Royal Harem of Midriac 2:
Gang Bang

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for Herm/Herm/Herm/Herm/Herm/Herm
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"Come, Chetta." Mysra told the new canine firmly as shi walked into Chetta's small but very comfortable room with all the modern luxuries shi had so few of at home. Hir manner was one Chetta now recognized as promising pleasure, not displeasure. The Panther rarely smiled except when shi was pleased by progress.

In less than a week here and Chetta was already familiar with every way to pleasure a male or female with hir body, both in giving and receiving attentions. Shi had come a long way from the near virgin who had walked in wearing a simple aba. Shi didn't have the experience of a full harem member yet, that would be weeks, if not months yet, but shi was learning quickly how to move like one, how to project sensuality with hir body in every motion, how to feel natural in hir bare fur and the clothing that only exemplified the fact that they covered nothing and a myriad of other skills their masters expected.

Shi stood and easily followed the Panther, excited by what might be coming next. Something in hir manner made Chetta think it was going to be special.

"You told me when you got here that you found the idea of being taken against your will in public arousing." Mysra smiled over hir shoulder as shi opened the door to an empty room with bindings placed discreetly in various places. "Kneel." Shi motioned to the center of the room and picked up a length of black satin.

"Yes Mistress," Chetta said obediently, taking up the increasingly familiar position. "And I do," shi admitted as she was blindfolded. Shi didn't blush though; that was a habit shi'd broken hirself of very quickly.

Shi still drew a breath as hir ears picked up the sound of several people entering the room, the smell of their arousal marking them as herms.

Hir curled tail perked up slightly as shi made a number of miniscule adjustments to hir position, displaying hir body to the best of hir ability while remaining in position. Shi was beginning to understand what was going on now, and shi <I>definitely</I> liked the ideas shi was getting. Shi did wish shi could see the harem members who were in there, but that shi couldn't was almost more enticing. They could see hir, but shi had no real clue who was watching, or what was going to happen, beyond guesses.

The first set of hands on her were strong and pressed hir muzzle against the enticing mixture of male and female in one groin.

Shi responded instantly, licking and nuzzling the sexes shi was pressed against, inhaling the intoxicating scent deeply as hir own sexes began to respond. Shi felt hirself start to harden, hir sheath swelling as blood rushed to hir nether regions.

This was going to be so good.

Soon another set of hands pulled hir hips up as they moved hir to hir hands and knees. A thick canine cock teased hir, rubbing along hir slit and balls for a moment before sinking deep into hir with a single thrust.

Shi yipped slightly, but when back to work on the male and female sexes in front of hir, licking from the bottom of hir slit to the top of hir sheath and beyond, up the shaft that was emerging.

Someone lifted one of hir hands, forcing hir to shift hir balance, and put it against a hard feline shaft, even as shi heard others stroking themselves around hir.

Shi put most of hir weight on hir knees, teasing the barbs with hir fingers. Shi moaned and took the cock in front of hir into hir mouth, feeling the canine shaft spearing hir from behind. Shi had no clue how many were watching, how many more might have hir pleasure them yet.

And shi loved it.

The herm in front of hir shuddered and grabbed hir head, thrusting roughly into hir mouth. There were neither barbs nor a knot, but that was all shi knew about the person fucking hir face.

Shi lavished the cock in hir mouth with attention, hir fingers and sex working just as hard as shi tried to imagine who might be inside hir. Shi hadn't actually *met* the vast majority of the harem yet, something that gave hir imagination quite a lot of room to play. Shi wondered if shi would see any of them before this was over.

Soon hir attention was drawn to the cock in hir mouth as it's owner grunted and thrust hard as shi came thick and hot in hir mouth.

Shi rumbled happily, drinking down the musky fluid that shot into the back of hir muzzle. Shi moved hir body slightly, bobbing hir head up and down the spent cock in hir mouth and helping the canine taking hir from behind to thrust. Hir nose twitched as shi smelled arousal hitting its peak from others just before the first hot splash of cum hit hi muzzle, then hir hair and back.

"Bind her." Mysra's strong voice interrupted the orgy just after the canine so deep inside hir howled hir pleasure and soaked Chetta's insides with hir seed.

Many strong hands lifted hir bodily to put hir on an object, a small table perhaps, that shi was sure shi hadn't seen in the room. Hir arms and legs were spread and bound in place, hir head set in a lowered support that opened hir throat when shi relaxed with hir muzzle inline with hir body.

Then they were on hir again.

Someone climbed on top of hir and grabbed hir breasts to run a hard, feline cock between them as they were massaged and pressed together.

Another slammed into hir feminine sex, someone *huge*.

Shi cried out in pain and pleasure, but the sound was muffled as another thick cock, already swollen at the tip and tasting of canine arousal. Shi suckled the spongy shaft, hir tongue lavishing it with attention hungrily as shi tried to squeeze down around the one in hir pussy. The feline straddling hir chest spread feminine juices onto hir belly as shi fucked hir breasts, and two more shafts were placed in hir hands. Shi started to stroke them obediently, relishing the knowledge that there were still more watching and waiting their turn.

Shi was being used like a drunken bitch in heat, and loving it. Both hir sexes burned, practically dripping pre-orgasmic fluids into hir soft fur.

Shi nearly screamed in pleasure despite the cock in hir mouth when someone else got on top of hir, just behind the feline, and sank down to drive Chetta's shaft deep into a slick feminine sex that squeezed hir hard.

Shi whimpered and moaned around the cock in hir mouth, doing everything shi could to try and focus each of hir partners and even some on giving a good show for those jerking off to the show. Still, it was almost impossible to focus on anything except the incredible, unbelievable feeling of being taken every way shi *could* but one.

Shi wanted to scream again when the huge male in hir sex began to grunt and pound into hir before pouring so much cum into her that it sprayed hir thighs and almost pushed the cock out. Shi could feel it pour from hir body when shi was empty again, ready for another to take that place.

Shi heard the canine in front of hir howl, spraying seed into hir mouth as shi came hard, pumping hir seed into the herm on hir cock, hir feminine sex squeezing out seed as it spasmed around empty air.

Even as shi came though, shi felt a smooth body move up between hir legs, a long, slender cock spreading hir pussy. Shi whimpered, cum dribbling from hir muzzle as hir orgasm passed, and the cock inside hir pulled out... only to press into hir ass as a second shaft, directly above it, sank into hir well-used pussy.

Hir mouth empty for the moment shi cried out is utter pleasure, only to be silenced as hir mouth was filled with another cock demanding attention.

Hir eyes rolled back beneath the blindfold as shi surrendered completely to the blissful feeling of pleasuring and being pleasured in so many ways. Hir hands, mouth, and sexes worked more on instinct than conscious thought as shi felt feline cum sputter up onto hir throat and breasts from the cock between hir breasts.

Ultimately, the best expression of how shi was feeling was hir curled tail, wagging just as fast as it could, brushing the balls and feminine sex of the dual-cocked creature pounding hir pussy and ass as hard as shi could.

Chetta was truly beginning to believe that it *was* possible to be fucked senseless, and shi was about to experience it.

Royal Harem of Midriac 2: Gang Bang

NC-17 for Herm/Herm/Herm/Herm/Herm/Herm
Het Level is None
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is HighHerm Smut Level is PWP

9 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written March 17, 2005 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Herms of Midriac

Primary Races: Canine, Equine, Feline, Snake

Contents: Furry. Herm. Fraternization, Harem, PWP

Pairings: Chetta/Many Herms

Blurb: Chetta finds out that Mysra uses what shi hears to very good effect.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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