The Sun's Night 9.99:
Of Parents and Politics

by Fur and Fantasy
PG-13 for M/M
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"Yeah, bub?" Logan answered the mansion door to go face to face with an imperious man that he had no doubt was Roberto's father.

"I am Arturo DaCosta, Roberto's father." The man said in a commanding tone. "I wish to speak with the headmaster of this school." He added in a tone that was that of someone used to having his wishes taken as orders.

"Right." Logan measured him up and decided that he needed to be taken down a few notches, but not just yet. He made a mental note to direct Kitty's wrath this way when she tired of mentally torturing the soccer team with the other girls. "Take a seat." He waved in the direction of the sitting room. "The Prof will talk to you when he's ready."

"I would prefer to do so before Roberto returns from school." Arturo said imperiously, as he sat with air of refinement that seemed somewhat odd somehow. It was almost as if one had crossed European nobility with organized crime.

"Given how little he likes you, I don't doubt it." Logan smirked and walked off, sure Charles was already fully aware of what was going on.

Arturo was kept waiting longer than he was happy about, but not quite long enough to complain when a stunningly black woman with white hair and the palest blue eyes came into the sitting room. "Professor Xavier will see you now." She said with an authority and natural command that was a match for his own.

"Thank you." He said politely, not letting his displeasure with the amount of waiting required show as he stood and followed the woman of clear breeding and poise threw the mansion and to one of the large offices.

"Welcome to the Institute, Mr. DaCosta." Professor Xavier's calm, commanding voice greeted him as the woman settled into a waiting stance next to him.

"Thank you, Professor Xavier." Arturo replied politely. "Since my ex-wife has entrusted our son to your care, I believe it appropriate to discuss my concerns over the events of recent months with you." He said, though it was clear the word concern something of an understatement.

"By all means." Xavier nodded slightly, inviting the other man to continue.

"Though not a choice I was partial too, Roberto has had his sights on playing professional soccer for some time. I have been informed that because of certain attitudes on the part of the soccer coach, Roberto is no longer on the team. It's not appropriate for a public employee to be allowing personal issues to influence official decisions, and I'm wondering why this has not been taken up with the school. As the Institute is the guardian of record for Roberto while he's in attendance, I'm wondering why this was allowed to pass." He said in a very legalistic fashion. "Especially seeing, as this leaves a large gap in Roberto's education, namely preparation for an adult career."

"It has been taken up with the school board, Mr. DaCosta." Xavier said simply and calmly. "In the meantime we are doing what we can to ensure his skills do not fall behind while this is deal with. I am sure you understand that these things are not resolved instantly."

"Instantly, no." Arturo granted. "I will be keeping an eye on things to make sure that movement is in fact made." He said simply. "One of my ex-wife's reasons for placing Roberto here, was to avoid any further outbursts like the rather disastrous one at the soccer match back home. What progress has been made correcting this problem of his?"

"Roberto is doing very well." He smiled, ignoring the fact that this man considered his son's mutation as a disease to be cured. "He is a very dedicated young man to what is important to him and it is serving him well."

"Nice to see he hasn't forget his basics." Arturo smiled. "My information says that he's dating another young man here at Institute, is this true?" He asked curiously. It was clear that the idea surprised him, but that was mostly because his son had always had quite an eye for the ladies.

"Yes, he is." He smiled a bit more warmly. "He and Kurt have been very good for each other. They have both found strength they did not have alone. Roberto in particular seems to have matured a great deal now that he has someone his own age he cares about enough to work threw the difficulties for. It has been a very impressive change for both of them."

"They've been counseled about the difficulties that choosing such a relationship can bring?" He asked with a strange delicacy. It seemed less like disapproval and more like concern, even worry.

"They are both well aware of it, yes." He nodded. "It has only made them more determined to continue. Roberto in particular is unwilling to allow the difficulties of his choices change his mind."

"Some things never change." Arturo chuckled lightly. "My son has always been stubborn." He said quietly, as he began to accept that perhaps Roberto's mother had been right about sending Roberto here. It was not an easy thing to accept, that she had been right and he had been wrong. "Professor Xavier, my son turns sixteen in a couple weeks. Am I correct in my belief that is the age for obtaining a Driver's License in this state?"

"A permit," he responded easily. "He will be able to test for his license when he turns seventeen."

"A permit, that means he can drive with a supervising driver?" Arturo asked, not entirely sure since like many European countries, Brazil only licensed professional drivers.

"Yes. Someone with a license that is over eighteen. When he turns seventeen and has his own license he may drive by himself."

"The reason I ask, is that it is traditional, among upper class families, for a father to give his son a vehicle on his sixteenth birthday." He said quietly. "However, I do not expect to be in the area again for quite some time, due to business and family responsibilities." He paused. "I would like to leave the funds for the vehicle, so that he can select one once he has the permit. Assuming, of course, that he is showing appropriate levels of responsibility and maturity at the time."

"I understand, Mr. DaCosta." Xavier smiled approvingly. "We would be pleased to facilitate your wishes in this."

"Thank you." He replied politely. "One of my representatives will drop off the account documents later on. I should go, before Roberto gets home from school." He finished simply.

"Yes, that would likely be for the best," he agreed rather gently and inclined his head to the dark woman still standing next to him. "Miss Munroe will show you out, Mr. DaCosta."

"Thank you for your time, Professor Xavier." Arturo nodded politely. "After you, Miss Munroe." He smiled politely, to the exotically beautiful woman, who reminded him startlingly of his older son's boyfriend, Chris.

She merely smiled and walked opened the office door and gestured him out.

Arturo returned the smile with the politest one used with equals and left the office, following her so as to not get lost in the unfamiliar building.

Kurt and Roberto's lazy Saturday afternoon by the pool with most of the Institute's population was abruptly interrupted by Ororo's strong voice. The exotic beauty was now standing next to where she had been laying at the poolside, soaking in the last of summer's heat.

"Everyone, we have a visitor. Keep things looking normal until he leaves." She instructed, glancing around at the more rebellious teens and then a gentler glance at Kurt to check that his image inducer was on and that Sequesta's blue skin had turned back to a human tone as the new girl quickly dried off.

"A visitor we have to keep things normal for?" Roberto whispered quietly to Kurt. "Wonder what's up?"

"Could be nearly anything." He shrugged and relaxed back. "Even parents for a new student that can't handle weird looking things yet."

"Guess an impromptu game of mutant-ball is out of the question then." Roberto chuckled mischievously and lay back to take in the sun, enjoying one of the side-effects of his power. He couldn't sunburn if he wanted to, since any excess radiation was just stored for later use.

"Roberto?" A strong male voice he didn't recognize snapped the teen's attention out of relaxing.

"Yes?" Roberto opened his eyes to look up at a fit causation in his late thirties with a friendly smile.

"I am Greg Sanders, the new soccer coach at Bayville High." He offered his hand. "I wanted to personally ask you to join the team, now that the troublemakers are off of it."

Roberto stood gracefully, and shook the hand with a firm grip. "So what's your rule on observers at practice?" He asked politely, wanting to get that issue covered up front. He was doing his best to restrain his enthusiasm, since his father had taught him that you should never let someone offering you something, know just how much you want it.

"As long as they stay off the field during the actual practice, I encourage it completely." Greg nodded with a warm smile for Kurt, who smiled back a bit shyly. "What I don't tolerate is personalities getting in the way of the team and our game."

"Good." Roberto smiled, warming to this new coach a bit. "I think we'll get along then. When's the next practice?" He asked, a little more eagerly than he meant to.

"Monday after school." He answered firmly. "We have a lot of catching up to do if we are going to make any kind of showing this year."

"And a bit of recruiting." Roberto nodded. "A couple of the troublemakers were good on the field." He admitted reluctantly.

"If you have any suggestions, I'd welcome them." Greg smiled at him slightly. "You know the student body better than I do at this point."

"I'll have to think about it. I'm not sure what kind of talent there is among people not on the team." He said uncertainly. "You might want to talk to Mr. Wymer, the gym teacher. He might have seen some talent during the soccer unit last year. I'm actually new to the school this year."

"Thank you," he nodded with a warm smile. "I'm glad to have you on the team, Roberto. Enjoy your weekend."

"Glad to be back, Coach." Roberto smiled. "See you at practice."

"And a great deal of it." Greg nodded and grinned before turning to leave with a smile and nod for each of those he passed and curiosity clear on his face.

"That should improve your mood." Kurt grinned up at him.

"Most definitely." Roberto grinned back at Kurt, before kissing him on the cheek impulsively. "That was a quick replacement. I just hope he's as good at soccer as he is at being a nice guy." Roberto smirked. "That and letter from Miguel in the same day. I think this is going to be a good weekend." He grinned. "You want to go to Pandemonium tonight?" He asked with a playful grin.

"Sure." He grinned back up and turned the image inducer off as Sequesta dived back into the water and turned a medium blue almost immediately. "Sounds like the last of your free time for a while too."

"Probably back to the usual soccer routine." He chuckled. "Two or three hour practices after school, when we don't have games."

"I'm sure we'll see." He smirked slightly and stretched out on the pool chair. "At least that's over now and those bullies are staying quiet."

"Well, all things considered, they'd be pretty stupid not too." Roberto snickered. "I wonder what they'll make of Randy's car when they finally dig it up."

"They'll never find it." Kitty smirked with dangerous mischief glittering in her eyes. "It's a good mile down."

"A mile?" Roberto blinked in disbelief. "You were busy. So what's it like a mile beneath the town?"

"Rocky." She shrugged a bit. "Lots and lots of solid rock."

"No interesting caves or anything?" Roberto asked curiously. "Too bad."

"I wasn't exactly looking, you know." She shook her head. "Keeping something that big out of phase takes a lot of concentration.

"Why so far down?" Roberto wondered. "A few hundred feet would've kept it from being found anytime soon."

"I was enjoying the ride." She giggled softly. "A new kind of joyride."

"Joyriding with someone else's car." Roberto snickered. "I just wouldn't have thought it of you." He said, completely failing at his attempt to be serious.

"Oh, you so don't know me." She winked at them and dived into the water with a splash.

"No argument here." Roberto chuckled.

The Sun's Night 9.99: Of Parents and Politics

PG-13 for M/M
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Written June 19, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Todd McCall

Setting: X-Men: Evolution

Primary Races: Human, Mutant

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Roberto 'Sunspot' DaCosta/Kurt 'Nightcrawler' Wagner

Notes: AU for gratuitous use of Comicverse info while set in the Evoverse.

Blurb: More of Roberto's family comes to visit and Roberto gets a surprise that makes his day in a big way.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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