K-9 Kink 1:
Traffic Stop

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/F
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Sue Juhani, an Otter woman in her mid-twenties, sped down the open road, it was late at night, no one was out really, and she felt like getting home sooner than later... where was the harm in that?..

As red and blue lights flashed behind her and the familiar chirp of a police siren sounded from behind her, she groaned and began to pull over. "Not again," she sighed. She couldn't afford another ticket. She had just squeaked by with a warning last time; pretty lashes and a soft coo tended to make most of the male cops go a little easier, if not forget about it all together.... Maybe she'd get lucky and it'd work again.

She was lucky she'd been at the beach; between her swimsuit and the short-cut overalls she was wearing over them, she thought she had a pretty good shot at it. She parked, waiting for the cop to get out and walk up, looking in the rear-view mirror as a Tiger who had to be a solid two feet taller than she was climbed out of the car.

"Oh murrr...." She thought to herself. Well at least this fellow would be getting an honest flirting-with! She sat, trying to look helplessly confused even as he walked up, looking out her window.

"H-hello Officer."

"You have any idea how fast you were going?" The Tiger asked, his eyes glancing over her body briefly before returning to her eyes.

Bating her lashes once or twice innocently, she shook her head, leaning out the window just a little to give him a better view. "No, sir. I'm afraid I don't... was I speeding?"

"Well, not if you were on the I-road," he said. "Clocked you doing sixty, and it's only forty-five through here."

"Oh my," she cooed. "I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention...." Batting her lashes again, she looked up at him hopefully, adding a bit of flirt-filled promise. "I won't do it again, sir... I know a kind, handsome gentlemen like you could let me go? Just this once?"

"Just like the last ‘just this once,'" he asked her knowingly. "I haven't pulled you over before gorgeous, but guys I've worked with have."

"Drat," she thought bitterly.

"I'm sorry... I was on my way home from the beach, my swimsuit's still damp and I'd hoped to be out of it... it rides up in the most interesting places." She said, feigning shyness as she looked up at him. "Couldn't you let me go, handsome? It really is my last time; I'll drive like a saint from now on, swimsuit or no." She winked.

"And you've made that promise before too," he pointed out. "Tell you what; you do the one thing you haven't done for a cop who's pulled you over before, and I'll let you go," he winked.

She blinked and then grinned softly, winking back. "Oh? Well if you don't go telling all the boys on the force... I think a handsome fella like you certainly deserves a reward like that for letting a lady go...."

"Me and my partner," he corrected her with a half-grin. "You have sex with both of us, you're off."

She bit her lower lip for a minute, but then nodded. She couldn't afford this ticked... and besides, it had always been a secret fantasy of hers to be with two men... what the hey? If she was a little slutty, who was to know?

It wasn't like the cop would rat her out – he'd lose his job if he did.

"Come on out, pretty," he rumbled, stepping back and walking back towards his car.

She stepped out and followed, looking up and down the deserted stretch of road, her ears flushed ever so slightly under her fur as she tried not to think about it, just go with it.

To make matters worse, while they might be alone now, there was really no telling when somebody else might drive along.

Why did that thought have to make her even wetter?

"So... what's your name?" She asked, hovering near the driver's side front bumper of his cruiser. "Or should I just call you Officer and Handsome?" She grinned.

"Officer Gray," the Tiger chuckled, walking around to the passenger's side rear door. "C'mon, back behind the camera. Not really any space in the car for us."

She nodded, blushing more as she stepped around the back side of the car, along the driver's side. "Okay." She agreed, walking around to meet him.

"Strip down, pretty," he rumbled. "What's your name?"

She blushed, murmuring as she unclasped the shoulders of her overalls, letting them slip down easily to leave her in just her bathing suit.

"Sue..." She rumbled back.

"Gonna make me do the honors?" He asked her, cupping her breasts as she stepped up close to him.

She murmured softly at his touch, a stranger's, but strong and sure of itself. "Wouldn't you rather?" She cooed enticingly, peeking sideways in his car with a bit of a confused expression. "Where's your partner?"

"You'll meet him soon, don't worry," the Tiger rumbled, pressing her back against the door and leaning down to kiss her hotly. "And actually, I wouldn't. I'd rather you undress yourself... and open me up so you can see what you're in for."

She flushed and nodded, running her fingers up his side lightly before she stepped back, pulling her hair back and out of the way as she grabbed the straps of her suit, peeling it off slowly, her ample breasts bouncing free, nipples hard in the cool air, her fur still damp and matted down from swimming. She pulled it the rest of the way down, revealing her belly and crotch, and then her full netherlips between her legs. Letting the suit drop she stepped out of it, looking up at him curiously as she reached down for his fly.

"Mmm... now that is a very nice view," he rumbled. "Ever take a Tiger before, sweetheart?"

Unzipping his fly and unclasping the button of it, she slipped his pants down some, reaching in to do the same to his underwear as she answered.

"No nev-" She paused, breathing in softly as she saw 'him'. "...er. Are all Tigers like this, or is it just you, Handsome?" She rumbled, stroking his thick, tapered length, cooing a bit as her fingers played over his stiff barb-hairs.

"Mmm... all," he rumbled. "Careful with those barbs; you're liable to give a guy the wrong idea playing with ‘em like that."

"Wrong idea?" She grinned and cooed, repeating the motion with another murmur of delight. "If it's how damn sexy I think this is... then it's not wrong at all."

"More about how and how rough you play," he rumbled, gripping her ass and picking her up slightly. Gods... at the base, he was almost as big around as her fist!

She gasped and groaned softly, pressing a little closer to him, one hand moving up to his chest while the other held his shaft, still fondling it. "I can play pretty rough... why?" She blushed looking up at him.

"Mmm... ‘cause it's up to you if you get to feel these barbs in your ass tonight, or just in your pussy," he grinned.

"Oh!" She chuckled shyly, grinning back. "Well...." She fought with herself, stars she didn't want to be hurt... but if he wanted to use that thing on her... it would be hard to say no!

"Well then... if I warn you I haven't done much with my ass before and I may not be ready... but I'm willing to let you try, is that okay?"

"Mmm... tell you what," he chuckled. "I don't have any lube on me, so we'll save your ass for the next time I end up giving you a ticket," he winked, shifting to pressed his tip up against her pussy.

She groaned softly, wrapping her arms around his neck, locking lips with him deeply. "All right..." She rumbled, reading down again to spread her netherlips for him as he slid into her with a deep, lusty rumble. His cock spread her tight, hot, wet body open, pressing into her as she felt his barbs rake her sensitive flesh lightly.

She moaned deeper, gripping him tight with pleasure, her pussy quivering as she tried to keep it from bearing down on him just yet. "Oh wow," she groaned.

"Like that... nnngh... huh?" He grunted, starting to pull out, his barbs seeming to flare out and dig in as he withdrew from her, drawing tiny lines of pain-pleasure through her entire body.

She almost shrieked as he pulled out, the feeling so unexpected, and so intense that she nearly clawed his back as her eyes went wide. As he neared the apex of his withdrawal and began to move in again, her whole body trembled, sensations she'd never imagined before flashing through her. "Oh my... God...." She panted, locking lips with him so deeply and passionately he lost his rhythm for a moment, just enjoying making out with her for a bit.

"Aren't you glad that wasn't your ass?" He rumbled after a moment, starting to thrust again lightly.

As she tried to blink the stars from her vision, Sue nodded, flushed and more than a little hot and bothered as she worked with him, letting her pussy clench around him now, arching her body against him as he withdrew and pressing down on him when he thrust up.

"Oh yes... but I sure wanna try it there..." She groaned deeply.

"Nnngh... you work tomorrow?" He asked her with a grunt as he searched for her g-spot.

She groaned and shook her head. "Naw... was gonna go back to the beach...." She moaned, her body arching and writhing in his arms.

"Mmm... maybe... not," he groaned. "Fuck... so damned tight!"

She groaned back and squeezed tighter, biting off a scream of pleasure-pain as his barbs bit in extra deep, her soft, hot flesh tightening around his shaft.

"Oh...? Mhngn.... You have... other plans?"

"Maybe," he rumbled, biting her shoulder lightly to stifle a roar as he pumped his seed deep into her pussy.

She keened softly, gripping his sides tightly, her fingers flexing as he came, his hot semen rushing against her sex's walls. Her body tightened up as she followed him in orgasm just moments later, milking his sex of every drop as he released her shoulder and kissed her hungrily....

Then she heard an eager yip behind her, from inside the car.

Breaking the kiss, she hugged the Tiger close, laying her chin on his shoulder as she looked around him to see inside the car, surprised to see a four-legged Alsatian wagging his tail behind her.

"My partner," Officer Grey rumbled, kissing her.

She blushed, kissing him back with a priceless look of confusion. "A dog?!?"

"K-9 unit," the Tiger chuckled, groaning as he pulled out of her. "Mmm... though this isn't exactly part of the standard training," he winked.

"I would think not," she groaned, his seed running down her thighs. "Mmm... I... I dunno...." She looked at him questioningly; one good word and she probably would do it.

"Hey," her mind reminded her, "you're the one who didn't mind being a slut."

"Trust me," he grinned. "He won't hurt you."

"O-okay," she murmured, laying her hand on his well muscled arm as he stepped back from the car.

"Might want to get down on all fours," he rumbled. "He doesn't much like waiting."

"Okay," she replied sheepishly again as she got down on all fours, her insides turning to jelly even as her well used pussy burned at the thought. Damn this was wrong... but why did she like the idea so much?

Maybe it was the company....

As Officer Gray wiped his cock off on her muzzle and moved to let his ‘partner' out of the car, she decided that had to be it. She'd always loved big, strong guys, especially if they were willing to put her ‘in her place.' She wasn't any guys plaything, but sometimes... well, sometimes she wanted to be.

"Mount, Buddy!" The Tiger said quietly, just before forty pounds of canine muscle jumped up onto Sue's back, a thick, hard cock spearing her pussy as dull claws dug into her sides. Here she was, on the grass, next to a highway for fuck's sake, in the middle of the city, naked and letting this strange cop's dog fuck her brains out!

And as his jabbing shaft sank into her, her voice keening, her pussy just about drizzling juices as it clamped around his jackhammering cock. It all didn't matter; she could be in the middle of the park at mid day and if it felt like this, it was okay with her.

"Go-o-o-od!" She gasped, groaning as he pounded her, her whole face, chest and ears flushed bright red under her fur. She felt like she was burning up and his dog's searing cock in her pussy wasn't cooling her off any!

Officer Grey was back in front of her a moment later, pressing his dripping cock against her short muzzle.

"Something to keep you quiet," he rumbled as Buddy fucked her hard and fast, his thrusts short and shallow as his knot started to swell.

She groaned shakily and opened her lips for him, taking his shaft into her mouth deeply as his dog shook her body, her breasts swaying beneath them all. "Mmmph!"

The Tiger groaned, rubbing her head and starting to thrust into her mouth, his barbs raking her tongue as Buddy clawed at her sides for the best possible grip.

She groaned as well, feeling the little welts from the dog's claws rise, and mentally hating herself for wanting to feel more. Her body was on fire as he mated her, his balls slapping her clit as his swelling knot popped in and out of her rapidly. It wouldn't be long before he tied her. Her tongue lavished the Tiger's cock, her throat working the tip as he fucked her muzzle.

Buddy finally forced his knot into her as deeply as possible, her pussy tightening around it as he tied her, coming into her with a loud, lusty howl.

She groaned deeply, her body milking him hard, her muscles squeezing down around him voluntarily and otherwise as she felt him come into her. Wave after molten hot wave of doggy seed filled her sex, finally pushing her over the edge as she came too, groaning around the Tiger's cock.

Those last vibrations seemed to be enough, and Officer Grey groaned as he pumped her mouth full of his own cum, pulling out with the last couple spurts to paint her face as she savored his taste.

Coughing slightly, she moaned, swallowing his seed and savoring the taste as he spilled the last of it on her face. "Oh...." She moaned.

"Good look for you," he rumbled, zipping up after he wiped himself off on her muzzle again.

She flushed, shivering delightedly and shamefully as she grinned up at him. "Thanks.... Mmm... that was intense."

"No kidding," he grinned. "I slipped a card in your coveralls," he winked, moving around to help pull Buddy out of her pussy. "If you want... come to that address in the morning, I'm off duty tomorrow. Just don't get caught speeding on the way," he chuckled.

She nodded, blushing softly and groaning as they worked his dog's knot out of her carefully, releasing a small river of semen and juices from her well used pussy.

"Ouhhhhhhh..... Mnnn... I'll be there," she nodded, still quite flushed as she stood up gingerly.

"Good," he grinned, petting Buddy for a bit. "Mmm... maybe you can stay the night, snuggle a bit instead of just get fucked and drive off," he winked.

"Humm...." She thought, patting the dog too as she slipped her swim suit back on. "I'd like that... lead me back to your place, or follow me back to mine?" She rumbled.

"I meant tomorrow," he said apologetically. "I'll already be in enough trouble if I don't get back on the clock when I'm s'posed to. You're lucky I spotted you just after I called in on my break," he grinned.

She grinned back and nodded, patting his chest with a rumble. "Well then, tomorrow it is. Get some rest, handsome," she cooed, slipping her overalls back on and padding for her car slowly.

"You too, pretty," he grinned, ushering Buddy back into the back seat and climbing into the car.

As she climbed in, rurring at the feel of the cum in her pussy as she sat, she started up the car. Officer Grey squawked his siren briefly, then took off, leaving her behind. She put her car in gear and drove off on her own way home... this time sure to keep it to a more reasonable ten over the speed limit.

K-9 Kink 1: Traffic Stop

NC-17 for M/F
Het Level is HighHet Smut Level is PWP
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

18 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written April 8, 2005 by Karl Wolfemann and Chakat Fire

Setting: Generic Furry

Primary Races: Canine, Otter, Tiger

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Bestiality, PWP, Sex (Threesome)

Pairings: Sue Juhani (Otter)/ Officer Gray (Tiger)/ Buddy (Alsatian)

Blurb: Sometimes people can get out of traffic tickets just by looking cute. When you've made a habit of it, sometimes you have to do a little more. When the cop who pulled you over is a member of the K-9 unit... well. sometimes you have to do more than you've ever imagined. But hey, it beats getting a ticket, right?

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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