Sliding Time 9:
Cops and Robbers

by Fur and Fantasy
PG-13 for M/F content
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"It's almost here," Obi-Wan said, glancing at the tracker. "Portal will be open soon."

"I'll go through first this time," Sly volunteered. "Carm, you want to follow?"

She nodded slightly and shifted under her backpack. Only when the shimmer of the field caught her eye did she look up. One deep breath and she leapt after Sly.

All things considered, they were each rather glad to land on something hard when reality stopped spinning. Hard mean it might be floor. Not grass, not sand, not water - and, most importantly, not hard space.

"Sly!" Two achingly familiar, completely unexpected voices shouted before the portal disappeared before any of the others made their way through.

"You're kidding me," Sly blinked, turning over and pulling out from under Carmelita's bag, only to see Bentley and Murray, spotting the pink Hippo just before he swept Sly and Carmelita up into a painful bearhug. "Urk!"

"LET ME GO!" Carmelita snarled, twisting to try to kick or punch him; anything to get out of Murray's grasp.

"Sorry," Murray said sheepishly, letting them both down. "You're both alive!"

"Where is here?" Carmelita asked, a soul-deep weariness and defeat showing in her voice.

"One of our old hideouts," Bentley said, the Turtle standing behind a large bank of machines, clearly hiding, a taller grey Mouse standing next to him. "Sly? What are we supposed to do about the Inspector?"

"Let her go, of course," Sly said, standing up and brushing his outfit off.

"Once we know that the two of you didn't bring something back you shouldn't have," Bentley pointed out.

"Why not." Carmelita sighed and dropped her pack to the ground. "Not like I have anywhere to be."

"What's wrong?" Murray asked. "What happened?"

"Long story, buddy," Sly said softly. As much as he'd wanted Carmelita to come back with him... he'd hoped it would be because she wanted to, not just because luck dropped them there without the others.

And frankly, judging by the machines, he had a feeling that it wasn't just luck.

"C'mon, I know Bentley's got somewhere safe we can stay set up down here. I'll explain everything once we're in quarantine."

She nodded and followed without another word, or the interest she should have had to see one of their hideouts, even an 'old' one, as Murray led the way to the containment area.

"So, what's going on around here?" Sly asked Murray while Carmelita settled down on one of the simple single bunks. "Who was the Mouse?"

"Oh, that's Penelope," Murray explained. "Bentley found her on the 'net, she came in to help us find you guys!"

"I'm glad you did. Things were going from weird to worse." Sly shook his head a bit and sat down on the second bunk. "So how long have we been gone?"

"About a year," Murray admitted. "We started looking for you as soon as we got that Doctor guy to tell us what really happened."

"So how have things been going?" Sly looked up, dearly hoping that it had been better than for him.

"Pretty crazy," Murray said honestly. "We've been getting all sorts of crazy things in here. Couple of 'em needed to be knocked back through, others weren't too bad ... there was this one weird pirate guy, kept sayin' he was a Sparrow, but didn't look like any Sparrow I ever saw."

Sly couldn't help but chuckled. "Any giant shapeshifting Mice with antennae?"

Murray thought about it, but shook his head.

"Nope. But one real little Mouse and a few Chipmunks. They were cute," he observed, thinking back to their tiny, if highly unusual, guests.

"I bet." Sly chuckled. "Anyone who stayed?"

"Oh yeah!" Murray said, grinning. "Asuka's working out right now. She's a ninja or somethin' like that. She came here with these four big Turtles, really cool guys, especially Mikey. We think you'll like her. She looks like a Raccoon, but she's got red and white fur, mostly. Say's she's a Wah. The Turtles said Red Panda. Whatever she is, she's pretty."

"The Turtles stayed too?" Sly asked with a glance towards Carmelita to gauge her reaction to hearing Murray suggest a potential girlfriend. She seemed oblivious though, laying on her bunk and pretending to be asleep. He just wished she'd be a little more interactive. This level of disinterest just wasn't like her.

And not really healthy either, he didn't think.

"No, they went back, but she decided to stay. It sounds like back home, she did some things she really wasn't proud of, so she wanted to make a new start."

Sly was sure he heard Carmelita mutter something but couldn't be sure what, despite a good guess.

"A new world is about as clean a start as you can get." Sly nodded. "How about the world in general? What's been up?"

"Pretty much the usual. Everybody thinks you and Carmelita got killed in that blast... Muggshot got out of prison, we've been keeping an eye on him, but haven't spotted anything he's been up to, besides getting a gang together again."

"Figures." Carmelita finally muttered loud enough to be heard.

Sly sighed. He was sure she was referring to him being let out because the murder charge couldn't stick without his testimony. "We'll just have to nail him again. It'll be a pleasure, and I know he'll give us an excuse."

"Yeah, word is he was pretty broken up you guys 'got killed,'" Murray said, rolling his large eyes. "Wanted to do it himself, I guess."

"Like he'd manage that." Sly snorted.

"So how long am I going to be stuck in here?" Carmelita asked without looking at them.

"Have to ask Bentley, but he's usually wanted to keep folks who stuck around in here for a week... most of 'em wouldn't listen, but probably the same for you guys," Murray told them.

"Just how many stayed?" Sly asked with a touch of concern.

"Oh only Asuka stayed, but some of 'em couldn't get back through before the big swirly thing closed up again, so they were stuck here for a while."

"Ah, that one." He nodded and relaxed back on the bunk. "Well, I'm one who'll cooperate and stay for a week." Sly winked at his partner.

"Not like I have anywhere better to be." Carmelita said quietly, earning a concerned look from Sly before he and Murray settled in to catch up on what both of them had been up to.

"Carm? Are you awake?" Sly asked a few hours later after Murray had left, not honestly sure whether she was or not.

"Yes." She answered quietly, her voice flat and uninterested.

"I'm sorry," he said softly. "I didn't really think it'd happen like this."

"You said it would." She reminded him. "That they'd do what it took to get you back, and me by extension."

"Yeah, but...." He sighed. "I didn't think it'd end up forcing you into it. Guess I always figured that when they found us, they'd come to us and keep the way back open, not suck us back in by mistake, at least not without the others. It's what they've usually done," he chuckled, standing up and moving over towards Carmelita. "I didn't think you wouldn't have a choice in the end."

"It happened." She sort of shrugged without looking at him. "Now I deal with it. Not that different from the rest of my life."

"You could stay here, if you wanted," he offered. "The guys'd be okay with it... wouldn't have to be for good, just until you figure something else out?"

"And watch you go back to stealing?" She finally looked up at him, her dark brown eyes expressive as ever. The level of defeat and resignation in them, the fire he'd come to love absent, was more disturbing than her words. "I'm a big girl. I can make a living in whatever city this is closest to."

"I'm not saying you can't," he said, kneeling next to her bunk. "Just hoping to make it a bit easier for you. I don't have to go back to what I did before. You're worth retiring for."

He knew he was taking a chance laying it on so thick ... but at the same time, he did mean it… and it was probably his last chance. He saw in her eyes her desire to believe it; to be cared for, cared about, for possibly the first time in her life, and at the same time a rebellion against the idea.

Why was it he always fell hardest for the independent, strong willed ones?

"I'm not a hooker." She told him firmly.

"Who said you were?" He answered. "It's not about sex, Carmelita. It's not about trying to make you stay, either."

She scowled at him, but after months, he'd come to recognize this particular scowl. He'd just said something that she really wasn't sure how to respond to and it irritated her.

He held back a sigh. Sometimes he could swear he had more in common with the aliens they'd traveled with than the Fox from his own world.

Okay, all the time with Duke, but only sometimes with most of them.

"It's not about sex," he repeated, sticking with what was hopefully easiest to handle. "I'd want to help you even if you were on your way out of here and I knew I'd never see you again. You're a strong, capable woman, and you deserve a fair shot to set yourself up, especially since it's not your fault you're in the place you're in."

She simply sighed and slid her hands under her head to watch the ceiling. "Maybe."

It was progress.

"You want some help thinking about something other than what's just happened, and going to?" He asked her. "Or just want me to leave you alone?"

"You can't leave me that much alone." She pointed out dryly, then let a deep breath go. "A distraction wouldn't be bad."

"Want me to see if somebody'll bring something down for us to do, or our usual 'distraction?'" He asked her, glancing towards the curtains for the room, perfectly comfortable with either.

"Think they'll have something with the news?" She asked a little hopefully. "I've got a year of world events to catch up on."

"Think we could get a TV in here, yeah," Sly nodded. "Maybe magazines or something."

"A major newspaper?" She managed something of a smile.

"I'll see what we can do," he smiled, moving to hit the buzzer that would bring Murray back down to get the best they could get.

"Whatcha lookin' at?" Murray asked Bentley curiously as he found the Turtle a few days later, considering some old papers.

"I'm not sure," he admitted, passing the photo he was looking at up to Murray.

"Hey, that's -"

"Doctor M, yeah," Bentley nodded. "Found this while I was trying to figure out how the Doc managed to create something like that teleportation device he had. Didn't pay much attention then, but now that Sly's back I can think about it a bit more. It looks like he has more than one tropical island to his name."

"Can't say it's too much of a surprise." Murray shook his head even as he saw Penelope approaching out of the corner of his eye.

"More of Dr. M's papers?" She asked with a curious look after giving Bentley a kiss on the cheek.

"Some of the old ones we 'borrowed' from Interpol," Bentley nodded, blushing beneath his green skin. "This photo isn't like the others... and you see back there?" He asked, grabbing a pen from the table and circling a large building up in the trees. "I think I see something there... have to scan and enlarge it to be sure, but there's something about that building that catches my eye."

She cocked her head slightly. "It's pretty big, whatever it is, and looks like it's built thick. Want me to get on the scan and enlarge?"

"If you could take it over to the scanner, I'd appreciate it," the Turtle admitted, turning his wheelchair to the computer. "I think I can handle the rest of it," he chuckled.

"Of course you can." Penelope smiled and walked over to scan the image. "But I can do this and you have other papers to look through."

"Okay," Bentley conceded, rolling out of her way and starting to go through some of the papers. "Wonder if this has anything to do with the high-grade cutting lasers he was trying to get," he mused as his girlfriend started on the work of getting a decent high-res image out of the surveillance photo.

The room went silent for several minutes as they worked on their projects, then she chuckled softly.

"If he's trying to break into this thing, I'd say so."

"What - whoa," Bentley said, turning and looking up at the monitor, displaying a massive vault the size of a small building. "Can you patch that through to the projector?"

"Sure," she nodded and tapped a few keys to light up the wall with the enlarged and sharpened image.

"Murray?" Bentley asked, wheeling around, the Hippo moving to pull down the screen. "Thanks."

The vault was huge, easily the biggest they'd seen. The old-fashioned lock didn't have any obvious combination dials or locks... just a vaguely familiar shape cut out of the middle.

"Zoom in on that lock," Bentley said, a grin starting to spread across his terapin face. "And get a print-out - Sly's gonna flip when he sees this."

"Okay." She looked at him curiously before zooming in and doing her best to de-pixilate the image. "Something special to him?"

"I think so," Bentley nodded, grabbing his laser pointer and circling the crescent-shaped lock. "That looks like the head of his cane, see? The Cooper family symbol."

"I think you're right." Murray nodded in agreement. "Any clue on where it is?"

"That we need to figure out yet," Bentley admitted. "But it should be in the papers that were with the picture," he said, waving a hand back towards the packet. "One thing I have to say for Interpol, they keep real good records. Come on, let's go tell Sly what we've found. We can sort out where it is, what it is, and how to get there later."

"And I will finally be able to meet this master thief." Asuka said with soft amusement at how both males jumped in surprise at her presence.

"I really wish you'd stop doing that," Bentley sighed, shaking his head and pulling out a handkerchief to wipe his forehead. "Come on, let's go see if he wants to talk about it with Inspector Fox there to listen in."

"Oh, they're very friendly." The Wah gave him a wan, knowing smile and followed the group into the quarantine area.

"Heck, her not trying to kill him counts," Bentley muttered, his chair just a bit ahead of the others.

That 'bit' became just a bit wider as they got closer, Penelope and Murray hearing the groans from the isolation room well before Bentley did. When he did hear them though, he stopped for a moment.

"Uhm... Asuka? Just how 'friendly' did you mean?" He asked, turning a strange shade of greenish-red straight down to his shell.

"Lovers." She told him easily with a curious look for his reaction to the noise and surprise.

"That's got to be quite a story." Penelope shook her head a bit.

"Uhm ... why ... don't we just give them a couple minutes," Bentley said, wheeling his chair back a bit. "Something happened out there, that's for sure."

"Yeah." Murray mumbled as he turned a rather distinctive red. Even if he was the 'innocent one,' he knew those sounds well enough. Asuka just shook her head.

A gang of thieves, and all of them such innocents.

A few minutes later, the noises had stopped, and Sly and Carmelita had a little time to relax before anybody else decided to go forward.

Unsurprisingly, it was Asuka who rapped on the door briefly before opening it.

"We have good news." She smiled at the pair in bed, the covers obviously hastily grabbed and pulled up over them.

"You're Asuka, aren't you?" Sly asked, trying to figure out who it was who had just walked in while Carmelita glared at the newcomer. Murray was right, she was attractive. Not Carmelita by any means, but lean and trim, with curves in all the right places and a feisty attitude clear in her manner.

Bentley, Murray, and Penelope followed a few moments later with the decency to look embarrassed by the situation.

"Yes, Sly-san." She bowed politely. "We believe we have found your vault."

"My... uhm, could you guys back out of here for a few minutes?" Sly asked. "It's a little awkward."

"You can say that again," Murray and Bentley both agreed, cheerfully backing out of the room with Penelope. Asuka bowed again and turned to leave with them, closing the door behind her.

"Sorry about that," Sly sighed, kissing Carmelita lightly. "You'd think they'd have a lock on the inside of this thing too." He slipped out of her with a groan, moving to grab their pants from the other side of the room, intensely grateful for the curtains.

"That girl has no concept of privacy." Carmelita muttered and grabbed her clothes before darting into the small but efficient bathroom.

"That, and a Hell of a sense of humor," Sly agreed and pulled on his pants before opening the door again. "Okay, so what is this about the Cooper Vault?"

"Here," Bentley said, handing over the print-out. "That's part of a photo of one of Doctor M's tropical bases. Seems the guy has a thing for private islands."

"And Cooper money to pay for them," Sly muttered, glancing up from the picture at Bentley and Murray's quizzical looks. "Long story. Seems he worked with my Dad. Carmelita knew about it, but I didn't find out until after we were in a different wing of the galaxy... by the way, how much longer are we supposed to be cooped up in here?"

"Four days." Bentley answered. "Just long enough to track the location down."

"Okay... so, you guys have any ideas about how to get it open? This thing looks kinda big."

"Yeah, but the lock looks like it has an opening for your cane, so that might have something to do with it," Bentley said easily. "At any rate, with Doctor M still in prison, we shouldn't have any real trouble getting there."

"All the more reason to hurry." Sly actually grinned. "No need to give him an opening to get out."

"Definitely," Bentley nodded. "We ought to be able to get coordinates pretty soon, then we just come up with a plan of attack, and hope that Doctor M being in prison means we won't have any security to worry about."

"Kinda strange, y'know?" Sly chuckled, looking at the picture. "What could be our biggest job ever, and it's not even stealing."

"Just taking it back." Bentley nodded, then glanced towards the bathroom door. "What happened with her?"

"Where should I start?" Sly asked with a sigh. "I'm starting to think I broke her, somehow. Her life... things can't just go back to the way they were, after both of us disappear for a year. And really, even if she turned me in and I escaped, that'd make the third time I escaped from her in almost as many years, so that'd be almost as bad. She wasn't even planning to come back to this world at all."

"It can't be that bad for her." Asuka looked between the three males. "You said how many options there are in this world, Murray-san."

"You don't know Inspector Fox," Bentley pointed out. "The closest she's ever come to being reasonable was giving Sly a ten second head start after he helped her save the world. If he hadn't -"

"Ah, Bentley? Let's try not mentioning any of the times I've done something like that, okay? And not making her feel like she wouldn't be welcome?"

"She would be?" The Turtle asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes," Sly growled at him, his ringed tail twitching behind him.

Asuka and Penelope looked between them and slid a bit out of the way to give the guys space to hash things out.

"Do you know what happened, Penelope-san?" She glanced at the slightly shorter Mouse.

"With Bentley? She's a cop," Penelope said easily. "We're all thieves. Her job's to stop people like us. Sly's in love with her, Murray's too nice and having too much fun to hold it against her, but Bentley... it's business. He's got as much trouble with cops as any of us. I've gotta admit, I'm not that crazy about her either. Pity, really."

Asuka nodded, though there was little doubt she didn't really understand.

"You ever have somebody hunting you for what you did back home?" Penelope asked, looking to find a way to fill in the gap between what Asuka was seeing and understanding it.

"Always." She nodded. "It's why I chose to stay here. I simply thought it was more personal from the reactions."

"Not that I know of, not for him. He just doesn't like the idea of being friends with any cop, and I can't blame him. Sly, on the other hand...." She shrugged. "Not sure what it is, but he sees something in her, I guess. Fact they're sleeping together now doesn't hurt that at all."

"They are stuck in a room together for a week, Penelope-san." Asuka pointed out.

"And if that was the first time, then I'm the Pope," the Mouse said dryly. "Well, it looks like those two are just about done arguing with each other."

"Good." Asuka nodded in satisfaction. "They should not argue about a woman."

"Especially not if it's not me," Penelope smirked.

"We're going to help her as much as we can, Bentley," Sly said firmly. "We're the ones who screwed up her life. If she can't go back to it, the least we can do is help her get her new one set up. If you can't do it, then fine, we'll take it out of my share of whatever we get from the vault."

"Fine, whatever." The Turtle raised his hands in surrender and sighed. "She's your woman."

"Thank you," Sly said, stepping back into the room a bit. "So, once we're out of here, you guys should know where we're going, and we can start planning right after, right?"

"Right." Bentley nodded, grateful to be back on a better subject. "Including more up-to-date surveillance."

"Still have their spy satellites hacked, huh?" Sly chuckled.

"Well they haven't changed my backdoors yet," the Turtle smirked, "so I certainly ought to."

"Great," the Raccoon grinned. "Lemme know when we can get out of here, and keep me updated, okay?"

"Will do." He grinned back before the door was closed again.

Sly sighed, leaning back against the wall. Damn it... he'd been hoping they'd be a little easier about it. Of course, they hadn't had time to get used to the idea that she wasn't chasing them anymore.

Murray hadn't been bad. But Bentley... how could somebody so smart be so dense about things like this?

"They're gone," he called out, suspecting that Carmelita was staying in the bathroom extra long very intentionally.

Her prompt appearance, fully dressed, dry and primped only confirmed it.

"Uhm... how much of that did you hear?" He asked her cautiously.

"Most of it." She shrugged like it didn't matter. "Good luck with it."

"Thanks... he'll come around, eventually. He's still thinkin' about you like the enemy, y'know?" The 'if he has to,' went unspoken, but understood. And Sly wasn't sure if he would or not, just now.

"Yeah, I know." She sighed and flopped down on her bunk, the clean one. "Not so far off thinking of myself that way."

"It's not that bad, Carm," he told her softly, sitting on the other one, in a dry spot. "At least it won't be, once you've got a while to get used to it... I'm sorry for screwing up your life, for what it's worth."

"Pretty much past mattering now." She closed her eyes and struggled to get the next words out. "You know how to set up a new ID?" She finally managed.

"Yeah... I ask Bentley, or somebody on ThiefNet if I can't have him knowing for some reason," Sly admitted. "Forgery's not my thing, but nobody's ever questioned our passports... and you've seen some of my disguises."

"Yeah, I have." She chuckled weakly. "It's not your strong suit either."

"Hey, that suit and tophat worked on you, until you saw my tail," he teased. "But yeah... I'm the first to admit that it's a miracle they work as well as they do. Think folks figure anything that ridiculous has to be real."

"It is your distinctive feature." She pointed out and almost managed a smile. "That and most folks just don't look for anything not to be as presented."

"Yeah," he nodded. "So... what're you planning, that you'll need the new ID to stand up to?"

"Back to what I did before, probably. It's what I know besides police work. The papers probably won't have to stand up to much. The setup for taxes would be the hard part to pass muster." She said.

"Those we know how to do," Sly said easily. "It takes some doing, but Bentley'd be able to. You really think I pay my taxes under 'Sly Cooper?'" He chuckled.

"No." She suddenly paused, her mouth open. "You do not pay taxes!"

"At least in the US I do," he chuckled. "It's a little weird. I can put whatever I want on my tax forms, and as long as I give 'em the right numbers they can't use any of it against me. If I don't? I'm looking at doing time for tax evasion. I could actually show you the page in the Thievius Raccoonus; after Capone, it went into the book as a hard and fast rule."

That earned him another long, hard stare. "You have ... of course you do." She muttered in disbelief and flopped her head back down before actually laughing, though it wasn't a very pleasant sound bordering on hysterical as it was. "I don't need to see it. Carmelita's dead after all."

"So... you want me to talk to Bentley about setting you up?" He asked, trying to think of things that wouldn't push her closer to that edge she seemed to be teetering on even after she'd settled down again.

At this rate, he was afraid they'd have to keep her longer than she wanted, just to be sure she was stable when she left. Though loosing your entire life the way she had was as good a reason as he could think of to snap.

"Yes, if you would." She settled quietly, a tear trying hard to work its way out of her eye before she rolled over so he wouldn't see it.

"Carmelita... anything I can do to help, just ask," he said, leaning back against the wall and watching her. He finally closed his eyes to rest himself, knowing that in a few days, he'd probably be losing her for good.

Sly walked up to where Bentley was working in the computer room, grateful to find him alone just now. If this turned into a fight, he didn't want the others there the way they had been before.

"Sly?" Bentley said, not bothering to turn around just yet. "I just wanted to say… sorry about what happened with Carmelita. Old habits and all, y'know?"

"Hey, it's her I wanted to talk to you about." He nodded acceptance of the apology and leaned against the desk. "How long will it take to set up a new tax-paying ID for her?"

"What country?" Bentley asked easily. "If you want to give her the sort of mobility she's had, that'll take a lot more work."

"She's from Spain, but the US has a lot of openings for her, and seems to be an easy country to get into." He tried to give her response of 'anywhere I speak the language' the best results possible for her. "And yes, the mobility. I know you can do it." He gave the Turtle a winning smile.

"You know that's not easy, or cheap," Bentley sighed, shaking his head. "At least when it's just one-way you only have to fool folks on one end. I could set her up in the US easy, but... what's she looking to do wherever she goes? Might be easier if she's trying to set herself up as something sensible for it."

"Back to stripper, unless I can convince her of something else." Sly sighed. "Bounty hunting's the only other job I can think of that she knows how to do."

"Sly, if you're going to try and talk her into a career where you might have an excuse to deal with her again, shoot for supermodel or something, not one that'll be trying to capture us, all right?" Bentley frowned. "I know you like 'playing' with her like that, but she's come close to trashing way too many good plans by showing up when she shouldn't."

"She's salvaged as many by showing up too." He pointed out quietly and thought about what he really was trying to set up. "I'm really just trying for a life she has a shot at being happy in. If I want to see her again, I can."

"I'll see what I can do," Bentley told him. "I don't know how long it'll take, it'll depend on the sort of favors I can call in, who costs how much to get to vouch for her with what she does, that sort of thing. Low-profile? And how long do we have?"

"As long as we can manage to keep her." He murmured with an uneasy glance towards the isolation chamber's location. "Though a nice long visit in a good psych hospital might do her some real good."

"You're serious, aren't you?" Bentley asked after a moment.

"Yeah," Sly dropped his gaze to the floor. "Last year's been really hard on her. Try to imagine what I'd be like if I'd become unable to be a thief anymore and then had the one shot I had at becoming one again taken away from me by Clockwerk or something. That's been her trip in a nutshell. Something in her won't let her be a cop here anymore, and we just stole her one shot at being one somewhere else. Bentley, she's talking about being a stripper like it's the best she can hope for anymore, and she barely believes even that much."

"Uhm... you want me to see if the Shrink or one of her guys is open for new customers?" Bentley asked him.

"Yeah, one that's got a background in the supernatural probably." He nodded and relaxed a bit. "Her issues may be pretty mundane, but how they happened sure isn't."

"And if she's going to go in a nut house, you'd rather it was because she needed it, rather than because her shrink doesn't believe her," Bentley nodded. "I'll see what I can do. That'll be easier than the ID, at least," he said, turning and starting to log onto the ThiefNet servers. "Probably have word in a day or two, tops."

"Thanks Bentley." Sly put his hand on the Turtle's shell and squeezed lightly.

"You're welcome, Sly," Bentley smiled up at his friend. "It's good to have you back."

Sliding Time 9: Cops and Robbers

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Written November 12, 2006 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Sly Cooper, TMNT (Original Cartoon)

Primary Races: Fox, Mice, Raccoon, Wah (Red Panda)

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Alternate Universe

Pairings: Sly Cooper/Carmelita Montoya Fox, Bentley/Penelope, others

Notes: Many thanks to Annie Booker for going over this monster for spelling and such. She was a great help and any issues that remain are my fault.

Setting: Sly Cooper (Between games 2 and 3)

Main Characters: Sly Cooper, Carmelita Montoya Fox, Bentley, Murray (Sly Cooper), Asuka (TMNT)

Blurb: Sly manages to get home ... but it's not the happy time he had hoped for.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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