Sun Fire's Flame
by Fur and Fantasy
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A goal followed at the price of all else
A future written in steel by a family bound in tradition and fear
Career, Wife, and Home are chosen for him
Now, they claim the right to choose his lover too

In a plush, exclusive bar two male Feral Enforcers in the overcoat dress uniform, a young Officer and his Commander, sit side by side in tense silence tending their respective drinks.

The older Feral broke a long silence. "Ulysses, if you don't relax once in a while, you be dead before you're thirty." He cautioned, concerned for his new recruit and nephew.

"I know, Commander. You'd been saying that for six years." Ulysses growled obstinately, then continued almost as an afterthought. "What makes you think I care? I'll be damned if the job doesn't take me young."

"We're not on duty, I'm your uncle too." Commander Sander Feral shook his head and muttered to himself. "That bitter at nineteen." 'This is not working. He handles alcohol better than I do and he's getting angrier with every round. I just hope Samantha is as good as Cythia thinks. She's goina need every scrap of skill in the bordello to get through to him.'

"We're wearing the uniform. At least I'm on duty." Ulysses hissed, angry and defiant.

'OK, the alcohol has some effect, it makes him belligerent. Wonderful.' Sander sighed, resigned to the unfriendly tone his nephew held. "Finish your drink, it's time to go."

"Good." Ulysses growled low in his throat and downed the clear liquid in a single gulp. "Let's get this over with." He slid off the stool, apparently completely unfazed by nine shots of Vodka laced with Tirum.

"Ulysses!" Sander hissed, finally exasperated.

He glared almost hatefully down at the older kat, his superior in the family and the Enforcers, but not in height. "You can order me to be here. You can order me to have sex with this female. You can't order me to want to."

'Sometimes I swear he gets like this just to spite me. I really wish he had taking an interest on his own, but in eight months he's not going to have a choice about it and I am not going to let Ellen break him in. They made a mistake in that paring, I just know it. This is goina come back and bite us on our tail sooner or later.' Sander walked out of the bar and back into the main lounge of the Kilar Ziggurat Bordello, knowing his charge would follow. "You have no intention of making this easy on anyone, do you?" He sighed as Ulysses came into step.

"No." He allowed a ghost of a smile play across his face. 'I'll do what I'm told, but I'm going to make damn sure a few kats are miserable for it.'

'I could swear I just saw him smile.' Sander did a double take as a graying female Hyena in a classy burgundy and cream satin dress walked up to them smiling.

"Welcome Sander. Ulysses, I am Cynthia." She greeted her new customer warmly. "Everything is prepared, if you would follow me."

"Yes, ma'am." Ulysses nodded sulkily.

'What a day this is turning out to be. I just hope he eventually understands why I'm forcing the issue.' Sander watched his nephew stalk after Cynthia's much smaller golden and gray form up the grand staircase and disappear around the first bend. 'He has so much potential, such dedication to the cause. Now, who's in tonight? I need to relax as much as he does.' He scanned the room's occupants, perhaps two dozen females from four species and a half dozen males. "Ah, Mythral." He smiled and caught the eye of a body building gray tabby she-kat's as she pursued a leather bound book.

She smiled sensuously, slid a bookmark in, placed the book on the table next to her, and come up him, purring. "It's been a while darlin'. You been hiding from me?"

'I wonder if I'll ever figure out if I like her body or wits more.' Sander smiled down at her, slid his hand down her back and they walked upstairs in unison. "Hardly. My nephew needed to be inducted, it takes a while."

"You're nephew didn't look too pleased, and you look like you just walked through hell." Mythral thrummed in concern.

"I almost have, and he's not."

"Don't you want to watch him; make sure he finishes?" She purred, aware of what was going on.

"That would be crossing the line. I'm going to have enough hell dealing with him just for this." Sander shook his head as Mythral opened the fifth door on the left. "Besides, he's too obedient not to."

Cythia unlocked the third door on the right of a grand hall of the first floor landing and motioned Ulysses in. "Make yourself comfortable, Samantha will be with you soon." She shut the door, leaving the young Feral with his thoughts in the luxurious inner room, the single wide window on the far wall was merely an illusion, a frame with a hologram playing in it to simulate a view of snow-covered mountains.

'Samantha? It has to be coincidence; no one knows about her. No one.' He regarded the dark wood and leather appointed room curiously. 'Someone told them my tastes, most of them at least.' He mused, unbuttoning the uniform's overcoat and folding it neatly, then laid it on a clear spot on a small polished table next to a deep leather couch. 'Hot tub big enough to swim in, king sized bed with canopy, full bar with drugs,' he logged container labels on crystal shelves lining one wall. 'with everything ... half of this is barely legal.' "Ah, music ... let's see." He started shuffling through the titles in individual slots next to the stylized stereo. "The March of Dreams." 'A lot of information, or incredible luck.' The muted rumble of the ocean mixed with drums and sitar enveloped him for a moment.

"You too?" A low female voice crooned.

"Hu?" Ulysses turned to face the owner of that voice and nearly dropped the CD case. 'Dear god, she's beautiful. This one can't be real, I'm hallucinating drunk.' The thought was barely a conscious one as he stared at the slender crimson furred Fox looking softly up at him, her head barely reached his chest; she was tall. A shimmering ebony silk dress open in a deep V down the front displaying her golden chest fur and barely concealing her nipples as her rich cascade of golden hair played over her shoulders with every move. 'Damn good hallucination; she's perfect.'

"March of Dreams. I'm Samantha." She extended a white lace gloved hand, palm up; an offer of neutrally. Her long, slender muzzle graced with an understanding smile. "I've been told you are here against your will."

'Assume she's real, you already going to make a fool of yourself today, what's once more?' Ulysses felt his body respond to her presence with an intensity he didn't realize possible from just looking at someone. 'This may not be too bad after all, a fantasy made flesh.' "Basically." He took a deep breath. "I'm changing my mind."

"Oh?" Her smile was an honestly pleased one. "I still wish to make the offer. I will cover for you if you desire. It is no one's business but yours what you do with your life, or your body."

Ulysses regarded her sadly. "If only that were true. I'm under orders; that's the end of my options in the matter, but I want to know why you were chosen."

"You are free here, it is why the Ziggurat is special." Samantha curled her tail around her hip, twitching it concealengly over her nearly bare chest, amused as his expression flickered very close to lust. "I was chosen because I'm a hermaphrodite and as Cythia put it, 'as different from a Feral as possible'." She did a reasonable imitation of the older Hyena woman.

The control caught up again, but his breath was still fast and his tail refused to be stilled. "That you are, she chose well."

Samantha flickered her golden tail tip down his chest. "If you have anything in mind, " she paused as he shook his head, "then follow my lead until you do." She stretched on her toes to kiss him knowing she couldn't reach, hoping he could take the hint as her tail slipped teasingly over his groin and down between his legs.

It was all the encouragement he needed.

The low rumble of his voice followed Ulysses down to one knee, kissing her neck as he slid his hands up her bare belly, then under her dress to reveal her breasts, but offered no attempt to get the rest of her cloths off as he lowered his head to lick her erect nipples. 'Keep it controlled.'


'I know that sound. He's done playing.' She slipped the dress off her shoulders and let it slide to the ground.

When she started loosening his tie he caught her hands, stood and managed to get the words out between breaths. "Let me." He quickly discarded his tie and shirt.

'He's as controlling as the rest, guess this is the only thing he has to control.' Samantha danced away, a subtle twirl in beat in the drums. 'Might as well entertain myself.'

'Oh, god.' Ulysses froze, utterly fascinated, and stayed there, unable to even organized his thoughts enough to ask for what he wanted; for her to stand still long enough for him to finish undressing.'Surrender. Everything. She's won. You've always wanted her to.' He closed his eyes for a moment and accepted the inevitable; relaxed and waited for her to claim what was hers now. The fight was over, his gambit lost. Just one more thing that was no longer his to control. What scarred him was that he'd almost stopped caring.

'Can my dance be that interesting?' Samantha realized he had stopped moving and flicked her tail in front of her concealengly by habit. 'He looks like he did coming in.' "Ulysses? What did I do wrong?"

The answer was a long time in coming as they stared at each other across half a room and a world of differences. "Nothing wrong." His voice was soft and regretful as he forced his mind to comply with the need to talk. "Please, finish what we must and be done with me."

'He is seriously messed up in the head. I do believe Seliece just lost her place as the most screwed up Feral in town.' "There is nothing we must do here." She spoke quietly with authority. "The Ziggurat is about fantasies coming true, and fulfilling needs."

"Maybe for you. This is about duty to my family and my Commander." Ulysses voice was shaky, but his words were certain. "You've fulfilled my fantasy by existing in front of me. And that has taken the last thing I had to fulfill my need to own part of my own life. I thought I'd chosen safely in desiring a creature like you; you couldn't exist. I can't not want you now that you are here. I've already lost." He visibly resigned himself to a fate he detested, the rebellion building again just under the surface.

'Ok Sam, you got yourself into this mess, you'll have to get yourself out. Never figured a customer would make me choose between the two cardinal rules.' She scrambled for ideas as Ulysses stood patiently at ease as if in full uniform, all emotion hidden, waiting for her to do something. 'Cythia warned me I'd need all my psych training to work this one out, she was right. Amazing how little it takes sometimes to throw someone completely off track.'

"Ulysses, sit down." She used the authoritative tone a handful of customers liked, and was a little surprised when he obeyed instantly, though his eyes followed her intently as she walked to the couch and sat down against the armrest, her tail draped across her hips. "You said I was your fantasy because I couldn't exist." He nodded quietly. "Why choose an impossible fantasy?"

'Screw it, she's Samantha made flesh. Fate's playing games with you; just go with it.' Ulysses smiled acceptingly. "Because it is impossible, something that can't be used against me."

"You are paranoid. Who would want to hurt you?"

"I don't know. That's the point. Who can tell what the future holds beyond death."

"You're morbid too."

"Just realistic. I don't know my enemies outside my family, and I've probably missed a few inside."

"So why tell me this?"

Ulysses struggled for a moment to organize a response. "Because I already have, up here." He tapped his skull. "I might as well bring this you up to date on what you already know."

"I'm that close to your fantasy?" She regarded him, stunned. 'Well, this was one thing you never expected. Go with the flow, you've dealt with worse delusions. Seliece is defiantly in second place now.'

He nodded with a sympathetic smile. "Name, appearance, voice, mannerisms; even the way you move when you dance, and how you feel." He leaned over, supporting his weight on his left arm over the back of the couch and ran his right hand up her side, teasing her breast.

"Aummmm." Samantha arched her back into his touch, enjoying herself. 'He has a good touch for a virgin.'

"It's all the same. Even being a Maf. I'm going to trust you like I trust her. I want to." Ulysses continued, playing his claws up her neck and along her jaw. "You are beautiful." He wandered down to her breasts again, touching every right place just so. When his hand slipped away, it was almost a shock. "Dance for me?"

The pleasure of surrender
A chance to love one that is real
What walks through the mind
Of a Feral given his dreams

Samantha lay on Ulysses broad frame, quiet and content that they'd both come. "Mmm, you're good at this for a virgin." She rumbled softly.

"Who said I was?" Ulysses grinned at her, proud that his deception had been that good.

She pushed herself up to look him in the eye, more than a touch surprised. "You weren't?" 'I kinda suspected, but that's a hell of a charade to pull off. This one's just a bit devious, even for his line.'

He chuckled, slipping his hands up her sides. "No. I've been seeing a she-wolf, Tezra, for most of three years."

'He's definitely above par in the deviousness department. Three years and with a Wolf of all things.' Sam regarded her latest customer with new respect and had to chuckle at the joke he'd played on his family. "Are you serious with her?" She keep her voice lightly curious, just prompting him enough if he wanted an opening to talk, and he very much did.

"Kind of. We both know it can only go so far between both our families." He caught her tail, stroking it absently. "And I have other requirements on me, like Ellen."

"You're fiancée. You don't like her?" She watched his rapidly changing expressions.'He's not real stable either.'

"No, I don't. She was chosen for me, not one I chose." Ulysses focused on a point in space above him. "She's not even pleasant to look at, and in eight months I'll be obliged to deal with her."

'Dating a wolf and fantasizing about a fox, that's not exactly normal for a kat.' Sam mused as he stared numbly up, past her. "Why do you detest her so much?"

"I don't, really." He half shrugged. "Just the thought of bedding her turns my stomach a little."

"Look at me." Sam caught his attention. "I'm a little more pleasant to look at, mmm?"

He focused back on her, growling appreciatively. "I'm sorry, I'm not much fun to be around right now."

"Don't be, I'm here to provide what you need. Listening is part of that." Samantha smiled seductively. "And you're quite interesting to be around. If talking is what you want, I'd love to hear."

"Right now, I want to be clean."

"That's easy enough to accomplish."

"So what's he like?" Cathy, a young Siamese female, almost pounced on Samantha as they walked up to their quarters on the Ziggurat's top floor.


"Who else?" Cathy snapped excitedly.

"He's sweet, more messed up in the head than Seliece, but a nice guy." Sam twitched her tail appreciatively. "And he knows his way around a bed."

Cathy's eyes went wide as they entered Samantha's private quarters. "Worse than Seliece? How?"

"Seems I'm his fantasy best friend and lover made flesh." Sam smiled coyly, stealing a kiss. "And he doesn't seem to have a problem accepting that I'm her. He's got all sorts of interesting things to talk about."

"Insatiable ohhh." Cathy shivered under Sam's careful touch.

"I don't get many chances to be the male."

"But about Ulysses." Cathy prodded for information.

Sam crooned, lapping hungrily at Cathy's breasts and neck. "Give me something first. We've all night to talk."

(Oct 15, 1993)

'Even after good sex and in a warm bath, he's still all knots. He wasn't kidding about not appreciating this wedding.' Samantha mused as she systematically massaged his shoulders and upper back, earning a deep purring rumble she wasn't expecting.

Ulysses rested his head on crossed forearms on the edge of the whirlpool, content to ramble about whatever came to mind, mostly his honeymoon, and let Samantha rub his back. "I really wish you were there, I needed the understanding."

"It couldn't have been that bad." She kissed the back of his neck, working forward along his jaw.

"It was." His mind wandered back over the past week, the most miserable of his life. "Mmm, you're making it feel better though."

(Jan 5, 1995)

Ulysses swept Samantha up in a crushing embrace. "Thank you." He crooned in her ear.

"Uhh." Sam grunted, caught off guard by his exuberance and statement. "What for?" She asked to catch her breath when he let her go.

"For putting up with me this far." Ulysses tapped his shoulder patch, "Squadron Command;" and grinned a touch maliciously. "I've got kats to command now." He rumbled happily.

"And a Sergeant." Sam knew enough to be pleased. "This is what you been working for."

"Well, it's a start." He nuzzled her forehead. "I couldn't have done it without your support."

She twisted her muzzle up, licking his neck. "Now on to Lieutenant Commander and the shift, and a celebration."

"Got that right."

(April 12, 1995)

In the main lobby of the Bordello, a young brick of a female Feral looks around in some confusion as an elder hyena woman comes up behind her.

"Is there something I can help you with?" Cynthia startled her.

Ellen swallowed, nervous. "I'd like to see Samantha Mirall."

Cynthia smiled neutrally. "She's with a customer right now, you may wait in the bar or lounge, or select someone else."

"I'll wait for her. Where is the lounge?" Ellen requested, just barely keeping her nerve up.

"Please follow me."

"Ellen?" A rich feminine voice caught her attention several drinks later. "I'm Samantha."

"Oh?" Ellen registered the tall, slender red and gold vixen and stood. "I ... wanted to talk to you ... about Ulysses."

Sam smiled understandingly. "Please come. I've been expecting you for a while." She lead Ellen up the main stairs and into her private quarters on the top floor. "Please, have a seat." She indicated a leather armchair and pulled up one of her own. "Tell me your side of this, I know his."

Ellen rested her jaw on her hands and struggled to get the words out. "I love him." She looked Sam in the eyes. "I really do. I understand you can't tell me what he tells you, but I was hoping you could give me a hint why he hates me."

"He doesn't." Sam leaned forward and caressed Ellen's shoulder when she stared disbelievenly, both at the quickness of the answer and it's content. 'I think she's strong enough to take the entire truth I can say.' "He resents that he was required to marry you. You are merely the easiest target of that hatred."

"What!" Ellen bolted upright. "Required to marry?"

"It was an arranged marriage?" Samantha regarded her carefully. 'This is getting interesting.'

"No, I asked for him. He should have had a choice." Ellen shivered, holding back her tears. "I understand now, I think." She buried her face in her hands. "His independence is part of what I love in him." She started sobbing. "Oh, god."

Sam waited for her to regain control. "You asked for him?"

Ellen nodded miserably. "I didn't know he was told to marry me; he was supposed to have been asked, told that I was interested in him. I ... I thought he just said yes. I don't know what went wrong."

'Explains why she took their honeymoon so badly.' Sam almost couldn't help but pity her more than Ulysses at the moment. It was Ellen that needed help now, he was progressing with his life fairly well. "I do. Listen Ellen, I can't help with some of he has against you, but some of this I think I can."

"Can ... can you tell me the parts you can't help with?" Ellen almost begged.

"Mmm. You're appearance." Sam paused to let her absorb that concept and come up with a few options of her own. "He dislikes what female Ferals look like quite intensely. There's not a lot that can be done in that department."

Ellen nodded sulkily. "And the rest."

"Is going to take time." Sam warned.

"It's been a year and a half. I have patience, I can wait. Hope is a wonderful thing."

"Just so I know; when he is with you, does he treat you well?"

Ellen blushed a little under her fur. "Very well. It would be easier to be apart if he wasn't so nice, or good, when he sired Dedra."

Sam chuckled knowingly, and a little sympathetically. "I bet. Let me feel him out with this new info."

"Samantha." Ellen paused, gathering her nerve again. "Why are you helping me?"

Sam kissed her lightly on the cheek. "To help him. Ulysses needs someone that honestly loves him. He's important to me, but this is still my job. I believe you'd be good for him, if he can understand what he means to you."

Ellen nodded numbly. "Thank you."

Sun Fire's Flame

Het Level is Low
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is Medium

25 KB, Story is Closed-Unfinished, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written December 12, 1998 by Rauhnee Ranshanka

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Fox, Hyena, Kat

Contents: Furry. Herm. Het (M/F). Fraternization

Pairings: Ulysses/H, Ulysses/F, H/F

Notes: Sep 20, 1974: Ulysses Feral born to Mirath and Paul Feral.

Jan 15, 1990: Ulysses engaged to Ellan Feral. He is not pleased with the prospect, but agrees out of duty to his family. He has proceeded to ignore her as much as possible since.

July 5, 1992: Ulysses enters Enforcer Academy. This is about the only thing his family approves of that he is willing to do (he's wanted to be an Enforcer -- more specifically a ranking officer -- for some time). He sees this as the fastest route to authority.

Jan 1, 1993: Ulysses graduates Enforcer Academy at the top of his class, with no help from his family.

Jan 5, 1993: Ulysses inducted into Nemesis. While he found all of this very interesting, it did prove to him that gaining control of his life would be a much longer endeavor that just becoming Commander of the Enforcers.

Blurb: With prostitution a very legal and accepted part of society, The Kilar Ziggurat Bordello has secured its place in MegaKat City by being nearly fanatical in keeping secrets of every kind safe. It is perhaps the only place that the rich and powerful of the city can go and truly relax. It also has a reputation, duly deserved, of being able to fulfill any fantasy imaginable, without the risk of embarrassment.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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