The Sun's Night 9.99:
Brewing Storm Fronts

by Fur and Fantasy
PG-13 for M/M
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"Not going well?" Kurt's voice from the bed followed the soft bamf of his arrival.

"Just not focusing well." Roberto said, turning his head to smile over his shoulder at Kurt. Just having Kurt nearby made him feel better though as if a bit of the stress lifted.

"Because of this afternoon?" He asked softly and rolled off the bed to come up behind Roberto's chair.

"Yeah, I'm still mad at the coach." Roberto admitted. "Don't think I've ever been so angry."

"He made you give up something you love." He murmured softly and slipped his arms down around Roberto's chest to give him a hug. "You've got every right to be angry."

"Yeah." Roberto agreed as he leaned slightly into the embrace. "But I've got to get control of it. Letting anger control me isn't good." He said softly and relaxed. Kurt's touch did wonders for dispelling some of the tension he'd built up.

"No, it's not." He agreed softly, thinking of Logan.

"Enough studying for now." Roberto said and closed the book. He stood and turned to hug Kurt. "Bed sounds good." He said with a soft smile for his fuzzy, blue boyfriend.

"At least if we want to be at all awake tomorrow." He cracked a grin and returned the hug.

"Awake is usually a good idea." Roberto grinned back. "Math is hard enough when awake."

"Math is a pain in German." Kurt made a face and turned to crawl into bed. "English just makes it evil."

"English seems to make everything harder." Roberto shook his head, and climbed in next to Kurt and put his arms around him.

"'Cause neither of us thinks in English." He chuckled ruefully, then settled. "At least I don't. I still have to translate back and fourth and work most of it out in German or Romani."

"Yeah, I do the same thing to Portuguese a lot of the time." He smiled. "I'm not quite fluent enough in English to think in it on a regular basis."

"I'm not sure I ever will." Kurt murmured softly. "How you think ... it's so much part of who you are." He shrugged a bit. "But then, it's not just translating words for me. The language is different."

"Well, yeah." Roberto nodded. "Very different from most other languages, but then it's got parts of so many other languages in it."

"Some day they'll get around to calling it American instead of English." He chuckled softly and stretched along Roberto's side. "It's not much like what the English speak anymore."

"Not that that English is any easier." He chuckled. "Just different slang and idioms." He added as he kissed Kurt playfully on the cheek.

"Easier, no. But they're barely the same language anymore."

"They both give me a headache." Roberto shrugged, not really all that concerned with whether they were or weren't the same language.

"You said it." He chuckled and relaxed against the warm body. "Why this one had to become one of the most common is the world is a pain."

"Politics." Roberto chuckled. "England was the last of the imperial powers with a wide reach, and the US is its successor after a fashion."

That just earned a few grumbles, perhaps in German, perhaps just sounds of unhappiness. "I think they both like their power too much."

"People with power usually do." Roberto agreed. "It's one of the reasons I don't get along with my father."

"He likes to push others around with it, doesn't he?" Kurt asked softly.

"Especially people related to him." Roberto nodded. "I don't take being pushed well."

"I noticed." Kurt snickered slightly despite the seriousness of it. "I can't imaging it went over well with him either."

"I don't think so." Roberto agreed. "Miguel says that's why Dad and I don't get along, because we're too much alike." He said quietly. "And I guess that's true in some respects." He admitted very reluctantly.

"Stick around here and you won't pick up his bad traits in practice." Kurt said softly, trying to be reassuring.

"Though it's not like I need any more reasons to stick around." Roberto murmured playfully, with a fond smile for Kurt as the teen ducked his head in embarrassment despite the pleasant warmth it created in his chest.

Roberto smiled and hugged Kurt close. Now that he felt more certain about their relationship, he found Kurt's usual reaction to affection more endearing than anything.

There were days that Kurt Wagner regretted leaving the circus in Germany and coming to America to study with Xavier and becoming an X-Man. There were definitely days he regretted accepting Roberto's invitation to share a bed. There were even a few days he woke and regretted that he was still breathing.

A few moments ago, he realized tomorrow would be one of those days in a big way. Right now he was too focused on the twisting dodges and calculated strikes he needed to survive to feel that regret to care.

Of all the things he'd ever thought of to cause a mob to come after him for, being close to Roberto was not one of them. Yet that was what six soccer players were here to beat him to a pulp for while a very frightened girl screamed at them to stop. He doubted it would have made any difference if she'd been yelling more English than German.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, the part that wasn't focused on defending himself and ending this fight before it got fatal for someone, he found this all amusing in a warped way. Two tips to medical for serious injuries in as many months and neither of them from missions.

Two down, bleeding and unconscious but not critical. Three bloodied but still fighting.

It was amazing no one had noticed that his tail was well and truly into the fight, but then the chaos of six on one fight maybe it wasn't.


Roberto's ran the distance from his room to Medical in what might have been a new record for Institute hallway sprinting. All he knew was that Kurt was injured enough that he had gone to Medical on his own, which was almost unheard of for his fuzzy blue teammate. That, and the fact that Kurt would've just been getting home from school, led Roberto to some unpleasant conclusions that were building a rage behind the forefront of worry.

He burst into a scene that turned that building rage into a flashfire behind his eyes. Kurt, now without his image inducer, was still seeping bright red blood onto the table he was laying on. His face was puffy and broken, and the way he lay looked decidedly uncomfortable despite what was no doubt the best efforts of both Hank and Ms. Sanders. Both were still working to help him as his eyes fluttered open and shut.

Roberto no longer had any doubt as to who was responsible, and that certainly enraged him till he saw red. Only the need to be sure Kurt was okay forced his rage to a seething mass in the background as he walked over to Kurt's side, trying not to get in the way. "Kurt, I'm here." He said gently, wanting to touch him but not sure he could without causing more pain.

Dull yellow eyes, heavily drugged and dazed, opened slightly at the words but there wasn't much by way of recognition in them.

"I had to give him some very potent painkillers, Roberto." Ms Sanders said gently as she touched the seething teen's arm. "Even with his eyes open, he won't be aware of much of anything."

"He's going to be okay, isn't he?" Roberto asked, his voice a mixture of unconcealed worry, and barely restrained rage.

"Yes," she promised, her voice soothing and gentle. "We've put worse than this right. He's not in any real danger now."

"Good." He said quietly, clearly relieved more than he trusted his voice to convey. That relief, however, released the rage from where it had been simmering in the background. "He's out of danger, but they're not." He growled darkly, as he turned to leave. From the last time Kurt had been injured, he knew Kurt would be unconscious for at least a day, which would be more than enough time to balance the scales. Nobody hurt someone he loved like this and got away with it. Nobody.

"Roberto." Professor Xavier's calm voice stopped him. "That is not currently an advisable course of action."

"Professor," Roberto protested angrily. "Those monsters tried to kill Kurt." He said, and there was no doubt in his mind, that monsters were exactly what he was dealing with.

"But they did not, and rushing off to injure them similarly is not the right way to handle this."

"So what is?" Roberto asked in complete disbelief. "It's not like the school or the bad joke that passes itself off as the police around here will do anything." He said, thinking that the school would probably encourage them.

"And that gives us the right to take the law into our own hands?" He asked with a slightly raised eyebrow.

"The X-men do that all the time." Roberto pointed out. "Or do we have an official sanction that we haven't been told about?" He asked, trying to stay polite, but seething that the Professor was telling him to let those no good punks go.

"No, we do not." The old man consented. "Those activities are directed only against other mutants. We protect others; we do not revenge our own hurts. We are not here to use our gifts against humans, no matter how they may anger us."

"And if humans won't do anything about their own, when they attack us? Then what?" Roberto asked angrily. He wasn't sure which was more maddening; being told not to give them what they had coming, or the fact that he was told what was going to be done instead.

"We defend ourselves." He said quietly.

"Who the hell did this?" Logan's roar preceded his physical appearance in the medical lab.

"The varsity soccer team, or at least certain members of it." Roberto said angrily, not the least bit hesitant about telling Logan. Seemed like Logan might actually understand what he was going through. His visible rage was certainly close enough.

"It was not because he is a mutant." Xavier answered the next question before it was asked. "*Logan, you must calm down. This is not a situation that will be improved by violence on your part.*"

"Then why?" Logan demanded, already sniffing out who had actually been at the scene.

"'Cause he's my boyfriend." Roberto said softly, no less angry for the guilt that had worked it's way into his voice.

"Oh for ...."

"Logan." Xavier's stern voice cut off what was likely to be an involved and creative string of curses to be backed by fists, if not claws. "This is not a matter for street justice." "*Not yet at least.*"

"Like we'll get any other kind in this town." Roberto grumbled angrily. "Attitudes around here haven't entered the twentieth century."

"Yeah, right." Logan rumbled and moved over to Kurt's still body to check out the injuries for himself.

"Allow the legal system a chance to prove itself. Our role is to protect when it fails, not to distribute revenge." Xavier turned to Roberto.

"Those creeps will alibi each other, that's how it'll prove itself." Roberto snorted. "They'll all stick to a story of having been somewhere else, and it'll just be Kurt's word against all of theirs." He grumbled, having read enough in the paper and on the Internet to have no faith in the American justice system when a foreigner was the victim. And Kurt was as much a foreigner as he was.

"That is not entirely correct." The telepath said with a grave tone. "I understand your anger and desire to even the score, but it is not to your, or to Kurt's, benefit to storm off and beat them into the same condition. Give the system its chance. If it fails, then it will be time to remind them that justice may wear many guises when it comes. This is a challenge to all of us. If we were to act now, it would only be in revenge."

"If they get away with it this time, then we will all be targets." Scott said simply, willing to give the system a chance but equally unwilling to allow the attack on a teammate to go without response. "Cowards like that pick on those they think are weaker than themselves, or those who have no backing."

"And you believe that violence is the only method to inform them that Kurt is not alone? Might there not be other methods of achieving the same goal?" Xavier regarded the team leader levelly.

"It may be the only way they take seriously." Scott said evenly. "That is the way jocks operate, they've basically issued a challenge to any friends Kurt has. If no one takes them up on it, they'll assume he doesn't have any one to protect him."

"And you accept the consequences of this choice. Not only to you, but for everyone here? Think about the affects it would have for every child here if you act. The Institute can not be seen as supporting attacks on humans. We are mutants and that is the only thing people will see. Not that we are defending ourselves, but that mutants are attacking humans."

"I'd like an alternative assuming the justice system fails." He said quietly. "Otherwise, we have to accept the consequence of doing nothing."

"An alternative I am not arguing against." He said simply as he wheeled out of the room. "Merely allowing the system its chance to act as it should. We must seek justice, not revenge."

"The same system that gave that coach his authority." Roberto mumbled, as he gave up and sat down to keep an eye on Kurt. He should've stayed after school to make sure Kurt was okay, given he knew how the soccer team could be. Slowly, unassuaged anger turned inward to guilt and self-blame.

"*I suggest you plan this very carefully, Scott. I may well not be able to protect any of you if you are caught in the act as they were.*" Xavier´s mind touched his very privately.

"*Were they actually caught?*" Scott asked quietly, doubting that they were.

"*The assault did not go unnoticed.*" He answered simply.

"*Was it noticed by anyone who actually cares?*" Scott asked, wondering why the Professor was being so secretive, especially after the whole thing with the secret of Mystique being the school principal.

"*Kurt's new friend at least. Also, it is too early to know what Kurt wants, Scott. He has not shown much interest in vengeance.*"

"*Professor, you haven't suggested an alternative, aside from hope the system works.*"

"*I can not. I am the head of this Institute. There are some things I can not condone. No matter what the cause or what my own personal feelings in the matter may be.*" Xavier responded quietly. "*You know this.*"

"*Professor, there's a larger issue than vengeance here.*" Scott said quietly. "*It's about a group of bullies not being allowed to beat someone just because they're different. If they aren't stopped now, nothing will stop them from doing the same thing to others. If the system fails and we don't use violence to stop them, then how?*"

"*I suggest reviewing what I have said here. Not what you heard, but what I said.*" Xavier informed him with a clear reprimand before breaking off the contact.

"Let me know if anything changes, Roberto." Scott said, clapping his hand on the younger teen's shoulder before leaving the room.

"Sure." Roberto said quietly, not really thinking at all. "Thanks, Scott."

The Sun's Night 9.99: Brewing Storm Fronts

PG-13 for M/M
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Written June 19, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Todd McCall

Setting: X-Men: Evolution

Primary Races: Human, Mutant

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Roberto 'Sunspot' DaCosta/Kurt 'Nightcrawler' Wagner

Blurb: Things get very messy.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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