The Interview
by Fur and Fantasy
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

ring, ring, ring, ring


"Kelly Boyd?"


"It's Razor."

"Oh, Hi. What's up?"

"I'm sorry about the short notice, but it looks like I've got the night off and I'm up for talking. It might be the only opportunity we have for months to get this interview done."

"No problem, where?"

"Take Highway 6 north out of town, then the Katita turnoff. The road ends and you'll be there. I'll make sure the gate knows you're coming."

"That's the middle of nowhere."

"I know. That's the point of this place."

As Kelly drove quietly down Katita two futuristic black jets screamed over her towards the city. She recognized them quickly as part of the SWAT Kats Squadron. It still sounded weird to apply the name to more than the original pair even after three years.

"He couldn't be ..."

She obediently stopped at the guarded main gate to a heavily secured complex. The chain link fence stretched as far as she could see in either direction. The two guards were heavily armed, and armored. Their yellow and gray Enforcer insignia paired with the SWAT Kats blue and red one. She wasn't surprised when they tensed, leveling their riffles at her. She still wondered what her hairdresser was thinking dying her mohawk purple. It made her look way to much like Chop Shop for anyone's comfort, including hers. But then, she hadn't changed it either.

"Photo ID please." One of them approach the car, his hand open as his partner covered them.

"Of course." She handed him her drivers license and tried not to look dangerous, or sneaky, or whatever they thought the other Hyena was. That her piercings -- ears and eyebrow visible -- probably didn't enhance her credibility in this particular case did register as well. But hells, she was invited and she was credible.

After a short examination he handed it back, apparently satisfied. "Welcome to Enforcer Special Operations Headquarters, Ms. Boyd. Lieutenant Commander Clawson is expecting you. Follow this road to the main facility parking garage. An officer will meet you there. Do not leave the road or her company. If you do you will be considered a hostile intruder to be shot on sight."

'They are not joking.' Kelly nodded. "I understand." She put the car in drive and began down the lonely road. 'Lieutenant Commander Clawson? He's the real Razor! It's not just a pen name. This is going to be priceless. But these two are paranoid. I guess guards are supposed to be.'

A breathlessly short five mile drive and the complex came into full view and not a guard in sight the entire trip. A remarkably simple five story rectangular cross of a building with a single entrance to the right of the main double door big enough for a car. The door opened upward automatically and a young gray tabby shekat waved her in and to a parking spot among the vehicles, mostly Enforcer.

"Welcome to SKC, Ms. Boyd. I am Lance Corporal Smokeclaw. Commander Clawson requested that I extend his apologies that he could not greet you. A small emergency came up that required his immediate attention. He extends an invitation to relax in his quarters until his return, likely within the hour. If you would follow me."

"What came up?" Kelly queried as Smokeclaw lead her to an elevator and pressed the top floor button, not really expecting an answer. This shekat didn't even blink that she was escorting a purple-mohawked she-hyena to her commander's room. 'Does she know something I don't? Or are the guards just overly paranoid.'

"Chop Shop has a new toy. We're obliging him by helping test it." The elevator doors open. "This way." Smokeclaw walked down the left hand corridor of the X to the end and tapped in a code on the keypad by the door.

'Ok, I'll bite.' Kelly decided as the door slid open into the wall. "I thought Chop Shop was a criminal."

"He is, but he's not one of the ... serious ones. Do you follow international politics at all?" Smokeclaw stepped inside and motioned Kelly to take a seat in a comfortable looking but simple office chair; one of a pair sitting at the single desk against the windowed wall in front of his computer.

"A little." Kelly murmured as she sat and took in the room of what she understood as one of the most powerful people in MegaKat City.

It was remarkably simple for a Lieutenant Commander, and this one was head of Special Operations -- nearly as powerful as Commander Feral himself. Yet there was very little to distinguish it from the handful of other Enforcer rooms she'd been in. The personal touches were revealing; not only in what they showed, but what they didn't.

Taking up two long shelves were his trophies. Several were topped with horses; some jumping over fences, some standing at attention. One had a slender tomkat in racing swimwear bend down to dive into a pool. The rest had crosshairs, bullseyes or similar markskat symbols.

"Chop Shop is a player." Smokeclaw talked as she walked over to the dresser and removed a set of cloths; blue jeans, a collared dark blue T-shirt, socks, underwear. "He's out for some fun, to show us up, and maybe get some money or power in the process." She added white tennis shoes to her collection and headed for a closed door on the far wall. "But he plays by a set of rules that we've all agreed to." She maneuvered the door open, revealing a bathroom and disappearing for a second inside. "Including that when we catch him, he does time without much resistance. Our part of the bargain, at least as far as I've figured out, is that SWAT doesn't shoot to kill."

Smokeclaw smiled with some pride as she came back with her arms empty and noticed Kelly looking at the trophy collection. "Our Commander has had a great deal of success in his endeavors." She walked over to the trophy shelf, pointing out one of the fancier horse ones, part of a set of three. "This is for Grand Championship at Kendis, he won it three times before he was eighteen." She pointed to a neat row of bronze degree plaques over the large window behind the desk. "Four of those he went to school for. The last two are honorary. There are more of both and a ton of ribbons that he doesn't display."

She's proud of his accomplishments as if they reflect on her somehow. Wonder if it does, but Chop Shop is much more interesting. "So why does Razor have to go up against Chop Shop if he isn't dangerous?"

"Oh, he's dangerous. He can do a lot of damage with his skills and resources." Smokeclaw got very serious for a moment. "But it's part of the dance. The SWAT Kats are obliged to go after him. That's as far as I understand it. I'm his ADC, but I'm not in on all the politics between our leaders and their old opponents."


"Aide decamp. His chief assistant. I see to it that he has time to do the important parts of his job, like chasing CS's."


"Class S Felons. The big ones like Dark Kat, Pastmaster, Turmoil when she first showed up, Hard Drive and Chop Shop."

"So what did happen to Turmoil?" I think she's the one with the big airship. Vague memories of a tall, dark down shekat flicked through Kelly's mind.

"Commander Furlong came to some agreement with her and she left. She comes by every so often but she's never attacked or brought a force in again. Scuttlebutt has it they're lovers and she traded technology for her freedom, but it's unconfirmed. By anyone."

"So what do you do for him?" Kelly knew she could be treading on thin ice, but this kat seemed happy enough to talk and this was getting utterly fascinating. She knew just how closed SWAT Kat society was from a few friends in the Enforcers and here she was talking to the assistant to Razor himself. And with an interview with him later. It was indeed turning into a banner day.

"I see to paperwork, help with his experiments, make sure he gets enough sleep when possible."

Kelly cocked her head towards the dresser. "Taking care of his clothes?"

"Oh, he's had a rough couple of days. He'll want a shower when he gets in and that'll make it go better if he doesn't have to think before he gets under the water. It's not part of the job, but I see to it his needs are taken care of."

"You sleep with him?"

Smokeclaw startled, almost seeming to remind herself of something. "No. It would be extremely inappropriate." She paused, focusing on something. "They're back."

"Why?" This must be an Enforcer thing.

"There is too much rank separating us and he is my immediate superior." Smokeclaw explained carefully. "It's an Enforcer regulation, and common sense. It's not good to get involved with someone who can order you around."

Before Kelly could ask another question the door slid open and she got her first good look at Razor in person. And it was Razor. His blue and red flight suit looked like it had seen better days and so did he. She did know that much from the few news reports she'd watched.

He managed an exhausted and sore smile for Kelly. "Sorry about that. If you can stand to wait a little longer ..."

"No problem. Lance Corporal Smokeclaw has been quite courteous."

Razor tossed his helmet on the queen sized bed and took a step towards the dresser. "Thanks, I'm sure she has been."

"Sir, everything's ready." Smokeclaw motioned to the bathroom door.

He gave her a sideways glance and nodded, disappearing into the room.

Smokeclaw twitched worriedly, opened a small drawer in the desk and pulled out a tube of ointment.

"What's that for?"

"He'll be hurting in the morning without this." She unscrewed the lid and sniffed it. "still good." She turned to Kelly. "What are you here for?"

"To interview him. Why do you ask now?"

"His greeting. Anyone he's seeing would get invited into the shower. So you're here for something else." Smokeclaw shrugged.

"I heard that!" Jake's muffed voice growled over the shower.

"Yes Sir!" Smokeclaw called back, smiling in relief and quickly explained. "If he's feeling good enough to complain about my chatter he'll be fine. What agency do you work for?"

"Agency?" Kelly paused a moment. "Oh, I'm not a reporter. I'm interviewing him for my thesis paper."

"What about?" Smokeclaw twitched curiously.

Kelly hesitated a moment, unsure if this was something she should be telling to his subordinate, then shrugged deciding Smokeclaw probably already knew about his writing habits if she knew where he kept his underwear without searching. "Why people write and read slash. So how'd you become his aide?"

Smokeclaw blushed lightly as she opened a small cabinet. "He read some technical descriptions in a story I did, interviewed me and after I graduated Academy I came here to help him out in the lab." She tapped several buttons concealed inside the cabinet and pulled out a steaming mug as the shower was turned off in the bathroom. "How'd you meet him?"

"We're on some of the same mailing lists. We just started talking."

Jake emerged from the bathroom in his civvies, cinnamon fur slightly damp and lightly speckled with silver-gray strands. He looked much better and fairly pleased with the world for all he was also obviously tired.

Smokeclaw intercepted him with the heavy, steaming mug. It earned her a startled look and a smile of thanks.

Kelly didn't miss the swift, silent interchange but wasn't sure if she was interpreting it correctly as mutual attraction. Enforcers were a little on the odd side behavior wise in their relationships. But then, they risked their lives with each other every day. It was bound to have an effect no one outside could easily understand.

It was over in a second as Smokeclaw nodded suddenly and strode out, closing the door silently behind her as Jake sat down in the second chair facing Kelly, his right leg curled under him. "It's Jake if you would. I hear enough Razor skyside." He began nursing his mug, a soft smile playing across his mouth as he regarded her calculatedly. "You're not exactly what I expected."

"What did you expect?"

Jake smiled again, this time to himself. "Not someone I'd put as a primary suspect."

"Isn't that just a bit judgmental on looks?"

"Yes. It's very judgmental on my part. That judgment is a big chunk of my job description." He gave her another sweeping glare. "If I didn't know better, I'd have never let you into this facility."

"Know better? How don't you know I'm trouble?"

"No troublemaker makes it to twenty six with a spotless record. And if you do, you have better ways of getting in here than through the guarded front door."

"You checked me out?" Kelly regarded him incredulously.

"I had to." He put the mug down. "You do realize who I am?"

Even knowing he really did have to know who he saw didn't help much. "I know."

"I can't afford to be lax in my acquaintances any more. Even meeting you here and not at your house or neutral territory was a concession to security."

"What happened?"

Jake shook his head, a yawn sneaking out.

Kelly chose to drop the subject. High rank did have to be careful, but she really wished she'd known first even if she didn't have anything to hide. "No problem, Jake. But do you want me to come back later?"

He shook his head against, gently. "No. I'm just a little tired, but this is still our best chance to get this done for months."

Kelly finally pulled a notepad out of her tote bag. "Ok, some of this is going to sound stupid, but..."

"Just ask." Jake leaned back in his chair, sipping his drink. "I'm sure it won't be as stupid as some of what I get asked on a regular basis by the new kits."

"Ok, Name."

"Jake Imirati Clawson. I also go by Haron and Razor regularly." He grinned slightly at an inner joke. "I'm still learning to respond to Commander."

'He's quite different from Commander Feral, wonder if I can get an interview with his partner.' Kelly mused. "I take it Jake's your given name, what are the other two?"

"Haron was my first call name, the one I got in Academy when I became a gunner. Razor was my pen name until we became the SWAT Kats, then it was my Call also. It stuck. Now only a few kats from the Third Fleet still call me Haron."

"Wasn't that dangerous? Using a name already associated with you."

Jake shrugged. "Probably. It was a dare to Feral more than anything. I wanted him to figure it out."


"Because we never did anything actually illegal." He paused, sorting though memories. "Well, not in this dimension anyway. When he discovered who the SWAT Kats were he'd have a choice. Either bring us up on charges that couldn't be made to stick in a real court and be humiliated by the fact that a couple car mechanics with no backing could do his job better than his entire force, or what he did; make SWAT an Enforcer division."

"Still sounds very risky."

"Maybe, but as Chance is fond of reminding me; I'm crazy." Jake took another sip of his drink and sighed, his eyes closed for a moment. The dozens of times his partner had yelled 'Razor, you're crazier than I am' over the past ten years flashing unrelentingly through his mind.

Kelly reached forward almost on instinct and rubbed his thigh comfortingly. The motion earned her a startled look that melted into a grateful smile.

"You don't have many to comfort you?" She knew it was more statement than question.

"No." A small sigh escaped him. "It's one thing I missed a lot here."

'What a life he's had, probably best to get away from his past.' She brushed her hand along his thigh as she leaned back into her chair. "Does Imirati mean anything you know of?"

"Mmm? oh, yes. It means Chosen."

"Jake Chosen Clawson?"

"I'm adopted. Linda said that Imirati were special because they earned their place."

"Linda's your adoptive mother, or blood?"

"Adoptive. My blood parents died when I three months old. All I know of them is what's in their files, and what Linda told me."

"How'd you adapt?"

"I took her up on her challenge. Imirati is what I have chosen to make of my life." He paused at her confusion. "I earn my place in everything I do. When the challenge is gone, I move on. That's why I left racing. I'd gone as far as I could. I'll leave the Enforcers if the challenge ever leaves. Though my luck will probably run out first."

"Isn't that a bit pessimistic?"

"Just realistic. We've been flying for ten years. That's a *long* time for an Enforcer and I don't have a goal like in racing. The goal here is to make the city safe, and there will always be villains."

"Oh. Birthday."

"August 38, 1969."

'Starting to silver at thirty? But he been though enough for three lifetimes.' She startled. "Sex."


"Ok, sexual orientation."


"Marital status?"

"Single and dating when I can."


"Enforcer Academy, College graduate with two masters and more real life experience than I want to deal with."

"What degrees?"

"Aeronautical Engineering and Computer Science officially. Some say I invented Gadgeteering as a science too."

"What's Gadgeteering?"

"Technological improvising and scavenging. It's how the original four TurboKats were built along with most of our gear before we were official. And I still build or design a lot of what we carry."


"Ummm. Officially I'm a Lieutenant Commander, Gunner and Mechanic in the Enforcers. But vigilante, jockey, car mechanic, author, engineer and weaponsmith have all been there at one point or another."


Jake waved absently towards the trophy shelf. "I retired from the circuit in 87 after I took the Grand Championship at Kendis for the third year in a row. I didn't have anything else to strive for so I moved on to machines, the rest of college and the Enforcers. This is a much more interesting life, even if I do miss the horses."

"I bet. You're published?"

"Yes. More technical manuals than I care to remember, Popular Mechanics, Popular Electronics, Aerospace Monthly. If you really want a complete list I can look it up."

"Not necessary, but thank you. Any fiction, slash?"

"I've one piece in Bonds of Blood and Duty 5, but mostly I list and net publish."

"I don't remember reading that one. What's it about?"

"It's a military slash zine. I don't think it's available outside the Enforcers."

"The Enforcers are that accepting?"

"Hu?" Jake cocked his head, confused.

"From my contacts, I got the impression that the Enforcers were a very straight, very unaccepting society." Kelly hurriedly explained.

Jake's eyes widened. "You're talking about MegaKat City Enforcers?"

"Yyessss." Kelly drew out the word, uncertain how to interpret this question or his stunned expression.

"Slightly unaccepting, yes. But you have it backwards." He couldn't stop the deep throated chuckle from escaping. "The Enforcers are strongly gay."

"Has that caused any problems for you, being straight?"

He shrugged. "I don't think so. The homophobes catch hell, but I never did. But then, I don't mind it when a male makes a pass, I just don't respond."

"Unusual attitude."

"Maybe. It was what Linda raised me to be, accepting."

"Have you ever gone out with a male?"

"Not really. I kissed a guy once and it didn't feel right. I've stuck to females since."

"Would you try it again, if you found someone you found attractive?"

Jake thought about it for some time. "I guess so. If I found him attractive. That's a big if." A small grimace crossed his face, his tail snapping irritably. "I really can't picture myself and another male."

'We definitely just left what he's comfortable with, even if he isn't as straight as he thinks.' She bit back a couple more questions. "How long have you been involved with slash?"

"Oh, maybe fourteen or fifteen years."

"Since your mid teens? How did you get into slash?"

"Yes. I started writing it before I knew the word. Three, maybe four years later I got involved in The Sentinel fandom and learned the name and that other kats wrote."

"Are you a writer or just a reader?"

"Both, but mostly a writer."

"What fandoms do you read and or write in?"

"I read SWAT Kats..."

"About yourself?" Kelly startled, interrupting him.

Jake grinned to himself. "Yes. It's extremely interesting to see what others think of me doing, and with whom. A lot of it is very good writing, and the art frequently better."

"How does it make you feel?"

"What part?"

"Um, lets start with knowing you're in the imaginings of so many, in such a ... blatant manner."

"The thought is flattering. The writing and art downright enticing. I like it."

"It doesn't worry you?"

"It's not worth worrying about." He paused at her curious glance. "I've been the subject of obsessions like that since I was thirteen. Most of them are harmless, and not really interested in me, but my image as a Champion, SWAT Kat, Enforcer or Warrior. The rest aren't worth being concerned about until they show up when I've got characters like Dark Kat and Dr. Viper to deal with." He chuckled lightly. "Though from what I've read, I wouldn't mind if some of them did take an interest in me. These ladies are quite creative on occasion."

True enough. I guess after you face Dark Kat a few sex crazed fans don't seem like much of a threat. "Who knows you read/write slash?"

"I haven't said it, but I think most kats around here know. My family does, Smokeclaw, and I assume Chance at least."

"Why would Smokeclaw know?"

Jake chuckled tolerantly. "She knows more about my life and me than Chance does."

"Chance is your partner, right."

"Yah, he's T-Bone."

"She knows all this because of her job?"


"She said she was your Aide decamp."

Jake paused a moment, thinking it over. "Not what I call her, but it is fairly accurate. Though it's not her 'job'. Ninety percent of what she does is voluntary, and above and beyond an ADC."

"So how'd she get to be your aide?"

"She had a story in The Skywalkers 83 zine. It wasn't very interesting, but the technical descriptions were good enough to get me to track her down. She did extraordinarily well on my interview, passed Academy and as per our agreement, came here to help me design equipment."

"What kind of interview?"

Jake smiled as a tentative knock caught his attention. "Come!" He glanced over his shoulder at the door as it opened to reveal a very nervous black and white splotched, longfurred shekat in an Enforcer uniform.

She saluted him quickly, her gaze squarely on the floor. "Excuse the intrusion sir, but Lieutenant Johnson requests the schematics for the new gun right away. He said you would understand what he wanted, sir."

Jake regarded her curiously for a long moment, trying to place her and finally giving up. "Aren't you a pilot?"

"Yes sir. Charlie 8, sir."

He dredged through his memory again, coming up with her name fairly quickly. "Kayce Pantha?"

"Yes, sir." She nodded almost imperceptibly.

"Why are you running errands for him?" Annoyance was very clear in his voice and face.

Jake's animosity took Kayce back for a moment. "He asks very little to let me watch the happenings in the Equipment Labs, sir. He's allowed me to work on a few pieces."

"Really." The dry, raw hatred in his voice unnerved both women as he stood and walked a little stiffly to the set of shelves containing his trophies. On the bottom shelf were a half dozen simple metal shoeboxes. He knelt and brushed his hands over them, paused over one and picked it up. When he stood he pointed to his bed. "Sit."

Kayce instantly obeyed, her nervousness increasing exponentially as he dropped the box in front of her and returned to his chair again, turning to face her.

"Open it." His voice was carefully neutral.

"Yes, sir." She carefully lifted the lid, eyes flicking over the contents.

"Deal with it."

That brought her head up to look at him for the first time. "Sir?"

"Do something with that."

A mixture of shock and delight crossed her hesitant smile as she turned her full attention to the contents of the box. "Yes, sir."

Jake turned back to Kelly. "Ok, back to the interview."

Kelly startled for a moment. "You don't mind company?"

"No. She should be at that for a while."

Kelly scanned down her questionnaire, trying to ignore the rattle and clinking of pieces from whatever Kayce was doing with her box of stuff. "How does your family feel about your pastime?"

Jake chuckled. "They wish I'd never quit racing." He sobered quickly. "I've buried three siblings already. They aren't eager for it to be four."

'Let's not go there.' Kelly quickly redirected the line of thought. "I meant your slash writing."

"Oh. Dad thinks I'm gay and fighting it. Mom is still trying to figure it out, but I think she chocks it up to stress relief. I'm not hurting myself so she tries to stay out of it. Tammy, my oldest sister, thinks my writing is the greatest thing to come along since Pumpkin -- and please don't ask, she's an author and a good one."

"I know of her. What do your friends think of it?"

He shrugged. "Never came up."


"Never came up."


Jake chuckled. "I don't think Feral wants to know any more about me than he has too."

"Where do you access most of your stories, internet or zines?"

"Internet." He fought down a yawn, unsuccessfully. "I don't deal with zines for the most part."


"It's not worth the time to get them, I guess. I get friends to pick up SWAT Kats ones, mostly for the art. But I've found a recruit in there too."



'He has interesting recruiting methods.' Kelly mused as she scribbled his answers down. "Do you attend cons?"

"Not often."


"Look how much trouble we had setting up this meeting. I never have time to plan ahead, that and the little time I can scavenge off base goes to my family."

"What kind of stories won't you read?"

"Never got into the Bondage or S&M stuff much, it's too weird for me, and I won't read death in any field." His vehemence got Kayce's attention for a moment before she turned her attention back to her project. "I see too much death as it is. If I want an emotional hellride I'll just pay a visit to the Honor Ground and see how many names I can put faces to. It's in the hundreds these days."

I guess he has a right be to bitter after this much grief. "How too weird?"

"Mmmm, S&M's and the heavier bondage stuff's just not arousing when it's consensual." He shrugged. "But the few rape stories by the good authors that I've read with that content I've liked. Still not something I want to get into myself."

'Wonder how much of that is his Enforcer background talking and how much is him.' Kelly played with . "What kind of stories won't you write?"

"S&M. I've tried my hand at light bondage a couple of times when I was seeing a shekat into it, and I've written more death stories than almost anyone I know of. It helps clear it out for me."

"Clear what out?"

"The grief. A few months ago when I was feeling particularly self destructive I figured out that I've buried an average of a friend every four months for the past fourteen years. Something about putting someone else through it, in writing, makes it better."

"I can understand. Why do you read slash?"

"Fascination and it was the best erotic writing around. Male/ Female stuff just isn't nearly as good for the most part."

"Even though you don't want to be with another guy?"

"Especially that. Because it's something I'm not interested in doing myself I can loose myself in the story. I won't picture myself, as myself, doing it. It's odd to try to describe, but I do like reading erotica that I have no interest in participating in."

"Why do you write slash?

"Stress relief and to get the ideas out of my head."


"The sex is just a little piece of the story. I write to get the stories out of my head and the sex, the slash is just part of it, not the focus. A lot of my stories don't have any sex, many don't even have kissing. The slash heading comes from existing relationships. It's what I see around me, what I know." He glanced at Kayce, realizing she hadn't moved in a couple minutes. "Yes?"

"Um, sir, um. Can I ... " Kayce fidgeted with some half formed contraption, the parts were almost completely gone from the bed.

Jake waved at the other boxes. "Go for it."

She managed a small smile of gratitude. "Thank you sir." Kayce quickly retrieved the extra boxes and began fiddling with her contraption again.

He turned back to Kelly. "Where were we?"

Kelly glanced back at her paperwork, finding the next question easily. "What are your views on homosexuality and bisexuality?"

"What about them?"

"Sickness, choice, right, wrong, morally ..." Kelly help half an eye on what the young shekat was doing, curious more than anything at a talent she was clueless about.

He thought for a while. "It just is. Not right or wrong, I really don't know if it's a choice or genetic. I don't object to males showing an interest in me, but I also have no interest in being with one either."

"Ok, have you made friends within the slash community?"

"A few. My job messes with a lot of socializing, though. Mostly we chat one line, so most of the ones I keep in touch with are either nightowls or on the other side of the world. Neither is very conductive to face to face meetings."

"What has the slash community done for you?"

"An accepting outlet for a lot of the garbage in my life."

"How much of what you write is actually real events?"

"Most of it, though I change the names more often than not. I've a few pieces of real fiction, but I've seen so much I rarely have to resort to making things up to get an interesting story."

"How do you find the time to read or write?"

"Actually we get a fair amount of down time, it's just never schedulable and rarely in big chunks. I can write in the lab, here, during all the 'hurry up and wait' moments." He glanced over at Kayce, who'd stopped moving again. "Done?"

"Sort of sir. It doesn't have a power source..."

"I know." He reached out to take the cylindrical object, examined it closely and looked back up at Kayce, smiling. "A multiscanner?"

Kayce looked a little startled. "Yes, sir. It also contains a tracking laser that can be used as a torch or low end weapon with a proper power source."

Jake looked back down at the gadget in his hands. "Why are you a pilot?"


"Why didn't you get Engineer training?"

"I was told I couldn't." Kayce explained quickly. "That all I qualified for was Pilot, sir."

"Really." Jake drew the word out in amused hatred. He turned to faced his computer and started tapping keys with the speed of one long familiar with what he was doing. A series of screens flashed by too fast for either female to register them as more than a few colors before one stabilized. It stayed up for only a moment before Jake clicked it back to the main screen. "Do you want to join GET?"

Kayce's eyes widened. "GET, sir?" She managed to stammer.

"Yes, GET. You have the ability. Do you have the desire."

"Yes sir!" Kayce just barely managed to stand properly still, her eyes were doing her dancing for now. "But my partner ..." Her enthusiasm dimmed instantly.

"You qualified as a SWAT Pilot and a pilot you will stay for now. We need pilots. You will simply have extra responsibilities now, like me."

"Yes sir. I understand, sir."

"Good." He nodded sharply and tapped a button on his desk. "Ganna, I've a new victim for you."

"On my way." LCpl Smokeclaws muffled voice responded from an unseen speaker.

He turned back to Kayce. "Ganna will show you around the labs and explain what's expected. We'll sort out shifts with your partner tomorrow. Barring a call, I expect to see you and your partner in the lab when I get there around noon. Do eat first."

"Yes, sir."

"And Kayce, my name's Jake."


He closed his eyes in accepting frustration. "Never mind."

A swift rap on the door and it opened without permission to the gray tabby shekat, her expression one of tightly controlled excitement.

"Jayce, this is Lance Corporal Ganna Smokeclaw." He motioned to his aide. "She's GET's second in command and she'll take care of you and the lab when I'm not around. Any questions, ask her or me. Understood?"

"Yes, sir."

Smokeclaw nodded at Jake's glance. "Come on then, Kayce. Let's get Jarok and deal with Johnson." She failed to suppress the delighted and slightly dangerous smile.

Jake turned back to Kelly as the door closed. "Sorry for the interruptions. Next question?"

"What's GET?"

"Gateway Engineering Team." He smiled. "It the elite of the engineers, mechanics and aeronautical engineers and specialists gathered to build our new equipment and improve what is already in our inventory. There are six of us now, including Kayce. The rest is at least classified."

"I bet." Kelly murmured. "Then that's it."

He regarded her carefully. "Something else you want to ask?"

"Not really, I was thinking of a second subject. Sex and relationships in the Enforcers." Kelly grinned as she stood.

He couldn't help but grin back. "That's a convoluted one from any viewpoint." His expression changed, a little surprised as he realized he had to look down at the she-hyena, at least a little.

"Something wrong?"

"No. No, it's just odd to meet someone shorter than I am."

She thought for a moment, understanding fairly well. "Oh. Anyway, do you think I could get an interview with a few other kats around here?"

He chuckled lightly. "If you can manage the odd hours and short notice, I'll ask around. I'm sure quite a few are interested. I know Chance would love it. Ganna probably would too, and she's also a slash writer."

"I'd appreciate it."

"I'll walk you to your car. I'll try to get back in touch in a few days."

"Just use e-mail." She suggested with a light shrug.

He chuckled as they left his room. "Better odds it'll get to you. I'll try."

The Interview

Het Level is Low
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

40 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written August 23, 1998 by Rauhnee Ranshanka

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Hyena, Kat

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M).

Notes: Kelly Boyd belongs to herself and has graciously allowed me to send her on all sorts of adventures, mostly unwritten as of yet. Pumpkin also belongs to herself, used with permission. Unfortunately she no longer has a website that I know of. The rest of this insanity is mine.

Over on the Slash list a wonderful and extremely interesting woman going by Kelly Boyd who did her best to help me out, so I wrote her into this story as thanks and got one of the most intriguing characters I have without tweaking her a bit (though I did end up doing a few changes to get her into MKC, she's not a Hyena in this RL).

A special thanks to my beta, Gali Golan who went so far as taking a crash course in SKdom to beta this and for being willing to take on whatever other demons my mind comes up with.

Blurb: In an odd mix of reality and fiction there is a SWAT Kats world where SWAT's legit and they are the subject of many written fantasies that they not only know about, but participate in.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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