Thunder in the Wing 4:
Courting a Phoenix

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M Sex
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Chance didn't have much trouble finding his way back to Kessi's home. He'd gotten used to translating aerial to ground travel some time ago, and just as Brandon has said, she was standing in the 'yard' when he drove up.

The Kat had spotted the shewolf as soon as he'd been within sight of her home. She was simply standing there, waiting. Carefully he parked the cyclotron a few dozen yards from her. He pulled off his helmet slowly and then set it down on the cycle's seat.

He was tempted to sigh, but instead something told him to straighten up, to be strong. So he took a deep breath and started towards the Wolf, his paws loose and ready at his sides.

"So you've come back so soon." She raised and eyebrow at him and planted her hands on her hips, taking full advantage of her greater height to glower at him. "Are you ready to do this right?"

The Kat was quiet for a long second, looking up slightly into the shewolf's icicle blue eyes. He didn't even have to ask, Jake was already here. So he nodded softly, "Yeah, yeah I am." He sounded a lot more sure than he felt, but still ... Shara had kissed him. And she didn't bless anykat lightly, not even her own brother.

She gave him a curt nod. "So what makes you worthy of my son's pain?"

The Kat blinked at the last word, responding without thinking, just with a heart's worry. "Is Jake okay?"

"He will be." She barred her teeth. "No thanks to you. Now tell me why you are worthy of hurting him so."

Chance's mouth snapped closed. He could feel his paws wanting to tense, his teeth wanting to clench. Anger flared at her words but Chance wrestled it down to the ground. They were true, and this was a test.

He responded as soft as he could. "I'm not, I was a damned idiot last night. But I need to make it right ... to say what I meant and not the dumb shit I yelled at him."

"And the next time?" She relaxed her stance slightly.

The Kat slowly shook his head, "Lady ... Kessi, I'm not perfect. I'm the first to admit that I'm bull-headed, not too observant and sometimes straight out dumb. But I know when I've done wrong."

Chance squared his shoulders a bit, "Now's one of those times. The next time it happens ..." The Kat shrugged, "I'll do what I'm doing now. I'll come back on my knees and come clean with him."

She cocked her head and regarded him for a long, silent moment. "Tell me of your love."

The Kat licked his lips at that. What do you say to the mother of the Kat you love? Tell her about his cute ass? The way he could look so peaceful and content in his sleep that Chance wouldn't move for hours just so Jake could get the rest he really needed? How incredible he smelled after a long day in the pit, covered in oil and sweat?

Chance closed his eyes, searching for an answer, "I love him .... I ... Bast!"

He suddenly shook his head and his eyes flashed open. "Heh, you want to know how much I love him? You know why I fought with him yesterday? It wasn't because I didn't trust him, wasn't even because I was mad he never told me about you! I wasn't even really mad at all, I was scared! That alien ... Nathan, crashed maybe ten minutes before I was going to ask Jake to marry me. I lost my nerve ... and I couldn't bring myself to ask Jake. So instead I got mad at him."

The shewolf started to respond but Chance quickly cut her off. "You want to know how much I love him? I love him so much I didn't even need to stew in my own juices before I came back to him. I love him so much I came here the moment I was sober. It didn't take a second to know I was wrong. I love him so much that I'm going to ask him to marry me. And probably lose everybody but my sister in the process."

She nodded acceptingly. "And how much do you trust him?"

The Kat considered the Wolf for a long silent moment, "I'll be honest, I think he's keeping something important from me. But I also trust his reasons for doing it. I'll confront him, and I'll believe what he tells me. I've never doubted his word, he's my gunner ... and my partner."

She nodded. "Do you trust him enough to choose your life for you?"

Chance looked curiously at her for the question, but the seriousness in her eyes was enough to cut off any question of his own. He shook his head, "Kessi I put my life in his paws every day we fight together. I don't question and I don't consider; I just do it. He's my gunner." The Kat shrugged. "I'll follow his lead whenever he needs me to."

She smiled slightly before turning back to the front door and motioned to cliff face to the right. "Jake is in the hanger."

Chance watched the shewolf, a great weight of pressure suddenly lifting from around him at her small smile. He wanted to say more, but his path was suddenly open. There'd be time to talk to her later he told himself.

He gave the Wolf a small nod and then slowly walked past her. He tried to keep loose as he entered the hangar, but he couldn't help biting his lip hard.

Chance stopped in the entrance to the hangar the instant he spotted Jake working by himself on the aliens' craft. He could only stand there and softly watch his partner working quietly away. How could he do this?

The Kat's eyes suddenly opened in surprise as they focused on something behind his partner. It took a moment for shock to wear down enough for his brain to comprehend that he was looking at three TurboKats.

Chance took a slow step forward, his mouth opening wide. The hangar was huge, much bigger than it looked. And there really were three replicas of the TurboKat sitting behind Nathan's craft.

"By Bast ..." Chance whispered softly.

"Something like that." Jake's voice was quietly nervous, though he didn't look up.

Chance's eyes flicked down to Jake, and lingered there for a second. But the jets called his attention again. Slowly he started walking forward, giving Jake some distance. He asked carefully. "How?"

"Same way the one we fly happened." He shrugged. "Is it really so surprising I'd have back-ups, or inherited my mother's aesthetics?"

Chance shook his head from side to side. It must have taken an amazing amount of work to build those jets, they looked every bit the clones of the TurboKat. Either Jake spent a lot more time here than Chance had ever realized, or Kessi was a fantastic engineer ... or both.

Suddenly Chance's eyes flicked back to Jake. The Kat was only a dozen feet away or so, but his eyes were deliberately looking away. The larger tabby took a deep breath and straightened himself a bit.



Chance was quiet. What the hell to say now? Where to go from here?

The Kat growled at himself and just blurted out, "I'm sorry."

Jake relaxed fractionally and looked up. "We're okay now?"

Chance softly shook his head, "No ... no we're not." He swallowed softly, paws clenching as he saw Jake flinch just the smallest bit. He pressed on though, "I ... I was an idiot last night. I said things I shouldn't have. And I need to let you know why ... and I hope to Bast you'll forgive me cause there'll be more I have to say."

Jake swallowed nervously and nodded, though he refused to look at the tabby. "I'm listening."

Chance forced himself to talk, not daring to stop for a second in fear he might run out of words. "I went to Shara's last night. Drunk and messed up, but she talked me through it. Through what happened. And she's right, I was stupid. But it wasn't cause I was mad ... it was because I was afraid."

Chance paused for a moment, hoping Jake might respond. The smaller Kat didn't, so with a sigh Chance continued. "I trust you Jake, that's never been an issue between us. I wasn't even really mad when I found out about Kessi. I know I've never asked you lots of stuff ... sharing isn't our strong point, but I know that if something was really important you'd tell me."

The Kat lowered his head, his eyes unfocusing. "The problem was me. Nathan ... he crashed just before I was going to ask you something. And I lost my nerve afterwards. I was just so afraid you'd ... that I couldn't do it right. So I got mad instead, as dumbass stupid as it was, I got mad at you. But I didn't mean to ... I didn't want to. And I didn't mean the things I said either."

Chance was quiet a few minutes, just staring at Jake's back. This wasn't going right, Jake had barely moved the entire time. Had he gone too far last night? He knew it'd been bad, but could it be ... it'd been unredeemable?

Chance licked his lips, his paws clenched tightly as they hung at his sides. "Jake, I'm trying to say that ... that I'm sorry. That I love you and I didn't mean what I said. That I was just stupid and scared and unsure. Because ..."

The large Kat couldn't help but close his eyes, "because I was going to ask you to marry me."

"You mean that?" Jake's voice held a raw terror the tabby had never heard in it before.

If it weren't for the surprising fear he heard in his partner's voice Chance would have instinctually snorted. Instead he forced himself to answer as honestly and quietly as he could. "I mean that with every breath I've got Jake. I was so scared when Nathan interrupted us, it threw me off balance ... I just couldn't get the courage up to ask you afterwards. I ... I love you Kat." He finished rather lamely.

Jake swallowed and stood, all but radiating the terror he felt down to his bones as he walked up to the bigger tom. With his scent rawly acidic he stretched the bit it took to wrap his arms around Chance's neck and kissed him gently.

Chance watched his partner walk over to him with a deep sense of dread. Even as his partner softly kissed the larger tabby, his own lips instinctually pressing back with a grateful sigh, Chance could feel foreboding welling up inside him. Gently he laid his paws on Jake's hips and waited for the Kat to pull away a little, his eyes full of questioning.

"We have a lot to sort through before you can accept my yes." Jake whispered, trying very hard to control his trembling.

Chance looked down at the Kat between his paws and he nodded gently. He expected as much, this was probably going to take time. Jake was shaking in fear ...

Softly Chance asked, "Just answer me one thing ... Can you forgive me? For what I did last night? For ... not telling you?"

He nodded and pulled away. "Yes. I hope you can say the same for me, when this is over." He drew a deep breath and gently took Chance's wrist, leading the tabby into the house.

Chance wanted to know what his partner meant, but he stayed quiet and simply followed. Maybe this is what he saw yesterday, that something behind Jake's eyes, something he was afraid of. The Kat forced himself to be silent, this was for Jake to broach.

Jake walked a little straighter as the he turned to open the first door inside the hallway from the hanger, and turned around the door so he could shut it behind the tabby.

The huge room had a fifty foot arched ceiling and was well lit by a fire, candles and a variety of glowing spheres spaced all around the empty stone cavern. Kessi was standing on the far side of the room, relaxed but edgy.

The tall tabby glanced at her, but Jake quickly drew his attention.

"When you accused me of keeping secrets, you were right." Jake began in a remarkably steady voice considering how hard he was shaking and the acidic quality of his scent. "I never lied to you outright, and I would have shown you if you'd asked, but I can not marry you with you in the dark about who, and what, I actually am."

He shifted to look at the tabby. "Does 'Bete' mean anything to you?"

Chance looked hard at Jake, the Kat looked like he was about to pass out or run away. Like a cornered animal. The tabby tried to ignore that desperate stance, instead focusing on the question. He searched him head, but couldn't come up with anything. So instead he just slowly shook his head, asking, "What is it?"

"It is what I am." Jake swallowed and moved towards the center of the room as Kessi shifted to a middle position against the rough outer wall and sank into a relaxed combat crouch, her attention focused on Chance.

With slow precision Jake forced his body to relax. "It is the core of the truth of this world I have kept from you, despite drawing you into the war."

Chance's brows arched together in confusion. He could feel Kessi moving, but he kept his eyes on his partner. "Jake? What are you talking about?"

"We are of the Black Phoenix pack. Bete and Kinfolk who protect and control this valley and the surrounding area." Jake spoke in a much stronger voice as he put his fear aside and locked eyes with Chance.

Slowly, Jake's form increased in height and mass as his head became more cat-like and his clothes were absorbed.

Chance took a step back, his ears going flat against his head. Jake was ... growing?! He was getting bigger, taller, more massive. And more feline. Chance's eyes hadn't blinked for an instant but he still didn't trust them. He wasn't even breathing as he whispered, "Jake...what the fuck?"

"I am Bete, Chance." Jake's voice deepened as the shift stopped with the Kat-creature now standing nearly nine feet tall. "My gift is the shapeshift."

Chance shivered softly as the tall beast spoke in a voice surprisingly like Jake's. It was Jake. But it couldn't be! Chance's eyes flicked over to Kessi, almost pleadingly. Then he realized she hadn't once bothered to look at her adopted son, just Chance himself. She knew already.

In a very small voice the Kat looked back to the tall, powerful beast that was standing where his partner should be and asked, "This is what you've been keeping from me?"

"This is the beginning of it." Jake replied with a nod as he stalked forward, dropping to four legs and a saber-toothed, stripped form nearly as tall as Chance at the shoulder. "Can you love a Bete?"

Chance sorely wanted to take a step backwards from the creature before him, but something stopped him. It was Jake's voice, Jake's eyes, so it really was Jake. But how? And why?

He found himself softly whispering. "I thought you might have had an affair. Or done something wrong in your past. But ... Bast! Nothing like ... this!"

"Good." The great cat rumbled. "I didn't fail my pack then." He meet Chance's wide golden eyes. "But can you love a monster?"

Chance looked at Jake, his eyes full of bewilderment. Love him? Love it? Chance suddenly growled, "Change back, just change back first!" He had to know if it was really him ... but who else could it be?

Jake easily flowed into his familiar Kat form and regarded Chance almost breathlessly.

Chance stood still, his eyes watching as Jake returned to ... his normal shape? His real body? He didn't know what, but it looked like his lover.

The large Kat still stood his ground though; just watching and studying the partner he thought he knew. Ever so slowly he started to move towards and around Jake, not blinking, just looking. It really was Jake, really had been him when he was ... the other thing.

Carefully Chance reached out a paw, laying it down against Jake's shoulder and squeezing it softly. He almost sighed in relief, and before he knew it, the smaller Kat was in his arms and tight against the tan tabby's chest as Jake almost collapsed in relief.

"Don't hate me for this?" The lean Kat asked softly.

Chance just held the smaller Kat close and tight for a long time, trying to convince himself that he was really there, that the Kat he held was really Jake. Slowly he pulled them both apart, his paws gripping Jake's arms.

"Jake ... I don't understand. What was that?"

"The truth, Chance." He didn't break eye contact. "It is what I am. A Bete, a shapeshifter, a monster."

Chance licked his lips softly, "How ... How long have you been like that? Been able to do that?"

"Since I was nine, and survived the Ceremony of Becoming." He said softly, suddenly very nervous again.

Chance shivered softly, amazement and confusion fighting in his eyes as he looked at Jake. "You've been like that all along. Since before the academy..." Something else entered the Kat's mind ever so sneakingly. "Why? Why didn't you tell me?"

"This isn't something we broadcast about, Chance." He sighed. "By the time I realized you were important enough to me to even consider this, I could never be sure enough of your reaction to be willing to risk it." He motioned to Kessi, still watching Chance intently from her crouch. "I had to choose between letting you live in ignorance, and risking having to kill you. I could never bring myself to do that."

Chance looked at Kessi, studying her softly as he held Jake. "You mean ... she was supposed to kill me? Or is she still supposed to?"

"This isn't over Chance, and until it is, she's taken my place as the one responsible for your life." Jake lowered his eyes. "I could never strike that blow."

Chance looked from Jake to Kessi. And then slowly back to Jake. "This is that serious? Why?"

"Because of who we are," Jake hedged slightly. "Is it really so hard to understand why we are so careful about who knows our secrets?"

Chance remembered that beast, that ... No, it was Jake. But still, he swallowed softly. "What ... What now? I mean, so what? I don't know if I want to ... see that again for a while, but it doesn't change anything right?"

"If you don't want it to, it doesn't." Jake nodded gratefully. "If you can truly accept that part of my life, you will be welcome into our pack, our family."

Chance blinked and then licked his lips, "There are more? More like you?"


Chance nodded ever so softly, "Okay. I guess that makes sense. How ... how many?" A sudden thought struck Chance and he turned towards Kessi. "Are you one too?"

"A few." She answered as she shifted to a war-wolf nearly twice Chance's height before flowing back to her normal form.

The SWAT Kat shuddered softly, forcing himself to keep his eyes open and watch the change. He could feel the pads on his paws go cold, even against Jake's warm body. But he still watched.

After, he asked softly, "How does this happen? Is it ... genetic?"

Jake cringed in his arms and nodded. "Sort of. We figure about 20 percent of the population are Kinfolk, those capable of becoming Bete, but you only get access to the gifts by surviving the Ceremony of Becoming. Most never try. Not many of those that do survive."

Chance sighed softly, and then shook his head. "Bast that's a lot to take in...."

Kessi made a low noise and Jake glared at her before dropping his shoulders. "There's one more thing I have to tell you ... we confirmed that you're Kinfolk."

Chance, lifted Jake's chin with one of his paws, his eyes looking into his partner's questioningly. "Is that important?"

Jake opened his mouth, then shut it, trying to make himself say it. Finally he closed his eyes and whimpered low in his throat.

"It means that you could become Bete." Kessi answered. "Become what you soul believes it is."

Chance didn't look at Kessi, instead he kept his eyes firmly on Jake. The smaller Kat was shuddering softly in Chance's paws. He was terrified.

But all Chance was, was confused. What his soul believed it was? What did that mean? Why would that matter? More importantly, why did it have Jake so Bast-damned frightened?

Chance couldn't help himself, he had to ask, "So what? Why's that important? I mean..." He snorted in sudden frustration, "What's it matter?"

"It's very risky, Chance, but ... you'd probably come out of it with your own wings, if you make it." Jake said very quietly. "You wouldn't have to rely on the jet anymore, but ... so many die trying."

Chance watched Jake and slowly realized something. "That's why you're scared isn't it? You want me to do this ... but you're also afraid I'll do it? That I'll die?"

The lean tom nodded slowly. "I don't like hiding from you ... and I've never met a Bete who regretted their choice ... but ... the risks are so high."

Chance started to ask why that mattered, why it would matter whether or not he was Bete when he caught something in the smaller Kat's eyes. "This ... this is important to you isn't it? That I be like you?"

"No." He shook his head softly. "It matters to me that you're happy, and as strong as you can be to survive our lives."

Chance shook his head softly and found himself smiling, "Jake, I'm happy now ... I've got you back!" The Kat suddenly crowed and actually lifted his partner up for a spinning hug.

Jake let out a breath he barely realized he'd been holding and went with the moving embrace.

"So ... is that offer still open?" The lean tom asked hopefully as they came to a halt.

Despite what he'd just seen, Chance didn't even have to think about it. "Yes ... definitely yes!"

"I definitely want to answer yes." He smiled and stretched the bit it took to claim a passionate kiss.

Chance could only growl happily back into the kiss.

"Take it to a bedroom, guys." Kessi laughed affectionately as she walked past them, pausing to put a hand on the tabby's shoulder. "Welcome to the family, Chance."

Chance chuckled softly, suddenly swinging Jake up into his arms and whispered softly, "A bedroom? ... I need one now!"

"Across the hall, second down in from the other end." Jake couldn't stop grinning giddily as he wrapped his arms around Chance's neck and nuzzled the bigger tabby.

Chance had his partner in the room and a paw down his pants in something approaching an instant. He didn't even bother to completely kick the door closed behind him before moving forward and placing Jake on the bed.

"Take me, love." Jake's voice was softly pleading his desire.

Chance could only growl in response, his paws already pushing up through Jake's fur and pulling off the smaller Kat's workshirt. Seconds later he was on the bed too, his muzzle sealed with Jake's and a paw warmly squeezing the Kat's full sheath.

Jake closed his eyes in pleasure as he helped the tabby strip their clothes as quickly as possible. Without breaking their heated tongue dueling, he pushed up on one strong golden shoulder, urging Chance over.

Chance grinned as he bathed in Jake's lovely taste, quickly following his partner's direction. His paws pulled off the last of their clothing and then instantly moved to Jake's body, pushing forcefully through his thick soft fur. Seconds later a paw was sealed around Jake's hardness, squeezing it with warm happy force.

"On your back." Jake groaned against the pleasure his partner was giving.

Chance grinned from ear to ear, quickly rolling onto his back and encouraging his mate by slowly running his pawpads along the tip of Jake's cock.

Jake growled hotly and slid between his mate's legs to wet the tabby's cock before he knelt over Chance's hips and slid down slowly, guiding his mate inside him.

Chance groaned so hard his body rumbled with the force of it. Jake's body felt like pure bliss, his tailhole opening slowly to caress the larger tabby's cock in strong muscular love. Chance couldn't help but press himself deliciously upwards, his meat filling up his mate's body and making it come alive in pleasure. The tan Kat growled as Jake fully sunk himself onto his lover, their bodies sealed fully.

Chance began to rock Jake on his cock, letting the smaller Kat ride him as their bodies raced to their goal. With a low moan Jake arched his back down and slid his hands back, opening his body fully to his lover, and denying himself any defense.

Chance's paws sealed themselves around his partner's cock, pulling and stroking it with warm force, brushing the Kat's barbs back and forth with the tips of his claws. With growing desperation the Kat sunk himself upwards, his shaft hard enough to actually throb within the smaller Kat's body.

His eyes closed, rolling back into his head as he growled deep within his chest, on the edge and soon over it, only just with it enough to hear to roar of his mate.

Chance had no idea how long the peak lasted, it really didn't matter. All he knew is by the time he could feel again Jake was collapsed on his chest, his fur slightly wet with perspiration and cum. Chance gently wrapped his arms around the smaller Kat, panting softly as he burred his face in his partner's fur.

"So when's the ceremony?" Jake asked softly, almost deliriously happy.

Chance grinned softly and gave his mate a tight hug. "No idea. I've spent weeks just getting up the courage to ask you ... I didn't really think much beyond that."

"Oh." Jake smiled and nuzzled in as close as he could get. "Any preference on the ceremony?"

Chance shifted softly, angling his body a bit more toward Jake and laid his free paw under his own head. He held Jake tightly and considered. "I don't know. Lots of family and friends and a big ceremony?" The Kat suddenly grinned softly and whispered in Jake's ear. "Or we could elope and not come back for a while!"

"Mmmm, as enticing as the second sounds ... I want to show you off." The lean Kat grinned behind the seductive, proud tone.

Chance couldn't help but practically beam in joy, his paw sliding down to his mate's ass and squeezing it warmly. He growled gently and nuzzled Jake's neck. "To who? Who should we invite?"

"My family, Shara and Brandon at least. Most of the Wolves will show up, and probably half the Bete on the planet. Of course, it won't be all in the same ceremony. The private one's going to be a lot bigger than the public one, though probably at least a couple hundred will show up for the public one."

Chance almost gaped at his mate, "A couple hundred? Bast..."

"Is that okay?" Jake started to back peddle almost instantly. "Only a couple dozen are really close."

Chance smiled softly and squeezed his lover and buried his nose in Jake's fur as he quickly reassured the smaller Kat. "No, no that's fine. As long as you're with me to rattle off the names, I don't care how many come! I'm just amazed ... Bete are really that close a family?"

Jake relaxed with a breath and hugged Chance back. "Yes, we are." He smiled as nuzzled Chance back. "Packmates will live or die for each other, and all Bete are family. Marriage is a big deal for us. Everyone who can come, will. Everyone will want to meet the new in-law."

Chance breathed softly into Jake's neckfur, "Joy...a hundred new mothers all thinking their kitten could have done better." Despite the heavy thought Chance still managed to chuckle though, "Still, might be a great way to rack in the wedding gifts!"

Jake shifted to look Chance in the eyes, utterly serious. "None of them will think I could do any better. If anything, they'll be jealous *I* got you."

Chance beamed happily, wrapping both his arms tightly around Jake. He kissed his mate slowly again, showing thanks for the smaller Kat's confidence the only way he knew how. The two lay there for a few more minutes, simply enjoying each other's warmth when an idea slowly occurred to the large tabby.

"Jake ... we're going to need two weddings. Why don't we split them? You plan one and I'll plan the other. I think it'd be a good chance to well ... to show what you mean to me." The Kat kept his eyes on the ceiling, and waited for an answer.

"If you want to plan the public one ... I'd love you to." Jake smiled and kissed him softly. "I'm sure Shara and Brandon will give you a hand ... trust me, it isn't a one-Kat job."

Chance chuckled and slowly rolled Jake on top of him. He smiled at his mate and just sighed softly, "It's really going to happen isn't it? We're going to be married..."

"As long as you want to." He stretched down to kiss the tabby softly.

Chance's eyes narrowed and he growled from deep within his throat. Suddenly he rolled over, pinning Jake beneath him. And he kissed him for a long hard minute, paws exploring the smaller Kat. "What do you think??" He happily hissed as he finally pulled himself away.

"Mmm, that was the answer I wanted." Jake smiled lazily as he looked up and ran his fingers through the dark golden fur of his mate's chest.

Chance chuckled softly, his paws following his mate's curves with warm interest. Softly he asked, "Should we go tell the good news? Or can I get some more?" Chance grinned lewdly at the last part.

"She knows," Jake grinned seductively back and batted his eyes. "I want a preview of the honeymoon."

Chance couldn't help but giggle softly at Jake's flirtation. But with a growl he turned the tides, his paws pinning Jake's own above the Kat's head, effectively restraining him. With a grin he kissed Jake with every ounce of his passion, and suddenly spread the smaller Kat's legs with his own.

Without breaking their tongue dueling jawlock Jake groaned and brought his knees up. As his breathing quickened he closed his eyes and brushed his tail teasingly along his mate's balls and hardening cock.

Chance purred deep in his throat; leave it to his mate to find a way to tease him even when the smaller Kat was pinned. Quickly the large Kat laid one of his arms across both of Jake's, leaving his other one free. Grinning lustfully Chance buried his tongue in Jake's taste and pulled a paw down the tabby's entire front. Carefully he twirled a claw around Jake's entrance and then slowly sunk it inwards, loosening up his lover as Jake whined into the deep kiss and thrust his hips up.

Chance rumbled and then suddenly withdrew his claw and trailed his paw upwards to Jake's sac. With a grin he gave the Kat's pouch a squeeze, his paw wrapping warmly around the loose balls. Giving Jake a soft tug, Chance pushed himself into position and then sank forward into his mate's tight underside in a slow long thrust and was rewarded with a low moan and blisted out look on Jake's face.

He couldn't help but chuckle at his gorgeous mate. As he began his deep probing motions, the Kat nipped at his mate's chin, his paw rolling the lean tom's balls most appreciatively. With his mate's body laid flat for his personal pleasure, his cock buried deep in the handsome Kat, it didn't take him long to start panting with need.

As their mouths parted Jake grinned and focused his attention on working his ass and ab muscles to draw every ounce of pleasure out of his mate.

Chance's eyes squeezed tightly shut as his mate literally milked at him, pulling the large Kat into his own personal nirvana. With a sudden roar, Chance's body hunched and tensed over his mate and his hips sealed themselves against the tom's ass. The golden tabby shivered in pleasure for a long stretch of seconds before suddenly collapsing lovingly onto his partner.

"Mmm, I like it when you get possessive." Jake murred softly as he licked his mate's wet fur.

Chance grunted happily, his paws slowly letting Jake's arms free as he kissed the Kat's forehead.

Jake chuckled softly and relaxed, letting his mate recover before speaking. "Shower? It's big enough for two."

It took Chance a few long moments of heavy breathing and deep snuggling to clear his head. Gently he pulled out of his mate, his paws squeezing and moving downwards as he whispered, "You next?"

"Under the water." Jake expertly squirmed out of his mate's grip and bolted for a section of wall, disappearing through it.

Chance grinned softly and quickly rolled off the bed. With a chuckle somewhere between embarrassment and amusement, he closed the room's door completely before dashing after his mate's cute ass.

Thunder in the Wing 4: Courting a Phoenix

NC-17 for M/M Sex
Het Level is None
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Medium
Femslash Level is None
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Written February 10, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Lailokos

Setting: Galactic Alliance, SWAT Kats, World of Darkness (generic)

Primary Races: Felsin, Kat, Were, Wolf

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M). Alternate Universe, Crossover

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong

Blurb: When Chance tracks Jake down, his proposal triggers a revelation he could not even begin to imagine.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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