Rika and Throttle
by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/F
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Tossed into yet another strange place, still missing his Bros and feeling the need to ground himself in the little pleasures that never seemed to change, Throttle was in an odd mood when he found his way into The Hidden Predator. It wasn't a name that drew him, but a silver she-mouse that looked like she might even be Martian had entered, and that was just too much to pass up.

She was just sitting down at the bar when he walked in, laughing at something the bartender said. Her tail was twitching from side to side idly as she looked around the club, and she winked when she noticed Throttle. It was as good as a flame to a moth, even if this moth could kick most of the varied tails in the place and moved with the ease of knowing it. He nodded and smiled at the strikingly attractive mouse, who was showing a significant amount of silver fur through the tight jeans and short red shirt under a fine black-leather jacket.

"Hey there, handsome," she grinned, looking him over as he moved up next to her. "Looks like you're new around here." She nodded towards the empty stool next to her invitingly.

"I'm starting to get used to it," Throttle chuckled with a shake of his head and sat down easily, trying to figure out if she was Martian or not. "Throttle," he curved his tail up and set the end quarter of it flat between them in a handshake equivalent he hadn't encountered anywhere but home on formal occasions.

The gesture apparently went unnoticed, or at least unrecognized, as she signaled the bartender. "Rika," she smiled. "You get bounced around a lot?"

"Last few years," he nodded. "Where are you from?" He asked with an unusually intense curiosity.

"Honestly," she chuckled, "I'm not entirely sure. Place I was from was called Earth, but it's not the Earth they know about around here. What'd I mess up," she asked, cocking her head as she looked at him. "I usually do a pretty convincing Martian."

"You are," he nodded and relaxed a bit and smiled. "Physically perfect, from what I can see. It's the tail," he twitched his, still in place between them, before dropped it to the side. "It's a formal greeting. Bit out of place, but I needed to know if you were from my Mars."

"No problem," she smiled. "Old friend of mine showed me the shape, I was half-hoping to spot him around here, but he hasn't been around here in awhile, not a big surprise." She shrugged slightly, brushing her tail up along Throttle's. "Not too many of you around then?"

"Maybe a few thousand, last time I was home," he sighed softly, though his tail responded instinctively, returning the attention hers showed. "If the last three years have been anything like the three before it, I may be the last Mouse left. Who showed you the form?"

"Ouch," she said with a slight wince. "Well, if it's any consolation, I'm pretty sure you're not the only one left - guy named Vinnie showed me what your people look like, and a few tricks I can use when I'm using it," she winked. "He's still alive, last I heard, though not for lack of pissing bigger things off."

"Vinnie ..." Throttle managed to get himself together enough to stammer. "He's in the Alliance?"

"Last time I saw him, he certainly was - of course, the Alliance is a pretty big place. If he decided to skip planet for some reason, he could have gotten just about anywhere, really."

"There aren't that many Martian Mice around either," he tried to control the flashfire of hope and excitement racing through his mind and body. "Tracing him might not be that bad."

"Could be," she nodded. "Friend of yours, I take it?"

"My Bro," he answered simply. "I didn't know they'd gotten drop kicked elsewhere too." Throttle shook his head. "What's your Earth like?"

"Insane's the polite description," she chuckled. "I'm pretty sure it's not the one you're from, from when Vinnie was describing it. Might be a time thing, though. Between Life Mages and Summoners who didn't know what they were doing, some very, very strange things happened. My folks were one of them," she chuckled.

"So what are you, naturally?" Throttle cocked his head, regarding her with the odd vision his shades provided.

"Rabbit-morph, with horns," she said easily. "Fur's the same though. Pretty much a free-form shifter, unlike a bunch of the folks around here," she explained, making a sweeping gesture with her hand. "By the way," she asked, nodding towards the bartender, "what'll you have to drink?"

"Is the root beer decent?" He chuckled softly.

"I think it is," she smirked. "Though I'm not exactly a connoisseur. Most folks around here have something a little stronger than that."

"Alcohol and I don't mix well," Throttle smirked back, though the expression on the rest of his face spoke seriously of just how badly that would go.

"Ooookay," she said, recognizing what he wasn't saying, turning to the bartender. "Root beer - Terran, if you've got it, but not the alcoholic one."

"They're pretty well stocked here," she continued, turning back to Throttle. "Just have to watch out for some of the local brews when it comes to root beer - some of them still think it should be fermented."

"Thanks for the warning," Throttle cracked a bit of a smile. "It's not my idea of fun, but it seems most think it should give a buzz."

"I prefer other types of buzz," she chuckled, her tail brushing up against his leg. "Most of them not involving chemicals."

"Mmm, my kind as well." He leaned a little closer, the tip of his tail sliding up the tight material of her jeans. "Preferably without so much company as well."

"There're some places around here where the company would probably just ask if they could join in," she smirked. "But I've got a place nearby, if you're looking for private and almost cozy."

"Definitely," he smiled and accepted the root beer. "Lady may be good enough for rest, but she's hardly a place to relax."

"Bike, like Vinnie's," she asked, raising an eyebrow slightly, "or a friend?"

"Better manners than Girl, but yes." He chuckled softly. "She's a cyberbike too."

"Okay," she smirked. "Just wanted to know if it'd be rude to keep you to myself tonight. Got along pretty well with Girl, I think, so there shouldn't be any trouble with yours. Especially if she's as good a ride as I think her owner will be," she winked, trailing her tail further up his leg.

"Lady'll love you for weeks if you help wash her down before we leave," he chuckled softly, the tip of his tail slipping under her tight shirt to play along her abs. "We've been on the road for a while."

"Mmm - you've got a strange idea of a date," she chuckled, running a hand down his back as her tail curled up around his leg slowly. "But I think that can be arranged, especially if she doesn't mind getting a little messier before she gets cleaned up," she winked.

"Not usually," Throttle leaned over to nuzzle her. "Though I had post-date in mind for her bath. She can wait a couple days."

"Couple days, eh?" She returned the nuzzle with a smile, the tip of her tail stopping just short of being enough to give the bouncers a reason to ask them to leave, as the other patrons seemed torn between watching and looking away discreetly. "I like you're idea of a date, handsome."

"I like who I'm next to," Throttle rumbled softly. "How long before they ask us to leave?" He asked with a chuckle.

"Funny, so do I," she chuckled. "And that depends on how high that tail of yours gets - so far, we're only stretching the bounds of decency, so we've got awhile."

"Take after Vinnie, and make them kick us out?" Throttle murmured with a light kiss to her neck, and his tail retreated from her shirt to ghost up one antenna, earning him a soft shudder and moan as she leaned in close.

"I'm getting the look that they do when they're hinting that I should either drag you into the restroom, or head out, if either of us wants through the doors in the next couple of months. Not that I mind much," she added, as she shifted to kiss him, quickly moving as far as he wanted to take it and found the tawny mouse very eager.

"Then we better leave on our own," he chuckled softly as their mouths parted. "I'd have to have bruises ruin the night."

"Nah, they don't bruise," she smirked. "But sidewalk burn from being tossed out on your ass can be a little painful sometimes, depending on what exposed portion of the anatomy you land on." She pulled a slim wallet out of her pocket, and paid for their drinks. "So, should we get going?"

"Yes," Throttle murmured with another nuzzle to her silvery neck. "Do you have a ride?"

"Actually, I took a cab here," she smirked. "Let's just say I don't usually have trouble finding rides - though most of them aren't as nice as yours should be."

"Lady is one of a kind, best suited for one of a kind riders." He smirked playfully at her as they walked out to the rumble of his almost-classic Harley.

"Well, if there's another pair like us out there," Rika smirked, "then heaven help the universe. She's a beauty," she added with an appreciative nod that got a rumble from the black and chrome cycle in return.

"Somehow, I expect you and Vinnie were more of a terror to the universe." Throttle chuckled and let her go to swing his leg over the bike. "Come on."

"Nah," she chuckled, climbing on behind him and wrapping her arms and tail around him. "We never really got the chance to get into any trouble together, by some miracle."

"That must have been either very short, or the sky falling down," Throttle grinned back at her while Lady Revved impatiently. "Where are we going?"

"Turn right at the corner up ahead," she explained. "Then just go down about ten blocks or so - I'll point it out to you once we're closer."

Throttle nodded and Lady rumbled and took off, not quite burning rubber, but close enough for the rush.

Rika held on tight, pressing up against his back, though the placement of her fingers and the tip of her tail served as a distracting suggestion that she wasn't at all worried about Throttle's skill as a driver while the buildings rushed by. His tail, curled once around her waist and then up under her shirt to tease at a nipple, said much the same. She ran her fingers along the taut crotch of his jeans as they drove along, though it wasn't a very long trip, especially not the way he was driving.

"It's just up there," she said, raising her voice above the noise of Lady's engine as she nodded towards an apartment building. The bike shifted course to pull up in front of the building even before Throttle nodded.

"Now that was a nice ride," she rumbled, nuzzling his neck from behind as they stopped. "Definitely going to have to try getting one of these for myself some time," she added with a slight smirk.

"Good luck," he shook his head and waited for her to dismount before getting off himself. "Cyberbikes are unique."

"True," she smirked as she waited for him to get off. "Guess that just means I'll have to find some nice hot mouse to pick me up once in awhile," she winked.

"With those looks, it won't be hard to attract any who might be around," he chuckled and pulled her close with his tail for a nuzzled and kiss to the neck.

"Never has been before," she rumbled, wrapping her tail around behind him to tease at his crotch. "Want to take this indoors, or should we see if we can wake up the neighbors?"

Lady rumbled something that made Throttle laugh. "Wake up the neighbors from inside."

"Works for me," Rika grinned, reaching up to ghost her fingers along one of his antenna while she pulled her keys out with the other hand. "What'd she say?"

"Take it inside, kits." He grinned as his breath spiked a bit.

"Well, I guess we'd better do what she said then," she smirked, walking towards the apartment, her body language anything but subtle as she moved.

"It's usually a good idea," he chuckled, his tail getting bolder as they entered the building and out of sight of most observers. "She's not as easily distracted as the company."

Her own tail was just as bold as she opened the door to her apartment in particular, looking at him with a slight smirk. "You'd be surprised how well I multi-task," she winked when they walked inside. "At least when I want to."

"Ah, but that distracts attention from what you're doing," he rumbled as he closed and locked the door with his tail and pulled her close, their entire bodies in contact as he claimed their first real kiss of the evening, one that she returned eagerly as she worked her hands under his leather jacket to run her fingers through his tawny fur.

"Did Vinnie teach you how to use those antennae you've got?" He asked throatily as their mouths parted slightly and his tail wound up to unbutton her jeans.

"Depends on what for," she smirked, reaching up with her tail to brush one of them slightly, while she undid his belt with her hands.

"Sense sharing," he shivered with a rumble and abruptly swung her up in his arms with a step towards the bedroom.

"I seem to remember that," she smirked, wrapping her arms around his shoulders easily and nuzzling his neck. "Any ways you don't like to play, handsome?"

"Not that I've found," he chuckled as he laid her out on the bed and knelt over her for a fiery kiss of raw hunger. "As long as it actually is play. Just don't touch the shades."

"Deal," she nodded, wrapping her tail around his waist and pulling him close for another kiss. "If we decide to break out the toys, whoever's on top gets to go for the top drawer of the dresser over there," she smirked, running her hands down his sides as his tail pulled her boots off and hands made quick work of her jeans, and underwear with them.

"Basics first, beautiful," he breathed heavily as he passed removing her jeans from his hands to his tail and lowered his muzzle to kiss along her jaw and neck while light, strong fingers brushed over her swelling mons without pressing between them.

"Mmm - I did say if," she rumbled, working on getting his own jeans off with her tail, though somewhat more clumsily than his own work on hers. She turned her head slightly to lick at one of his antenna, drawing it into her mouth.

The shuddering moan he gave as he dropped his mouth to her breasts, still covered in cloth, was nearly as much of a clue as the intensity of his scent and the full erection she felt down between their bodies. With a low moan Throttle pressed his finger forward, breaching the slick heat between the lips of her sex and slowly trailed it forward to explore her.

Rika moaned softly around his antenna, sucking gently on it as she pressed her hips up against his hand, and abandoned removing his jeans to his tail so she could wrap hers around his stiff cock.

He was nearly panting as he shifted to let his tail pull his jeans past his feet and push them to the floor. He barely gave it enough time to push her off his cock before sinking down and pressing into her body eagerly, moaning deeply as the slick tightness and heat embraced him.

"Oh fuck," she groaned, releasing his antenna as he buried himself inside of her. She squeezed her sex around him as she worked her hands down to his ass. "You're eager enough for two tonight," she smirked up at him.

"I was out looking to get laid," Throttle rumbled back, his hands sliding under her shoulders to hold her tightly against the force of his thrusts. "Never expected to find you," he groaned against her neck before shifting his head to kiss her eagerly as he thrust into her body. Her tail slipped from around his waist, the tip of it dropping to tease his ass as she groaned into his mouth.

"Care to go the rest of the way," she asked with a smirk as their lips parted, nodding her head up towards their antenna.

"Oh, yeah," he drew a deep, excited breath and shifted his upper body to bring the long red appendages together and looked inside for a moment to coordinate the feedback loop for both of them as best he could. The silver-furred mouse gasped as she was hit with the rush of extra sensations, her body trembling beneath Throttle's as she felt what he did as well as what he did to her.

"Oh fuck," she groaned, raising her head slightly to kiss him hungrily again at the extra kick of a hard, hungry male deep inside her and of being deep inside another.

"Want more?" Throttle asked, his voice trembling at the sensations he hadn't felt in far too long.

"Oh hell yes," she rumbled, tightening her sex around his shaft, and fighting to keep control of her reaction to the doubled sensations. "Give me everything you've got, Throttle."

He chuckled softly and claimed a fierce kiss before unlocking his memories and adding in some of the more intense bits to the flow between them. In that moment their minds and bodies felt the additions of a second hard length inside her sex and an equally passionate lover in their ass.

Her response was as explosive as it was immediate, an intense scream that was only barely muffled by Throttle's mouth against hers as her tenuous control over her body slipped, and she gave in to the pleasure washing over and through their bodies. It was an intensity that skyrocketed as Throttle's own control shattered, pressing his head down and his hips in hard with a groaning roar, flooding her slick body with his seed.

She cried out again as she felt his orgasm exploding into and from her at the same time, setting off a second set of spasms in her own body as her juices mingled with Throttle's, soaking their thighs while their minds slowly backed off for self-preservation against a true nerve overload.

Neither moved for a long time, focusing on gasping for breath and letting their bodies cool down.

"Thank you," Throttle murmured, nuzzling her as he shifted to one side to hold her gently.

"You're more than welcome," she rumbled, still breathing heavily as she shifted her own arms to hold him, her tail draped over his leg. "Damn, you're good at that."

"I'm surprised Vinnie didn't show you," he smiled a little wistfully. "He's quite the pleasure junky."

"The sense-sharing he showed me," she smiled, nuzzling his neck. "But not whatever you did that turned our duo into a foursome. That was intense."

"I added a few memories into the mix," he smiled. "That was how the ability developed, to share knowledge quickly and silently. Somebody realized that if memories and information could be shared, it could include pleasure, and real time."

"And then somebody else figured out that you could go the other way with it again," she chuckled. "Right?"

"Something like that," he nodded, relaxing in the bed.

"Well, my compliments to whoever figured the whole thing out," she smiled. "Before I forget to mention it, don't panic if you spot somebody who doesn't look like me around here in the morning, especially if it's a rabbit with my colors. Sometimes I forget to stick to the same body."

"I'll keep that in mind," he nodded and relaxed in the mutual embrace.

Rika and Throttle

NC-17 for M/F
Het Level is HighHet Smut Level is PWP
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

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Written March 15, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars, Galactic Alliance

Primary Races: Martian Mice

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F).

Pairings: Throttle/Female

Notes: For the life of me, I can no longer remember what series this came out of. If anyone has an idea, I'd like to know.

Blurb: When you take a very innocent het character and get them into hard-core gay situations, sometimes he has weird thoughts as he tries to normalize things out and adapt. One of them made me scream (Vinnie with a pussy is just *wrong*). This is an effort to get those sick thoughts out of his head with a little of what he's used to.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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