Raptors of Evidran 4:
Epilogue: Reporting to the Council

by Fur and Fantasy
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Padawan B'lyn took a deep breath, centering herself as best she could. The Council had been busy placating the leader of a Duros mining community, complaining about one Knight or another upsetting the operation of his facility during a mission, when they'd gotten back from Evidran 3. She'd been waiting for nearly an hour now, having already washed, changed, meditated, and prepared her report to the Council.

Now, as the Duros left with as sour an expression as the green-skinned worker could manage, they were ready for her. She just wished she was as sure she was ready for them.

She stepped onto the lift, followed closely by Master Nylla, the Twins following her. The Healers had stayed behind, and Master Krem had had to leave immediately after arriving ... she was the only one here who really could report on everything.

The only one anywhere who could report on everything now....

She pushed that thought from her mind. This was not the place or time to give in to the loss of her Master and closest companion of her life.

She was just grateful for the other Jedi who would be standing with her. They were not so close to her, but a Master and two Knights did take the focus off her a bit.

The group approached the center of the Councilors, and B'lyn bowed politely, waiting to be addressed.

"Welcome back, Padawan B'lyn," Master Eewenn said softly. "Our condolences on your loss; Master Standing-Bear was an asset to the Order, and he will be sorely missed."

"Thank you, Masters." She bowed deeply to the assembly, stopping herself before going on and rambling about him and the dedication that cost him his life to save so many others. In many ways, it was the kind of death most Jedi secretly hoped for; quick, clean and for others to live. Not that many could claim to have saved an entire race from extinction.

"Report, please." Master Eewenn's dual voice encouraged her to speak.

"As my Master said in his last report, the Raptors were attacked, hard, shortly after we left for Evidran 3. Their social structure remains intact, and they should have a large enough population to survive, but they lost all but two of their healers and most of their other specialists. They have been forced to combine their numbers into large enough groups to hunt and survive. They will live, but it will be a long time before they truly recover."

"There are four hundred and sixty one survivors, forty of which are still in critical condition and three hundred that are unable to hunt for themselves yet." Master Nylla picked up flawlessly. "That is roughly one hundredth of their pre-invasion population. Both a preliminary genetic analysis in the field and their own oral history indicates this is well above the critical level for their recovery over the next millennia.

"They have already begun an aggressive breeding program using products their healers can create to instigate a fertility cycle in willing females instead of waiting for the natural five-year pattern to play out. They have also instigated a genetic diversity plan to have as many different breeding partners as possible over a lifetime. While this is unusual for them, it is not a difficult choice. They are generally monogamous with a mate, but rarely have the same mate for life."

"What is their position on Jedi presence on their world?" Master Qalmi asked evenly.

"They are looking forward to it, eagerly," B'lyn explained. "They are willing to accept permanent outposts, and want to learn about and from us when they can. I believe that Healers will be necessary for some time, regardless, due to the number of wounded. It should be noted that anyone not under Jedi protection who encounters them is likely to be in grave danger. They are very appreciative and accepting of us, but all others are still viewed as a threat to them. In time, I believe they will understand and accept that there are more than the two groups, but for now, the world should be held in the strictest off-limits condition possible."

"Understood." Master Eewenn nodded slightly as Master Qalmi made the notes to begin quarantine procedures on the Evidran system.

"Are there any sensitives among their number, now that you have encountered most of them?" Master Thelm asked.

"One surviving Rememberer, their lore keepers, is a mild sensitive. He is not strong enough to have become a Jedi, but in discussing it more in depth with the surviving leaders and him, I am confident that they exist. It is unlikely to be more than one or two every few generations, each generation marked by their five-year reproductive cycle, and most will not be strong enough to consider as Jedi." Master Nylla began. "They are cautiously interested in allowing us to raise a sensitive of theirs when one is hatched that is strong enough, and the restrictions they have brought up are all easily accommodated and reasonable to me. The primary ones they are determined about are that the hatchling learns how to use their natural weapons, something only another Night Raptor can teach them, and that they learn their native language. Some want the hatchling to also become a Rememberer, but this is not as strongly held."

"A good sign," Master Eewenn nodded. "Your assessment of how interacting with our culture is likely to affect theirs, Master Nylla?"

"Little, it would seem." The Cougar answered. "They are not interested in our weapons or technology, in becoming like us, or in having any real contact with the outside other than Jedi, whom they seem to consider as some kind of kin for our actions on their behalf. What every conversation has been is about how Jedi do what we do with the Force, what is the Force, and distinct interest in the skills and knowledge that have a fairly direct translation into their current existence.

"While the idea of traveling quickly by vehicles has appeal to some, and all are willing to use advanced weapons and tools, there is a definite line in what they see them as useful for, even when shown otherwise. Even the Morgukai spear they have, which is quite a coveted item now, is not something they use when hunting prey it would be useful against.

"They have a very distinct separation between when tools are to be used or not, despite having them for almost the entire time they have been sentient. It is a fascinating situation so far. The anthropologists in the Order would likely be quite interested, and from all indications, quite welcome. The Night Raptors do enjoy conversation about all manner of things when their bellies are full and they do not feel threatened, and are generally quite willing to demonstrate anything they are asked about."

"Do they seem to mind the thought of accepting food in their territory brought by another?" Master Noloth asked. "Particularly given their difficult situation currently."

"It was one of the things they wanted the use of our vehicles for, even before the second group of healers arrived." Master Nylla said easily. "They wished all the injured moved to a central location so the few healers available could be more effective and meat and supplies could be brought in from elsewhere. While they intended this be meat they hunted themselves, as long as it is Jedi offering the assistance, I do not expect there would be an issue with it. What we did while there we were thanked for, even when we had already agreed to help. They are a very pragmatic group when it comes to survival."

"Padawan B'lyn," the Frilled Lizard asked, looking at the Twi'lek. "Would you be able to help us select meats which would be reasonably close to ones native to their planet?"

"Yes, Master Noloth." She answered smoothly, despite being a bit startled to have a question directed at her after the Master had taken over. "They eat a wide variety of animals normally, many of which are reasonably close to domestic stock common in the Republic.

"It would be best to send complete bodies, or as close as possible," Knight Kelarn added smoothly. "They still derive a great deal of their mineral and other needed supplements from parts other than the meat."

"They are unfamiliar with processed meats then?" Noloth asked, his mind already working over various possibilities as he put together a proposal for the Council to consider.

"Yes, Master Noloth." B'lyn inclined her head slightly. "Basic processing, butchered or ground, meat that is clearly still meat by scent, they have seen us do a few times and eaten the results of, but much beyond that should be left up to them. It is not something they have much a taste for. That said, they do seem to have an interest in cooked food. Nose-in-Danger, now called Speaks-with-Jedi, was particularly fond of my cooking."

"*You're plotting something, Noloth,*" Master Qalmi pointed out telepathically.

"*I'll explain later,*" the Lizard pointed out. "Thank you, Padawan," he said to B'lyn. "Does anybody else wish to make a statement regarding the Night Raptors?"

"No, Masters." Master Nylla inclined her head.

"There is a related matter however, for the Council's consideration." Knight Kelarn paused for permission to continue. "Padawan B'lyn does need a new Master to finish her training."

B'lyn fought not to tense up at the possibilities that this option brought up.

"Agreed," Master Eewenn nodded. "Are their any volunteers for this duty?"

"Yes." The Knight answered simply, looking at B'lyn for acceptance as much as the Council. For all he was asking the Council, if she did not accept him, their agreement would not matter.

"Is this acceptable to you, Padawan B'lyn?" Master Eewenn asked, putting words to the question everybody knew was in their air.

The Twi'lek, for her part, was more surprised than anybody else.

"Y-Yes, Knight Kelarn," she nodded, trying to maintain her composure. "If it is acceptable to the Council, of course."

"I think it is perfectly acceptable, particularly given that Knight Tarsis will undoubtedly assist in the process," Master Thelm said approvingly.

"As in all things." The other Panther inclined his head, a small smile on his muzzle for his brother's first Padawan.

"Is there any who would object then?" Master Eewenn asked, knowing that Master Nylla might wish to, on the basis of already being a Master if nothing else. But there was silence, as generally expected. "Given that, the Council agrees with this pairing; Padawan B'lyn, you are now the Padawan of Knight Kelarn. Force be with you both."

"Thank you, Masters." B'lyn bowed deeply and moved slightly to stand slightly behind her new Master as befitting her new position.

"I suggest you go to move your things into your new quarters then, all three of you," Master Eewenn said easily. "If there is anything else we require of you, we will call for you. Force be with you all; you are dismissed."

"Yes, Masters." The three bowed and left, Master Nylla not far behind.

"All right, Noloth, what is it you're thinking of?" Master Qalmi asked curiously.

"Simply taking a substantial amount of supplies to the Raptors, along with a number of Jedi who can help with both the healing process, and with the exploration of their cultural heritage. In particular, as I remember from Master Kethlya's report, the Healers are having a difficult time with some Raptors who are unable to eat properly; supplying ground meat will, most likely, be much healthier than the fruits they are currently using."

"And here I thought you were planning something devious," Master Kothi smirked at their newest member. "Like demanding the Trade Federation pay for it as part of the damages."

"I was simply suggesting what to send," the Frilled Lizard chuckled, indicating Master Qalmi. "It is not my place to suggest how the Order's funds are best used to acquire the supplies."

"And I do believe that the Senate will agree that providing supplies - medical and otherwise - is the least of what the Federation owes," Qalmi agreed with a grim smirk of his own.

"I do, however, request to join the Jedi who begin the settlement on Evidran 3, for a time at least," Master Noloth added.

"Your skills will likely be useful there," Master Eewenn agreed. "Particularly given the needs of the rebuilding effort there. Barring objections, I believe this is acceptable." She paused for any to be raised. "Good, then prepare for an extended stay on an undeveloped world. Until more can speak their language, Padawan B'lyn and the twins will accompany you to act as translators."

"Thank you," Master Noloth said, bowing politely to the Councilors as he stood to leave and prepare for his journey.

Raptors of Evidran 4: Epilogue: Reporting to the Council


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Written October 2, 2005 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Star Wars (Furry)

Primary Races: Panther, Twi'lek

Contents: Furry. Gen.

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Blurb: It has only been a few weeks, but despite the amount of work left to do on Evidran 3, B'lyn has been called back to Coruscant to report on the situation in person.

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