The Sun's Night 9:
Reflecting on Bright Blue Eyes

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M
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"Storm?" Kurt called out to the white haired goddess when he found her in the library after he and Roberto had gotten back to the mansion late in the night. "Do you have a moment?"

"Of course, Kurt." She said, setting down the book she'd been reading. "What can I do for you?"

"Do you know if you have a relative named Chris D'jabou? He's in collage right now and came for the Physics conference."

That caused the goddess to pause for a moment before she nodded. "Yes, I do. My younger sister's son, he's attending school in California." She said simply. "I didn't know he was in the area."

"He is," Kurt nodded and relaxed a bit. "He's dating Roberto's brother." He added with a soft, unsure chuckle. "He's got your looks, in a big way."

"My sister often thought so." Storm smiled. "I have not seen him in several years however. I can see why he'd be attracted to Miguel."

Kurt nodded, not getting it and not at all worried about it at this point. "He looked like he might be one of us," he said with a bit of a shrug. "I thought I should bring it up while he was still in the area."

"What makes you think he's one of us, Kurt?" Storm asked curiously.

"Looks that unusual ...." he shrugged slightly, not sure what to say now. "He looks so much like you it's striking." He worked to explain something that was as much a gut reaction he hadn't thought threw as anything. "It's enough to me to be worth looking into a little more. Maybe have Cerebro check him out."

"I'll mention it to the Professor." She said calmly. "Since mutancy is genetic, it may run in families."

Kurt nodded and flinched internally. He'd known that for years. "I just wanted to make sure you knew." He said softly and stifled a yawn. "See you in the morning." He smiled and paused to let her stop him if she wanted to before leaving to find his way to Roberto's room and rest in the warmth of welcoming arms.

Kurt groaned. He wasn't going to get any rest tonight. He knew it. Between visions of blue eyes -- Storm blue eyes and Kitty blue eyes and Chris blue eyes -- doing things to him he could barely image and Roberto's own restlessness, it was an utterly lost cause.

"Can't sleep either?" Roberto asked very softly in the darkness of the early morning.

"Nope." Kurt sighed and sat up to stare out the window.

"So what's got you all sleepless?" Roberto asked quietly.

"Blue eyes." He answered honestly and very quietly. He knew he shouldn't be having those thoughts, but he couldn't help them either.

"Chris?" He asked curiously, wondering if Kurt was bothered by the same thoughts he was having.

"Yeah," he nodded. "They're the same color as Kitty's too." He added with a soft, frustrated sigh.

"Oh, I hadn't noticed." He said quietly. "I think they're a bit deeper blue though, but it's close." He said softly. "Did he get you thinking more about sex than you expected?" He asked softly, his tone indicating that that was certainly his problem.

"Yeah," he nodded, glancing back at the other teen.

"Same here." Roberto admitted. "I wasn't expecting to react like that to my brother's boyfriend." He added quietly.

"You're not supposed to." Kurt murmured, keeping his distance, though he didn't radiate the 'stay away from me' thing he did in public. "It's wrong."

"Kurt, thinking is okay, fantasies are harmless." He said reassuringly. "As long as they stay fantasies." He added quietly. "Trust me, if fantasies equaled reality I'd be in so much trouble." He shook his head and caused Kurt to chuckle softly in return.

"Still doesn't seem right to think that way about someone else's ... partner." He chose the term with some difficulty, not entirely happy with the one he'd settled on.

"Happens to lots of people, Kurt." Robert said softly. "Nothing wrong with thinking, as long as you know that all that's allowed is thinking. Gets kind of frustrating though." He added softly.

Kurt looked at him with an openly confused expression.

"Sometimes just thinking can get you kind of edgy." He explained quietly. "Kind of like tonight."

"Yeah," he nodded and looked back out to the dark sky.

"Usually helps, to work off the edge a bit." Roberto said quietly.

It took a significant chunk of time for Kurt to make out what he was getting at, and when he finally did he glanced over his shoulder in confusion. "So why are you talking and not touching?"

"Cause you were giving signals that usually mean 'don't play'." He said softly.

"Oh," he blinked, then shook his head. "Sorry." He said softly and shifted to lie down next to Roberto to run a two-fingered hand down the soft skin of his chest.

"That's okay, Kurt." Robert said gently, as he traced one finger along the edge of Kurt's ear, causing him to shiver and moan very softly. "We're still figuring this out, so occasionally signals will get crossed."

"Yeah," he whispered, his eyes closing as he gave in to the sensations even that simple touch created throughout his body to the point he all but forgot to move.

Roberto leaned in close, and gently gave Kurt's sensitive ear a tentative but playful lick. He felt as much as heard the small gasp it caused. Hoping it was a good reaction, Roberto repeated the lick, going a little further along the edge of his boyfriend's ear.

This time Kurt moaned softly, his eyes closed as fine tremors ran along his body. Roberto smiled to himself and slowly traced the entire edge of Kurt's ear with his tongue as his lover began to tremble and clutched to him tightly, his arousal an obvious hardness against Roberto's thigh.

Roberto's arousal was tenting his boxers in a similar display. He repeated the last lick as his hand slid down the front of Kurt's uniform to cup the hardness of his arousal with a caressing touch that made Kurt's body stiffen, he was so close to the edge.

He continued his licking and caressing, as he arched his back a little to rub the tent in his boxers against Kurt's abs. He barely had time to complete that maneuver before the blue furred teen cried out sharply and every muscle in his body tightened with the first disorienting burst of his orgasm.

Roberto held Kurt close while his orgasm passed, giving him time to come back down to earth and relax into the languid contentment that followed. His first real indication that Kurt was with him again was when the two-fingered hand worked under the elastic of his boxers to stroke him.

He moaned softly as the sensation pushed him back toward the edge. It didn't take much stroking to push him over, his back arching as he cried out in the overwhelming pleasure of the first spurt that got more on Kurt's clothes than anywhere else.

With a soft, contented and exhausted sigh Kurt smiled a bit and snuggled in, holding Roberto in turn as the teen came down, his hand still on the hard length that brought such pleasure and frustration.

"Oh man, that was good." Roberto murmured as he came down. On impulse he leaned over and kissed Kurt on the cheek.

"Frustration does that." He chuckled back; quite content to stay right where he was and rest, even if he didn't sleep. He could still see and feel bright blue eyes on him.

"Being with you makes it good." Roberto said quietly as he relaxed into a kind of resting mode. He still wasn't expecting sleep, but rest would do. Especially since Kurt seemed inclined to stay put now.

Kurt stared up at the ceiling with unseeing yellow eyes the next night. He wasn't sure what time it was beyond the darkness outside his window that added very little light to the darkness of his room. It suited his mood very well. Between the coldness that came from inside and the fire the thoughts of bright blue eyes did to him he wanted to hurt something.


He may have been under no illusions what he was getting and wanted from Roberto and that is was quite different from what the other teen wanted in the long run, they were both getting some of what they wanted with the current arrangement.

But now ... there had to be something about bright blue eyes that held him. Storm, Kitty and now Chris.

The first thing he'd seen when he'd gotten off the train were Storm's eyes. At first he thought they were white. Pure snow white in a field of chocolate framed by flowing white hair. But now he knew they had a small ring of blue iris around her white pupils.

It made her even more exotic somehow. Even more attractive in his fantasies.

But she was a teacher, and a goddess as well. She would always be just fantasy material and in a way he preferred it that way. It was safe. She was safe, in that she'd never be his and never demand he face the true reality of his condition. The truth that any child he sired would look like him, no matter how beautiful the mother.

Then Kitty had come, not so long after he had. She was pretty, with smooth pale skin and brown hair and bright blue eyes. She'd screamed the first several times he'd gotten anywhere near her, but after she'd calmed down they'd discovered a lot in common.

And that was when his self-control had gotten its first real test. They were nearly the same age, the youngest and outcasts of a sort in this group of outcasts because of it. And she was so pretty and free and fun.

He'd never thought she could possibly be interested in him as anything more than a teammate and friend. He'd never dared before.

But she'd been on the front line of getting him and Roberto together, which put real doubt in her desire for him as more than girl talk.

Still, when he was honest, he would go with her if she ever indicated her desire. It wasn't fair to Roberto, but knowing what he did of what the other teen wanted staying with him wasn't all that fair either. It was just better than being alone and he wasn't really set against it being long term. It wasn't like he could look forward to children anyway, so it hardly mattered that his bedmate was another guy.

Well, it mattered, but not in a way that mattered.

At least that was what he had thought until he'd seen a guy with those striking blue eyes that held him in their thrall and made him desire another guy as intensely as he had any girl.

And that changed everything.

If he could desire a guy like that, it was so unlikely he'd ever feel real desire for Roberto.

Sure it was nice to sleep next to someone and his touch felt incredible, but he couldn't remember feeling anything beyond the loyalty to a teammate. Certainly nothing like Storm, Kitty or Chris could make him feel with just a look.

Maybe it would be better for them both to end it now, before they got too used to things.

But then, maybe this was as good as it ever would be. After all those who could make him tingle all over with just a look didn't want to be with him, while Roberto certainly did.

But love?

That was saying a lot, and it was more than a little frightening to contemplate. He was sure he didn't love Roberto, even more sure he didn't lust for him. But just as sure was that Roberto wanted him and being next to someone was very nice.

Maybe in time he'd feel desire. Maybe it wasn't necessary to whatever Roberto really wanted of him. Maybe this was as good as things he could touch got and the rest was so much sharper because it was only a fantasy.

Just a fantasy of bright blue eyes.

The Sun's Night 9: Reflecting on Bright Blue Eyes

NC-17 for M/M
Het Level is None
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Low
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Written June 12, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Todd McCall

Setting: X-Men: Evolution

Primary Races: Human, Mutant

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Roberto 'Sunspot' DaCosta/Kurt 'Nightcrawler' Wagner

Blurb: Kurt talks to Storm about Chris and after half a sleepless night he and Roberto share their reaction to the sight of blue eyes in a dark face.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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