Taken White
by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M
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"Even later than usual, Bro." Throttle's voice caught the white mouse by surprise even before Girl's engine cut off.

"It was a great party," Vinnie replied as he shut the bike off, his light joking tone at odds with Throttle's as the tawny mouse closed on him. "A fucking fantastic party."

"I can smell that," he chuckled softly, utterly at odds with his normal manner when Vinnie came home at all hours of the morning. "Find a pretty boy this time?"

"Oh yeah," Vinnie grinning as he got up off the bike. "Sweet young piece of meat with more party pills than he knew what to do with. Wouldn't let me screw him, but at least my buzz was free."

Throttle smiled, just slightly, and let his Bro get a step ahead of him towards the living portion of the building. He didn't even bother concealing his intent before he grabbed Vinnie's shoulder and spun him around, slamming the white mouse's back against the wall. Before the move could even be fully registered he had Vinnie's mouth against his own and pinned the rest of the smaller body against the wall with his own.

Vinnie made a sharp, alarmed noise, softening as Throttle's lips sealed across his. It took him a few moments to register what was going on in his hyped-up state, but Throttle could feel the realization hit him. A shudder ran through his body and the tension drained out of him, surrendering to Throttle and letting the tan mouse plunder his mouth as he wished.

"If you wanted to keep it a secret, you shouldn't have looked at me so often," Throttle rumbled as he let Vinnie's mouth go, though not the claim the rest of his body made. "You are mine tonight."

"You knew?" Vinnie asked softly, his voice barely more than a whisper.

"Eventually," he chuckle softly and nuzzled the white furred jaw and neck with the force of his intended claim. "You were fairly obvious sometimes."

"I ..." Vinnie began, but didn't even try to finish the sentence as his hands moved down along Throttle's sides to cup and squeeze the mouse's firm, round ass. Throttle didn't make any verbal reply, simply rubbed his hardening groin against his Bro's and claimed another kiss with a light brush up Vinnie's bright red antenna with one hand. The response was immediate, a sudden shuddering intake of breath as a thrill ran through the white mouse's body that made Throttle smile.

"My pretty boy likes that, doesn't he?" He chuckled softly and wound his tail up and around one, stroking and teasing it as their groins rubbed together.

"Oh yes," Vinnie moaned softly. "Yes Sir."

That made the electric thrill rush through Throttle's body, his breath quickening against Vinnie's lower jaw and neck. "Ready to be fucked senseless Bro?" He rumbled breathlessly.

"Take me Throttle," the white mouse replied even as he felt his jeans loosened and pulled down. "Take me hard."

"Until you can't scream any more," he promised and turned his Bro around, pressing his chest against the wall and parted the hard white cheeks of his ass with his hand. One finger slid along the fur and bare skin to find the tight pucker. Vinnie's body trembled in anticipation, the tight ring of muscle at his entrance twitching as the tip of Throttle's finger ran across it.

"Oh gods yes," he moaned. "Please Throttle, do it to me."

The answer came as the hand moved away and the much larger head of Throttle's cock pressed against the eager opening. "Tonight, you belong to me pretty boy." He promised as his hands held Vinnie's hips and he pressed forward with a bit more force than necessary, opening the white mouse up easily.

A loud cry of pleasure echoed around the garage as Vinnie's body arched back against Throttle, his warm passage tightening around the other mouse's length as it pushed deeper and deeper.

"Oh yeah," Throttle rumbled deep in his chest and pressed forward eagerly as the tight, hot pleasure of being deep inside another male washed and raced through his body. "Oh, Yes." He nipped Vinnie's jaw and brought a hand forward to cup the white balls and sheath, fondling them to give more pleasure to the willing body under his.

Vinnie's cock filled out quickly under his fingers, a thick musk of arousal enveloping the pair of them. There could be no doubt that Vinnie was enjoying himself, setting up a rocking movement with his hips that alternately thrust his cock against Throttles hand and impaled him deeply on the other mouse's shaft.

With his breath heavy and thrusts hard, Throttle used his tail to move Vinnie's muzzle up, tipping his nose towards the ceiling and setting his long red antennae right in line to be sucked into the wet heat of Throttle's mouth and the lavish attention of a skilled tongue.

A strong shudder ran through the white mouse's body, his ass pulsing tightly closed around Throttle's cock as it drove into him. He gasped breathlessly as Throttle's tongue teased his sensitive red antenna, pleasure washing up through him from his ass and cock and down from his head, threatening to wash him away. Even through the haze of having every major pleasure point on his body stimulated at once, Vinnie still caught the shift in intensity, the force of the thrusts taking his ass and speed of the hot breath puffing over his head that warned of his lover coming close to the edge.

"Give it to me," he gasped between desperate, panting breaths. "Give it to me Throttle. Make me wet inside."

A long, low moan and shudder answered the demand. Despite his intent to keep pushing his lover, Throttle moved both his hands to hold the white hips tightly and let the antenna slip from his mouth. He ducked his head against Vinnie's shoulder and growled, his hips taking a life of their own as they pounded away, seeking release that was so close at hand.

Suddenly Vinnie's hips bucked in Throttle's hands, a loud cry of 'Fuck me' echoing around the room as his ass clamped down hard around the shaft driving into him. His cock sprayed seed against the wall, leaving a mess that began to drip down towards the floor as his own ass was filled with Throttle's cum and the tawny mouse's roar rattled the wall against Vinnie's chest.

"Oh yeah," Vinnie moaned as he felt the streams of hot seed jetting out into his gut. "Yeah, fuck that feels good."

Throttle held silent for a few moments, his body coming down enough for his voice to work.

"Much more to come, Bro." He breathed a hot promise in his ear and pulled Vinnie away from the wall. "All night, if you can get your tail into bed."

"You can have my tail wherever the hell you want," Vinnie replied, his breath still racing as Throttle pulled out of him and turned him around again for a fierce kiss.

"Bondage?" Throttle rumbled deep in his chest.

"Oh gods yes," the white mouse murmured, reaching down to cup Throttle's balls. "Make me your little bitch."

"My anything I want," he grinned with another heated kiss. "Get up to bed, and strip."

"My bed or yours?" Vinnie asked with a cocky smirk.

"Mine." Throttle rumbled back. "Get going, pretty boy." He smacked the white mouse's ass on a way out.

Vinnie's face was dominated by a massive grin as he took the stairs two at a time, the pleasantly stretched feeling and the warmth of Throttle's seed in his ass a tantalizing promise of more to come. He could hardly believe that this was finally happening, after all the times he'd had to keep himself from drooling at Throttle's tight ass, or the thought of that bulge in his groin.

It only took him a few moments to get rid of the rest of his clothes once he reached Throttle's room, throwing himself across the bed with his legs spread wide and his ass exposed to whomever might walk in the door.

"Such an eager display," Throttle rumbled as he came in, shutting the door before he stripped and walked to the bed to run a possessive hand down Vinnie's back. "Do you have a safe word, pretty?"

"Blue Murder," Vinnie replied with a chuckle, his back arching up into the contact before it disappeared when Throttle moved off to retrieve a small fabric chest.

"Blue Murder," Throttle nodded as he knelt and bound Vinnie's wrists to the headboard with a secure set of cuffs, touching the white mouse with every opportunity as he did. "I'll remember. Any kinks you refuse to try with me?"

"No one hurts me," Vinnie replied, reveling in the contact and looping his tail around Throttle's waist. "But otherwise ... gods Throttle, I want this so badly."

"All right, no pain." He accepted, leaning over his white Bro to kiss him hungrily. "Let me know if I start to. It's a kink I do enjoy."

"Throttle ..." Vinnie murmured softly as their lips parted, "No, not now. Remind me to ask you once I've got your cum dripping down my legs."

"Okay, Bro." He smiled down moving his body down his lovers, giving a playful lick to the base of his tail before moving out of the way. "On you back. I intend to take my time with you."

Vinnie rolled over as instructed, the handcuffs holding his arms up above his body and making a display of his tightly muscled body. He spread his legs as far as he could, rolling his hips upward slightly to offer himself to the other mouse. Dark eyes watched Throttle carefully, submissive, but still burning with desire.

"Relax, Bro." He murmured and guided one of Vinnie's muscular legs to lie in a more natural position. "I will fuck you until you can't move, I promise. But I've have some time to think about tonight."

"You've planned this?" Vinnie asked, surprised.

"Of course," he murmured, securing the other leg, then running his hands up it. "I tried dropping a few hints so you'd come to me. Coming to you was hardly a spur of the moment choice."

"I guess I won't paying as much attention as I thought," the white mouse chuckled. "At least, not to the right things."

"Too much on my crotch, and not enough on my words," Throttle smirked as his hands closed on the soft white fur of Vinnie's groin, already slick with sweat and a little cum. "You have a delicious body."

"Have you seem yourself lately?" Vinnie asked, his cock twitching as Throttle's fingers moved closer. He hadn't softened since the other mouse had first pushed him back against the wall and his lover took full advantage of that, closing his hands around the hard length and stroking it possessively.

"Yes, I have." He rumbled before taking the dripping cock deep into his mouth.

Vinnie moaned loudly, his hips bucking upward as desire and instinct took over to bury his length in the wet warmth of Throttle's muzzle. "Oh fuck Throttle," he gasped, arousal beginning to tinge the air again. While there was no verbal reply, the rumble the encircled his cock intensified the rhythmic movements of Throttle's throat as he suckled the bound mouse's erection.

Vinnie's back arched as pleasure spiked along it, his legs twisting and writhing, even his arms exploring the full range of movement allowed them by the handcuffs. Throttle was given only a few moments warning as the taste of the precum dripping into his mouth thickened and then gave way to a full blown fountain of seed as Vinnie came. The explosion was easily taken in, swallowed with the same efficiency as the cock was. He was still humming lightly as he let the cleaned length slide from his muzzle.

"Damn mouse," Vinnie gasped. "You must be almost as good at that as I am."

"It's all in who you're with, Bro." He chuckled softly, then slowly kissed and explored his way up the hard white body on display for him.

"You could make me cum any time."

"I'm noticing," Throttle chuckled softly as his mouth found one bare nipple to play with.

That drew another low moan out of Vinnie, the little bud of flesh firming up under Throttle's tongue. "Gods mouse, just fuck me. Please fuck me."

Throttle chuckled deep in his chest at that and moved up to go nose to nose with his Bro. "What do you offer, in exchange for me fucking you so soon?"

"Anything," Vinnie replied without even pausing to think. "You can have anything you want, just put that incredible cock of yours inside me again."

"All right, Bro." He murmured softly and claimed Vinnie's mouth while his tail loosened the binding on Vinnie's ankles. "Roll over."

Vinnie waited until his ankles were free and then rolled again, making sure that the chain linking his wrists wasn't getting too tangled. His legs split apart again as his tail flicked to one side, inviting the tan mouse inside him. He wasn't disappointed as his hips were gripped almost immediately and his ass opened up by the hard length that had pierced it earlier.

With most of his weight on Vinnie's hips, Throttle maneuvered the white mouse's head up to suck and lavish his antennae before his tail wrapped around Vinnie cock to pump it as he pounded the willing ass.

Vinnie was an enthusiastic and very vocal bottom, even more so once Throttle's lips and tongue got to work on his antennae again. He burned with desire as he encouraged Throttle to greater efforts with his voice and with the soft warm gripping of his body. His tail wrapped around the other mouse's waist and his hips tilted further upward, offering Throttle deeper access as the entire world contracted down to the powerful length plunging into him again and again until his body couldn't take the intensity any more and he howled when his balls emptied themselves for the third time since coming home.

Even before his mind clicked back on from the intense pleasure of the release he knew there was no slowing down after this time. Throttle was still pounding into him with ferocity, and the tail around his cock and mouth on his antennae gave no letup either.

"Fill me up," Vinnie begged between gasping breaths, the pleasure in his body washing away everything but the ecstasy of being thoroughly used.

He was panting, blisted out of his mind at how completely his ass had been used and the pleasure still tingling from where Throttle has sucked and stroked him off. Even better was the strong, hard weight behind him that was breathing just as hard.

"Oh fuck," he panted, trying again to get his breath under control but not having much success. "Holy fuck."

"Very nice ass, Bro." Throttle rumbled through his own deep breaths and nuzzled his lover affectionately.

"Glad you like it," Vinnie chuckled softly, finally regaining something like a normal voice as his body was gently stroked by possessive hands and Throttle chuckled himself.

"Stay here tonight?" He asked soft and reached up to loosen the cuffs.

"As if I could possibly stand after that," Vinnie replied, though it was clear from his voice that he wasn't in any way complaining as his hands were freed.

"Good," Throttle nuzzled him a little more softly. "You wanted to be reminded to ask something."

"Did I?" Vinnie asked, trying to remember anything before that incredible length of masculine mouse had plunged into him. "Oh, right. I remember."

"And?" He prompted curiously.

Vinnie remained silent for a moment, trying to decide exactly what the best way it say it was. In the end he settled for blunt. "Why?"

"Why what, Bro?" He asked indulgently while his fingers played in white fur.

"Why all this?" Vinnie asked softly, trying to be clearer. "Why me?"

"You're attractive, interested, and you managed to squirm your way into my heart a while ago." He answered, his voice soft and his fingers absent.

"So ... us? I mean, you and me?"

"If you want that, yes, I do want more than just tonight." He nodded slightly against the white neck.

"Modo and Charley are gonna spit chips," Vinnie said, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. "Even if we didn't wake them up."

"Charley's going to regret asking when I was going to up and do something about you." He smirked softly. "And they'll just have to get used to the noise."

"Damn," the white mouse swore softly. "Was it really that obvious?"

"Sometimes," he chuckled and kissed Vinnie's neck. "It got a lot more obvious the more I watched you."

"I can't decide if that's a good thing or not," the white mouse admitted after a moment. "I never thought you'd ... I mean, you never really seemed that way."

"Liked guys?" Throttle raised an eyebrow, then chuckled softly as he went though his memories. "I guess so. It's not like you saw much of my tastes in lovers."

"Didn't really want to know, honestly," Vinnie admitted, prompting Throttle to pull him against his chest.

"It doesn't risk the fantasy."

"You're better than the fantasy," Vinnie replied, turning slightly to press his face against Throttle's neck.

"I'll be here when you wake up too, Bro." He smiled down and held his new lover close.

"Yeah. That'll be a new experience." Vinnie admitted as they snuggled together, Throttle gently stroking the strong white body as they drifted off together.

Taken White

NC-17 for M/M
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Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is PWP
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18 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written January 2, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Vorex

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars

Primary Races: Martian Mice

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Throttle/Vinnie

Blurb: Vinnie is not nearly as good as he thinks he is in keeping his interest in Throttle's cock a secret, and now that mistake is going to catch him very much off guard.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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