Royal Harem of Midriac 3:
Breakfast Buffet

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for Herm/Herm/Herm
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Chetta let out a high-pitched yawn as shi stretched out, hir entire body stiff and achy. Hir bright eyes opened as shi realized shi wasn't blindfolded, and found hirself in hir room.

Shi was perfectly cleaned, alone, curled up on hir bed and dressed like shi'd just fallen asleep some time earlier. If it wasn't for the wonderful, if dull, aches in hir body from where shi'd been stretched to hir limits multiple times, shi would have almost thought shi'd just dreamt it all up.

And she still had no idea just who had done what to hir, or who had been watching. A pleasant shiver ran up hir spine; part of hir was sure shi shouldn't feel like this about what had happened, but the rest of hir quickly overpowered it at the thought of being taken so thoroughly, fucked until shi finally passed out, then cleaned and dressed and brought back to hir room....

All without hir ever knowing who was doing it. Unless somebody told hir, or shi managed to remember a scent or flavor, shi'd always be walking through the harem, wondering exactly who shi'd pleasured or been pleasured by.

It made hir hope it would not be the last such event. It was simply too incredible, and here, it was accepted, even encouraged. At home, something like this would have been enough to get hir whipped, most likely. If shi was lucky.

"Did you sleep well?" Mysra's strong voice interrupted hir musings and the arousal it was building when the harem mistress walked in.

"Very well, Mistress," Chetta said, quickly shifting to stand and smoothed out hir silks.

"Fit enough for a slightly more advanced lesson today?" The sleek black Panther smiled slightly, hir tail waving behind hir and hir body displaying hir expectant arousal.

"I believe so, Mistress," the Shiba Inu said, hir tail starting to wag. "How long was I out?" Shi asked.

"Most of the day as well as last night." Shi chuckled softly. "Come, breakfast is ready."

"Oh my," Chetta blushed, ducking hir head slightly and following Mysra. "I'm sorry I was out for so long. Though, from what I remember, it was definitely worth it," shi added with a grin.

"I am pleased you appreciate the reality as well as the fantasy," Mysra purred. "It will make you most popular for dinner parties."

"They really have performances like that here? I'd heard about it, but wasn't sure if it was just rumors or real," Chetta said, hir ears twitching a little curiously.

"Oh, they are very real." Mysra chuckled and let hir into a room with dark pillows on the floor and an array of foodstuffs spread out around them a circle. Laying there, hir fur and silks in perfect order, was a Red Panda with a hungry look in hir eyes. "You seem to have the temperament to be a favorite, so now the lessons begin on the more active rolls. This is Mi-Shan. She is already a skilled performer, and will be the more passive partner for now."

"I understand, Mistress," Chetta nodded, hir eyes shifting around the food that was spread out, wondering just what was up. Still, as hir eyes explored Mi-Shan's voluptuous body, shi had to admit shi was *much* more appetizing, despite the grumbling hir belly made over not being fed in far too long.

"The idea," Mysra explained as shi stepped into circle to pick up a cleaned strawberry and teased it around Mi-Shan's nipple, "is to make feeding each other as sensual a visual as possible before you get to actually screwing each other for desert."

"All right," Chetta nodded, watching. "Should I just watch for now, or join you?"

"If you have any ideas, do come in." Mysra smiled easily as the plump, red berry was trailed down Mi-Shan's belly to play along hir smooth cock.

"When I have some, I will," Chetta smiled a little shyly, glancing around the offerings and trying to imagine how to use them for this. "Anything in particular I should know about that's a bad idea, or just doesn't work?"

"Don't put anything somewhere you wouldn't be willing to eat it out of." Mi-Shan grinned at hir and licked a bit of honey from hir finger suggestively.

"I'll keep it in mind," Chetta said, making a bit of a face as shi thought of some of the few places that qualified. Still, shi moved into the circle, kneeling next to Mi-Shan and dipping hir own finger into the warm, liquid honey, tracing circles around the Red Panda's hard nipples. Shi smiled at the older harem-slave, offering hir own sticky finger to hir to be licked clean as the honey cooled and harden slightly on hir nipples, so it would stand up to a little tongue-washing.

"Mmmm, a nice start." Mysra rumbled approvingly even as shi picked up a piece of cured meat and slid it into Mi-Shan's pussy, moving it in and out of the Red Panda with hir mouth.

"Thank you, Mistress," Chetta rumbled, leaning down to start slowly licking the cooled honey from Mi-Shan's breasts. The surface had begun to harden slightly, making the exercise take some time and effort, and giving the Shiba Inu an ample excuse to make a show of lapping at Mi-Shan's nipples.

"Have you ever used a double dildo, Chetta?" Mi-Shan asked with a grin as shi fondled the smaller canine's breasts.

"Mmm ... not yet," shi admitted, swirling hir tongue around one nipple and finally cleaning the honey off it, moving to the other as Mi-Shan rubbed hir ears gently.

"That's a nice one," Mysra grinned used a gentle hand to move Chetta as Mi-Shan shifted to hir hands and knees, moaning when Mysra pressed a thick sausage into hir pussy. "You get the other end." Shi told Chetta.

"Like this?" Shi asked with a grin, catching on and getting on hir own hand and knees behind Mi-Shan. Shi backed up onto it, rumbling as the thick length stretched hir well-used body and hir tail raised up, positioning the two herms like a rather obscene pair of bookends.

Mysra put on hand on each of their rumps and began to move them back and forth, fucking themselves and each other with the thick meat wrap.

"Ohhh, yeah." Mi-Shan moaned and squeezed down, hir cock full and hard, hanging down between hir legs and waving with each motion of hir body.

Chetta's shaft was just as hard, swaying as the two of them got into a rhythm of motion that they each enjoyed. The canine's cock ached to be put to proper use, but shi ignored it in favor of pleasing both Mi-Shan and Mysra.

It was apparently what Mysra had in mind too. A hand, coated with something thick and cool, closed around hir cock to coat it. Then Mysra moved them gently apart, then onto their backs.

"Guy sixty-nine?" Mi-Shan rumbled hotly.

"Sounds delicious," Chetta grinned, looking up at Mysra. "Assuming there isn't a different show Mistress has in mind?"

"That one is quite good." Shi chuckled and relaxed back to watch the show as Mi-Shan slipped off the sausage dildo and all but pounced on top of Chetta, putting hir yogurt-covered cock in front of hir muzzle and happily taking the one in front of hir into hir own.

Chetta rumbled, licking the thick, spicy coating off the Red Panda's tip, then taking hir cock into hir mouth hungrily, cleaning it with hir tongue and pleasuring hir. A deep moan escaped hir throat as hir knot swelled and she suckled the smooth length in hir mouth even as hir own was cleaned by a skilled mouth and pleasured in return.

Shi was peripherally aware that Mysra was moving, only to moan deeply as shi began to fuck hir with the hard sausage still in hir pussy.

Chetta whimpered like a pup as Mi-Shan ran hir tongue around the base of hir knot. Shi reached up, gripping the Red Panda's ass lightly, fingering the pleasure point just above hir long, fluffy tail and was pleased to feel the rumble of approval around hir cock as Mi-Shan shivered.

Then the sausage was pulled out of hir and Mysra was above hir head, rubbing Mi-Shan's hips before driving hir rough black cock deep into the Red Panda, hir balls swinging just above Chetta's nose as the two experienced herms fucked hard right above hir, their full balls bouncing off each other with each thrust.

Chetta inhaled the overpowering scent of arousal, Mysra's balls brushing right up against hir hypersensitive nose. It was more than enough to push the Shiba Inu over the edge, and shi moaned hungrily around the cock in hir mouth, hir own spasming and shooting hir seed into Mi-Shan's mouth to be devoured.

"Ohh, Mysra ... put hir on the bottom?" Mi-Shan moaned deeply as shi let Chetta's cock slide from hir mouth.

"I like that idea," shi chuckled. "Shi has excellent endurance. Roll over and turn around, Chetta. Mi-Shan will take you properly."

Chetta wasted no time changing positions, spreading hir legs and licking Mi-Shan's short muzzle submissively. Shi could taste hir own seed, and moaned deeply as Mi-Shan pressed into hir sex.

Soon shi was whimpering and moaning uncontrollably, the pleasure of being taken heightened by the power of the feline dominating them both and the sensations of being thrust into, only to have an extra bit of force added at the very end as Mysra hilted into Mi-Shan, forcing the Red Panda deeper into hir.

Hir own cock rubbed into deep, soft, dark fur, hir knot staying thick and hard as shi moaned helplessly. Hir body spasmed with pleasure, tightening around Mi-Shan as hir feminine sex came, milking the thick cock in it hungrily until the Red Panda groaned hirself and surrendered hir thick seed to Chetta's desire.

Even as they were both still shuddering, Mysra roared above them both and drove Mi-Shan's sheath into Chetta's wanton body right after hir cock.

The Shiba Inu groaned deeply, hir sex well-filled with hot flesh and cum. Shi nuzzled Mi-Shan's neck, running hir fingers through hir fur and rubbing Mysra's breasts with the backs of hir hands.

"Think you can take us both, pretty?" Mi-Shan rumbled and nuzzled hir back.

"Mmm ... any way the two of you like," Chetta rumbled, hir fox-like muzzle parting in a grin.

Mysra grinned and pulled out of Mi-Shan, allowing the Red Panda to grab onto Chetta and roll over, putting the canine on top of hir so Mysra could grab Chetta's scruff in hir jaws, hir hips in hir strong hands and drive hir rough cock into hir pussy where Mi-Shan's cock still was as the older pair began to fuck hir mercilessly.

Chetta groaned, nuzzling and licking at Mi-Shan's neck like a puppy as hir body was raked inside and out by Mysra's barbed cock. Shi squeezed hir sex around the two long, thick members, rippling it along them and pleasuring them both as they pushed hir ever closer to the mindless pleasure that was becoming deliciously common in hir life.

Royal Harem of Midriac 3: Breakfast Buffet

NC-17 for Herm/Herm/Herm
Het Level is None
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is HighHerm Smut Level is PWP

11 KB, Story is Complete, Series is in Progress
Written March 19, 2005 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Herms of Midriac

Primary Races: Canine, Panther, Wah (Red Panda)

Contents: Furry. Herm. Fraternization, Harem, PWP, Sex (Food Play)

Pairings: Chetta/Mysra/Mi-Shan

Blurb: Chetta finds out that Mysra uses what shi hears to very good effect.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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