Thunder in the Wing 1:
Crash Landing

by Fur and Fantasy
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"I take it things went well." Nathan inclined his head to the couple as Chance carried his mate into another room.

"Not perfectly, but better than either of us expected." Kessi smiled over her shoulder. "They make a good pair."

"That they do." Nathan agreed as tension perceptibly left his body. He carefully pushed melancholy thoughts of home to the back of his mind. He acknowledged them, but concluded that they served no purpose. "If your son was any happier, I think he'd pass out from it." The Tiger quipped with a smile as he finished releasing the tight shields he placed over his mind-senses to temporarily mind-deafen himself against the possible death-cry.

"It's good to see him smile like that." She dropped into a chair next to the Felsin. "It's been a couple years, I think." She looked over at her newest guest as the first sounds of a lustful mating reached them. "I regret some of our ways are disturbing to you, Nathan. I look forward to the day we have the luxury of not being so paranoid about our secrets."

"I respect your need for secrecy, which is why I told you I shouldn't be present. My protector reflexes are too strong to restrain in such a situation." He said quietly, as he deliberately ignored the mating sounds. "But I thank Felsira that things came to a happy conclusion, better for everyone this way." He smiled.

"Indeed." She glanced at the cracked door. "Would you care for a tour of the area while they're being noisy?"

Nathan nodded. "Sounds good." He said, wanting to get out of earshot of the noise.

"Where is everybody?" Chance asked as they came out of Jake's bedroom, almost not smelling of the recent sexfest.

"Probably showing Nathan around the area." Jake smirked under a light blush. "We were rather noisy."

Chance couldn't help but feel a little proud about that, a small knowing grin flashing across his muzzle. "Let's go find them and tell them the news."

Jake nodded and led the way to the front door and out into the almost pathless forests, easily finding the strange looking pair.

Chance tried to keep the smile on his face to a minimum as he raised a paw over his head and hailed the others, "Kessi! Nathan!" The Wolf and the feline alien both turned towards the Kats and they slowly walked together.

Nathan quietly followed Kessi, as he refrained from congratulating the pair before they said something. What had transpired was glowingly obvious to his empathy, including the smile the big tabby was trying to hide. The Tiger forced himself to focus on the fact that this was a happy occasion, and not a painful reminder ... even if it was a painful reminder.

As they approached the pair, Chance put a paw on his mate's shoulder and squeezed it warmly. The tabby smiled at Kessi, "Hey ... mom."

The tall shewolf smiled brightly and hugged the pair. "It's good to have another son-in-law." She stepped back, beaming. "When are the ceremonies?"

Chance shook his head a bit, "Don't have a date. But I'd say as soon as we can get them done!"

She cocked a curious eyebrow at Jake and he grinned sheepishly.

"We were kind of thinking a big public bash, and a bigger private one." He smiled widely. "Not sure if we should come out though ... it might rock a lot of boats."

Chance shrugged, his grin turning more than a little toothy. "If anybody has a problem with it, it's their problem, not ours. If I've finally found somebody I want everyone to know. It'll be fun to rub into my father's nose."

"Not that kind of rocking." Jake rolled his eyes and punched the bigger tom playfully in the shoulder. "I meant coming out as SWAT."

Chance blinked, he hadn't even considered that. He'd have to ask Jake just what he meant ...

Nathan decided that no actual 'announcement' was happening. He stepped from behind Kessi. "Assuming that I am correctly interpreting what I've heard, and that the two of you are getting married; my congratulations to you both." He said, sincerely if a bit long winded as a way of covering the fact he still felt like he should have left when the conversation started.

"Thank you." Jake's smile soften a little. "I hope we'll get to see you as happy soon."

The big tabby eyed the alien Tiger for a long moment and then suddenly stepped forward, coming only a few feet away from him. Licking his lips Chance stared into Nathan's eyes and straightened himself up to his full height. Slowly the Kat extended his right paw, "Nathan. I want to apologize for being a jackass. Seems you're pretty okay and I was the one acting like the intruder. It wasn't my best day and I'm sorry for it," The Kat concluded candidly.

Nathan took the paw in a firm pawshake. "Apology accepted, Chance. No harm done." He said amiably before lowering his voice. "Proposing isn't easy, and getting interrupted just throws your entire mood off. I know, I got called into surgery the first time I tried to propose." He said quietly.

Chance's ears flicked in sympathy and he slowly shook his head from side to side. He gave the Tiger's paw a warm sympathetic squeeze, "That would be your own little version of hell. Hope it went better after that."

Nathan chuckled, deciding he liked the tabby after all. "Oh it did; he accepted. Though I would've much preferred a smaller wedding, say with only a few hundred guests, and no media." He grinned.

Chance had to flick his ears in amusement, "Who'd you marry? The princess? Jake says we'll have to look forward to that, and we're junkmen!"

"We have family, Chance." Jake half growled.

Chance quickly turned towards his mate, his paws raising in surrender, "We must. I'm fine with it, we'll just have to use your side of the aisle to fill the gaps in mine."

"Chance ... he's trying to say you are part of our family now." Kessi smiled at him. "There are no two sides of the aisle. Just us."

Nathan smiled broadly. "Yeah, he's a prince, not a princess, and his mother's the planetary ruler. So there were ... well, I don't recall how many guests."

Chance smiled softly and shook his head, "That's the kind of family I could be a part of."

"We're getting there." Jake chuckled quietly.

Chance's smile softened a little and he pulled his mate close. "Yeah we are ... question is when should we set the date? How long will it take to 'warn' everybody?"

The lean tom shot a pleading look at Kessi and the shewolf chuckled as she led everyone inside.

"It could probably be pulled together in a couple months, considering most of the groundwork was finished a couple years ago, though the public one will take much longer."

Chance blinked in pure surprise at the estimate. As inconspicuously as he could, he quietly asked, "Hey Kessi ... want to help me plan that?" He looked at the shewolf hopefully.

She smiled back. "It would be my pleasure. Have a seat kids, I think a celebratory party in is order." She waved in the general direction of the livingroom cavern and the collection of chairs and couches there. "Nathan ... do you drink alcohol?"

Nathan drew a small vial from a pant pocket and swallowed a pill from it. "Not normally, but this is a special occasion." He smiled, thanking Felsira that he'd long ago made a point of packing a counteragent to the effects of alcohol on his psi-powers.

Thunder in the Wing 1: Crash Landing


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Written February 4, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Lailokos

Setting: Galactic Alliance, SWAT Kats, World of Darkness (generic)

Primary Races: Felsin, Kat, Wolf

Contents: Furry. Gen. Alternate Universe, Crossover

Pairings: None

Notes: We're trying for an unusual concept in this one: no greater powers and almost a story that might have happened in the series, if they allowed NC-17 content ;)

Blurb: On a routine patrol, T-Bone and Razor see a small alien ship crash, and the rest, as they say, is just another day in MegaKat City.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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