The Sun's Night 9.99:

by Fur and Fantasy
PG-13 for M/M
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"Did you see what those jerks did to Kurt?" Kitty all but exploded when she stormed into Rouge's room.

"Prof said no fighting." Rahne growled from the bed in her wolf-girl form.

"Yes," Kitty got a devilish look in her eyes. "No fighting."

"Okay, so what have you got in mind?" Rouge looked up from where she was primping in the mirror, now interested in the conversation.

"Well ... just how much damage do you think three girls who can phase threw anything can cause to their lives?" Kitty smirked. "Missing books, papers ... cars disappearing into the ground. That sort of thing."

Rahne's wolfish muzzle bared its teeth as she grinned.

"I like the way your mind works, girl." Rouge flashed a similar grin. "What are we waiting for?"

There was a big park that was the most direct route between Kirk's development, and the one where his girlfriend lived. Though officially closed at dusk, it was pretty much a given that various people took 'shortcuts' through it after dark. Kirk was one of those who usually did, since by cutting the extra time off his trip, meant more time with his girlfriend. Roberto was aware of this from locker room talk while he was on the soccer team.

He and Scott were lying in wait, wearing their black stealth outfits usually reserved for classes on sneaky approaches. Classes taught by Logan, much to Roberto's surprise. Thankfully, traffic along the unofficial path was quite low as usual, in fact there wasn't anyone in sight when Kirk came along, as Scott confirmed with the infrared scanner they brought along.

A swift kick to the midsection put the already injured soccer player on the ground, without knocking him out, much to Roberto's satisfaction. Scott remained watching silently from the side, impossible to identify with the hood of the stealth suit up.

"Hope you didn't think you'd get away with it, Neanderthal." Roberto growled as he stood over the prostrate figure, ready for any attack.

"What the?" Kirk pushed himself up and rolled away to his feet, giving Roberto his first real look at the damage Kurt had done before going down. "You." He hissed low in his throat and settled into a combat crouch.

"Yeah, me." Roberto grinned dangerously, as he swept Kirk with a surprising fast leg strike. Years of training with his father's bodyguards, combined with the demands of X-Men training were finally paying off in a real way. "You didn't think I'd let your cowardly attack on Kurt go unanswered did you?" He growled as Kirk got back on his feet and lunged into punching rang. "Or may you did, since homophobes aren't very bright."

"You got what you deserved." He sneered and threw a hard punch. "No foreign fairy belongs here."

"And homophobic Neanderthals like you have no business playing soccer." Roberto rumbled as he blocked the punch, using the momentum to plant Kirk's face in the hard dirt of the path. "Not that you're very good at it." A quick twist on the arm he was still holding pulled it into a position that painfully overextended the muscles of the shoulder and drew a satisfying cry of pain from the largely immobile teen.

"Get something through your thick head, Kirk." Roberto growled. "You're no match for me, and I can find you when I want to. You or any of your Neanderthal friends touch Kurt or any of my friends again, and you'll be spending time in the hospital." He said, punctuating his statement with a hard kick to the vulnerable hamstrings of the mostly immobile soccer player's left leg. It was hard enough to bench him for a couple weeks, but shouldn't require surgical intervention. "I'd take it easy for a couple weeks if I were you." He chuckled darkly as he flipped his victim over. "Remember Kirk, hospital time." He said just before giving the homophobe a hard right cross to the jaw that introduced him to darkness and unconsciousness.

"Come on, Roberto." Scott said quietly. "Let's get out of here before anyone gets close enough to spot us."

"Right." Roberto nodded, and followed his team leader into the trees and underbrush that made up much of the park. Discretely they made their way back to Scott's car, which was parked in the parking lot of a mall movie theater. In the trees at the edge of the parking lot, they slipped off the rather obvious black stealth suits and carried the small folded packages to Scott's car.

"Roberto," Kitty's voice cut threw the teen's attempts to concentrate on his homework. "He's waking up."

"Thanks, Kitty." Roberto smiled and put his homework down. He went over and sat down at his fuzzy blue teammate's bedside. "How 'ya feeling, Kurt?" He asked quietly once the distinctive yellow eyes opened.

"Wie ich von Wolverine geschlagen wurde." He mumbled and groaned as he tried to sit up, only to be gently pressed back down by Kitty.

"Sorry Bro, but Ms. Sanders said no moving until she cleared you." She explained softly. "Is it really that bad?"

"Ja ... maybe." He focused on her with some difficulty. "Droge?"

"Heavily." She nodded. "Just relax. Hank and Ms. Sanders will be here soon."

Between Kurt focusing on Kitty and not understanding German Roberto felt a bit shut out until Kurt was laying down against and those yellow eyes turned his direction.

"Hi," Kurt murmured and reached out with one hand to squeeze his.

"Hey, good to have you back." Roberto smiled and held the hand tight. "I've missed you."

"Been out long?" He frowned slightly.

"Less than last time." Ms. Sanders told him gently as she examined him with gentle hands that barely touched his bruised body. "Though I understand that Bayville will be short most of the soccer team this year between the three of you."

"Nope, the soccer team has only themselves to thank for that." Roberto chuckled. "A team of Neanderthals coached by one is likely to get into trouble."

"Don't insult Neanderthals," Kurt murmured as his eyes slipped closed again in the grip painkilling drugs Ms. Sanders added to his IV.

"Yeah, I probably shouldn't." Roberto smiled softly.

"He should wake up in significantly better shape, though I'm keeping him out of school tomorrow and on light duty for at least a week." Ms. Sanders spoke directly to Roberto. "If you promise you'll behave, he can sleep in a real bed tonight."

"Nothing more than sleeping, I promise." Roberto said seriously. "That's true more often than not anyway."

The blond nurse nodded, deciding against getting involved in that conversation yet. "Just make sure he gets back here in the morning. Nothing is broken, only a lot of bruising."

"Okay, Ms. Sanders." Roberto smiled. "He'll probably sleep better in a real bed."

"I'm sure he will." She chuckled softly. "Logan will be here shortly to carry him, since it is well after dark now."

"I'd need the sunlight to carry him properly." Roberto nodded.

"How light a sleeper are you?" She asked gently as she began to disconnect the IV line and prepared Kurt to move.

"Fairly light normally, why?" He asked curiously.

"Because if he wakes up before morning, he should take painkillers and I know him well enough that he won't do it on his own." She shook her head and slid a handful of small white pills into a bottle. "It would be best for him if you sleep light enough to notice if he comes around."

"How many is he supposed to take?" Roberto asked seriously. "I'll see he takes them."

"Two if he wakes before six am with an additional one in half an hour if he's still uncomfortable." She instructed and handed him the bottle. "If he's still feeling it half an hour after the third pill, alert me and get him back here."

"That's three pills, there's more than three in here." Roberto commented with a curious look.

"The instructions hold for the next three nights. Longer if need be." She glanced up and smiled at Logan when he walked in. "Those are not standard painkillers either. They were formulated specifically for Kurt. No one else should take them."

"It's never good to take something prescribed for someone else." He nodded. "But its just bruises, not anything broken." He repeated, making sure he understood the situation.

"No, nothing is broken and no internal bleeding, but he did take quite a beating. I'm sure you can appreciate the discomfort of having every muscle and most of the bones in your body bruised." She shook her head slightly and nodded to Logan as the adult picked up Kurt's small looking body carefully.

"Let's go kids. Time to put the elf to bed where he belongs."

"Yes it is." Roberto agreed easily. "Thank you, Ms. Sanders. I'll see that he comes back in the morning."

"I'm sure you will." She smiled and watched the odd foursome leave.

"Are things really okay here?" Kitty asked just as Roberto was ready to insist she stop fussing and leave.

"He'll be fine, Kitty." Roberto said reassuringly. "He just needs to get some sleep. I can look after him, honest."

"I meant between you," she said very softly, her worry clear in her voice. "It's not like you to mention how things are behind closed doors."

"I was just trying to reassure Ms. Sanders." He said softly. "Adults make certain assumptions."

"All right," She reached out to squeeze his shoulder gently. "Just remember you aren't alone in caring about him, or in caring about yourself."

"Thanks, Kitty." Roberto said quietly. "I'm all right, really."

She nodded, still reluctant to leave but not sure she should press anymore. "You aren't alone in this." She repeated softly, then stepped away to leave.

"I know." He said softly. "But things will work out, it'll just take time."

"I'll see you in the morning, then." She smiled softly at him and left, actually using the door this time.

"Morning," Kurt's voice was tense and weak, but more coherent than the previous night.

"Morning." Roberto smiled, as he looked up to check the clock, relaxing when it was nearly six thirty. "Feeling better?" He asked softly.

"Not really." He admitted softly. "I should have been able to handle them. They weren't trained or anything."

"Kurt, even the best can be brought down by overwhelming numbers." Roberto said gently. "And your training normally involves the use of your teleport. You were at a disadvantage because you had to fight in a way that's counter to your training. Judging from the absences among the soccer team, I'd guess you took down three of them though." He smiled. "It's time for you to take your medicine." He added gently, as he got up to get the pills and the glass of water he'd left there before going to bed.

"She wants be back there, doesn't she?" He sighed and accepted the pills and glass without complaint.

"Yes, but there's no rush unless the pain becomes more than just uncomfortable." He said quietly. "It was part of the deal."

"I'm just sore everywhere." He muttered quietly. "I must be all black and blue under the blue."

"That's about what Ms. Sanders told me." He nodded. "Just don't play tough about it, if the pain pills don't help." Roberto asked quietly and quite serious.

"Yes, sir." He teased with a grumpy pout.

"Keep it up, and you might beat Logan for most difficult patient." Roberto teased back.

"Nah, Logan's can't be. He's out of there in an hour no matter what." He sort of snickered, though it made him wince a couple times. "I've been there way too much already."

"Just going by what the doc says." Roberto chuckled. "She's just been lucky that I haven't needed her services." He snickered quietly.

"Give it time. You will." Kurt promised. "No one makes a year without getting to know her too well."

"Maybe I'll set a new record." Roberto smirked.

"Trying to make up for mine?" Kurt almost smirked, then shook his head gingerly. "Between you and Kitty, do any of those guys still have hides left?"

"Well, I don't know what Kitty's been up to." Roberto chuckled. "But Kirk's going to be missing the next few weeks of the soccer season at a minimum." He snickered. "Honestly, the Professor made it quite clear he didn't approve of violence ... so I only used as much as was necessary to make my point."

"What was your point?" Kurt looked at him, his expression largely unreadable.

"That they couldn't hurt my friends, without there being a price to pay." He said simply. "Kirk and his friends needed to understand I look after those I care about."

Kurt nodded slowly and relaxed on the bed as the painkillers started to kick in and made him a bit more drowsy than he cared for. "I think they're going to understand that very well before the year is out."

"I'm hoping they got the message this time." Roberto said sincerely. "It wasn't easy to keep from beating him to a bloody pulp." He added softly.

Kurt chuckled lightly, his expression more than a bit out of it. "Kitty didn't look to be done with them yet. She's planning something."

"I wouldn't be surprised." Roberto chuckled. "But her power lends itself better to subtle forms of revenge than mine." He said simply.

"Yeah, it does." He murmured, his eyes drifting shut for a moment before he forced himself awake again. "I hate being injured."

"That's normal." Roberto smiled. "Enjoying being injured is not a pro-survival trait." He chuckled and got a miffed, though slightly amused, look for it.

"How long did she say I'd be out this time?" Kurt sighed in resignation.

"I think she said a week, both out of school and on light duty." Roberto said gently.

The pronouncement was greeted with an overly dramatic sigh and Kurt muttered several creative curses in the general direction of the soccer team. "At least I won't look black and blue when I go back."

"Well, their going to be out longer than you by a long shot, at least most of them." Roberto said, trying to be encouraging. "And that is an advantage of the holo-image, you won't even look like they touched you. That should frustrate the ones still in school."

That made him grin and even chuckle lightly. "Once it's tweaked not to show it at least. It should be good enough."

"The best revenge is not acknowledging there's a reason for revenge." Roberto chuckled, earning a blank look from Kurt just before the fuzzy teen yawned.

"They got all messed up, and it looks like they didn't do anything to you." Roberto explained with a grin.

"Oh," he smiled, his eyes sliding closed as the pain meds won out.

The Sun's Night 9.99: Payback

PG-13 for M/M
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Written June 19, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Todd McCall

Setting: X-Men: Evolution

Primary Races: Human, Mutant

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Roberto 'Sunspot' DaCosta/Kurt 'Nightcrawler' Wagner

Blurb: Revenge takes many forms, particularly when it's a crew of mutant teens are the ones out for it.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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