Tigers and Ferals for New Years
by Fur and Fantasy
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So what do you give a Kat that has -- quite literally -- everything?

I mean, I'm doing pretty well; Commander of the Enforcers of MegaKat City is light on neither pay or power ... or aggravation. Outside of a few industrialists and the Deputy Mayor, I'm pretty easily the most powerful individual in the City on a regular basis.

But Sher, he's in a class of his own, and of his own making, even on this world. He's got his paws in every company that matters in the civilized world. More money and authority than even he can use ... and he has me.

To overhear to his servants, I'm he only thing that can make him smile on a regular basis. I suspect they're leaving out 'Roar', 'Howl' and 'Scream' for their own safety. But he can say the same of me. I've felt this way about only two things in my life; the Enforcers, and Sher Kahn. And I think, if fate was cruel enough to make me choose, I would stay with him, and leave all I have worked for behind.

What to give him?

Each new year we find the time to see each other and a gift is given in commemoration of the past and a promise to our future. Given on the day we accepted the risk of that first fiery kiss, and a day the entire world celebrates. There is an irony in that, somewhere. If I could think of it.

I grew up around luxury and wealth, the Feral clan is an old, rich and powerful one, but still Sher's taste makes me nervous, even after all these years. Forty years away from it all makes a difference. I've been a warrior too long to be comfortable here. I doubt I'll ever understand how he can stand it, because no matter what he says, he has the soul of a warrior.

But that doesn't matter, for Sher Kahn is here and I can blend into his world better than he can blend into mine. Now who am I kidding? He can't blend in anywhere. He's far too magnificent, too poised, too sure of himself.

He's everything good I've heard others say of me, and more.

Gods, I know I sound like a lovesick kitten and we're ten years into this. But every time we meet it feels the same; butterflies in my stomach, can't control my breathing ... I can almost cum just from seeing him reclined fully dressed in his suit when I walk in the room.

And it's time to start all over again. I hope he understands my gift. It may well be the last.

"Welcome Uly," his voice is warm and smooth as rich brandy, and does a great deal more to me.

"Welcome Sher." My voice sounds quite distant right now. I can't help it, his touch, strong hands slide down my sides to pull me in for the first desperate kiss of our too brief meeting, is enough to make me tremble in my need. It's infuriating that he can still be so calm. I can see the fire in his eyes ... his need is as great as mine.

"I would break our tradition slightly, Ulysses." It takes a moment for his words to sink in over the warmth of his body. "My gift should come first, before we share a bed."

Now what could he possibly mean? I nod anyway, how could I not. If he wishes to give gifts before sex, who am I to challenge it? Tradition has always meant more to him them me.

"Thank you, my love." His fingers linger on my face was he walks way, towards the grand bedroom I very much wish to use soon.

But something is seriously off here, he never calls me 'my love'. He's also taking way too long in there.

"Ulysses." It's a request, question and summons all rolled into one coming from the bedroom.

He has all the lights in the room off, there's only a few candles flickering the strands of gold that highlight his body -- naked but for a gold and ruby collar, kneeling, head bowed, wrists behind him ... he's trying to kill me. He must be. I've barely dared to fantasize this.

"Ulysses Imiri Feral," his deep voice rumbles up my spine as his raised eyes pin me in place. "I am Sher Kahn, Free Son of the Sirath. You have brought both joy and passion to me without demands of your own. You have taught me that there is something worth loving in this world beyond my work. I would ask you to Lifemate before my family and the gods." The words barely register, this is so unreal. "For this, I offer you all that I am, all that I possess."

He can't mean it. But ... lord he almost looks scared. I've never seen him this unguarded. He's proposing to me. Is that even legal?

I can see him relax a little when I feel the smile cross my lips and I bring the small package out of my pocket. My gift to him.

"Bring you hands forward." I doubt he understands what I intend, but he does it anyway after some twitching. The leather-studded manacles on his writs are for real, and only enhance the beauty of him as I knee before him, bringing us to level again.

Gods I love him.

"Sher Kahn, Free Son of the Sirath," I feel myself smile a little more at the mimic of his speech. "I am Ulysses Imiri Feral. You have given me what I thought impossible, something I have doubted existed for a long time." I change my plans slightly and fold the cotton off my polished badge, feeling the weight of what I am doing in full force. But it still feels right as I place it in his hand with mine over them. "This is all that I am, all that I possess without you. It is what I have withheld these ten years." I bring my hands back so he can see what I left there, and I'm half surprised to see comprehension in his eyes. "I offer you everything that I am, everything I posses without you, for if any fate calls on me to choose between the halves of my life, I would choose you, and leave all I have behind."

He's staring down at my badge like it's a magical thing. "We chose the same gift."

"Pretty much," I reach to bring him up for a kiss and meet no resistance. "Usually means it's a good idea."

"Uly?" his voice is voice quite.


"Without any concern for me, what would you ask for the perfect gift?" There's something in his voice I can't quite place.

How can I not think of him? But the answer comes far too easily to my lips. "I'd ask for you to move your headquarters and yourself to MegaKat City."

Tigers and Ferals for New Years

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Written December 27, 1999 by Rauhnee Ranshanka

Setting: SWAT Kats, Tale Spin

Primary Races: Kat, Xanith

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Ulysses Feral/Sher Kahn

Notes: For the HiddenTruths challenge (December 1999): "What is your favorite character's New Year resolution with regard to his/her beloved?"

Blurb: On the tenth anniversary of their relationship, Ulysses Feral and Sher Kahn both manage to pick the same gift to give.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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