The Sun's Night 5:
Hard Questions

by Fur and Fantasy
R for M/M
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Roberto was wide awake when Kurt popped into the room that night. He'd been thinking a lot about what was going on between them. Mostly he'd decided that he wasn't going to figure out what was going on without a more direct approach. He figured the worst that happened was that Kurt stopped coming by at night, and considering just how confusing that was currently, it was something he could live with.

"Kurt?" Roberto said quietly, once his fuzzy blue teammate had gotten settled under the covers and snuggled against him. "What do want from this? From what's going on between us?" He asked as gently as he could, but even under the best of circumstances it was an awkward question.

The pause was long and uncertain before Kurt finally answered, his voice not all that confident. "Warmth."

"I mean long-term, not just tonight." Roberto said gently. "Do you want a relationship?" He asked quietly, more than a little afraid of the answer.

Kurt was even more quiet, the tension in his body telegraphing his unease and uncertainty. "Maybe." He finally settled on. "I don't know."

"Not really sure about relationships?" Roberto asked gently, realizing that on at least one level, he wasn't sure either.

"I never saw a point." He murmured quietly, his eyes closed as he rested against Roberto's chest and side. "Not like I am."

"There's nothing wrong with the way you are." Roberto said sincerely. "Nothing at all. Just because some people don't appreciate you, doesn't mean there's something wrong with you. Doesn't mean that at all." He said, speaking from his heart.

"It's nothing to pass on." He whispered. "I could never ... inflict ... this on a child. It wouldn't be right." He sighed softly. "That's what it's for, the children." He tried to explain something he'd never bothered to really analyze, only felt in his soul.

"Relationships are as much for the people in them, as for children." He said quietly. "There are many loving, devoted couples who don't have children, for many reasons." He added gently. "Not wanting children, for whatever reason, is no reason to deny yourself the opportunity to love and be loved."

Kurt had no reply to that. It didn't seem right, for all he knew it was true for many, but neither could he come up with anything to refute the statement that he hadn't already said.

"Guess what I'm trying to say, is that you deserve to be loved, and you shouldn't keep everyone at arms length, emotionally speaking." He finished quietly, running out things to say. He really wasn't trying to lecture, but he felt what he was saying very strongly.

"Perhaps." Was as much as Kurt could bring himself to consent to this alien concept. He couldn't help but wonder if they were talking about completely different things. Either that, or they were raised so differently it was hard to wrap his mind around it.

Roberto sighed, and closed his eyes attempting to sleep. He wasn't sure what else to say, he wasn't sure how to explain something that seemed obvious to him, yet totally foreign to Kurt. Maybe sleep would give him some ideas.

He woke to the confusion of pleasure and an affectionate touch playing across his chest even as a thick-fingered hand cupped the full morning hard-on concealed by his boxers.

"Kurt?" Roberto said uncertainly, as the morning fog lifted from his brain slowly. It wasn't that he didn't like what was happening, he did, but he was having a hard time believing it was happening.

"Mmm?" The other teen's voice came back, highly distracted as fingers and tail continued their exploration.

"Just making sure I'm awake." Roberto said quietly, as his hand reached out to brush Kurt's cheek gently and felt him shiver lightly and lean into the contact. Encouraged, he ran his other hand down Kurt's back caressing the lean athletic body through his uniform.

He could feel Kurt respond, arching slightly and pressing against his side. It was easy to feel Kurt's arousal against his leg as the other teen's tail and hand continued to touch. He shuddered slightly pressing into Kurt's touch, as his hand slid around to the front of Kurt's uniform to cup his friend's crotch with a gentle touch.

It drew a low sound of pleasure as Kurt arched fully into the contact, his eyes closed and mouth open slightly as he shivered in the new sensations.

Roberto leaned close, and claimed a brief, gentle kiss as his hands continued caressing Kurt. "Probably would feel better, without the uniform." He suggested gently, as their lips parted.

After a moment's hesitation, he nodded and draw a bit away to squirm out, though he used the blankets to cover himself as he moved closer, much more hesitant about the contact now. Much more nervous.

"It'll be okay, Kurt." Roberto said gently, as he reached under the cover to gently touch Kurt's chest. "You don't need to hide from me." He added quietly.

"It's not hiding," he said through a sharp breath at the touch and hesitantly reached out to mimic the touch.

"Okay." Roberto agreed easily, as he leaned into the touch with a pleasured shudder, as he moved his hand to caress the furry blue chest gently. "I forget people are used to wearing more in this climate." He grinned sheepishly and was on the receiving end of a slightly confused look, though Kurt was clearly more interested in being touched.

"Not important." He chuckled, and slowly moved his hand from Kurt's chest down to his abs caressing as he went. It was quite enough to break whatever concentration Kurt had and his body stilled to soak in the touch wherever it took him. The low sounds and quickening breath left little doubt that he was enjoying it.

Deciding he'd show Kurt how good it could feel to let someone else touch him, Roberto slowly worked his hand down until his hand was gently fondling Kurt's cock and balls. At the same time he claimed a loving kiss, mostly because it instinctively seemed the right thing to do.

Kurt's cries, sounds of surprise and pleasure and want, mirrored his body's responses, the hard flesh and soft skin pulsing and twitching in Roberto's hand. It was all Kurt could do to stay where he was, his face pressed against Roberto's shoulder as the intensity of it threatening to shake his desire to stay in place and enjoy it. Roberto brought his other arm around Kurt to hold him close as he continued pleasuring his friend with gentle caresses. He was hoping the pleasure would keep any of Kurt's reflexive teleporting from happening.

It was only a few moments before Kurt stiffened, his cries taking on a sharp, nearly desperate edge. His tail lashed wildly behind him under the blankets with the first pulse of sticky white liquid that splashed between them.

Roberto slowed the pace of his stroking, stopping when Kurt stopped coming. He removed his hand, and then kissed Kurt gently as his friend remembered how to breathe.

"Wow," he finally managed to whisper, trembling slightly as he pressed close.

"Glad you liked that." Roberto smiled gently, as he held Kurt close as the teen cool off enough to think again.

"It always like that?"

"It always feels good, yeah." Roberto smiled. "I'd guess it probably gets a little less intense with time."

"Oh," Kurt whispered, breathing deeply and reached more hesitantly to run his fingers along the full erection still behind cloth and tried to ignore the cooling mess he'd created himself.

"Yeah, like that." Roberto murmured encouragingly, as his cock hardened under the boxers. As the fabric tented, the tip of his cock peeked out. It took Kurt a bit to work up to pushing the fabric down and wrap his hand around the full shaft, stroking as he did on himself when he was alone.

"Oh, yeah." Roberto moaned in pleasure, as his cock began to pulse and his arousal built to the point of no return. It didn't take long before he bucked his hips, and sprayed his seed between them. As he slowly came down, he pulled Kurt close and claimed another kiss. "Damn that was good." He murmured softly as their seed mingled between them. "Definitely better than solo."

"Yeah, it was." He smiled shyly.

"Always wondered what it would be like with someone else." Roberto admitted with a shy smile.

Kurt glanced up, uncertainty and surprise on his sharp features. "I tried not to think about it too much."

"Didn't think you find someone to try with?" He asked gently.

"The way I look?" He asked in a mixture of surprise and incredulousness. "What girl would want anything to do with me? No even Kitty goes that far."

"Oh, I wouldn't put it past Kitty." Roberto chuckled remembering what Kitty had started describing to him. "And I guess you're right, people willing to see the whole person are rare. Not that there's anything wrong with the way you look, at least in my opinion."

"She ... you wouldn't?"

"No, I wouldn't." He chuckled. "I probably shouldn't be advertising the competition, but I got the impression she thinks about you as much as I do."

Kurt could only stare at him, somewhere between shocked and trying to convince himself it wasn't a particularly mean joke.

"She's been trying to get us together." He stammered.

"Yes, she has." He smiled. "Her and Rahne, and a bunch others. I'm not sure I understand the logic exactly, but I'm not complaining. Of course, she still has her eye on Avalanche periodically. I do not claim to understand the female mind all that well." He grinned. "And I was not joking, I wouldn't tease you about something like this ... it would be too mean."

"Kein Witz," he shook his head. "But she's a good friend."

"That's probably why she's trying to get us together." He smiled. "Sometimes friends become more than that." He added quietly.

Kurt could only nod, not having an experience to back it up or refute it.

"Well, maybe now they'll stop offering to give us pointers." Roberto shook his head.

"I doubt it, somehow." He chuckled weakly and started to squirm out. "We made quite a mess of ourselves."

"I think that's normal." Roberto chuckled. "Guess a shower would be a good idea. However, it's a pretty good way to start the day." He grinned playfully.

Kurt ducked his head, blushing under his blue fur. "No, it's not, really." He managed as his tail snagged his uniform and he turned towards the bathroom attached to Roberto's room. "I ... ummm ... should I go to my own room?" He asked uncertainly, torn inside as to which he wanted.

"You don't have to." Roberto smiled. "It's really up to you. You're welcome to stay."

It made him choose on his own, a choice his nerves got the better of him on. "I'll see you at breakfast." He murmured softly. "Maybe another time."

"Maybe." Roberto smiled encouragingly. "See you at breakfast, then."

Kurt nodded and teleported out with a puff of smoke.

The Sun's Night 5: Hard Questions

R for M/M
Het Level is None
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Very Low
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Written May 31, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Todd McCall

Setting: X-Men: Evolution

Primary Races: Human, Mutant

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Roberto 'Sunspot' DaCosta/Kurt 'Nightcrawler' Wagner

Notes: A big thank you to Corvus for the help on Kurt's German.

Blurb: Unpleasant questions lead to even more unpleasant answers, but the morning is a new day.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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