The Sun's Night 1:
Called on Behavior

by Fur and Fantasy
PG-13 for M/M
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Roberto DaCosta shut the door behind him, as he slid into his room at the Institute after another grueling training session. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy them, because he loved a challenge. However, they were challenges on every level and that was tiring. Taking advantage of the privacy offered by his private room, he stripped down and put on running shorts. He left a shirt over the back of his desk chair, while he lay shirtless on the bed to write his brother in Rio a long overdue letter.

He paused for a moment, and then began writing in his native Portuguese which came much easier than English, which was still a trial at times. Besides, he always felt more secure in his native language.

Hiya, Mikey.

        Yeah, I know you hate it when I call you that. I'll stop as soon as you stop calling me Bobby. Sorry I took so long to write, I've been busy with everything here at the Institute. The extra classes and the extra physical education requirements are very time consuming.

        To answer the question you asked at the airport: Yes, there are pretty girls here. There's this fiery redhead, Jean, unfortunately she's got something going with one of the other guys here. And I don't mess with girls who date guys who can put me through a wall. Rogue, and yes that's really her name, is pretty but is seriously hands off. Then there's Kitty, she's cute but she's a freshman, bit young for me, I think.

        But probably the hottest woman here is Ororo, one of the instructors unfortunately. Unfortunate in that I can't see her going with any student, not even me. It's really a shame, 'cause she's seriously hot.

        Given I don't have a girl up here, you'd think that'd be what I was worrying about. Bro, try not to flip out but its not. Much to my own surprise I find myself noticing guys more and more. First it was just a once in a while thing, and then the occasional dream, and now it´s more.

        At first it was one of our male instructors, Logan. He's truly macho in a way father only wishes he could be. Probably the toughest fighter here, and very hot, in a guy way, but also way dangerous. Good fantasy material, but that's it.

        I figured what harm's a fantasy that's only that. At least that's what I thought till I started noticing just how cute Kurt is. He's about my age, but a bit smaller not quite the star athlete like me. But still, what he's really got going is this wonderful personality. It's like he's always looking for the next opening to have fun. In case you're wondering, Bro, yeah I've got a kind of mellow, goofy smile on my face thinking about him. Of course, as far as I can tell he's only into girls.

        Don't worry, Bro, I'm not asking for advice on how to approach guys. You don't know anymore about that then I do. Just don't tell Dad, he'd flip. Probably even worse then when Mom told him she was sending me here for school. Have they finalized the divorce yet, Mom didn't mention it when she was here a couple weeks ago?

        Yeah, varsity tryouts for soccer are next week. I figure I should make the team no problem, after all I did make the provincial team, in a country where they really appreciate soccer properly.

Write me back soon.


He quickly sealed the letter, and got his address book out to get his brother's address at college. "Yes?" He shouted in response to a knock at the door.

"Hey, Rob." Evan Daniels shouted back. "Dinner."

"Thanks, Evan. Be right there." He grinned, grabbing his shirt and throwing it on before heading out the door.

"Why don't you just ask him out, already?" Rahne Sinclair asked from Roberto's elbow as they watched Nightcrawler tackle an agility training program in the Danger Room.

Roberto's normal cool exterior vanished for a moment as he jumped in surprise. "Huh, what do you mean?" He asked, slipping into the normal defense against such questions that was required at home.

"You're fooling no one, except maybe Kurt," she inclined her head towards the dark blue mutant twisting and teleporting at incredible speeds and angles around lasers and robots. "It's getting as bad and Scott and Jean."

"Scott and Jean? I thought they were together?" He looked at her curiously, wondering if he'd misread something. Given he'd been at the Institute all of three weeks, it wouldn't be surprising that he had. "Am I so obvious?" He asked quietly, feeling a bit the fool.

"They haven't admitted it yet." She said with a bit of a shrug. "And yes, you are. He's just not looking yet."

"Yet? I'm not even sure he's interested in guys." Roberto admitted quietly, without evidence of his usual self-confidence.

"Neither is he." Rahne shrugged. "Just giving you a friendly heads up. The instructors will tell him if it gets too annoying."

"They do that?" Roberto's eyes went wide in shock and surprise. It was unheard of for instructors to do such things back home.

"That's what my wolf ears hear. Mostly directed at Scott and Jean at the moment, but you're number two on the list. I'd advise sorting yourself out before you make the top slot. It's not a place you want to be."

"Thanks for the heads-up, Rahne." Roberto smiled, as he tried to figure out just how to say something. He wasn't sure if it was as risky a subject as it was back home, but he surely did not want the instructors saying something for him. That would just make him look totally lame, and that just wasn't acceptable. "That's a disaster worth avoiding."

"Very true. Logan would be the one to do it." She held a chuckle inside. "A scene very much to be avoided."

"I shall just have to do something before it comes to that." Roberto said casually, though in truth he had no clue just what that was going to be.

"Very good." She nodded and turned away with a bit of a smile. "Good luck."

"Thank you." He smiled back. "I expect I'll need it." He finished much more quietly, though he suspected that her sensitive hearing probably caught it. He turned back to the action just in time to see Nightcrawler get nailed hard from two sides and go down.

As the program turned off Kurt staggered out of the Danger Room, panting and holding his chest from the pounding he'd gotten in the last few moments as he found the wall to lean against while he recovered.

Seeing that he was the closest, Roberto ran over to Kurt to check on him. "You okay, Kurt?" He asked, as he offered someone to lean on instead of the hard wall. Walls were okay, but not terribly responsive.

The move apparently surprised the shorter teen, his yellow eyes blinked wide for a second before he nodded. "Just bruised. It'll never be worse than that."

"Yeah, but bruises can sure sting when they happen." Roberto grinned knowingly. "Got enough from soccer to know that. Was that your last exercise for now?" He asked, since everyone's training regimen was a little different to account for differences in training, abilities and drive.

"Yes," he nodded, taking an experimentally deep breath. "Thankfully."

"Could you use a hand getting back to your room?" He asked, figuring his fuzzy blue teammate would want to clean up, and might not be up to teleporting quite yet. That last hit had looked pretty painful, safeties or no.

Kurt looked surprised again, but he nodded. "I can walk." He added and moved forward, still taking some advantage of the physical contact.

"I'm sure, but no sense aggravating new bruises." Roberto smiled, and walked alongside offering as much support and/or contact as Kurt wanted to take advantage of. He understood the sense of pride that required that one walk off the field, he done it on the soccer field often enough. Far too often if the opinion of his coaches was sought.

They'd made it half way up the second flight of stairs, and out of sight of everyone else, when pride and stubbornness met their match and Kurt had to choose between sliding down to sit on the stairs for a while, or accept putting almost all his weight against Roberto.

With a soft groan he went with the familiar and sank to the steps, taking comfort from the cool wall as pain forced his eyes closed for a long moment.

"Never let the instructors see how much it really hurts." Roberto said understandingly. "We wait till you feel up to walking again." He said easily, respecting his friend's pride and sitting down next to him on the stairs.

"He knows," Kurt said softly, his breath uneven between painful ribs. "He always knows."

"Wouldn't be much of a telepath if he didn't." Roberto chuckled softly. "But still we don't need to show them."

It earned him a look at said Kurt would have chuckled if it wasn't an excessively bad idea at the moment. "No, we don't."

"Those ribs really took a beating huh?" He commented sympathetically. "Must be if they're keeping you from laughing."

"Today just aggravated what was already there." He shook his head. "I'm half surprised I didn't get shipped over to the med-labs."

"Keep grimacing like that and you will." Roberto said quietly. "You probably should have those ribs looked at, a couple might have gotten broken, and that won't go away just by ignoring it."

"Not broken, just badly bruised." He shook his head and got to his feet with a little help from the wall. "It'll be fine in a couple hours. I couldn't do that exercise at all if they were broken."

"I meant, they might be broken now." He said quietly, as he stepped in to taken over from the wall. "But a few hours rest wouldn't hurt. You feel up to walking back to your room?" He asked, clearly intending to help again.

Kurt simply nodded and took the next step, his uncertainty about Roberto's sudden interest in helping showing, but not really feeling up to turning it down either. He quietly had to admit that he was hurt worse than he'd thought, even if it was just accumulated bruising that made each breath an exercise in self-control as the adrenaline continued to wear off.

Roberto knew that harping on the subject wouldn't change Kurt's mind, if the pain didn't. So he just helped and supported his injured friend as they slowly walked to his room.

Kurt leaned against the wall again as he closed the door with his tail, the pain enough to close his eyes and blind him to the presence of the teen next to him. Most of his conscious attention was focused on trying to remember when and how he's gotten hit this hard. That he couldn't only increased his stubborn determination not to go to the med-lab with it. He doubted he wanted to know if something was really wrong.

"You better lie down, Kurt." Roberto said quietly, only partly successful at masking his concern and winced in sympathy when Kurt jumped in surprise, and was enough to draw a sound out of him. Playing tough was one thing, but he was beginning to worry that something was really wrong.

"Right." Kurt managed a nod and moved with increasing difficulty to lie on his back. A low sound, half pain, half relief, escaped him as he closed his eyes and tried to let the sensations wash past him like it always had before.

Roberto pulled the desk chair over and sat down to keep an eye on Kurt. He might respect his friend's desire not to go to medical, but he wasn't going to leave him alone in this shape. Especially when it seemed to continue to get worse as the teen rested with his eyes closed. Even with Kurt apparently resting, he could see the painful way each breath made muscles twitch, and the increasingly shallow nature of them.

"Kurt, this isn't good." He said quietly. "You need to be in Med-lab."

"Relax, it takes a couple hours," he said quietly, though the crack in his voice said otherwise.

"Kurt, there's a time to play it tough, and a time to admit you need help." Roberto said gently. "You're not Logan after all."

That brought an involuntary chuckle that Kurt instantly regretted as it turned into a cough that drew tears as he ended up curled on his side, trying to relax the right muscles.

"Okay, Kurt. You need to go to med-lab, even if I have to carry you." He said, stepping up to the window to absorb the sunlight still streaming in. Kurt wasn't very large, but Roberto was a soccer player not a weightlifter so it was smarter to use his powers to be strong enough to carry the smaller teen easily. "I understand wanting to tough it out, but I don't think this is the time." He said apologetically, with a note of gentle concern in his voice that was far more serious than the laidback Roberto usually was.

Kurt could only try to remember how to breath as the pain rippled threw his body and mind, steeling any ability to focus past continuing to breath.

Roberto couldn't remember anything in the first aid course about moving someone with broken ribs, but he didn't want to make things any worse. He just hoped the professor was listening. "*Professer Xavier?*" He thought loudly, trying to stay calm despite being more worried than he liked to admit.

"*Yes, Roberto?*" The instantly calming voice came back with a speed that made him suspect he was keeping an 'eye' on them.

"*Kurt's hurt. I think he may have gotten broken ribs in that last exercise, but I'm not sure. I was going to carry him down to med-lab but I'm not sure if that's a good idea.*" He replied evenly, calmed down somewhat by the Professor's presence.

"*Yes, most definitely.*" He assured him calmly. 'Just try to shift his ribs as little as possible. I have alerted the staff.*"

"*Okay, Professor. I'll bring him right down.*" Roberto said as he very gently lifted his blue fuzzy friend being very careful of the injured ribs. "Okay Kurt, I'm taking you to medical." He said as he made his way quickly to the med-lab with his marginally conscious teammate.

"Set him on the table," the mansion's nurse, Ms. Sanders, motioned to one of the lightly padded medical tables. "Do you know exactly what happened?"

"I think he was hurt worse than he thought during a training exercise." Roberto explained, as he gently set Kurt down on the table. "Caught between two impacts, and I think it bruised or broke one or more ribs." He said simply.

"It is amazing none of you get hurt worse than you do." The soft-spoken but steel willed nurse commented as she started with an injection of a specialty designed painkiller and blinked as Kurt went from marginally conscious to passed out with a sigh of relief. "Thank you for bringing him down. He seems to find trying to emulate Mr. Logan his new pastime."

"I know, I do it too." Roberto smiled as her knowing fingers ran over Kurt's chest and side to feel lightly for obvious breaks and worse. "So what's actually wrong? Is it his ribs?"

"Most likely." Ms. Sanders nodded and turned to type several things into a control panel. "I'll know more after X-rays. He definitely needs them."

"How long do you think he'll be out?" Roberto asked softly as looked down at his unconscious friend.

"Hopefully, several hours at least." She told him gently as she arranged the small X-ray equipment over Kurt and the medical bed. "It is not a good thing to pass out from relief after a simple painkiller. Particularly not that one."

"Would it be okay, if I stay for awhile?" Roberto asked, a bit uncertainly. "I just want to be sure he's okay."

"Of course you can stay," she smiled softly and motioned to a comfortable rolling chair nearby. "Just don't skip dinner or sleep for it."

"No, I won't." He smiled and sat down while she studied the results of the scans. "Thank you."

"Not a problem." Ms. Sanders smiled back and selected two more liquids to inject Kurt with before going to work at getting his costume off his upper body without injuring him further or cutting it.

Roberto didn't know anything beyond first aid, so he figured staying out of the way was his best way to help. Of course, despite efforts not to stare his eyes kept going back to Kurt as Ms. Sanders removed the upper half of his costume to reveal tightly packed lean muscle that twitched slightly with each shallow breath under it's covering of soft blue fur.

He continued to watch silently as she spread a translucent gelatin around Kurt's chest, smoothing it out to encase his ribcage. Then she retrieved a small blanket like device and laid it over the gelatin before turning it on.

"He should be feeling better than he has in months by morning."

Roberto blinked in surprise. "You mean he's been covering injuries for months?"

"Injuries would be exaggerating things a bit, but yes." She nodded and worked on setting up a drip IV. "None of it is worse than a crack, most is simply bruising. But it's bruises on top of bruises on top of more, going down into the bone. He's pushing himself too hard and not taking care of the minor injuries as they happen."

"I used to push that hard, till I got something broken in soccer that way." Roberto said, understandingly. "Something that could have healed in a couple weeks, ended up taking eight."

"Kurt will be facing a similar reality check," she smiled indulgently. "He is not likely to be a happy camper."

"Probably not, I know I wasn't. It was during the regional finals too, so my team didn't let me forget for some time. Sometimes it's hard to admit when you need help."

"It's never easy when you are the new kid either." She smiled at Roberto. "He hasn't been here much longer than you."

"Really? He sure seems like he has." Roberto said surprised. It was hard to believe since Kurt was part of what was essentially the primary mission team for the X-men.

"Really," Ms Sanders nodded and set gentle fingers on Kurt's forehead. "He is still very much trying to prove himself to himself."

"Wow." Roberto said quietly. "Kind of how I was the year before my first soccer championship, I had a lot to prove, mostly to myself. And there's no harder judge to deal with than yourself."

"No, there is not." She agreed softly.

"So is he gonna have to be out of school for this?" Roberto asked curiously. "Regular high school, I mean."

"Possibly tomorrow, but unlikely any longer." She chuckled softly. "*That school does not have very high physical demands, even if he doesn't feel great."

"He's probably been going feeling not great for awhile, from what you said." Roberto said softly, as he looked at his friend again. He was kind of surprised how similar they were, at least in some ways.

"Not nearly as long as it would be without the technology and talent that will help him here, but it will be a very difficulty couple of weeks for him, to be on restricted activity. He does not seem to handle orders well, particularly those involving 'slow down'. Not that anyone here does." She chuckled in light bemusement with a touch of resignation for the truth of her job.

"Well, I'll do what I can to make it easier for him." Roberto volunteered, not really sure what but willing to try anyway.

"I'm sure he'll appreciate it, as will the staff." She chuckled softly. "He will sleep well into tomorrow. If you wish to do something, he is unlikely to notice the absence."

"Well, I should probably go do my homework." Roberto smiled sheepishly. "I'll check back later. But let me know if he wakes sooner?" He asked softly, wondering why he was acting like they were a couple when they were only teammates.

"Of course," Ms. Sanders smiled reassuringly. "He will be fine. He simply needs rest, a lot of it."

"Something he's not good at." Roberto smiled. "He's a real non-stop ball of energy."

"I dare you to find anyone in this mansion who takes 'slow down' well." She chuckled a bit ruefully. "I'm quite sure it comes with the mutant gene."

"Taking high school plus the Institute classes. Who has time to slow down?" Roberto chuckled. "But Kurt's a little more than just 'not slowing down', he's always moving like he's going to miss something." He said with a fond smile.

"Yes, he is quite the bundle of energy." She agreed softly and brushed his temples again. "Quite the stubborn one too."

"Now there's a rare trait around here." Roberto chuckled. "Bet that one goes with mutant gene too."

"It's certainly far too common for anyone's good." She nodded. "But then it takes a lot of energy and tenacity to survive as well. It's not an easy life for most."

"No kidding." Roberto grumbled. "I got transferred to another continent to avoid fallout."

"And gained a family that accepts you for it," she reminded him gently and tipped his face upwards to look her in the eyes. "Things will settle in time, Roberto. You belong here."

"My mom's okay with it, but she's all over the globe on digs." He shrugged. "No way to go to school as she pointed out."

"No, and here is a home that accepts you."

"Yeah, not something I'm used to." He smiled strangely. "My Dad and I weren't getting along well before the incident."

"It's not uncommon," she smiled at him. "The powers are only the most outward manifestation, but they are very rarely the first signs of your unique nature."

"I don't know about that, but he wasn't thrilled about my interest in playing soccer professionally." Roberto grinned weakly. "Not a sustainable career in his opinion."

"Really?" Ms. Sander's arched a fine blond eyebrow in surprise. "Most parents would be thrilled to have a professional sports star as a child."

"My father is a businessman, and he expected his sons to follow him in the business." He shrugged. "So, of course, my brother's going to college for science and I want to pursue a career in sports. Things were strained at home to say the least."

"I have no doubt of it." She nodded and drew her fingers back. "Are you finding things here less so?"

"Definitely." Roberto grinned. "Everyone's pretty cool, even if Scott could loosen up a bit. I never met anybody so serious all the time."

"He has a lot of responsibility for such a young age." She said gently. "And he's just the type. I can only imagine what it must be like to not only be blind without your glasses, but doing so much damage to whatever you look at as well."

"Yeah, that is a pretty heavy trip. And he's a good leader." Roberto admitted. "I just wish he'd lean on Kurt less, especially at school."

"Yes," she glanced at the sleeping teen. "It can't be helping his need to prove himself."

"Probably not. Once you get used to being part of a team, having the team captain's approval becomes important." Roberto said understandingly as she considered him seriously.

"Just how badly does he lean on Kurt?"

"Could be worse, but he needs to accept that Kurt just isn't as serious as he is. Kurt's interested in having fun, and is a little bit of a class clown." He smiled. "But only in a good way, but Scott is always trying to push him down, into being as serious as him. I think he means well, worries that Kurt's going to slip while he's playing and reveal something he shouldn't."

"Understandable, but still not for the best." She considered softly. "Perhaps it is time to bring it more directly to the Professor's attention."

"You know, Kurt would never have said anything." Roberto said quietly. "Probably be best if it didn't seem as if he did."

"I will mention that was well," Ms. Sanders nodded. "Though I expect the Professor would know it." She glanced over towards Kurt. "If it contributed towards him ending up here, it is my duty to mention it to him."

"I know. I just wasn't thinking when I brought it up." Roberto said quietly. "I'm just not one to go whining to the teachers, nor is Kurt."

"No, obviously not." She nodded. "But it is not something that had to come from him." She reminded him gently. "It's not a secret thing."

"That's true, lots of kids have seen it." Roberto nodded, relaxing a bit. "There's plenty of ways the Professor could've found out about it."

"Including just being the Professor." She chuckled softly. "Now relax, it will be handled as only he can."

"That still takes some getting used to." Roberto chuckled lightly. "Though I was most grateful for that today."

"Yes, it was most fortunate. The mansion does have an intercom system for such situations, however."

"I kind of forgot." Roberto smiled sheepishly.

"You will get used to things," she assured him gently with a hand on his shoulder. "It takes time to get used to this place."

"No kidding." Roberto smiled, as he turned to look at her. "It's worth it though."

"Definitely," she smiled at him. "Why don't you bring your homework down here? You can do it on the table and still keep an eye on Kurt."

"Thanks." Roberto smiled gratefully, and stood. "I'll be right back." He said as he shot out of the room, determined to be gone as little time as possible.

The Sun's Night 1: Called on Behavior

PG-13 for M/M
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Written May 25, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Todd McCall

Setting: X-Men: Evolution

Primary Races: Human, Mutant

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Roberto 'Sunspot' DaCosta/Kurt 'Nightcrawler' Wagner

Blurb: Roberto is not being nearly as circumspect about his crush as he thinks, and a certain wolf calls him on it with a friendly warning.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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