Sliding Time 9.99:
Returning Home

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M
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A light breeze blew in from the open glass doors to Mace Windu's balcony. The evening sun was just about to disappear when his eyes snapped open at a powerful disturbance in the local Force. A moment later he was far more concerned with his friend as Qui-Gon groaned deeply and nearly collapsed as he stood from meditating. It was an activity the pair had shared often since Obi-Wan's disappearance nearly two years before, but this time both men had felt the difference early on.

Mace didn't have to ask what had happened, it was blindingly clear in the Force to him. The training bond that had gone dormant from distance and lack of use had flared to life between one heartbeat and the next, leaving Qui-Gon disoriented both physically and mentally.

"~Come here, you must. Qui-Gon, bring as well,~" Yoda's very insistent mind-voice rang in Mace's ears.

"~Obi-Wan has returned,~" he replied quickly as he helped Qui-Gon steady his feet. "~We will be there soon.~"

"Master coming, soon he is." Yoda spoke to the two young Jedi standing before him in the center of the still shocked Councilors who had their meeting interrupted. "Wait until then, we will."

"Yes, Master Yoda." Obi-Wan bowed deeply. Though his own disorientation was evident, he was holding himself together admirably.

That was, to be fair, more than could really be said for Lyass. She was looking around, and while any observer would think she was doing fine, the Jedi around her could easily see the incredible swirl of emotions she was feeling. She was trying to control herself, but at the same time she was both thrilled to be there... and feeling an incredible sense of sorrow and loss.

A quick mental nudge reminded her of just where she was, and she quickly bowed politely.

"Yes, Master Yoda," she agreed. "My apologies."

"Jedi you are, but not of us," Yoda spoke what many there were thinking. "Your story, what is?"

"Very long," Lyass admitted. "I come from another dimension, about twelve to fifteen years in your future, where a number of differences had led to the return ... and ultimate victory over the Jedi and the Republic... of the Sith."

Even she could feel the ripple of shock that race through the Council, the reflexive denial and eventual realization that she was telling the truth.

"See you tell the truth, I do," Yoda said slowly as the shielded telepathic communication between the Councilors there settled down. "Led to this, what did?"

"A number of things," Lyass explained. "It started with the adoption of a young boy named Anakin Skywalker by my world's Master Qui-Gon Jinn against the wishes of the Council. Master Jinn was killed in battle with a Sith Warrior on Naboo, and after being promoted to Jedi Knight, our Obi-Wan Kenobi took on Anakin as his Padawan. There was debate over whether or not the boy was the Chosen One, and so between Obi-Wan's insistence and the possibility that he was the one prophesied to return balance to the Force, the Council finally accepted him.

"At about this time, Master Dooku also left the Order, ostensibly to study the Force on his own. At some point during the next ten years, he fell in with the Sith, and led a rebellion of numerous worlds against the Republic. In response to the rebellion ... sweet Force, everybody played right into the Sith's hands," she said, breaking from her neutral summary of events for a moment before pulling herself back into it.

"During the incidents on Naboo, Senator Palpatine had become Supreme Chancellor. During the rebellion, the entire Senate agreed to enact martial law, and declare Palpatine the Emperor of the Republic, giving him absolute power and ability to make the decisions that were necessary, such as giving the Jedi access to a clone army that had been left for them on Kamino. What nobody, not even the Jedi, knew was that Palpatine was actually a Sith Lord in disguise. As the Clone Wars came to an end, he had complete power, and was taking Anakin under his wing more and more.

"Shortly before we left my Republic... the Jedi found out what he was, and tried to stop him. To the best of my knowledge, he and Anakin killed the Masters who fought against him, and then declared the Jedi to be enemies of the Republic. Before we knew what was happening, the Clone Troopers who had been under our command turned on us and began to slaughter every Jedi they could find. Anakin became the leader of the 'Republic's' forces and started to hunt Jedi at the Emperor's orders. The Jedi Temple was destroyed... along with every living soul inside, as far as I know." She stopped, visibly shaking, simply unable to continue without at least a few moments to collect herself first.

It was time she was given, along with a gentle embrace in the Force by Master Yaddle and silent offer of support.

Even when Masters Windu, Ginn and Gallia arrived they remained silent. Windu took his seat along with Master Gallia while Qui-Gon stood to the periphery despite his strong desire to greet his Padawan with more than an acknowledging nod that was returned.

"There isn't much else," Lyass said once she'd had a few moments. "Master Jorrdu and I managed to escape the Purge for a few days before the Troopers caught up with us. We were in the middle of what we both thought was going to be our last battle when Obi-Wan and a number of others arrived through a portal like the one that brought us here. The tide of the battle was turned, but not before Master Jorrdu was fatally wounded. We escaped to Tatooine, and eventually found another portal that took us through two more worlds before we returned here."

"Serious charges, you speak of," Yoda regarded her seriously. "Couched in another place, even though."

"What led to the incidents on Naboo?" Master Windu asked.

"A Trade Federation embargo of the planet," Lyass explained. "Master Qui-Gon and Padawan Obi-Wan were sent to negotiate its end, instead they were attacked and the Trade Federation began a full-scale invasion of Naboo."

"Keep this in mind, we will," Yoda regarded the young pair, and Master Jinn, for a silent moment. "Tired and off-center, you both are. Discuss what you have said we will. Call you back when centered you are, we will. Determine your place in this Order we will then. Lrakin Rilka, show you to quarters, she will."

"Somebody else I never thought I'd see again," Lyass smiled thinly. "Thank you, Masters," she said with a deep bow and turned to leave behind Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. It would be very good to have some time to herself to meditate and accept that this was real.

"~It is real, Lyass,~" Obi-Wan told her gently. "~We will see to it that the Sith will not rise again here.~" She would be some time making the transition, he was sure. Not only accepting that this was real, but adjusting to the differences.

He felt her mental nod as a dark brown humanoid feline wearing little more than was strictly required of her greeted them with a smile and nod.

"It is good to have you back, Kenobi," she greeted him before focusing on Lyass. "You have certainly grown up very well. Come, I will show you to your quarters. I am sure you would like some time to meditate."

"Thank you," Lyass said with a slight bow, following the older woman out.

"I take it that Lyass has a younger local counterpart?" Obi-Wan asked Qui-Gon, still restraining himself from the greeting he wanted to give his Master and lover.

"Jackee certainly recognized her," Qui-Gon nodded. "You seemed to have had quite a bit of excitement while we were separated."

"That is putting it mildly, Master," Obi-Wan chuckled slightly. "It's good to be back though... I don't suppose that there were two other new arrivals in the last year, species that we don't have around the Republic?" He sent along the mental image of Sly and Carmelita with the question.

"Not that I have heard of," Qui-Gon admitted as the doors to the lift opened and they got on. "People who traveled with you for a time?"

"Yes," Obi-Wan nodded. "They joined us on the first planet we were on; they didn't come out of the portal in the same place we did at the last one. I'd been hoping they might have come out here, since finding out that the last one was 'hijacked,' after a fashion."

"I expect you will have quite a story for the Council," Qui-Gon took the privacy of the moving lift to draw his Padawan into a welcoming embrace and kissed him tenderly. "I do not believe you will be my Padawan for much longer."

"Perhaps not," Obi-Wan acknowledged. "I've missed you, Master," he murmured, kissing the older man again, knowing he still had to wait until they got back to their quarters before he could show just how true those words were.

"~Soon, my Obi-Wan,~" Qui-Gon caressed him mind before they stepped away from each other to put on the appearance of good, self-controlled Jedi for the walk to the quarters they shared. "~You have made me very proud to be your Master.~"

"~Thank you, Master,~" Obi-Wan replied. "How long has it been, locally?"

"Two years and a month," he answered evenly, his longing and loneliness well concealed from his voice, but not from the training bond. "If it was not for the training bond's continued existence, you would have been considered lost."

"~Master?~" Obi-Wan asked very privately, sure he sensed something his Master did not wish to say outright.

"I will explain in our quarters, Padawan. It has been an eventful two years here as well."

"Hopefully nothing involving Naboo or Senator Palpatine," Obi-Wan murmured.

"No," he answered levelly and the pair fell silent for the remainder of the walk.

Once they were there, and inside, Obi-Wan relaxed visibly, turning to embrace his Master tightly and felt it returned in kind. On the periphery he was aware that their quarters did not seem to be much lived in. It had the same feeling as after a long mission.

"We are Jedi first," Qui-Gon said softly and kissed Obi-Wan's forehead. "Once I recovered from the sudden dormancy of the training bond, I went on many missions, just as when I did not have a Padawan."

"I had assumed you would, Master," Obi-Wan said seriously, moving back slightly. "I... wouldn't have been surprised if you had taken on a new Padawan, by now. What was it you wanted to tell me?"

"I would have, if I could," he looked a bit sick at the idea. "You were truly prepared to have the bond severed that way?"

"I ... not prepared, necessarily, but understanding," Obi-Wan corrected. "I wasn't entirely sure if I would get back, honestly."

"Oh, Obi-Wan," he caught the younger man's chin in his hand and tipped it upwards. "As long as you are alive it is my duty as your Master to try and find you. Barring that, to be here when you were found. Even if you were not my lover, even if we were not to become paired Knights, would never abandon my Padawan while our bond survived."

"I'm sorry, Master," Obi-Wan murmured softly, pressing close again and was wrapped in his Master's large frame and robes. "I didn't doubt you."

"I know," Qui-Gon kissed his head again. "What do you wish to do first?"

"To hear what it was you wanted to tell me," Obi-Wan chuckled slightly. "It couldn't have just been that you went on missions without me. After that, I could definitely use a shave, a good shower, and a real bed, preferably with you next to me?" He asked hopefully.

"There is an Initiate here that I would take on as a Padawan, once you are Knighted, if you agree." He said with an unease that was not common in him.

"Master, if you feel the bond forming, that is all there is to it," Obi-Wan smiled slightly, relieved that it wasn't something bigger. "I know that we'd hoped for some time together, but disappearing for two years wasn't exactly in the plans either."

"No, it was not," Qui-on smiled in return. "Come, let's get you cleaned up."

Some time later, Lyass was in her room, still shaking. After she'd been shown the way she'd spend a few minutes making some minor adjustments to where things were located, keeping herself busy more than actually changing things. She'd tried to meditate after that ... but ultimately, meditation had turned into a crying jag the likes of which she'd never let herself experience before.

It didn't make a lot of sense to her either, in the end. She knew that she should have been, if anything, happy to be back in a world where the Jedi still survived, were still strong. But every little thing just reminded her more and more of her own world, shattered and destroyed.

Eventually, she'd managed to stop crying, her body too sore and tired to keep going. That was when she started the painstaking ... and painful, in many ways ... process of rebuilding her shields, her persona, all the parts of her that were Jedi. She'd just reached the point where she thought she could face an Initiate without being immediately caught out when she heard a knock on the door.

"Come in," she said automatically, sitting up to face whoever it was on the other side.

She identified the individual as 'Rigger' by a nameplate on the decorative sash draped from shoulder to hip. It, and the small, highly decorative drape over his groin were the only things covering his rich charcoal-gray fur. His tail, as decidedly feline as the rest of him, swayed gently as they regarded each other for a silent moment, neither completely sure what to say.

"Did... you want to talk to me?" Lyass asked after a moment. She was fairly sure she recognized him, vaguely, from the Allocations department back home. Another ten years and he would be about right. Not that the Kats aged much in a decade until they were almost ready to die of old age.

"I ... umm ... yes," he managed, his ears twitching in distress both internal and external. "You are so upset. Young Knights often do not know who to go to."

"And I don't," Lyass admitted. "Is it... bothering you?" She asked, reaching over and pulling a chair out for him. "I'm sorry if it is, I wouldn't be surprised if everybody in this block could feel it," she admitted.

"Most likely," he nodded and sat down, but not before he brushed the tip of his tail along her bare arm. "Yes, it is distressing, but not in a way I object to. There is a place in one of the gardens here that I think would help you calm down. Or at least make it quieter for everyone else," he cracked a small smile. "It's Kat nature to help those in distress."

"All right," she smiled slightly. "Could you show me the way? I wasn't nearly as fond of the gardens back home as many of the others, and I'd hope that they're a little different here."

"What didn't you like about them?" Rigger asked politely and stood to lead her out. "Have you eaten recently?"

"It wasn't that I didn't like them, I just grew up on a world where caves and desert were the general rule," she chuckled, standing to follow him. "Plants weren't common, and I never really developed a real fondness for them. And no, I haven't," she admitted. "It would probably be a good idea to change that soon, too ... been most of a day."

"I think there is a garden you would enjoy here," he smiled warmly, decidedly pleased with the prospect of showing her a place that she might feel more comfortable in. "We can just grab a few things here," he headed for the small kitchenette in her quarters and brought up the holographic ordering system he was clearly intimately familiar with. "Tyiki cabbriron mushrooms and Soromon Rose tea?"

"You've done your research," she smiled back. "Most people who aren't from Ryloth haven't even heard of them. That would be fine, thank you."

"I do my homework," he grinned back at her while they waited for the items to arrive in the complicated lift system that fed much of the temple with all sorts of items. "You aren't the first Twi'lek I've helped out. The most unusual, I think, but not the first."

"Not many people who've come for alternate Republics?" She asked with a chuckle. She wasn't sure, but she thought she caught a bit of personal interest in his demeanor.

Ironic, in a way. She was trained to work as a diplomat, but she had such a hard time reading normal, everyday people and their attitudes towards her.

"Not many at all," he grinned, pleased to have made her smile. A moment later the food arrived. In addition to her flavorfully cured mushrooms and the makings for tea, there was dried meat, fruit, cheese and bread as well that he quickly packed into a carrying container. "I think you'll like Amerita's crystal garden. It's a cavern complex where crystals of all kinds grow."

"That does sound nice," she smiled. "Thank you for all your effort," she said sincerely.

"You are welcome," he smiled at her and motioned her to come along. "You've been through too much and have too much potential not to take care of."

"How much have you heard already?" She asked curiously. She was honestly a little surprised that sort of news would spread through the Temple so quickly, if he knew any of the real specifics.

"Not a lot. Just that it was enough to cause a Knight to completely collapse and you've seen some very bad things I don't really care to think about much," he explained. "You had Jackee pretty worried about you."

"I don't know that I'm really a Knight," she said softly. "It was a promotion given out in desperation, and I've done an excellent job of showing that I might not have deserved it since."

"Well, everybody's calling you a Knight until the Council says otherwise," he looked over at her and brushed his tail along her concealed leg. "What do you think about having a Master again?"

"I don't know," she admitted, licking her lips slightly as her lekku twitched, signaling a mix of emotions as they entered a lift alone. "My bond with Master Jorrdu didn't break the way it would have if I was her Padawan, but... finding somebody else I could bond with at this age would be difficult at best."

"What about Master Jorrdu?" Rigger asked gently. "Here, she is alive and well, and without a Padawan at the moment."

"Is she... here?" Lyass asked hesitantly, looking down at the Kat.

"Yes, looking for a Padawan," he nodded. "She has visited regularly since Rellik was Knighted."

"I should meet her, before she leaves again," Lyass murmured. "I'm just not sure if I'm up to it right now. I can't shake the feeling that I should have been able to do more to help her...."

"She is likely the first to correct you, if she could," he said gently, all too aware of survivor's guilt and it's difficult path to acceptance.

"She would be," Lyass admitted. "But there had to be something I could have done... she's the one who trained me, as a healer no less."

"There is precious little that can be done for someone who has accepted it is their time to die," he reminded her. "Even the most potent healers can not overcome that choice."

"She didn't need to make that choice though," Lyass sighed. "I guess it's just hard to accept that she did."

"That is usually the hard part," he nodded and stepped off the lift on a lower level of the Temple few visited regularly.

"I still don't think now would be a good time to see this Republic's version of her," Lyass murmured as she followed him. "Maybe after I find out what the Council intends for me...."

"There is little hurry," he smiled and continued down the hallway. "She isn't scheduled to leave for at least two months."

"All right," Lyass nodded, taking a deep breath and trying to relax, focusing on their surroundings instead of the past. There wasn't much to look at here, just another hall like all the others in the lower levels, but she could feel the cavernous earth nearby in a way that she never had in the Temple before.

Rigger stopped at a double door like so many others and opened it to a vision only an cavern-dweller or spelunking fanatic could call a haven.

"Very impressive," she murmured. "I couldn't feel this place above... is there a reason for that, that you know of?"

"Not that I can think of," he admitted as they walked into the tunnel lit by glowing fungus and a few crystals.

"Probably just never bothered to look for it," she admitted, looking around and relaxing slightly. "Might not have been back home."

"Quite possible," he agreed to all of it and led her further in. "You can spend years exploring the entire system. There are even small lakes."

"Are these actually in subterranean Coruscant, or through the layers of buildings?"

"We're well above the actual ground," he chuckled and batted her arm lightly with his tail. "It's still at least a mile and something down."

"It's hard to tell where a mountain might have been," Lyass mused with a smile for him. "So... this goes down through earlier eras of the temple?"

"Yes," he nodded as they continued to walk through the twisting caverns and tunnels. Both their eyes adapted to seeing well enough in dim light, though it was apparent to Lyass that Rigger was also familiar with the territory. "In some places you can even enter the ancient Temple levels."

"Impressive," she murmured. "You come down here often?"

"Not as often as I'd like to, I enjoy the sunlight and upper gardens a lot too, but I try to come when I can. There are only so many hours in a day and my duties use much of them."

"I know the feeling," she smiled slightly. "Do you have a favorite spot you'd be willing to show me?"

"Yes," he grinned and picked up the pace just a bit. "There is a grotto of sorts with a small waterfall, pool and a carpet of glowing moss and flowers. The smell is incredible."

"I'm sure it is, though I'm not as sensitive to that sort of thing," she smiled, following him easily and relaxing in her native environment, even though she had not grown up in them.

The conversation lapsed into silence as they worked their way down and around, through tunnels they had to crawl through and caverns neither could see the ceiling of. Lyass was aware that at least an hour had passed since their descent had begun, but the smell of water was growing steadily stronger as well.

Lyass could get a feeling for how much Rigger liked things down here as they approached it; this was an area he loved to be in, and she felt honored that he was willing to share it with her. Before too much longer, they emerged from a tunnel, and she looked around as she crawled out.

The waterfall wasn't large, barely more than a small line of water a foot across cascading down the wall into a pool large enough to swim in but not much deeper than her waist in the center. Under her hands were velvety soft mosses and tiny flowers that glowed with a natural bioluminescence. It lit the entire cavern with a gentle white glow.

"It's beautiful," she smiled, standing up carefully. "Thank you for showing me the way here."

"You are welcome," Rigger grinned in delight, his tail swaying happily and his ears fully up. "Come, let's eat. You must be starving by now," he added and sat down near the edge of the pool to lay out the small feast he had brought with them.

"I am," she admitted, now that she thought about it. "I just stop thinking about it eventually," she smiled, sitting down next to him, slipping off her boots and resting her feet in the cool pool of water.

"Try the mushrooms?" He offered a handful of the sliced, cured and spiced fungus to her.

"Thank you," she smiled, taking some and eating it casually, enjoying them quite a bit. "Very good," she said approvingly. "Rigger... if I ask a question that seems unusual, or forward, let me know, all right? My Jedi were... very different from the Order here, in some ways. Stricter, less forgiving than what Obi-Wan has represented."

"I will," he promised, taking the request seriously. Then he turned to munching on some dried meat.

The two of them ate in comfortable, amicable quiet for a few minutes before Lyass worked up the nerve to ask her next question. The subtle, light touches from Rigger's tail... the sense she had that he was interested in her... but at the same time, compared to SunWind or Long-Spear, he wasn't interested the same way, or at least to the same extent.

Not, to be fair, that that was unusual or unexpected. SunWind had been... very unusual in many ways.

Every bit of her training and tact told her that she was probably going to be crossing a line, but she had to ask, just to put the question to rest.

"Are you just being polite, or are you interested in me?" She asked him eventually. "As a friend, or... well, not sure what else?"

"Yes to it all?" He sort of answered, looking directly at her. "You are attractive and I do like females, but I didn't come to your door to bed you no matter what you might have heard about us. I really did come to try and help you deal with what's happened and give you a friend while you learn your way around and your place in this Order. It may not be what folks think of Allocations, but part of our job is to see that folks have what they need. Sometimes that's a tour and a picnic somewhere they're likely to find soothing. Sometimes it's a shoulder to cry on or unjudging ear to listen to their troubles. Sometimes it's directions to a Jedi who they can spar with and vent. Whatever it is, we try to provide."

"All right," she smiled. "I... thought I saw interest in what you were doing, but to be honest I'm very new to the idea. At least outside of a mission," she chuckled.

"That's not uncommon," he said and offered her some cool tea. "Many Jedi never do develop sexually. Many do. Some are like Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon and remind us that even Jedi can fall in love on the level that the Force itself recognizes."

"If they were that close back home, they did an excellent job of hiding it from... everybody, really," she smiled, taking the tea. "To be honest, I was... terrified, at first. I'd been taught that letting myself be vulnerable like that was something a Jedi shouldn't do. Even a full Knight or Master needed special dispensation from the Council to court and marry, and that wasn't easy to get. I went from an Order that was largely celibate to something very... intense."

Rigger nodded in acceptance of the kind of shock that would be. "Here there is still the special dispensation from the Council to marry thing, but there is a long way from celibate to marriage that they don't generally get involved in unless the Jedi can't keep it from interfering with their duties. Casual sex is fairly common, casual relationships slightly less so. Marriage isn't common, but there are a few dozen couples. It's much easier to get permission when all parties are Jedi, or at least work here."

"I'm sure," she smiled. "I doubt I'm going to be that worried about it any time soon ... I suppose I'm just trying to figure out everything. It's not the only difference, I'm sure, but it's one of the most pronounced."

"I'm not surprised," he agreed between bites of bread and cheese. "Have you noticed anything else that you would like to ask about?"

"I haven't been here that long," she smiled and accepted the rustic bread and thick slice of cheese.

"Then what, where or who would like to know about? Folks you liked, places you enjoyed, what can I tell you about your new home?" He asked.

"Well... how about if you know anything about the me that's here?" She smiled, happy to settle into the casual conversation.

"Plenty," he grinned and took a drink of tea. "She's eleven right now and of interest to several Masters. Everyone knows Master Jorrdu is meant for her, but if she can't make up her mind both Master Kato and Knight Desmon are interested in her as well. She's got some talent as a healer, only passable in combat. She'll make Knight, though she'll never lead the Order."

"That sounds familiar," Lyass smiled slightly. "It... might be good to look for a Master for her who can help her with precognitive abilities as well. Mine were never really recognized, not even by myself, until after I'd left the Republic, but even Master Yoda's vision couldn't extend far through the cloud the Dark Side cast over everything."

"It's been recognized," he nodded. "Right now it's not her strongest skill, but Foresight isn't easy here either. Something big's about to happen, isn't it?"

"Here? I have no clue," she said honestly. "There was in my Republic, but Qui-Gon lives... Naboo isn't blockaded by the Trade Federation... and Senator Palpatine, I'm guessing, is still only a senator from a backwater world on the Rim. So there are many, many differences yet."

"Yet the cloud is here, so the details may be different, but it seems likely it's coming," Rigger said softly. "I am sure the Council will talk to you at length about it all."

"I'm sure they will," Lyass nodded slightly. "So... how was it that this Lyass came here, if you know? I'm curious how much of my life and hers are similar."

He picked up a hand-sized datapad from his belt and searched it for a long moment. "She was brought in by Knight Derix. Purchased on Ryloth for twenty-five peggat at the age of three months."

"That sounds about like what I remember," Lyass nodded slightly. "I remember hearing that my clan was very surprised a Jedi would want a pleasure slave. I wonder how it will affect her life, having another version of her around...."

"They probably figured it out eventually, especially given your age at the time. Twi'lek are sensitives with some frequency." He said.

"I know, but not in time to keep them from jacking up the price," she chuckled. "And they would have, you can be sure... maybe they just didn't know he was a Jedi at the time, I never really asked."

"Probably, or he just mind-tricked them into sticking to a reasonable price," Rigger snickered. "I haven't met the field agent yet who wouldn't."

"Fortunately for a good many female Twi'lek Jedi," Lyass smiled. "Maybe I should meet her sometime," she mused.

"It wouldn't hurt. You'll probably have to deal with it eventually. The mind-healers are going to insist on it."

"Oh I'm sure they're going to have a field day with me," Lyass laughed. "They haven't had somebody who survived a war like mine in over a thousand years."

"Never mind come back to meet all the folks they thought dead were alive but not knowing them," he added and lounged back on the mossy floor. "You'll have plenty of time around the Temple before you're cleared for field duty to get used to everything."

"Especially after some of what has happened," she nodded slightly. "But if I can stop the Jedi from going down the path that destroyed them the last time ... it will be more than worth it."

Qui-Gon held his Padawan and lover as the Coruscani dawn peaked into their bedroom. Obi-Wan was soundly asleep, and had been since he had showered, shaved and had a small meal. He was sure Obi-Wan hadn't slept like that since his disappearance. The young man never did on missions unless he'd been drugged to unconsciousness.

"It will take some time to think of you as a Knight," he murmured and stroked the long, slender Padawan brain Obi-Wan still sported over his right shoulder. The year apart while Obi-Wan was sent on a few missions without his former Master would be even harder than the past two years to endure. There would be no bond to let him know that Obi-Wan was alive, no sympathy or understanding of his agitation at the man's absence from his side. There would be only the stern reminder that if their relationship came in the way of their duty then if would barred as long as they remained Jedi.

It was not a fate he could accept for himself, and he hoped that Obi-Wan would not be so foolish as to throw away being a Jedi for a few years with him ... years Qui-Gon knew he would deny him if it truly came to that choice.

Obi-Wan stirred a bit, shifting to press closer to Qui-Gon, wrapping an arm around him as he started to wake up. The satisfied, happy murmur he let out brought a smile to the older Jedi's lips and a soft kiss to Obi-Wan's ear.

"Missed you," Obi-Wan murmured after a moment, hugging his Master and lover tightly against him.

"A great deal," Qui-Gon agreed and kissed his forehead. "It is very good to have you back."

"Not as good as it is to be back," Obi-Wan smiled, tilting his head up to kiss his Master tenderly on the lips, lingering, two years of longing in the simple act that was returned in full.

They gradually lowered their shields to each other and explored each other's bodies again with little urgency beyond the midmorning appointment with the healers in mind.

A brief glance at the chronometer in the room, and Obi-Wan decided that they had plenty of time to themselves.

"Love you," he murmured, kissing Qui-Gonn's neck gently, taking in the slight changes that two years had wrought on him... a handful of new marks of battles he'd been in, but little more. Their lips brushed together again as he reached between the two of them, lightly fondling his Master's shaft and sack.

"Mmm, is that a hint?" Qui-Gon chuckled and ran his hands down Obi-Wan's back to cup his firm ass cheeks.

"Mmm ... mhm," Obi-Wan chuckled back, pressing into Qui-Gon's powerful hands.

The older man smiled and rubbed their bodies together, relaxing his reflexive grip on his body's reactions to the pleasure of their touching and anticipation of release with his lover.

Obi-Wan kissed him, rolling onto his back and drawing Qui-Gon on top of him, relaxing in the same way as their minds touched and their bodies quickly reacted to the arousal intended for them. With an intimate familiarity long absent but never forgotten, Qui-Gon offered to indulge his lover's desires with a small bottle of oil hovered over from the nightstand.

Obi-Wan nodded slightly, spreading his legs and laying back, his body open and welcoming to the man above him. He relaxed, his eyes drifting closed as Qui-Gon spread the oil on his fingers and slid one inside his body.

"Ohhh, you don't have to ...."

"Hush. I know your body control is quite sufficient. I do not particularly care to hurry at the moment," Qui-Gon challenged him.

"Ooh... yes, Master," Obi-Wan teased lightly, pressing into his touch. As eager as he was to feel Qui-Gon deep inside him, there was a distinctive pleasure to this as well. He moaned deeply when Qui-Gon leaned forward and took the tip of his cock into his mouth, teasing the swollen head with his tongue.

Obi-Wan focused for a moment, weaving their senses together through more than just their bond, using the trick he'd picked up from SunWind as he stroked his Master's long, dark hair. The feedback to his pleasure was a moan around his cock; a bit of added vibration that made his hips thrust upwards a bit into that welcomingly wet pleasure.

He made a sound of protest when both fingers and mouth disappeared from his flesh, but held it still beyond that. It meant that his lover would soon be inside him fully.

He spread his legs wide, kissing Qui-Gon as he slid up along Obi-Wan's body, hungry for the contact and pleasure he offered. They both moaned into the other's mouth as Qui-Gon smoothly pressed into his body until Obi-Wan felt his balls nestled against Qui-Gon's hard pubic hair.

The younger man tightened his body, milking his Master's shaft as his hands worked down his body to squeeze his ass as they began to move together as if two years apart had not happened.

"~I love you,~" Qui-Gon entwined the words through their bond along with his growing pleasure. Also with it was a hope, concealed but not well enough, that Obi-Wan could walk away from him at any point.

"~I love you too, Master,~" he replied, along with the knowledge that he could... but only would if it was necessary.

"~That is all we need,~" Qui-Gon murmured and let his mind go to the pleasure of being with his lover again.

"Is there anything else you wish to add to your account?" Master Windu asked for the full Jedi Council after Obi-Wan had spoken in detail of each world he had been to and the people he had met along the way.

"No, Master Windu," the young Jedi said simply. "I have recounted all there was to recount, and my impressions of it all." It was the truth, after all. He hadn't held anything back, except by the Council's request when it came to Lyass' state of mind shortly after her rescue. They wanted to hear about that from the mind-healers, once they'd had enough time to study the Twi'lek more carefully.

"Master Jinn, what say you?" Master Yoda turned his attention to the older Jedi that had remained silent at his Padawan's side for the entire report.

"He is ready in my opinion," he inclined his head slightly to the Council.

Obi-Wan couldn't be entirely sure what they were speaking about, but it wasn't that hard to guess, given what he and Qui-Gon had spoken about in the day since his arrival. He carefully kept his expression neutral, his focus on the present and on what the Council was going to say next.

"Ready to become a Knight, do you believe you are Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi?" Master Yoda focused on him.

"I believe that my abilities are sufficient," Obi-Wan acknowledged. "While I have not faced the Trials, it was only because of the unfortunate accident that led to my recent adventures. If it is the opinion of my Master and the Council that I am ready, then I would be inclined to agree with them," he said diplomatically.

"Trials you will have," Master Yoda chuckled. "Ready for them you are. Surprised we will be if fail you do."

"Of course, Master Yoda," Obi-Wan said with a slight smile of his own. Though most who knew him would have been surprised to hear it, he could finally say he'd have been surprised as well.

"We have decided that your last two years has been your solo mission," Master Windu spoke up. "Your other trials will begin in the morning."

"Thank you, Masters," Obi-Wan said with the deep bow of gratitude that the announcement warranted.

"Dismissed now you are," Yoda acknowledged the bow with a nod of his head.

Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon both bowed, turning to leave. The door opened to reveal Lyass on the other side, ready to speak with the Council herself. She wasn't nearly as comfortable with the idea as he had been so Obi-Wan gave her a reassuring look and squeezed her shoulder.

"You'll be fine," he told her before they passed each other and she walked into the center of the room she had never expected to see again to face people she knew were dead. Less than a day had not completely settled her mind on this new reality, but she wasn't in shock at every face anymore.

To the Council, it was easy to tell which of their counterparts had passed away first. They were the ones Lyass still looked at uneasily, like she wasn't entirely sure how much to say to them, or how she should react. Even knowing it was an entirely different reality, rather than moving back through time ... it was difficult for her to hide the reaction.

"Happen here, that will not, if help us you do." Master Yoda drew her attention to him. "Knighted by desperation, you were. War against the Sith it was. That time, lost we did."

"Yes," she nodded slightly. "I was not alone; the Sith had a warrior who was killing Knights, Masters and Padawans with ease. The Order began waiving the Trials for many Padawans who were nearly qualified after Anakin was promoted."

"Hate him, you do," Yoda's ears twitched.

"I... it is hard not to, Master Yoda," Lyass admitted. "Knowing what he did, what he helped do. His Sith Lord betrayed the Republic before he did, but he was not one of us."

"Sith Apprentice, he became?" Yoda barely had to guess.

"Yes," she nodded. "Even as the Council...." She swallowed hard. "Chancellor Palpatine pushed for Anakin to be made a member of the Council, promoted to Master. I do not know if it was before, or after, he was installed on the Council that he turned, but he was both Councilor and Sith at the same time."

"Discuss this further soon, we will," he promised, his large ears twitching in distress. "Matters to deal with first we have."

"Yes, your status within the Order," Mace got her to focus on him. "Do you believe you are suitable to be a Jedi Knight?"

"I don't know," she said honestly after a moment to think about it.

"Clarify, you will," Yoda instructed.

"I believe that, had I been given the Trials normally, I would have passed them," Lyass explained. "I believe that my skills are sufficient to put me on a par with anybody else whose training focused on diplomacy, rather than on combat. What I am not sure of is my spirit. In the time since the Purge began, I have had more difficulty treading the path of the Jedi than I should have. My feelings about Anakin are a good example of what I mean."

"Dark you are not," Yoda told her evenly. "Healers care for your injuries of spirit they will."

"When they agree that you are healed, you will be put on the active duty roster. Until then you are restricted to the Temple grounds unless escorted by a Master Healer." Mace told her. "Do you agree?"

Her gut reaction was the protest; to say that she was capable of working in the field, even if it would take supervision. That the last few months had proven that.

But, at the same time, she knew that it was the right decision.

"I agree," she nodded slightly. "Thank you."

"The fall of the Jedi, you will tell us of," Yoda settled down for a long and painful session for all of them.

Sliding Time 9.99: Returning Home

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Written November 12, 2006 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Star Wars Episode 1, Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith

Primary Races: Human, Twi'lek

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Alternate Universe, Violence

Pairings: Obi-Wan Kenobi/Qui-Gon Jinn

Notes: Many thanks to Annie Booker for going over this monster for spelling and such. She was a great help and any issues that remain are my fault.

And yes, for those of you who have hung around this long, there *is* Qui/Obi smut to be had.

Setting: Star Wars (TPM-era, AU)

Main Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, Yoda, Mace Windu, Lyass Vida (Star Wars)

Blurb: Obi-Wan comes home to a warm welcome, and Lyass finds herself struggling to adapt to a very different Jedi Order.

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