Thunder in the Wing 1:
Crash Landing

by Fur and Fantasy
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"What is that?" T-Bone abruptly swung the TurboKat towards the streak of falling light bright against the green afternoon sky.

"Vehicle." Razor reported after scanning the sensors. "Disabled and trajectory makes it a UFO."

T-Bone blinked, his ears twitching a little. UFOs didn't tend to be good things in his experience. He kept his eyes on the blazing object and its great tail of smoke.

He called back over his shoulder, "Looks like its gonna crash. Anything we can do?"

"Not at this range," Razor shook his head slightly. "But we can be there to pick up the pieces. At least it's heading into the badlands."

The Pilot of said vehicle was not having a good time. The interstellar shuttle had gotten violently yanked off course, and dumped into the atmosphere of a planet he hadn't had time to identify yet. That thought reminded him to put on the helmet to his atmosphere suit, just in case.

His hands worked feverishly across the barely functioning controls, and managed to bring enough of the anti-grav system on line to bring the shuttle in for a hard thump, instead of a tremendous slam. He figured it would look better to walk away from this disaster.

The shuttle thumped into the ground heavily, breaking two of the three landing gear. In the cockpit, the pilot shook his head and looked around. There weren't any fires, and he felt nothing that indicated a serious injury. He pulled the blaster from under the console and put it in the holster on his belt. Then he grabbed the repair kit, and portable analysis computer and headed outside to see what the damage was. Unfortunately, the external sensors were offline so he couldn't check the atmosphere.

T-Bone gripped the TurboKat's flight yoke tighter, his mouth flattening into a line. He growled beneath his breath, "Bastdamned alien pilots. Of all days ..."

So much for the nice peaceful flight. When the TurboKat flew T-Bone was as free as an angel, and he was hoping that for once he could just enjoy it ... and finally talk to Jake one on one.

The SWAT Kat couldn't help but hope that whoever was piloting that ship wasn't hostile, if only for their own sake.

They quickly came over the alien craft, which was a basic delta wing design about twice the length of the TurboKat. It was white, though heavily scorched, with a gold leaf and red star emblem on the tail. A barely Kat-like Tiger was checking the damage out.

"He doesn't look too hostile." Razor ventured. "Unarmed as far as I can tell, and that is not a fighter."

T-Bone grunted softly, "Maybe. But at least we aren't!"

The large Kat thumbed a few controls and the TurboKat suddenly stopped moving forward, jets erupting along its bottom and letting it rapidly drop without actually falling. "Hang on, I'm gonna set us down right next to him."

The Tiger watched the jet descend next to him, without flinching. He could sense two individuals on board, one of whom was somewhat agitated. The jet was moderately advanced though still behind the aerospace fighters he was accustomed to.

He returned to examining the damage to the engine ports, hoping that the crew of the jet were not going to be hostile. It really wasn't necessary as far as the Tiger was concerned.

Razor was the first on the ground, leaping from his position in the back seat and walked up to the much taller Tiger. "Hi, are you lost?"

T-Bone could only gape as Razor almost casually jumped out of the TurboKat and called after the strange tall Tiger. He'd planned on something a little more cautious. "But then there's always the direct approach," he growled softly, standing and quickly jumping over the cockpit's side.

Nathan turned to the smaller tom in the unfamiliar uniform. ("Hello, I don't suppose you speak Alliance Standard?") He asked without much hope.

Razor blinked, unsure what to do with a language barrier; even Mutilor knew their language.

T-Bone just watched, slowly walking up behind his partner as the alien babbled something. It wasn't making any threatening moves though, just standing there. A paw still on a holstered weapon, T-Bone growled out of the side of his mouth, "Did you get that?"

"No," Razor answered with a nearly imperceptible shape of his head.

Nathan sighed, the little tom didn't speak the Galactic standard. He hoped some gestures were standard, since though linguistic transference could break the barrier, it required contact. He carefully put out his hand in the gesture accepted as peaceful throughout the Alliance, even on worlds that it wasn't native to.

Razor smiled and extended his own, hoping to get this right as their palms touched.

Nathan felt the familiar flash as the new language passed over the transference. He looked at the smaller tom. "Hello, my apologies for crashing into your planet. It was quite unplanned." He said smiling pleasantly.

T-Bone blinked as the alien suddenly spoke, his mouth forming the words perfectly. He snuck a glance at Razor as the pawshake fell short and Razor nearly jumped.

"Who are you?" Razor asked.

"Colonel Nathan SwiftClaw, with the Galactic Alliance Medic Corps. Who are you?" He asked politely.

"I'm Razor, he's T-Bone." He motioned to the golden-tan tabby.

T-Bone nodded in acknowledgement, keeping his eyes on the Tiger.

"A pleasure to meet you both." The Tiger said pleasantly. He turned when the diagnostic computer beeped. "Ah, looks like the basic diagnostic cycle is finished. Time to see what the damage is." He said walking over to the console.

T-Bone studied the Tiger's backside. He certainly wasn't hostile, at least yet. And he was more than polite enough.

"What were you doing when you ended up here?" Razor asked carefully.

"I was returning to Gildenfire Station from a medical conference on Felsinor when my ship was struck by some sort of space-time vortex. When I regained control my ship was damaged, unpowered, and plummeting into your planet's atmosphere." He said taking note of the various system problems, before setting up the more detailed diagnostics of the engine core.

"You're going to need a good shop to fix that." Razor commented. "How far are you from home?"

"A good shop indeed. Given the damage sustained by drive and navigation systems." He agreed. "As for how far, I'm not sure since the NavComp is offline. What's this world called?"


Nathan reviewed the world listings from memory, and came up with no world by that name, or even a likely variant. "Very far indeed, since there is no world by that name within explored space as my people know it." He looked over the TurboKat again. "I don't suppose this world has developed interstellar travel yet ... has it?"

Razor shook his head. "'Fraid not." He hesitated. "Unless you want to meet the blaster-happy locals, it would be good to move, soon."

Nathan punched a couple of codes into the diagnostic computer, and then disconnected it from the engine. "Fortunately, anti-grav system is mostly functional. She's functional atmospherically, but not much more." He looked around the terrain. "There seem to be adequate hiding places in this rocky terrain. I shall simply conceal it, since this area seems infrequently traveled."

"A friend of mine has a workshop that can probably repair it." Razor offered. "You'll need a place to stay anyway."

T-Bone frowned at that, but kept quiet. He'd been stranded enough times to know the need for Good Samaritans. Still, the Kat hoped to hell that his partner had some place in mind other than the lair. But where?

The Tiger smiled appreciatively. "Really? That would be most appreciated. And I'm certain some sort of arrangement to cover the cost can be worked out." He said easily. "Perhaps you should contact your friend and see if it will be okay." He said politely.

T-Bone suddenly leaned forward, placing his muzzle right next to Razor's ear, "what friend?"

"Just follow us." Razor nodded and gave T-Bone the hand signal for 'wait' before turning to the TurboKat and leaped to the back seat, watching as his partner joined him. After the canopy closed he spoke quietly. "A friend of mine from way back. No one you should know. Set heading due west."

T-Bone snorted softly, starting the engine. He grumbled under his breath, "Must be some friend."

Still, as soon as the jet began to rise he swung around due west. He set a scanner to keep track of the Tiger's craft and then called back behind him, "Okay, west. Let's hope our friend can keep pace."

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about it." Razor chuckled. "And she is."

Nathan waited for the jet to move off, before putting the shuttle in flight. The craft still moved agilely for the damage, which Nathan considered a good thing. That meant that the control systems were undamaged, and the anti-grav in reasonable shape. Which left him with a good atmospheric craft, which didn't help much. He followed the jet, being careful not to overthrust and shoot past it, no point showing off.

They were in the air less than twenty minutes, just long enough to cross the mountains into a wide river delta valley surrounded on three sides by mountains and the fourth by the sea. The near half of the expanse was dense forest, and the seaside half by a sprawling metropolis.

The jet dipped down for an easy VTOL landing in a clearing next to a cliff. Nathan followed the jet down, and touched down smartly next to it. He decided to wait for Razor to appear before disembarking, then opened the hatch of his shuttle, and sat down on the steps, waiting.

Making sure to set the jet down with a gentle touch, T-Bone triggered the cockpit's hatch open. Pulling off his helmet he stood up in the jet looking about curiously. Slowly he turned around to Razor, "Okay stud, now what?"

The smaller tom chuckled and waved towards the cliff face before leaping down to embrace a gray-tipped, black point white shewolf.

More than a little confused, and definitely curious, T-Bone jumped down from the TurboKat. He grunted softly at the Tiger before walking slowly towards Razor and the female, his eyes wide and watchful as Razor swung away from her to greet the approaching pair.

"T-Bone, Nathan, this is Kessi, she taught me nearly everything I know about vehicles. She said you can stay as long as you want, whether we can fix your ship or not."

"That's most generous, Kessi and very much appreciated." He said with sincere gratitude. "Hopefully, there will be some way I can repay your generosity."

"Good company would be quite enough." She smiled at the Tiger about her height. "It's a rare thing to find."

T-Bone looked from Razor's obviously happy eyes to the shewolf and back again. He shrugged mentally, going with his partner's lead for now. He offered the female a paw, "So you're the one I get to blame for the mess he makes out my jet?"

She chuckled and accepted with a glance for the TurboKat. "And that you have a jet."

T-Bone grinned and chuckled softly in acknowledgement of the truth.

"If you're okay staying here, Nathan, we have a patrol to finish." Razor looked over at the Tiger.

"My thanks for your assistance, and I wouldn't want to interfere with your patrol any more than I already have." He said gratefully, to both of them. He was intrigued by the small one, but the larger of the pair clearly didn't care for him. He could hope for further contact, but there was no real reason to request it.

"Good, at least I'll be by later," Razor chuckled with a look at the Alliance ship as the SWAT Kats walked back to the TurboKat. "I want a good look at that thing."

T-Bone had to agree with Razor, the vessel was amazingly well crafted, almost seamless. But he wasn't quite sure he wanted Nathan to know that yet. Still, if he had to he'd fly Razor back himself to get a better look at the spacecraft.

"You're certainly welcome to, Razor." Nathan said pleasantly, thinking that a tour of his ship was a good start on repaying the lean tom for his help.

"And Kessi, try to keep it under 6.0 this time, 'k?" He laughed as he jumped up to his seat.

"You are never going to let me forget that one little mistake, are you?" She huffed in mock anger.

T-Bone listened intently, slowly looking back and forth between Razor and the shewolf. He'd grinned softly at Kessi's response and climbed up into the jet.

"Little?" He chuckled as T-Bone started the engines. "See you latter." He waved as the canopy closed and she waved back with a grin.

As soon as they reached a safe altitude, the larger SWAT Kat started the TurboKat forward, swinging it gracefully about for a last pass over the strange alien craft and the furs below. Chuckling softly as they passed the strange shewolf, T-Bone asked. "So, who is she?"

"Something between my big sister and mother." Razor said with a fond tone as they left visual range of the pair. "She raised me after I got to be too much trouble for anyone else to bother with."

T-Bone was quiet for a moment, just letting the engines roar as he pushed them back towards their patrol route. He considered something before suddenly blurting it out, "Does she know about us?"

"Probably." Razor hedged. "I haven't said anything, but I'd be pretty surprised if she hasn't figured it out."

T-Bone was quiet. No one from his family even suspected; hell, he hadn't talked to any of them but his little sister in years anyway. If any of them had known, they'd have been making trouble already though; 'tailraisers' weren't much appreciated in the Furlong family.

"I mean, I haven't changed that much ... and there aren't many Kats out there that could build this kind of gear without government or corporate backing. She can, and she knows I can."

For a long moment, Razor got the distinct impression that T-Bone was ignoring him. But the larger Kat couldn't help it. He'd started the day out resolute, ready for a long flight with his partner ... and a talk. Instead they'd found an alien and met Razor's long lost mentor.

"Bast I'm a coward," T-Bone hissed silently to himself.

But before Razor could pick up on it, the SWAT Kat did a sudden course change and called back, "I'm taking us home. The patrol can wait for a while ... I want to hear more about you and her."

"Urr, okay." He regarded the back of his partner's helmet in confusion and a little unease. "What did you want to know?"

T-Bone leaned back in his seat, "How come I've never heard about her before? And why does she live out in the middle of ... wherever?"

"It's the middle of nowhere, T-Bone, and she likes it out there. The laws aren't enforced, where they exist at all." He chuckled. "And I've heard about as much about your family, you know. I didn't even know you grew up in the city until you dragged me along to pick up those comics."

T-Bone blinked at that. Razor could be disturbingly good at reading his thoughts sometimes. And the SWAT Kat didn't even want to think about how bad Razor's first encounter with his family had gone, at least in T-Bone's eyes. He tried to steer things away. "Does she live alone?"

"Sometimes. Family, friends, and the occasional professional interest stay with her, and Nathan's not the first alien she's eased into society."

For some reason that last bit didn't even phase T-Bone. He shook his head softly, just another bit of being a SWAT Kat, aliens and monsters aren't too big a deal. Family? Now that was another matter. "You think they'll be safe out there? An alien ship is an awfully tempting target."

"It's not like it's visible anymore, and I'd be very surprised if anything could get past security, at least not without setting off every alarm we have first," Razor told him.

"Let's hope you're right."

Razor nodded, not sure what to make of his partner's odd behavior, and odder questions, and waited for the next one.

But T-Bone stayed strangely silent. He couldn't ask him, not now ...

But Bast! This wasn't supposed to be so fucking hard! They'd lived together for years.

The large Kat just focused his eyes forward and flew, aware of an awkward silence but unable to think of a way to fill it.

Razor finally sighed. "What's going on?"

T-Bone mentally smacked himself. He shook his head, "Nothing. We'll be home in a few minutes."

"Chance ... this isn't because I was raised by a Wolf, is it?" Razor asked hesitantly.

The Kat seized on that. It was probably the stupidest thing he could have done, but T-Bone wasn't much known for his tact. He was never good at saying hard things, at facing up to his feelings or his insecurity. So instead he took the offensive. "No, it's because I didn't even know about it till today!"

"Because you never asked." Razor snapped back, going from scared to defensive in an instant.

T-Bone could feel a growl building up in his chest. Part of him tried to yell at him, to tell him that this was the last thing he wanted to turn today into it. But why the hell did it have to happen? That damned Tiger. And then a mother Wolf from out of the blue!

The stupid bullheaded part of T-Bone, the one that showed up whenever he was the least bit scared or confused, took over. "I never know what to ask around you! Everything is always a secret! Or a conspiracy or something."

"And if it wasn't we'd be dead by now." A low hissing grow came back.

"Oh yeah, the enigmas really help! Just what the fuck does that mean? I mean come on, partners are supposed to trust each other!"

Razor growled low in his throat and forced his claws to remain sheathed. "The only secrets between us are the ones you keep."

T-Bone's eyes narrowed to mere slits. He had to force them open as his claws scratched against the controls and started an angled decent towards the yard. He could hear the anger in Razor's voice, but he ignored it and punched the jet forward and downward, "I ain't hiding anything damnit! But I know you have!"

T-Bone finished the last comment with the roar of the engines suddenly washing over them both, as the TurboKat entered the hangar ramp and rolled to a stop.

"I have never lied to you." Razor hissed, his ears flat against his helmet as the canopy opened. "You've gotten the truth on everything you've asked me."

T-Bone growled softly, thumbing the canopy open and practically bursting out of his seat. He didn't even bother to face his partner as he jumped out of the jet. Instead he simply called back, "You don't have to lie to hide the truth Razor, you just have to stay quiet."

This day was going straight to hell. T-Bone could tell he was probably just a few words away from an all out fight with Razor. Not exactly the happy fucking results he'd hoped for.

The Kat could feel his claws pressing into the fabric of his Glovatrix. He'd better get out of here ... now. T-Bone pulled off his mask and headed quickly to a locker.

The Kat practically ripped the locker door open, tossing the mask inside and quickly doing the same to his Glovatrixes. What the fuck was going on here?

Chance suddenly smashed his fist against one of the closed lockers. He whirled around suddenly, facing the TurboKat with a growl, "Anything else you want to hit me with?"

It took the large Kat a long silent moment to realize there was no one there. Chance didn't even have to bother looking for him, he just softly hissed, "Gone."

With a great sudden sigh Chance leaned back against the row of lockers. Slowly he closed his eyes, "Great ... just fucking great."

The hangar was of course completely silent. Just like Razor would be even if Chance caught up with him.

The SWAT Kat just rested where he was for a long stretch of minutes. He couldn't believe what the hell had just happened. Or that it was his fault in the first place.

Time to get some space and think. Something he was beginning to think he did a little too rarely.

With a sudden movement he moved forward and began to pull of his flight suit. Chance needed some space, some time to think. He peeled off the last of his uniform and went to his own personal locker. It took him less than a minute to change into his civvies, jeans, a worn leather jacket, a simple t-shirt advertising some place called KLAWZ.

The tabby grabbed a Cyclotron and was gone only a few seconds later.

Thunder in the Wing 1: Crash Landing


22 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written February 4, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Lailokos

Setting: Galactic Alliance, SWAT Kats, World of Darkness (generic)

Primary Races: Felsin, Kat, Wolf

Contents: Furry. Gen. Alternate Universe, Crossover

Pairings: None

Notes: We're trying for an unusual concept in this one: no greater powers and almost a story that might have happened in the series, if they allowed NC-17 content ;)

Blurb: On a routine patrol, T-Bone and Razor see a small alien ship crash, and the rest, as they say, is just another day in MegaKat City.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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