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T-Bone suppressed a yawn as he regarded his backtrail carefully, sure this time that he'd left no trace his partner could follow as the whisper of chopper blades became audible. "Oh krud." He glanced up to face a sleek charcoal drab helicopter he couldn't ID hovering barely ten feet above him.

"T-Bone." A commanding female voice caught his attention as the side door swung open. The owner of that voice, a heavily built lioness, stood in the opening. "I am Colonel Myka of Cathedral. Razor requested that we retrieve you."

"Razor?" He barely mumbled his partners name, but she apparently heard anyway.

Col. Myka nodded, holding out Razors helmet and mask as the chopper lowered even closer to the ground. "We are allies, but it is important that you come now. He has been very badly injured." She held out her other hand. "Please come up.

T-Bone's feet remained frozen. "What happened?"

She handed the helmet and mask to someone further inside the chopper. "A Wolf attacked him. He won and was badly injured, but managed to call us. Please come up. There will be plenty of time for explanations, but he needs you now. Before he goes under for surgery."

"Surgery?" T-Bone half demanded an explanation as he jumped into the chopper.

Col. Myka pulled the sliding door shut as the chopper lifted up and gained speed. "Sit and strap in." She paused as he obeyed and settled in her seat across from him. "I do not have all the details as another team picked him up, but his shoulder was crushed and I believe there was additional damage done by the explosion that killed his attacker. He blew her head off. And umm, Chance, we know who you two are; have for a long time."

T-Bone shifted to look out the window, trying to hide his shock at the last couple minutes.


"T-Bone." He didn't look at her as he spoke. "I'm T-Bone with the mask on."

"Ok, T-Bone. I guess the first thing would be, do you know what Cathedral is?"

"PumaDynes vehicle R&D lab." T-Bone kept his eyes locked on the terrain slipping by as the forest gave way to a well secured mountain pass and badlands opened up before them.

"Close enough. We've been working with Jake for over twelve years." She took a deep breath. "He left instructions that if anything like this happened, that we were to retrieve his projects and it was our responsibility to take care of you."

"Take care of me?" T-Bone refused to shift his gaze.

"Make sure you still get to fly, that SWAT survives, that you don't umm ... loose it." Col. Myka regarded T-Bone carefully as they speed deeper into the scared and cratered badlands that Cathedral controlled in silence, trying to gauge his condition.

"Colonel, we are cleared for landing." The pilot, a young male red fox, called back to them from the partially open cockpit.

T-Bone absently watched as they set down on an unremarkable chunk of sandy rock near the mountain edge well into the badlands. He startled only slightly when they began descending into an immense, poorly lit hanger buzzing with activity centered on more than two dozen aircraft in various states of completion.

When they stopped moving Col. Myka unstrapped herself. "Please come, T-Bone."

He nodded absently, paying more attention to the aircraft then where she was leading, though he made sure he could retrace his steps. Along smooth metallic corridors Kats, Kantin and a couple critters he couldn't identify ran or walked, always nodding a greeting to them and occasionally offering a salute.

The end of one hall greeted them with swinging double doors and SICK BAY in large glowing red letters over it. Col. Myka pushed them open and made a sharp right, glancing at her wrist band and cursed sharply under her breath.

"Why is it called Sick Bay?" T-Bone asked as something to fill the uncomfortable silence.

"Because Medical is a division." Col. Myka murmured and picked up the pace. "Sick Bay is a term that has no meanings other than where you go to get healed."

"Oh." T-Bone had to jog to keep up with the long legged lioness and almost crashed into her when she came to a sudden stop and pushed a door on the right open.

"Hellsfire." She half groaned, half snarled as she walked in the waiting room.

The only occupant was a slender black and white long furred kat curled in a tight ball on one of the chairs. For a moment T-Bone thought this was a femkat, particularly with the long fluffy tail, but changed his mind when the kat uncurled and hurriedly wiped the tears from his eyes when he realized he had company.

Col. Myka was at his side almost immediately. "Patrik, what happened?"

"H...his heart stopped, ma'am." Patrik's voice was amazingly level as he looked up, but his face was a teary mess. "In the chopper. They got it started again, but ..."

"Shu. It'll be ok." She squeezed his shoulder. "Jake's strong and he has every reason in the world to stay with us."

"I know, ma'am." He dropped his muzzle between his knees again and wrapped his arms around his eyes. "I just hope it's enough."

Col. Myka regarded him for a moment. "Patrik? You were told you've been given leave for at least the next two weeks?"

"No ma'am." He looked up at her, a little confused. "Thank you ma'am."

"It's standard practice, Lieutenant. I'm not doing anything for you I won't do for anyone here." She brushed off his gratitude. She was about to say something else when her wristband beep for her attention. "Azara here."

"Report to Briefing Room 2 immediately. Feral's ticked." A female voice grumbled.

"Understood. On my way." Col. Myka gave Patrik's shoulder a final squeeze and turned to T-Bone. "It's now a hurry up and wait time. If this takes more than a couple hours I'll send someone to show you a room for the night." She held out a small black box. "If you need anything in the meantime, just press the button and ask. It's linked to the services control room. Running errands is what they are paid for."

"I understand." T-Bone accepted the communicator and watched her as she hurried out of the room. He glanced at Patrik and decided it would be best to bury his curiosity until he calmed down a little, which the young tom didn't look to be doing that anytime soon.

T-Bone drifted out of a fitful sleep when someone shook his shoulder. "Uhhh?" He took a moment to figure out where he was, Patrik's marginally controlled expression locked it all in.

"I'm Dr. Jaykan." The heavily built male jaguar introduced himself.

T-Bone knew he should be paying better attention to what the doctor was saying, but the mixture of Jake's scent, blood and fear still clinging to him despite his change of cloths and scrubbing was too distracting.

"The good news is that he will survive and should recover at most of his mobility."

"And the bad news?" Patrik took over the conversation.

Dr. Jaykan schooled his expression to the hopeful yet realistic one doctors used when delivering bad news. "His right shoulder was badly damaged. We did the best we could, but he may never regain much use of it. We won't know how much nerve damage was done until he tries to start using the arm."

T-Bone's mind raced, trying to assess what that would mean to Jake, and to them. None of it was good. A one armed gunner wasn't particularly viable, never mind all the other stuff they got into.

Patrik shuddered, his ears and tail drooping pathetically. "Can I see him?"

Dr. Jaykan nodded. "Of course. He should be waking up, though I can make no guarantees that he will want to talk. The drugs we can offer are only so good." He turned to walk out the main door. "If you would come with me."

"And he hates them." Patrik muttered as they followed the doctor out.

Jake's room looked like most hospital ones except there were drawings, schematics and models of all sorts of advanced aircraft decorating it instead of flowers. Several versions of the TurboKat caught T-Bone's attention away from the painful sight of his partner with his shoulder wrapped in white plaster and tubs in his nose and arms.

Patrik had no such distractions as he settled on the bed and leaned forward, his voice gentle. "Jake?"

The cinnamon kat's eyes fluttered open, a weak smile spread as he focused on the tomkat hovering above him.

"Morning." Patrik shifted to brush their lips together, giving T-Bone a hidden glance as he straightened.

"Hi baby." Jake's weak voice was raspy, but his smile strengthened as he reached up with his good arm and pulled Patrik down into a firmer kiss. After a startled moment he relaxed into it and obediently slid his jaw open at his soft lick. Jake's interested almost instantly perked Patrik's ears and tail up as he leaned forward to bring their bodies further into contact but jerked sharply away when Jake clenched reflexively.

"Oh god, I'm sorry." Patrik's eyes flicked to the injured shoulder had accidentally touched.

"It ... it's ok." Jake took several deep breaths. "How you holding up?"

"I'm fine, now that you're awake." He affectionately stroked Jake's face. "Last ten hours have been hell."

"How's Chance?" Jake ran his claws through Patrik's fur, trying to settle it and effectively freezing the other kat as Patrik started to purr deep in his throat.

"Mmmm? Oh, Ok I guess. We didn't talk much." Patrik nodded slightly towards the door.

"Umm?" Jake shifted his head to look and smiled again. "How you holding up bud?"

"Uh." T-Bone tried to shake off the shock at what he'd just witnessed and answer his friend, but the truth was he didn't know any more. "I'm ok. What's with this place?"

Jake tried to shift into a sitting position, gasping as he moved his shoulder and settled back down in defeat.

"I can give you something for the pain." Dr. Jaykan took a single step towards the bed and was greeted by flattened ears and a silent snarl.

"I'll live." Jake hissed. "You know how I feel about that stuff, Brath."

"Yes I do." Dr. Jaykan nodded. "But you have never been hurt is badly before either. The body heals faster when it is not fighting pain as well."

"No drugs." Jake's jaw and voice matched his clearly set mind. "You've already given me more than I can handle."

The doctor sighed. "Very well. You know procedure by now, I'll leave you to your friends." He turned and walked out of the room in a slight huff.

"What's so bad about painkillers?" Patrik turned his head to kiss Jake's wandering hand.

"It's principle, Pat." Jake closed his eyes and relaxed a little. "I don't trust what they'll do to me and I'm pretty far gone as is."

Patrik grinned playfully as his fingers played down Jakes bare chest, carefully avoiding his injuries. "So you won't put up a fight if I..."

"Paaatt." Jake drew the name out in warning.

"I can make you forget the pain." Patrik's grin widened.

T-Bone didn't wait for Jake's response as he bolted from the room, nearly running into Dr. Jaykan as he read a file in the hall outside.

"Something wrong, T-Bone?"

"No, doctor." He fought down a shiver of disgust. "They wanted to be alone."

Dr. Jaykan rolled his eyes in frustration and stalked into the room, muttering under his breath. "Those two never quit."

T-Bone leaned back against the cool wall, relieved to be alone in the hall as he buried his face in his hands and tried not to be sick as his mind flicked through images of the two males together.

"You didn't know he was seeing a tom, did you?" A low male voice purred right next to T-Bone's ear.

He jerked back a step and snapped his head to face the speaker, a heavily built brown, orange and white splotched tomkat about his own height.


"Oh, and I'm Landrin." He offered his hand. "WSO for SAT."

"Whatit?" T-Bone was grateful for the distraction, even if it meant company.

"Weapon Systems Officer for Strategic Aircraft Testing; a Gunner like your Razor." Landrin smiled.

"Oh." T-Bone pushed back his growing homophobia he wasn't even aware he had before. "Why are you here?"

"Looking for you." Landrin caught the flash of disgust that race across what showed of T-Bone's face and shook his head. "I'm not into guys." He chuckled. "Though I'm amazed you've been his partner for nine years and not leaned a little more tolerance."

T-Bone refused to comment, wondering how this had never come up before. Jake had sure showed interested in Callista, and he thought he did in Callie. "So why ..."

"You're short a gunner and I'm short a pilot for the next couple months. I thought we could try partnering up for the duration."

"What happened to your partner?" T-Bone tried for small talk. He just wasn't ready to deal with anything more series right then, even if he had no interest in a temporary partner.

"Lovesick kitten." Landrin nodded at Jake's room. "He's not going anywhere but with Jake still he's cleared for AD again. Myna's already done the paperwork and Pakitra's approved it. That means I'm grounded. I really hate being grounded." He shrugged.

T-Bone took a deep breath, wondering how secure his position as Jake's partner was if he was seeing another pilot, one good enough to test Pumadyne's new birds. "How long have they been together?"

"Serious? 'Bout four years, but they've been dating for almost five. As long as Patrik's been here."

"He doesn't look that old."

"Kid's young. One of the prodigal pilots, like you're supposed to be." Landrins eyes sparkled with remembered mischief. "You should have been here for his twenty first birthday a few months ago. It was quite a party."

"Ah, Landrin, I was wondering when you were going to show up." Dr. Jaykan interrupted them, a slightly pennant Patrik standing obediently behind him. "As his partner," He pointed irritatedly at Patrik as he stared at Landrin, "you're going to make sure he doesn't get my patient too excited. Jake needs his rest, at least until noon tomorrow."

"Yes, sir." Landrin nodded.

Dr. Jaykan turned to Patrik. "And you, stay away until he has at least one good nights sleep. I know you mean well but it is not helping."

"Yes sir." Patrik solemnly nodded.

"Now, all of you get something to eat and some sleep." The doctor did his best to fix all of them with a stern gaze. "I don't want to see any of you around here till noon. Understood?"

"Yes sir." Patrik and Landrin chimed in unison. T-Bone just nodded, unwilling to argue any more. He doubted he could sleep, but at least alone he could think.

"Good." Dr. Jaykan turned back to Jakes room, his thick, spotted tail flicking unhappily.

When the doctor was out of earshot Landrin all but pounced on Patrik. "What the hell were you up to as-if-I-couldn't-guess."

"Just relaxing him a bit. He won't take the painkillers ..." Patrik explained a little sheepishly, grinning.

"Kid," Landrin draped his arm over Patrik's shoulder and nodded at T-Bone to follow them as he steered Patrik down the hall purposefully. "Do you really think Jake's getting a choice about that?"

"Um, well ... it took his mind off his shoulder for a while."

Landrin chuckled. "I bet. Now lets get you drunk enough to sleep through the night. Do join us T-Bone, you look like you could use a couple drinks yourself."

T-Bone gave a backward glance at Jake's room and nodded. "I think I'll take you up on that if I can get an explanation or two out of you."

"As long as it's not classified NTKO." Landrin caught T-Bone's blank expression and explained before he was asked this time. "Need To Know Only. Don't the Enforcers use it?"

"Not really." T-Bone checked himself too late, then remembered that these kats seemed to know who he was anyway. At least some of them did.

T-Bone tried not to look too self conscious as Landrin lead them to a table in the middle of an upscale strip club. It was not the kind of thing he expected in a corporate facility.

"Cathedral is a self contained city." Landrin smiled as Patrik settled to his left and he motioned T-Bone to sit on his right. "If it's available, it's here."

"I probably don't want to know this."

"Why?" Landrin regarded him curiously.

"Because I still respect the law. I don't want to know you're breaking it." T-Bone half explained as a scantily clad Siamese fem brought them each a thick mug with sparking red liquid without a word.

"We aren't." Landrin chuckled softly as he noticed Patrik's attention glued on the bare-chested Puma fem on stage. "Drink up, both of you." He pushed one mug under Patrik's nose. "You are here to get drunk enough to sleep, unless you prefer to get worn out."

Patrik mumbled something unintelligible and downed a third of the mug, never taking his eyes off the dancer as she stripped the rest of her black tasseled bikini off.

Her maneuver was enough to get T-Bone's attention, providing him with a rather uncomfortable reminder he hadn't had a successful date in almost two years, but today it was the least painful of his realizations.

"She's available, you know."

T-Bone turned sharply on Landrin, his ears flat and voice a low growl. "I do not deal with prostitutes."

Landrin raised his hands in defense. "Woh, woh, chill out. New topic. What did you want to know about Cathedral?"

T-Bone studied his unknown drink for a moment before downing a long swig, appraising the light tingle of the carbonation and relative lack of taste as it side down his throat. "Why are you so interested in us?"

"Personally, nothing beyond having him happy." Landrin nodded at his partner, who was finishing his second glass. "There's little worse than a heartbroken partner to get yourself killed. Cathedral's seen more advances in it's first six months with Jake on the consulting payroll that in the ten years prior. Pakitra is interested in you because you keep Jake happy and she wants him happy and productive at almost any cost. His work is too valuable to the company."

"How'd Jake start here?"

"I'm not sure." Landrin shrugged. "I think Pakitra was Jake were friends when they were kits."

"His girlfriend." Patrik broke in, wavering slightly in his chair. "They were a pair. Still are sometimes. Threesome's fun with her or ... Lady Calico."

"The Deputy Mayor?" T-Bone had to ask.

"Don't know her." Patrik mumbled a little off kilter and down most of a third mug. "Lady Calico's a tall blond, domineering type. Glasses, green eyes."

Landrin interrupted the description quickly and tried to pull the conversation out of the gutter. "I know they'd worked on projects together before Cathedral. When she took charge she probably brought him in."

A second mug appeared in front of T-Bone and the empty one was whisked away as a silver smoked tabby tom, introduced to cheers as 'Rapier' strutted onto the vacated stage. T-Bone was absently aware that Patrik had started panting and wondered if Jake would mind such behavior over another tom.

"How'd they'd get together?" T-Bone motioned absently at Patrik, taking another swallow of the nearly tasteless liquid, grateful for the numbness quickly growing in his mind.

Landrin shrugged. "I'm not really sure. Patrik came in and it was pretty official three, maybe four months later."

"Nine weeks he proposed." Patrik had locked his blurry gaze on them, a wide 'cat that ate the canary' smile firmly in place. "Nine weeks and he was mine."

T-Bone shifted to face Patrik directly, finally drunk enough to ask what had been bouncing around his brain most of the day. "So who gets to be on top?"

"Jake, usually." Patrik licked his whiskers in anticipation. "But he roars so sweetly when I'm in him."

Landrin shifted uncomfortably, accepting of it or not, there were things about his partner's personal life he really didn't want to hear about. "Uh, T-Bone. Did you have any more questions about Cathedral?"

"Mmm?" T-Bone swung his head to face the kat next to him, taking a moment to place the slightly out of focus face. A little corner of his mind noted that his drink must have been spiked. A glass and a half should not have him this groggy, no matter what it was. "Uhhh ... what's in this stuff?"

"A Cambroot derivative." Landrin smiled as both his charges began slipping into lala land. "It's a very effective sedative."

T-Bone shook his head in confusion, trying to dissipate the fog that was quickly closing in on him. He was vaguely aware that someone pulled him up from the chair and was leading him somewhere. Flashes of hallways, a small room and helping hands undressing and tucking him into a soft bed alone came through the darkness.


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Written September 20, 1998 by Rauhnee Ranshanka

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat, Xanith

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Patrik Celest

Notes: This is the epilog to a picture I drew One Shot, Sureshot.

Blurb: When Jake is critically injured during a training mission, Chance learns a few things about him he desperately did not want to know.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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