SWAT Squadron Six
by Fur and Fantasy
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Special Weapons And Tactics
SWAT Squadron Six
Call Out!
We are SWAT Kats
Proud and Skilled
We are SWAT Kats
Never Fear
For SWAT is Here
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Where Ever Danger Calls

"Guys?" Callie called from outside the snow covered Salvage Yard Garage. 'First snowfall in twenty years. I'll be glad to see it gone.' She twitched her tail irritably at the closed door.

"Come in, Ms. Briggs. It's unlocked." Chance's voice had an odd edge on it. One step inside the door told her why; his right leg was in a cast and propped up on a low table.

"What happened?"

"Close the door, it cold out there." Chance paused as she quickly complied. "Accident on the obstacle course." He growled irritably, looking up at her and muted the Scardy Kat cartoon. Not even that could make him laugh at the moment.

"And Jake?" She prodded worriedly.

"Broken ribs, downstairs." Chance waved halfheartedly towards the floor. "What can I do for you?"

'He must be hurting bad not to even try to flirt, specially with Jake gone.' Callie scrambled to reorganize her thoughts to cover what she'd come to tell them. 'I guess this has good timing after all.' "How long until you're ... air worthy?" She reached down and brushed his cheek, hoping it would be comforting.

Chance managed a weak smile, though it was clear enough he was doing it to make her feel better than that he was actually amused, or even pleased with her touch. "Doc says I get this thing off in three weeks, so longer."

"Oh." She took a deep breath. "When you get airborne again, you'll have company."

"What kind?" Chance didn't register concern.

That worried her even more. "SWAT Squadron Six of the Felarmi Marshals is coming on a semi permanent basis."

"Hu?" Chance's blank stare held almost more pain than confusion.

"The Marshals are Felarmi's equivalent of the Enforcers, and then some." Jake explained from the inner doorway, his coveralls looking only slightly off for the extra wrappings around his ribcage. He regarded Chance somberly for a moment. "You haven't been taking your painkillers, have you?" He sighed irritably.

"No. They make me sleepy." Chance snapped.

'I'll have to ask if The Sixth can come early.' Callie watched the two males interact tensely. 'I've never seen them this ... angry with each other.'

"Stubborn kat." Jake grumbled to himself. "Ms. Briggs, how soon are they supposed to be here?"

"Three weeks, but I plan on asking if they can come early, considering." She half stated, half offered.

"That would be a good idea." Jake's voice finally betrayed his pain, and worry. "I built a new communicator for you, if you'd come down. I really don't feel like climbing up again soon."

She nodded and followed Jake into the Hanger. 'He must be in a lot of pain to ask me to come down. He's hiding it well, though.'

"Here." He tossed her a small flat box and lowered himself carefully into a improvised well padded high backed chair at the work bench.

After a momentary examination, Callie glanced up. "Looks like a cell-phone."

"Acts like one too. It's linked to your existing account with MegaKat Cellular, so everything else is functional. Hit the red button to get us, that's what actives the scrambler and a separate transmission system so it's as untraceable as such things get." Jake closed his eyes and let his head roll back against the chair.

"Are you taking your painkillers?" Callie watched him carefully. "And how'd you get into my account?"

"Yes, for all the good they do." He sighed. "And breaking into MegaKat Cellular is a lot easier than Pumadyne or Enforcer HQ, and I have to get in there on a regular basis."

She mused over it. 'I'm not even going to ask why.'

Jake waited a moment, then broke her train of thought. "I have a major favor to ask of you." He rolled his head right to look at her, sideways, but making eye contact.

"Anything I can." Callie assured him quickly. 'What the blazes qualifies as a major favor when I own him my life so many times?'

"I have to go to a family reunion next week, from the 15th to the 21st." Jake actually smiled at the thought. "It would mean a lot to me if you'd make sure Chance eats, takes his meds ... and doesn't go completely stir crazy while I'm gone." Jake's eyes slipped shut, despite his best efforts.

"Happy to. Something wrong ... beyond your ribs?"

"No. I just don't handle the drugs very well. I'm kinda surprised I'm still awake." Jake assured her quietly. "Sorry." He yawned. "Could you see yourself up?"

"Of course." Callie watched Jake drift off. 'What a week this is turning out to be, even for us.'

Half a world away, in Felarmi's capital of Triesk, a city well less than a fifth the size of MegaKat City, Marshal Special Forces Headquarters is buzzing with their usually activity and some extra excitement, for one of their top teams is getting ready to leave for an extended stay out of the country -- on a diplomatic mission of sorts.

A resonating female voice booms over the intercom system. "Attention Operation MegaAid personnel. ETD to MegaKat City at ten thirty. Be in briefing room thirty with all gear on the cargo loading pad at zero nine thirty. TIA."

In the SWAT Squadrons living quarters two kats are packing up the last of their belongings, mostly uniforms and official gear.

"Bad Kat, Bad Kat. Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when we come for you." The slender cinnamon she kat with chocolate stripes twitched in time to her favorite song as she packed neatly folded uniforms into her transpack. Her tailored urban camies showing off her figure without hindering movement.

"KK!" Her partner and room mate, a black and white tuxedo kat dressed in a similar uniform, covered his ears in exasperation. "If you must sing that ditty all day, will you at least come up with new lyrics every few rounds."

"Why? Those are the words." KK grumbled defensively, still moving to the beat, but obligingly didn't sing any more.

"Cause we're flying with a full weapons load to start with." A tall uniformed female stated dryly from the now open doorway. Golden fur laced with silver stripes covered a masculine body, her tail thumping against the wall. Two full transpacks rested in the hall behind her. "And this is a nineteen hour flight for seconds."

"Ou Rah, Gemma." The male thrummed.

"Ender, Ender," Gemma shook her head, "you're not he only one that has to listen to her. Linder, Jimee and Mythrall are packed and ready. How far do you do have?"

"I'm ready." Ender motioned at his two transpacks. "Kami's always late." He teased.

"We've better than half an hour to the briefing, not like we don't already know it by heart with two months prep time." Kami flicked her ears back and pulled the top flap of her second transpack together and latched it. "I'm ready anyway."

"Then grab your packs and lets go." Gemma hefted hers by one shoulder strap apiece, laid them across her back and headed down the corridor, shifting slightly to balance the weight.

Briefing room thirty is crowded and humming with controlled excitement and concern among the hundred and fifty kats of Operation MegaAid, all wearing subtle variants of the urban camie, jostling for space as Marshal Special Forces Colonel Vincent Timorn, looking for all the world like Turmoil's older brother, strode in and settled behind a small podium on the floor.

"I'm sure most of you have Operation MegaAid's goals memorized by now, so I'll keep this short. All supplies have arrived and most are loaded now, so you will be leaving today. The prefab facility should take a week to put together and a site has been selected on the city side of their mountain range. Coordinates are in your flight package. The site is completely unimproved; no runway, no roads; nothing, but it is fairly flat. We need to be operational within the week; that is why the package is so big," he motioned around the room, "for a base of twenty nine kats. Escort fighters are to return as escort with your assigned transport. You are expected, but I have my doubts how well you'll be received by the local's -- on any side. Remember, it is their Deputy Mayor who extended this invite and not the equivalent of the Commandant. Especially for those of you who will be staying, remember -- you will be entering a low level war zone with a known minimum of seven major sides and a lot of weirdness. Stay sharp. Questions?"

"What is the danger level we're going into, sir?" One of the male kats, sporting an Engineer's Badge, requested nervously.

"MegaKat City is listed as a medium danger zone. Realistically from reports, it is high for pilots and low for anyone who doesn't put themselves in the line of fire. At least as long as your don't fire on the TurboKat." Colonel Timorn chuckled knowingly with several of the other pilots. "Others?" He waited calmly, scanning the room for the shy kats who had concerns. 'It's good to have such a professional force.' "Nothing? Then dismissed to your vehicles."

The next afternoon, Callie steals a few hours for her own interests after completing the Mayor's latest speech, she's already forgotten what it is for.

'I guess you never realize how much someone means to you until they're hurt. Ulysses is fun to be with when he drops that duty-is-all persona, but I've never felt this strongly about him getting hurt or lost.' Callie mused as she tried to keep her socks dry against the snow still coating the Salvage Yard despite the bright sun. "Guys?" She opened the waiting room door and slipped gratefully into the warm building.

There was no answer from any quarter.

"Chance? Jake?" She began a cautious search; Garage, kitchen, office, waiting room. 'There really isn't much to this place on the surface.'

"Yes, Miss. Briggs?" Jake caught her attention as she reentered the waiting room. He was bare chested except for the bandages and leaning for support against the door jam leading upstairs. It was clear enough to her than she'd woken him up.

"Callie, please." She watched surprise flash across his face. 'I guess this is more of a professional relationship for him than I expected. After all the flirting the three of us have done ...'

"Um, ok, Callie." He didn't trip over her name, but it was clear enough he was a little less than comfortable using it around her. "What do you need?"

"Who here?" Chance's sleepy voice filtered down from the top of the stairs.

Jake turned to look up. "Callie."

"I came to help out, at least for a few hours." She shrugged. "I guess I had bad timing."

"Nothing new there." Jake muttered under his breath as Chance worked his way down the stairs.

Callie gave Jake a sharp look as he came into the room, out of his partner's way. "What ..."

Her question was interupted by the sharp ring of the Garage's phone.

"I'll get it." She moved faster than Jake, snapping the handset up after a third ring. "Salvage Yard." She used the crisp voice she perfected on her climb in politics.

"This is KK, I'd like to speak to Jake Clawson." A hyped female voice requested on a marginal connection.

"Just a minute." She dropped the phone from her ear and turned to Jake, holding it out to him. "KK wants to talk to you."

He regarded her a little bewildered and took the phone as Chance settled on the couch and propped his leg up, watching the preceadings. "Hello?"

"Jake, good news. I'm going to be in the area in about thirty minutes. Do you mind if I drop by? We can talk in person for once." KK chatted excitedly. "I've cleared it with Commander Zahrell."

"Where are you?" Jake fought off the effects of his sedative.

"Four hundred miles off your west cost and coming in fast with the rest of the operation force." KK supplied casually.

Jake took a moment to organize the repercussions. "Oh, crud." He turned to face Callie. "Have you told Feral about the Felarmi?" He was now fully awake, and oblivious to the pain of his ribs.

"What? What's wrong?" KK snapped.

"No, why?" Callie requested, a little confused.

"You're three weeks early. Enforcers are not expected you." Jake answered to the phone, then dropped it to his chest and looked at up Callie. "You'd better. They're less than four hundred miles off the cost, half an hour from landfall. Use the jet's radio." He waved her down and put the handset back to his ear, ignoring Chance's intense interest.

"I've warned the flight. We're dropping to three hundred MPH. How bad is this?" KK requested as calmly as she could with a full load of adrenaline in her system.

"For you, very little beyond the political ramifications. Talons are not very dangerous, but shooting one down has its own set of consequences."

Chance could almost see the wheels cranking into high gear in Jake's head. "Hopefully, Miss Briggs can get through to Commander Feral before he gets to you."

"Don't worry, he won't catch up with us. We can stay airborne a lot longer than necessary and we're a lot faster. We'll just avoid them till the Deputy Mayor get through." KK assured him. "I'll see you soon."

"Yaeh, sure." Jake stared at the phone numbly for a moment before hanging it up.

"Who is KK?" Chance verbally jumped him, delighted at a distraction, any distraction, from his leg.

"Kami Kitata. We've been webchatting for the last eight months." Jake shrugged. "I never expected she'd pull off coming here." 'I'm more interested in how she found out who I am, never mind the number.'

"How'd you meet?" Callie requested softly as she came back into the room. "I got to Feral. He's not happy, but he's turned around."

"At least one thing is going well today." Jake sighed.

"So how'd you meet KK?" Chance prompted, somewhat enjoying his partner's discomfort on the subject.

"We crossed paths in Felarmi S SIR." Jake admitted carefully.

"What do you two have in common?" Callie asked, honestly curious.

"So far, it's been like talking to younger version of myself." Jake shrugged, intent on dropping the subject. "I need to change." He broke any chance they had of getting more out of him at the moment. 'What a day this is turning into; and we've only been up a few minutes.'

SWAT Squadron Six

Het Level is Low
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

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Written February 15, 1998 by Rauhnee Ranshanka

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F).

Pairings: Callie/Ulysses

Blurb: Two years after Zed's rampage, with the SWAT Kats temporarily out of commission, Deputy Mayor Briggs gratefully accepts an offer of assistance from a new ally, Felarmi, another Kat nation. This aid comes in the form of a true SWAT Squadron -- three sets of vehicles with three pairs of specially trained Kats and their base support crew eager to take on the infamous criminals of MegaKat City. Now all Ulysses has to do is inform them of his rules before they get too comfortable breaking them as much as the local pair. That they still answer to their Felarmi Command and not him is not helping the matter any.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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