The Sun's Night 2:
Risk and Reward

by Fur and Fantasy
PG-13 for M/M
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Roberto caught the twitching of Kurt's long tail even before the equipment indicated he was close to waking nearly twenty-four hours later. He moved quickly to the nearby office. "Ms. Sanders, I think Kurt's about wake up." He said quietly, before returning quickly to the bedside. He knew it was standard most places to let the attending medical person know that sort of thing.

"Thank you," the blond woman smiled at him and walked out to check on Kurt, who was still deep asleep, but slowly rising to consciousness. "Mm, likely another hour or two before he's really ready to talk."

"His tail woke up before he did." Roberto smiled. Somehow now that Kurt was close to waking up, that was kind of funny.

"And the last part to fall asleep." She chuckled softly and double-checked the readings. "Keeping him under long enough to recover was quite the challenge. He does not like it."

"I think it's the 'can't-slow-down' gene again." Roberto snickered quietly.

"The day he can out-do Mr. Logan in that will be a frightening one." Ms. Sanders shook her head with a bemused laugh. "That man can process drugs like no one's business."

"Well isn't that what Mr. Logan does, heal quick?" Roberto said curiously. "Processing drugs would be much the same thing."

"That and do inordinate amounts of damage to anything that moves." She nodded. "He is very much a challenge to keep here."

"Things they never taught in nursing school, right?" Roberto grinned broadly, though the thought of Logan and beds, led to all the wrong thoughts given the fact he was in med-lab.

"To put it mildly." She chuckled and lightly brushed her fingers over Kurt's forehead. "Try not to get too playful for a few days, mmm? He really does need his rest." She added with a knowing look.

At first Roberto looked at her a little blankly, not sure what she was getting at. When he finally caught on, a slight blush began to show through his olive Mediterranean complexion. "We're just friends." He muttered quietly, not really wanting to get into the fact that he did want more than that.

"Of course," she smiled gently. "You are a very loyal friend to him to stay here so long."

"Somebody needed to." Roberto said easily. "And I figured it might make waking up a little easier. Especially since he was in his room last thing I'm convinced he remembers."

"And in excessive amount of pain." She said softly. "I have little doubt it will make it easier for him. Even if the how he got here becomes a little awkward for you, I appreciate that you did. It could very easily have been internal bleeding or a punctured lung with the kind of pain he was in."

"That was kind of what I was worrying about. Like my soccer coach told me, there's two kinds of pain; the kind you work through and the kind you don't and the trick is learning the difference." He smiled fondly. "Of course, he was giving me this lecture while I was in a hospital bed with a broken leg I shouldn't have had."

"Yes, and hopefully Kurt will learn from this and not land down here for a repeat performance." Ms. Sanders shook her head. "There is little telling just yet if he's figured it out yet."

"Hard to tell anything when he's still unconscious." Roberto chuckled lightly.

"Yes," she smiled gently and turned to go back to her office. "If he opens his eyes before I check back, please come get me."

"Yes, Ma'am." Roberto nodded, as he returned to watching for Kurt to really wake up. As Ms. Sanders had indicated, it was nearly a full hour before those bewitching golden yellow eyes cracked open.

"Welcome to awareness, Mr. Wagner." Ms. Sanders professionally soothing voice greeted them even as Roberto was about to get her.

"Wha?" The athletically lean mutant lifted one hand to his face and groaned softly.

"You are in med-lab one." She informed him gently. "Your chest was quite badly beat up."

Kurt just moaned lightly and closed his eyes again. "How long?"

"Just over twenty four hours. You needed the rest badly."

"How'ya feeling, Kurt?" Roberto asked gently, from the chair he'd been occupying for a good share of the last twenty-four hours, less school which had been absolute torment.

"What happened?" He asked instead of answering, his eyes focusing on the other youth.

"You were in serious pain, and your breathing wasn't very good either." Roberto said quietly. "I was worried that something was seriously wrong, so I carried you down here." He said simply, his worry and concern coloring his voice.

"Oh," he murmured and pushed himself up before realizing he had an IV line in him. "Is that really necessary?" He looked at the blond nurse.

"It was." She nodded, watching his movements. "If you'll be still I will remove it now, but you will stay on light duty for the rest of the week at least."

"But ...."

"Not buts." She crossed her arms. "Your chest resembled beaten mincemeat under that fur. It's not completely healed yet."

"Yes, ma'am." He dropped his gaze and rotated his arm for the IV to be removed.

"Never argue with medical people." Roberto stage whispered to Kurt. "You can't win. At least its only a week." He said in an attempt to cheer Kurt up.

"A week I'll never hear the end of." He grumbled in an odd form of humor.

"Give it a year or two." Roberto smiled. "At least you didn't get hospitalized during regional finals, like me. Even if you did manage it pretty much the same way."

"I did?" He looked at the teen strangely, not making the connection at all.

"Yep, you kept ignoring your injuries till they wouldn't let you ignore them." He said simply. "Now what could've been fixed easy is a week on light duty. I did the same thing, and ended up with a compound fracture of my lower leg."

"Not fun." Kurt grimaced and hopped off the medical bed lightly, testing his balance and coordination. "Thanks." He said quietly.

"Anytime, Kurt. But don't make it too often or we'll probably both end up in trouble." He teased lightly, as he watched Kurt for any sign of falling.

"You most definitely will." Ms. Sanders said with a light warning tone.

"Right," Kurt nodded and turned to steadily walk out of the med-lab.

"Me and my big mouth." Roberto shook his head in wry humor as he followed Kurt out of the med-lab. Then he decided he didn't want to seem like he was babying Kurt, so he headed toward his room at the first intersection. "See'ya later, Kurt." He said as they went different directions.

"See'ya." Kurt waved back, his focus largely on shutting his stomach up.

"Hay, Sunspot!" Kitty called to him as she ran threw a hallway wall to catch up after he'd turned the corner.

"Hi, Kitty." Roberto smiled, as he slowed down to let her catch up.

"How'd it go?" She asked, bouncing slightly in anticipation of good gossip.

"How did what go?" He asked, looking at her curiously.

"Oh, man, you didn't say anything?" She rolled her eyes. "You two were alone forever."

"Kitty, he was unconscious most of the time." He chuckled. "I could've said anything I like, and it wouldn't have made a difference. And that's really not a subject I wanted to bring up in front of the nurse. Even if she did caution me not to be too playful with him for the next few days." He shook his head in amusement.

"Between the two of you, I can hardly blame her. He's an impossibly playful ball of energy." She grinned as they walked along. "And you really should see the look on your face when you're scoping him out.

"I'm not that bad." Roberto protested innocently. "Am I?" He grinned sheepishly.

"As bad as Scott, at least." She giggled. "I can't believe you got your hands on him and didn't try anything."

"Kitty! He was in pain, and in need of medical attention." Roberto shook his head in disbelief. "I had to settle for watching Ms. Sanders remove his shirt." He chuckled in amusement.

"Not a bad second," she grinned. "But he's up and about now. I just saw him in the kitchen."

"I know, I was there when he woke up." Roberto nodded. "But I don't want to seem like I'm mothering him, and if I followed him there from medical that's exactly what it would look like."

Kitty just made a face. "I do not want to know about a mother who wants to get her hands in her son's pants. I'm sure a kiss would change that opinion fast if he thought it."

"He doesn't know about that." Roberto shook his head. "And I'm sure it would, though I'm not sure for better or worse." He finished quietly.

"Roberto, he's more interested in being cared for than exactly what cares." She said more softly and fairly seriously and turned to face the other teen. "Seriously, a touch is worth a lot of words with him."

"Well, at least one of us doesn't have issues on that score." He said quietly. "Perhaps mother was right. It's not who you love, but that you love. Father, of course, would have a fit." He shook his head.

"We will deal with you father." She promised in a tone that sounded more like Storm or Wolverine's promise of solidarity at any price than herself. "You worry about Kurt."

"Like he's going to take time away from his business to come here." Roberto snorted. "But thanks just the same."

"Now go kiss him already." She grinned, all bubbly again.

"Have you and Rahne been conspiring about this?" Roberto asked with a chuckle.

"Me, Rahne, Jean, Logan ... now that was a strange moment, let me tell you ... pretty much everybody who has eyes." She smirked.

"And here I thought I was being subtle and discrete." Roberto chuckled in wry amusement. "Seems the only person who didn't notice is Kurt."

"Trust me, Kurt is so convinced no one could possibly want him like that that nothing short of kissing him is likely to register." She sighed softly. "Believe me, it's been tried and I had to listen to the fallout from both sides."

"Well, that's good to know." Roberto smiled. "Saves me from repeating what's been tried already. Never would've occurred to me that that was the problem."

"I know." Kitty said softly. "Not many people see past the form." She added from experience. It had taken her a while too, to see her playful friend as more than strange looking. Most mutants at least looked human, after all.

"Yeah, I was kind of surprised the first time I saw him without the hologram." Roberto admitted. "But the personality is what I fell in love with, the rest kind of grew on me, especially those eyes of his." He smiled fondly.

"But don't forget the tail," she grinned impishly. "The uses that must have ...."

"I can see someone's been thinking about it." Roberto teased playfully. "More than I have."

"Umm ..." she blushed a bit. "Just go for it, okay?"

"I will try." Roberto said simply, not wanting to commit to any particular course of action. It wasn't that what she said didn't make sense, it did but it amounted to something that would certainly get him slapped if tried with most girls, and he had no idea how things worked when it came to guys.

"Good," she smiled and phased out. "He deserves someone." Kitty added before she dropped out of sight threw the floor.

"That much is certain." Roberto agreed quietly, as he turned and headed back toward the kitchen. He walked in to what looked like an empty room, until a glance up caught a bit of dark blue that wasn't usually there.

"Hi, Kurt." Roberto said casually as he headed for the refrigerator to grab a soda. Finding his friend hanging from the ceiling hadn't quite figured in what minimal plans he had made.

"Hi," he smiled back after swallowing a bite and brought a glass of milk up from the counter to drink. As natural as it was for Kurt, it looked almost impossible to more gravity aware people.

"You must be feeling better, if you're up there." Roberto grinned, as he took as seat at the table.

"I slept for over a day," he pouted impishly and dropped from the ceiling, flipping midair to land up his feet without spilling the milk or sandwich. "Hard not to feel better."

"You needed it." Roberto smiled warmly.

"I guess so," he shrugged a bit. "Did you miss dinner too?"

"Yeah, I wasn't paying attention." He chuckled lightly and caught the flick of Kurt's tail that opened the fridge.

"Just avoid the multicolored whatever," he cracked a grin and motioned to a container. "Kitty's been cooking again."

"Shouldn't she keep that to one of the science labs?" He chuckled, and got up to fix himself a sandwich. "Reminds me of my brother's few attempts at cooking."

"I think it got kicked out for biohazard reasons." He snickered. "Know what's scary? She's getting better."

"In that case, I'm glad I wasn't here when she started." He chuckled as he quickly put the sandwich together and sat back down. "Sounds like it was hazardous, to one's stomach."

"Still is," Kurt smirked, relaxing against the counter as he ate, mindful of how it tended to weird everyone out when he did it upside down.

"She means well, even if the execution still needs work." Roberto shook his head. "Very unique mistakes she makes."

"That's one way to put it," he snickered. "Scary would be another."

"Especially if you're around right after they come out of the oven." Roberto chuckled.

"And you own her one," he rolled yellow eyes expressively. "It's cruel and unusual punishment."

"I guess you just have to make sure if you're going to owe her one, it's for something that's really worth it." Roberto chuckled, realizing that he was probably going to end up owing Kitty for her advice.

"Yeah," he nodded and turned to dig in the fridge, giving Roberto an excellent view of his ass and how his tail flowed from the tightly muscular backside.

It was a view that Roberto definitely appreciated, and it reminded him that he was supposed to be doing something other than make small talk. Hoping that Kitty was right in her analysis, he got up and walked over to the fridge next to Kurt. Of course, once he got there he developed a serious case of nerves, which felt a lot like the first time he'd asked a girl out.

"Want one?" Kurt offered the apple he'd pulled out as he stood up.

"Not really what I came over here for." Roberto smiled shyly, and then slipped one arm around his fuzzy blue friend to pull him into a kiss, that while gentle, left no doubt as to it the emotion behind it.

Kurt froze, body and mind.

Roberto could see how huge those yellow eyes went, the shock and confusion and disbelief in them. For all he saw though, what he did not see, or feel, was rejection, denial ... or even refusal.

But neither was there acceptance. Certainly not any form of understanding as their lips parted and Kurt stood there, not twitching a muscle as he tried to make sense of what had just happened.

"Best way I could think to show you how I feel about you, Kurt." Roberto said quietly. "That's why I sat with you most of that day you slept through. I care for you, a lot, more than just friends or teammates."

It drew another blank look, despite the way Kurt nodded acceptance of it and leaned forward to touch their mouths again; light, uncertain, inexperienced, but willing in a way that wasn't quite right.

"Guess I'm not explaining this really well." Roberto said quietly after the brief kiss. "I love you, Kurt." He said, running one hand gently along his friend's furry blue cheek. "That happens between guys, same way it does between guys and girls."

The look that crossed Kurt's face was an unsettling mixture of completely not getting it, not actually caring if he did and wanting more of what his body was feeling quite a bit.

Roberto decided talk could wait till later and claimed another kiss, while holding his friend close. The feeling of blue fur was soft where it touched his skin, different but quite pleasurable. His body thrilled when Kurt slid his arms around him, the strong tail not far behind as the two fingers hands moved further up his back.

As he watched and they kissed, Kurt's eyes slid closed and his body relaxed, submitting fully and willingly to the contact. Roberto was on a high he usually only reached when fully energized. Holding Kurt his arms with his hands gently caressing the lean muscular back as they kissed, he realized that he really did owe Kitty one for this.

As their mouths parted, Kurt slid his head down to rest in the crook of Roberto's neck, his heart pounding and body more demanding that he could remember. A small part of him was wondering just what he was getting into, but it felt far too good really question yet. Far, far too good.

Roberto just stood holding Kurt close, and stroking his hair with one hand. He really wasn't sure what came next, but it didn't seem that important right at the moment. The teenager was far too jazzed to really worry about anything.

"Kurt, we should take this somewhere more private." Roberto suggested gently when Kurt showed no indications of doing anything but stand where he was.

Yellow eyes flicked up at him, uncertain and with a trace of worried confusion, but still willing to go along. "Umm, okay." He said quietly, more nervous about breaking the contact and starting to think again than anything the statement or agreement could imply.

"It's just what people do. Making out in the kitchen tends to lead to unnecessary teasing." He said gently. "Just changing where, not stopping." He said reassuringly. "Either of our rooms would be good."

Kurt nodded, slightly more sure of that logic at least, and grinned a bit before they vanished to Roberto's room. "Better?" He asked a bit impishly.

"Just what I had in mind." Roberto grinned broadly. "Including how to get here." He added before claiming another gentle kiss that was relaxed into. Despite being able to feel the arousal in Kurt's body, the blue youth wasn't making any action on it.

"Good," he grinned a bit. "Now what?"

"More making out, maybe some cuddling?" Roberto suggested, not really being sure since he'd never gone any further even with the few girls he'd dated.

"If you want to." He smiled shyly, dropping his eyes even as his heart began to pound for real, this time from a mixture of euphoria and half realized fear.

"If we both want to." Roberto said gently. "I know I want to." He smiled, and brushed his hand along Kurt's cheek, drawing those yellow eyes up for a brief glance. "No one I want to be with more."

Kurt nodded, blushing lightly under dark fur and darker skin. Even not understanding the why, he liked the effect. He liked being touched a lot. It woke a hunger in him he'd never really noticed before, one that scared him in the moments he wasn't in heaven.

"Good." Roberto smiled, as he drew Kurt into another kiss, while slowly moving them back toward his bed. "We could always cuddle and make out at the same time." He grinned playfully.

"That works," Kurt grinned mischievously and teleported them to the bed, ending up on top of Roberto, and grinned down at the teen he straddled.

"Very cute, Elf." He chuckled and pulled Kurt into another kiss while his hands caressed the lean muscular back.

Kurt shivered slightly, turned on and reveling in the contact even as he stretched out to slide to one side and pressed his face against Roberto's neck. As good as it felt, the abrupt reminder he was with another guy was unsettling.

Roberto shuddered slightly in pleasure at the feeling of Kurt's fur against the skin of his neck. He was more turned on then he'd been in a long time, and though part of him was rebelling against the idea of being turned on by a guy, it was overwhelmed by the part that thrilled to having Kurt in his arms.

The Sun's Night 2: Risk and Reward

PG-13 for M/M
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Written May 29, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Todd McCall

Setting: X-Men: Evolution

Primary Races: Human, Mutant

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Roberto 'Sunspot' DaCosta/Kurt 'Nightcrawler' Wagner

Blurb: Roberto gets sidelined by Kitty, and the boys act and react without thinking too much.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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