Thunder in the Wing 3:
Family Discussions

by Fur and Fantasy
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Kessi relaxed on her back in bed with Jake sprawled against her, purring softly under her fingers as she stroked his hair in the dark room.

"What happened?" She asked quietly.

"Wish I knew." He said uncertainly. "Chance seemed to get upset by finding out I was raised by a Wolf, and next thing I know he's accusing me of lying to him. It's like everything I haven't told him 'cause he never asked, he considers lying to him." He sighed.

"That's rather unfair, even in light of some of those secrets you never volunteered." She licked his forehead. "But that was one hell of a reaction for you." She scratched his jaw. "Are you sure that's all that happened?"

"I don't know, it was just he wouldn't let up. He was really angry about it, when I told him I'd told him the truth about anything he'd asked; he brushed it off, said it didn't matter 'cause he never knew what to ask, that everything with me was conspiracies and secrets." He sighed deeply. "He basically accused me of not trusting him, made it like everything hinged on that."

"Will you go back to him?" She asked very softly.

"We needed some space to cool down. We were so close to a major claws out fight, I just had to get away. Maybe a few days will let us cool down, so talking's possible. But he was so angry, I'm not sure he wants me back." Jake said with his eyes closed. "But the city still needs the SWAT Kats, I can't do it without him."

"Jake ... don't discount the pack so quickly. Pakitra, Patrik and Amerith are all fine pilots. And they know what's going on. Unless you told him?"

Jake shook his head. "Never was sure how he'd take the truth, and I couldn't afford to have him freak out." He sighed. "Maybe I should have told him."

"If you have doubts, you shouldn't tell, you know that." She spoke with quiet firmness. "The rules are there for good reason."

"Of course, I know." He said unhappily. "But as mad I was, and still am at him; I don't want it to end like this. We've been together too long, and I ... I still care for him. I'm just not sure how to fix what's wrong, not sure if he'll give me a chance to."

She held him gently for a long time before speaking. "Make him come to you this time, Jake. He's not likely to change as long as you keep being the one to patch things up, and it sounds like he needs to change."

Jake nodded quietly. "He does, I guess. But I think I'm a little scared that he won't come. He can be so stubborn, sometimes it's a survival trait and sometimes it's just plain infuriating."

"Jake," she tipped his face up to look at her. "I know stubborn, dear. I raised you after all. But stubborn or no, do you really want him if he doesn't care enough about to you seek you out?"

He sighed deeply. "I know I shouldn't, but after seven years ... it's hard to think about letting go."

"You are that close to him, and you have not told him of us?" She regarded him carefully. "What part aren't you saying?"

"I'm not sure he could handle the truth of it all. He's good at facing strange, unusual, even outright alien things as long as he's fighting them. When he's not fighting, he gets aggressive anyway toward anything that's too different." He said quietly.

"Oh, baby ... do you want him to know?" She held him close.

"I don't like hiding things from him, but after how he reacted to my raised by a Wolf, I'm afraid to find out how he'd react to my being a shifter. I think I've always been afraid that if he knew, he'd leave me." He leaned into her, more than a little confused.

"You don't want to risk having to kill him, do you?" Kessi stroked his hair comfortingly. "After all the risks you've taken, you don't know if you could do it, if he freaked. Am I close?"

"Actually, I'm pretty sure I couldn't do it. I care for him too much, to gamble with his life that way. In combat it's one thing, skill matters and he's damn good, but just gambling that he'd survive the change ... I can't." He said, with a couple of quiet tears on his cheeks. "It'd be different, if we knew why one survives and another doesn't, but we don't."

"That should be his choice to make, cub." She sighed. "I will tell him, if you'd prefer. I know what he means to you."

Jake sighed. "I suppose it is, but I still hate the thought of losing him that way. Of course, if he doesn't come looking for me, it doesn't matter anyway." He said, part of him afraid the tabby would come, another part afraid he wouldn't.

"If he cares for you, he will come." She spoke gently. "If he doesn't, he'd better have a good reason."

Jake shook his head. "Being obstinate is the most likely reason." He quipped, hoping that the tabby did care. Jake thought Chance did, but now he wasn't so sure.

"He wouldn't be the first to see reason in an empty home." She licked his forehead. "We have plenty to keep ourselves busy until then. Don't worry about him."

"I'll try not to, won't be easy." He said quietly and tried to follow his mother's example and rest, comforted only a little by her warm presence.

As usual, Chance only thought about talking to his sister after he'd visited a couple of bars and spent half the night blazing around on his cyclotron and pissing off Enforcers. So instead of bringing his problem straight to her while it was fresh, he appeared at her apartment door in the middle of the night, slightly drunk and more than a little weathered. Damn that black on brown tabby had a strong right hook.

Somewhere around then, he'd remembered Shara and desperately missed her soft smiles. When she wasn't glaring at him through spitfire eyes that is.

His vision blurred just the slightest bit as the large Kat knocked at her door and hoped to hell he caught her in a good mood. Of all the Furlongs, she was the one you didn't want mad. And he could use an open ear above another fight right around now.

"'Nother fight with Clawson?" The burly orange tabby shekat barely opened the door and scowled at him before stepping to one side.

Chance stopped in midstep, taken completely off guard by his sister's power of anticipation. For a moment he wondered if he was really that predictable. But then again, sometimes it seemed the only times he saw Shara was when he had a problem. He had to flatten his ears a bit in shame as he slowly stepped by her.

Still, he tried to at least make it seem a little lighter than desperately needing someone to talk to. "Hey sis. Sorry to come so late, I just never think of calling before.... What time is it?"

"Three in the morning, bro." She shut the door and motioned him to sit on the couch as she pulled her robe a little closer.

The Kat stopped just before sitting down, his back to his sister. That late?! This was worse than he thought, if he could have spent more than half the night drinking and riding before finally making his way here. Slowly Chance sat himself down, maybe for the first time realizing just how bad this was.

He was almost ashamed to look up at his sister. "Sorry, I just ... Shara I think I fucked up with Jake. I needed ... a Kat to talk to." He finished lamely.

She placed a hand on his shoulder before sitting down in front of him on the coffee table. "I'm here."

The Kat gave his sister a small smile, but for some reason his head suddenly started to spin. He brought up his paws and rested his head down against them, staying quiet for a moment.

Suddenly he just blurted it out. "I tried to propose to Jake today."

She waited for him to continue, then reached out with a companionate hand. "And what happened?"

The Kat stopped for a moment; his sister wasn't even fazed. He shook his head slowly; it figured that Shara would have known he was going to do it before even he did. And that'd she'd be just fine with it.

He swallowed softly. "It took me most of the morning to get the courage up. And just before I was going to ... we were interrupted. And of all things we had to make a trip to Jake's mother ... or his adopted mother or something."

The large Kat shook his head softly, his claws digging into his fur. "He'd never told me ANYTHING about her. That she was even alive ... or a Wolf."

"And this changes him ....?"

Chance quickly raised his head, shaking it hard. "You know it doesn't sis. But ... he never told me. Not a word in seven years."

"Bro, how long did it take you to introduce him to me, much less our kin?" She stared at him hard. "Given your background, can you really blame him for not volunteering that bit of info?"

The Kat suddenly sighed and leaned back, his eyes closing. "There's more though."

"I'm listening." She encouraged softly.

The Kat leaned his head back, his eyes still tightly closed. He kept his voice soft and low. "I'm so stupid. I took me days to try and propose and ... Fuck, I just got scared! I couldn't tell him, I couldn't get the courage. So I just got mad. I confronted him about not telling me about her."

Chance slowly shuddered. "It was damn horrible. I knew I was being a bastard the entire time ... but I couldn't stop. I was pissed and afraid. And he just kept pushing back."

Opening his eyes the tabby suddenly stared at his sister. "I accused him of keeping shit from me. And he said I was just being an asshole. He's right ... I never asked. It got so bad he just walked out ... fucking disappeared."

"And probably avoided a punching match with you." She replied tartly. "You aren't the only one in that yard with a temper, and I've seen enough of him to know he's afraid he'll hurt you."

Some macho part of the Kat wanted to respond to that, but he forced himself to shake his head clear. That was the last damn idea he needed. He growled softly. "You're probably damn right. This was bad ... maybe one of our worst. And it was so fucking stupid!"

Chance caught his sister's steel gray eyes. "How the hell could it go so wrong? I mean he ran out, all cause I couldn't drop it. What the hell am I going to do?"

"Apologize." She said simply. "And for once, prove what he means to you by finding him, and not just waiting for him to hunt you down to make nice." She glared hard at her younger sibling. "But first, you're going to sleep that hangover off. If you can't talk to him sober, there's no way in hell you'll pull it off now."

Chance snorted at that, slowly shaking his head. "You're right; I'm the one who was wrong. I was a Bast-damned jerk just because I got scared. So I'll have to hunt him down, maybe even do it right for once! But ...."

The Kat suddenly leaned forward, his elbows resting on his knees. Maybe he was drunker than he thought, or maybe he'd hurt Jake a hell of a lot more than he first thought. But there was still something else, something in his partner's eyes when Chance had accused him of hiding things.

Slowly the Kat turned his face up towards his sister. "When I accused him of hiding stuff from me ... he didn't just get angry. He got pissed. Like I hit a nerve or something. I mean he gets mad when we fight, but not like that. It was overboard ... do you think he could be hiding something? I mean something more important that who his mother is? Something he's actually afraid to tell me?"

"Most people do." She nodded slowly. "And bro, no matter how much you care for him, you're not an easy one to talk to. Tred carefully there, Chance. He may have good cause for his fear." She glared at the other tabby until he met her eyes. "And for Bast's sake, don't challenge that fear. Even if it is a silly one, if you ever want him to trust you, don't question why he's afraid. Don't laugh at him or it. Respect the tom you want to marry. Got it?"

The Kat slowly nodded. He'd confront Jake about it, but it was his partner's decision if he didn't want to tell him. Chance suddenly rubbed a paw against his face; hell, maybe he'd imagined it. Made something up to make him feel less guilty about what an ass he'd been.

Chance slowly sighed. "Okay, I'll find him, I'll apologize. Maybe I can still ask him even ...." The SWAT Kat considered something, asking softly. "Is Brandon here?"

"In the bedroom," she nodded her head to a closed door. "He knows better than to walk into a family discussion."

Chance nodded softly and then slowly stood. He moved over to his sister and offered a paw to help her up. Then before she could say anything he gave her a full fierce hug. "Thanks sis. Just ... thanks. You've always been there. Even at 3 am to a drunken brother."

"We're the sane Furlongs, bro. We've have to stick together." She smiled and hugged him back. "But try to stop by sober a little more often, okay?"

Chance chuckled softly, "You got it sis. I do need to cut back. Thanks for putting up." The Kat wanted to say more, but as usual simply couldn't find a way to tell his sister what she meant to him. So instead he slowly started towards the door. "Say hi to Brandon for me. I'll let you know how things go ... if I can still even ask him."

"And just were do you think you're going drunk?" She dropped both hands to her hips and glared at him.

Chance shook his head, "I'll find a place sis. Last thing Brandon wants to see is me passed out on his couch in the morning. And a good hard bench will make me get back to Jake that much quicker."

"Oh, like hell you're leaving this house in that state." She drew herself up to her full height, a good inch and a half taller than her brother, and stalked forward. "If Brandon has a problem with his packmate staying in the guest room, he can take it up with me. You're kin, Chance Furlong. Wolves take that very seriously, and so do I. So get your tail away from that door this instant."

The Kat stopped in his tracks. He'd wanted to get in and out, ask for Shara's help and leave before he was a real nuisance. But as always if you took part of Shara's hospitality, you had to take it all. She wouldn't be done with you until she was sure you were all right. No matter what that took.

Chance considered arguing, but all it took was a look into her fiery gray eyes and that stance to bring back memories of a hundred arguments that all ended the same way. Chance could fight with anykat, but he was never able to win against Shara. Not once, though he usually tried whenever he could.

He slowly shook his head; okay, fine. Maybe some embarrassment and mothering was part of the package. Mess up and deal with Shara. For some reason that made the Kat grin sheepishly and he slowly closed the door.

"Okay sis ... you win." He lifted his paws in surrender. "No fight tonight."

She raised an amused eyebrow at him, then smiled. "You have learned something, then." She turned back to her bedroom. "I expect you to be here for breakfast, and crash in the guest bedroom, not on the couch. There are extra blankets and pillows in the closet."

The Kat actually found himself smiling softly. He shook his head and then quietly pulled out a quilt from an immaculately kept closet. Moving into the small guest room his sister kept, probably only for him anymore, the Kat closed the door and before he even knew it, was on the bed.

Fully clothed Chance was asleep in seconds, wondering, even in his dreams, how to talk to the Kat he loved.

He woke reluctantly to the smell of frying bacon and other foods.

The Kat didn't want out of bed, but he knew for a fact that if he didn't, Shara would come in and read him a riot act. And as usual her cooking smelled damned good.

Chance slowly pulled himself upright, swinging his legs off the bed. But before he could do anything else a wave of nausea swelled up from his stomach and the Kat's head felt like it just simply fell in half. The tabby groaned softly, leaning his arms forward to rest against his knees as he cradled his head in his paws.

He must have gotten even more drunk last night than he thought. Usually he was hardy enough in the morning to just shake it off. Luckily he could remember it all though: Jake's fiery eyes, Shara's strong support ... and that deep pit of guilt in his stomach.

That's what got him finally moving; the knowledge he had something he needed to fix. Chance growled softly but managed to get to his footpaws. He took a few minutes to sort out his clothes, straightening them out as much as he could, before finally stepping out of the room and towards the kitchen.

"Good morning, Chance." Brandon smiled welcomingly at him, his short, thick tail wagging in greeting as the tall gray-brown Wolf tended the bacon and pancakes on the stove's grill. "Shara will be back in a bit, and there's time for you to shower. She left a spare set of clothes for you in the bathroom."

Chance stopped in midstep, almost completely thrown off guard. He stared at the Wolf for a moment and then slowly shook his head.

"Thanks Brandon ..." The Kat turned around and started towards the shower. He took his time, letting the warm spray wash away as much of his headache as it could.

He slowly brushed himself dry under the shower's hot air blowers and dressed in the second set of clothes. Somehow he wasn't in the least bit surprised that Shara actually had at least a single set of his clothes around. It made him feel pretty sheepish, but that might have been the point.

Taking a deep breath the Kat stepped out of the bathroom, he could already tell that Brandon was done cooking and Shara was out there with him.

As he stepped out to see the pair turn to look at him from the breakfast bar Shara tapped the counter next to her where a plate of hot food and tall glass of orange juice was waiting for him.

"How's the hangover?" Brandon asked with a concerned smile as he served himself and ate leaning against the counter facing the siblings.

Chance slowly shook his head and moved forward, giving his sister a quick soft glance before moving around her and to the plate. The Kat had barely sat himself down before he already taken his first bite of the meal. He savored the almost professional cooking before deliberately responding. "Not too bad. I've had worse."

He could feel his sister at his side and suddenly added with a small smile "...barely."

She chuckled softly. "I don't suppose you got a name on that shewolf who raised Jake?"

Chance slowly nodded his head, taking a moment more to enjoy the meal. Brandon was a shockingly good cook, better than even Shara. "Yeah, Kessi. She lives outside the City. But that's about all I know about her ... for now." He amended.

"Her last name is Ramble, she's 59, has a brother in the area named Jass Ramiss, a real talent with mechanical things and Jake's not the first stray she's taken in." Brandon intoned off the top of his head.

Chance's mouth dropped open softly as he looked at the Wolf. He swallowed and quickly asked, "You know her?! How?"

Brandon quirked an eyebrow at the tabby tom. "There are one hundred and seventeen Wolves in the area, counting Cathey's last cub. We all know each other. Pack mentality and all that."

Chance swallowed that for a second. Brandon knew about her, and Chance had known Jake seven years without a single hint. He really was out of touch. He'd ask Jake for the full story, he'd have to, but he was still curious. "She takes in orphans?"

"She has a soft spot for foundlings and abandoned souls." He chuckled. "Comes from being an alpha with no cubs of her own."

Chance realized he was more than slightly ignorant about Wolf culture. He asked softly, "Alpha? As in dominant? Or a leader?"

"Something like that." He nodded. "Alpha's are aggressive, possessive and very nurturing with a strong drive to breed." He took a sip of his coffee. "I'm not one, but Kessi very much is."

Chance nodded a bit and then sat quietly eating his meal. He wanted to ask more, how long she lived out there, how many orphans she'd taken in, when she'd met Jake. But those were all things he needed to ask his partner, so he stayed quiet, eating with absent relish.

"Have you thought about how to approach him?" Shara asked as he finished the plate.

Chance thought about the question for a long moment, something rarely enough that Shara was a bit taken back. The Kat gradually responded. "I'm gonna find him; I don't think it'll be hard. He's probably at Kessi's ... and I'm going to be honest. Just tell him everything and ask him to forgive my sorry ass. And if he does ...."

Chance looked up at his sister and met her eyes. "I'll ask him to tell me about himself. Everything that's important."

He didn't add that he would keep his eyes open too. Not even the splitting headache he was still fighting had gotten rid of that soft black suspicion that Jake had something he was hiding, or keeping quiet about. Something important. And if it was still there with the hangover, Chance couldn't just forget it. But he'd be careful, he'd just ask.

She nodded slowly, appraising him. "And when he asks why he should take you back?"

The Kat sighed softly, his eyes unfocusing slightly. "I'll tell him what I should have said yesterday ... or years ago. That if he wants me, I'm his. Heart and soul, balls to bones. That no matter how stupid I can be, I love him ... more than enough to come groveling back when I've been an ass. I don't know how I can say it but, hell, I'd die for him!"

"Dieing's the easy part." She smiled affectionately. "It's living's that's the bitch." She patted his shoulder. "Sounds like you finally have it sorted out. Good luck, bro." She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.

Chance smiled ever so gradually at his sister's kiss. She could be a hard Kat to deal with, but she was fair and loyal. And the smile meant he had her blessings, and he felt immeasurably better. Quietly he stood up, his meal finished. Before he said anything else, he hugged his sister tightly. "Thanks sis. Just ... thanks."

"Now go get your tom back." She hugged him. "And have a good life, with me in it." She grinned as they parted.

Chance grinned, almost ridiculously feeling like saluting. Instead he just smiled warmly at his sister and gave her a short nod. Slowly he started out of the kitchen, but stopped by Brandon and offered the Wolf his paw.

"Any advice for courting an Alpha's son?" Quietly he joked as they shook.

"Don't back down from her." The Wolf nodded seriously. "Jake is her favorite, and if he's gone back to her you'll have to get by her to even see him again. You're going to have to prove to her you're worthy of her son."

Chance sighed softly and then slowly shook his head. Suddenly he smiled a bit, "Gotta love mothers. Okay then, I'll go find her first." He smiled a little larger and gave the wolf a sudden spontaneous hug. "Thanks man."

"You're welcome, Chance." Brandon smiled at the tabby the looked so much like his mate. "If you want any help ... give us a call. I've got a pretty good understanding of the Wolf in a world of Kats side of things."

Chance nodded softly, "I will."

He turned to his sister, and gave her a last smile goodbye, "And I let you know how it goes too...good or bad."

A moment later the Kat was closing the door to his sister's apartment behind him. He found his cyclotron awkwardly parked across a cement guard and slowly shook his head at himself. But he was quickly moving and on his way.

Thunder in the Wing 3: Family Discussions

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Written February 8, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Lailokos

Setting: Galactic Alliance, SWAT Kats, World of Darkness (generic)

Primary Races: Felsin, Kat, Were, Wolf

Contents: Furry. Admittance Story, Alternate Universe, Crossover

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong

Blurb: Jake and Chance each react to their fight in predictably similar ways, and both end up in the home of family giving advice.

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