The Sun's Night 8:
Double Date

by Fur and Fantasy
PG-13 for M/M
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A gray sedan pulled up in front of the mansion and a young man in his late teens got out. He was dressed in slacks and a button shirt which was tailored to accent his athletically toned body. His face and especially his eyes born a distinct resemblance to Roberto DaCosta. He gave the grounds and mansion an appraising look before approaching the front door to be greeted by one of the most intimidating figures he'd seen in a long time.

"What brings you here?" Logan demanded, internally on the defensive at the arrival of an obvious relative.

"I'm here to see my brother, Roberto DaCosta." Miguel said precisely, working on remaining cool despite the very natural intimidation factor the man in front of him possessed. After a moment he realized that this must be Logan, that fantasy material teacher his brother had written of.

"What about?" He closed the distance a little more.

"Just family things." Miguel said, beginning to sweat a little. "I had to be in the area, and decided to take advantage of the fact."

"He didn't mention you'd be coming by." Logan pointed out gruffly, taking the youth's measure and scent.

"Mail can be unreliable, perhaps that letter has not arrived yet." Miguel suggested, not sure what to make of being pulled between attraction and fear. "Or perhaps he forgot to mention it. He has been somewhat distracted of late."

"Logan, do stop scaring the young man," a powerful woman's voice interrupted them as it's elegantly exotic dark skinned owner walked down the steps like she was gliding on air. "I'm sure he's not here to cause trouble. You must be Miguel." She smiled at him as Logan snorted.

"Yes, ma'am." Miguel said politely. "From my brother's letters, you must be Ororo." He added, going with personal name instead of the more colorful identifier, Storm, though he honestly wasn't sure which was used in conversation around here.

She smiled politely at that. "Your bother is at school right now. If you can stay, he should be back in a few hours."

"Ah yes, the regular high school." Miguel said feeling somewhat foolish. "I forgot that he had that in addition to the Institute. Yes, I can wait. I'm not due anywhere till much later." He smiled. "Robby's description of the grounds due not do them justice." He commented to make polite though entirely sincere conversation.

"You are welcome to explore them while you wait." Ororo offered with a gesture towards the finely crafted formal gardens. "It is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon."

"It can be indeed. Thank you." He nodded with a polite and thankful smile as Logan turned to go back into the mansion, soon followed by Ororo.

Miguel's musings in the formal garden were interrupted by the sound of a number of approaching vehicles. From the descriptions that his brother had given him, it must be the hodgepodge caravan of student's private vehicles that took the students to and from school. As he walked toward the drive, he picked out the sound of a sports car in the pack, which confirmed, in his mind, his conclusion. A brisk walk brought him to the front steps before the caravan came to a stop.

"'Yo, Robbie." He shouted as he spotted his younger brother next to the cute boy who had to be Kurt.

Roberto jumped involuntarily and turned to look in the direction of the voice. "Well I'll be dipped." He chuckled. "Hey Mikey, what you doing on this coast?" He shouted back as he closed the distance at quick walk.

"Oh, happened to be in the area and thought I'd drop by to see my favorite brother and his new boyfriend." He chuckled and watched Kurt duck his head and blush, stepping back a bit to put Roberto firmly between them.

"I thought you were going to let me know first." Roberto shook his head.

"I did write you, but the conference was kind of on short notice. The letter will probably arrive tomorrow." He grinned.

"Probably." He nodded and then stepped to one side a bi, and swept one arm behind Kurt. "Mikey, this shy fellow is Kurt Wagner, my boyfriend. Kurt, the loudmouth there is Miguel DaCosta, my brother."

"Pleased to meet you, Kurt." Miguel said with a warm smile for the smaller teen. "I've heard really good things about you."

"Umm, thanks." He put on his best smile despite a serious case of nerves. The fact that everyone was watching was not helping any.

"Guess I ought to introduce everyone else." Roberto chuckled. "That's Jean, Scott, Kitty, Evan, Rogue, Rahne, Bobby, Jubilee, Ray, Sam and Amara. Everyone this is my brother, Miguel."

"Good to meet you, Miguel." Jean smiled looking over the rather handsome older teen.

"Yeah." "Hi." "Ditto." and various greetings from the strange ensemble of teens followed her lead.

"Pleased to meet all of you." Miguel grinned, and then turned to his brother. "You got time to talk, Robbie?"

"Bro, you came all the way cross the continent, I think I can make time." He chuckled, wondering at his brother's sudden seriousness. "*Professor, I think I might be late for my training session this afternoon. My brother needs to talk, and I think it's serious.*"

"*I understand.*" The Professor's calm mind came back.

"*Thank you.*" Roberto replied and then turned to Kurt. "I'll see you later, Kurt." He smiled, and kissed his boyfriend on the cheek.

"Okay," Kurt flashed Miguel an uneasy look before walking away, going the general mingle of students heading inside.

"So what's up, Mikey?" Roberto asked as he closed the door to his room. More than ever he was convinced that something was bothering his older brother. He shifted easily to his native Portuguese, just in case there was any eavesdropping going on.

"Hey, you said you wanted me to visit sometime." The older DaCosta teen chuckled, easily following into their native language.

"Well, yeah. A little warning would've been nice though." He grinned back.

"Would've ruined the surprised look on your face." Miguel smirked. "But seriously, how are things going with you and Kurt?"

"Damn if I know." Roberto said quietly. "I'm not sure I'd call it a relationship. Sure we share the same bed, but emotionally I don't think there's anything there as far as he's concerned."

"Nothing?" Miguel asked, a bit concerned.

"Let's just say, I think my big competition was a electric blanket." Roberto grumbled. "Since apparently warmth was the big criteria for why he sleeps with me."

"Rob, that is so not a good basis for a relationship." Miguel said worriedly. "Why keep playing at it?"

"'Cause I'm hoping maybe, just maybe he'll learn that relationships don't have to be male-female. And I want to believe that maybe, just maybe if I love him enough, he'll learn to love me back." Roberto admitted reluctantly.

"Robbie, getting into a relationship hoping the other person will change is one of the big mistakes people make." Miguel cautioned quietly.

"I know. Mom's said that any number of times about her relationship with Dad." Roberto mumbled. "This is different. Kurt doesn't have a clue about how relationships work, just what he's been told. He didn't even realize it was possible to have a relationship unless kids were involved."

"Still, be careful Rob." Miguel said softly. "You're setting yourself up for heartbreak."

"I know. But some things are worth the risk." He said softly, trying to convince himself that he was as confident as he sounded.

"Bro, looks like it's a good thing I brought this." He smiled and handed Roberto a slim cellphone. "Just in case you ever need to talk and don't want to use the Institute's lines."

"Thanks, Bro." Roberto said, and pocketed the small phone. "Bro, if things go badly..." He hesitated in mid-sentence not wanting to think about that, it hurt even to think about.

"Bro, if you need to get out of here, I've got a spare room in my apartment. You're always welcome." He said quietly.

"Thanks, Mike." Roberto said quietly. "I can go to school there, as well as I can here."

"Hey, no problem. That's what family is for." He said softly.

"Okay, Mikey. There's something bothering you, and it's not my relationship with Kurt."

"Actually, relationships is kind of the point. I was hoping you and Kurt could come by my hotel room tomorrow for dinner. I want you to meet my boyfriend Chris."

"They let you bring a boyfriend along on a school paid trip?"

"No, Robbie." Miguel smirked. "I met him at the conference. He goes to Berkeley."

"That was quick. You've known him all of forty-eight hours?"

"Sometimes you know when you first see someone, that it's meant to be."

"Maybe." Roberto said quietly, thinking that's what he'd felt when he saw Kurt.

"Well, it helps if they feel the same thing." Miguel said quietly.

"Probably helps if they feel anything."

"Whoa, watch the bitterness, Bro." Miguel cautioned quietly.

"Sorry, I just can't talk honestly about it with anyone here." Roberto said quietly.

"That's the drawback to closely knit places like this." Miguel nodded. "When you've gotten a problem with someone who's also part of it, it leaves you no one to talk to."

"Basically." Roberto nodded, and then caught a brief spark of pain flash across his brother's face. "Okay, just what's really going on, Bro?" He demanded worriedly.

"Guess I couldn't hide it forever." Miguel sighed. "Doctors still haven't pinned down what exactly the cause is, but I've been having pain spikes that seem to be unrelated to anything I'm experiencing. It's like the pain nerve just engages. I've got an appointment with another specialist on Monday."

"Does Mom know?" Roberto asked quietly.

"She's been so busy with the dig and preparations for the opening, I don't want to distract her." Miguel said quietly. "Please, don't tell anyone, Roberto."

"Okay, I won't. But I think you should." He said softly. "Mom would want to know. So there isn't anything that causes the pain?"

"Well, loud noises seem to cause spikes, but it isn't really the sound causing the pain. Crowds for extended periods are almost as bad." He admitted.

"But it's not the noise that actually hurts?"

"No, it's not a headache or anything."

"And they can't pin down a cause?" Roberto asked, as he began to have his own suspicions about what was happening. Unfortunately, he'd promised Miguel he wouldn't tell anybody.

"No, the doctors are as confused as I am." Miguel nodded and then flashed a more reassuring smile. "I'm sure they'll figure it out soon enough. So what's it like, going to high school in the US? And I want details, not just the little bits you put in your letters."

"Okay Bro, you asked for it." Roberto smiled, as the two brothers fell to talking like they always had when they lived at home. Of the five DaCosta siblings, Roberto and Miguel were closest to each other and never all that close to the other three.

Roberto's attention was drawn away from talking with Miguel by a knock on his bedroom door almost three hours after dinner. He got up and answered the door opening it to find Kurt, wearing his hologram, standing there with a hesitant smile.

"Hi, Kurt." Roberto smiled and opened the door all the way, just as Miguel stood.

"Hello again, Kurt." Miguel smiled as he looked at his watch, and then at his brother sheepishly. "I am so going to here about this from Chris. I was supposed to meet him an hour ago."

"Like we ever pay attention to the time when we talk." Roberto chuckled, and then hugged his brother. "See you tomorrow then, Mikey."

"Sure thing, Robbie." He smiled and left, stopping as he passed Kurt. "Pleasure meeting you, Kurt." He said easily. "Don't worry, Robbie, I can let myself out."

Kurt smiled a little uncertainly and nodded as the older teen left.

"What did he want?" His attention was instantly on Roberto once the door shut.

"A couple of things." He said easily. "First of which was that he wanted to invite us to join him and Chris for dinner tomorrow, if you're interested."

"Okay." Kurt looked less than thrilled, even though he was willing.

"It's a good thing, Kurt." Roberto smiled. "He likes you and wants to get to know you better. And he wants me to meet Chris, who he's hoping I'll like. It just wouldn't have worked bringing Chris here though."

"So who's Chris?" He sat on the bed and tried to relax.

"His boyfriend." Roberto said easily. "Fairly new. They met at the conference and just decided it was meant to be."

Kurt nodded again. He was really starting to get used to hearing things like that that just made no sense to him. It wasn't even confusing anymore.

"Well, he wanted me to meet Chris while they were both in the area. And he would like to get to know you a little better, probably because I talk about you all the time." Roberto smiled warmly.

"How formal a dinner?" Kurt reached down to turn the hologram off.

"Completely casual." Roberto smiled. "Just the four of us in their hotel suite, probably order something in. Just kicking back, relaxing and getting comfortable around each other." He explained. "We generally don't go formal unless mother is going to be joining us, and she's busy preparing her collection for the opening."

Kurt sighed slightly and nodded. "I'll dress for it then."

"It'll be fun." Roberto said with a reassuring smile as he gave Kurt a hug.

"Once I get over the itchiness." He nodded and relaxed back on the bed. "Real clothes are seriously annoying."

"Oh right, I forgot. Though you could probably just go with your hologram over your uniform the way you do at school." Roberto suggested.

"And if they touch an arm it's fur instead of cloth, or the wrong cloth," he shook his head. "Major bad new then."

"Guess so." He nodded. "I'm not sure how Chris would react."

"It's usually best just not to find out." Kurt said simply. "I don't wear this thing because I like it, you know." He tapped his watch.

"I know Kurt." Roberto said understandingly. "People can be very close minded, guess I just figure anybody my brother would go for, would be cool enough to handle it." He smiled apologetically.

"Maybe he would, and maybe he'd freak." Kurt could only shake his head. "I don't see much good coming of finding out."

"No, not worth the risk." Roberto agreed. "And I'd rather not freak my brother's boyfriend out, unless there's a really good reason."

"So when's dinner?" He asked and leaned back on the bed to relax.

"They're flexible about it, so it's up to us." He said, leaning back alongside Kurt. "I couldn't remember what we were scheduled for tomorrow, aside from not having any all day activities like survival camping."

"Well I had endurance training today, so I've got it kinda light." Kurt stretched out, working sore muscles.

"Well, how's six sound?"

"Works for me." He nodded and closed his eyes, letting himself drift in the sensations of his body and the world around him when all was darkness.

"That wasn't the only thing he came to see me about." Roberto sighed quietly as he put his arms around Kurt. He felt the tension he expected there despite the exertions of the day. "Just to relieve any worry, he didn't come here to pull me out." Roberto added reassuringly.

"Then what?"

"Honestly, I'm not sure." Roberto said a little worriedly. "Something was bothering him, but he never actually said what. What I did pick up on, is that whatever the problem is, he hasn't told mom either." He sighed. "It's like he just needed to talk. I think he doesn't want to tell me, 'cause he figures I've got enough to worry about with everything that's happened."

"Strange," Kurt could only shake his head. "To come to talk and then not."

"It happens." Roberto sighed. "But he's doing the big brother thing, trying to look out for me. And I'm sure the encounter with Logan didn't help."

"He met up with the over-protective terror, hu?" Kurt couldn't help the snicker and fond thought for their most territorial and aggressive teacher despite that the response had been misplaced.

"Yeah." Roberto chuckled. "Fortunately, Storm rescued him before Logan got too over-protective. However, Logan would've reminded him of Dad's lectures on how men 'deal with their own problems' and 'don't let others see them weak.'" He shook his head. "Dad can be so anachronistic at times."

"He can't be two happy with two sons choosing another guy." He said softly.

"As far as I know he doesn't know." Roberto shrugged. "We don't talk to him much. We haven't gotten along well with him in years."

"Oh," he murmured quietly and tried to relax in the bed. He could feel his body starting to seriously object to not going to sleep already as his eyes slipped closed against his will.

"Yeah, sleep sounds like a good idea." Roberto said quietly, as held Kurt close. His eyes began to slowly drift closed, as he pushed worries to the back of his mind for a few hours at least.

"Ready to go, Kurt?" Roberto asked, as he knocked on Kurt's door. He knew how uncomfortable real clothes were for his friend and figured they might take a little extra time.

"As I'll ever be." The lean mutant sighed, squirming slightly.

"It'll be okay, Kurt." Roberto smiled encouragingly. "If it helps any, I think my brother's as nervous about this as you are." He smiled playfully.

It earned the teen a curious look. "Why?"

"I'm the first family member he's introducing Chris to." Roberto smiled. "And he's worried he'll accidentally scare you away from seeing me."

"That's not likely," Kurt chuckled softly, for all he was a bundle of nerves. "It takes a lot more than that to scare an X-Man away."

"I know that." Roberto chuckled. "But I couldn't exactly tell him about that."

Kurt smiled slightly and nodded, taking a step towards the door. "No, not really."

"You don't know how hard it's been, not talking to him about that." Roberto sighed, as they headed out. "We've always talked about the big things in our lives."

"I guess it must be hard." Kurt nodded. "You could always ask the Professor for permission to talk to him about it. Since he knows we're all mutants here, I doubt including the extra details would be much of an issue."

"I should've thought of that." He grinned sheepishly. "I should do that at some point. Cab should be out front by now." He smiled. "I am so looking forward to getting my driver's license."

Kurt just nodded and followed him out. Privately he found it amusing he got to fly the Blackbird but couldn't legally drive a car.

The cab ride was largely silent and dropped them at the Holiday Inn downtown, and then Roberto led the way to his brother's room. He knocked on the door.

"Hi, Robbie. Hi, Kurt." Miguel said when he opened the door. "Glad you could make it." He added, as he stepped aside to let them in. He was wearing jeans and polo shirt.

"Heya Mikey." Roberto grinned and led Kurt in. "I wasn't going to pass up a chance to meet your new boyfriend."

"Hi, Miguel." Kurt smiled at him a bit shyly.

"Come on, I want you to meet to Chris." He said, leading the two into the living room. Waiting in the living room was a very handsome black teen with startling blue eyes. He was wearing jeans and a loose purple silk shirt. "Robbie, Kurt, this is Chris D'jabou, my boyfriend. Chris, this is my brother Roberto, and his boyfriend Kurt Wagner."

"A pleasure to meet both of you." He said extending a hand to Roberto, who shook it easily, and then offered his hand to Kurt.

Careful to keep his fingers together so they'd feel as much like a normal hand as possible he quickly and lightly shook the offered hand. It was just too rude not to. His attention never quiet left those bright blue eyes that looked so out of place in the dark face. So much like Storm's ....

Kurt abruptly blinked that thought away. Still, he couldn't deny the similarities.

"So, do you guys have a preference for dinner? Chinese and pizza seem to be what's good for delivery around here." Miguel asked easily, as he sat on the couch near the phone gesturing for everyone to be seated.

"Either is acceptable." Chris said as he sat down next to Miguel, leaning against him comfortably.

"Pizza is usually more my speed." Roberto chuckled, as sat down on the other couch.

"My vote goes for pizza." Kurt smiled shyly and settled next to Roberto.

"Sounds like pizza then." Miguel grinned. "Any preference for toppings?"

"As long as it isn't fish, I'm good." Roberto grinned.

"It's all good to me," Kurt grinned over.

"So, pizza with everything but fish." Miguel chuckled. "So, will two large pizzas be enough, or should we go for three?"

"You can't have too much pizza." Roberto grinned. "Just remember to get a few two-liters of soda to go with it." He added and Kurt grinned at it, his attention still largely focused on Chris' unusual eyes.

"Right." Miguel grinned back, and picked up the phone. "Yes. I'd like three large pizzas with everything, and two two liters of Pepsi and two two liters of 7-Up. Delivery is to Room 615 at the Holiday Inn. Phone number 698-1223. Thanks." He said and hung up. "It'll be forty-five minutes."

"Fortunately, we have chips and soda here already." Chris smiled, as he stood with a very fluid grace. "I'll get them from the mini-kitchen." He said, as he headed into the small room off the living room.

"Excellent." Roberto grinned. "So what was the conference about?"

"Oh, Physics conference with some of the top physicists from around the world. Real cutting edge stuff."

"That's cool." Roberto grinned. "Assuming you like higher maths."

"Hey, I'm a physics major. I gotta love math." Miguel grinned back.

"Not for me," Kurt grinned a little sheepishly. "I get enough headaches already with the stuff."

"Same here." Roberto smiled. "So is Chris another Physics major?"

"Yep, pretty much everyone who doesn't have a degree at the conference is."

"So, where does he go to school?"

"Berkeley. And he's even willing to date someone from UCLA." Miguel chuckled.

"More common than you think, Miguel." Chris said as he walked in with two bags of chips and a six pack of soda. "The average guy at UCLA is cuter than the average guy at Berkeley."

"I'd imagine you skew that average pretty badly." Miguel grinned playfully.

"So you've said." Chris smiled warmly.

Kurt simply watched the exchange in his nearly natural shy background 'I'm not here' demeanor, fascinated by how much they acted like Jean and Scott and utterly stuck on those blue eyes in the dark face.

"Isn't it gonna be difficult dating, when you're a few hundred miles apart?" Roberto asked curiously.

"In a word, yes." Chris nodded. "But we figure we can spend weekends together. At least until I earn my pilots' license. Then we'll have more options."

"Yeah, we don't have the option of sharing a room every night." Miguel chuckled, throwing a teasing wink at Roberto.

"That's something of an assumption, Bro." Roberto grinned back.

"I doubt it." Miguel grinned. "Same building, and you've never mentioned a curfew or lights out. I know if I had a boyfriend under those conditions, that's what I'd do."

Roberto didn't respond, trying to stick to his belief that it wasn't appropriate to talk about what went on in the bedroom.

"Let it go, Mike." Chris said, very calmly. "Clearly your brother prefers to leave some things unsaid."

"Yeah, guess I'm getting a little too big-brotherish." Miguel grinned sheepishly. "Didn't mean to pry, Robbie."

"Hey, 'sokay, Bro." Roberto smiled. "It's not like you're the first person to want to know what's up between me and the cutest guy at the Institute." He added, with warm smile at a decidedly embarrassed Kurt.

"I bet, especially the teenage girls." Miguel chuckled. "I bet you've got them so jealous."

"It's hard to tell." Roberto chuckled.

"That must be the pizza." Miguel smiled as the doorbell rang. "I'll be right back."

"I believe he'll need a helping hand." Chris smiled and followed him.

"So what's got you so interested in Chris?" Roberto asked in a quiet whisper once the other two were out of the room. "You can't seem to keep your eyes off his face."

"Those eyes." Kurt shook his head. "He looks so much like Storm."

"Yeah, I kind of thought there was a similarity." Roberto nodded. "Same kind of exotic looks too."

"Yeah." Kurt said softly, utterly freaked out on a very core level that didn't show on the surface. Not just of the similarities and exoticness, but how his mind responded to it. Thoughts of having Chris on top of him. Thoughts of sex in ways he'd never wanted before, not even as he and Roberto pleasured each other.

Thoughts he was unprepared for in the extreme.

Roberto started to say something, but stopped when caught Miguel out of the corner of his eye. It was a distraction he was grateful for, because he was beginning to have very erotic thoughts about his brother's boyfriend. Thoughts that looked a lot like some of the pictures of gay sex that he'd found on the Internet. Thoughts he really didn't need directed at someone else he couldn't have.

"Pizza's here." Miguel bellowed as he walked in the room.

"I do believe the smell would've told them that." Chris chuckled as he set the soda down on the table.

"Oh, yeah. Dinner." Kurt grinned and seemed to come alive as the slices and soda was passed around. "I'm starving."

"Yeah, we're about two hours after dinner for us." Roberto grinned as he started in on a slice.

"A good thing we got three then." Chris smiled warmly and ate with a noticeable amount of grace and refinement. Though it seemed out of place with the pizza and soda, it seemed perfectly in place with his exotic looks and manners.

"Just reasonable precaution." Miguel grinned.

The Sun's Night 8: Double Date

PG-13 for M/M
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Written June 12, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Todd McCall

Setting: X-Men: Evolution

Primary Races: Human, Mutant

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Roberto 'Sunspot' DaCosta/Kurt 'Nightcrawler' Wagner

Blurb: Roberto's brother comes for a visit, and while his brother welcomes him, it's very clear to him that the arrival of family is a bad thing on the average.

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