Royal Harem of Midriac 1:

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for Herm/Herm
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Chetta took a deep breath to calm hirself as shi was led through the Shah's palace. Shi felt distinctly out of place here; most people, even the guards, were dressed in silks and satins, clearly well-off. By contrast, shi was dressed in a worn aba; it was clean, but the heavy robe had clearly seen better days.

The Shiba Inu's ears twitched as shi picked up the sounds of palace business going on around hir, sounds shi would undoubtedly become more familiar with given time. Shi reminded hirself why shi was here; shi was a new member of the harem, which smelled and sounded like it wasn't far ahead. Shi would fit in here soon enough.

Hir 'guard' for the trip here had been friendly, easily answering hir few questions and generally being an understanding presence for her nervousness. Now he led hir threw the white marble halls with their decorations that shi hadn't even dreamed of not long before. It wasn't that far before he opened a door for hir into a small room with only a finely carved wardrobe and a large mirror. There were two doors on the other side, but both were closed.

"Mysra will see to you from here." He told hir simply and left, shutting the door behind him.

Chetta looked around the room briefly, and then took a seat on some nearby cushions. Shi was tempted to look in the wardrobe, see if there was something more fitting in there, but shi didn't want to do anything wrong this soon. Certainly not upset the head trainer of the harem if shi was supposed to wait for hir.

Fortunately, shi didn't have long to contemplate before the mature Panther herm walked into the room. Chetta's eye was drawn first to the velvet collar with its golden slave-ring; something shi'd heard about but never actually seen before. Various jeweled piercings glittered as shi walked and fine silk and golden thread harem leggings that were conveniently not between hir legs flowed and exemplified every movement along with the unfastened vest that didn't conceal what little it covered.

"So you are Chetta." The older herm regarded the new canine with a practiced eye.

"Yes Ma'am," Chetta said, inclining hir fox-like head respectfully. Looking at the beautiful Panther-herm, shi couldn't help but feel the familiar stirring between hir own legs, though shi ignored it for now.

"I am Mysra, the harem mistress here." Shi said easily. "Undress. You will have no need for such garments here."

"Yes Ma'am," Chetta nodded, standing and removing her worn aba easily. Shi didn't seem to be uncomfortable with hir body in the least, though shi did hesitate for a moment before setting the old clothing aside, and didn't meet the Panther's eyes when shi was done.

"You are attractive enough to do well," Mysra nodded appraisingly and walked around the youthful canine. "Shy is not particularly useful however." Shi added and ran hir hands down Chetta's back and sides, feeling hir condition for what fur concealed.

"I'll work on it, ma'am," the Shiba Inu said easily, hir tail twitching slightly as Mysra's hands worked along hir body. "I'm just not used to being looked over like this."

"That won't last long," shi chuckled softly as shi came back to Chetta's front and inspected hir pert breasts before moving down to hir swelling sheath. "You respond well. Good."

"Thank you ma'am," Chetta blushed slightly. "Though you're quite worth the response."

It earned hir a smile from the larger herm even as shi slid a finger along Chetta's wet slit, earning a shiver of pleasure from the younger canine. "Have you been taken before?"

"No, ma'am," shi said. "There was a woman in my home village I was with once, but that's all."

"Then I will be gentle with you for a time." Mysra told hir and withdrew hir hand, tracing her fingers along Chetta's sex, balls and sheath. "You have much to learn before you are part of the harem proper. Come. First is a bath so you smell like one of us."

The Shiba Inu followed hir through the left-hand door, into a small bathing room that, while not as opulent as the rest of the palace, was still far finer than any shi had seen before. Shi hesitated for a moment, looking around the room and noticing that Mysra wasn't getting in yet, and then stepped into the steamy, fragrant water while the Panther gathered a few things.

"I recommend becoming used to bathing daily at least." Shi told hir as shi descended into the water. "And spending a lot of time on grooming yourself and others."

"I understand," shi nodded. The daily bathing would be new, though something shi was sure shi could adjust to easily. The grooming shi was already used to, and without having to go out and work in the market every day shi'd have time for it. It was clearly of much more importance here where looks were so crucial.

"It is particularly important that you learn how to keep your sex and ass clean." Mysra informed hir as shi put hir hands on the young canine again. "Both for health and to avoid a beating."

"Yes ma'am," Chetta said easily. "That I'm used to, both sexes."

"Are you ready for your first lesson?" Shi purred softly, hir hand around Chetta's smooth cock to stroke it playfully.

"Mmm ... yes, ma'am," the canine nodded, her curled tail rising reflexively.

Mysra smiled and let go of hir cock and moved behind hir, guiding the smaller canine to brace hirself against the edge of the pool.

Chetta couldn't help but shiver with a low moan as the Panther's hand was once more between hir legs, this time much more firmly teasing as the bigger herm pressed against hir back.

"Oh... Mistress," she moaned softly, closing hir eyes and pressing back, hir furry tail rubbing the Panther's abs and the bottoms of hir breasts. 'Ma'am' just didn't feel like the right name right now.

"This may hurt the first time." Mysra warned hir as hir fingers spread the canine's lower lips and pressed her rough cock against the tight opening.

"I know," Chetta nodded slightly, hir breath quickening with anticipation even as the Panther's strong hands tightened on hir hips to hold hir in place for the first powerful thrust than sank Mysra all the way up to the sheath in hir tight body.

"Gods!" Shi gasped, hir eyes widening as shi was stretched in ways shi never had been before, Mysra's barbs raking hir sex. Hir body twitched slightly around the rough, prickly invader, somehow managing to want more and want it out all at once.

"So tight," Mysra rumbled, hir breasts rubbing against Chetta's back as shi pulled out and began to thrust, shifting one hand from hir hip to stroke Chetta's full cock and squeeze the growing knot at its base.

"Mistress!" Chetta moaned deeply as hir cock twitched in the Panther's skilled fingers, hir knot throbbing as it swelled. Shi reached back, rubbing the Panther's hips, hir arm, anything shi could reach. Despite the initial pain, hir body was quickly adjusting to the pleasure of being filled as deeply as shi was.

"Such pleasures are your life now," shi purred deeply as shi continued to work Chetta over the edge. "This is only the first of them."

The Shiba Inu yipped sharply as hir body spasmed. Hir cock and knot tightened as shi sprayed hir seed into the water, hir feminine sex tightening around Mysra's cock while the Panther continued to thrust into hir as shi came.

Mysra smiled and let the cock slide from hir fingers in favor of thrusting gently while shi fondled the canine's small breasts.

"Tell, me, when you were with this woman, what did you do?"

"Mmm ... not much," Chetta admitted. "We were both a little... ooh... a little drunk at the time. I tasted her... took her, face to face... don't remember too much else."

"It's a start," shi purred and nuzzled hir neck. "Tell me an erotic story, a fantasy."

"Ooh... yes Mistress," Chetta agreed, trying to think of one as Mysra kept thrusting into hir sex. In the end, shi fell back on an old favorite.

"Mmm ... back in my village, the landlord's sons were both handsome Panthers... ooh, that feels good," shi moaned softly as Mystra's cock rubbed hir g-spot. "Ahmed and Waleed. Mmm ... I used to imagine them finding me while I was fetching water one day."

"What did they do?" Shi purred deeply, keeping hir angle the same to draw every shivering moan of pleasure from the new harem member that shi could, and finding that that was quite a few.

"Oooh... they would take me, force me to my knees by the well, where everybody could see," Chetta explained, shivering and blushing fiercely as shi realized what sort of fantasies shi was admitting to. "Ahmed would make me open his trousers while Waleed held my hands behind my back, tying them with the belt from my aba."

"You will enjoy the harem a great deal, Chetta." Shi promised and began thrusting a little harder, squeezing Chetta's breasts and rolling hir hard nipples between strong fingers. "Tell me, what did they do to you, in front of everyone?"

"Mmm ... Ahmed would make me lick his sheath, coax his cock out and start sucking on it, while Waleed would pull my aba out of the way and press himself into my sex. The two of them... mmm... they would mate me like that, while some people pretended not to watch and
others would laugh and take bets at which of the three of us would finish first. I would always be so ashamed, but it always felt so good...." Hir sex spasmed again, and shi moaned long and low as the fantasy blended with the relatively gentle fucking to make hir come again.

This time there was rumbling roar above hir as Mysra gave into hir pleasure and thrust hard into Chetta's sex to pump ribbon after ribbon of thick, hot come into hir body.

Chetta closed hir eyes tightly, savoring the intimate feeling of being filled, hir sex milking the Panther's cock hungrily until they both calmed down.

"Very good, Chetta." Mysra purred and slowly pulled out of hir body. "Now to actually clean you." Shi stepped back and regarded the reddish-golden canine. "Give me a good show for it."

"Do you want me to clean myself as well, or just entertain?" The Shiba Inu asked, stepping back slightly as shi felt the semen in hir sex seep down towards hir entrance.

"Make a sensual show of cleaning yourself." Shi clarified.

"Yes, Mistress," Chetta nodded. Shi sank down beneath the water, wetting hir fur thoroughly before shi came back up. Shi brushed wet fur out of hir eyes before shi reached over, taking one of the bottles of shampoo at the edge.

Shi squeezed some of it into hir palm, stretching out and starting to lather hir fur slowly, emphasizing hir lean curves and small, pert breasts, watching Mysra to try and gauge how well shi was doing.

The big Panther wasn't making it difficult for hir as shi leaned back against the edge of the pool and lazily stroked hir thick black cock that had so recently been the source of such pleasure.

Shi blushed slightly, working on cleaning hir breasts now, teasing hir nipples as shi thought about what shi usually did when shi was masturbating, working it into the bath. Shi could see, and smell, that it met with approval.

"May I sit on the edge, Mistress?" Shi asked. "It will be easier to give a proper show...."

"If you wish," shi nodded easily with a smile of approval.

Shi moved, sitting up on the edge, washing down hir belly, towards hir sexes.

"Do you like what you're seeing, Mistress?" Shi asked, shyly and trying to be seductive at the same time, trying to get into the mindset of doing things to arouse another as shi worked the shampoo into hir thigh-fur, framing hir sexes, planning on washing them last of hir front.

"Yes," Mysra rumbled, hir body backing up the statement as shi stroked hirself. "You are doing nicely.

"Thank you," shi rumbled, stretching hir legs up to lather them up, taking a bit more shampoo as shi finally ran out. Shi lathered hir legs front and back, then started to clean hir feminine sex again, biting hir lip to keep from groaning as shi fondled the slick, freshly-used lips, hir cock starting to harden again, hir knot swelling slightly.

"Don't fight it," Mysra grinned. "Life is about pleasure."

Chetta let the groan out this time, finishing the careful cleaning of hir feminine sex and starting to wash hir balls and sheath, moaning deeply.

"Mmm... Mistress? Oooh... will you be able to help with my back?"

"Yes," shi smiled and waded over to hir. "You look absolutely delicious." Shi decided and nosed Chetta's balls up so shi could begin to eat out the sweet tasting canine. Hir rough tongue knowing every spot inside and out to rub and press as shi pressed hir back on the tiled floor and lifted hir legs.

"Thank you," Chetta groaned, spreading hir legs willingly, hir balls twitching slightly. "Gods that feels good."

Shi shuddered with a whimper when Mysra purred, sending vibrations into Chetta's body while hir tongue worked the canine's g-spot ruthlessly.

Shi reached down, something about the slick feeling of the soap on hir cock making the feel even more erotic as shi squeezed hir knot lightly. Hir breath caught as hir body arched and hir seed sprayed up onto hir freshly-cleaned belly, staining the light, cream-colored fur with hir seed.

Mysra smiled and slid hir head back from under Chetta's balls to pull hirself up and over the panting canine. It was a predatory position, completely dominant, as shi looked down. Then shi lowered hir head to lick the sticky come from hir abs.

Chetta cooed softly and shivered, honestly not sure what was going to come next. Shi knew what shi wanted to though.

"May I return the... mmm... favor, Mistress?" Shi asked.

"When we get to the bed," shi chuckled throatily, a tone of approval. "And after I've worn that lovely pussy out."

The Shiba Inu blushed a bit, greatly enjoying the attention. "Then should I finish cleaning myself, so we can start making our way there?"

"That would be a good thing," shi chuckled and slid backwards, into the water. "You are going to be a most enjoyable one to train."

Royal Harem of Midriac 1: Introductions

NC-17 for Herm/Herm
Het Level is None
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is HighHerm Smut Level is PWP

15 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written March 13, 2005 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Herms of Midriac

Primary Races: Canine, Panther

Contents: Furry. Herm. Fraternization, Harem, PWP

Pairings: Chetta/Mysra

Notes: This series is going to be mostly PWPs with some plot and characterization mixed in.

Blurb: A young herm from a small village in Midriac finally moves into the city ... as the newest member of the Shah's harem.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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