline rush that was ebbing.

"Find a fun new game?" He asked curiously as his concern relaxed significantly.

"Just playing speed tag with one of the Cheetahs." He grinned, as he grabbed a towel from the stack provided by the linen service everyday as his partner blinked at him.

"On foot?"

"Yeah." Forrestal grinned broadly as Jake's eyes went wide. "It was a real rush, having to match his speed."

"How the hell ... you can run with Cheetah?"

"I wasn't sure if I could, 'cause I'd never met one before. But yeah, I can." He smiled broadly, clearly seriously jazzed as Jake just stared at him in stunned disbelief.

"It's how I got my earned name, Runs-with-wind." He grinned.

"Damn, that's fast." Jake shook his head, then chuckled softly. "I take it you feel better now, though, after running down a few Cheetah?"

"That and a few other things." He nodded. "But yeah, I need to burn off some energy. Not used to sitting still for so long."

"Yeah, I remember that feeling," Jake chuckled softly and relaxed back. "It's still a bit weird sometimes."

"Yeah, by the end of my last class I was just completely distracted." He nodded. "Be right back, I'm gonna grab a shower." He said as he slipped off his sneakers and headed for the bathroom.

Jake's eyes lingered on him for a moment, waiting for the door to close before he picked up one of the black sneakers to sniff the wet, reddish spot on the back of it. It was blood, though Jake was certain it wasn't Kat.

"Forrestal, did you go hunting too?" He asked quietly when the other tom came back into the room.

"Well, sort of." He admitted quietly. "I was trying to catch, but somebody shot what I was chasing."

"Urrr?" He raised an eyebrow. "Okay, just be careful where and what you hunt, okay? There are rules about all that, even if you're only trying to catch and not kill."

"I know. I was a ranger trainee." He smiled. "And sherdon bucks are in season, and there's a serious overpopulation of them, so even if I was trying to kill one, it doesn't require a license unless I'm using a bow or firearm." He said simply. "Actually, I was just trying to get close enough to touch it. Killing would've been much easier."

"Just be careful, okay?"

"I will be." Forrestal said with a smile. "Maybe once I'm more used to this place, I won't need to." He added quietly.

"If it's something you enjoy, there's little need to try and stop," Jake shrugged. "I just worry for you, you know."

Forrestal sat down on his bed, and looked at his partner for a moment. "I guess I didn't realize that." He admitted softly.

"I'm your partner, your gunner." He reached out to squeeze the golden tom's shoulder. "Taking care of your partner comes with the territory."

Forrestal smiled softly at the lean tom. "I never had a partner before. I'm still learning what's involved." He admitted quietly.

"Ever had a best friend? Someone you care a lot about?"

"Playmates, littermates." He said uncertainly. "Person I was closest to was my older brother, Jerem."

Jake nodded. "Partners are like that, somebody you'll do what you have to to keep safe."

"Okay, I can see that." He nodded. "I didn't mean to worry you."

"It's okay, buddy." He smiled and patted the tom's shoulder. "I don't mind. I just want to make sure you're safe."

"Nice to have someone who cares." He smiled quietly. "I wasn't sure I'd have that here."

"Hay Forrestal," Jake called as he came out of the bathroom their first Saturday together, still brushing his fur out and completely nude. "Want to check out the art store today?"

"Sure, just let me finish this problem set for math class first." He said, from where he was lying on the bed nude, working with a thick math text, paper and pencils. Of all the classes he had to take, math was the one that Forrestal had to work the hardest on.

"Anything you need help with, or just some time?" Jake glanced over to check the level out as he pulled a few clothes from his dresser.

"I think I've got it." He said, concentrating on the page as his partner walked over to glance the work over. "Just want to make sure, 'cause the instructor made it clear she can throw a pop quiz whenever she feels like it."

"They can, and will. Especially in catch-up classes like this." He nodded. "It looks like you have it all right."

"Thanks, Jake." Forrestal smiled. "This live instructor idea takes some getting used to. All my high school classes were on computer."

"It's more real world, though." He chuckled and patted Forrestal's shoulder before going back to his own bed to dress. "Most of what you deal with as a Protector is people."

"I know." Forrestal nodded, as he finished another problem. "Just different. You can't hit pause on the lecture and go do something." He chuckled, just before Jake burst out laughing.

"Damn, I never tried that."

"Never tried what? Pausing a computer lecture?" Forrestal asked curiously.

Jake chuckled and flopped on the bed. "Nope. Never occurred to me I could. But I was trying to get through them as fast as I could too, so I didn't have to take the classes here."

"I couldn't take more than an hour or so at a time before I needed some outside time." Forrestal admitted. "I wasn't even sure I was coming until a few months ago."

"I guess that would do it," he nodded and pulled out his art chest to go through it in a final inventory before he hit the store.

"Okay, I'm done." Forrestal said, as he sat up on the edge of the bed and started getting dressed about fifteen minutes later.

A Ranger and a Gunner

G for Gen

34 KB, Story is Closed-Unfinished, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written January 17, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Todd McCall

Setting: Haven

Primary Races: Kat

Contents: Furry. Gen.

Pairings: None

Blurb: Jake Clawson is a gunner-in-training for the Haven Protectors with a rep for having his pilots ask for a new partner. Now he's got one from the forests far away from the Port of Haven and they both think they've gotten lucky.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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